Maranatha QB Andrew Elffers’ junior season highlight reel … Chris Rix weighs in via Twitter …

Aram’s take: As a sophomore, Elffers lit the world on fire. As a junior, well, not so much. What will we see in 2012? I have a hard time pinpointing where Elffers will enter next season in the quarterback rankings. You’ve got Heyworth back at M-Town. You’ve got Cox back at PHS. Do you put him above either? Most of the teams in the East will be breaking in new starters. So, I don’t know what you do. I watch this reel and see all the great tools Elffers has. Quick release. Good runner. I saw him last year at the SGV Shootout and thought he had great arm strength. To me, he’s a legit college prospect and the scholly he desires will likely be there at the end of the day. But for now, a lot of peeps are haunted by what happened last season, the San Gabriel game especially. Some people have quietly questioned a tweak in the Minutemen offense and used that as the culprit. As a junior, Elffers threw for 1,300 yards and 15 TDs LESS than he did in his sophomore campaign. My vibe is that this will be one hungry kid eager to go out with a bang. After Monrovia, the Mid-Valley is anybody’s for the taking. I’ll be very interested to see what kind of summer Elffers has.

Chris Rix (@CoachRix) had this to say about Elffers on Twitter
: @ChemicalAT Good writeup Aram! Character + Intellegence + Work Ethic = Andrew Elffers. HE WILL LIGHT IT UP THIS SEASON! #PREPTEBOW

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  • Aaron

    Why did you even talk about the yards and TDs part…look at the stats!

    91 less attempts and roughly the same completion percentage…his stats are comparable. It was definitely learning a new offense that had something to do with it, but you also need to look at the play calling because there was a huge disparity in the amount of attempts he had.

  • forgetting one thing. . . .

    he lost when it counted the most. And was totally destroyed by the defense. Learning a new offense is one thing (or an excuse, since it doesnt take ten games to get it) but the bottom line was in the playoffs and they had a quick exit. . . again.

    This season will tell the story for Maranatha. Good luck and go far.

  • Aaron,

    91 less attempts does not equal 1300 yards.

    Let’s say he had 91 more attempts last year, what’s the best he does with them? Completes 45 more passes? Do you think he adds another 1300 yards with 45 more completions?

    I don’t think new offense/less attempts is a valid reason. If somebody wants to argue he had less to work with, that I’ll listen to.

  • Its the offense!

    That what happens when you switch from a spread to more play action/under the center stuff. The passes in the spread are easier, there is more space, and short screen throws can go for 50 yards. I dont think it was learning a new offense, the scheme is less conducive to good throwing stats. He still looks very good to me.

  • Ease up on the kid

    It is all of these things. He threw the ball less and played in 1 less game. He also didn’t have anywhere near as good WRs as he did in the year before (Arams point).

    And yes, with a different scheme that ran the ball more, and did a lot more play action, the stats are lower. BUT over 2,000 yards, 22 TD only 7 INT (according to Max Preps) is still a pretty good year! And their RB ran for almost 1300 yards as opposed to like 500 the year before which takes away from Elffers’ stats.

    But don’t hate on the kid because the scheme changed and he didn’t have the WR corps he did in 2010. I looked at the film and he looks like the real deal to me!

  • Not a marantha fan…

    Elfers is the real deal, Maranatha had a very average WR core, and team to be exact. Imagine if he had the WR Monrovia or Muir had. His numbers would be crazy, and he would have won a championship. He has the Grades, size, the arm strength, Mobility, and throws a good ball. All the tools to play D1. When he gets to college , they will help him with his reads, check downs, and the mental aspect of the game. He ranks Among the best QBs in the area. He will get a scholarship. The QB position requires other people to be good, for you to be good. You need the line to block, the WR to be good, and the Defense to get the ball back to you. My Guess is Maranatha was not that good this year, Elfers is a part of that team. Maybe he did not play his best. However, he could have thrown for 5,000 yrds and they still couldn’t beat Monrovia, or Covina. Maranatha Lost to WC 24-21. Monrovia scored 67, and pulled the starters early. There are only 3 schools in West SGV, who don’t need a kid like Elfers that’s Monrovia, St Francis, and Pasadena. If you are not a fan of those 3, then you can’t say anything. Your school would start him in a heartbeat.

    West SGV QB Rankings
    1. Brandon Cox
    2. A. Andrew Elfers
    B. Blake Heyworth/Jared Lebowitz

    After that, no other Qb’s come close on the West Side. Actually, I think these are the best 3 Qb’s on all encompassing.

  • Mid Valley Fan

    All you haters of Elfers, you’re all the reason coaches and admin are sick of dealing with people. You pop off on websites and blogs like the angry, unknowledgeable, do these days – with one thing in mine….to make yourself or someone else feel better. Elfers is a legit talent and will play at the next level….fact. New OC and offense last year….fact. Three new offensive lineman…..fact. No Jeremy Major…..fact. The others have stated the statistical info that anyone who follows the game can figure out. One legit comment yes, he needs to lead his team to a league championship – agree. I imagine some of you haters are from Azusa or South Pas, oh wait – Ellfers and Co. beat you last year. Boom that..

  • Jefe

    Mediocre IMO.

    Plus he stunk the joint up in his biggest games last season.

  • Elfers is good, come on now.

    Elfers is good, Maranatha is not good. They can’t win the Midvalley. I wonder why Elfers didn’t go to Bishop or Damien. I think he picked the wrong, school. Especially a school Moving up a division, and really didn’t have the talent to. I am not Into Private schools, but if you are going to pick one, pick one that is going to win while you are there. I know the education is good at that school, so I guess. Saying that, Elfers could have went anywhere and still get his ride. You can’t hate on that.

  • Aaron

    Aram, obviously you didn’t check the stats or read what I said about new offense and play calling. Also that his completion percentage went from 64.7% to 64.2%. Obvious you didn’t read the stat sheet that well, if he throws 91 more times he completes like 64 passes not 45. Does that equal 1300 yards…probably equals at least 800.

    If New England and NO ran a West Coast; Brady and Brees would not be putting up 5500 yards.

  • Aaron,

    You keep arguing away the point that 91 fewer attempts mean THAT much. Bottom line is that played a role, but not as much as you’re making out. 1300 yards and 15 TDs.

    Rivera put up 38 points on the same defense the week after Maranatha scored 0. I have a hard time believing Rivera’s skill players and Arroyo’s tactics represented that much of a difference. So obviously, there was something more to Elffers’ soph/jr. discrepancy.

    Granted, comparing to Rivera, who was one of the Valley’s best ever is hard to do. But as I said going into last year, if Elffers is the super recruit that some, including Eric Sondheimer, made him out to be, then he, by himself, should be able to the light up a division like the Mid-Valley.

    I bet that Coach Karavedas and his crew will have him putting up numbers more like he did in ’10.

  • Aaron

    2011: 15.72 yds per completion
    2010: 17.60 yds per completion

    If he throws the ball 91 more times he will complete 58.488 passes…we’ll say 58. Which would give him 187 completions…this is based on his completion percentage for the 2011 season.

    So 15.72*187…drum roll please

    2939.64 yds.

  • Numbers.

    Andrew Elfers – Comp:129 Att: 201 Comp 64% 2029 yrds Ypg:184.5 22Td’s 7Int Long:53 Rating: 120

    These Numbers are not Bad, They are just not the Numbers of a super recruit. His Overall body work, Says he is good. However, Like Aram Said, He has to Light up the Midvalley. He did get outplayed by Heyworth, Rivera, Livingston, and Guerrero. They all had better teams, but after what happened to the entire Olympic league, there really was no excuse why he should not have Had better numbers. He still has another year. If he rips it like his soph year, then he is righteous. If he has another year like this one, Well…He may be looking at Lower level D1 program or D1AA. However, with his attributes someone may take him on that Alone.

  • Aaron,

    Are you saying that Elffers didn’t have a disappointing 2011 season? That his big drop off in numbers and being shut out in the first round of the playoffs by the same San Gabriel defense that allowed 38 the following week to Arroyo/Rivera can be explained away by a different offensive philosophy and having 91 fewer attempts?

    Is that what you’re saying? We’re all not seeing this right, but you are?

  • Just askin’

    If he threw those 91 more times, at this seasons rate, he’d have 10 more TDs. So if the math says he would have had 500 less yards and 5 less TDs – is that really much of a drop-off?

  • numbers

    Numbers are do not always tell you how well a player played in a particular season. I don’t know why his coaches did not throw the extra 91 times. If his team was winning then it does not matter. However they went on losing streak with a win against LA Bap. His coaches should have leaned on him, and he should have picked it up down the stretch when it really matters. The only thing that really looks bad is that the Offense did get shut out in the playoffs. The Maranatha Defense Held the explosive San Gabriel offense to 9 pts. They did their Job. Just a score and fg would have won it for Maranatha. He couldn’t get them that. He went 9 for 18 with 80yrds, 0tds, 2 Ints. That is on him, as the leader of the offense. I think He is going to have Win League, Make a finals appearance, and put up 3000 yrds 25 tds and 4ints to really right the ship. He is still a good QB, but he has to win.

  • Joe Amat

    Apparently Amat’s demise (demotion) has been greatly exaggerated. All those predicting (wishing) the Serra League would be moved down to the Western Division have been derailed once again.

    The proposed playoff groupings are out without much movement at all.

    As you were. Aram will post his ***BREAKING*** article on this when he returns from lunch…or dinner…or snack. I enjoyed the Albertos/Alfredos discussion, but would also like to know the best sit-down Mexican Food in the SGV … East of the 605. discuss

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Andrew will have the last laugh at all of these haters. The kid is not only a great QB, he is even a better person. Wishing you nothing but success, I can gurantee you all we will all be seeing him throwing the rock on Saturdays.

  • Kennedy,

    Who’s hating? We’re just breaking it down. This is a good discussion. I don’t think anyone is saying Elffers isn’t good enough to get a scholly. He’s got the tools regardless of what his team does, but if he’s a legit Saturday QB, then he should be tearing up a division like the Mid-Valley.

    I agree with you, he’s headed toward a big bounce-back season.

  • kennedy Bryant

    Your, right I stand corrected.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    I stand corrected as I read more you are right.

  • Joe Amat

    Careful Aram. What exactly does “a division like the Mid-Valley” mean? You can’t wax poetic on how great the Wildcats are and then slam the division as if any good athlete should run roughshod over the competition.

  • Joe Amat,

    I sure can. Monrovia is one thing. They are the exception; a Mid-Valley team that talent-wise can run with teams from much higher divisions.

    But what I’ve noticed is that the rest of the division (as it was last year and prior) is made up of teams that are one or two-trick ponies, i.e. most of the good teams have just one or two weapons that they ride. Rivera at Arroyo (good enough by himself to make his team a contender). Guerrero and Villalobos at SG. Having one or two legit studs usually puts you in the thick of things in that division. When you start going higher in division, like West Covina, there are a few more studs per team; Solomon, Frazier, Meaders, Turner.

    Then when you get to CO or other good Inland teams and even PAC-5, you start getting multiple freaks like a Santiago, Scoby, Gilchrist, Vaughns, Bobo. Or teams with two or three good skill guys and real strong lines. Outside of Monrovia, you don’t get a combo of those things in the Mid-Valley. Monrovia is the exception, not the rule. There are very few Mid-Valley teams with a 5-star like McCarthy to go with guys like Ramirez, Bryant, Heyworth, G5, Williams, Bias. You just don’t see it. Therefore, if you have guys like Rivera (3,000 yards), Guerrero (3,000/1,000 yards) or Elffers, the numbers should be huge and the team should go far.

  • Joe Amat


    I’m agreeing with you regarding the Mid-Valley. i think it begs for an interesting answer to the question on how those Mid-Valley “stars” would look ini the Inland or Pac5 and, conversely, how dominant some players from those divisions might look vs Mid-Valley “competition”?

  • comp!

    Monrovia is just turning things around. It’s not the lack of skill players, that would cause them to lose to upper division teams. It’s the depth on the line. As Monrovia gets a constant flow of strong lifting lineman in program, they will continue to dominate on that level. They have the best line core in the midvalley, and next year should be no different. Cif can’t keep them and that division much longer. They have surpassed the paraclete, and Sierra Canyon level. They should be in the Southeast. In That Divsion they would be in situation where the second round is as tough as the Semis in the Midvalley.

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