CIF playoff grouping proposals: Monrovia and West Covina staying put, but CIF tries to make it harder on them to remain dominant … Montivew gets bad news … La Habra’s run looks to be over …

2012-14 Football Playoff Division Proposals

Mid-Valley: Almont, Alpha, Mission Valley, Rio Hondo, Valle Vista
Inland: Baseline, Sierra, Big VIII, Citrus Belt, Southwestern
Southeast: Hacienda, Del Rio, Pacific, San Gabriel Valley, Suburban
Pac-5: Marmonte, Moore, Serra, South Coast, Trinity
Northwest: Montview, Del Rey, Olympic,Pioneer, Tri Valley

IN: Marmonte (Westlake, Oaks Christian, St. Bonaventure, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Royal, Newbury Park, Agoura, Calabasas)
OUT: Sunset (Edison, Huntington Beach, Newport Harbor, Los Alamitos, Fountain Valley, Marina)
Synopsis: CIF is gunning to make the PAC-5 a super division and now it truly is. Although losing teams like Los Al, Edison and Newport Harbor is hard to swallow, adding teams like Westlake, Oaks Christian and St. Bonnies is pretty epic.
Aram’s take: Overall, the division got much tougher. And that means things got much tougher on Bishop Amat.

OUT: Montview, Olympic
IN: Alpha (Sierra Canyon, Paraclete, Brentwood, Campbell Hall, Calvary Chapel, Kilpatrick, Marshall).
Synopsis: In my original write up I failed to mention that the Olympic would get out along with the Montview. OK, that changes things. CIF obviously felt that the Montview was the weakest league. What they felt about the Olympic is anybody’s guess.
Aram’s take: The Olympic was one of the better leagues in the division. So replacing it with the Alpha isn’t that much of a boost. I would have rather seen the Olympic stay with the Alpha added. With five leagues, the playoff situation will be a little less dire. All the third-place teams could get in and one at-large? In the end, I thought this division was a good fit for the Montview. Sad to see it go, if it happens.

OUT: None
IN: San Gabriel Valley (Compton Dominguez, Paramount, Downey, Gahr, Lynwood, Warren).
Synopsis: Nobody leaves, the San Gabriel Valley League is added. Well, there’s nothing SGV about the San Gabriel Valley League, but the this does add some VERY ATHLETIC teams to the equation. Paramount, last year, was considered by Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox to be one of the toughest teams his team played.
Aram’s take: This division truly needed another league and it got it. West Covina just saw its competition increased heavily. There was talk that West Covina and the Hacienda League would be heading out, to possibly the Central or the Southwest. Instead, CIF decided to leave them be and make things tougher. Compton Dominguez’s nonleague schedule last year included Crespi and Redlands East Valley. Compton Dominguez is still a program that moonlights (and probably think its belongs) with the really big boys.

OUT: None
IN: None
Synopsis: Uh yeah, I guess CIF sees it as not broken, so why fix it?
Aram’s take: I kinda side with CIF. You can say that the Sierra League doesn’t belong, but that wasn’t really proven last year.

OUT: None
IN: Sunset
Synopsis: Things just go WAY, WAY, WAY more difficult for La Habra, which has dominated this division. The Sunset League joining means the Highlanders just saw the competition cranked way up.
Aram’s take: Well La Habra, if any of you wanted to be considered and Orange County school, you got your wish in spades. However, the Sunset League figure to dominate here. We all know La Habra is more a Whittier-area school than it is an OC school. That’s the bottom line. The Sunset got MAJOR RELIEF and it can now FEAST on this division. That could mean a return to prominence for Los Al and Edison.


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  • anonymous

    I think you meant that things just got a lot tougher for Sierra Canyon (losing alot of players) and Paraclete.

  • We’ll see about that when your team is driving out to Paraclete to play in late November.

  • anon

    Monrovia broke that curse a couple of seasons ago.

  • SGV Athlete

    Montview to the Northwest? Not a fan of that. As it may look like a drop, the fact is that teams in the Montview league (besides Azusa) haven’t made it out of the first round in years. Now you want to put them in the same division as TWO private school leagues and a decent South Bay area league in Pioneer? Montview has been the lower end as far as being competitive in recent years, why punch them again while they’re down?

  • sgv scouting

    Aram – I really don’t have a real issue with the revised playoff groupings. The Marmonte League had to move to the Pac-5 – and they are in.

    The Sunset League had to go to the Southwest and they are in.

    Kind of thought that maybe the Hacienda would go to the Central Division, but the addition of the San Gabriel Valley League makes the division tougher.

    I didn’t think the Inland Division needed any changes – and CIF agreed.

    I do think that the Mission League becomes a major player in the Western Division – which means that St. Paul has a chance to make a little run, if they are good enough.

    Now let the lobbying begin for the realignment of leagues that will be taking place in two years…

  • jhykron

    What happened to the Olympic league. You don’t have them staying or going from the mid valley.


    Just posted this on Fred’s and posting it on ARAM’S! I want a second opinion. LOL…

    Wow, that’s too bad and just when the Mid Valley was getting good! My opinion, leave the Montview League ALONE!!! Come on the Mid Valley was getting very interesting and it was nice playing the surrounding local schools. Brings out some great fierce rivalries between cities, if you know what I mean. How they leave Monrovia and West Covina alone is a little perplexing. Everybody knows they have out grown their competition and when a team scores 80 points in a CHAMPIONSHIP game; well its time to have this team move on seeking stronger competition. This goes for Monrovia also, I mean 11 times in a CIF CHAMPIONSHIP and winning back to back title games is an incredible accomplishment, but they should have been moved from the RIO HONDO league long time ago. Okay Charter Oak gets moved out when they get their back to back championships and how many times did you see the word CUPCAKE league and what not, but now it seems their holding their own and it was good to see CO win over Chino Hills, an IE school and actually would be nice to CO when the CHAMPIONSHIP again.

    I just hope this CIF proposal gets shot down, and somebody takes a second look at the writing on the WALL and says; Hey wait a minute, this doesnt look right! My feeling on the matters are, it was real nice seeing AZUSA getting a little closer every year to that PRIZED CIF PLAQUE!!!


  • jhykron

    Oh there they are in the Northwest. Looks like more guaranteed playoff spots in the mid valley.

  • Lost spots

    Looks like the Hacienda and all the other leagues within the Southeast are going to loose 1 guaranteed spot each with the inclusion of an additional 6 team league.

  • Aaron

    I honestly wanted the Marmonte and the Big VIII added to make it the PAC-7.

  • Jhykron,

    You’re absolutely right. That’s my bad. I revised my write up.

  • just sayin’

    Aaron – good idea. Make the top division tougher, the lower divisions easier – so the scrubs that win the lower divisions can boast about their “rings” while others battle for playoff spots, then claim superiority because of it. Nice.

  • Aaron

    You must be a loon…I advocate a compression of divisions making them all tougher…the PAC-5 is weak, the Southeast is, the Northern was…and is now weaker.

    You want to be tops you better go through murderers row!

  • Lost spots

    According to the LA Times, the Serra will loose 1 guaranteed playoff spot with the addition of the Marmonte league. The Marmonte will have 4 guaranteed spots, the Moore will have 3, the Trinity will have 3, The South Coast is Adding El Torro next year and will have 3, and there will be one At Large spot.

  • Who’s the loon?

    Aaron, that only works if knuckleheads like yourself and others in the fishbowl dont recognize its a helluva lot harder to win a game or two in a stacked Pac 5 than to win the Southeast or Midvalley. Its not about quantity its about quality

  • Close but no cigar

    I Don’t think you can call the Pac-5 a super conference yet, without the inclusion of the best Inland team.

  • Aaron

    Sorry dude but when more than 50% of your teams make the playoffs…that is a weak division. If it’s big boy ball then be real about it…oh and quantity has a quality of its own.

    I said to compress the amount of divisions…right now there are 13 11-man and two 8-man divisions in the Southern Section…that makes ZERO sense.

  • sgv scouting

    Once again Aaron, you must not have been very bright when you were in high school.

    How can you justify the BIG VIII for being promoted to the Pac-5 when the league has been underachieving for the past three years.

    Now, no one is doubting that Centennial has performed well. But, other than CC, who else has performed well in the Inland playoffs – the answer is no one. In 2009, Vista Murrieta played Chaparral in the ID finals. In 2010 and 2011, it was Centennial vs Vista Murrieta. And in those three years, no one from the BIG VIII made the semi’s – other than Norco in 2009.

    And for you to say that the Pac-5 is weak shows that you head has been buried in the sand. The Pac-5 Divison is the TOUGHEST division in the state of California.

    It has great players, great coaching and games that are extremely competitive. Can you say that about the Southeast Division, absolutely not!!

    With the inclusion of the Marmonte League, the 16 teams that make the playoffs can safely be said to be the best 16 teams in Southern California. I’m not saying that they are, but you can make a argument for them.

    And please, other than Bishop Amat, NO ONE from the area can play with a team from the PAC-5. I already know what going to happen to West Covina when they play Loyola.

    So for now, keep crying your tears because Bonita lost to SH again in baseball, and I’m sure you have a conspiracy theory on that one, and stay out of the Pac-5 conversation. You have no business talking about it like your an expert.

  • Aaron

    Escarcega…if you really want to compare high school transcripts, SAT, and AP scores with me we can and then you’ll owe me a lot of steak and lobster dinners at Ruth’s Chris or even Gordon Ramsay’s.

    My Advocation of the BIG VIII…it need not be them…yet the top division in this section should still be expanded and your deflection of that is pathetic.

  • New York

    This is a good move, for Monrovia’s strength of schedule. No more Montview blowouts in the first round for anyone else either. I would have prefered leaving the Olympic League in place of Mission Valley, both for strength and geography.

    Monrovia had developed a little rivalry with Paraclete a couple years ago before Paraclete was moved out. We went up to Palmdale and beat them in the quarterfinals in 2009, Paraclete’s last year in the division. Sierra Canyon just won a bowl game and was very close to having a game with Monrovia this preseason.

    Overall this is great for the Mid Valley Division. It will be a division of recent champions: Monrovia, San Dimas, Paraclete and Sierra Canyon.

    I’m really looking forward to those “plus-one” games…

  • sgv scouting

    As long as Rob Wigod (who is a pretty sharp guy) is in the seat as commissioner, the Pac-5 will never expand. The Pac-5 is the best division in California and guys like you who don’t see that, well that’s why you are FANS!!!!

    Guys like Aram/Fred are experts, WHO KNOW THE TRUTH and see it everytime they watch a Pac-5 conference game.

  • Pac5izm

    The Pac 5 Can’t be the toughest in California, San Joaquin, Central Coast Conference and NCS Division are just as tough as the Pac 5. Schools like De La Salle, Palo Alto and Northern section teams come to home Depot and win big. DLS Hummiliated Servite, and Servite Dismantled Bishop Amat. Stop waiving the pac 5 card . It’s very tough, the toughest from top to bottom. However the top Inland, City section and Lower Division schools can play with Pac 5 schools in any year. Maybe not the same schools year in and year out, but It’s not the best in the state.

  • Dan

    Dominguez and the San Gabriel Valley league coming into the Southeast division will make things much more interesting. In any given year Dominguez is capable of putting out a team capable of beating your run of the mill Pac 5 team. Then again they can put out a team like last season where they were out in the first round of playoffs, or in 2008 where they were 2 & 8. There is not only Dominguez, but every once in a while you can have another team from the San Gabriel valley league rise up and have an excellent season like Warren from 2009, who probably would have given Charter Oak a run for their money in the Southeast that year. There are some huge schools in the SGVL with populations that can be anywhere from 3000 to 5000 students.
    One interesting score comparison from last season was La Serna routing Downey by a score of 42 to 7, and then Downey going on to beat Dominguez later on in the season. So as you can see, it’s no guarantee that Dominguez will just come in and dominate the Southeast division, but they will certanly have the capability to go 14 and 0 in any given year.

  • Reality Czech

    Pac5izm- the statement was the Pac5 is the best “division”. When saying the best “division” that doesn’t mean you are saying they have the best single team. There have been plenty of seasons whe the Moore aleague was the 4th or 5th best “league” in the Pac5 – but LB Poly won the whole thing. Your statement about top to botttom, pr at least number of quality teams, is what seperates it from the other dovisions.

  • Pac5izm

    I don’t know, De La Salle has won the open the last 2 years, Grant Of Sacramento Beat Poly the last time Poly Went to the state bowl. Besides, No way SM beats De la Salle.

  • Pac5izm

    I don’t know, De La Salle has won the open the last 3 years, and the year they did not go, Grant Of Sacramento Beat Poly the last time Poly Went to the state bowl. Besides, No way SM beats De la Salle. De La Salle would win the Pac 5 every year. So naturally their Division Has to be the toughest. In order to Win the NCS you have to beat DLS. How is my logic off?

  • Illogical

    Pac5izm- becase we’re talking about an entire DIVISION not just one INDIVIDUAL team. Are the Lakers the best TEAM in the NBA becuase they happen to have the best INDIVIDUAL player (arguably?)

    why can you not understand that logic?

  • Pac5izm

    I think you missed it…I don’t care how deep the Pac 5 is, not one of those teams can win the NCS. So Automatically the NCS is the toughest Division because it’s the most difficult to win. What’s illogical about that ? Whatever conference De La Salle is in is the toughest conference in the State. I know you would argue, the pac 5 has more ranked teams blah blah, but only two teams play in a championship game. If one is de la Salle, well, we saw what’s been going on in the state bowl open game. Tell me this, if you take De La Salle, and put them in the Pac 5 do they not win 13 titles in Row. The answer is yes.

  • Anonymous

    One thing is for sure and that is Amat will not win anything in the pac5 and the Serra is now officially the weakest division in the pac5. Well im sure those words didnt surprise anyone, But look on the bright side amat can always use the fact that they play in the toughest division in high school football (key word PLAY) i didnt say compete, So to all you Amat fans brush up on our history because i got a feeling that now thats all you guys are gonna have to lean on OH WAIT you already been leaning on that.

  • Bulldog 4 Life

    @ Anonymous
    hahahaha good one man. they’re all gonna come on here and chew you out now. but it’s true. like i said before, they weren’t winning championships in D1 for baseball and now that they’re in D4 they’re bringing them in left and right. but for some odd reason to them that’s ok to them. but when my bulldogs win it in D7 for football, all hell breaks loose lol. but i bet if in the next 4 years they get bumped down to D3 or D4 and start winning championships, then they’re going to be bragging about it like crazy. but according to them, “dropping them in football is not acceptable.” i highly doubt that when that time comes their fans wont be loyal. they’re going to be standing by their team regardless and i totally respect that. Just know that Amat is not D1 ready, at least not now. AND LIKE IVE SAID BEFORE, THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH WINNING SHIPS IN D3, D4, OR EVEN D5.

  • just sayin’

    Bulldog – right, lilke the old line on Seinfield: “not that there’s anything wrong with that!”

    Lets not pretend that Amat got dropped from D1 baseball for competitive purposes. They WON the league the last time they were with MD, SM, Servite, SJB, etc. and since they’ve dropped they CONTINUALLY play the TOUGHEST schedule around by making up for it in preseason – which is different than the fishbowl in football. tHAT is the difference.

    And Anymouse – we’ll hang our hat on football wins the last 4 years over over Crespi, Nottre Dame, Loyola, Alemany, Mater Dei, OLu, St Bonaventure, Chaminade, St Francis, St Paul, Venice, Dominguez – all better wins than any other SGV team – not to mention anyone in the valley that had the balls to take a shot in the last decade like Charter Oak, Glendora, Rancho Cucamonga, Damien, Muir, Diamond Ranch, oh – and that littel sweep of West Covina. LOL!

  • We love you Bishop Amat …By Kool Aid Drinker

    We love you Bishop! Congrats to Bishop Amat Football for you are the 18 time Defending San Gabriel Valley Champions!!! We love you Bishop, this year’s quest to beat Charter Oak and Chino Hills will solidify 19 consecutive SGV Tribune Titles. We love you Bishop! No one can match your dominance, your steadfastness, your will to Be 135 – 0 against Lower Division Schools in your area, with their own players. We love you Bishop! The Only other program in America to match this Kind of Dominance is Concord De La Salle, who has won League and the NCS Div for 15 years straight. We are proud of our Blue and Gold Lancers, who represent the SGV in the larger than life, Majestic, Mystical, Magical landscape which is called the Pac 5 Division…the only place where “Real Football” is played, legends are made, and Scholarships flow like water. We love you Bishop! We will overlook your inability to be competitive in your own division, and dominant in your own league. No Matter How much you lose, it does not matter to us. We enjoy watching you get undressed by south orange county PAC 5 teams on the big stage. Whether you get shut out by Servite in Week 0 get blowout by Santa Margarita in the 1st Round, or get beat at home by Tesoro, The only thing that matters is that the SGV has a team participating in Division 1. There are a million excuse why bishop can’t win, and they are all valid and justified. We love you Bishop. If It takes another 20 years to get to Semis or better, who cares, Who cares…it’s nothing that public West Covina and Monrovia are winning titles on the level they are supposed to be on, and sending players to college. Who cares about Progress? At Bishop you pay for your Pac 5 membership, and take your @$$ whippings like a man, and after 4 years if you don’t get a full ride, it’s your own Fault. We Love you Bishop!

  • New York

    Harry Welch led Canyon Country to a Bowl victory over De La Salle. Why wouldn’t he be able to lead Santa Margarita to victory over DLS?

  • just askin’

    Kool-Aid drinker – honest questions
    #1: where has anyone written an “excuse” for why Amat can’t win? Find one and print it please – I musta missed it.
    #2: If you are “winning titles” on the “level you belong” yet lose to this team that plays at “a higher level” – how can you have ANY claim to superiority?
    And if not – then maybe you should just shut it!

  • New York

    Regarding the Mid-Valley proposal: I am disappointed that we lost a league. We are now back to five leagues, which suggests that the top three teams in each league make the playoffs. I really liked last year when there were 6 leagues. I would prefer lower divisions limiting playoff spots to the top two teams from each league. Let’s bring on a 7th league. If we have to keep it local, bring back the Olympic and add the Del Rio. This would go a long way toward creating stronger playoff brackets and a more meaningful championship.

  • Not Since 1995

    Poor Amat Lancers…

    Not In 2012 Either…!

  • GoAMAT


  • Desert Rat

    If this all goes through…it will be nice to be back.

    A couple things…the Montview honestly has no business in the Mid-Valley. I am sorry, I just haven’t seen anything in the last four years that excites me about that league. They should be happy they got a bump up and not a bump down. At least they’ll be somewhat local.

    Paraclete and Sierra Canyon are the cream of the Alpha. The rest of the league will have a hard time keeping up with the top two. Its a coin toss after that because the other schools are smaller in population in the seats and on the roster.

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