UPDATE: 911 caller arrested on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter AFTER ALLEGEDLY LYING ABOUT GUN in case of slain former SGV ‘baller Kendrec McDade …

UPDATED: Pasadena police chief Phillip Sanchez announced Wednesday the arrest of the man who made the 911 call that brought police to the scene of an alleged armed robbery involving Kendrec McDade.

The reporting party, whose name is Oscar Carrillo, was arrested on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter.

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Former Azusa football standout Kendrec McDade was shot and killed on Friday night by Pasadena police.

McDade was an all-Montview League standout in 2009 after rushing for 1,345 yards and 15 touchdowns. Azusa went 11-2 that season.

“I am shocked, I never would have forseen this,” Azusa coach Joe Scherf said. “The thing I will remember about Kendrec, for football reasons, was the kid was always very committed.

“He always gave 100 percent in everything we did on the field. He was one of those kids you could count on. I knew he was going to be there if we needed him. He was tough, He played through injury. He played sick. He did some amazing things on the field for us.”

McDade came up big for the Aztecs during the 2009 postseason. He ran for 479 yards and six touchdowns in the playoffs as Azusa reached the Mid-Valley Division semifinals before losing to eventual champion San Dimas.

Aram’s take: Always sad to hear about the WAY TOO EARLY passing of one of our former SGV gridiron standouts, no matter the circumstances.


    Aram thank you for posting this very unfortunate article up. This wasn’t Kendrec’s character and the City of AZUSA is shocked and very saddened to hear about his passing! The story was swirling around yesterday on facebook and unfortunately it is true. Im sure there are a lot of his ex-teammates and classmates that are very saddened about his passing . When I would say hello to Kendric ,he would always be respectful. Kendrecs Mother would never miss a game and would always support him over the years and truly was a devoted Mother, also very friendly to speak to at the FOOTBALL GAMES! It was also great see him run the ball and Ill never forget how he played against San Dimas in the semi playoffs game several years back and kept AZUSA in the game.. Job well done AZTEC, and Im sure the AZUSA FOOTBALL PROGRAM will never forget you!
    Lets keep his Mother and family in our prayers at this troubling time.


    You know this is very sobering thought and it is close to home for everyone. With all that takes place on these blogs, we need to take a look inward and really reflect on these kids. It is not about anyone bad mouthing a player or it’s program, this incident should bring a “reality check” to all of us. MAY GOD be with the McDade Family the AZTEC PROGRAM and everyone else. REST IN PEACE MY LITTLE BROTHER….

  • Big Dog

    There is a difference between passing and being slaughtered. This young man was slaughtered!

  • sgvpride

    Seriously what is it with these police shootings lately? They seem to be getting worst, it sounds like they shot him from the back. No weapon was found? If he was still running what could they have known he was doing. Were they even chasing the right guy? Just seems like a lot of questions like always when it comes to these things. Its sad that almost every single time the Officer isn’t held accountable for his actions.

  • Hoodies!

    Big dog I agree, Pasadena police shot him and no weapon was found. Now they are trying to say his partner is responsible for this shooting. I don’t have to say it but you already know what this was. Sad…put your hoodies on.

  • http://insidesocal.com/sgvfootball/2012/03/former-azusa-football-standout-kendrec-mcdade-killed-in-office-involved-shooting-in-pasadena-over-th.html Tonie Jackson

    Ohhhh Kendrec McDade! Its really hard to hear about his passing. He was such a good kid, and no one ever saw this coming.Very kind, and a respectable young man. Never harmed anyone. He was a legacy and a legend at Azusa High and will ALWAYS be remembered. Watching him play football was really interesting. He always has his mom there for support with his little sister. Losing Kendrec took an impact on my life too; he was like the OLDER brother i never had. He will be truly missed. Tears shed, everytime i thing about him. Let’s keep his mother in prayers and family. We love you KEN! your GONE but NEVER forgotten kid. I LOVE YOU.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    The Star-News has requested copies of the police log and access to police radio traffic from the evening, as well as recordings of the 9-1-1 call made by a unnamed man who claims McDade and a teenage accomplice robbed him at gun point prior to the shooting.

    This whole thing makes me sick.


    ARAM, I want to personally thank you for your involvement in this tragic PENDING, investigation. This was posted in the front page of the TRIBUNE today and at the end of the story your name is credited for contributing to the story! You know yesterday I see you posted a picture of a player from Chino, now coming to WESCO, below that pictured is KENDRECS picture, but his story is not so good and now hes no longer living and thats tragic.

    Once again from a concerned citizen of AZUSA, thank you again! Folks lets all keep Kendrecs Mother in our prayers and if someone can please post an address so that we may send our sincerest condolences.=================================================================================

    Pasadena community leaders seek answers following death of teen at hands of police
    No gun found at scene
    Brian Charles, SGVNpasadenastarnews.com
    Posted: 03/26/2012 07:23:53 PM PDT

    PASADENA – Community leaders in Pasadena demanded answers Monday following the officer involved shooting of Kendrec Lavelle McDade, 19, of Azusa.
    After two days of searching, police still can’t locate the gun allegedly used by McDade or his 17-year-old suspected accomplice in an armed robbery that brought police to the intersection of Summit Avenue and Orange Grove Boulevard late Saturday evening.

    Several other questions also remain unanswered, said Joe Brown, president of the Pasadena-branch NAACP.

    “What was the proximity of the officers when they fired?” asked Joe Brown, president of the Pasadena-branch NAACP.

    “The visibility in that area is low. If the officers didn’t have a light shining on the young man, how did he know the young man had a gun?” Brown said. “The community wants preliminary information right now.”

    McDade was shot and killed on Sunset Avenue just north of Orange Grove Boulevard after a foot pursuit by two Pasadena police officers. The officers said they saw McDade, a onetime football stand out at Azusa High School, grabbing at his waistband and believed he had a gun.

    The names of the officers involved have not been released.

    McDade and a 17-year-old boy, who is currently in custody, are alleged to have attempted an armed robbery prior to the police pursuit, according to the Pasadena Police Department’s account.

    The second suspect, a 17-year-old, who has not been identified, was arrested

    Saturday in the immediate area without further incident. He was booked on suspicion of murder, officials said.
    Pasadena police Lt. Phlunte Riddle acknowledged gaps remain in the investigation especially since a gun hasn’t been found.

    The cops pursuing McDade never saw a gun as he fled north on Sunset Avenue, a street Riddle described as “extremely dark,” especially after the sun sets.

    “It was a three block foot pursuit … and it wasn’t a straight line by any means,” Pasadena police Lt. Phlunte Riddle said Monday. “There are a lot of different places where that gun could have ended up.”

    Police officials also don’t know how many shots were fired by the two officers.

    This newspaper has requested the police log and copies of radio transmissions from the evening of the shooting, as well as the 9-1-1 call made by a man who claimed McDade and the teenaged boy robbed him.

    The victim followed the suspects after the alleged robbery and called police on his cell phone during the pursuit, according to the police department’s account.

    Brown said that portion of the account left him skeptical of the police department’s version of events.

    “Whoever heard of that? I am unarmed and I am going to chase someone who is armed,” Brown said.

    Frustrations began boiling in Northwest Pasadena on Monday, as community leaders such as Brown blasted the department for too much secrecy.

    The Pasadena Police Department recently moved to a digitally encrypted radio signal, which means the public and the media can’t listen to broadcasts. Brown has criticized that lack of transparency.

    Stripping the public and the press of its ability to monitor the police has only increased suspicions of law enforcement in Pasadena, Brown said. It contributes to the level of suspicion which rippled through the community Monday, he added.

    “When they went with this type of secrecy, something like this was likely to happen,” Brown said.

    As community leaders call for answers, McDade’s friends openly grieved for the slain former Azusa High School football stand out, who starred on 2009 Aztec team.

    “Rest in peace, Kendrec L. McDade, we all miss you, always and forever,” said Crystal Santos on her Twitter feed.

    “Wow (rest in peace) Kendrec McDade. I will always remember Ms. Graham’s class sophomore year,” said Melissa Sweets on her Twitter feed.

    Azusa High varsity football coach Joe Scherf was shocked by the news of McDade’s death and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

    “I never would have foreseen this,” Scherf told the newspaper Monday.

    He doesn’t remember McDade landing in much trouble on- or off-the-field.

    “He was never in trouble here. He never put himself in a bad situation at school,” Scherf said. “Off campus, I never remember him getting in any trouble.”

    Riddle said an investigation by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Officer Involved Shooting Team, along with the internal affairs officers from the Pasadena Police Department is underway.

    Brown called for a community panel to conduct the investigation in the open; not one to simply provide oversight.

    “If (community members) ask for something like that we will take it under advisement,” Riddle said.

    Staff writer Aram Tolegian contributed to this story.

  • Stop the propaganda

    @Big dog & Hoodies
    These two kids committed an ARMED robbery (allegedly) and ran from the police. These are the types of risks that you assume when you commit a violent crime upon law abiding citizens. That gun could be anywhere, it’s going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. And FYI Hoodies, the other kid is being held for murder because a death occured during the course of a felony. That’s the law.

  • good or bad

    Gun or no gun, it doesnt matter. McDade dies as a thief. How unfortunate for his family. What a waste of potential.


    Once again I would like to thank the SAN GABRIEL VALLEY TRIBUNE, PASADENA STAR NEWS and the investigating reporters that continue reporting the ongoing story about the shooting death of KENDREC! Special thanks to ARAM TOLEGAIN, for posting this story and photo. Its good to see the overwhelming support of the community, friends, family and everyone thats appalled about the way he was murdered! Yes, theres negative posting on several websites and what not, but the people who knew KENDREC and his family, ALL KNOW this not the KENDREC we know, and Kendrecs Mother will get JUSTICE for the way they handle that situation!

    The AZUSA RESIDENTS and AZUSA FOOTBALL FAMILY wont let you be remembered what the papers are stating, and will remember you as EVERYONE HAS BEEN POSTING ABOUT THE GREAT PERSON YOU WERE!


  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    No gun found and the 911 caller has been arrested for lying about there being a gun. He is now charged with manslaughter.

    I guess it’s now the caller’s fault that.

    What a total tragedy this whole thing.


  • raul ocampo

    Its ashame the police say they shot him cause they saw him reaching towards his waist assuming he was going for a gun. they made that decision to shot now he’s dead,now they dont want to except responsibility instead they want to place blame on the 911 caller. he also asumed he had a gun,he thought he saw a gun so therefore it was reported.really are these police working scared or terrified and making excuses

  • Where is the gun, where is the computer?

    By Richard Winton and Adolfo Flores(LA Times)
    An officer killed Kendrec McDade, left, after the caller said two armed men robbed him of a laptop. “No gun or computer” was found, and police now say they think there was no gun.
    Audio: Oscar Carrillo’s 911 call

    No computer yall…this stinks more and more.

  • Pasadenian

    Man im hoping that just because the guy lied about what the victims had dont justify what the officers did. i know that there is a protocol that every officer has to follow by and im 100% sure there is not one document that says its ok for an officer to do a drive by shooting. So what if he was grabbing for his waist to pull up his pants the officer must of had his gun drawn already. think about it, the officer was driving so he was able to unsnap his gun take it off safety drive with one hand and shoot after he seen him grab for his waist. so when he got the gun out and ready why wasnt the gun drawn from kendrac waist yet if he had one. COME ON believe me doing all of that takes time and once he aimed he should had noticed that he didnt have a gun, he was just pulling his pants up. So in my mind the officer who did the drive by shooting already had his gun drawn ready to kill. but both officers shot. the other one that was chasing on foot shot him in the back “WHAT A COWARD” I BET THEY WERE HI-FIVEING EACH OTHER AFTER TO. basically most of the cowardly police men just isnt cut out for they jobs or they were hired to kill a few innocent blacks. them punks shot and killed an innocent kid and never once followed protocol he didnt see a gun nor was he ever threatened so why shoot. Im not the type of person who wishes evil or bad things on people but both officers deserve life in jail and the caller who made a false accusation should do some time as well but the major punishment should go to these so called trained professional officers.

    in closure i would like to say FUCK THE POLICE their the most dangerous gang bangers on planet earth they even have judges in their corner as well as the law. Anybody can call and lie about someone having a gun but we now know that if you do more than likely the police will shoot him.

  • ridiculous

    Simply the most ridiculous post I have ever read. You admit this criminal did everything WRONG, and yet you still defend him? And what if he had a gun and shot that officer, what would you say to that officers family? It is possible that there are people out there who are criminals. But I am sure that you are one of them, so I am guessing I am wasting my time.

    I hope that one day someone assaults you and that there is no police officer to risk his/her life to defend you.

  • Dont Be

    dont be a criminal and you dont get shot!

  • http://adgdffdd Bearcat fan


    Your ridiculous this kid was a thief which has been proven the other details are not confirmed. The police where within their scope of practice to shoot him. He was reported to be armed and dangerous. He was running from the police which indicated he did something wrong. Do you really think they never screamed to stop but he still ran. The fact that he did not have a gun did make this an unfortunate case of an unnecessary shooting. This investigation on the shooting is going be ruled an in policy shooting as he reached to his waist band where they believed there to be a gun.

    All of you who treat the police like trash and call them gang members with a badge next time someones raping one of your family members or robbing someone do not bother calling 911 handle it yourself so you can see how it is to deal with scumbags who try to kill you any chance they get.

  • http://132312fafasd Bearcat fan


    Your ridiculous this kid was a thief which has been proven the other details are not confirmed. The police where within their scope of practice to shoot him. He was reported to be armed and dangerous. He was running from the police which indicated he did something wrong. Do you really think they never screamed to stop but he still ran. The fact that he did not have a gun did make this an unfortunate case of an unnecessary shooting. This investigation on the shooting is going be ruled an in policy shooting as he reached to his waist band where they believed there to be a gun.

    All of you who treat the police like trash and call them gang members with a badge next time someones raping one of your family members or robbing someone do not bother calling 911 handle it yourself so you can see how it is to deal with scumbags who try to kill you any chance they get.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    #1 – Don’t run from the police. I know that’s a little too simplistic for some folk to understand but that’s the reality. It’s real easy. You see the lights, stop. When they tell you to stop; stop. If they tell you don’t move, DON’T FREAKING MOVE! Real easy.
    #2 – Personal responsibility. Take some.
    #3 – All the evidence is not in. While it is tragic that someone way too young to die has been killed, it’s still too early for Al and Jesse to be saber rattling.

  • Pasadenian

    Bearcat fan
    You sound so dumb the police didnt find a gun. So how were they in practice. I did not know that you can shoot a person because you think that they had a gun. WOW really. And this kid was no theif in the latest report the guy goes on to say that one of the kids broke into his car. You act as if you never ever done anything wrong in your life. even white collar crimes are criminal acts (and im white). i have a question for you if you was stopped by the police walking because you fit a description and your pants was falling down you decide to pull them up but get shot in the process of doing so is that ok with what the officer did to you? Oh by the way when the officer was chasing him in the car his sirens wasnt on. KNOW YOUR FACTS, and all the evidence has been presented the video from the robbery and all why do you think they had it moved to LA to be fully investigated, because they want to fabricate it to make those terrible sorry excuse for an officer dont look as bad why you think their bringing up what they had done in their past, like one was a VET so f#ck!n& what he’s a criminal a murderer and i hope both officers serve at least a life term especially the coward that shot him in the back.

    The police in this world is corrupt just look at the news how many police killings happen because they thought the person had a gun? open your eyes grow up i dont care how you feel about the law but to me i say fuck’em their the biggest organized gang in the world whether you like it or not. And aint nobody raping my family members and if they ever try ill handle it myself. If raping is what you do and wish on others then hey enjoy yourself you come around here in north west pasadena trying to rape any of mines or my buddy family members you better hope the police get there in time for you.

    Pleas SHUT UP you sound like a dumbass the police aint nothing but a bunch of underpaid racist with badges. F#CK the police.

  • Lupita Esparza

    a friend of mine && many more of azusa high school. everyone has their own opinion but god knows the truth and if we pray to him than he will give us justice. i do believe the cops need to take responsibility they could have shot him in his leg just to take him down but 2 shots from a cop thats driving and than a few moments later 4 more shots wow now thats where they were wrong! && that liar will get what he deserves. spread the word about this please


  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    For what it’s worth, I ran into our crime reporter in the office today and we got to talking about this tragedy. And I said that I could kinda see the argument that all this started because Kendrec got himself in a jackpot by ALLEGEDLY taking Oscar Carrillo’s stuff. He cut me off there and said …

    “You don’t know that. He (Kendrec) didn’t take anything out of his car. It’s reportedly Kendrec’s accomplice removing stuff from the car on the video tape, but I’m not sure there even is a video tape of the robbery until I see it myself. I don’t know what to believe in this case UNTIL I SEE IT.”

    He also said something very disturbing about the police report, but I will let that come out when/if it does.

    So, like myself, I want to caution everyone from thinking they know the FACTS in this case. This thing is very fluid and changing all the time. There have been a lot of twists already and there may be more to come.

    Unless you were there and saw Kendrec reach into his waistband or not, you just can’t comment. And I don’t think any of us were there.

    Whether you think cops are do-gooders or gangstas with badges, I think an important message, whether it even has anything to do with this case or not, is to STOP when they say STOP! Don’t risk it! Be safe.

    I can remember my mom telling me that and pointing her finger at me when I was a little boy. “When the police say ‘stop’ you stop.”

    It’s not worth your life to risk it.

  • exleo

    There’s good cops and bad cops out there. Just like any job. Some people are really good at what they do and some people are bad. Not all cops are heroes. Some of them are. Some of them really give a sh*t and are trying to make a difference. Some of them are saints. Then there are those that my friends refer to as “another a$$hole with a badge and a gun”. So for those of you that think all cops are bad, I know a cop that’s paralyzed from the waist down cause he tried to save a little girl. For those of you that think all cops are good and they can’t do no wrong, I use to know an alcoholic cop that sometimes would beat his wife. I know another cop that cheats on his wife while she stays home taking care of their three kids. Like everything else in life, there’s good, and there’s bad. It’s not all black and white. There’s plenty of different shades of grey in the middle.

    Something to think about… 10 shots were fired. At least one from the cruiser and the rest from the officer in foot pursuit… The only time I would ever shoot 10 rounds at a suspect is if they were shooting back at me or they were coming at me with a weapon and I was trying to stop the threat… 10 shots seem a little excessive considering there where no weapons found at the scene…

    My condolences to the McDade family.

  • Aaron

    For all you clowns that say Cops can shoot people in the leg…are you serious?

    A Firearm is used when Lethal Force is deemed necessary, otherwise they have less than lethal force to stop a perp. Whether in the military or law enforcement you are trained to hit center mass for accuracy and lethality.

  • http://adgdffdd Bearcat fan


    I sound dumb you sound dumb I never once say he had a gun. I said that he was reported to have a gun over dispatch which the officers involved in the shooting were under the impression of. Which is why I said that this will be ruled an in policy shooting. I also do not wish rape or murder on anyone. I just stated that since you think all cops are cowards and gangsters that you will be better off handling it… Your talking to me about knowing my facts how do you know these officers are cowards and deserve life sentences you do not even know there names since they have not been released. Since you talk such a big game on the internet you could come talk to me at the South Central Precinct for the Los Angeles Police Department ill be protecting and serving my community. While you call me and my brothers gangsters with a badge. You want to make a big deal about this which was unfortunate but I bet you didnt say one word about the 173 cops who were shot and killed in the line of duty in 2011.


    I think you hit the nail on the head with what you said there are good cops and there also bad cops just like any other job.

  • http://adgdffdd Bearcat fan


    If he didnt do anything wrong then why did he run from the police? Your right a crime is a crime it does not matter what it is that is why it is dealt with by the police who pull you over and expect you to stop to face the repercussions of the crime. What does you being white have anything to do with this. As for you talking about if I were stopped and my pants were falling down I would let the officers know that because I would not be running from them and could have dialogue with them and they could tell me if i can correct the problem or not which most likely they would not let them fix until they can pat you down if your supposedly armed.

  • Pasadenian

    Bearcat fan
    I can careless about you being one of those gangsta’s with badges you didnt pump any fear in my heart at all. And get your facts right the names were released “Matthew Griffin and Jeffrey Newlen” and it goes to show your character you called the kid a thief when he wasnt even the one doing the stealing, then wanting something as terrible as rape to happen you sir are a terrible person that doesnt know his facts. you give statistic on how many officers were killed in the line of duty let me give you a fact in Pasadena alone in the last 4 years 3 people have died by the hands of a law enforcer thats just in little pasadena. Lets not forget all the others that were killed like the kid in oakland who was face down on the ground and was shot or how about the lady just the other day rekiya boyd who was shot walking down the street by an off duty officer who thought her friend cell phone was a gun. COPS ARE PURE COWARDS thats just a few cases as to when cops used excessive force because they were SCARED. But the main thing is they shot 10 times i would say thats over kill on a kid that didnt have anything when this case unfold and those cowardly cops get arrested and giving some real time justice then will be served. And lets not even start on the trayvon martin case, see even across the world you got COWARDLY cops and then you got those who back them up even though YOU dude know they were in the wrong, look there is a saying and it goes STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT EVEN IF YOUR THE ONLY ONE STANDING. take that advice dude it might make you a better cop even though your co-cowards would dislike you

  • Pasadenian

    Bearcat fan
    Dude again those cops acted completely out of fear and then the story comes out the guy who called lied about them having a gun. i understand they were taking measure as if it was a threat but if they would had followed protocol that guy in the cruiser and the one running behind him wouldnt had shot 10 times.look if a guy is running and at the same times tries to pull up his pants it wouldnt be in the front where most guns are kept. Besides if the officer was driving along side of him while he was running (with no sirens on) he would had seen before he pulled his gun off his hip took the safety off and aimed that he was pulling his pants up. And you say why people run well there has been plenty of cases whereas police men have stopped innocent people and beaten them harassed them and or molest a few women/men. Its been plenty of times people dont feel safe stopping for the law why is that? i know it cant be because they are such great guys/women who follows the law completely. i believe that there are good cops/gangstas you even have those on the streets (good gangstas) but in reality the group with the most guns, better organized gets away with murder and crimes is considered cops, not the mob or the bloods/crips. Face it dude your a gang banger.

  • http://adgdffdd Bearcat fan


    Your just another perso who blindly hates all police officers that we go out to protect even though if we were dieing in front of you you would not give us the time of day to help us. Thats okay though its all part of the job to protect and serve and you know what to expect when you sign up for the job. So you keep hating on all police officers for mistakes that some officers make. Well continue to do our job. As for me not striking fear i wasn’t trying to that was just me letting you know I was cop which is why I know and understand the scope of practice a police officer is under. As for you implying im a bad cop. I dont need you telling me im a good cop I know im a good cop so you can think whatever you want of me. Im just curious what do you do for a living that contributes to society.

  • Pasadenian

    Bearcat FAN
    i dont hate the police i dislike them. Hate is a strong word i do care if an officer fall whether he is a good cop or bad cop he still had a family just like the little boy that got killed who name you smutted over a public blog by calling him a thief when he wasnt the one stealing and lost his life by the hands of people who is suppose to protect and serve not serve then protect each other. im a drug and alcohol counselor and an activist. i been in both fields for more than a decade my wife is a RN in which both fields we help more people out then you and your gangsta co-cowards does. Your opinion toward mr mcade was completely out of line and very bias you wasnt there to see the boy shot and laying there i was and again 10 shots is very excessive and completely out of line. Those cops deserve a life sentence the boy dont get his life back why should they. You reap what you sow

  • Pasadenian

    Oh and by the way im glad you see that cops makes mistakes thats a step in the right direction and if that comment was made toward the cops that killed mcade, boyd the 3 people from pasadena the oakland kid and the poor job those cops did with the martin killer than you must not be that bad as a cop, i see you took that advice and is deciding to STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT EVEN IF YOUR THE ONLY ONE STANDING. but if not hey its just one person opinion about you thats been made publicly and you got the message.

  • http://adgdffdd Bearcat fan


    Now that you have said your an activist your views are definitely starting to make sense to me. Mcdade was with the other kid who admitted to stealing the laptop which means he was at the least an accomplice to theft. At the end of the day tho only 3 people know what really happened Mcdade and the two officers involved in the shooting. You do not know what happened your just going off what is reported from a lawyer whos paid to defend his client and the media. I am just going off what I read from the paper so I also do not now the true details which i will admit. So we both do not know the true facts of what happened which is why this argument will not end till all the facts are out. Its easy to critique someone when you were not in that situation and say they should have done something differently when you do not even know how they are trained. Its a tough job there is not always a right thing to do in every situation you go with your gut instinct that will get you home safe to your family. If these officers knew that he did not have a gun than they should be prosecuted I agree with you there. I highly doubt that’s the case though at the end of the day cops are people too who just want to go back to their families after their shifts done. 99 percent of cops would not kill someone in cold blood which is why i doubt that they did however their are that 1 percent of crooked cops that give the rest a bad name. If your a counselor you surely have met at least a few good cops or heard stories about them from people they have helped. Yet you will not give them one piece of credit you just continue to call them gangster and thugs. I really hope someday you move past your negative feelings toward them and accept the fact that they are out there to help people because at the end of the day their a major part of society just like teachers, firefighters, and emts that is necessary to keep this great country the United States of America functioning.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    OK, now that’s it out, I can say what I was referring to: The Pasadena Police officers who shot and killed Kendrec McDade listed themselves as the victims in their police report.


  • Pasadenian

    they do that so the other party cant sue but it goes to show how terrible officers are not all but much more than the 1% BEARCAT FAN says.

    Bearcat fan
    really 1% of crooked officers wow dude your really a blind cop. but like you said this will never end but believe me i know more about this case than you think. and as you know your fellow ppd is claiming to be the victims now and by law if the cops feared for their lives then they have a right to claim to be the victim but we all know who the real victim was and they use that BS tactic so they cant be sued ppd and all other polices are full of you know what and this old loophole of a law system we have. the law of the land sucks always have and that will never change you know like i know those loop holes are there for law men to take advantage of that the public dont know about. but believe me one day those tactics the police uses to give them the upper hand will crumble and justice will be served.


    AZTEC PRIDE is making ONE REQUEST PLEASE! Can we please keep the mud slinging down please. KENDREC MC DADE’S body hasnt been released yet to his MOTHER and I believe his body is still in the morgue. I understand trying to make your point across and all, but KENDREC hasnt even been buried yet, so LETS all try to be more respectful and show the Mc DADE family that the SAN GABRIEL FOOTBALL BLOGGERS are RESPECTFUL, and at this time we will show our condolences!


  • Observantcat

    Now that this story has become more national I caution you to watch what you say and go with the facts in this case. Here is a link that best describes what happened that night.

  • Contradiction in terms

    Azrec – maybe they could keep the mudslinging down if you stopped mentioning what a “good kid” he was. “Was” maybe in his Azusa days, but apparent.nly not according to recent behavior

  • Contradiction in terms

    Azrec – maybe they could keep the mudslinging down if you stopped mentioning what a “good kid” he was. “Was” maybe in his Azusa days, but apparent.nly not according to recent behavior

  • Observantcat

    Contradiction, do you remember the Susan Smith case awhile back when everyone was up in arms about a “Black Man with a hoodie on cracked her and her son and drove the car into the lake and the baby was later found dead?… Well take off your rose colored glasses and wait for the facts to come out before you express your opinion about a kid that you know nothing of. You are no more than fuel that is trying to light a fire that just wont light.

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