M-Town linebacker duo of George “G5” Frazier and Brett “Brett Walsh” Walsh pick up offers …

Let the fun begin for Monrovia linebackers George Frazier and Brett Walsh. The two defensive standouts received college offers this week … and this is likely just the beginning.

Frazier (G5) got an offer from Washington State on Monday. Meanwhile, Walsh picked up an offer from Fresno St. on Tuesday night.

Washinton St. joins Colorado and San Jose St. in offering Frazier. Walsh also has an offer from South Dakota.

Frazier and Walsh aren’t the only two ‘Cats garnering recruiters’ attention. WR/DB Anthony Craft has an offer from San Jose St. and all-purpose brainiac Mason Bryant has an offer from West Point and interest from several Ivy League schools.

Aram’s take: Love it. These guys are a sight to see and a major reason why Daddy says M-Town is Numero Uno in the SGV.

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  • Not the only offers….

    Congrats to those to kids! Jack Austin from Chino Hills also picked up anoher offer this week from Boise State….he now has offers from Boise St., Utah, Montana st, UCLA and I hear Oregon st. is close to offering. Good to see local kids get recognition.

  • 238

    Aram – what type of preseason does Monrovia have this year? I want to see if I may cross paths to see these boys play.

  • Angola Prison

    Early offers is a big deal. and M-Town is heading in the right direction. Maddox is making sure his players excel in the classroom as well and on the football field.

  • green pastures aka “el gato monte”

    Congrats to Los Gatos Montes who received offers this week. For those who didn’t, Just wait…they are coming. This is going to be a great year for Los Gatos Montes. That’s 4 early offers along with grades to match. This is what’s it’s all about CIF titles and full rides! The staff and administration at Mtown is A+.

    Numero Uno !!!!

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Ayala (Chino)
    San Dimas
    South Hills
    St Francis

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Hmmm Not too bad for the playing in Division 11 huh.. Freddie

  • Any Mouse

    KB – footballs played 11 on 11. A couple offers dont impress me

  • FredJ

    Kennedy, you heard it here first, you’ll go 3-2 at best, losing to Ayala, St. Francis and possibly South Hills at their place….I love the St. Francis game, though, now if you could just get Muir on the schedule.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Freddie; you know I have mad love for you but we need to have a little freindly wager about that 3-2 preseason. How about the winner make a $100.00 donation to our favorite charity. MHS beats both SF and Ayala you make a contribution to the Kevin Congo Foundation and if MHS loses ill donate to your favorite charity. Having said that Freddie this is going be like taking candy from a baby.


  • Kennedy Bryant

    Any Mouse: I dont need to impress you.

  • green pastures aka “el gato monte”

    Hey Fred here is a snap shot of what los gatos montes will do in 2012.

    Monrovia 48 Ayala 14
    Monrovia 31 St Francis 20
    Monrovia 45 South Hills 21
    Monrovia 50 Arcadia 14
    Monrovia 42 San Dimas 14

    Monrovia 50+ La Canada 7
    Monrovia 50+ South Pas 7
    Monrovia 50+ Temple City 0
    Monrovia 50+ Blair 0
    Monrovia 42 San Marino 14

    1st round
    Monrovia 42 Covina 0

    2nd Round
    Monrovia 50 San Gabriel 14

    Monrovia 48 San Dimas 21

    Monrovia 31 Sierra Canyon 20

    State Title

    Monrovia vs ????

  • Wait the hell up! My Rams don’t even score!!!???

  • The Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T)

    Very interesting how these M-Town honks are here claiming they are the best in the Valley. However if I am not mistaken a few years ago you guys had CO on the schedule and your coached wanted out of the contract. Also I know this also, CO has never and would never have lost to any San Dimas team. So whenever you coach wants to step up and play a higher level of competition go ahead and tell him to call over to CO and we can dance.

  • Observantcat

    G.O.A.tttt….. A few years ago Charter Oaks was Monrovia…. Haaa

  • The Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T)

    observentcat: what does even mean, oh you must still be bitter that two of your best left cause you guys were not grade A. But lets be honest there was plenty of talent on those teams that had nothing to do with m-town

  • Huskies in the house!

    I by no means am a Charter Oak fan but defending our league and us South Hills being another team that consistently beats Monrovia a lesser school at a much lower level legitimately every year I just wanted to clarify that my son told me the two transfers from Monrovia were only Brandon Golden and Leon Youngblood that went to Charter Oak from Monrovia a few years ago and the only reason they left Monrovia was because of the racial conflicts on campus and in the neighborhood at the time so don’t keep coming at Charter Oak like they have so many Monrovia transfers when there have only been two just like our two that went over there Gilchrist and Vaughns.

    I will give you this though and what does upset me is not as much as the success Monrovia’s two transfers did or South Hills transfer now have had on the field because I am happy for the athletes but never looks good for Monrovia or South Hills when Charter Oak also supports and is able to get these kids scholarships to D-1 schools. They should of stayed at our school for the same opportunity but don’t say Charter Oak has so many transfers from Monrovia when there has only been two total and that was because of racial conflict in the community and before Maddox got there.

    South Hills beats Monrovia every year which truthfully had as much to do with us just having better coaching as much as anything. Your coaches came from West Covina and Azusa. None of them have big game experience. Talk to us when you play at a high level period. Bishop Amat, Charter Oak, Chino Hills, South Hills and West Covina will beat you every year because of playing at a higher level with better athletes and better coaching. End of story!

  • Observantcat

    Maybe I touched a nerve, but It was five… 5 not 2 and they were all starter for Charter Oaks. So you just answered your own question. Would you schedule a game under those circumstances?…. didn’t think so. I guess Kurt Scoby felt the same way with CO, by far your best returning starter from Du Rock via Monrovia!

  • Observantcat

    Try, Josiah Thropay, Brandon Brooks, Leon Youngblood, Brandon Golden and there was one more as well as another running back by the name of Dwight Smith who would have been every bit of D1 had he stayed and not gone to Texas where he did end up as their player of the year! so if that doesn’t ring a bell then you need to go check your roster.

  • Observantcat

    By the way, if you noticed this blog is not about CO its all about M-town Boys getting the scholar;s from every angle both Athletic and Academic. So if you feel you can add something to the conversation other than hate, bring it!

  • Angola Prison

    @ Huskies, ive just been in Monrovia for the past years but if I recall Mtown and SH have split the last two games. So what in the SAM HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT

  • MonroVian

    Hey puppy dog, the fact that you make no sense makes you look like a complete Idiot. And that my friends makes me Happy! Trying to Hate on MTown and you end up Hating on yourself… SO STOP IT, Hating leads to nothing but self hate, it was proven here!

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White ” “Husky Drawls”

  • New York

    You have far overstated the South Hills versus Monrovia series. You need to look at your own record against Charter Oak. South Hills and Monrovia have played just TWICE: the series is 1-1 and we beat them rather easily the year before.

    Yes, Charter Oak smacked us badly around 2004-2005 or something like that. Guess what…so did Rosemead and La Canada! Those Monrovia teams were soft and disorganized. Those teams were scared to play against good teams. The coaches would say stuff pre-game against West Covina like “Come on guys. We can play with these guys.”–disgusting, I know. This is a new era.

    As far as I am concerned, though, Charter Oak is the top local public school program until someone beats them. Although, how many of their big-name players have moved on to get college scholarships lately? Look at Monrovia this year. That’s why we feel good about Aram’s rankings. I also think Bishop Amat is the top local program until someone beats them.

    Critics of Monrovia’s schedule are correct on some things. Monrovia needs to schedule better pre-seasons AND run the table in order to silence the blog critics. However, the blog critics are not Maddox’s priority, so who knows what he will choose to do.

    What I do know, though, is that as a loyal alumn and fan I see a huge improvement in coaching, game planning, preparation and student-athlete promotion to colleges than I ever did before.

  • New York

    Freddy always seems to look in the rear-view mirror when making “projections,” which usually end up simply restating where teams finished the year before.

    I agree with Freddy’s implication, though, that Ayala and St. Francis will probably be our toughest games. Ayala is our first game of the season, and we typically struggle offensively in Week #1. St. Francis and Ayala will probably both have physical offensive lines and good QBs. That is always a tough combination. It will be up to these seniors listed in this article to set the tone early and allow everyone else to rally around them on both offense and defense.

    Our Unsung Heroes of the offensive line will need to lead the way this year as well. I like our chances to finally run the table, but that is a whole lot easier said than done!

  • SH in the house

    @ New York
    How do you figure Monrovia beat SH rather easily in 2010? The score was 28-25 with SH on the verge of winning the game at the end. Also, SH out gained Monrovia 380 yds to 236 yds. We dominated that game start to finish but made too many mistakes. If anything we beat ourselves.

  • New York

    Hey Sout Hills Coach,
    That’s sorta my point. It only took 236 yards of offense to beat you guys. Clearly, your offense had to work a lot harder in a losing effort.

    Don’t go there about beating yourselves, that would be like us saying that Craft dropped a would-be touchdown pass on a slant in the first quarter that would have been a winning difference.

    Let’s just agree that we are 1-1 and we both look forward to this year’s matchup, unless you don’t look forward to this year’s game.

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