Duarte coach Jason Martin wants Monrovia back on the Falcons’ schedule … and that was before the Scoby transfer …

Duarte coach Jason Martin would like to get Monrovia back on the Falcons’ schedule, the first-year coach said on Monday.

The two neighboring schools last played in 2009, which resulted in a 59-0 win for Monrovia. The game was 14-6 in Monrovia’s favor in 2008, however.

Now, Martin said he’s not only building his program toward the goal of dethroning Azusa in the Montview League and making noise in the postseason, but also getting Monrovia back on the schedule.

The game obviously won’t happen next season as both teams’ schedules are set. And getting past the concerns of administrators from both schools would be an obstacle. The biggest thing holding it back might be the fact that Monrovia cannot waste its nonleague tests with games that aren’t competitive.

Convincing the Wildcats coaching staff that Duarte can hang at Monrovia’s level is something that would behoove the Falcons.

Aram’s take:
You have to love Martin’s excitement. There was buzz around the Duarte program before it was announced that Kurt Scoby is about to be a Falcon. With Scoby, Duarte goes to another level entirely. Then, you throw in linebacker Denzel Talifero and right there Duarte’s best offensive and defensive players are transfers. Duarte was young last year with several good-looking sophomores getting a lot of playing time. With two seasons (presumably) of Scoby toting the rock, the Falcons look set for something special. Not sure Monrovia will bite at the bait anytime soon. But if Duarte makes a big splash next year, the pressure to get the Falcons and the Wildcats on the field at the same time will certainly build.

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  • Really!

    Has Coach Martin coached a game as a head coach yet! He is doing a lot of talking for a coach that has won exactly 0 games!

  • Observantcat

    Maybe Coach Martin has an axe to grind with Monrovia, since he did leave Monrovia in his senior year to play for Muir, while that same Monrovia team went on to play in another championship game that season. The Monrovia/Duarte game could have been real exciting this season had there been room to place them on the schedule, having Scoby would have definitely raise the chips in that game. I still would have my money on the Cats by 3 TD’s One good player on offense and 1 good player on the D wont get it done against a team like Monrovia, ask San Gabriel. But as a Monrovia faithful, I still wish all of the Falcons the best whether they are on the schedule or not it still makes for some great conversations. Big Bob would roll over in his grave if this his spirit gets any wind of this. Rest in peace My Brother!!!!

  • haha

    Are you kidding??? They’re going to need more than those two kids to play a team like Monrovia.

  • ???

    Alot of BIG talk before coaching 1st game.

  • New York

    Monrovia worked Duarte over in the 2009 quarters when Crutch was still there as well as the Canadas. The pre-season game was close, probably because that Maddox’ 3rd game coaching as well as Sophomore Bueno’s third game on varsity.

    I respect that Martin is shooting for the top. Every coach should do that. I hope Duarte is able to build. That would be great for the community.

    It takes a lot more than an enthusiastic coach and a couple transfers. Remember all the hype with Coach Rice and his transfers at Pomona? Martin is not Don Markham showing up to Bloomington in 1994…

    A winning program requires a full commitment from the district and city. Monrovia’s plans for a new stadium and school upgrade were in place prior to hiring Coach Maddox.

    That history is not quite correct. Martin, O’Hare, Tom-Tom and a few others left after the 2000 season. Our Finals appearances were ’97, ’98,’99. ’99 was OHare’s sophomore season.

  • Angola Prison

    Ok Coach must be drinking on the Job already, before you going biting the big dog on the porch please make sure you dont write checks with your mouth that your team cant cash. Love that Du Rock Falcon Spirit but c’mon win a game

  • New York

    I predict that Duarte will not be back on Monrovia’s schedule until Duarte offers enough strength of schedule points toward Monrovia’s goal of reaching and winning a state bowl.

    So, once Duarte consistently reaches the semis and beyond of their new division then they might have a shot of playing Monrovia.

    Until then, I suggest their coach spends a lot of time developing their offensive line so that Scoby does not get frustrated by tackles in the backfield against teams he might think are inferior. He will no longer be running behind Charter Oak’s offensive line and within Farrar’s well established system.

  • Jefe

    Sure….I’d love to see this brash upstart get crushed.

  • coach v

    Wow, that`s good news for Duarte. Well speaking of developing linemen. Former NFL player out of Workman and USC, Norberto Garrido trains H.S. lineman on Saturday mornings from 9am to 11am at Warren HS for only $20. He does a good job of teaching the ins and outs of oline play , along with dline play. Check his web site out elite line training .com

  • AMAT 73

    Seems to be a simple answer to the Duarte vs Monrovia game. Aram, do Duarte and Monrovia both have a 2 game set up with schools that end this season . If so get on the stick and bring the two coaches together to get the game set for the 2013 season . Since this coming season is out of the question the 2013 will be the only chance to see Scoby and Talifero vs Monrovia .

  • Reality

    While everyone is pumping up Monrovia tell me what other big recruit has come out of there recently other than Ellis??? Come on now they cant even compete with the “BIG DOGS” yet. They played San Gabriel in the championship game.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    It’s time for Monrovia to play Charter Oak. End of story.

  • New York

    Don’t go there vis a vis the San Gabriel reference. The other divisional final featured La Serna…

    Absolutely. Monrovia needs to beat Charter Oak and West Covina. It is time we get aggressive and go after teams. As much as I appreciate our upcoming non-conference schedule, Monrovia really does not have what I consider to be a “reach” game. I will not be suprised by a victory against any school on our schedule. Pleased, yes. Surprised, NO. Having WestCo and CO on the schedule would not change that either. Rancho Cucamonga, Los Osos, etc would be “reach” games.

  • ???

    They’re pumping up Monrovia, cuz they’ve won back-to-back titles……DUH!!!

  • DuarteMan


    Falcon Pride….

  • Arcadia Apaches

    @ Reality, Real Talk, Realist we all know this guy is on in the same guy and is the same guy that spent all last season critizing Ellis McCarthy and stated that Robbie Hines was better. Now you want to say “other than Ellis??? Dude you are an embarassment to the Apache Nation,however its good to see your hate for the Cats hasnt gone away even though your kid is no longer playing ball. Just be here when the CATs BEAT THE BRAKES off the Apaches this year we are going to have a field day bragging about the Greatness of MHS and the 3PEAT.

  • more reality

    apache – uummmm…I noticed y still dodn’t answer the question

  • ???

    reality: So tell us where you’re boy is playing next season……

  • New York

    What do you mean by “big-time” recruits? Ellis is beyond a “big-time” recruit. If Ellis (5-star) is your definition of “big-time,” then you might need to pose that cynical question to the entire valley. Because they really don’t come around often.

    Big-time recruits do not always translate into winning. Likewise, you can win titles without a big-time recruit and still garner due respect. How many “big-time” recruits came out of the Charter Oak CIF Championship teams? I am not taking away anything from that crop of kids, but rather I am using their team success to demonstrate a point. Another point, how many big-time recruits came out of the West Covina team that just scored all those points last fall? Football is a team game (players, coaches, support staff, etc).

    San Gabriel: South Hills beat San Gabriel in the 25-6 in the 2003 CIF finals….That is less than HALF the points Monrovia put on San Gabriel this year. Do you have the courage to make statements about South Hills? Waiting….

    Stop embarassing Arcadia. It is a fine city with a rich football tradition. You can do well by bragging about your own program rather than continually taking shots at Monrovia.

  • Dan

    New York, your being too hard on La Serna, I think they were at least as good if not better than San Gabriel. They had a decent season and some nice wins in the playoffs including a 28 to 3 win over Muir and solid wins over Mayfair and Los Altos.
    Only problem was they ran into a buzzsaw at it’s peak in West Covina. Made the Lancers look worse than they were. As for West Covina being a reach game for Monrovia, I don’t know but I don’t think Monrovia could have done much to stop the Bulldogs in 2010 or 11, my guess is 42 to 21, or 38 to 14 or a similar marin of victory. We were just executing too well come playoff time. Uh Ohh here comes the backlash!

  • ???

    WC would have had a hard time stopping Bueno……and the Cats’ defense was pretty darn good too

  • New York

    I fully expected you to defend the team you guys embarassed and even snubbed with a half-back pass. How was I being hard on La Serna other than making an analogy with San Gabriel, which actually played ina CIF finals in your old division not that long ago? I don’t see you sticking up for SG.

    I do find it interesting that WestCo was willing to play Monrovia when Garrison was head coach, but not now. They probably always knew that Monrovia would be dangerous if they had a disciplined system. Then, one of their own took over and awakened the sleeping giant! Enough beating around the bush and patting each other on the back. Enough comparative scores. Our systems are so different. Making comparisons is pointless. Let’s line up and go at it. Personally, my teams were 2-0 against West Covina…and we never even won a Rio Hond League title but we still beat WestCo after they had been in the D-2 semis. Garrison was still cutting his teeth. That’s what Monrovia football players can do. One day they will believe in themselves for real and step up and burst the so-called powers’ bubbles again.

  • Dan

    New York, I would guess it’s more of a freindship/respect thing that Maggiore and Maddox have more than anything else. I believe their families still get together on occasion. I’m with you though, it would be some great games, it could happen one day.
    As for San Gabriel I remember it was the feel good story of the year in 2003 when a key player of theirs came back from a stabbing or shooting injury to lead them into the playoffs. They made a nice run into the title game but unfortunately for them South Hills had their own agenda.
    As for your statement “That’s what Monrovia football players can do. One day they will believe in themselves for real and step up and burst the so-called powers’ bubbles again.” I agree and think Monrovia could get to be the kind of team simlar to your teams of the 80’s and 90’s. I think your teams of the past two years were good, I just don’t think they were at that level yet, but they are getting close.
    Too ???,
    Our defense these past two years was fast and physical, they closed to the ball in bunches quickly, Even a fleet footed qb like Bueno would have had problems, ask Michael Ball, or Brandon Cox.

  • New York

    You’re a class act, Dan.

    Regarding friendships: I’ve heard McKay and Bryant were close friends. Yet they each put their team’s National title hopes on the line by playing Bama vs USC in the pre-season. I think Bogan and Maddox are close friends too.

    Closing speed: It’s clear that folks continue thinking that 2010 was all Bueno on the ground and don’t realize that he torched Whittier Christian through the air as well as San Dimas in the playoffs. The biggest compliments this year came from Whittier Christian’s coach following that game as well as from Aram following the Covina game.

  • ???

    Sorry Dan, but Ball and Cox are not even close to Bueno’s running ability and passing for that matter. He was New-Comer of the year in the SCIAC as a slot receiver and KO/punt returner.

  • Dan

    Ball had the similar duel threat as Bueno but I’ll agree he was not at the same level. Cox is on the same level threat wise as Bueno, only he was more of a passer, and he passed better than Bueno. Running wise Bueno had the edge but Cox who is 6’3″ 190lb has similar speed and elusiveness, and remember he is only a junior this year.

  • ???

    Cox runs a 4.4???

  • Observantcat

    Dan, Bueno was by far better on his feet than both of those two QB’s that you just mentioned. He could have easily broken the 2,000 yard mark in his senior season if it weren’t for him going to the air like he did. West Covina seems to have equal parity with Covina if you ask me. I think that Covina would have been in the hunt in the Southwest div. last season if they were in that div. Not taking anything away from WC but by the end of the season, I think that Monrovia’s defense was the toughest around especially at stopping the run. Monrovia vs. West Co in a final in 2011 would have been like fireworks going off, neither team could have a bad meltdown or it would have been lights out. Ps… San Gabriel Vs. LA Serna: My prediction would be San Gabriel 41 La Serna 14

  • ‘splain

    NonObservantcat –
    La Serna 2& Muir 3
    San Gabriel 20 Muir 44

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    La Serna would have beaten San Gabriel last year by three TDs minimum. That game would not have been close at all. I don’t know what some of you are watching sometimes.

  • New York

    Muir beat San Gabriel badly in the very early season…San Dimas also beat SG badly around the same time. I watched that film of SG…turnover/giveaway city. Guess what folks, SG cam back and beat San Dimas in week #13…SG found themselves and made corrections throughout the season and the proof was in their semi-final victory.

    SG beats La Serna in a close one. I had the benefit of watching both those teams from the sideline on back-to-back nights week #14. SG players did not give points away, rollover and play dead. SG coach is far better as well.

    It is telling how all you ESGV homers like Aram and Freddy praise San Dimas’ WingT and Zernikow but can’t seem to give credit to SG…I think SG would have beaten La Serna’s WingT as well. Heck, La Serna did not have the skill players that San Dimas did! Their program is simply not as strong either.

    Advantage SG because their SENIOR leadership of dinking and dunking playmakers. La Serna’s rookie QB was a total deer in the headlights with WC. Muir had trouble with La Serna’s WingT, an offense that takes advantage of angles, ball control and over-pursuing defenses. West Covina’s d-line had a field day against that JV team…I think the homers from the Tribune wanted to take turns running laps with that Bulldog flag as the players were shaking hands.

    Note: this is not an attack on West Covina’s season….DAN!

  • Dan

    First Off,
    Happy Easter to all and hope it’s a great day for everyone, Ha Ha, even you Monrovia peeps.(kidding).
    I like this kind of debate, makes for good blog reading.
    SG and LS would have been a close game, with either team capable of winning a tight battle. Both teams turned it around for the postseason and had quality wins during the playoffs. SG had blowout losses early to Muir(43 to 20) and San Dimas(59 to 6), they even lost to Baldwin Park. After that they started winning and the snowball of momentum was on it’s way with a big semi final win over San Dimas and a trip to the finals. La Serna had an even tougher playoff road beating solid division teams in Mayfair, Los Altos, and even a Muir team that seemed on fire. Muir had just finished a couple of blowout wins over Santa Fe(39 to 7) and Diamond Ranch(48 to 0) in the first two rounds so La Serna coming up with that win was no easy feat. Sorry New York but they were no more a jv team than San Gabriel. Both LS and SG were good solid SGV caliber teams but both were overwelmed by superior talent in their respective title games, although it took Monrovia a whole half to finally show that superior talent(lol,another jab,couldn’t resist).
    La Serna’s qb was a deer in the headlights because players like Justin Meders, Adam Romero, George Castro, Tony Carcamo, Bradly Ojala,and Doran Turner
    were blowing up his protection and chasing him all night, San Gabriel would not have had that type of pressure. In the Whittier area, the kid was known to have good poise for his level of experience, at least thats what I remember reading about him.
    Too ???,
    I don’t know what 40 time Brandon Cox runs but it doesn’t matter cause he is a legit home run threat any time he decides to take off, just look at his highlights of this year. Thing is he liked to throw the ball a lot, but believe me he was a legit home run threat at any time. Bueno could run better, but Cox was close and could throw better.
    Covina and WC were at parity only at the beginning of the season, once Solomon got to full health, and even more important, once that brand new line O line had a few games of experience under their belt WC was a much more dominant team. If you think about it, Covina was the very first varsity start for all but 1 of these linemen, they missed blocks all night. It took a good 3 or 4 games for these boys to start clicking, once they did it was lights out for the division.
    One other thing to think about, who wins between Covina and Monrovia early in the season? Good chance Covina gets that one, according to Monrovia fans, the Wildcats got it together later in the season, just in time to beat a good Covina team by two td’s. WC even with their brand new line and no Solomon was up 21 to 7 on Covina going into the 4th. A couple of missed defensive assignments allowed them to tie it up in the 4th qtr, they weren’t making those coverage mistakes later in the season. Teams change over the course of a season, some get better some don’t. I think WC was twice the team in weeks 8 to 14 than they were in week 0. Happy Easter fellas.

  • Anonymous

    New york

    WC tried to get Monrovia this year. Monrovia said no at the time, heard that since they signed Ayala and already had San Dimas, they didn’t see the purpose in playing 3 wing t teams in preseason. Playing those 3 games would only prepare you for San Dimas, not for any spread teams. Made sense when I heard it. West Covina is not dodging Monrovia and I don’t think Monrovia is dodging WC. It just didnt make sense for Monrovia to do it.

  • New York

    Monrovia is a balanced team, with a pro-style offense. That means we can choose not blow out teams, like Covina in the semis, by not throwing as much and not embarrassing them. I’m not sure why Maddox chooses not to run a Wing-T. Maybe he likes the luxury to me more creative, but that requires probing the opponents a bit to find out where you can expose them.

    There was not much West Covina could have done to not blow out La Serna team who did not make adjustments nor did they have a clue what they were trying to establish offensively or on special teams. Other than the cheap half-back pass that WC sneaked in there, WC effectively ran the same few plays continually like the Lombardi Packers. There was no excitement, so I was curious why Dan was parading that flag around the field after the game…

  • Dan

    LOL, Me Running around waving a flag? Yeah right, You forgot to mention all the summersaults and back flips I was doing too. Actually I did not make it on to the field that night. One other thing your wrong about New York, there was plenty of excitement that night. The pregame and probably up to 10 minutes into the first quarter was very exciting. Unfortunately as WC scored their 42nd point a minute into the second quarter and it was obvious that La Serna was overmatched that night, the excitement kind of turned into sympathy and
    I started feeling bad for the La Serna kids. Other than taking a knee whenever they hit open field, it’s like you said, there was not much WC could do.
    Choose not to blow out teams like Covina Huh? Didn’t see the game but curious to hear some Covina takes on that.

  • New York

    The Covina game was very one-sided and never in question. Defensive starting lineup (McCarthy and a couple others) were not in when they moved the ball and scored late in game. Choosing to not air it out against a clearly overmatched secondary points to choosing not to run it up. I was impressed by our offensive line play (no pressure on our QB) as well as allowing Bias to pound it out on the ground. It was a very complete game.

    All the respect in the world to Covina, but Monrovia was way too much.

    You can watch it on someone’s HUDL.com

    Our offensive line really looked awesome throughout the playoffs, starting with run blocking on Pomona’s two STUD defensive tackles. Following the Whittier Christian game, WC’s coach made the La Habra comparisons. I’ve never seen La Habra, but those guys are in the same area so who knows. Then Coach Thomas at Covina made comments about Monrovia’s talent in a very flattering way. Not sure of the exact quote, but something like “We dont get those type of D-1 guys.”

    Anyway, I wish we were in the Southeast so that we would know for sure. Oh well.

  • http://Dan Dan

    Hard to judge the context of a game on football highlights alone New York but if you say it was one sided then I believe what you say. When I think about it, with athletes like Craft, Ramirez, Bryant, Luke Williams, and Marquise Bias on the field and a defense that included such physical specimens as McCarthy, Frazier, Walsh, etc., I can see how Monrovia could overwelm a good team like Covina once they got things together and were firing on all cylinders. Looks like you guy’s have reloaded for next year too with a lot of those guy’s coming back and the addition of Ainsworth who some say may have been underused at Covina.

  • New York

    I meant to say the complete game footage would be on someone’s private hudl.com account.

    Anyway, lets push to get the real game back on the schedule. Enough is enough.

    Furthermore, West Covina needs to play Charter Oak. They used to own your division. I think West Covina needs to beat them head-to-head in order to gain proper respect. I think Monrovia needs to do the same. Until we dominate a legitimate pre-season, then folks on here will have the misguided opportunity to claim that Monrovia plays baby-ball…

    Monrovia should replace San Dimas with West Covina as well as Ayala with Charter Oak or replace South Hills with Charter Oak. Heck, we need to beat South Hills regulary. Those matchups would provide some closure to all of our speculating.

    But the other elephant in the room is that no local school has beaten Amat. Until that happens, Joe and others can rightly play that card!

  • Dan

    New York,
    Hurts to say this but Charter Oak is 6 & 1 vs West Covina since I’ve been following this decade, no doubt they have been our nemesis. Sure would like to see the Bulldogs start to change that. Pretty confident that in 2010 WC would have beat them, and last year would have been a tight game, but like you say enough speculating, we have to do it on the field. Maggiore actually called Charter Oak and left a message in the offseason before the 2011 season but never recieved a call back. Maybe they figured they had beaten us enough times and were on to what they considered bigger fish. Agree with you on the Amat annalysis, till someone in the sgv can beat them on the field they are still the big boys of the SGV. CO will have their shot next year, should be interesting.

  • New York

    Never returning a call back from a coach in the same area code is disrespectful.

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