The fun has started in The OC: 6-foot-5, 290-pound tackle transfers to Mater Dei from Newport Harbor …

The Daily Pilot reports that 6-foot-5, 290-pound tackle Sam Bush has left Newport Harbor for Mater Dei WITHOUT MOVING and will take the sit out until Oct. 1.

Bush is expected to develop into one of the top lineman recruits on the West Coast over the next two years.

Aram’s take: I think some of you would rather sit around and bitch about a local school getting transfers than actually try to compete with The OC. Anyway, where would you have to move to transfer to Mater Dei? Santa Ana? If you want to see how the transfer game is played, just sit back and watch Orange County this summer. Puts us to shame. Would even make Elijah Asante blush. Yeah, I know, it’s OK for Mater Dei to get rich, but heaven forbid one of our locals does the same … well, that’s just unscrupulous. Happy Monday, all!

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  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Haha! Let the crying game begin!

    At 6’5, 290 pounds, the kid has an opportunity to play wherever he was. So why the transfer?
    Better coaching? Better education? Who knows?

    Does his transfer represent the collapse off society? No.
    Does his transfer represent a lack of morality and grit? No.

    This is one kid, in one program.

    For schools that don’t give a damn about their athletic programs – certainly not football, I offer this, like college football and like the NFL, football is your money maker. But not just financially speaking. It’s your money maker in student involvement in school
    activities. It’s a school beacon in attracting and developing highly motivated students and get this, teachers too! Don’t believe me, take a look at any school with a less than stellar football program and the pulse of the campus is a lot lower. Basketball better be your back up.

    Corona Centennial boasts the highest rate of student activity and involvement in school activities in Riverside County. A large measure is no doubt attributed to a successful football program. Thats just one example. There are others that are on the flip side. You know who you are.

    One kid, one program. Public schools CAN compete, you just have to want to.

  • Wake Up!

    Mater Dei Recruits with the best of them. When the CIF tried to stop them they got a high powered lawyer and ran over the CIF like Adolf Hitler ran over Poland. To compete at a high level you have to get tall, big, fast and strong in the trenches. If you are a weak program you will get your feathers plucked like a Thanksgiving Turkey.

    This is Survival of The Fittest. Schools have to hire an aggressive Head Coach that can attract the best players. If not you will be just another Poot-Butt program who will inevitably lose your best players to the better programs. Don’t be a victim, wake up and compete!

  • Admiration

    I think Elijah Asante would be smiling at Mater Dei with admiration.

  • And…

    And just what does this have to do with the San Gabriel Valley? Yeah, nothing. Dynamite reporting Monty.

  • Whittier Area Fan

    What I find interesting is that the kid’s father was the president of the NHHS Football Boosters. Something pushed them away. Was it the Sunset dropping down to the Southwest Division?

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Maybe I’m still confused about the rule. But Mater Dei is a private school with no district boundries, why would Bush need to move? What exactly is keeping him from instant eligibility?

  • Amat4Life

    Buckle up SP fans, my source tells me that SP is already under the CIF microscope for all the transfers they have brought in.

  • Joe Amat

    Am I wrong in thinking that anyone who facilitates a transfer prior to the rule taking effect on July 1 – transfers under the *existing rule* and may be able to avoid the SOP altogether…or be forced to sit out due to it being “athletically motivated”?

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    Yes MD being a private school, what difference does it make where he lives. Totally agree. I’m assuming that rule is absolute. If you don’t move into the area and want to transfer your child, then it’s 30 days.

  • Keep27

    Since he didn’t move, he would be ineligible under existing rule. I also believe CIF had already removed athleticly motivated from the blue book 2 or 3 CIF council meetings ago. All that is left is undue influence.
    Under the new and current rule, you must move from one district area to another district area to be able to transfer to ANY private school you wish or ANY public school you wish.
    You are completly missing mine and others point about not moving. You will be fine for the sit out period if you transfer at any time prior Oct 1 AS LONG AS YOU HAVEN”T PLAYED A GAME IN THE CURRENT SEASON AT YOUR FORMER SCHOOL. As I have said all along, this kid would be fine to play October 1. Its the kid who plays week 1, 2 3, or whatever week and changes schools without moving. That kid would not qualify for the sit out period and would be ineligible for the rest of the season. This exactly the type of transfer the sit out period was designed for. I have not gotten clarification yet from CIF but I think if you transfer after Oct 1, you have to wait until the next season to play. I think it is a good rule and the floodgates with not open. There may be an uptick in transfers, but not the mass exodus everyone is talking about.

  • concussion-symptoms

    3 or more transfers brings CIF investigation if I am understanding the new rule correctly. But who cares, these are ‘private’ schools and this is what they do. These are the teams that will suffer with the 30 day rule. Surprises me that kids are willing to sit half the season.

  • Joe Amat


    Rules are in place for that entire school year and are not “changed” mid-year. At any point during the year they may vote to change it next time around, but the rule still exists until that time. So “athletically motivated” could be enforced until July 1. Being Mater Dei, however, the office will probably be scared of a lawsuit and leave it alone.

    It IS also possible under certain circumstances to be athletically eligible after a transfer under the current rule (hardship being one of those circumstances). This could potentially avoid the SOP altogether, if that is something they pursue.

    That being said, since he’ll only be a JR they’ll probably just miss their 5 games and be done with it

  • keep27

    You’re correct. Hardship was implied. And you’re right about July 1st, but they are allowing the sit out period retraoctive for the last 12 months. They will apply either rule, whichever is more positive for the eligibility of the athlete.

  • Keep 27,

    At the state federated council meeting, CIF did some tying up of the loose ends as far as the new transfer rules are concerned and you are right, you still cannot play the same sport in the same season for two different schools. So yes, this is exactly what the rule was designed for.

  • keep27

    Thanks. FWIW I do not see as many transfers as doomsdayers are predicting. It is 2012, but the athletic world will not implode with this rule. I see younger players moving and taking the 5 or 6 game penalty, but not the seniors. I agree with you that there will be some more transfers, but not a whole scale leaving like everyone is saying. The rule is only punishes this kid 5 or 6 games instead of whole season. Its a good rule and worth it for this kid.

  • Joe Amat

    A kid might only lose 5 or 6 games in football, but could miss as many as 15-19 games in basketball with the Dec 31st date (1st allowable game next school year is 11/19)

  • BraveDad

    The transfer rules are the same for Public and Privates one cannot simply transfer to a Private and become automatically eligible. Bosco had a transfer two years ago from Servite who did not move and Servite challenged the transfer and the kid had to sit out his junior year. That same season, DaVonte Young moved to Lakewood and transferred from Tustin to Bosco and had to sit out his sophomore season and he did move. The transfer was ruled to be athletically motivated and so he sat. (Now hes back at Tustin where he will more than likely not be able to play his senior year.)

    These transfers, until June 1, are looked at on a case by case basis that considers moves, hardships, etc. As far as the kid transferring to Mater Dei and being eligible Oct 1, the key is that he will transfer after June 1, he has not transferred yet because he is waiting for the new rule to kick in.

    Hey Arum, when did you start reporting on the OC? I recall a couple of years ago when I asked you why you dont cover the Trinity League you said that the League is out of your catchment area. Oh well, must be a slow day. LOL! That said, you really should stick to the SGV because if you start venturing into the OC and Trinity League you will be in over your head stick to what you know.

  • BraveDad, Stanford Dad, Damien Dad, FC,

    I know you’re mentally challenged, so I will explain this about as simple as possible — this is a blog and I will talk about anything and everything I feel like. This doesn’t mean I’m trying to be the beat writer for Mater Dei, it just means I found this interesting and thought others would too. And guess what! They did! And you did, too.

    Stop questioning how I run my blog and just admit you’re hooked. You’ve been here bitching and moaning for the past three years … so long that it’s doubtful you even have any kids still at SJB. So obviously you must like something.

  • BraveDad


    Whats up with the thin skin man? Take it easy. I’m only hitting you back with a comment you made to me years ago when I asked about the Trinity League. And yes, I do find your blog entertaining, very entertaining. As far as my kid(s) at Bosco I have two there now with the oldest leaving this year. Then in a year I’ll be back to two when the youngest gets there so you won’t get rid of me anytime soon. Plus, as alum I will always follow the football program and school in general – HA! Just like I’ll continue reading your blog and yanking your chain. So thicken the skin big boy!

    Donations can be sent to: PO Box, this tuition is kicking my a$$, please help, CA, 9$000. LOL!

  • Chasin’ Ghosts

    Sometimes I wish I could pay Aram rent. I mean, with all the time spent in his head, its like stealing. Maybe if he spent more time covering his area instead of messing with us trolls, he’d have something real to report.

    In other news, yes I’m hooked. Call it a love-hate relationship.

  • Parent

    I would like to know how Mr. Tolegian thinks it is acceptable to use worlds like “bitch” and “bitching” towards his bloggers. Since when did this become ok? Not only are you insulting people who probably subscribe to your paper, but your using this language on a board that you know the student athletes come on and will see this.

  • Parent

    I would like to know how Mr. Tolegian thinks it is acceptable to use worlds like “bitch” and “bitching” towards his bloggers. Since when did this become ok? Not only are you insulting people who probably subscribe to your paper, but your using this language on a board that you know the student athletes come on and will see this.

  • Anonymous

    this is a world of pure smack and sports knowledge talk, if you cant handle a little foul language here and there then dont logg on. No disrespect but dang can there be one site where there is no bitching parent or so called perfect person trying to ruin what goes on in here. So what who’s to say he’s right or wrong its his blog let him do what he wants to do if you dont like it dont log on, i dont even like the guy Aram or Fred but i am tired of people coming on here trying to be someone they are not im pretty sure you or your husband used that type of language before or probably still does dont be a hypocrite.

  • The PIT


    I know Bravedad(Archey) from way back…

    Cut him some slack,his mom breast feed him until he was seven…I hope that explains everything…besides, he went to an all boys school…kinda feel sorry for the water boy as they called him.

  • BraveDad

    @ Anonymous,

    I totally hear your point, but I see where Parent is coming from too. This paper is a business and the readers support the business and its employees (Aram) so its not cool to call readers, i.e., the salary base, the things he does. I for one never write that type of language. I may think it, but I would never write it on a blog. Aram is too thin skinned, that’s the bottom line. ES and the dudes at OC.Varsity get messed with all the time and you never read comments from them like the one’s Aram has been responding with recently.

    Aram, would you continue to frequent one of your many, many fast food joints if every time you walked through the door they said hey, here comes? Probably not; youd pay some kid on a bike $5 to get you take out because you would not stop eating the food cause you love food so much right? Well, I enjoy reading threads from slightly informed journalists cause theres so much comedy relief its entertaining!

    Like I said, stick to the SGV because you are not in the OC circle and therefore you do not know the programs. Leave the OC, Trinity, and D1 (Amat excluded because they are in your area) to the big boys like the LA Times, OC.Varsity, Maxpreps and Calpreps.

  • BraveDad

    @ The Pit,

    I know how much you love me dude because every time I post a comment you have to come back with some stupid remark. I am not Archie knucklehead – Archie did not go to Bosco. And I’m sorry, that you love me so much but I’m not into your alternative lifestyle. To each their own – you enjoy. Last I’ll say is, you went to St. Paul, which says it all. Hopefully Obama’s support will help out your efforts.

  • jcaz


    That’s Frank for you…..

    Ha ha ha
    LOL !

  • “ES and the dudes at OC.Varsity get messed with all the time and you never read comments from them like the one’s Aram has been responding with recently.”

    Yeah, and how’s the traffic and reader interaction on their “blogs”?

    And by the way, I take exception to the word “recently”. I’ve ALWAYS run my smack on here and previously on Fred’s blog when it was mine. ALWAYS. I’ve NEVER let anyone put me on Front Street without blasting back. Guess I must be doing something right.

  • Woah

    Charter oak linebackers are looking huge. They all beefed up like no other. Led by leading tackler erick ortiz.

    ortiz- ILB 6’1 225
    hauser- ILB 6’2 240
    choplick- OLB 5’11 200
    cisneros- OLB 5’11 210

  • Couple ???’s for anyone/everyone…

    Is it better to have your student/athlete sit the bench at good program or be a starter/standout at a lower level school that still gets exposure in papers, has a quality coaching staff, and has coaches who will work to get them in contact with colleges? If the latter is better and with the new transfer rule, will we see some kids switch schools to get pt and exposure? Just a couple questions…Thanks!

  • A real question for everyone

    Is it better to have your student/athlete be a star athlete at a lower level school or transfer to a nationally recognize school that has a quality coaching staff, gets the MOST exposure in the papers and has coaches who have played at all college divisions and have contacts with many universites and colleges? If the latter is better and with the new transfer rule, will we see some kids switch schools to compete with the best? In the OC the latter choice rules the thinking of the parents.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @A Real Question:

    That depends on a variety of factors. Most of the time the “better” schools have better coaching, facilities and support system (academic, training, medical, etc.). While lesser programs generally do not.

    Another factor is viability. Scouts, from the NFL on down go where the players are. That’s not always the case, but generally that’s the rule of thumb.

    Big fish, small pond theory. Just because a player decides to go to a less stellar school with the idea that they’ll stand out more, depending on position and competition, that may not be the case. For example a QB may not want to go to a less advantageous school. Why? Blocking. You can be the greatest QB to play the high school game, but if you don’t have four/five guys that can hold a block, your future career is over. Same with competition. If a player chooses a school that doesn’t really play anyone, then how can I, as a scout properly evaluate a kid when he hasn’t played against tough competition? The only ones that get a pass in this catagory are lineman. If you’re 6’5, 300 pounds and have good to excellent feet, trust, you’ll be seen wherever you are.

    There are a host of other reasons, but that’s largely it.

  • Looking Thru a Magnifying Glass????

    Woah said:
    “Charter oak linebackers are looking huge. They all beefed up like no other. Led by leading tackler erick ortiz.
    ortiz- ILB 6’1 225
    hauser- ILB 6’2 240
    choplick- OLB 5’11 200
    cisneros- OLB 5’11 210”

    Since when is 5’11 and 200 – 210lbs HUGE??? lol Average size for a LB in big boy football. 6’2 240 , kid better be able to move. Not impressed!

  • Couple ???’s for anyone/everyone…

    @Not So Fast My Friend,

    I appreciate that you actually answered my question…

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Couple ???’s for anyone/everyone

    No problem. It was a legitimate question. Most of the posts are flaming out on Aram, trash talking about one school or another (which sometimes are pretty funny) and other posts make you wonder if the poster ever played the game.

  • Reporting?

    Amused at the smack talking by Aram (C), the actual reporting (F). Aram has no clue what is going on in the SGV. One of Arams top QB’s next season isn’t even the projected started. Why? Because the school got a big time QB transfer. The kid transferred in weeks ago, and Aram still has no clue. Why? Because coaches don’t want their programs put on blast on Aram’s blog.

    Aram talks about hits on his blog, but at what expense? The majority of the bloggers and readers are here for the comical aspect of the material, since there is no real substance.

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