CIF asst. commissioner Glenn Martinez explains why he thinks Monrovia and West Covina should stay put. Meanwhile, the Montview League plans to appeal …

After watching the Monrovia and West Covina high school football teams run roughshod over their respective playoff divisions the past two years, most Valley fans anticipated there were some serious changes coming both schools way this spring when the CIF-Southern Section office announced its new playoff grouping proposals for the next two seasons.

The proposals were released last week and Assistant Commissioner Glenn Martinez has decided to keep Monrovia and West Covina in their respective divisions while making things a bit harder on them with the insertion of some beefed-up competition.

According to Martinez’s proposals, Monrovia and the Rio Hondo League will remain in the Mid-Valley Division. Meanwhile, the Montview and Olympic leagues will be leaving the division and heading to the Northwest. Entering the division will be the Alpha League, which features Sierra Canyon, who went 15-0 last season, and Paraclete, which won the Mid-Valley Division in 2008.

Monrovia has won the last two division titles, and the combined score of the past two championship games has been 91-22.

In the Southeast, West Covina’s back-to-back titles could have given Martinez reason enough to move the Bulldogs and the Hacienda League to a different division. Instead, the Hacienda is staying put, as is the rest of the division, and the San Gabriel Valley League will be joining. The San Gabriel Valley League features teams like Compton Dominguez, Paramount and Downey. It would be getting relief after having played in the Western Division last season.

“I hate to move a league,” Martinez said. “I almost feel like I’m punishing five or six schools because of one team’s tremendous success. It’s not to downgrade or say anything bad about a successful program like West Covina or Monrovia, but I don’t think it’s fair for those other five or six schools.

“When you move a league up just because of one particular school, it’s just kind of hurting everyone and I don’t think that’s fair.”

Leagues are allowed to appeal Martinez’s proposals and on Mar. 27 an appeals panel will convene to consider their arguments. If an appeal is denied on Mar. 27, the league can appeal again, this time to the Southern Section council at its meeting on Apr. 25, at which time the new groupings will be ratified. Playoff groupings are set in place for two-year periods.

One area league that has already stated its interest to formulate an appeal is the Montview League. Gladstsone head coach Albert Sanchez, who is entering 14th year at the school and is the longest-tenured coach in the league, said Monday that he’s already had discussions with other disgruntled coaches in the league and that an appeal would be forthcoming.

“We’ve been going back and forth, myself and a few other coaches, trying to figure out what CIF was even thinking,” Sanchez said. “Honestly, on Friday, I felt like we’re basically doomed once again. We’ll be playing for a league a championship then seeing how far we’re going to have to travel to lose.”

Under Martinez’s proposal, the Montview and Olympic leagues would be leaving the Mid-Valley for the Northwest Division. The Olympic, which features a local school in Maranatha, is comprised of all private schools. So is the Del Rey League, which already calls the Northwest home. Also in the Northwest is the Pioneer and Tri-Valley leagues, which feature schools from as far away as Carpinteri and Ojai.

“I was trying to do three things,” Martinez said of his Mid-Valley proposal. “One, create a Mid-Valley that had five leagues. Two, bring some competitive equity to that division with the Rio Hondo League holding Monrovia. And finally, I think Montview is a better fit in the Northwest; one playoff win in two years and their enrollment is right in line with the other Northwest schools.”

As for the rest of the area, there was some hope from unhappy schools two years ago when the Sierra League was overhauled and put into the Inland Division that the league would be given relief as soon as the two-year period was over. That didn’t happen, and in fact, Martinez reported the Sierra League did not request a change of placement. So, that means another two years of banging heads with the best teams from the Inland Empire for Valley schools like Charter Oak and South Hills.

“They didn’t request a change, but I kind of played around with it and asked ‘Do they really fit?’ because that’s a pretty tough division,” Martinez said. “But Charter Oak was pretty successful and Chino Hills lost that one game that they shouldn’t have, so they’ve been pretty competitive. Damien, I keep thinking that Greg (Gano) is going to turn the corner. South Hills, they’re struggling, but I’m not sure where they go if you drop them down.

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  • coltfan97

    What year does CIF RE-LEAGUE the teams? For example, when is Monrovia going to be moved to the Pacific League!! Is it 2014 when CIF DOES THAT?

  • anonymous

    lets see if commissioner glenn martinez remembers this “not punishing the other 4 or 5 schools” when it comes to boys soccer. my money is on the del rio moving up a division after el ranchos success in D4. i think mr martinez is full of it. i guess we will see if this guy is really legit.

  • It’s coming, just not this time around

    This is not the best proposal, However it’s not a bad Proposal. Monrovia would do well in the Pacific league, and the Southeast Division this upcoming season. However, Mtown is going to have to prove to CIF that this is more than a great group of Kids which won over a short period of time. They Have to show the program has permanently separated itself from this level of competition. When CIF Moves a team up, it’s with the premise that school will continue to do well on that level for years to come. CIF allowed Paso Robles to win Div X almost 5 years straight before they were moved up to Div IV. By Adding Sierra Canyon, and Paraclete into the Midvalley, Monrovia will have two teams which could challenge them. The only thing I did not like is the 5 league Division. That still means Monrovia, Paraclete, or Sierra Canyon will have a easy semifinal game, with the other two playing each other in the other Semifinal game. With a 6 team league you could bring in one more tough league, setting up a situation where you have 4 teams in the Division that could win it. With the Addition of Ainsworth, I still believe the mighty wildcats will Win the Division, go 14-0 or 13-1 and possibly go to state. If Mornovia can win 2012, and win one more between 2013-2014 season, they will be pulled out of the Rio Hondo, and placed in the higher Division.
    West Covina, should stay in a beefed up Southeast Div. As Dominant as they have been, I still don’t see where they could go right now. They are able to beat lower SGV inland Schools, but they could not beat Charter Oak, Chino Hills, and Possibly Damien for the next two years. None of the SGV schools have done well in the Inland so WC could not go there. They are good enough to play in Central, but just like Monrovia their league was not strong enough to move up. In the Future when CIF creates some new leagues, If Monrovia, and West Covina win their Divisions again and again, and Charter Oak, Glendora, South Hills, Damien don’t do well in the Inland we could possibly see a New SGV league created for the Central division. I think Monrovia and West Covina have turned the corner, and they will be moved up, however this year was a tad bit early. I don’t have a problem with that. Before you can move up you have to be apart a league that prepares your for a tougher playoff field, The Rio Hondo, and Hacienda , do not do that. Get these two out those leagues, then they will be ready to move up.

    North San Gabriel Valley League

    Charter Oak
    West Covina
    South Hills

    This would be a great league for the Central Division. When Monrovia and Glendora are the bottom teams, that’s a solid league.

  • 238

    Its Coming,

    I actually like your league proposal, but the question is, how do you fix the leagues they are vacating? Your proposal takes half of the Sierra League away. Plus you remove a team from the Rio Hondo and the Baseline. The Hacienda had 7, so a reduction to 6 is fine.

    I actually think the Damien has no excuse for not having success. The are a 2000+ all boys private school. Move them to the Baseline where they belong population wise.

    It also leaves the Sierra with only Claremont, Chino Hills, and Ayala. Sure Chino would be an easy add from a 7 Team Mt. Baldy League, but then you still have two spots to fill.

    One league that can also sacrifice a team would be the Valle Vista league, they have 7, so they can donate to a league that needs a team.

    Though your league may be a good idea, It will leave holes that are difficult to fill elsewhere.

  • It ain’t over yet for the Montview. They will get their day in court, so to speak. And Sandi Gahring can be very persuading.

    I must say, given all this Duarte talk I’m now hearing, it would have been nice to see what the Falcs might do in the Mid-Valley.

  • It’s coming

    Thanks for adding On I did not have time to think it completely through. I Like your Ideas. I just think that If Monrovia and West Covina keep doing what they are doing, they may get moved way up. However Monrovia is going to have Win all there preseason games from here on out. Those will be the games Cif uses to determine where they will jump. If they lose to Arcadia, St Francis, and Ayala, then The South East is the ceiling for the cats. If they beat those teams consistently, blow league away, and Win another Title or two, they could surpass the South east 3 years from now. West Covina will have to dominate south east. I think Noodles get’s baptized this season, then does some great things over there. With their interior lineman, they should be able to compete in the Central. If Rancho Verde, Palm springs and few other schools move up to the inland, that should open the door for a new league in that division. We will see how each programs handles the next 3 seasons. After that is should be clear who should move, and what leagues should be broken up. I think as long as leagues stay somewhat local, then playoffs should not hurt the budget. Most teams still won’t be drive more than 90 mins. I think population wise the Central is a good fit for the top 7 teams in the SGV, with the exception of Bishop, Chino Hills, Damien, and St Francis.

  • Jhykron

    Why can’t they just move the Montview to the Southern Division in the place of the Pacific Coast League (who could go to the Southwest)? Montview teams could probably compete with the likes of the Garden Grove, Orange, and Golden West leagues.

  • anonymous

    hey aram,
    get steve ramirez in on this and get him to ask glenn martinez why the del rio league is moving from D4 to D3 in boys soccer. other than el rancho, none of the other teams in the del rio league have advanced out of the 1st round in a couple years. i would like to hear what mr martinez’ explanation on this one is? i think he is full of it, or unless soccer just does not matter….

  • Nah,

    jhykron, The Southern Division is higher than Midvalley. Monrovia maybe, not one team in the montview can play in that Div.

  • Jhykron


    Southern has an average freeman rating of -5.2, MidValley -4.9. If you take the PCL (league that got both teams to the finals) out of the southern and replace them with the Montview, they’d do fine, and probably actually win some playoff games.

    Monrovia? The average team from the Valle Vista, Almont, or even Mission Valley league would clobber the Garden Grove, Orange, or Golden West leagues. I don’t know what Southern division you’re looking at.

  • Another

    Soccer does matter – but CIF does not pay attention to coaches, they make deals with AD’s. Mark Keppel Swim FINALLY moved up after buying way too much time in DIV and in DIII – but just when they move them up to where they should have been long ago – they move Oaks Christian down.

    CIF should be ashamed as well as the “advisory board” that deals the hands to themselves.

  • Releaguing Issues

    CIF does not releague, it sets up the cycles and the section leagues ratify the new league. The principals in the area vote on the leagues. There are 43 schools in the area and you need 2/3 to pass. Cif will not just pick teams to move them up, they will place leagues where they think they should compete.

    You’re in the ballpark, It’s coming, but not really. That league WILL NEVER exist because Monrovia is not in this area for league purposes. If you take those 5, it would be a very good football league and that’s where it probably ends. Charter is very good in football and baseball and thats it. West Covina is very good in football and wrestling and thats it. Damien, Glendora, and South Hills would dominate every other sport without question or hesitation. If what have heard is correct, Charter Oak has made playoffs in football and baseball only in 1 1/2 years. They belong in the Sierra for football but should be Hacienda for other sports. They are being punished for their football program. West Covina would be in the same boat only probably worse. South Hills has taken their lumps too, but not as bad as Charter Oak.

    Principals will take that into consideration when they releague next year. Glendora WILL get out of the Baseline, but someone has to go their for 6. Chino Hills or Damien are the likely suspects. Baseline fought tooth and nail NOT to have Damien. In reality there are 2 switches. Chino Hills/ Damien to Baseline for Glendora. Bonita to Sierra for Charter Oak/South Hills. Bonita has been dominant in almost every sport in the Hacienda and would be in football were it not for West Covina. I’m telling you, there will not be much change. Heck with a much love as there is for Charter Oak (Farrar) and South Hills (People in General), their sentencing may not be over. The principals may just move Bonita to Sierra and make them a 7 and the Hacienda a 6. Who knows.

  • 238

    Good points Releaguing Issues

    It is possible that BOTH Chino Hills and Damien could go to the Baseline League. Not only does Glendora want out, so does Alta Loma. They only compete in one sport consistantly (wrestling) and one occasionally (baseball). It is also possible that either the Mt. Baldy, Hacienda, or even the Sierra could end up as an 8 team league. It is my understanding that their is a strong puch to not have 7 teams (currently the Mt. Baldy and Hacienda, I only mentioned the Sierra because geographically they are in the middle ground and may be the ones to take spare parts (Chino, Bonita, ???)


    Come together MONTVIEW LEAGUE COACHES!!! and put a stop to this NONSENSE! Several teams are holding their own and there’s no need to be moved out from the MID VALLEY! AZUSA keep doing what your doing!


  • releaguing issues


    Good stuff. I know Alta Loma wants out, no secret. Chaffey District controls 13 votes and if their superintendent wants the change those 13 votes will go that way. Word on the street amongst coaches in the know, the super wants to switch Colony and Alta Loma. Their 13 votes got them Glendora instead of Damien last time. i would expect similar result. Principals will NOT approve any 8 team leagues because of the reduction of automatic entries from 4 to 3 for football. Chino will stay in the Mt Baldy, they just got relief out of the Sierra, they won’t put them back in. 7 team leagues made sense last cycle because of 4 entries. they no longer make sense and the leagues know it. 8 team leagues make less sense because you only get 3 automatics for 8 teams and reduce your odds of making playoffs.

  • concussion-symptoms

    The Alta Loma/Colony switch and the Glendora/Damien switch both make sense. You put 2 teams in the Baseline that would compete right away while giving relief to 2 schools that are struggling in the same league. I am not sure much else needs to be done to any of those 3 league (Baseline, Baldy, Sierra).

  • Joe Amat

    This is old from the last leaguing go’round, but since we’re talking lets have at it. Sme might have changed in two years – but you’ll get the idea.

    People have come on here and commented that Amat gets to be in different leagues for other sports – yet is in the Serra for football. In the other sports we are in the Camino Del Rey Association that has 12 teams. Every two years – in every sport – if a team in the Del Rey has finished in last place it moves down to the Camino Real and the first place team in the Camino Real moves up. The same situation exists in “Gold Coast Athletic Conference” has 17 teams and 3 leagues. South Bay Athletic Association has 18 teams and 3 leagues, the Western Athletic Conference has 14 teams and 2 leagues, while the Tri-County Athletic Association has 13 teams and two leagues (including St Bonaventure and Oaks Christian in all sports except football)

    If they were to create 2 of these “mega-conferences” in the Inland Empire and the SGV it could go something like the groups below. You maintain some semblance of geography and maybe St Lucy’s is the one who gets hit the hardest from a travel perspective – but they’re paired with Damien so it’s tough to battle. You could move schools around however you like to start – because champions and cellar dwellers could move up and down from A,B,C or 1,2,3,4 and it would continue to self-correct in each individual sport.

    *Inland Empire Athletic Association*
    A. Baseline League: Alta Loma, Etiwanda, Los Osos, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland
    B. Sierra League: Ayala, Chino Hills, Claremont, Damien/St. Lucy’s, Colony
    C. Mt. Baldy League: Chaffey, Chino, Don Lugo, Garey, Montclair, Ontario

    *San Gabriel Valley Athletic Association*
    1. Miramonte: Glendora, Charter Oak, South Hills, Diamond Ranch, Diamond Bar
    2. San Antonio League: Bonita, Los Altos, Rowland, Walnut, West Covina, San Dimas,
    3. Valle Vista League: Baldwin Park, Covina, Nogales, Northview, Pomona, Wilson
    4. Montview League: Azusa, Bassett, Duarte, Ganesha, Gladstone, La Puente, Sierra Vista, Workman

    Again. The advice is free… and worth every penny. If only they’d ask.

  • Bonita Dominating “were it not for West Covina” ??????

    If wasnt for West Covina Bonita would dominate Hacienda football??? I went on to look at Bonita for the last few years. Head to Head with Diamond Ranch they have played 7 times and DR has won 4 of the seven times. Diamond Ranch also does much better in the postseason. With the exception of one year, Bonita loses in the first round when it comes Playoff time.

    2011 DR beats Bonita 21-13
    2010 Bonita beats DR 38-10
    2009 DR beats Bonita 36-29
    2008 Bonita beats DR 17-7
    2007 DR beats Bonita 19-0
    2006 Bonita Beats DR 17-14
    These two teams go back and forth. That is not dominating. And look at the Playoffs.
    Bonita out in 1st round (1 game)
    DR Qtr Finals (2 games)

    Bonita CIF Championship Game (Winner West Covina) (4 games)
    DR out in 1st round (1 game)

    Bonita out in 1st round (1 game)
    DR CIF Championship Game (Winner Charter Oak) (4 games)

    Bonita out in 1st round (1 game)
    DR CIF Championship Game (Winner Charter Oak) (4 games)

    Bonita out in 1st round (1 game)
    DR no playoff berth (*CIF)

    Bonita no play off berth
    DR Qtr Finals (2 games)

    CIF Playoff Games 2006-2011 (Bonita vs., DR)
    Bonita 8 games
    Diamond Ranch 13 games

    Bonita would dominate the Hacienda??? At best, they are the third best team in the Hacienda/Miramonte League.

  • Joe Amat

    After I cut’n’pasted that , in looking it over i might make this change to create 3 six-team leagues and 1 seven team league.

    *San Gabriel Valley Athletic Association*
    1. Miramonte: Glendora,Charter Oak,South Hills,West Covina,Diamond Ranch,Diamond Bar
    2. San Antonio League: Bonita, San Dimas, Los Altos, Wilson, Rowland, Walnut
    3. Valle Vista League: Baldwin Park, Covina, Nogales, Northview, Pomona, Azusa
    4. Montview League: Bassett, Duarte, Ganesha, Gladstone, La Puente, Sierra Vista, Workman

    (and I LOVE the natural rivalries in the proposed Miramonte and San Antonios!)

  • Oops

    After I posted I looked at my math. LOL Oops it is 6 games and they are 3-3. Either way still NOT dominating. You get the point.

  • 238

    I am actually under the impression that the superintendent in the Chaffey District does not want to switch Colony and Alta Loma. He wants to keep the Northern district schools together and the Southern District schools together. The district is also against Alta Loma leaving for another league because the district will no longer have a majority in the Baseline. The fact is that Alta Loma has only been competitive in 2 sports in the last 3-4 years and has the leagues smallest student population with no room for growth. Alta Loma has 2600, which is only 500 hundered students less than Los Osos/Etiwanda/RC, but has no room for growth. Glendora needs out with only 2300 students and the worst travel. Upland has around 3500 *I think.

    I am very much in favor in putting teams together in Leagues based on performance over all sports along with student population and geography.

  • just askin’

    238 – so you agree with the Joe Amat proposal?

  • New York

    I respect the Baseline League and have even lived in Rancho at one point and have a lot of respect for the way they do things. However, I think the Baseline has an identity crisis. They are too good for the Central but not good enough to win the Inland as is. My solution is to combine the best of the Southwestern leage and the best of the Big 8 league and move them into the PAC ## and create a true super division (Southern Section Championship Division) that has perhaps five rounds of playoffs. Every team in the division would have a 9 game season and the teams who do not make the real playoffs would play a “plus one” against other non-playoff teams to let them have a 10th game. This would expand the top division to include the IE like it used to and still should.

    The remaining teams in the Inland would still be good, but not juggernaut great.

  • both sides of the fence

    Garey will be moved out the Mt. Baldy League next go around. They are only competitive in one sport (Boys soccer), and it’s is know that the league officials no longer want them in the league. This could open up the door for something interesting. Colony dominates the Mt. Baldy League, It time for them to step up their efforts.

  • OK

    So is it likely that Colony could go to the Baseline?

  • How low can you go?

    WHere would Garey go? Not many places (leagues) to move down to?

  • Roni

    Hey Joe Amat, that is not true. In baseball, Cantwell who did not win a league game in three years was moved to the Camino Real League. The league champ Cathedral, refused to move up. They instead moved St Monica to the Del Rey, where they lost all league games.

  • same same

    Roni – so you’re saying the team that lost them all moved down – and someone moved up. Right? Isn’t that what was written?

  • Roni

    Yes,the last place team in the league was moved up. It should of been the first place team.

  • Joe Amat

    Actually Roni,

    St Monica won the Camino Real in ’09 with a record of 11-4 and came in 2nd in ’10 with a record of 9-6.

    Cathedral came in FIFTH in ’09 with a record of 7-8 and won league in ’10 with a record of 12-3.

    So the team with the the best 2-year record, St Monica (20 wins) moved up to the Del Rey while Cathedral (19 wins) stayed down.

    Any questions?

  • Joe Amat

    Actually Roni,

    St Monica won the Camino Real in ’09 with a record of 11-4 and came in 2nd in ’10 with a record of 9-6.

    Cathedral came in FIFTH in ’09 with a record of 7-8 and won league in ’10 with a record of 12-3.

    So the team with the the best 2-year record, St Monica (20 wins) moved up to the Del Rey while Cathedral (19 wins) stayed down.

    Any questions?

  • SWIM

    Finally Mark Keppel goes where they should be – DII – they paid off CIF to let them stay down year after year – even after they want multiple titles all other teams from 2nd – 20th moved up – just not the champs!


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