Excellent Eric Sondheimer article on 30-day sit-out transfer rule …

Hopefully you guys haven’t used up your free LA Times page views and can actually see this excellent Eric Sondheimer column about the upcoming vote on the 30-day sit-out rule for transfers.

I disagree with Sondheimer’s stance wholeheartedly, but he makes a good argument for his point of view.

Aram’s take:
As you know, I am all for this proposal. In fact, I would take it one step further and drop the 30-day sit out. Just let athletes transfer to their heart’s desire. I don’t believe allowing that would lead to the doomsday scenarios everyone suggests. And I do agree that if this rule passes we’d be going from one extreme (the current rule) to another (30-day sit-out proposal). But this current rule stinks to begin with. It’s been nothing but problems and too many kids have missed all or parts of a season because of it.

Arroyo’s Steven Rivera picks Whittier College over Cal-Lutheran … where he will play QB!

Arroyo quarterback/safety Steven Rivera, the 2011 Tribune Player of the Year, will play at Whittier College next season.

Rivera was deciding between Whittier College and Cal-Lutheran over the weekend and decided to become a Poet. The process lasted longer than expected as Rivera sought out the best financial package.

Rivera’s performance at strong safety had some schools wanting him solely for that purpose, but both Whittier and Cal-Lu reportedly wanted Rivera to play QB and compete for the starting position this fall.

Rivera threw for 3,401 yards and 38 touchdowns in 2011. On defense, he recorded 131 tackles, caused seven fumbles, recovered five fumbles and intercepted four passes. Arroyo went 10-2 and won the Mission Valley League for the third consecutive season.

Rivera is the Valley’s all-time leading passer in career yardage and touchdowns passes. He is also top 10 in CIF-Southern Section history in both categories.

Rivera will play quarterback at Whittier College.

Aram’s take: Congrats to Rivera. It’s good to keep him right in our backyard.

Your Diamond Bar update: So far only a Bishop Amat transfer from the frosh team … and NEW unis …

As I said back in whenever, Diamond Bar would be an interesting program to follow with Snoop’s kid Cordell Broadus now on the team. Eh, thus far, from what I can gather, there hasn’t been a influx of future stars leaving the 310 or LBC or Compton or wherever for Diamond Bar.

The only transfer so far? Isaiah Thompson, a running back who split time on Bishop Amat’s frosh team last season.

Something else I can tell you is that the Brahmas will be wearing new uniforms this year. I deduced it from reading my “Brahma Blitz” monthly Diamond Bar football newsletter. Either the home or road jersey, I can’t tell which, will say “DBAR” across the front. I like it.

Aram’s take: Have to say I’m a little disappointed. I figured Snoop would pull some strings and get some out-of-area talent to make its way to D-Bar. So far it supposedly hasn’t happened yet, but the Rancho Tournament on May 19 is gonna be like post-prom night festivities and we’ll see exactly what the Brahmas are working with. A QB needs to be found, but I love the RB combo of Austin Szulczewski and Tyler Brown. And Cordell Broadus already has a legit frame and will only be a sophomore.

New blog rule: Nobody is allowed to say ANY player has an offer from Arizona State …

Got it? OK. I will explain this only once: Arizona St. offers everybody and their mother, and their mother’s best friend, and the best friend’s best friend.

Tu sabes? So from this point forward, let’s not say “So and so has an offer from Arizona St.” like it means something because I think even Fred Robledo has an offer still on the table from 1986.

It means nada. They offer EVERYONE early.

Now then, have a nice weekend!