Duarte coach Jason Martin wants Monrovia back on the Falcons’ schedule … and that was before the Scoby transfer …

Duarte coach Jason Martin would like to get Monrovia back on the Falcons’ schedule, the first-year coach said on Monday.

The two neighboring schools last played in 2009, which resulted in a 59-0 win for Monrovia. The game was 14-6 in Monrovia’s favor in 2008, however.

Now, Martin said he’s not only building his program toward the goal of dethroning Azusa in the Montview League and making noise in the postseason, but also getting Monrovia back on the schedule.

The game obviously won’t happen next season as both teams’ schedules are set. And getting past the concerns of administrators from both schools would be an obstacle. The biggest thing holding it back might be the fact that Monrovia cannot waste its nonleague tests with games that aren’t competitive.

Convincing the Wildcats coaching staff that Duarte can hang at Monrovia’s level is something that would behoove the Falcons.

Aram’s take:
You have to love Martin’s excitement. There was buzz around the Duarte program before it was announced that Kurt Scoby is about to be a Falcon. With Scoby, Duarte goes to another level entirely. Then, you throw in linebacker Denzel Talifero and right there Duarte’s best offensive and defensive players are transfers. Duarte was young last year with several good-looking sophomores getting a lot of playing time. With two seasons (presumably) of Scoby toting the rock, the Falcons look set for something special. Not sure Monrovia will bite at the bait anytime soon. But if Duarte makes a big splash next year, the pressure to get the Falcons and the Wildcats on the field at the same time will certainly build.

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