SEMI-BREAKING NEWS: Former Claremont and Colony QB Matt Simko transfers to Chino Hills …

I labeled this semi-breaking news because a blogger in another thread let the cat out of the bag about this (nice work). But yes, former Claremont and Colony QB Matt Simko checked in Monday at Chino Hills and will be immediately thrust into the battle to replace graduating starter Andrew Chavez.

Simko, was being groomed to be Claremont’s starter last spring, but left the team at the outset of the summer passing circuit and transferred to Colony.

Simko threw for 1,893 yards and 11 TDs last season at Colony as the Titans won the Mt. Baldy League and advanced to the semis of the Central Division playoffs before losing to Rancho Verde.

Simko’s transfer to Chino Hills comes on the heels on the recent resignation of Colony head coach Matt Bechtel, who despite a rumor on this blog is not CURRENTLY on the coaching staff at Chino Hills.

“I would love for Coach Bechtel to come over here, but we’ve got to get a job for him,” Chino Hills coach Derek Bub said. “Would I love that? Yes, absolutely. But no, he’s not over here and there’s been nothing offered to him yet.”

Simko’s arrival may delay the coronation of Jordan Thropay, a 6-foot-1, 190-pound sophomore-to-be, who is thought to be one of the brightest QB prospects around.

At 6-foot-3 and blessed with a rocket arm, Simko could give the Huskies the type of experience they’ll need after losing Chavez, who started for the past three seasons.

Bub said that linebacker Zach Chadwick is also in the mix at quarterback. Whomever wins the job will have the luxury of throwing to one of the best receiving corps around, led by 6-foot-3 Jack Austin, who is currently not with the team while he awaits the end of track season.

Aram’s take: Well, that’s a biggie. As good as Thropay is said to be, Simko is polished and has experience in big-time games. When Bishop Amat is your first second opponent, something like an experienced QB is very key. If you’re sweating eligibility issues, don’t be. Bub reports that Simko and family have moved into the Chino Hills district and that should make him good to go. As for Bechtel, Bub seems to want him on he staff, but the job issue will be the decider. Bub is currently the team’s offensive coordinator. Chino Hills has been one of the whisper teams all offseason and getting Simko surely adds fuel to the fire.

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  • concussion-symptoms

    Well that didn’t take long… WOW – an athlete transferring UP not DOWN, what a novel concept!

    1st of many I am going to guess…

  • You’re Welcome Aram!

    So, since I did some of your beat reporter work, do I get a commission?. This will be a big plus for CH….Thropay will be the QB of the future, this just gives a year to mature so he can take the reigns for his Jr & Senior years. Also, Chino Hills plays Amat game 2, not game one. Do I have to do everything for you Aram????? LOL

  • Well, that’s the beauty of spring ball. You can’t hide anything anymore. Not that I’m saying anybody was trying to conceal transfers, it will all be out there.

    Should be fun to start cracking the code.

    You’re welcome,

    Thanks for the tip. Your commission is being able to read/use this blog. Don’t spend it all in one place.

    And by the way, that’s what this blog is partly supposed to be about — information sharing/gathering.

  • Let the game begin

    The ink is not even wet on the paper of the new rule and the big names are on the move. Get ready CIF for the “Summer of the transfer” and the instability of High School football to begin. The question of the day is, will thropay be ok with waiting another year to be “The Man” at Chino Hills or will he be the next “The Man” at Charter Oak?

  • Let the game begin

    Oooops, meant to say the inks “not dry”

  • GREAT QUESTION about Thropay. Was thinking the same thing.

    Uh, CO has five guys battling for its open QB spot right now.

    Kory Brown
    Ross Barrera (Amat transfer)
    Jordan Arguelles (Northview transfer)
    The kid who transferred from WestCo last season
    Brian McIntire, who played DB/WR last year

    So it’s gonna be an interesting battle that begins TODAY!

  • Pasadenian

    Brian McIntire might win the job. i remember the kid growing up when he played for the Pasadena Ponies he took his team to 3 championship games playing Qb he was an option type Qb that also can throw the ball if CO wants to have two rushers for 1000 yards and a possible 2000 yard thrower Brian McIntire is the guy to go with.

    P.S i think thats kind of wrong for you to consider the Simko news (SEMI).

  • Pasadena Blue Line

    So is this McIntire the latest in the West SGV guys brought over to CO to try to keep things rolling – or did he just so happen to move to Covina?

  • MonroVian

    So is C.O. starting today? If so let me know, if not im staying here in Monrovia for their practice.

    ” You Dont Want No Green And White “

  • CO starting today at 3:30 p.m.

  • B-Train

    B-Mac been there since his freshman year.

  • I know Thropay

    The road gets tougher for Bishop and Charter Oak by the minute. Chino Hills Now has the QB to beat both these teams…and guess what Thropay is one of the best athletes at the school. He will be the back up QB/ starting wildcat QB, and he will be at WR or DB this season. With his speed and size he won’t be on the sidelines. Wow Chino Hills may make a serious run this season. I am picking them to beat BA and CO for the league title.

  • Facts

    So just to put a little perspective. 2011 season

    Travis Santiago stats: passing yards -3252 – 27 td passes

    Matt Simko stats: passing yards- 1893 – 11 td passes

    Although Matt does have a year under his belt, he is far from a star and automatic lock at the starting spot. Lets look back to when Santiago transferred to CO his sophmore year and battled with Josiah Thropay (a grade higher) and beat out who what thought to be the automatic lock all offseason. The CO coahes went with the younger SOPHMORE QB who led them to the CIF championship and won. This paid great dividends to CO. This situation will be no different, if Thropay ( who is by far the best athlete in the family) can keep his head and show he can do the job this year, Coach BUB will have no reason but to play the younger QB because of how much promise and time he will get out of him. Just food for thought and maybe this will help show that there is no set in stone starter yet for this year Chino Hills Huskies. From what I’ve heard, the team has already really started gravitating to Thropay so this will really be interesting to how it all plays out by the time Game 1 comes.

  • OMG please

    @ facts!!!
    get your facts straight. 2011 was simko’s jr. year.what did santiago do his jr. year,did he win his division “NO”. i’ll tell you what he did “SQUAT”. did they even make the playoffs? simko’s team won there division.

  • facts

    Look man please don’t be a Simko homer. His team lost to the Glendora Tartans! He played in the Central Division and I mean lets be honest, the only reputable team on a consistent bases is Rancho Verde who demolished them in the CIF playoffs 42-14! Santiago in a year where CO made their transition to Inland Division the equivalent to Division 2 got his team to the playoffs and lost to the eventual CIF runner up. In there league Chino Hills and Claremont had exceptional years for their programs (particularly Claremont). Santiago did do Squat as he his passed for 2,418 yards and 21 touchdowns his Junior year. Colony’s best win last season was South Hills in week one, other then that Rancho Verde was there other high quality game and they got ran off the field. Charter Oak last year blew South Hills out as well as everyone else in the area. Simko in all reality didn’t do all that much last season, and although he has the game experience, the quality of it is really fuzzy. Chino Hills Schedule in 2010 and 2011 as well as this years 2012 schedule is as good as it gets. Colony’s was terrible. Please don’t come at me unless you have a half decent argument. Ha

  • SGV Fan

    To: I Know Thropay,

    You are too funny. I love the CH clowns that think they can really defeat us next season. Although we lost Santiago and Scoby, we will be very close to the caliber we were in 2011. And if you remember, we spanked CH pretty easily. Now, we also play Amat this coming season, and I know that is going to be our toughest opponent all season, I won’t predict a win there. But that will be a great game. We will beat CH by 2 TD’s plus, while Amat beats CH just as badly, if not worse. Bring on the season.

  • Amat Dad

    Good for CH. I hope this Simko kid makes you a better team. I hope the game is a great game when we play you next season. That’s what HS football is all about, right? But whether it is Simko or Thropay, or whoever CH throws back at QB, the result will be the same. Amat will swarm your QB and the DB’s will be on your receivers like white on rice. You have not played a team like Amat. And for anyone, and I mean anyone that thinks Amat is rebuilding, WOW, what a surprise you are in for.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Facts… your “facts” are whack.

    So the overall weakness of the Mt. Baldy conference was Simko’s fault? You didn’t even mention the fact that Simko split time with Brian Harper at QB until halfway thru the season. Third, you didn’t mention Colony had almost nine turnovers against Glendora and still was in a position to win the game in the end.

    Colony’s best win was against South Hills? Man, you’re a one man wrecking crew of nonsense. Did you even catch any of their games? It sounds like you’re just blowing smoke from your pigeon hole.

    Their best game was probably against Chino, but you wouldn’t know that either.

    He didn’t do that much? Oh I guess leading Colony to the semi finals against Rancho Verde wasn’t anything. The fact Colony lost doesn’t matter because RV went on the win CIF beating whatever the name of that desert school was pretty badly.

    If you’re going to use “facts” as your call sign, at least get them right.

  • Nate

    So 3 schools in 3 years for this student-athlete? That is too bad…hope he and the parents realize that colleges take that into consideration. 3 schools in 3 years only shows me that the kid doesn’t want to compete, doesn’t want to LEAD his team, is looking for the easy route. And don’t believe any of this BS that his coach from Colony isn’t already committed to joining the staff at CH. Sad, sad, sad…

  • I think those doubting Matty Ice’s ability are in for a rude awakening. The kid is a specimen with a nice arm. With more polish put on him this offseason stakced on top of last year’s experience, he’s gonna be one of the top QBs around.

  • Big Dogg

    To The CO Clown and Amat Dad:

    First, you need to do your homework on Simko. The kid is a winner and we will be a much better team with him on it. I’m not going to predict any scores, but the game against CO will not be a repeat of 2011. And if you think CO will be anywhere close to 2011 caliber, then you are smoking way too much. CO will be fighting for third place behind Chino Hills and Damien. As for Amat, o.k. maybe Amat will be a tougher test, and maybe Amat will prove to be a little too much for our young team, but we are at home and I would’nt be surprised if we beat Amat. People forget that we just lost to RC by 1 point, while CO was handled by RC last season. CO is one and done. It will be back to normal next season with Chino Hills regaining the throne of the Sierra.

  • No Spanking this Year!!

    SGV Fan,
    Yes, you guys did win by a wide margin LAST year. If you recall, we were without our first team all league running back Napoles, who unlike your QB and RB, WAS injured. That was a huge difference since he was also our 2nd best defensive player.Shame on Farrar for making it seem like Scooby and Santiago were almost dead…UGH. Notice Bub didn’t say a word about Napoles or use his injury as an excuse.
    If you recall, it was only 10-7 @ Half. You guys were good, i’ll give you that but it was a rebuilding year for us as we only had 1 returning starter on defense and were very young at the skill positions on offense. This year, we return 8 starters on D and 7 on offense. Add Simko and we’ll be much better than last year. You can say that missing Scooby and Santiago won’t hurt but you are only kidding yourself. A kid like Santiago only comes around every once in a while and he was what made you guys good. without him, you were a 3rd place team in league. Be cocky all you want, but CH has a good memory and will be coming for you guys. By the way, I’ve seen the Simko kid workout….he’s the real deal….6’3 215 lbs with an accurate rocket arm and with a target like Austin, it could be fun to watch.

  • BubbyT

    Time for Thropay to go over to Charter Oak where he should be. Hands down – he’d be the starter. All they need is that QB to reload.

  • The Circus Begins

    I really hope Thropay does not transfer to CO. We don’t want him. I hate this new transfer rule, and it will be bad for HS football. Thropay needs to man up and compete with Simko. If Simko beats him out, then hey, live with it. We have a nice competition going on here for QB, and I liked what I saw yesterday. This kid from Amat is actually pretty good. I’m surprised he was the #3 QB at amat. We have three kids battling and they are all looking good. CH will be surprised at just how good we are this year. Anyone doubting we will be as good as last year will taste the wrath when we come to play. Watch out CH and Amat, because CO is loaded once again.

  • Nobody’s mentioned this, but have you started to sense that the gap between teams like CO, CH, Damien and Claremont, South Hills and Ayala is growing even wider?

    If you’re Claremont, South Hills and Ayala, the last thing you want to see is the rich get richer. There could be a giant-sized divide in this league in terms of competitiveness this season.

    I know it’s early, I’m sensing things growing further and further apart between the top 3 and the bottom 3.

  • Pull the trigger now

    Any Freshmen thinking of transferring should do it NOW, before the new rule takes effect on July 1st. If you transfer now you should be able to get in under the old rule which includes the one time free Freshmen transfer. If you transfer under the old rule there should be no sit out period. CIF seems to be dragging their feet on whether or not they are going to grandfather in that part of the rule for existing Freshmen this year. My guess is they don’t want to throw that out there right now because they don’t want to see a crap load of kids running for the exit sign.

  • There goes the dream

    Amat is now in huge trouble in the preseason!

    Servite, Chino Hills, and Charter Oak will defiantly beat down and humiliate the Lancers.

    Too much power, size, and speed on these 3 teams!

  • Coach Hernandez

    I think its ludacris for a kid to transfer that many times in High School. Besides I am not sold on all the hype about size. Chino Hills has a underrated kid at QB who played on Defense last year in Thomas Zorrilla he is the smartest QB they have and makes good reads but hasnt got a chance to play on the offensive side of the ball. The kid doesnt complain just goes about his business. If Chino Hills is smart then wont take Simko seems he has a circus following him.

  • Taz is Solid

    Coach H,
    I agree that Taz (Zorilla) is the smartest kid out there. However, he just doesn’t have the physical tools to get it done on offense. His arm is not strong enough & he’s too short (5’6 or so) He has the heart of a lion, that’ why he is on Defense. I have no doubt that if he was 6’1 and stronger, he’d be a D.1 QB. He is not in the same class as Chadwick, Simko, or Thropay. Speaking of Simko. I watched the kid throw the other day at practice…wow what a cannon. He’s a shoe in to take over the QB spot and Chadwick can concentrate on LB.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ Coach Hernandez:

    Your post is amusing, in a sad sort of way. Poster parents casting their thoughts about the decision making process made by a family and their child. In the end, who cares how many schools he’s gone too. If he wasn’t worth his weight, I doubt anyone on here would be fussing about him. But the fact the kid has talent, suddenly everyone wants to be a critic. He apparently has haters in Claremont that are still bitter (news flash, there’s counseling for that) he left. Then there are those that don’t think he’s worth two bits. That’s fine. Somebody does because if he wasn’t, why complain?

    Taz is Solid is right. Simko does have a strong arm. Thropay is a work in progress. Sorry, he is. He has a bright future, but it isn’t right now. Chadwick is nice, but he doesn’t have the touch Simko does and Zorrilla may be the smartest (in your opinion) but in this day and age, unfortunately, no one is looking for a 5’6 QB as their first option. Not in the NFL, not in college and not in high school.

    In the end, Simko’s parents made the best decision THEY felt were in THEIR child’s interest. If he had another year to go and they wanted to move him to Garay, then that’s their choice. Relax. These are kids. Let them be.

  • I have a whistle and a hat!

    “COACH” Hernandez,
    What do you coach? Let me guess Jr. All American, right? Where the only qualification is a heartbeat and a wanting to work with kids. I love it when these guys throw the word “COACH” around to pad their egos… Just because I win an argument with my wife, i don’t call myself “LAWYER”…
    You are a typical parent, wanting little Billy to play because he is a good kid and was a stud jr all american player 6 years ago. Well, times change my friend it’s called survival of the fittest.

  • Call me Lawyer!

    I just won an argument with my wife, therefore, I am a lawyer! I love the Jr. All American Coach smack. Is it me or does just about every team have the scrappy player that works hard and is pretty good, BUT just isn’t big enough, strong enough or good enough and has the dad or uncle that thinks they are borderline super stars?

    Bet large stacks the 5’6″‘smartest QB ever on CHHS played pee wee football for his dad and was the starting QB! In any event, the best QB will start at CHHS, whomever the COACHES at CHHS believe that is!

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