It’s Spring Time in M-Town!!!

SORRY ABOUT THE AUDIO. I guess my Thrive isn’t ready for prime time.

Aram’s take: I haven’t seen anyone else yet, but I stand by my No., 1 ranking. OK, let me just say that today was my first time using my Thrive tablet. The audio stinks when doing an interview. My apologies, but I thought I’d post the Maddox interview anyway for those of you good with volume controls. And the glare when I was trying to see what I was filming was brutal. So, it’s probably back to the flip. Anyway, what stood out most to me was Monrovia’s size. We all know the skills are there, but they had some very nice looking linemen. This team can pass the eye test with the best of them. And isn’t that what spring is all about? You can learn a little, and then a little more in passing tourneys, but it’s really all just an eye test. Monrovia looks like it hasn’t missed much time in the weight room. One interesting battle will be at running back where Bueno (not sure his first name) looked pretty impressive along with Gevontray Ainsworth. They could form a nice duo, or one of them could separate himself. But it does appear that position isn’t an open and shut case.

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  • MonriVian

    The Bueno you speak of, his name is Jacob Bueno. Anyway I can’t wait for passing league tournaments and the season to finally start! C.O. looked decent out there today. Their QB situation is interesting to say the least. There is one guy who stood out to me. I won’t ruin it for you, I let you be the judge big guy, lets see who you are more impressed with.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • New York

    G5 looks huge. Bryant looks fast down field, as did all the others.

    Day one concern: The handful of players who were moving looked great, but I hope those few minutes are not typical…WAAAYYY too many players standing around and not getting reps during drills and “team.” This is a sport where muscle memory is crucial. “Say it once, rep it ‘a thousand’ times.”

  • realTALK

    To new York:

    I guess u can get away with kids standing around when ur in a double digit division! With no worries to what happens pre-league because of the weak competition in playoffs and league! Not even sure they need to practice and they would still prob win cif or at least be in the championship game!

  • NY,

    I don’t know what standing you’re talking about. The team was moving from station to station every few minutes until the part I filmed in which they got three different strings — first second and third — and got in the same formation and ran the same plays in succession. What you saw the first team do when Heyworth rolled out and hit Walsh was what the second and third teams did right after. It was a rotation.

    I think you’re nitpicking a bit here. There’s really nothing to sweat with this coaching staff. They’re one of the very best around.

  • Gem of the Foothills

    Well Mtown is looking great. Not bad for a D11 team. Let’s spice this thread up…If you look at Mtowns body of work, players and early offers. How could Mtown not be #1? Many have said, that no matter who Mtown has, and no matter who CO, BA, or CHHS has, there is no way mtown deserves to be #1 nor could Mtown Beat any of those teams. Here is a little secret. Mtown has always had top notch skill players, It’s the depth and size of the Oline and Dline, that has brought championships to Mtown. For all the haters out there…you may need to re-asses your biased opinions. As Aram raids spring practices, lineman challenges, and passing league games, all will see that Mtown is no joke, and is Among the Elite programs in the SGV. I know the schedule stuff will always come up…Inland, Pac 5 etc… but Mtown is Big, fast, athletic, well coached and plays together. Not to mention, won league for 4 years, and Been the last 3 Midvalley CIF Championships winning 2 out of 3. Sorry folks, but Mtown Is Clearly #1 right now.

    NY your point well taken…I am sure they know 15-0 starts today.

  • I know that because of the crap audio that some of you didn’t hear this, but you’ll be able to see Monrovia in both the Air Assault at Bonita and the SGV Shootout at Arroyo.

    Don’t take my word for it. Just go out and see them and ask yourself if your team looks like they do.

  • hate on this


    CO(Inland)-is over match in their Division
    0 early offers from any School

    BA(Pac 5)- is over match in their Division
    0 early offers from any School

    Chino Hills(Inland)- May be the only team in the SGV in the right Division.
    0 early offers from any school, however they will get a few out.

    Damien(Inland)-over match in their Division
    0 early offers

    West Covina(South east)-Dominating their Division
    0 early offers

    Monrovia(Midvalley)Dominated their Division
    3 early offers D1 Schools, 3 more being recruited( From Pac 12 to Ivy league)

    Your Single digit Division schools are not winning and/or sending guys out… So what’s the point of bragging…what are you bragging about?!!

    If you notice schools like Poly, Mater Dei, Upland, Corona Cent…when they are not winning, they are still sending players out…why aren’t the losing upper division schools sending out 3-4 players if they are so much better than Monrovia? Maybe they are not much better than Monrovia. So again what are you bragging about “Real Talk”?

    oh yeah, you get hammered in toughest divisions against the toughest competition. Obviously the scouts see something in the Monrovia players, they don’t see in your players…Size, Speed, Athleticism and They are winners…we will take that all day….

    The Monrovia family is like the incredible hulk…Bullets(hate) only make us more mad and stronger.

  • More Real Talk

    Gem of the Foothills and hate on this – 3 things for you. san Dimas, South Hills, Arcadia. Take care of business with the little schools before you start popping off about being “elite”

  • the little guys

    Answer the question—what are you bragging about?

    Last I remember Arcadia had 2 D1A scholarships Pac 12, and WAC….what are the SGV Elites doing this season.

  • More Real Ta

    Last I heard – football is about who can beat who, not your SPARQ tests or scholarships. So – like I said – San Dimas, Arcadia, South Hills. Answer this – how many Pac12/WAC guyus did South Hills and San Dimas have – yet they beat the mighty Mildcats

  • Take this from somebody who learned his lesson last season doubting M-Town. You can break their season up into two parts. The first part, when the losses came, when Heyworth wasn’t settled in at QB. Then the second part when they didn’t lose and Heyworth was settled in.

    They trounced Covina, which whipped San Dimas.

    They trounced SG, which a week before edge San Dimas.

    If Arcadia, SD and South Hills plays M-Town in Week 10 as opposed to when they did, then I think anyone with a level head knows what would have happened.

    Heyworth made the difference. End of story.

  • little guy strikes back

    yeah, but what are your elites doing…winning? Sending guys out? The record books, and archives remember the D11 CIF champs and runner ups over pac 5 and inland losers…for example…I remember the 2 BA Cif championship teams of the 90’s(Duarte native FS started in the finals). I remember the championship teams from South hills, and Damien, I remember charter oak’s back to back title teams(flooded with Monrovia and pasadena players), and I remember Wesco’s title run and San Dimas championship team….However, No one will remember this years or last years BA and CO teams or whomever “Real Talk” Labels Elite. We could try to trace their existence from their Div 1 prospects, but geeesh who did they have again? Oh well…hate on.. real talk.

  • AMAT 73

    OK let’s spice it up then . If you want to talk about early offers , look test , body of work , then yes Monrovia is number one. Since I have been following football and since I am an old buzzard by the consensus of the young bucks on here I have never know those things to be the cause of winning football games those are byproducts of a good program and athletes with above average talent. The main issue is who has Monrovia beaten in regards to teams of the SGV to garner the number one ranking by the bloggers and not Aram because his standards are basically not on the field tests . I think the staff at Morovia is doing a terrific job of getting some players scholarships ( and to me D-1,2,3, or whatever college they get the offer from it’s a free education ) and winning 2 consecutive titles is great so my hats off to them . The honest Monrovia fan truely must admit the majority of who you are calling haters do have 2 solid legs to stand on when they bring that issue up . I have seen the question thrown out to you fans on who has Monrovia beat that the bloggers can see as a clue to that if they played a WC,CO,CH,and a few others listed below you and of course my beloved AMAT they could win the game. I am by no means a hater and yes I know at AMAT we have a ways to go in the PAC-5 but one thing you and many other true fans of the game can not doubt is that when AMAT plays a big name school as we try to do at least once or twice each preseason we have a great chance or coming out on top and I think that is where the doubt lies with bloggers when Monrovia comes in to play. Another issue is put CO,WC,CH,AMAT in your division and we all run the table big time with no problem at all and that’s not bragging just the truth.

  • More Real TaLK

    “If ifs and buts were…” right? If. If. If.
    If Bishop Amat had Shay a whole season. If Ruiz didn’t go down? Alcantara. What if Scoby wasn’t hurt? Santiago? Napoles?

    Bottom line – they lost to 3 teams to teams that were not great. The last place team in the Sierra League. You cannot claim greatness with that hanging over your head.

    little guy – the record books remember Rio Hondo Prep too – and they kick the Mildcats ass in terms of present and historic success. Does that make them better?

  • little guy strikes back

    I don’t think One monrovia blogger has claimed that BA, CO, Or CH, WC, SH, Arcadia “would not” win the midvalley. That would be ignorant. However, we are saying Monrovia has elevated it’s program to the point where they can play with anyone. Like Aram Pointed out. In the 3 games Monrovia lostlast year the offense had no solidarity, and no QB and and a injured McCarthy, and 2 other starters. Mtown still manage to put up 31 vs South hills, 22 against Arcadia. San Dimas game was a fiasco and they kick our butts. If you took Santiago and Gilchrest away for the first 3 games CO play do they win or lose? If you took Ruiz and Moore away for the first 3 games does BA beat Garfield? Wesco won without Solomon, but it was close, loyola game would have been much different…after that Blow out city. No Excuse we still should have won, but don’t be ignorant. Week 10-14 Mtown is good as anyone in SGV period. Analyze the games BA and Co lost…vs upland and servite…could anyone lose any worse. Being in a tougher league and division would make Monrovia better. More prepared, and used to playing big games consecutively. We will see in the plus one this year if Mtown does not go to state due to a preseason fart. They are going lite someone up after the midvalley

  • Little guys servey!

    Not even bragging just defending green and white!

    Real talk fill out this survey and get back to me!

    1. who is your team?

    2. What was their record?

    3. What did they win?

    4. What D1 coaches have you seen on campus looking for players lately and/or offers?

    5. What are you predictions/goals for this upcoming season.

    I’ll show you how it’s done… here watch Monrovia’s answers

    1. Monrovia

    2. 11-3

    3.Midvalley(D11) Title

    4. Colorado, USC, UCLA, Boise State, SJSU, Fresno State, Harvard, UC Davis, UTAH, South Dakota State Etc…

    5. Rio Hondo league champs, Midvalley Champs, D4 State Champions..

    Any other loyal bloggers can answer too.

  • New York

    My entire observation was based on the few minutes of interview footage, hence my reference to the few minutes. In the background, there seem to be too many guys watching the drills rather than participating. Yes, it is a fine-tuning point, but that’s what it takes to run practice like college spring ball and get better. Coaches have a very limited number of minutes to work with the kids on the grass. I like to see maximum reps.

    I totally agree with your assessment of Monrovia’s coaching staff.

  • Cupcake Schedule

    “You can break their season up into two parts. The first part, when the losses came, when Heyworth wasn’t settled in at QB. Then the second part when they didn’t lose and Heyworth was settled in.”


    You can break it down into playing better competition and struggling, then playing a cupcake schedule of D11 teams (Which would lead to success)

    Until they can beat teams like S. Hills, Arcadia, and San Dimas, they get no respect from me except that they can beat up on the little guys in D11…That’s it.

    If you have 3-4 D1 kids every year and cannot beat the teams anamed above, What does that say about your “TEAM”?

  • Red Leader

    All you Monrovia haters that keep saying “until they beat teams like South Hills, Arcadia and San Dimas, they’ll get no respect.” Well they beat those same three teams two years ago and we still didn’t get any respect. So it wouldn’t have changed a thing. You are still haters.

  • little guy strikes back

    Hey cup cake,

    there is a survey going around…Don’t talk trash about Monrovia’s schedule etc…Just let your teams accomplishments do the talking. All The cats are doing is letting accomplishments speak…

    Back to Back titles
    D1 Offers
    State title contender

    Maybe it’s time for your teams to face the reality that you may not belong in your division? Who are you are is base on the games you win, not the games you play. Blame yourselves for living off of transfers and out of area talent. With Out Monrovia there are no back to back titles at CO for sure, and without the SGV there is no BA because LA Puente is dry! Private schools recruit areas not a single city like majority of public schools do. So who’s really elite. We all know that since Scoby left CO is in even worse condition than last year, and we know BA loses 1 player a week now. Outside of the SGV people do respect Monrovia’s talent. Now Coach Asante at ST Paul has been in the SGV for 5 mins and already has a tougher schedule than BA, CO, and CHHIlls…The reason why the SGV is considered a fishbowl is because BA plays cupe cake preseason then goes into pac 5 and get’s undressed, Mtown is the new kid on the block and moving fast and our program is 10 times better than it was 5 years ago…is yours?

    Have you ever thought of that? Honestly does CO have a chance to win the inland this year, next year or ever? Does BA have a chance to win the Pac 5 ever? What about Damien? Maybe Chino Hills breaks through, they are a newer school. The rest of You have not won anything, or got past the 1st or 2nd round. What’s disgusting is that we have a whole bunch of schools calling themselves elite, but are not winning or sending guys on the next level. Once again just do the survey it’s real quick…no need for long exchanges…well until you finish the survey.

  • More Real Talk

    Red Leader – MHS didn’t get any repect that year because they had already lost to Glendora (1-4 in the Baseline League) and San Dimas (again). You can’t lose to mediocre SGV teams and then claim to the be the best. Ever. Period. End of story. Bishop Amat has only been beaten by a valley team once in the last 10 yrs or so in over 20 games. No slip ups, no injury excuses, new quarterbacks, transfers, graduated running backs – nothing. And yall are saying they now are getting worse – yet they keep beating valley teams. Explain

  • AMAT 73

    little guy,
    The fact of the matter is that in those first weeks of your schedule is where you need to make your bones to be in the disscussion of a top tier team in the SGV. As you have seen many post the CO vs AMAT , CH vs AMAT , WC vs Loyola , Damien vs O Lu , and so forth are the games where the bloggers will give the respect to our teams of the SGV. Nowhere can you point out where Monrovia has that on their resume.The St Francis game is a good start , but a loss to them will only make matters worse for Monrovia in the eyes of the bloggers and they will have a field day if Monrovia loses that game . When you drop games to teams you have to take the good with the bad and can’t split your season into 2 parts in saying the second half team would stand with anyone. Hell we faced Servite early and got whacked plain and simple .Had injuries , big injuries later on in the season that cost us dearly but we never cried or pulled that card out in saying if we were healthy or if we had Servite in week 4 it would have been different , at least myself or the regular AMAT bloggers never did. You are what you are when you take the field. As bad as the perception of AMAT is by many bloggers or how we are a shadow of our past teams per the blog we always seem to be either 1 or 2 in these early rankings regardless . Because we do occasionally knock off teams we have no business beating as they say about AMAT because we schedule them on a regular basis. Plain and simple, Monrovia , in order to get the respect of the bloggers needs to schedule up so we can all join in your thinking . As I said St Francis is a great place to start and I hope you get the W because if you get the L be prepared because that is the type of ammo the haters thrive on and they will go ape shiat on here.

  • New York

    San Dimas and Covina are a couple of those pesky little D-11 teams. Not too long ago Crespi and Culver City were pesky little D-11 teams. Culver City never won D-11, neither did Serra. They have had more success in their upper division than they had in pesky little D-11.

    Glendora won the Sierra League four years in a row prior to moving out. Monrovia beat them this year without a Quarterback. We beat them effectively just as bad as Charter Oak did, even though Charter Oak had a 3-year starter returning at QB. We had a linebacker at QB…

    Which local programs are on the rise vs. which are on the decline?

  • New York

    You are exactly right about the blog and which teams get respect for playing certain out of the area, traditional powers.

    Frankly, though, I recall only Amat beating any significant out of area teams. So the real question, why do bloggers affiliated with any school other than Amat feal that their team has proven themselves anymore so than any other team?

  • FRank

    Good Luck to Monrovia, I am sure they will dominate their division again. I know alot of those Duarte kids since they were young. So I like to hear about their success.
    One thing I find funny is that people keep acting like Amat has not done nothing the last few years. They might not of won a championship, but they have had a lot of success. So most of you who talk smack are just haters and jealous of Amats success.

  • Yosemite Sam

    Maybe Monrovia has enough talent to play with and perhaps beat some of the best teams in the SGVN, but we’ll never know because they don’t schedule the CO’s, Amat’s, and Westco’s of the world, and they certainly don’t schedule the CC’s, Uplands, REV’s, Tesoro’s, Servite’s, or Santa Margarita’s of the world. What we do know is that the Monrovia people run their mouths every off season and then drop a terd every year in the preseason against teams like a 3-7 Glendora, 3-7 South hills, or an early Southwest playoff exiting team like Arcadia. Then we all have to endure the excuse machine from Monrovia that complains about the losses all being in the early season when they weren’t up to speed, (as if everyone they play was playing their 8th game of the season when they were just playing their 1st game of the season. Newflash Monrovia! everyone is busy replacing players in the early part of the season.

    As far as scholarship players go, Colleges recruit players based on their projected potential, not on what they can do here and now. The road to college scholarships is paved with many great high school football players that weren’t fast enough or big enough to project on the college recruiters matrix. How many times have we all seen a kid getting recruited by several schools get his ass handed to him by some average sized high school kid that out works, out hustles, and out smarts the all everything recruit? Tune into the next De La Salle game that is showing on ESPN and you’ll see happen all game long. High school football isn’t about size, it’s about quickness and kids with game and heart.

  • little guy strikes back

    Great Point NY,
    Some times programs progress rapidly in their development like Crespi, Tesoro, Serra, and Oaks Christian. I think Monrovia will follow in those footsteps. I won’t say a jump to the pac 5 is
    appropriate or realistic, but after 4 in row in the Midvalley, CIF will make the call. I do believe Monrovia could go as high as DIV 4. Some would say that’s way too high, however these are teams Monrovia is used to playing …Paso Robles, Culver City, Mira Costa…Mtown beat some of these teams in that div and has lost to some of these teams back in the 90’s, and could play with them right now. Nevertheless, if you keep winning CIF titles and sending d1 players…you are going to move up and move up fast. If you continue to lose, eventually you are going to get demoted. Which side of the fence are you on?

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Blah blah blah blah

  • green pastures

    Life is great at Monrovia…a couple titles, a couple of rides, ahhh what more could you ask of a program. I hope the grass is green where you are.

  • More Real Talk

    little guy – you said ” If you continue to lose, eventually you are going to get demoted.”

    Do you mean like when Monrovia was demoted from DX to DXI in 2007 and a now miraculously have “improved” and are having playoff success? And you think a jump to D4 is warranted? When you got demoted from DX? Just 4 years ago!

    Is that what you meant?

  • Observantcat

    Realtalk, Realist, Looser, etc….. When you compare your team to ours it must give you gas. What’s up with your team?…. When are they going to get past the second round of CIF?… If I were you I would be mad too. You will always find an excuse to demote the team that demotes your team. A Championship is A Championship no matter how you slice it. Get one and find out, until then keep hatin, that means we are winning.

  • More Real Talk

    Observantcat – do you think thats what Rio Hondo Prep thinks? That because they have more DXIII success it means they are better than you guys? Championships are championships – right? Or do you think they are smarter than that and are more realistic about the differences?
    Kares #1 !!!!

  • Reality

    Bottom line Cat is you had to get demoted in order to start the recent playoff success. Congratulations on your demotion – errr – championships

  • Observantcat

    Ok Realist, Who has your team beaten in the past 10 years worth talking about besides, Monrovia?… Thought so. You never seem to come on here and have anything positive to say about the Cats but at the same time we dont need praise from a guy who’s team cant get past the 1’st or second round of CIF. Whatever the Div. your team is in Monrovia would have been competitive to the end. By the way I am willing to bet that over the Past 20 seasons Monrovia has the best overall record than any team in the San Gabriel Valley and that includes teams from Div. 1 thru 10. So I ask you what’s your real point for coming on this Blog? You make 0 sense when your fingers start to tap. I know a lot of these kids that have gone through the Monrovia program and I will tell you that they would play anyone that you put in front of them and not just play to compete but to win. Your team is sinking every day in this fishbowl and if you dont watch out you may be the next Glendale or Hoover. In closing good luck to all the teams and the kids in the area, please dont embarrass your team anymore by tying to put another team down. Remember, Rings are the truth not bad bloggers.

  • I don’t think it’s fair to say Monrovia didn’t beat anyone in the second half of the season. That’s what I thought going into the Covina game, but they beat a very good Covina team relatively easily. To me, that win trumps the San Dimas loss. And although we’ll never really know and Arcadia and South Hills certainly own scoreboard, I really don’t think either of those teams beat M-Town if they play again in, say, Week 10.

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    You got a Thrive tablet? Duuuuuude, get an iPad and call it a day.

    A man is only as good as the tools that he uses.

    Work smarter, not harder.

    Make life easier, not complicated.

    All of these apply here. Dump that thing.

  • green pastures

    Monrovia is #1 in the Trubine FACT!

  • More Real Talk

    Observantcat – to answer your question: St Bonaventure, Lakewood, Orange Lutheran, Mater Dei, Santa Margarita, Servite, Alemany, Chaminade, St Francis, St Paul, St John Bosco, Loyola, Crespi, Notre Dame, Dominguez, Venice, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, AB Miller, Ayala, Muir, Glendora, Charter Oak, West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Damien – most of them more than once. Through new QBs, new RBs, new defenses, new Coaches, injuries, transfers, early season, late season, playoffs, grass or turf, rain or shine, home and away – all the obstacles Monrovians use as excuses
    Your turn. Have YOU beaten anyone in the last 10 yrs that might even match just one of those teams?
    When you do – then you’ll earn valley respect. Until then – sincere congratulations on your Mid-Valley championships and lets leave it at that.

  • Principal Jax

    green pastures = Monrovia valedictorian. Trubine! LOL!

  • Observantcat

    All of the sudden you are a Bishop Amat fan… The last few years you were an Apache. Go back and read your posts. When you finish crawling under that rock and come correct then we will talk. Even if you were an Amat fan that goes with the territory, if you are in the Pac 5 you should play those teams. Monrovia is a small city with a small population and is and has held its own without the extras. Thats what makes Monrovia fans so passionate. I’m sure if any team in our area were to achieve that same accomplishment their fans be just as passionate. So good luck with your 51/50 and remember We Are Champions!

  • green pastures

    Monrovia has the Most early scholarship offers heading into spring ball Fact!

  • New York

    I hope this Real Talk is not the same delusional Arcadia fan who has a wierd obsession with Monrovia.

    Bishop Amat is the only team in the entire valley that has not experienced a divisional “demotion” during the passed 20 years, either officially by number/name of division or through CIF taking the tougher teams out.

    Here is some history: in the 1990s the Pacific League was in Division 2, as were West Covina and Diamond Bar. In the 2000’s the Pacific League was D3, then D5 and now a hodge-podge of the old D-7 without any of the north Orange County schools. Have the playoff results changed for the Pacific League? For Arcadia? 1st and 2nd round losses in D2, D5 and now a watered down D7. Either you play your best when facing elimination or you don’t.

    Charter Oak the passed two years is finally back with the same teams that it played in the 1990s–the Baseline league teams. However, it is clear that the best of the Baseline is too tough, not to mention those Riverside teams.

    As I have mentioned before, Bishop Amat is the only local team to have PROVEN themselves among “Big Boys.” Every other team has parity. However, the arrogance from the other ESGV and Pacific League teams is baseless if we look at facts. However, if you live in the Twilight Zone like some of those folks do, then their rationale is at least explainable.

  • AMAT 73

    New York,
    Very good question and I’ll give you my take on that. I think maybe because those teams I mentioned have played D-1 or D-2 teams enough times to warrant the blogs respect. I don’t even think it’s about winning ( that comes into play when bloggers go one on one ) but putting your team out there and playing the games . Think about CO , who’s best effort is a tie with RC and yes I know they had a first round win last year but it really wasn’t against a D-2 power so to speak but they have played upper divison teams and now are in D-2.Same as WC , they have played a PAC-5 team for the past 6 or 7 years for preseason and now will play CH . Yes Monrovia has back to back titles like them but in the blogs eyes they have no games against top tier teams of the valley or other areas recently to come on here and profess to be in the same catagory. Reality is you can’t go up against bloggers in one on one conversations on being number one because the old “who have you played” will come up everytime .The blog will use the D-11 or whichever division it is as a knock also in the fact of having weak teams in general in their eyes.Also Aram and others making excuses for losing early and then saying if they played the same team in week 8 or 9 the outcome would be different is no help either by failing to realize those teams would also be better at that point. Truth is you get one chance and people judge you on that chance. You can see how everybody in here keys on losses to Arcadia , San Dimas , SH , as to the reason why Monrovia doesn’t belong . I think what Monrovia is doing as far as the scholarships( offers ) , winning titles , excellent coaching , is great but does that make a team number one on the field of play on this blog ? No, it makes for a damn good program and until they schedule those top tier teams the blog will always come out like it does. Like I said St Francis is a good start but with all this posting it is a must win for Monrovia towards getting that respect from the blog but if Monrovia loses the blog will be like rabid dogs . I personally think it is a great start win or lose and this is the direction they need to go in every year to gain that respect as a top team . Just look at the slime, instant credibility simply because of the schedule they have this year. You can’t just come on the blog and say you belong , you have to prove it to the bloggers and the only way is to play those games . Aram’s choice for number one is his and his only and as he was very gun-ho on CO last year he is now like that with Monrovia even to the point of saying he doesn’t even know if he takes CO over AMAT when that game comes up , where as last season he would have taken a blood oath they would beat us . That’s the difference with the branded bloggers such as you and I and others , we stick by our teams thru thick and thin unlike all these pot shot artists who change teams if they even have one as they fail to admit as fast as the direction of the wind changes .

  • Amat 73,

    You forgot to mention my call on Charter Oak was correct. Sorry, but Amat isn’t going to get any credit from me for being wallflowers at the biggest, baddest party around. And I will take your insinuation that I don’t have one favorite team and stick to them as a compliment, because after all, I’m not supposed to be biased. And I’m not. If West Covina is the juice team this year, I will say it. If it’s Monrovia, like I believe it is right now, I will say it. If it’s Amat, I will say it. Right now, M-Town has the juice. Period. End of story. Maybe I see something that changes my mind in the next couple of months. Who knows …

  • AMAT 73

    Man you are touchy these days. Don’t know what you mean by your call on CO was correct but hurrah for you . I still believe WC is for real , CO also and a few others as well as AMAT in the SGV and in “our corner of the world PAC-5″ you have your opinion . As far as the SGV on the playing field we manage to come thru with the W when we play the games . This season it is up to the test again against SGV teams so we will see how it pans out . You know where my money lies. And really I could give two shits if you give us credit or not because in reality it does not matter to me what you think about AMAT . In my posting to New York I gave my reason on how I percieve the blog sees Monrovia no more no less. I personally think they are doing a terrific job over there . They do need to step it up against tougher comp on the field to get respect from the blog if that’s what they are looking for . If I offended you as I didn’t meaning you are fair weather Freddy ( no pun intended Fred J ) I didn’t mean for it to come across like that .But now that you mention it what do mean by ” has the juice ” , is that on the field of play or is it in regards to D-1 offers or scout visits or titles and what did Morovia do to pass up West Covina ? But really who are you taking AMAT or CO ???????

  • Observantcat

    Amat 73, I will agree to disagree with you on some of the points your make. Any great football team can beat another on any given day and maybe embarrass them in doing so. I dont believe Monrovia as a team was prepared to take on some of the teams who were already prepared in the pre-season and it showed, our weakness wasn’t the talent, it was more like the challenge of creating positions that were lost due to graduation, QB being the most important. When we finally hit that stride with Heyworth Monrovia fans new the tide would turn and it did in a Big way. To be perfectly honest with you, I believe football is just down in the San Gabriel valley all together except for a few team and I would love to see all of the teams that are at the top play each other on a more regular basis which would not only better the competition from within this so call fish bowl but give the SGV a better name on the outside. Monrovia has stepped up its game in many ways starting from the coaching on down. The facilities are great for a kid who wants to develop his or her body as well as get a great education with all of the upgrades to the school. Comparing Teams are sometimes like comparing other things like Cars for example, depending on what your needs are and what the dynamics of each and every team is you may come to some valid reason to believe your team is undeniably the best team standing, but the final proof is always at the end of the road and that is the Championship, just ask every coach around. I hope BA well this season, I know they have their work cut out for them, but thats what playing is all about, beat the team in front of you with what you have at the time. Good Luck!

  • New York

    Amat 73,
    I appreciate your attempt to explain the irrational mindsets of some of those bloggers who give a team credit simply for scheduling games, rather than how they perform. I agree with almost everything. HOWEVER, those same bloggers refuse to apply that logic at the end of the season to Bishop Amat, who undoutedly plays the toughest schedule every year. So…there might be just a bit of ESGV bias involved there as well.

    Example: If Covina had gone 13-1 and won the Mid-Valley, then there would have been a lot of bloggers talking about how they took West Covina to OT and therefore they were basically just as good as WC. Why has that argument gone away simply because Monrovia pummelled Covina in the Semi-finals? Why is Aram the only blogger who recognizes the significance of that Monrovia victory as evidence that they were a much different team from earlier in the year? Are we supposed to beleive that Covina had not improved much after their game against West Covina? Wasn’t Covina “battle-tested” because of their OT game against West Covina and their victory over West Covina the year before? Speaking of that, why didn’t West Covina’s stature get dinged last year after losing to Covina, a team that could not get passed the Quarterfinals of lowly-old Division-11 that year?

    Here is some more “excuse” that Aram and I both might pose: We lost to the Pacific League champion, Arcadia, on a last minute 60+ yard pass. That was another game when we were using our linebacker as QB, and Arcadia had their 3-year starters at QB and WR, both of whom got scholarships to DI-A schools. So, while Monrovia fans acknowledge the Arcadia loss was a major disappointment, a rational football-person would recognize that they were not such a bad team. Regarding growth throughout the season: Monrovia’s players did not just improve last year like all others do, but we had a different QB running the offense.

    No Excuses: One mark of a truly great program is being able to have all the pieces together from the start of the season. That was not the case at Monrovia last year. We will see what it is this year.

  • Cougertown

    @greener pastures said
    “Monrovia has the Most early scholarship offers heading into spring ball Fact!”
    NO, not really. My friends kid goes to La Mirada and they have 3 kids with Multiple D1 offers each. UCLA,Colorado, Louisville, Arkansas, Cal and more.(NO Arizona st here)
    There are 5 to 6 kids with interested schools from D1 to ivy league also. But this alone does not guarantee a great season from them. Just means they have some good kids starting out the season.

  • Perspective

    And just to put that into a little more perspective, that La Mirada team gave La Habra everything they could handle and turned around to be ANNIHALATED by Bishop Amat. Afterwards when asked to compare La Habra, St Paul and Bishop Amat he said, “Bishop Amat – and it isn’t even close”

  • Observantcat

    Ps.. Amat 73, the blogs see Monrovia?… there are just a couple of Haters on this blog that will never see Monrovia for who they are. If Bishop Amat were rated on top then all the Haters would come out of the wood works. Good teams draw emotion from jealousy every time.

  • Cougertown

    @ Perspective
    Absolutely True, The 2011 LM team had only 3 players last year with any varsity experience. They found the early going very tough. This years team returns most starters with a couple of great transfers i hear, And they have a new Defensive Coordinator.

  • More Real Talk

    Observantcat – I answered your question, butnoticed you diverted the topic and neglected to answer mine. You appear to hang your hat on “any given Friday” and give yourself some sort of chance. I’m not talking about chances – these are wins that ACTUALLY did happen.

    I said: St Bonaventure, Lakewood, Orange Lutheran, Mater Dei, Santa Margarita, Servite, Alemany, Chaminade, St Francis, St Paul, St John Bosco, Loyola, Crespi, Notre Dame, Dominguez, Venice, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, AB Miller, Ayala, Muir, Glendora, Charter Oak, West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Damien – most of them more than once.

    Through new QBs, new RBs, new defenses, new Coaches, injuries, transfers, early season, late season, playoffs, grass or turf, rain or shine, home and away – all the obstacles Monrovians use as excuses (and you’ve continued to use – even in your most recent post)

    So your turn. Have YOU beaten anyone in the last 10 yrs that might even match just one of those teams? Just one?

  • ???

    Anything positive to look forward to at Arcadia this season???

  • Monrovia Hammer

    Aram, I was thrown off about the Duo statement.It sounds like you are throwing alot of kids under the bus. I dont think coach M (or you) have found all the speed yet.Still to early. This is a good opener for the blog. I like the M town Haters yacking, LOL. Remember last years Pomona screamers? To Funny.
    Anyway it’s going to be a fun season!

  • green pastures

    It’s great being a wildcat…#1 in the SGV, the most early scholarship offers, the best playoff record in the last five years…titles, State contender, state of the art sports complex…I couldn’t be mad at anything right now. If you took all the hate on this thread and multiplied it times 3, That still wouldn’t ruin our mood. I hope all the SGV football fans are happy with their school as the green and white pride is with ours. Life is good Ahhhh….It was great being one of the 13 games, covered by fox sports west on Dec 6th…This year is going to be exciting! Maxpreps has Sierra canyon is ranked 56th in the State(go check for yourselves), Bishop Amat is ranked 57th…so much for the Midvalley being weak…Monrovia vs Sierra Canyon in the midvalley finals….

    New york, There is nothing else left to be said. You would not think there would be Pac 5 team ranked lower than a pesky lil D12 on any site on the worldwide web…Bishop Fans how are you going to talk your way out of this one?

  • New York

    Green Pastures,
    You are correct. This is a great time to be a Wildcat. Of course, I’ve always felt that way, even when we had down years.

    I don’t recall the spite coming from Bishop Amat fans. It seems to always come from bloggers who never identify with a specific school. Some blogger keeps listing a bunch of schools without any definitive statement attached to it. Bizarre behavior indeed, but that’s what blog boards attract sometimes. Oh well.

  • AMAT 73

    I totally agree with the fact you guys have a great team and program and things are looking green on the Wildcat front. But in looking at your postings it seems those early losses are hurting your chances of playing for a state title . So that should be the focus of the staff to get the team set by game 1 and run the table for that chance at a state title. Good luck to the Wildcats and I am in your corner and hope you get that berth in state.
    You were correct on my statement to you on the fact of what I meant about sticking behind one’s team. In seeing as you did not reply to my couple of questions I now say you are included in the pot shot group of bloggers. Fair enough you come on here and put my team on blast as wallflowers as we are all entitled to our opinions but you could at least show a little respect when questions are posed to you . I am not of the type nor do I knock you guys for the reporting you do as I feel it’s a tough job and I respect all of you for that and you do a good job. But when you come out like you did to your readership and I don’t mean the types who have a grudge for you ( and you know the types I mean ) it kind of leaves a bad taste . My post had absolutley nothing to do with AMAT not being tops on your list and if you read any of my post you will see that , it was a conversation with New York on my thoughts why the blog does not buy into Monrovia being number one plain and simple. Go back and read where many times I always say the only ranking that matters is the CIF final after the playoffs. Now I can see maybe I ticked you off to the point of your latest thread on the dropping of AMAT . Coincedence or un-biased reporting you tell me ??? By the way what did West Covina do to lose their final number one ranking and not start at the top this season if you care to reply to that . After all their only loss was to Loyola and they just steam rolled thru the playoffs and I am sure if they would have played Loyola in say week 7 or 8 things would have been different , wouldn’t have they ????

  • Lancelot

    I have to believe that these maxpreps ranking you are quoting are the result of upcoming schedules etc, etc since they are preseason polls right? See what happens when we put the local schools on our schedule? Strength of schedule takes a REAL HIT! Just imagine IF we played a D-11 team….we would be even lower! Good thing they are only preseason rankings.

  • Maxpreps

    Monrovia 2012 vs.
    3.San Dimas
    4.South Hills
    5.St. Francis
    6-10.Rio Hondo League

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