Where’s Upland standout WR Kenny Lawler playing next year? Cal or Mt. SAC?

Now looky here, Daddy doesn’t cover Upland. But for whatever reason, he gets A LOT of people emailing him about the goings on at Upland. We all know all you Baseline peeps are nothing but SGV transplants. I get it — move east, better home prices, less gangs, closer to Vegas (and ‘the river’ (puke in my mouth)), crappier food. I don’t blame you. Daddy would love to someday spread the Tribune’s wings further east and cover that entire area, but it ain’t happening anytime soon. However, we’re brainstorming ways to make it better for you guys because we know you’re dying for some action.

Anyway, I’ve heard in a couple places now that Upland WR Kenny Lawler, who last any of us heard was committed to play at Cal next season, has been working out recently with the Mt. SAC football team during spring practice.

I’ve got it confirmed by somebody on the MSAC staff that Lawler has been out there “one or two times” with the Mounties. But nobody is sure of his status. Perhaps he’s not going to qualify. Perhaps he’s trying to stay in shape. Perhaps he read about the APU/MSAC ‘Who would win?’ argument.

Don’t know. But this is all I’ve got right now.

MUST LISTEN: “Kill the F*ckin head” — Saints DC Gregg Williams … Is this dirty or is it JUST PLAIN OLD FOOTBALL? …

Aram’s take:
So sorry, but I think talks like this go on WAY MORE than most people realize. And yes, I’m talking at the high school level. I doubt it’s to this degree and level of detail, though. Football is a dirty, nasty, violent, BEAUTIFUL game played only by true bad asses. A top coach in the area once told me, and you know who you are, “If you’ve got a bunch of 4.0 students on your team, you’re probably not going to be in the playoffs.” The true, harsh reality is that HS football is played a lot of guys who are probably going to go on and do some pretty tough things in their lives. It’s not for choir boys. I don’t think there are too many true bounties in HS football, but I do think players are targeted.

Let’s see how legit you are: Guess where these beautiful pork ribs I had for lunch today are from …

Who’s got some street cred left? Tell me where these bad boys are from!

Why am I making you guess instead of telling you? Well, I guess it’s because I think a lot of you are going soft on me. Domesticated cats all the way. Especially you Monrovia peeps. If you guys have a shred of street cred left in you, you’ll be able to nail this. If not, my opinion that you ‘Cats are domesticated and caught in the rut of Chipotle and Panda Express will continue.

CIF denies Mission Valley League’s appeal of new playoff grouping proposal …

A CIF-Southern Section playoff grouping proposal appeals committee denied the Mission Valley League’s bid to be removed from the new-look Mid-Valley Division on Wednesday.

Arroyo High School football coach Jim Singiser was the league’s lone representative at the Southern Section office on Wednesday and argued that based on competitive equity the Mission Valley League would be a better fit in the new-look Northwest Division as opposed to the new-look Mid-Valley.

“I had to address only our league and what we wanted,” Singiser said. “You can’t say ‘Take us, put us in.’ You can say ‘Take us out’, but then they have to find a place to put you.

“Our argument today was to be moved out the Mid-Valley Division. And I did mention our goal would be to move to the Northwest.”

Under the playoff grouping proposal set forth by assistant commissioner Glenn Martinez, beginning next year the Mid-Valley Division would become a five-team league consisting of the Alpha League, Almont League, Valle Vista League, Rio Hondo League and the Mission Valley League.

The Alpha League would be the new face while the Montview and Olympic leagues, which played in the division last year, would be sent to the Northwest Division.

The Montview League appealed this proposal last week and was denied. The Mission Valley League had its say on Wednesday, and although its argument was different, was also denied. Singiser said the league would not appeal the decision at the Southern Section Council meeting later this month.

“He believes the Mission Valley League is very competitive in the Mid-Valley Division as it is structured (under the proposal), and we disagree,” Singiser said referring to Martinez. “Some of the examples he gave was that Mountain View and that Mountain View was stronger than Temple City, Keppel, Bell Gardens and Wilson. He thought if our worst team is stronger than all there worst team, then it must be a good fit for us. I disagree with that logic.

“I don’t believe wins and losses in the regular season should dictate you do in CIF. That was basically the point of contention from everybody. He’s looking at the total sum of the work in terms of your 10-game regular season and my impression was we were going in there to talk about the playoffs.”

The Mission Valley League’s overall body of work in the 2011 season may have hurt its argument on Wednesday if CIF was in fact considering a team or league’s total body of work. The league had a strong showing against the rest of the division in nonleague games and that was good enough to earn South El Monte one of the division’s two available wild-card berth in the playoffs.

South El Monte lost in the first round, as did second-place El Monte. Only league champ Arroyo won a postseason game. The league has just two playoff wins in the past two seasons.

“In a 10-game season, you can schedule anybody you want,” Singiser said. “If you’re scheduling down, you’re going to end up 5-0 or whatever. That’s what they (CIF) ended up looking at — the win/loss totals for the entire league.

“If you’re 5-0 in the nonleague but you can’t get it done in the playoffs, then that’s what I though we were there to talk about.”

Playoff groupings last two years before they are reviewed again and new changes propose. With Monrovia’s dominance of the Mid-Valley Division the past two seasons, most area coaches knew some sort of changes were coming to the division.

By adding the Alpha League, which boasts Sierra Canyon (15-0 in 2011) and Paraclete (11-3 in ’11), Martinez has certainly beefed up the competition at the very top.

Aram’s take:
It was worth a shot. I was somewhat surprised by CIF’s argument and how it focused on Mountain View being the best last-place in the division last season. I’m not sure Mountain View beats any other last-place team beside Keppel. In fact, I think Wilson and Bell Gardens may have given the Vikes a good working over. Anyway, at least the Mission Valley champ will get a home game. Hate to be the second or third-place team and have to travel very far for what will likely be a butt whipping.

Duarte coach Jason Martin wants Monrovia back on the Falcons’ schedule … and that was before the Scoby transfer …

Duarte coach Jason Martin would like to get Monrovia back on the Falcons’ schedule, the first-year coach said on Monday.

The two neighboring schools last played in 2009, which resulted in a 59-0 win for Monrovia. The game was 14-6 in Monrovia’s favor in 2008, however.

Now, Martin said he’s not only building his program toward the goal of dethroning Azusa in the Montview League and making noise in the postseason, but also getting Monrovia back on the schedule.

The game obviously won’t happen next season as both teams’ schedules are set. And getting past the concerns of administrators from both schools would be an obstacle. The biggest thing holding it back might be the fact that Monrovia cannot waste its nonleague tests with games that aren’t competitive.

Convincing the Wildcats coaching staff that Duarte can hang at Monrovia’s level is something that would behoove the Falcons.

Aram’s take:
You have to love Martin’s excitement. There was buzz around the Duarte program before it was announced that Kurt Scoby is about to be a Falcon. With Scoby, Duarte goes to another level entirely. Then, you throw in linebacker Denzel Talifero and right there Duarte’s best offensive and defensive players are transfers. Duarte was young last year with several good-looking sophomores getting a lot of playing time. With two seasons (presumably) of Scoby toting the rock, the Falcons look set for something special. Not sure Monrovia will bite at the bait anytime soon. But if Duarte makes a big splash next year, the pressure to get the Falcons and the Wildcats on the field at the same time will certainly build.

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BREAKING NEWS: Former Charter Oak running back Kurt Scoby “in the process” of enrolling at Duarte …

UPDATED: Duarte coach Jason Martin called to clarify a comment earlier reported about Scoby practicing with the team. Scoby, who is on spring break, was at Duarte Monday morning training with soon-to-be teammate Denzel Talifero because both are involved with B2G. The workout consisted mostly of agility drills and was not a team practice. Duarte’s does not start practice until May 7.

Kurt Scoby, who was the leading rusher at Charter Oak last season, is “in the process” of enrolling at Duarte High School where he’s expected to be fully checked in by next Monday, according to Falcons head coach Jason Martin.

Scoby is the area’s leading returning rusher after running for 1,572 yards and 21 touchdowns as a sophomore. Rumors of Scoby’s impending transfer out of Charter Oak popped up shortly after the 2011 season ended. Some guesses had him going to Bishop Amat, others to Duarte or Monrovia.

“It’s more like a homecoming and he just knows he’s going to be taken care of here,” Martin said. “Academically, this is the best place for him to be. He was having issues over at Charter Oak and this is a better home for him.”

According to Martin, Scoby will be enrolled at Duarte next Monday. The school is currently on spring break.

“Having them here, with their leadership, the sky’s the limit for us,” Martin said of Scoby and Talifero. “It really helps us. I feel blessed just to have these two walk through the door.”

Prior to high school, Scoby was a standout for the Duarte Hawks youth football team. He played a big role with Charter Oak his freshman season and was one of the area’s top backs as a sophomore.

Charter Oak officials would not confirm whether Scoby had checked out of school when contacted on Monday.

“It’s the policy of Charter Oak and most public schools that we can’t talk about student affairs,” Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar said.

Aram’s take: Great get for Duarte! Coach Martin has injected life into the program and this could be one swift turnaround considering that two offseasons ago school officials were worried about even fielding a team. Scoby will certainly find the going easier in the Montview League and presumably the Northwest Division. All I heard about last season was how Martin, then an assistant coach at Duarte, was focusing on keeping all the Duarte Hawks home for high school. In recent years, the Hawks program has been bankrolling other cities with top-notch talent. Those days appear over and now Duarte is looking good. Watch out, Azusa! The reign might be over.

Aram’s take II: If you’re worried about Charter Oak, don’t be. Losing Scoby is a blow. He’s a fantastic player, but the Chargers have a very capable replacement in fellow sophomore Donavin Washington, who is a different kind of runner than Scoby, but can also produce big plays.

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