Sources: Kurt Scoby doesn’t check in at Duarte, appears headed to Monrovia …

Running back Kurt Scoby, who recently checked out of Charter Oak, did not enroll at Duarte on Monday as previously expected by Duarte coach Jason Martin, according to two sources.

Scoby is reportedly headed to Monrovia, according to two other sources.

Scoby was to officially become enrolled at Duarte on Monday, the first day after the school was back from spring break, but that reportedly did not happen, according to the sources.

Aram’s take: Around we go. Stay tuned because where this train stops, nobody knows. It’s safe to say Scoby-to-Duarte is in doubt right now. But you never know. He could wind up there after all. There could be quite a battle at RB for the Wildcats with Scoby and Covina transfer Gevontray Ainsworth. If, M-Town gets these two, well, I want say WATCH OUT, but WATCH OUT!

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  • Catch 22

    What a train wreck this kid has become. If he does not end up at Duarte now because of fear that there is undue influence and he now goes to Monrovia, CIF would have to look at this as if it were athletically motivated. They better hope really hard that the new transfer rules get voted in.

  • What A Mess

    What A Joke!

  • football follower

    This is where CIF needs to step up and set the tone. It is crazy how a young man like Scoby can be pretty much shopping his servics around. Yeah there is no money but these coaches will give him the red carpet and if his grades are not there they close there eyes and will inform him his senior year after his last game that he needs to go to continuation school to get enough credits to graduate. Oh yeah he has this offer out there but you must remember the offer is contingent on a few factors like SAT and grades. I wish him a lot of luck but I hope the coaches are there for him to grow as a student as well.

  • What?

    So Does The Duarte Coach still want to play Monrovia this season??


    NONE of you know what’s going on. STOP ASSUMING, SPECULATING AND THE REST OF THIS BS. You people on here are a serious JOKE!!!! It’s great how they say Sources. This is the press people they write anything to get a story whether it’s true or not and apparantly no one has talked to the only people who can answer the questions. Leave the kid a lone he’s just that A KID!!! Duarte can’t verify if he’s there they can’t disclose that information so what is the press doing sitting outside the school scoping it out to see if they see him and that is what they are calling sources? Enough is Enough.

  • Catch 22

    @Leave him alone
    Are you sure he’s just a kid? Last time I saw him he looked like a 28 year old bodybuilder.

  • Angola Prison

    All I can say is there is usually some truth in what writers write. Wether it be to make a story or to get a reaction there is usually some truth to it. Im sure many of us said bullcrap Scoby leaving the halls of C.O. “would never happen”. Well I guess that turned out to be the truth and is truthful. Scoby not enrolling at DUROCK, is truthful since he wasnt there today. Before we all start attacking this story we should see where it goes and it appears that Scoby isnt going to be back at C.O. Im guessing that the kid in the manly body ends up at MHS.. But hell he could end up at Duarte. I just love talking about it an so do you or you would be on the blog.

  • A Real Source Said

    There will be a lot of talk and guessing for a few more days. Reality is the kid and his family are looking at the possibilities that he wouldn’t be able to play next year at Duarte because of potential recruiting violations in getting him to Duarte. If they find that there is a possibility that he wouldn’t play next year at Duarte, then he will go to MHS. This is a shame because after all the B.S. and grind that he has gone through, it is the Duarte coach that can blame himself for allowing his enthusiasm to possibly kill the transfer. And the reality is Scoby actually wants to go to Duarte.

  • Falcon Fan

    what if? what if? what if? I enjoy reading all of these accusations, too bad it is on Kurt Scoby’s account. I haven’t read anything that has the truth in it yet. Go get a life those of you who choose to talk negative about Scoby he is a young high school teenager. You have no idea what kind of kid he is and his reasoning for leaving CO. If it is athletically motivated why leave a championship team for Duarte? (Not DUROCK, Anglo Prisom, it isn’t the 80’s anymore) Get your stories straight as well as the high schools you are talking about.
    No one is blaming anyone for anything! The kid wants out of CO and he wants to go to Duarte to be a successful STUDENT/athlete, then open the door and support him. The coach didn’t recruit, it is the kid’s choose where he wants to attend.
    I guess you all just have to wait by the seat of your pants to see where he ends up.
    Aran, try getting your reliable source information from anyone other than Crutchfield…reliable my a**

  • Coach Slayer

    There is only one sure bet on this subject. No one knows anything including the trib folks. If someone says they know something bet that the opposite is true.

  • coltfan97

    Does anybody remember the name Michael Graham. Graham was the best high school running back I ever saw, and I have seen some great ones!!! See Graham had all the talent in the world, but he had a ten cent head! I hope this is not the case for Scoby!!!!

  • Middy


  • concussion-symptoms

    Wouldn’t going to Monrovia put him in the same situation as he would have been at CO? Well, without all those pesky “grade” things to worry about.

    I think it is funny that everyone is calling him a student first. RIGHT! If he is a student first and this is about his future, then why does he care about sitting out a year? If it is about the education, his CIF eligibility should not even be a factor. But we all know this has everything to do with athletics so you can stop trying to spin it.

    Who cares where this young man goes? At this point he is going to be playing D8 or D10 football so take it for what it is worth.

    Should have just stayed at CO.

  • MonroVian

    I knew a Jack %ss, he was the best Jack %ss I have ever seen with my own eyes. His name is Colt45, I mean Colt97! Dude you must have a Buffalo nickel head or a Lincoln Penny brain because you’re an Idiot…. So is everyone else smashing on the kid or assuming he has a “Ten Cent Head!” I don’t think he will end up at my beloved MonroVia, but if he does we will welcome Scoby with open arms! Im assuming, at MonroVia, he will have fellow students, whome also happen to be childhood friends like G5 who is an outstanding Scholar Athlete to make sure his buddy stayes on the right track. Also coach Maddox and crew are great coaches and role models, they will guide him to the promise land. Remember, just because you are god like in football, doesn’t mean you will play at MTown! Look at my boy Deshawn, he sat out for a year. Good Luck Kurt Scoby, where ever you end up deciding. Keep your head up!

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White ”

  • realTALK


  • Joe Amat

    You know I’m usually pretty quick to at least try to slow the roll on that Monrovia MidValley Badwagon, but my man MonroVian hit on something that is huge…and missing too often in HS sports

    “…he will have fellow students, whome also happen to be childhood friends like G5 who is an outstanding Scholar Athlete to make sure his buddy stayes on the right track. Also coach Maddox and crew are great coaches and role models”

    This is the biggest missing piece with the entire, recruiting, transfer, athletically motivated world of high school sports. The teams that are great are the ones who play **for*each*other**

    I just think there is something more special about working with lifelong friends all year long, lining up next those lifelong friend on Fridays, and then walking by a bunch of other lifelong friends in the halls on Monday who you a accountable to.

    When you drop in as the hired gun at Joe Blow Public High School – you don’t get that. When you end up at Rebel Private School that just gathers talent to assemble that is not really part of the student body – you don’t get that.

    One of the beautiful things about a place like Amat is when you are a private school kid who has been in, essentially, the same class for 8 years and half of that class ends up with you in high school…all while the same thing is going on at any of the local private feeders that you compete against in Jr Hi, then you see them at the entrance exam, and then run into them at Regsitration day – you get that “family” feeling when you all arrive to work for that common cause. the schools, public or private, that are able to foster that “family” feeling are the teams that, talent being relatively equal, will prevail in the long run.

    It appears, to me, that a local situation, being at a school with a bunch of kids he grew up with might be the best situation for Scoby. i hope he gets somehwhere he can get that “family” kind of support that makes you feel a part of something…instead of apart from something.

    Good luck to him

  • FredJ

    My sources say Scoby is absolutely not going to Monrovia and will be enrolled at Duarte soon.

  • Red Leader

    My sources tell me that there’s quite a few ignorant knuckleheads out there.

  • Angola Prison

    I’ll always refer to Duarte as DUROCK… Unlike you when I was a kid growing up all of Duarte was referred to or called ROCK TOWN, long before there was anything negative about the term DUROCK. So ease up off my tip and best to the kid where ever he lands.

  • Colt74

    For those that don’t remember the Michael Graham scenario I offer a refresher:

    Parents…got to love ’em…

    In other news..sources close are reporting that the janitor from Wilson is transferring to Los Altos….
    Film at 11….

  • Good Article

    What happened to Michael Graham?

  • New York

    Mikey hit a line-shot across the street at Eisenhower Park when we were 12 playing in the Tournament of Champions opening game. He also threw the ball incredibly hard, strikes or otherwise…

    Why would a student-athlete care about missing a year??? Because we realize that a year is hard to come by! We don’t get many of them!!! Time does not wait for anyone.

    Interesting to see Joe Amat on here. With all the potential violations that people are blabbing, Joe probably realizes that Amat is the only viable option. How could CIF possibly deny a kid his first ammendment right to play football at a religious school?

  • concussion-symptoms

    N.Y. – I was being sarcastic in regards to missing a year. I completely understand why a athlete does not want to miss a year. But all of the people on here who are looking after Scoby’s future keep bringing up that this is education first, which we all know is b.s.

  • More links

    @ Good article
    Here are a couple more links on Michael Graham. Looks like it only went down hill from the previous link.

  • New York

    Transfers never get me excited, because Monrovia really doesn’t need any. I get excited hearing that the team is unified, working hard in the off-season, taking care of their school work and hungry to put together a great season this fall.

  • Joe Amat


    Ha! Nothing sinister here. I wish all that was needed was to thow the First Amendment around to get kids eligible.

    I was pretty careful to use some “public pr private” verbiage so it didn’t sound like the recruiting pitch. Some places are better at building that trust among teammates that comes with the family atmosphere. Not claiming to know his story well, but it sounds like this young guy could use that type of situation.

    If he has friends and a support system at either Duarte or Monrovia maybe that’s where he needs to be.

  • Hopefully someone gets this kid on the right track. Lots of the valleys BEST RB’s have turned into really sad stories. ( Lawrence Phillips, Graham, Tank Belin, Darick Holmes )High schools will use up kids. Every star thinks he is going NFL. Some do go pro and it still doesn’t end up will. Hopefully an adult along the way has this kids best interest at heart.

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a damm where he ends up at to me he’s just another kid who’s not in the right grade who was held back to get an advantage and is now searching for a new home. a chicken without a head………DANG IM A REAL HATER GOOD LUCK SCOBY LAND ON YO FEET AND BALL FORGET THE OTHER HATERS JUST REMEMBER ME…

    your truly anomymous

  • James Meyette

    An acquaintence of mine told me I should come in here and take a look around. This experience is 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Unfortunately, he didn’t warn me this place was a cesspool full of trolls posting absolutely reprehensible things about coaches, kids, and personal situations they don’t have first hand knowledge about.

    Nothing more than a bunch of parrots hiding behind ridiculous aliases, gossiping about kids. KIDS!!!! How old are you all? At least use your real names instead of hiding. Oh wait, then you might have to publicly answer for your puerile rants or worse, we might find out you’re just a narcissist trying to get buzz for your kid that’s a 12th string bench warmer…

  • Little Bo Peep

    James Mayette
    Why don’t you take off those girly panties of yours and grow a pair. Thanks for the sermon, but nobody here gives a dam about how morally superior you are. I usually find that the people who profess to be the most righteous are usually the ones with the most skeletons in their closets.

  • James Mayetette,

    Congrats on discovering the internet this morning. I hope your doctors and nurses throw you the best party ever today!

  • James Meyette

    @ Little Bo Peep…
    It’s MEyette. If you’re going to insult me, at least spell my name properly.

  • James Meyette

    Thanks for the welcome Aram. Once I get my new 2400 Baud Modem going, and Mosaic installed from my stack of 4.25″ floppy disks on my 286 I should be better shape.

  • MonroVian

    Hey James Mayonnaise,
    Why don’t you do us all a favor and just shut the fricken hell up! Nobody asked for your “Psycho Babel Bulls*&% comment! You sound like a real Idiot mocking us for talking “Prep sports” on a “Prep sports” blog! Why don’t you just stick to your daily routine of walking around the nursing home with Ol’ Ethel Mertz.

    Love Always and Forever / Por Vida,


    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White ”

  • Beach Rat

    The word I have heard is that Ainsworth is exploring his options about returning to Covina since Scooby is mostlikly going to Monrovia.

  • Anonymous

    James Meyette
    you do realize that you did what you talk about us doing. by the way who talks computer language now days. well i got a 295 with a 304 floppy disc that you can store in your #$$. Oh by the way welcome to the blog a place where feelings are left behind the screen and not posted. I bet you thought you were going to get a few people to tell you you was right huh lol what an idiot.

  • Pasadenian


  • AMAT 73

    James Meyette,
    Funny thing is you post you wasted 5 minutes of your life by coming on to our blog but you did come back a second and third time to waste more of your life’s time . See you in a few because you will be back . Mark my words.

  • AKA

    Hey James, I bet your kicking yourself in the ass right now for using your real name. You’re probably trying to figure out how your going to break the news to your kid, that he has to change his name and jersey number for next season, so that nobody figures out that he’s related to a hypocrite and a fool.

    Rule #1 in the blogosphere – Never out yourself by using your real name. (LOL)

  • Anonymous


  • Kennedy Bryant


  • Kennedy Bryant

    James, there is only one guy that can use his real name.

  • AMAT Fan

    Well…Thank god he didn’t come to Amat! Without an Offensive Line in 2012, he wouldn’t have done anything here but get his azz handed to him by Servite, Charter Oak, etc…etc!

  • After the rain

    Look who crawled out from under a rock after the rain?

  • beachrat

    Any word on the Ainsworth kid going back to Covina if Scooby goes to Monrovia? That’s what some of the Colts are reporting.

  • You can have him

    Without Travis this kid is in for a long year.

    Take a look for yourself as he complete embarrassed himself at the NFTC.

    Side note Hauser looked a lot more like a DL than a LB.

  • New York

    Who said either of those guys would be the starting running back at Monrovia anyway? At this point, we are deep with guys who are talented and have worked hard. I hope no one transfers in expecting an easy starting position. Be ready to work hard and buy into the team concept. That’s what wins championships.

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