Rancho Cucamonga Tournament: Colony OUT, Bishop Amat IN! An already awesome field just got better …

Bishop Amat has joined Saturday’s field of teams competing in the Rancho Cucamonga Tournament.

The Lancers will take the place of Colony, which has defected (probably because of the coaching situation). That means an already impressive field just got better.

Here’s the lineup: Bishop Amat, Rancho Cucamonga, West Covina, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Ayala, Ontario, San Juan Hills, Ganesha, Claremont, Huntington Beach and Corona Santiago.

Saturday’s tournament really amounts to a quarterback derby. Several teams are currently auditioning new QBs and/or have all-out battles for the starting job taking place. For example ….

Chino Hills: Matt Simko, Jordan Thropay, Zach Chadwick.

West Covina: Noodles, Jon Najera.

Diamond Bar: Tyler Peterson and Nolan Luzzi.

Amat: Koa Haynes and the field.

Rancho: FIVE QBs battling it out with nobody in the lead, according to coach Nick Baiz.

First games are at 8:45 a.m. and the championship is expected to be around 1 p.m., so everyone should be home in time for the Preakness.

Aram’s take: Here’s the best news: Tommy Kiss, AKA Chino Hills Tom, AKA The Inland Insider, is expected to be there with his camera!!! So you won’t have to rely on me and my Toshiba Thrive. Moving on. Yes, it’s only May. But this is as good as it gets for this time of year. Passing games are a great way to see what kind of athletes your team is working with. And in some cases (CO last year), it will become very obvious that certain teams are loaded with skill.