Is it time for CIF to give Bishop Amat relief? One playoff win since 2005 kinda answers the question …

Editor’s note: To be clear, in order for Amat to change leagues, Amat would have to ASK FOR RELIEF or schools in Amat’s respective parochial area would have to move them out. The CIF office doesn’t do the re-leaguing. But it does do the divisions every two years.

Here’s something all Bishop Amat fans had better start thinking about as your team prepares for the upcoming season — R-E-L-I-E-F.

Amat has just ONE playoff win since 2005.


If that doesn’t change starting with this season, then it’s looking more and more possible that CIF will have NO CHOICE but to give the Lancers relief when it’s time to re-league and re-division in two years.

While CIF won’t publicly say that it takes anything other than recent results into account when re-leaguing and re-divisioning, you can bet they’re aware just how far back Amat’s postseason futility extends.

So that means the Lancers need some postseason success and fast to stave off such a situation.

But is that really such a good idea? Might relief actually be a good thing for Amat?

While I have a hard time believing the business side of CIF would do anything it could to keep a big-ticket item like Amat in the PAC-5, I also know that going by their rules they probably cannot as things currently stand.

Exiting the PAC-5/Division 1 would be a big blow to many Amat fans, and a bit of a status hit. Once they’re over it, though, my bet is they’ll see the light.

Moving the Lancers to somewhere like, say, the Mission League and thus the Western Division may return the program to tangible prominence, i.e. things like league titles and deep postseason runs. The return of some big-time recruits calling the La Puente campus home would likely follow.

By getting relief, my bet is that the business side of Amat football would actually benefit. The longer the season goes, the more games that are played, the more money can be made for CIF and the school. On a business level, it’s in everyone’s best intere$t that Amat’s season lasts longer than 10 or 11 weeks.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is IMMUNE to RELIEF. And nobody, and I mean NOBODY is IMMUNE to being bumped up. Just ask South Hills where it was in 2000 and where it is now.

Yes, big September wins are nice. Beating O-Lu and St. Bonnie’s a few years back was certainly sweet and showed what the Lancers are capable of on a given week. But the playoffs are about MORE THAN ONE GAME.

If things don’t get any better in the month of November, CIF will be forced to make a very tough decision regarding the Lancers’ future and it actually just might work out best for everybody even though several the fan base might go kicking and screaming.

Right now, Amat is losing out on local talent. It’s not a joke. It’s not an opinion. It’s a fact.

Players are seeing that they can get scholarships and win CIF championships at other local schools. Playing at PAC-5 school can only appeal so much to a teenager, who along with his parents is looking at the big picture and seeing that Monrovia and West Covina are winning CIF titles AND getting players out.

The big-time recruits in this Valley are not all playing at Amat any longer. That would likely change with relief.

This is no knock on the current players who strap it up for Amat. This would actually be better for them. As it stands, head coach Steve Hagerty and his staff do a brilliant job of competing and pulling upsets even when they’re out-manned. It’s about time both the players and coaches enjoy the experience of a Week 12 or 13 or 14 or more.

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  • green pastures

    green pastures said:

    Fun Fact of the Day…Sierra canyon (D12) now Midvalley Finished the season ranked higher than Bishop Amat(pac 5) on Maxpreps. Go See for yourself. How will Bishop Talk their way out of this one?

    #56 Sierra Canyon
    #57 Bishop Amat

  • FredJ

    I don’t know if they need relief because they’ve won one playoff game since 2005. They’ve gone 32-13 and won a co-league title in 2010 and were the fourth-seed for the Pac-5 playoffs and got beat in the first round at home, the first home loss in the Hagerty era. That’s on Amat to do better in the playoffs, plain and simple. Also during Hagerty’s era they lost to two eventual CIF champions, Long Beach Poly and Santa Margarita, with the lone win you’re talking about over Mater Dei. Up until last year’s injury-plagued season, they performed well in non-league and league games, but haven’t got it done in the playoffs. This next year could be telling though. On paper, this is the least attractive team of them all, and this far into Hagerty’s tenure, you get the feeling Amat is taking steps back, not forward. They aren’t any closer to a championship today then they were when Hagerty took over, that’s the problem. And if they have a sub. 500 season and miss the playoffs this year and next, I completely agree with Aram that they need to be dropped.

  • Don

    Amat’s biggest problem isn’t brains, Hags and crew has that covered. They still draw some pretty dadburned good athletes too. As a matter of fact, when you factor in the hard work work, heart thing they will always be one of the top teams in the area. The reason they have trouble at the D1 level is that when one of those key guys goes down they gots them some problems. They are nothing if not proud though, and relief? Yeah, they’ll take relief kicking and screaming.

    To win you have to have speed and depth and to a lesser degree, size. Fast teams will always beat slow teams and you need a couple guys on D who will demand the double team to win . Now, you can have the best QB or the best ball carrier or the best Defensive End and be dominate but if that guy gets hurt you have problems. Unless you have someone waiting to pick up the slack.

    That then is the difference between the haves and the have-nots in fallsport . . . depth. Maybe he’s an underclassman waiting for a chance, maybe he’s playing a different position, as long as you can plug him in and keep doing what it takes to keep you winning. Yeah, you need smart coaches with smart schemes and yeah, you need some big uglies up front and for sure you need some fast guys because nobody ever wins by chasing the other team down the field.

    Mostly though, you gotta have depth. Guys to step in and keep the army moving forward when your #1 twists an ankle or a knee, tweaks his shoulder or gets his brain pan rattled. The best teams have ALL the bases covered and the better teams have most of ’em ready. WestCo with 180 kids? Sounds about right.

  • Sad but true

    I think Amat has 2 big problems.
    1. Money – The big Orange Co. privates are beating everyone up with their big wads of cash. Take a tour of OLu, MD, SM, and see what kinds of facilities that they have invested their tuition money into. In addition to the Trinity teams you have the likes of Oaks, St. Bonnies, Loyola, Crespi, ND, and teams from the South Coast league all with large bank rolls.
    2. Talent level – The SGV is in a down cycle of talent. Yes, there is still some individual talent here but we don’t have the large numbers of talent that we use to have which is bound to have a negative effect on all schools but especially a school like Amat that use to thrive on beating teams down with their overall depth.

    I think the admin. at Amat need to take a step back and look at the big picture. Step down to a lower level, win a title or two, and then re-inter the Pac-5 with some momentum.

  • Mission League Gauntlet

    The Mission League is NOT relief!
    Gardena Serra and West Hills Chaminade are not scared of Amat. Amat can play for third with St. Francis and renew their rivalry with St. Paul.

    Guys…look at Amat’s baseball league…if that were thier football league that would be relief.

    They would win playoff games in Div IV though.

  • green pastures

    The top Five teams in the SGV could do exactly what Bishop is doing.. getting blown out by top pac 5 teams, Barely beating Garfield, win one league game, and get into the playoffs by coin flip. Hags not a winner, the talent is average, and the only game they play their hearts out in is when they play a SGV lower division. They Usually win that game, then brag about dominance…A championship to BA is beating a lower level SGV team. That’s what the parents pay for. They just want to walk around say My son plays pac 5, your son plays in D25 lol…hahah

    Sierra Canyon ranked 56th
    Bishop Amat ranked 57th

  • 238

    The fact is that there are many, many teams in the Southern section that want and/or need relief in the upcoming cycle. I expect multiple teams to move leagues. Expect some entirely new leagues to be created. I have heard that teams like Charter Oak, South Hills, Glendora, Garey, Alta Loma, Bishop Amat, and many more are teams that could be on the move voluntarily. Other teams like Damien/St, Lucys, Colony, and other could be on the move involuntarily.

  • saladays

    Wow can’t even imagine that. But the same can be said for Edison and Los Al.

    Hagerty is a good coach but they need to evolve their defensive and offensive game.

    They are very simple on both sides of the ball and have no tactical advantage. If they were D3 or lower they would win CIF with they way they play. Because of their discipline, toughness, size, and speed. but in D1 or D2 many teams have that. For example Servite was just getting by with their defense under 40 ( which is the same defense Santa Margarita runs) but are now a midline option team and have become offensively formidable. Mission Viejo can’t win in D1 with a simple offensive scheme and they do to much on defense. They probably have the most talent year in and out.

    Imagine Bishop Amat running a high level Wing T ala Bellevue with all the backs and wing backs available in San Gabriel Valley. or an Air Raid offense like Mike Leach in Washington State Bishop would have the Qbs lining up and the offense is suited for the undersized athletic receivers that are all over the valley. You have these great skill players at Amat but they have to wait their turn to be I back.

    If they put in and learn a complete offensive system the kids would come flocking and the OC would be in trouble!

  • Lancelot

    Aram, you really swung for the Blog fence with this one. Now your stale blog will get some real hits. Your other stale, who cares topics have just about run their courses; unless Scoby transfers AGAIN or people re-think the fact that monrovia is just a really good D11 team….I’d toss a Bishop Amat thread right about now too. I was gonna comment but I will wait so I can read some more of the Amat haters posts on why Amat needs “relief”? Why would you/should you care anyway? Where Amat plays, How they play, Who they play and where they finish should be a concern of Lancer Parents,Players, Coaches and Fans. I really don’t see why you are always so interested in what happens at Bishop Amat anyway? You are/have always been an obvious detractor of Bishop Amat….Let it go, oh wait, then your blog page would dry up…AGAIN!

  • FredJ

    Green pastures, you forgot Monrovia’s state ranking, 159. If there are five teams who could do what Amat did this past season, who are they? Amat beat Crespi and lost by a combined seven points to Alemany and Notre Dame? That’s not exactly getting blown out by Pac-5 teams. The Pac-5 teams that had their way way with them, Servite and Santa Margarita, were two of the best teams in California. Of all the teams in the SGVN coverage area, in my opinion the best teams with chances of winning those types of games are St. Francis, West Covina and Charter Oak, but they haven’t done so yet. You can make a great argument with St. Francis, who to me is the best team on the westside. They went 9-3 with only losses to Serra, Chaminade and eventual champ Arroyo Grande. To me, you can make a great argument that St. Francis was the best team in our readership area last season, even better than West Covina and Monrovia, the two champs. St. Francis beat 7-3 St. Paul, they blew out Paramount 45-28, the same team that Monrovia squeaked past 40-36 (arguably Monrovia’s best win on the resume, even Observant will tell you that.) Plus, St. Francis beat Arcadia, another team that beat Monrovia. I don’t think we as a group, give St. Francis enough credit.

  • green pastures

    Lancerlittle, LMAO

    Hater, your right but the big thread will be when BA losing to CO, CHILLS, no playoffs, and no signees on FEB1…I can’t wait to see you strut your stuff then…oh yeah, we will seee you spewing hate on the Monrovia thread, about how their D11 team sucks, How their midvalley back to back to back is not off the hook, especially after Monrovia beats a team who is currently ranked higher than you and they are coming out of D12… How their 4-5 College signed athletes are no good…yeah, strut your hate feathers peacock. LOL,

    Sierra Canyon #56
    Bishop Amat #57

  • green pastures

    We all know Monrovia is ranked 159 but Sierra canyon is Ranked 56th and BA is ranked 57th… on Maxpreps.. FACT!

  • FredJ

    Why do we care about Sierra Canyon, there are a lot of teams outside the SGV with higher-rankings than Amat. If we’re talking SGV, Chater Oak was ranked No. 39, West Covina No. 52 and St. Francis, No. 84..

  • New York

    We need more context. How many playoff games have all the other Pac-5 teams won in the past 5 years? It seems like success is concentrated at the top within most divisions. No need to drop Amat based on this one statistic.

  • green pastures

    Loyola ranked 27th
    Alemany ranked 32nd
    Sierra canyon 56th
    Lacers ranked 57th
    Crespi ranked 51st
    Monrovia ranked 159

    haha Monrovia is going blow sierra canyon out and st Francis this season…hahaha

    Poor Lancers… What formula allows a D 12 team TO BE ranked higher than you in any standing on any site, in any universe…Maxpreps….that’s who….it’s valid when BA is Ranked top ten, or when you need to strut your strength of schedule around the SGV,,, or when you like you power ratings lol

  • Lancelot

    I’ll keeping strutting my feathers (because I can and I have feathers to strut) while you keep spewing your ignorance (because the apples and oranges in your fruit basket are one and the same). And please try to stay on topic. Any kid who continues their education while playing football IS A GOOD THING but we aren’t really talking about that are we? NO, but you have nothing to offer on the subject so I understand your frustration at making yourself sound credible in this argument/forum/discussion.

  • FredJ

    Sierra Canyon and Paraclete are no joke. If they were in the Mid-Valley Division this past year, they would have played for that title too. Adding these two to the Mid-Valley makes them instant favorites.

  • green pastures

    Servite did not beat any team on their schedule by more than 3 tds they by 5. Except for the horrid LB Wilson!

    Santa Margarita did whip on teams by more than they beat Amat. However, BA shouldn’t be getting spanked like that by anyone….

    If you factor in the one playoff win in a long time, the losing at home, no semis, no finals, no league titles…I don’t know NY…your a Mtown fan so you are reasonable..

  • green pastures

    FREDJ i agree with you. The mid needed a real threat to monrovia.

    Hey Lancelittle, you are a “plucked chicken” don’t attack me, I just posted Maxprep rankings… Attack Aram, he created the spread. Classic bishop fake left go right, follow by a insult to bloggers credibility etcc…Yawn… Why is BA not top 50 in Cali any more Huh tough credible guy lol.

  • Colt74

    If I COULD have the choice of sending my kids to Bishop Amat a D-1 school or Bishop Amat and D-3 school. I would send my kids to the D-1 version.

    Bishop Amat is a great school and all things run in cycles. Leave them alone. They are where THEY want to be and that should count for 99% of any equation.

    When I pay my money to go to a Bishop Amat game I know I will get my moneys worth and see some great football. It may not turn out how I wanted it to turn out…But you will NEVER hear me say I did not see a hell of a football game.

    Sometimes playing against the best comes with it’s lumps…but it’s still playing against the best.

  • sgv scouting

    Aram — Based on the data from the last four years, Amat is a tough situation because the Serra League (as a whole) has done pretty darn good in the playoffs. Now Amat may not be successful, but you look at the Alemany’s, Notre Dame’s and the Crespi’s, it makes it very tough to convince a sane person that the Serra League needs relief.

    In regards to re-leaguing that will be taking place next year….


    But the data clearly shows that the Serra League is one of the top three leagues in Southern California…

  • Amat is 1 for 7…OUCH!

    The Amat folks need to realize that they are not a relevant team in the Pac 5. A great example of this is 2 years ago when they were the #4 and they lost in the first round, at home to a 3rd place Tesoro team that Chino Hills beat earlier in the year. The MIGHTIEST program in the SGV has one playoff win in the last 7 years. They need to drop down so they can dominate their division like D.11 Monrovia…lol, what a joke. I don’t know where Amat would go though because if they went to D.2, they wouldn’t get past the 2nd round their either. They would not beat Centennial, Vista Murrieta, Upland, REV, Rancho, chino hills, etc.

    Sad but true,
    Poor argument….the public schools in the Pac 5 are doing just fine! Look at Tesoro, San Clemente, Mission Viejo….they are very competetive. I do agree with you that the SGV is wayyyyy behind on talent…that is just simple demographics my fiend. Look at the dominant population in the SGV….not exactly your typical D1 or pro football types.

    “If there are five teams who could do what Amat did this past season, who are they? Amat beat Crespi and lost by a combined seven points to Alemany and Notre Dame?” …… and how did all those teams do in the Pac 5 playoffs???….they were all one and done!

  • green pastures

    I took time out of my Busy day to go see BA play Servite, and SM…those were the most lopsided games I’ve seen in years…I also saw Westco play La Serna… very lopsided. I saw Monrovia play Covina, very lopsided…. Colt 74

  • Fred keeps crowing about this Crespi win. Crespi didn’t even make the playoffs. And it was the worst Crespi team in years.

    Fred and the unrealistic Amat fans keep hanging their hat on beating a Crespi team that missed the playoffs and the fact that they’d be favored to beat any local team.

    Fortunately, I personally know some true Amat fans who know that bragging about being a favorite over a local team in a mythical game and beating a Crespi team that missed the playoffs is not considered success.

    It’s typical Fred, Joe Amat and Amat 73 behavior, when the argument turns toward “what have you done in your own neck of the woods?” these guys hit back with “well, we’d beat Monrovia” Great. Congrats. You’d beat Monrovia. And you beat D-Ranch three years ago.

  • green pastures

    The SGV has on few all americans in last few years, and several D1 signees…

    Ellis McCarthy
    Kevon Seymour
    Brandon Cox-nominated

    SGV is a very small area compared to Inland Empire, and OC… For it’s size the SGV packs a punch.

    Really CIF should do away with regional placement and move some sgv teams around…like

    Monrovia Div 4-7 upgrade
    West Covina Div 3-4 updrade
    BA Div 3-4 downgrade
    CO div 4-7 downgrade
    Damien Div 4

  • Sad but true

    @ 1 for 7
    My point was that you need to have 1 of those 2 things going for you. either a lot of talent, which all of the South Coast schools do as does LB Poly and Lakewood or you need a big bank roll like the Trinity schools have in order to draw the top talent into your program. Some of these schools are fortunate enough to have both large sums of money and a large pool of talent. Schools like Oaks and OLu just went out and hired very expensive top notch D1 college football coaches which will certainly help to bring in top end players from all over So Cal. Many of these big time wealthy private schools have weight rooms and practice facilities that rival that which is found on elite NCAA football campuses. As the saying goes, “money talks and bulls**t walks”.

  • green pastures

    ARAM Bishop Amat is 2-1 vs Monrovia. I am sure were they were bigger favorites in 83 then they are ’12 so. You are right, they are delusional. The only thing that can’t be said is the Monrovia team scheduled. Mtown will have to schedule them to settle this. CO and CHills do get preps for stepping up. However is bishop loses 1 of those two games…it’s a new era

  • Sad but true

    @ Green pastures
    Yes, there are a few kids here and there that are still great talents. But there was a time here in the SGV when it wasn’t unusual to see a number of schools have 5-8 D1 scholarship athletes from any given class. The last couple of years I don’t think the entire valley combined had more then 10 D1 scholarship athletes in any one year. The housing boom in the outlining areas of So Cal over the past 10-20 years has moved the deep talent base away from the SGV and into those newly built up areas.

  • 2011 Crespi
    7-3 overall, 1-3 in league

    Actually, they were 6-4 on the field, but Vista Murrieta forfeited.

    Combined record of the NONLEAGUE teams Crespi beat ON THE FIELD was 21-32.

    Crespi’s lone league win was by two points over 6-4 Notre Dame.

    Having said all that, I agree this is PROBABLY the best win by any SGV team last season, which scares me as to how bad things might be both in regard to Amat and the entire SGV. Maybe St. Francis had something comparable, but it’s debatable.l

  • FredJ

    Aram, read my first comment, where am I being unrealistic in terms of evaluating Amat. Crespi, Loyola and other Pac-5 teams on Amat’s schedule to compare with Monrovia in a head-to-head game is completely fair. It has nothing to do with how I measure Amat’s success, it’s how I measure them up against a D-11 opponent. People bring up the head-to-head comparisons in the blog room so I give my reasons why Amat would win certain games. Here’s my question to you in terms of the pound-for-pound argument and your all encompassing top 25. I get why you rank Monrovia No. 1 ahead of Amat, St. Francis, Charter Oak and West Covina, all teams ranked higher than Monrovia in state computer polls. By using your pound-for-pound logic, though, how come Rio Hondo Prep, arguably the best pound-for-pound team in the area, isn’t even in your top 25? If pound-for-pound is your criteria, use it for all the teams, not the selective few you want.

  • green pastures

    Normally when you talk bishop amat football, it’s about winning league, going deep in the playoffs, winning titles, All Americans and Sending players to the top schools. Now it’s about can they beat lower level schools, will they win more than one game in league, will they make the playoffs, why they can’t win in the pac 5, should the move down, the lack of talent, D1 prospect…is hags a good coach…and transfers…I grew up in the 90’s…wow things have change.

    This is Sad times At BAHS…

  • Fred,

    Pound for pound is only PART of what I use. I don’t have my formula broken up into percentages, but I do consider how teams would do against each other.

    Take Arroyo and Amat for example.

    Better season last year? Arroyo. Won league/won playoff game. Won 10 games.

    Who would win head to head? Amat by tons.

    But when it comes to teams like Monrovia, WestCo, CO, I think it’s not out of the realm to say they could run with and/or beat Amat. I don’t think you could say the same about Arroyo or Rio Hondo Prep.

    Perhaps you’re right, I don’t give RHP enough credit. I just thought without their stud back, they might slip a bit. But then again, that program is always good.

  • To be clear, in order for Amat to change leagues, Amat would have to ASK FOR RELIEF or the schools in Amat’s respective parochial area would have to move them out. Much like how our area moved South Hills and CO to the Sierra. The CIF office doesn’t do the re-leaguing. But it does do the divisions every two years.

  • Amar fan -1

    Why does little FredJ feel such a deep and consuming need to protect and defend Amat way more than the Amat Blowhards themselves?

    It’s such a sad situation for this little guy! What’s gonna happen to him when Amat misses the 2012 playoffs? PLAYOFFS…? Pla…Pla…Playoffs? LMFAO…

    Not in 2012

  • New York

    Your business argument is not air tight. Some of those large gate receipts might be attributable to football fans wanting to watch Amat’s big-time, nationally ranked opponents. If Amat drops down and fills its schedule with lesser-known teams, then the gates might drop off as well. Just a thought.

    Amat needs to take a different approach: Do what it takes to restore the program to Division I prominence. You have a responsibility to the entire San Gabriel Valley….

  • I love how defensive the bishop Amat fans get when called to their record. They live in the past when the school was a formidable force in the valley. Today, they are average and sometimes over-rated by a certain person named Fred at the tribune. But hey all of this controversy creates interest and interest supposedly sells more advertising. Fred, next season after your golden boy graduates you will hopefully provide more unbiased reporting. We shall see.

  • Fred

    Whats bias about writing Amat would beat Monrovia and most teams in the sgv…it’s common sense, they haven’t lost to an sgv team since 2002….I know that irks everyone, but those are facts….btw sgv, when did Amat stop becoming a force in the valley? When u write nonsense like that, I gotta correct u…

  • Fredj

    Once again, not saying Amat is a super power or anything else. They’re an average PAC 5 team. But the fact is , they’re still better than other sgv teams till proven otherwise On the field…if u disagree back it up with facts … But I know, it’s easier to just call me fan boy

  • green pastures


  • AMAT 73

    greener pastures,
    If you don’t want to hear who Monrovia lost to then why bring up their record against AMAT . That’s 2 losses you don’t want to hear about aren’t they . Too bad you have bring up a game from the 80’s to find when Monrovia played and beat AMAT . Doesn’t that tell you something on how those pastures got so green .

  • Amat Fan -1

    Hey “Fan Boy” FredJ why don’t stick to the topic at hand…

    Amat is no longer worthy of PAC 5 ‘participation’! They must be dropped!

    BTY, when Amat is number 20 out of 29 teams in the 2011 PAC 5 record books, Amat is a Below Average team! That’s not my opinion. That’s a statistical FACT…! Go ahead and explain away…

    Not in 2012 either…

  • Ai Dios Mio!

    Amat 73

    Please stay on topic with Aram. The Lancers need R E L I E F…!

    Hagerty will be Far Far Superior in Division 3 – errrr…What’s the Western Division again?

    Is that below Charter Oak and Chino Hills?

    Wow…the fallen and they can’t get up!

  • Must be desperate Aram

    ARAM Thinking: What to do when no one is on the blogs and we aren’t getting hits to make payroll… How about we say Amat is dropping divisions… That’s going to get at least a 100 hits today… and then we’ll find a way to put in Monrovia, Charter Oak, South Hills in the article.. to get a 100 more hits.. Great Job Aram.. you’re doing your job.. I think it’s time to ask for a raise..

  • Interesting that Amat Baseball plays in a weak Division and their football plays in too strong of a Division. Both sports should be adjusted to fit their perspective records, competition parity and solely with the athletes best interests in mind. Getting wiped out in the PAC 5 in football or playing in a weak baseball division isnt doing whats best for the development of the kids. Fred, your going to have a hard time hyping the next BA protege after the current class of seniors graduate. Good luck with that, but hey thats what you get paid for!

  • FredJ

    Amat baseball plays in a weak division but makes up for it with a super tough non-league schedules and tournaments like the National Classic. Amat didn’t get state and national rankings in baseball the past two years because it competed in the Del Rey and won a D-4 title. It was ranked because of who it beat on the schedule. That’s a good lesson for lower level teams, you want respect on the state and national level, you have to schedule and beat teams at the state and national level. Good point SGV.

  • green pastures

    Amat fans are notorious for getting of topic.

    Servite-blow out

    St Paul-Asante signature game..known for beating at least one pac 5 opponent

    Charter Oak-Battle for SGV life

    Chino Hills-plays well as the “under dog”

    1-4 heading into league

    Alemany- owns BA

    Loyola-Better than last year/already beat Amat

    Crespi- Looking for revenge over a depleted BA squad

    Notre Dame -Better than last season

    2-8 at this point

    Pac 5 playoffs-???? won’t be a coin flip this year…

    Sierra Canyon #56
    Bishop Amat #57

    Ranked #4 in SGV

    Feel free to make revisions to this prospectus. I am sure some Amat skitz

  • Question

    Other than DJ Daniels, why does Amat not get more Pasadena guys? How does Alemany get all of their kids? Steven Mitchell (Top 100 Rivals), Devin Ross (5-6 D-1 offers), the freshmen Desean Holmes (offers from Utah and Washington), and the two Oregon State kids Marable and Gonzales, that awesome QB they had Adams and all of the other filler kids. How is a school in the SFV snatching them all up and a school in the SGV isn’t? Even Crespi has a Pasadena stud in Foreman (8 D-1 offers). The SGV has talent, mostly in the WSGV, so why can’t Amat capitalize?

  • Let me just be plain old blunt with you about this. In order to do things like that you need to hustle. The Amat coaches aren’t about to be up in Pasadena planting the Amat flag. And those types of guys aren’t just gonna end up on Amat’s doorstep. And despite what people say about Gano and Damien, they’re actually doing a poor job of hustling, too. It certainly hasn’t gone down like many people thought it would when Gano was hired.

    In my opinion, both Amat and Damien are being handicapped by the powers that be who don’t want to do the things necessary to be an elite parochial football program. And that’s OK. That’s their choice.

    Now, Asante at St. Paul is a different story. The school is clearly letting him do what it takes.

    When Amat and Damien want to realize that football is a business, and football success = more students and more students = more money, then they’ll allow the programs to do what they need to do to get the type of talent they need to compete.

    Some of you may call this wrong. And you’ve certainly got a point. But you either do it or 6-4 is your ceiling.

  • Question

    That makes a lot of sense. I just figured they were trolling the wrong areas for their talent, but to say they aren’t “hustling” like other schools must frustrate some Amat fans.

    From what I hear Alemany has firmly planted their flag in Pasadena. I just assumed that SGV schools like Amat and St. Francis would take advantage of all that talent in their own Valley. I know Rodney Sermons has a lot of Pasadena ties, I wonder why he doesn’t use them, it’s the best area for football talent in the area bar none and it’s a wonder how the Harrington brothers were able to tap the well before Hags and Co. Especially, since those are the same players who are leading Alemany over Amat ever since they joined the league.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Aram you see what I started. I just love seeing Freddie, Joe Amat and Amat 73 on the defensive.

  • Fred Rolaids–o

    How do you spell R-E-L-I-E-F?

    ” W E S T E R N D I V I S I O N… ”

    Steve “R-E-L-I-E-F” Hagery already knows he and his Lancers are going to get their collective azzez handed to them in 2012.

    In a recent interview with his favorite fan…errrr: Fred J Robledo (Blog 04/30/12) Hagerty is directly quoted as saying:

    “We’re fighting to get on top and we’re NOT EVEN CLOSE right now.” I say Wow…! No need to buy season tickets for Kancer field in 2012.

    Hagerty is later quoted by FredJ as saying:
    “HOW do we bridge that gap that appears to be widening between us and the Pac-5?” HOW…? He’s asking FredJ for unbiased and honest advise…? LOL…

    There you have it Amat Nation! Your head football coach is at a loss for how to compete in the PAC 5! He doesn’t even know “HOW” to compete against his division. AND its only May! Injuries, Grades, and Summer Defections haven’t even occurred yet…!

    Hagerty also tells FredJ:
    “I think there’s adequate people to fill those spots. We just need to get them coached up and taught up…”
    Translation: I have no studs, no superstars, and we’re gonna suck in 2012. My Cupboard is empty and I ain’t got the horses to run with!

    If that doesn’t cry out for desperation, humiliation, and embarrassment, what else does Hagerty have to say that will convince you otherwise?
    – Amat 73
    – Joe Amat
    – Covina Colt 74
    – LanceaLot
    – Amat Blowhard

    What say you, old timer(s)…?

  • No Playoffs In 2012

    Where’s the relief for Bishop Amat in the 2012 schedule?

    Chino Hills
    La Mirada
    Charter Oak

    And that’s just the non-league schedule. They could certainly lose all 4 games and get shut out in the Serra also. Am I wrong? I mean this certainly is not Garfield, Venice and Cathedral.

    I’m sorry to say it but I won’t be surprised if we see Bishop Amat at 2 – 8 by the end of the 2012 season!

  • AMAT 73

    Kennedy Bryant,
    I have not seen Joe post on here as of this time .The only other AMAT blogger to post is Lancelot . My only post was to greener pastures who came on here yelling ( all capitals )to Fred on how he does not want to hear about who Monrovia lost to but writes about Monrovia’s 1-2 record against AMAT . Doesn’t make much sense to not want to hear it then write about it , does it ??? I believe you were on the team that beat AMAT in think in the 80’s ??? Either way this is a thread for the bloggers opinion and really not us because it’s all speculation on Aram’s part and makes for a good hit count.
    Hey Aram since you took another pot shot at me with your perception on how I post, how about answering my question to you or are you dodging it on how or why West Covina lost their number one spot to Monrovia . They finished number one and should start at number one and how did they wind up below AMAT ????? What changed , did thy lose the look or is the juice leaking out of the program or could it be ?????? As I said my post had nothing to do with AMAT not being number one, only answering a question posed by New York as to why I thought Monrovia doesn’t get the same respect as WC,CO,CH, and of course AMAT which you reacted with your wallflower post to me .

  • Great For The SGV

    Amat was a team of the ’70s and ’80s. They did their thing and the records books say so. But like Egypt, Bell Bottom pants, and GinNTonic, Amat is history! They represent the past in the SGV.

    The perpetual 17 years of losing at Amat football is the best thing that can happen for the rest of the SGV Football Programs. Its given so much more exposure for the SGV. Teams like Charter Oak, West Covina, and even Chino Hills get more regional and national attention to their consistent winning programs. Charter Oak and Chino Hills have now scheduled out of state teams. They play or will play on regional and national tv. Their respective studs on those teams will be more visible and garner more national attention from college recruiters. That then brings more attention to other programs like D-Ranch, Monrovia, San Dimas, South Hills, Baldwin Park, etc etc. Bottom line, the more Amat loses, the more our SGV teams gain.

  • Fred Rolaids–o

    Amat 73

    Take your own advice for Aram and please stay on topic with Aram.

    TOPIC: The Lancers need R E L I E F…!

    BTW, you haven’t answered questions either!

    Lets try it again: If that doesn’t cry out for desperation, humiliation, and embarrassment, what else does Hagerty have to say that will convince you otherwise?

    As an analyst/expert and overall Know-It-All of SGV football, what say you?

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Ok let me start by saying I see some very good arguments on both sides and in reality if I had attended BA instead of MHS Id be defending Amat just as vigorously as I do MHS. But this is a serious time for the Amat faithful, we all often poke fun at Joe Amat and Amat 73, Lancelot and I consider those guys blogger brothers. Even though its hard to admit sometimes they make very valid arguments. Yes some of its to hate on MHS and to get me and my fellow Monrovia Homers to make argument defending MHS. Having said that the Lancer should stay where they are and not move down to the WESTERN DIVISION. THAT POST WAS HILARIOUS BTW.
    However, in order for Amat to regain its swag they need to change and change in a hurry. First and foremost SPEND SOME MONEY you need to invest in full paid tuition and scholarships, update your facilities and entice future Lancers to want to go there. Pat Haden is very wealthy Alum you can find him @ USC and just have him read these blogs as evidence that the perception Amat isnt what is it once was and once storied program is in need of HELP and he should leverage some of his wealth and influence to ensure Amat doesnt go the way of Pius the X
    I want Amat to stay just were there simple because, it can be said that Monrovia and BA are very similar; The Wildcats are the LA Lakers and the Lancers are the NY Yankees. You either love us or hate us and based on the number of hits on the blog you can see that to be true. Nobody comes on the blog to discuss anyone else and if youre honest with yourself youd admit it and I surely dont want that to change. Hopefully theyll get divine intervention and play miraculously this season and next so CIF leaves AMAT where they are. This is how I see it.
    In closing I have been following football in the SGV for over 4 decades and there are only 4 or 5 teams in the ALL EMCOMPASSING SGV that warrant respect for their winning ways and tradition of winning. In my view no other schools have a tradition of winning and a tradition of GREATNESS. I base this on one simple fact; I believe these are the only three teams that have played in a CIF CHAMPIONSHIP GAME in every decade since 1970. Every other program is a Flash in the Pan.
    Excluding RIO Hondo because Rio played a majority of it championship in the 8-man division but one could argue for them to be on the list.

  • AMAT 73

    Kennedy Bryant,
    Nice post . Yes the blogging brothers as you say like to joust with each other and at times it’s fun because basically we all get it as the saying goes. It’s not as easy as you think getting the money from the Alumni and in the master plan for AMAT a new stadium is on the list . There are other areas that are in need of improvement, coming up is a state of the art performing arts building .We paid off or are very close to paying off the Student Center so that’s next. We also need more land and at one time we were having talks with Bassett school district on purchasing a piece of some of their unused land next door to AMAT .That money has to come from fund raising , donations and other areas as we do not receive tax dollars as the publics do. It’s not as easy as you think to hand out free tuition and really not fair to have the bulk of it for athletic scholarships and not academic ones. In these economic times with less money for tuition ( $7000 alone + books and other things) for families on tight budgets and the improvement of public education and athletic programs many opt for that avenue . Yes football does bring in money and deep runs into CIF bring money also and the staff is working hard trying to do just that . But believe me no way will we go the way of Pius X and dissappear . Good luck to your Wildcats this season and I hope you make a run at the state title but first get those early wins that put a damper on that last season . Maybe soon we see a game where AMAT gets a shot at revenging that last loss to you .

  • Just Saying’

    What the hell is this Old Toothless Wildlitten smoking this morning? How dare you Insult our Lakers with that stupid comparison? Lakers are royalty!

    What part of Next To Last Division 11 don’t you understand “Teddy” Kennedy?

    40 years of SGV football tought you nothing old man!

    If anything MHS is more like the Florida Marlins. A couple of meaningless rings and back to the bottom.

    Amat #1

  • New York

    Amat 73,
    Give us a breakdown of Amat’s 1990’s Championship teams, the one that beat Loyola in the finals and then Sylmar in the Reebok Bowl in 1992 and the one that beat again beat Loyola in the finals in 1995. I thought you had more star power and national acclaim on the 1994 team that lost to Mater Dei.

    I am curious about the star power on the championship teams. 1992 had Sermons? Who else (as upper classmen). 1995 had Sr. Ralph Brown, Jr. Brian Pollak, Sr. OL Ray Martinez and Ernest Fiero. Ray and Ernest were good and big, but certainly not dominant like Brian. Brian pretty much overwhelmed Loyola in the finals, and Amat’s offense was pretty simple: Run Brown behind Pollak…

    Where I am going is that my impression of Amat’s championship teams in the 1990’s is that they were not necessarily filled with bluechippers, even though they beat LB Poly in 1995, and they beat Fontana in 1992, as did Muir in pre-season. Therfore, I don’t think it would take a major influx of trasfers…just a couple and then a bunch of guys to play inspired football around them.

    If you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, I’d enjoy learning more.

  • Sir Relic

    Must be Football season, the serpant of slime that is notsincelecherovadar95notin has reared his multi-named, repeticious head already. Ha,Ha, Ha….Man it is way too early for the likes of this clown isn’t it?

    KB-Respect Brother. Chewed some of the same dirt w/you back in the day. RIP Mark G. (that’s all I’ll say about the old days). Good post.

    Amat is just where they need to be and should always stay. The bottom line is known by all Amat Faithful, until Monsignor A.C. is bounced/retires Amat is stuck defending our school and its traditions and reputation with only the Pride we have in our school and in being or once being a Lancer student/player/teacher/parent. That and the bare minimum of financial assistance from the administration. The Amat Family will ultimately survive M.A.C. era.

  • New York

    Just Sayin,

    STOP embarassing AMAT! Your logic makes ZERO sense. How can you say the Marlins have two meaningless rings? Major League Baseball has just ONE World Series. It is not as if the Marlins two rings came in double-A ball….lolololol.

    I understand why people make claims about the differences among divisions, but taking a shot at the Marlins’ two rings is a major disconnect, because those to came in the MAJOR LEAGUE. In YOUR mind that is likely the equivalent of the Pac-5. Let me help. The Marlins might be more like Santa Margarita if Coach Harry Welch goes away, or sorta like Edison: A couple great runs on the big stage and then dropping off.

    Even though Monrovia only started winning our CIF championship games two years ago, our staying power and our record of making it to the CIF finals in MULTIPLE divisions is quite impressive. Think about it. Diamond Ranch put themselves on the map with just two appearances in finals games, in the same division. OK. Monrovia has played in 11 CIF finals in probably 5 or 6 different divisions going back to the 1940s. Sure, there is a big difference in how you feel after game 14 when you win than win you lose. However, just think about how many times Monrovia has won at least three post-season games in all those different divisions….

    For all you clowns who call us the “Billy Cats,” ask yourselves how many times your own school has had a year when they have defeated three opponents in the playoffs in a given season. Historically, a lot of those victories have come against schools from the Los Padres league, the Foothill League, the Ocean and Bay League, etc. Remember, too, the year San Dimas beat us in the finals, MONROVIA was the team to knock off the defending Champs Paraclete up at their own house in Palmdale. How many of you guys on the ESGV have had to travel lately in your playoff games? When is the last time someone traveled 4+ hours north to play a game? That was a routine playoff trip for Monrovia, including one of our close championship losses.

    I can’t wait for Monrovia to get into the same division as the other ESGV schools. Now that we have an organized and focused coaching staff and state of the art facilities, we are gonna roll you guys.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Just Sayin:
    Royalty huh, like that Royal A.W. They took last night at the hands of the Denver Nuggets. Ill bet you your last Food Stamp that the Wildcats have a better chance at winning a Championship in 2012 then the FAKERS this season. Furthermore, your ignorance on DIV 11 is evident as you have no clue as to what you speak. This goes for all of you clowns out there that keep talking about Div 11 you can ask any college football scout/recruiter who is evaluating talent and teams and they will tell you the only difference between Div I and Div 11 is the size of the lineman, and the competition gap between DIV 11 and Div III is minimal at best. But you Just Sayin wouldnt understand this as you rode the pine or fetched water for the starters on every team you ever played for; whether they played in DIV I or 8-Man football.
    So go fetch me some water, get me a new mouth piece and dont forget to ask the equipment manager for a jock strap as your in great need of athletic support to even get in the game.

  • The REAL Just Sayin’

    Sometimes I’m sayin’ and sometimes I’m askin’ – but if you can’t tell that last post was NonSense in disguise you’re not following along very closely.

    Take a look at “Ai Dios Mio” and “Fred Rolaids-o” below and tell me it’s not the same fool.

  • Roger Mahornee

    M.A.C. is a fine young man. I have many tender and found memories of us together.

    You leave him alone!

    Stick to Aram’s topic: “Bishop Amat dropped to the Western Division”

  • Just Saying’

    This “Teddy” Kennedy guy actually believes there’s NO difference between Gardena Serra or Arroyo Grande or West Covina or Rancho Verde or Oaks Christian or Summit? They are all the same, he says. In fact he remembers national college recruiters telling him so. Hah! Straight to his face, he says! No lying, he says! Really? Reeeahly? Even more stupid is the fact that he thinks that Division 11 powerhouses like the Billy Cats or Covina or Azusa could actually compete with these teams. LOL! How stupid are you “Teddy”? Stick to your fishbowl west of the 605 fwy. You don’t want any of this big boy football!

    “You sir are no John Kennedy”!

    MHS meaningless rings in D 11 straight out of a cracker jack box! Change your name to MHS Marlins!

    Amat #1

  • Too funny

    @ K Bryant
    What a clueless clown you are. You win 2 recent championships in D11 and all of a sudden your one of the greatest teams in SGV history. Your the Lakers?? too funny. The Lakers actually win championships in the highest level of professional basketball. I don’t see any CBA or D League banners hanging in the rafters at Staples. By the way your information is incorrect. Muir has only been in championships games in the 80’s (which they won) but never in the 70’s, 90’s, or 2000’s. You completely missed on the biggest dynasty team in the valley, that being Los Altos with championships (not 1st looser trophies) in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. How about Charter Oak with championships (not 1st looser trophies) in the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s, and if you want to give them credit for Royal Oak (merged with Charter Oak in the 80’s) then they have the 70’s and 60’s covered as well. The truth of the matter is that Monrovia shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as storied programs like South Hills, St Paul, Amat, Charter Oak, Los Altos, or even programs like Diamond Bar of the 80’s and 90’s, or Temple City of the 70’s, 80’s. Unlike Monrovia, all of these teams have several CIF Championships and all in high divisions then that Pop Warner Division that you won last 2 years. By the way the only reason Monrovia gets so many hits on this blog is due to the delusional posts that so many of you narcissistic freaks are always posting.

  • New York

    The only bits of history I know about Gardena Serra are this:

    1) in 1987 Serra was the #1 seed and Monrovia beat them in the first round,
    2) Serra never won a CIF title when they were in Division 10/11 just a couple years ago.

    Another point: Covina has in fact competed with West Covina the past two years. Didn’t you just list WestCo as one of the big dogs?

    Those Billycats have sure collected MANY playoff victories every decade since the 1940s.

  • New York

    I’m glad I took today off.

    Hey Too Funny,
    I hope you realize that South Hills’ recent championships came in a division that looks very similar to Monrovia’s current division. In fact, they beat San Gabriel in one of those recent championship games. They would often play Rosemead and South Elmonte in the playoffs. Their toughest games would be against league rival West Covina who won that division in 2004.

    Remember that Diamond Bar run in 1998-1999? The Brahmas were 23-1…Monrovia handed them that one loss.

    Charter Oak? Have they always had kids on their team from the Monrovia area? I know they have had Pasadena kids in their backfield for a long time.

    Any other of those schools known for winning championships with transfer talent (Los Altos)? The more recent Los Altos titles came in two back-to-back championships (very similar to the Florida Marlins) when he had a superman defensive end augmented by transfers/free agents from Mayfair and other schools (Gominguez maybe).

  • AKA Duarte

    I like how all the Monrovia people always go after Charter Oak for having “Monrovia area” kids on their team. Isn’t the phrase “Monrovia area” code for Duarte? and didn’t Monrovia just win 2 championships after raiding the Duarte program/city of their best kids? Duarte and Monrovia are two different cities, you guys need to stop lumping the two together. Duarte is every bit as separate from Monrovia as it is from Charter Oak. Perhaps you Monrovia folk are just upset that Charter Oak does a better job of selling their program then Monrovia does.

  • The Water Boy

    An NFL scout just told me to my face that there’s really no difference between Division 11 and 8 man football division. The only real difference is that the water boy in 8 man football doubles as the middle linebacker.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    At Too Funny,
    Get your facts correct, you have holes and gaps in your facts. 1)We Crushed that so called dynasty called temple city when we started in the RIO Hondo League 2) Not giving credit to schools that merged if that was the case Id give Edgewood West CO’s 2 championship. and I dont count 2A Championships.
    Lastly my point was that monrovia has dominated in every decade since 1970 and those schools you mentioned cannot say that period. You have no Idea how 1A 2A 3A 4A and The PAC 5 once worked. Go to the CIF.ORG records CLOWN

  • Take it easy Kennedy,

    You didn’t crush the TC dynasty, demographics and bad coaching moves did. Same with San Marino. There was a time not too long ago that SM and TC were going upside M-Town’s head with regularity and laughing about how they just waxed a team with “so much talent.”

    Be happy the demographics in M-Town haven’t changed.

  • New York

    When Monrovia first joined the RHL in the early 1980’s, Coach Watson was quoted in the newspaper saying “Thanksgiving is coming early for us. We are going to feast on TC.” That is exactly what happened.

    No doubt our program was a total mess from 1987-1994, but not anymore.

    Any feedback on my business argument?

  • Kennedy Bryant

    1935 — Santa Barbra 14, Monrovia 12, Major Division at the Rose Bowl
    1951 — Pomona 26, Monrovia 13, Major Division at Mt. SAC
    1959 — San Diego 53, Monrovia 0, AAA Division
    1973 — Crescenta Valley 14, Monrovia 7, AAA Division
    1982 — Verbum Dei 7, Monrovia 0, Northwestern Conference at Citrus College
    1997 — Mira Costa 28, Monrovia 14, Division IX at El Camino College
    1998 — Paso Robles 28, Monrovia 24, Division X at War Memorial Stadium
    1999 — Paso Robles 29, Monrovia 10, Division X at Citrus College
    2009 — San Dimas 12, Monrovia 7, Mid-Valley Division at Citrus College

    2010-11 CHAMPS,

    The Schools you Mention cannot hold a candle to Monrovia’s Greatness or is Great History PERIOD CLOWN and Monrovia Has never recruited anyone

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Aram, WRONG, the Very first time MHS played TC after Hitchcock left in 1982 MTOWN Crushed them 31-0 I played in that GAME against Fisher and the Mooney Boys, The next year MHS beat TC with Chris Hale, Willie Griffin and Paul Hewitt 56-20 and we have lead that series every since. Maybe a little before you time but TC Dominance WAS CRUSHED BY MTOWN after their 46-0 run in 2A they thought the 46-0 in 2A would translate into playing the 3A top dog Monrovia…… Check your history PLAYA

  • AMAT 73

    I get your point but posting all those losses is fodder for the naysayers of Monrovia . You might want to think twice before throwing a bone out like that to the pack .

  • Kennedy

    My Brotha tell me the last time TC played for a CIF Title in Football. We Crushed that Dynasty. I know your an alum so get back to me with when the RAMS recovered from the beat down. In the words of SNAGGLLE PUSS A WHOLE LOTTA LUMPS since 1982 vs the Cats

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Amat 73
    Not ashamed of the Loses built character and the issue here is Monrovia and it DIV 11 Status.. it tradition of winning and greatness at all levels..AS I said Only one or two programs can claim that Bishop Amat being one. All these clowns can claim rank all they wont

  • New York

    The clowns already have the fodder. My takeway from Kennedy’s post is that Monrovia made it to the finals in every division. 8 out of the 9 losses were close. Drops in division have not driven the success. Unfortunately, if drops in division would have triggered success we would have won the first title a long time ago. As it were, we did not win our first title in the current division until our second attempt.

    Takeaway: Monrovia has collected many playoff victories in multiple divisions. Why didnt we ever complete the mission? Who knows. Pick a reason. It doesn’t matter unless we have learned from it.

    For the rookies out there: That Northern Division had Canyon Country and Antelope Valley. That D9 champ, Mira Costa, soon became a regular contender for D3 championships. Paso Robles (5-6 hour bus ride north) actually won 3 in a row. In 2000 they came down to LA and beat a powerful Inglewood team 44-40. They were similar to Lompoc who came down to LA and Serra in the finals in 2002. These past two years Paso Robles split a two-game series with Saint Francis.

  • Just Saying’

    “Teddy” Kennedy got an early start on the “stickee eackee” and now he’s getting wasted on his Jack Daniels! You’re a fool Kennedy. You lost all of your street cred when you compared your Next-To-Last Division11 Billy Cats with your Cracker Jack rings to elite teams like Bishop Amat!

    CO Chargers, you get the feeling this dumb azz doesn’t like you guys? Or West Co or Temple City or Duarte or

    The Morovia Marlins are no Yankees, certainly no Lakers and you’re definately no Amat Lancer!

    Schedule Amat in 2013 and let’s settle it on the field! We’ll beat you down with your own mama’s beating stick!

  • New York

    I think TC had a nice run around 1986 or so, when they lossed to Hart in the finals. They likely would have won a division containing the lightweights patting themselves on the back from the Eastside….

  • Kennedy Bryant

    I dont drink and I dont smoke: Be thankful im taking the high road this year. “Just Sayin”

  • Sir Relic

    Just Saying, you know that I know and we all know exactly who you are. You’re the same old, same old with the same old schtick. You can try and mask it, hide it or dress it up but your still the same. Nice to see you on the Amat side (even if it’s only to rile KB up).

  • Carmelo Anthony

    I just wanted to remind New York that the Knickerbockers were once a powerhouse team way way way way way back in 1970 and 1973!

    But now we don’t get any respect everybody says that the Lakers, Heat, Thunder, Bulls and Spurs are the elite teams. We get no credit and no respect.

    New York, I know how you feel, dog!

    Go Lancers!

  • Kennedy,

    NY nailed it — 1986 a loss to Hart. I believe that Mooney’s junior or senior year. So yeah, that’s the last trip to the finals. But, following that, the Rams whipped up on Monrovia EVERY YEAR (as did the rest of the RHL) until Garrison got in there and got things changed around in the mid-90s … NY’s years, I believe.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Whoever put that in this blog should be banned…..If I want to hear about or read about that I’d go to the front page. That has nothing to do with BA Football team. As I have said HATER GONNA HATE.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Noted…. just one thing can you please find out who leads the series, I think its 22-8 in favor MHS but I could be wrong but let me know when you get the exact record and please post it for me. šŸ™‚

  • Just Saying’

    “Teddy Kennedy” then that makes you a Sober Fool, but a fool nonetheless!

    BTW, rule number 45 of the blog: “There is no High Road to be taken when slapping down a fool who knows not what he’s talking about.” Look it up!

    Amat #1

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Just Sayin
    You know the Bible says you condem yourself to hell ball calling someone a fool. But on a more interesting note in reading over this blog I think I know who you are. In Fact ive known you for a long long time and just so you know I know, White Lightning is dumber than a bag of rocks. COLD Busted you had me going though.. You knew Id defend my Wildcats and I fell for it.

  • Too funny

    @ K Bryant
    Your kid must hate life every time he hears that his idiot dad is making a fool of himself on the blog again. Now let me get this straight, you don’t recognize 2A Championships but you think D11 Championships put you in elite company? That’s beyond funny. You do realize winning a 2A Championship when there was only 4 divisions in the Southern Section (1A-4A) is superior to winning a D11 Championship when there are 13 current divisions in the CIFSS, right? or do I need to do the math for you? Also, please explain to me how a team can be dominant in the 70’s, 80’s, 90,s, 2000’s without winning a championship at any level during that time, let alone the upper level? By the way, the 1A,2A,3A,4A system might seem a little complicated for a simpleton like yourself, but I’m very familiar with how it worked, and the Pac-5 is a recently created division. I think what your little pea brain was trying to formulate was the Big-5 conference which only came into play after CIF did away with “A’s” system of grouping. AS far as those other schools go, each one of those schools mentioned have won multiple championships, but Los Altos above all else won 3 top level championships in the 70’s in addition to a 3A Championship in 1972, 3 championships in the 80’s which ranged from D2 to D7, 1 championship in the 90’s (D7 I believe), and 3 championships in 2000’s (D6 & D7) At schools like Los Altos and Charter Oak they don’t speak about runner up trophies they speak of championships because you can only be dominate when you actually WIN meaningful championships. Now run along you idiot because your embarrassing yourself and that small time school of yours. You should also see a Dr. about those delusions of grandeur.

  • Come Aram, whats the dirt???

  • Football fan Daniels is not from pasadena. He is from walnut, played walnut pony baseball since he was 6 years to 13yrs old. aram puts west Covina as a big dig, buy they got blown out by Loyola 35-6.i hear excuses that Solomon was hurt and a couple other players.but I also hear that west co is so loaded that they have a whole arsenal of backs.Aram is just a punk that wants amat to fail.this is the time that parents make the decision to where to send there kids.Aram is doing a fine job of helping make amat look undesirable to parents who actually take the blogs serious.Aram earlier made a big deal about a 3rd string running leaving Amat.he did not state that isiah Thompson was just a backup and that another kid who from walnut transferred into amat and would drop him even lower on the running back roster.everyone talks about there good years being the 80s but in reality Amat only made 1 deep run in 83 With an undersized line.even in the bienemy years they did not make it past second.there are at least 70 percent of PAC five teams that have worse seasons than amat and I don’t see them leaving the PAC 5 .orange Lutheran didn’t make the playoffs and they had the most D 1 signees and future D 1 Players on last years roster .

  • Not Since 1995


    I love how these ignorant and arrogant Amat Blowhards think that I’ve been on this blog…! It gives me great satisfaction and puts great big smile on my face when I see that the rest of SGV is now standing up to these idiots…! Well idiots, I’m back today and this is my first post, dumb a$$e$…!

    Aram is correct and only stating the obvious. You just can’t handle the truth…! The thought of being dropped below CHHS and COHS is just too shameful, humiliating, insulting and not worth spending the tuition money…! Hah… It’s over Loser/Lancers…you havent done sh*t in nearly 20 years, but you think it’s your right to stay in the PAC 5? Hah… How mighty of you…!

    It’s done…! I agree with Aram and with the nearly 50% of the voters in the Poll. It’s long over due…! Don’t let the door hit on the a$$…! Hah…LMFAO!

    Hags and the 2012 Lanceritos Umpaah Lumpaahs will be 2 – 8, miss the playoffs, get smoked by Chino Hills and Charter Oak, but even worse they will get Humiliated by the Black Fiars of Servite…! Hahahahah….

    Not in 2012 either Mrs Doubt Fire 73…!

  • care

    Does anyone know if Rio Ruiz will be playing in the playoffs, I heard he might kicked out of school for something he did on campus.

  • concussion-symptoms

    WHAT!!! RIO news and we are not talking about it?

  • Per Freddie

    Fred Robledo said:
    Rio’s out of the picture in terms of not playing, but he’s still with the team and at every game, nothing’s changed in that regard. Bishop Amat’s done well without him so I don’t expect that to suddenly change. In this division, Amat can beat anyone. As for Rio, he’s expected to be in uniform at every playoff game, he just won’t be cleared to play for health reasons.

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