Kurt Scoby gets first offer from Oregon St. …

New St. Paul running back Kurt Scoby has gotten his first college offer from Oregon St.

Scoby, who transferred to St. Paul last week after a brief stint at Duarte this spring and playing the last two seasons at Charter Oak, will be a junior this season.

Scoby ran for 1,572 yards and 21 touchdowns last season.

Aram’s take: That was quick. Good for Scoby. And if he keeps balling like he did last season, Oregon St. won’t be his last offer. Also, as I’m finding out, new Swordsmen head coach Elijah Asante is uber-aggressive with the college recruiters. There seems to be a new one coming in and out of St. Paul every day. Nevada was there on Tuesday. Miami Fla. will be there on Friday. I know recruiters have been making their rounds other places, but Asante is reported to have a good connection with many of them from his Carson days. This St. Paul program is having one of the better offseasons around and we’ll see what exactly that means this fall.

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  • Need Grades for coludge!

    I thought Scooby was having grade issues that’s why he transferred. He better catch up quick and clear the NCAA clearing house and get a qualifying score on his SAT as well.I hope he hasn’t blown his chance.

  • Jack Austin Chino Hills

    Jack Austin has picked up offers from Utah, Montana st. UCLA and I hear Boise St is close to offering. Great to see local kids get attention from the colleges.

  • OH BOY

    Scoby will be a juco guy unless his SAT and gpa go up, up, up. O st had to offer him something. I remember, 2005, a kid name Erin Madden offered 5 D1 spots, Juco guy and he was the best in the IE, hope the hype isnt hype and he gets it done

  • The CORE 16

    The young man better understand that the lower the SAT and GPA, the higher the Core 16 courses have to be for the NCAA clearinghouse.

  • Area Football Fan

    coach Elijah Asante is guy that will hype anything up. I know some coaches in the city section are glad he is gone, this guy is so full of himself. The year Crenshaw High School went to play for the state title, we argued to the committe in the city section that Carson should be the top seed. Well that didn’t happen they played Crenshaw for the championship, and got whooped 50 something to 10. I just think this guy trying to get some press.

  • Believe The Hype!

    Carson was the top seed but are you suggesting the Coach should have argued for the second seed? I wish BA coach would start hyping our program. There are some serious D1 prospects that are not getting any looks. WE NEED SOME SERIOUS HYPE!

  • St. Paul 2-8 record 2012

    St. Paul has not been to the playoffs since 2007. Now they will play the toughest schedule in HS football. SP will be the underdog against Mater Dei, La Habra, Bishop Amat, Servite, Serra and Chaminade. They lost to St Francis last year and La Mirada is loaded this year, Cathedral has a D1 QB and Harvard Westlake has returning QB and WR. I see SP going 2-8 this year. If Coach Asante gets this team to the playoffs with this schedule he should be the 2012 High School Coach of The Year!

  • Yo Frank!

    Sorry, Senor Gacho. Had to delete your post. I just couldn’t let a righteous guy like yourself say the things you did about Coach Dunn and Coach Morrison. I’m sorry they’re the reason members of your familia didn’t get a scholly, but you can’t write what you did.

    Talk out both sides of your twisted boca all you want, but you can’t say what you did about the coaches. You’re probably ok with me deleting it anyway, because you wouldn’t want to keep looking like the hypocrite we all know you to be.

    Tu sabes? Probably not. But please don’t call me at the office or email any long apologies and brown-nosing letters, because I’m not gonna explain it to you again.

  • green pastures

    Fun Fact of the Day…Sierra canyon (D12) now Midvalley Finished the season ranked higher than Bishop Amat(pac 5) on Maxpreps. Go See for yourself. How will Bishop Talk their way out of this one?

    #56 Sierra Canyon
    #57 Bishop Amat

  • Desert Rat

    To green pastures…

    Real facts…I would put zero stock into MaxPreps rankings. Besides Paraclete, Sierra Canyon hasn’t played anyone compared to Amat in the last three years. Go check out calpreps.

  • Billy Bean

    This is a joke – right? Doesn’t Oregon State offer to everyone? I’ve been out of school for 28 years and I got an offer from them last week.

  • green pastures

    Desert rat bishop Fans don’t like rankings when they are not ranked where they want to be…but they use maxpreps to belittle lower division schools…and wave their pac 5 banner on every thread…nah…Sierra canyon is ranked higher lol

  • StuPit

    The new SP coach is a joke and so full of crap. So who exactly is Miami going to see at SP? There is no talent there. I heard all the transfers he has brought in are all ineligible and not paying tuition. Im sure CIF is watching him closely, if not, they should be. Nice hire, SP.

  • oh boy

    Billy Bean: you got my point, its an offer and doesnt mean anything until he signs or even qualifies. Oregon St. offered so did Chaffey- GO PANTHERS!He would have to qualify there too…

  • green pastures

    What haters, if this was any other student their would be congratulations all day. Since it’s Kurt Scoby, everyone is assuming he won’t qualify. He is a junior next year, He has time to qualify. Why not wish him good luck in the classroom and on the field? OH, yeah he left charter oak, so now he is public enemy #1…. Congrats Kurt!!! I hope you get more offers…Prove everyone wrong! If you were C/O you probably wouldn’t have a offer…They only sent out 1 guy D1, and Gilchrist should have went to BCS school.

    What haters!



  • St. Who???

    The Mighty 4th place St. Paul…..really? The team that struggled to beat a 3-7 Ayala team? ….ummm, ok.

  • AMAT 73

    greener pastures,
    Why make all the fuss about Sierra Canyon ranked one place above AMAT . You should be a little more worried about Monrovia’s ranking ????? as you fail to mention that . It must suck to have to use another school instead of your own to back your play against the AMAT bloggers on rankings . If you have the guts let me know that feels and where Monrovia falls on the list !!!!!!!

  • Excellent Merci !