This might be old news, but yet another impact transfer St. Paul got recently is Cedric Franklin, who was an all-CIF DB at La Habra in ’11 …

Some of you may already know this, but St. Paul also recently got an impact transfer in Cedric Franklin, a all-CIF defensive back from La Habra.

Franklin will play corner for the Swordsmen.

Aram’s take: I’m told there are other transfers who nobody wants to tell me about quite yet. Fair enough. St. Paul’s schedule is pure hell, but uh, this might be your No. 1 team in the area when the next set of rankings come out after spring/summer passing.

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  • St. Paul?

    Hold up Aram, No matter how many transfers SP gets they will end up this season 2-8 and miss the playoffs for 5th consecutive season. You cannot have a winning record with this schedule. SP will lose the season opening game to a very talented La Mirada and their top ranked defense led by Defensive Coordinator Rich Avina!

  • I don’t know who Rich Avina is and why he’s such a hot topic.

    I agree St. Paul’s schedule is insane. But I do think they’ll be OK in league if they can survive the nonleague with no catastrophic injuries.

  • Bitter Boy

    He’s part of the former regime and got snobbed for the head coaching position and feels betrayed. Boo hoo.


    I’m starting to get pisssst offf. ARAM

    Clearly @ St.Paul is not a true swordsmen or played in the pit or he wouldn’t of made those comments.

    Is this really or mentality, that we are going to lose to the freaks, dogs, MD before the season even starts.

    There was a time where we couldn’t wait to play servite , dogs, MD, bosco,loyola…we wanted to play the best and we weren’t intimidated.(including parents)

    Makes me sick…finally SP has a schedule we can be proud of..and the boy’s already getting set to do battle, not run and hide like some these fake SP parents.

    And about Rich which I had the honor to play with…He was beast on the field and i wish him and his family the best.

  • Cougartown

    Rich Avina is going to make a huge impact on La Mirada’s defense. La Mirada is loaded this year, and with Coach Avina calling the defense, things look good over there.

  • FB Fan

    St. Paul can get all the transfers they want. It will not equate a CIF championship. Alemany recruits more than enybody and they havent won anything yet. St. Paul could win without all the illegal recruiting. They did it under the last coach. As a fan I have zero respect for teams that recruit. Win with who you get. Schools like St.Francis should be applauded for not recruiting. Coach Bonds puts together competitive teams with players that enroll at St. Francis. Not kids that he recruits.

  • Mike the Clone

    Why can’t Glendora get off their butts and get some of these kids. Gezz!! Come on guys your playing in the big leagues, get with it.



  • Mike the Clone

    I know silly question but made an appearance and made you guys laugh!!!


    Mike the Clone

  • Som E. Nex

    Thanks Mike zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    You’re a riot.

    NOT !!!

  • An Observation

    Mikey there’s always one who takes the bait!

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