• concussion_symptoms


    You know what else attracts? FLY PAPER, SALT LICK, FISHING LURES, INSECT ZAPPERS, etc., etc. You know what all of those things have in common? DEATH!!!

  • If the glove fits

    He also has tried to “attract” Goodman from Rancho and Mathis from Upland. He better win some games before he completly ruins that program and bails out on it. Drink the kool aid!!!!

  • Wow…This Dude’s full of Himself!!

    So, he expects us all to believe that all of these kids just showed up on his doorstep with no contact??? LOL I’m sure Scooby said “Hmmm, There are 20 schools with better FB programs than St. Paul in the area, but F- it, I’m going there because of their superior academics”…HAHAHAHAHA! Anyone want to wager on how long it takes CIF to sanction his A$$ for undue influence?

  • POS

    My dog left a pile o something that’s atrracting something right now too.

    Love Sondheimers quote about Assante “never met a transfer he didn’t like”


  • concussion_symptoms

    I wonder how “attractive” he is going to be to his boosters when he is 3-7 and handing out “scholarships” like they are “old jerseys”?

  • I have a question?

    @ any and all St. Paul fans,

    What does it say about your football program when the head coach that you brought in to coach your team, want nothing to do with what is there and is mainly concerned with what he be “attract”? Was that part of the interview process? Administrator: “So Coach, how do you plan on getting St. Paul back to winning?” Asante: “Sir, I plan on giving out “free educations” and “attracting” all of the areas best free-agents. I don’t see a whole lot of talent here so I want to bring in my own!” I am sure that was not the way the interview went.

  • Unattractive Situation

    I think it’s cute that Mr. “I have a question” thinks that Asante’s interview didn’t address illegal recruiting or “program building techniques”.
    Google him. Any school wanting to deal with him knows what they are getting. This was a deliberate move by St. Paul.
    Yeah Coach A had a rep for recruiting but now you can say he was “ahead of his time” and in the last 10 years younger more aggressive recruiters passed him by.
    Asante is an extreme version of sizzle without substance. The Mission League will reveal the lack of substance…bet on it.

  • Anonymous

    Hey coach good job now the rest of the Amat family will hate you…oh wait who cares thats a dying program

  • Over his head

    Do they have any suit shops he can get a contract with in Santa Fe Springs? He better find one that’s slime-proof!

    Does anyone know where he was before capitalizing on the previous Carson coaches success for 2 yrs?

  • AMAT 73

    Ashamed to put the slime in your blogging name , I guess I would use anonymous also if I claimed the slime as my team . We will see what that dying program does to your beloved slimesmen on the field. Now go back under that cow pasture you say is a field and wait for the game .

  • New York

    Do you think any of the transfers know about the back-flops? The sad thing is with a new coach and outside players, long-standing traditions might be unknown.

  • AMAT 73

    Exactly , that tradition might be lost now . That’s one thing you can count on with AMAT , long standing traditions that have been in place for years and continue to this day . Another thing is what does that say to St Paul families who have sent their kids there for years who look for those traditions or a fair chance to play on the team. Big stud transfers in and good bye chance even though they have paid their dues since freshman year. We will see what this does for them but I can’t believe all are happy with what’s going on over there. Basically giving away the farm ( no pun intended ) for winning football games.

  • Krusty

    That’s what Crap, Poop, Dung says about Flys too!

  • What a knucklehead

    Pretty idiotic thing to post on your twitter account. Congratulations coach, you just became the most hated guy in the area.

  • Swordsman 4 Life

    It’s funny how all the haters come out when we start becoming a threat to them. Amat, Mater Dei, Servite, La Habra, and the Mission League better be ready for a changing of the guard. St Paul is coming and coming strong. I’m not saying we will go undefeated, but I would be shocked if we lost more than 2 games. And I don’t know who those two losses will be, because, with the exception of three teams that we play, the other 7 teams are very good. As for the parents at St Paul, everyone seems more united now than before. At the practices there is a big buzz, and a sense of swagger with the players and the parents. St Paul will be the talk of socal football this fall, just watch and see.

  • Damien (Gano) and St. Paul (Asante) both made the same hire. But only one of the two schools wanted to follow through once the new coach got in the door.

    Hint: It wasn’t Damien.

    That Asante sure is a jerk. He was brought in to energize the program, get some studs back in The Pit, and thus improve the school’s overall bottom line. And he’s actually doing his job. He’s actually doing what the school brought him in to do. What an awful guy!

  • New York

    The quote reminds me of Ron Bergundy, kinda funny.

  • Questions…

    The real question at Damien is:

    1) did Gano have a game plan heading in like Asante and the admin bailed on him?

    2) did Gano just do a whole lot of talking to get a job and thus has sat on his hands?

    3) is it possible Gano couldn’t sell water to a whale?

    4) 2 & 3

  • coach

    LA Jordan

  • How about we win a few games, maybe a league title & a few CIF games, god for bid a CIF title before we get too cocky.

  • Really

    Interesting how much a certain school talks about tradition and how they would never recruit, blah blah blah. So why was it that i saw this schools coaches scouting a player while he was playing at anther school freshman team talking to his dad. Guess where that player ended up. They weren’t there only once either. So please get off your high horse you all do it. I wont name the player or school, I mean why mess up this young man. But get over yourselves already. Oh and he wasn’t the only player they were trying to get.

  • Whittier Area Fan

    @Amat73….The transfers are filling spots left open by graduation so no one is loosing their position.

    Someone must be doing something right…one of your own…Eric Bienenamy was on campus today recruiting. Has he been out to Kiefer lately?

  • Pit Boss

    Christ Lives in us(St Paul) …..We are a Catholic Institution !!!!


    This Guy Asante is a Superstar! He is the most polarizing figure in Cali High School Football. St. Paul had sunk into oblivion going from an attendance of 1500 in the hey day to 500 today.

    Something had gone terribly wrong. SP had not made the playoffs in 4 years with the weakest schedule in the Mission League. Manny, Mo and Jack were not the answer.

    SP had to go BIG! Asante has delivered because we cant stop talking about him. Sondheimer mentions the winners and losers in high school free agency and Asante and St. Paul were the biggest winners. You don’t think that this article will ATTRACT even more interest in the program.

  • Anthony

    I got this inf from a 2008 LA Times story…Elijah Asante coached at LA Jordan HS before Carson HS. Jordan HS is in Watts. The west wall of the campus is shared with the Jordan Downs Projects.Gang members are everywhere. There are police everywhere. He won at Jordan HS. Oakland Raiders Willie Brown coached at Jordan HS and he did not win.In Sept of 2008 Mater Dei, Coach Elijah Asante took 25 players to Santa Ana Stadium to play Mater Dei. Mater Dei dressed 82 players.They asked if his 25 players might be intimidated.”I’ve been to four funerals this year,” Asante said.
    “Do you think these kids are intimidated? It’s just football.” sante, in a pregame talk, tried to remind his players that one of their teammates who was killed in a shooting earlier this year, Bruce Adams, should have been playing against Mater Dei.

    “Tanky belongs in this room right now,” he said.

    He challenged his players to have fun and not waste the opportunity. Jordan came out and opened a 20-0 lead before losing, 49-32.

    The comparisons of the two programs were startling. Jordan showed up in a yellow school bus while Mater Dei had two air-conditioned charter buses.
    Sounds like coach has paid his dues and his statement “I don’t recruit, I ATTRACT.” after reading this story now I know why he ATTRACTS.Good luck coach YOU EARNED IT.

  • coltfan97

    When will coaches and sometimes players keep their big mouth shut???? It seems like the more they talk the more scrutinize they are!!!! Hey Coach Asante just wondering is Pinochio a relative of yours????

  • Quotable

    “I don’t recruit, I ATTRACT.” CLASSIC.

  • Amat Traditions?

    Amat 73

    What long standing traditions do you speak of old man?

    The lousy patch of dirt with goffer holes you call a football field?
    The highlight of your pre-game Drunk tailgating festivities?
    Getting your a$$e$ blown out in the 1st round of the playoffs on those infrequent years when you coin-flip to get into the playoffs?
    Playing a CupCake schedule in the preseason against city teams like Garfield and Venice in order to pump up your record?
    The long standing tradition of poaching players from South Hills, Los Altos, Charter Oak, and Glendora?

    What long standing tradition do you speak of Amat 73?

    The only long standitions at Bishop Amat is that of getting your a$$e$ handed to you for the last 20 years!

    Not Since 1995, Mrs Doubt Fire 73!


    The University of Southern California, Colarado and UCLA all on the St. Paul campus at the same time. Exposure in the LA Times. This is what the top players seek. If Im a top player who is not happy with my current school, Coach Asante and St. Paul are VERY ATTRACTIVE.

  • snake in the grass

    The guy is a snake, plain and simple. he was not on campus 3 days and things were ‘disappearing’! just wait until cif knocks on the door. is he going to use the ‘attract’ argument? or maybe he should say that it was ‘former players’ who told all those guys to come to st. paul, oh wait, he already used that defense. you think it will work twice?

  • Fan of Gano

    Well, Questions, the real question in my opinion is what is your motive for talking smack about Coach Gano?

    As for your couldn’t sell water to a whale comment, it makes about as much sense as the rest of your drivle. Gano isn’t a freaking salesman, he is a damn good football coach.

    From what I am reading on the blog from a bunch of different sources and from what I am hearing, Damien is looking very good this year and is being mentioned as a possible Sierra League title contender. Of course, that doesn’t mean a whole lot given the time of year and the fact that the Inland Division is so tough, but it seems as though the young Damien Spartans or working hard to get bigger, better, stronger and faster every day. If my son was a football player and we lived even remotely close to La Verne, I would absolutely have him there playing for Gano at Damien.

  • If the glove fits

    Hey very attractive, all of those schools you mentioned go to EVERY campus, the swordswallowers are no exception. So the argument that the swallowers are “attractive” doesn’t hold water. Recruiters, especially in the west, make their rounds regardless.

  • concussion_symptoms

    Maybe they have never seen a college recruiter so they think that they are special! Ya, Asante “attracted” them too…

  • St. Paul better Win!

    With all of these “stud” transfers, St.Paul should win most of their games and go deep in the playoffs…right? If not, they are going to look foolish. It will be curious to see what CIF does regarding these transfers. Will Scooby be eligible? I can’t see how he will have the grades after missing 2 weeks of school while “shopping” for a school to attend.

  • concussion_symptoms

    @Swordsman 4:

    “It’s funny how all the haters come out when we start becoming a threat to them. Amat, Mater Dei, Servite, La Habra, and the Mission League better be ready for a changing of the guard. St Paul is coming and coming strong. I’m not saying we will go undefeated, but I would be shocked if we lost more than 2 games. And I don’t know who those two losses will be, because, with the exception of three teams that we play, the other 7 teams are very good. As for the parents at St Paul, everyone seems more united now than before. At the practices there is a big buzz, and a sense of swagger with the players and the parents. St Paul will be the talk of socal football this fall, just watch and see.”

    Please explain to me which TWO games they are going to loose? Servite? Mater D.? Chaminade? Serra? La Habra? St. Fran.? I will give you La Mirada and Cath. and probably even Cath. but you are telling me you think you are going to beat all but TWO of those team previously mentioned? Please be ready to be “shocked”, oh wait, guess that it would not make it “shocking” if you know its coming… Go ahead and be united now, cause you are going to need to be after this guy kills your football program!

  • They Don’t Stop at Amat!

    But the glove doesn’t fit, Monsignor Cockrin…!

    When was the last time SC, UCLA, and or COLORADO Stopped by Bishop Amat? Yeah I know. It happens no mo! It’s been years. Amat doesn’t even get on their schedule anymore. They rather go visit Charter Oak, DRanch, Monrovia, Chino Hills, San Dimas, and even Azusa. St Paul is back biaaaatches…!

  • concussion_symptoms

    They stop everywhere you moron! It is their job. Now maybe they don’t come back for a second visit, but they all stop EVERYWHERE at least once. And if you are telling me that they did not stop at St. Paul BEFORE Asante “attracted” them there, YOU ARE VERY MISINFORMED!

  • Questions…

    Fan of Gano-

    I’m neither for or against Gano. I know who they have coming back. I was asking a simple question as to why their program hasn’t really taken off. I mean he was called savior coming in. Take the chip off your shoulder bruh because I’m not even trying to hate.

  • Prospects

    They don’t stop everywhere! They follow the prospects…if your school doesnt’t have prospects USC aint coming.

  • concussion_symptoms

    Please explain to me why USC was at our school on this week? We have not one young man on our roster that even looks like they ‘could’ go play at USC. Because they are local, they stop by. Please dont try to understand the interworkings of college football recruiting.

  • If the glove fits

    Even if it’s a hi and bye, recruiters go to most schools. If it’s Trona and they have no prospects I can see it. But St. Paul and others get the same dudes coming to visit as anyone, now some may stay longer than others, but they DO go. Now is LSU, Bama, and others going to visit everywhere? No, but the schools in the Western part of the U.S. are pretty much at every school. Especially once their spring ball is over.

  • OK

    concussion_symptoms what school are you at?

  • concussion_symptoms


    not on a website my frend. my mouth is way to out of control for that. I will say that we are in SS and that is about as far as i will go.

  • Restraint

    Concussion you don’t have a lot of credibility with me because it seems like you are intentionally contrary to Asante at all cost.

  • concussion_symptoms

    Not a fan of the ‘win at all cost’ coaches. I am personal frends with a coach who used to coach for Asante at Carson and I know more than I want to about the way of things. I am not a hater on St. Paul, i just am not a fan of Asantes methods.

  • ZRT.308

    Local college recruiters generally stop by all of the mid/larger high schools in their area. SEC schools are not coming to SoCal to visit 1,500 high schools, but UCLA and USC are stopping by every school the can. It is called professional courtesy and relationship building.

  • Blue Beard

    St. Paul Slime….Congratulations on landing a coach. Truth be told though, you have still accomplished NOTHING! You have no big wins, no major upsets and when was your last championship? Are you guys still in D-I? Chugga,Chugga,Chugga,Chugga,Chooo,Chooo!!!!! Keep on steaming little engine that MIGHT! Because you HAVEN’T YET!!!

  • ZRT.308

    Just a question if I could, Why would a coach even say that? If he is doing it, then fine. If he isn’t, then who cares. The fact is, the kids are transferring there for one reason or another and they have yet to even step on the field so his is doing something, right or wrong.

    As far a Gano goes, I think he expected to come into Damien and be able to do what Asante seems to be doing, but for whatever reason, something has stopped him. I think that Gano has actually put together a pretty good football team, with the huge transfers. He has got a few, but nothing huge. My son actually works out with a number of Damien athelets at AR and they are working very hard to prove themselves in the Sierra.

    The problem with them both is that you must win or it is all worthless and from what I can see, Asante has created himself a huge challenge with that schedule.

    We shall see

  • Shaun Cody

    You are correct! Gano did a much better job recruiting players at Los Altos than he has done at Damien!

  • concussion_symptoms

    Look, recruiting happens! It happens at every private school and some public schools. here is the problem, dont rub it in everyones faces. Do it quietly! get players, build a team. But the circus that is created around these programs is gross! And until they win, it means nothing.

  • Now you know

    Over the last several weeks I have been reading post on this blog about Assante. I posted when he was hired there would be a lot of change.
    A few things most are missing.
    Yes The principle/Ad knew what they where getting when the hired Assante because he is a very upfront straight forward guy. There is no doubt he is a win at all cost coach.
    What the principal/AD don’t know about are the headaches that come with this approach. Drawing players with special perks like no tuition causes more problem than good.
    First unfair expectations are being put on the average players and most of the transfers are average.
    Parents wont sit quietly as there kids are sitting behind average players who aren’t paying tuition. This will be a problem because the transfers have to play to keep getting transfers. The idea of the best players play is false. Transfers play because the coached lured them in and will always give them the most benefit.
    Once the parents realize average players are playing in front of their kids and they don’t pay tuition the pricipale/Ad will start to feel the wrath of their poor decision. This is a painful process
    Then there are the teachers who will go out of there way to pick on the transfers because they want to prove their not so special. This will be real hard since Assante himself has told the players they are special. Not to mention the jealousy of teachers who are making a fraction of Assante salary. The teachers will be a bitter bunch work against Assante.
    The transfer will aslo start to rebel and not conform with the over all objective of being at St.Paul. This will separate the student body and it’s ugly.
    There is no short cuts this will back fire as the St Paul eco system can not and will not support this unbalanced approach. This why Amat and Damien have not and will not engage in this approach. They just wont impact the eco system in this way.
    Assante and the principal/Ad will not be able to fixes these problems AND THEY ARE ALREADY PROBLEMS.

  • And?

    I dont get it. Why do people care if a kid transfers in HS? FFS this isnt the NFL or even college? There is no money involved, just a bunch of ole washed up has beens who come here and talk crap to eachother about whos HS alma mater is better or people bad mouthing someone because they heard it from their friends brothers nephew twice removed on there mothers side (Lookin at you Concussion Symptoms=Hater)

    Let the boys transfer wherever they want, let recruiting happen, their parents make the ultimate decision as last I checked these are all minors. Who gives a flyin stink pickle if teams stack, its HS you losers. Talk about how good or bad someone is on the field, but drop all the measley nonsense of this transfer crap, cuz no one cares (Except the few cyber bullies thinking HS transfers is the biggest thing in their life to worry about).

    Buncha sissies.

  • Attraction

    Are you guys saying you would not open your doors to a 1,500 yard 21 TD RB, a 6’3″ 225 pound WR and a first team ALL CIF Cornerback? Scoby shopped around several schools, he wasn’t recruited. St. Paul is Cloy’s fourth school and Franklin came to St. Paul from La Habra under special circumstances. No Recruiting Just Attraction!

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    It doesn’t matter if Asante is recruiting or not. It doesn’t matter if a player 6’8, 370 pounds and runs like a deer comes knocking at my door. Short of him coming in to eat me, I’m gonna pull out his chair and give him a seat.

    The issue is any kids, big name kids, transferring to any school in mass – even if it’s 2-3 of’em is going to raise eyebrows and even more, questions. When kids that fit a specific need start coming in, then that’s going to start some screaming.

    It doesnt matter if the school is St Paul, Monrovia, Muir, Centennial, or Gary.

    If Asante is recruiting then so be it. Although he should be more quiet about it, but that’s on him. If he’s not and these kids are just falling into his lap, then so be it. At the end of the day you still have to strap it on, suit it up, and step on the field.

    And yes, either way, he has to play these high profile kids, only because it’ll attract other high profile kids. But he has to win with them too cause if he doesn’t, it’ll have the opposite effect and they’ll avoid him like his breath stinks.

  • Harwell

    Not that Gano did a better job of recruting at Los Altos than Damien? The talent he has at Damien would win at Los Altos. Just at the level Damien is playing you need D1 talent and coaching.

    Damien has neither.

  • Anti-Slime

    You guys are funny. You act like this guy has really won something somewhere. He was 8-3, 3-7, 7-4, 7-5, 7-4 at LA Jordan in 5 years with ONE playoff win in that time. Then he rode the previous coaches momentum his first year at Carson, but didn’t really do great there either.this transfer act can work in the City Section at Carson or Jordan. Carson is the city golden boy because the Asst Commish is a Carson guy. No one cared about Jordan and you dont have families bitching over transfers like he will at a tuition paying private school. What about now that a former Amat AD is an Asst Commisioner and an Amat grad is another. You think he won’t be watched very closely? You really think this guy is a better FOOTBALL coach than Ancich you’re crazy. And remember – even when St Paul won CIF – they lost to Amat that year. And Amat Was only 3-7! Even if the Slime improve to be the best in the division again, guess what – Amats has gotten even better


    Carson went to back to back City Championships, beat Mater Dei in back to back years and won 20 games with the toughest schedule in the State in the two seasons Asante was Head Coach.

    SP has not gone to the playoffs since 2007 and has not beat Mater Dei since 1986. When was the last time those flea bitten Amat Dogs played in a Championship or beat Mater Dei? I’m waiting…I thought so!

    September 21, mark the date on your mutt calender!!!

  • Orgullo Azul

    We have bigger fish to fry than worrying about everyone else. If we lose even one game against these lower division teams in the preseason, we might as well drop down in divisions. We don’t carry the clout of the big D-1 schools anymore. We’re not getting any stronger, we’re as stagnant now as the slime has been since they dismantled the Angeles League. Top-notch guys are leaving the program and we walk around bragging on our PAST when the future in front of us is bleak. A coin flip into the playoffs is embarrassing; even to a once-proud program like ours. Nobody fears us in the SGV, nobody respects us either. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY? Oh, that’s right – we’re the nice guys. How’s does that old saying go? Nice guys finish last.

  • Heeza Nobody

    MUTT- Amat beat Mater Dei the last two times they played them, most recently in the 2009 playoffs – the same year the Monarchs beat Corona Centennial and Asante the next week.

  • Mark Your Calender

    It’s ON! Septeber 21, you flea bitten, mutt dogs!

  • Slime Away

    After the last few Amat/StPaul games – Sept 21 is probably NOT the date the Lancers are circling

  • Servite Black Friars

    That’s right…

    The Umpaaaah Luuuumpah Lancers have a “Great White Shark” to worry about earlier in September!

    Then they get their azzez destroyed by Chino Hills and Charter Oak…!

    Amat 2 – 8 in 2012…!

  • Hiding

    Amat73, until your school comes out and finally admits to what happen there last week I don’t want to hear anything about tradition from Amat. They hide behind their religion instead of telling the truth. Who got caught with a staff member and why didn’t they press charges on this staff member. The name of the kid is not even important but why does your school have to hid it?

  • HR Dept

    Hiding – if you understand anything about Human Resources you’d know that personaell matters are private as well as personal matters of any manner – unless a crime was commited and it becomes public record. Since an inquiry uncovered no evidence of a crime – you know what you know. Anything else would be – well – a crime

  • Hiding

    Hr if nothing happened and no crime was commented then why did the staff member get fired. You if you work there and if you did you know something happen. Just because the crime wasnt reported that does not mean nothing happen. Just a cover up. Ask the priest there what happen. He saw it!

  • HR dept

    Staff members get fired everywhere for things that are less than crime. It is possible for any employees to do something against policy worthy of dismissal, and still not be crime

  • BA owns MD

    @ MUTTS

    Bishop Amat has beat Mater Dei the last two times the schools have met. Amat beat Mater Dei in 2009 in the first round of the CIF playoffs. They also beat Mater Dei in 2005.

    No other SGV school can make such a claim. West Covina is the only other SGV program to take on Mater Dei. West Covina was swept by the Monarchs in 2006 and 2007.

  • Just the facts, ma’am

    Asante’s Record vs. Pac-5 schools @ Carson


    Carson 26, Mater Dei 22
    LB Poly 38, Carson 18
    Santa Margarita 39, Carson 21
    Mission Viejo 31, Carson 0


    Carson 14, Mater Dei 10
    Santa Margarita 56, Carson 14
    Mission Viejo 42, Carson 21

    Coach Asante is 2-5 vs. Pac-5 schools. Besides beating MD by a combined 8 points, Carson lost to other Pac-5 schools by a combined 206-74 points.

  • Cant win

    Just the facts – don’t forget the losses while he was at LA Jordan!

  • Hiding

    HR- inappropriate behavior with a student is a crime. All I ask is why does Amat not come out and tell the truth?

  • Mindset

    Asante had the guts to Schedule Mater Dei, LB Poly, Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, Servite, Bishop Amat and La Habra.

    This tells you about his mindset, he wants to be the best!

  • Margarita bill

    I dont know about you idiots but it seems to me that coach Asante beat one of the most high profile pac5 teams in Mater Dei with a Carson team. Now if im not mistaking isnt Carson in a Lower division then Mater Dei? Oh and also how many lower level programs do you know that challenge Mater Dei two years in a row and beat them? You see you guys are just pure haters this guy has the guts to go play these teams and put up fights what about your team non-league schedule. And please dont be an Amat fan THEN YOULL EMBARRASS YOURSELF. Look get off the coach back, now that he’s at the slime the slime will most likely be one of the most dangerous teams in so-cal and i really hope all the transfers get to play i mean hey no one speaks down on Alemany and their constant recruiting of all those Pasadena players and i truly hope the race card isnt involved in majority of you guys hate. Get over it. coach have a great season im cheering for you besides when you line up against my team then im completely against you.

    signing off as the Champs.

  • HR

    Inappropriate behavior with a student is not a crime if the student is of age at the time of the behavior. It’s a breach of contract however so that explains a firing with no crime charged.

    It also explains why HR and a school wouldn’t say anything as those personal records are not public and are only made public in the case of legal matters. So you won’t get anything unless 1) a crime is charged or 2) the ex employee sues over the firing.

  • Hiding

    HR- sounds like you know your stuff and I appreciate the good info but unfourtunately the kid is underage, 17. So the school is covering up. The preist saw the entire thing. Contact with each other. Need I say more? Not saying you don’t know your stuff but trust me this is a cover up.

  • BJ Spartan

    That was my concern when Damien first hired Gano. Were they going to let him play in the proverbial “grey area” and they have not. I am sick of this. We need to win. I am all in favor of a special donation box at Damien so he start getting players.

    Asante’s quote is typical. I have heard Gary McKnight use that line before followed by look at the ceiling, referring to the state and CIF championship banners on the ceiling of their basketball gym at Mater Dei.

  • The PIT

    Hr & hiding stfu already…damn!
    This is a sports blog not judge judy.

    It’s not anybody business except the school(amat).
    I rather read Bravedad comments(not really)…enough already.

    Lets get back to football
    SPHS record 3-2 league 4-1

    bring it.

  • Accurate

    Hey, I’m a strength and conditioning trainer in the SGV. I happen to know that there are no less than 10 top shelf D1 football players that are lining up to transfer to St. Paul because they know Asante has the contacts to get them out and he plays the toughest schedule. We call it an “ASANTE SCHEDULE”.

    Asante has a reputation for hustling to get all of his seniors and juniors offers. His statement “I don’t recruit, I ATTRACT” is 100% accurate.

  • To St. Paul assistant coach using multiple screen names

    Can someone tell that assistant St.Paul coach who is pushing the Asante propaganda that we are not as naive as those folks in the L.A. Section?

    It’s funny how Asante is taking credit for a schedule created by the previous coaching staff.

    Really hoping to see all those shaved heads from the St. Paul Swordsman unless Asante threw out that Tradition also.

  • Concussion

    Slow down Concussion_Symptum, Asante replaced Warren and Shurr with Mater Dei and Servite. I’d say that’s a substantial upgrade in schedule. The tradition of the shaved heads has been thrown out as well as the hazing that YOU condoned, by the last two principals. That had nothing to do with Asante. Its a new day…All traditions are not good. Change Is Good!

  • SMH

    Rich Avina…get a life! Shouldn’t you be getting La Mirada’s Defense ready for your home opener against St. Paul instead of CYBER STALKING coach Asante?

  • La Mirada Pride

    Kids are lining up to transfer to St Paul? Why not go to La Mirada where you dont have to pay tuition and that staff gets kids out as good as anybody. They , La Mirada have kids at Colorado, Kansas, Washington State, Alabama, Airforce, Yale, Brown, etc. over the years have had kids sign with BYU, Arizona, Fresno State, Utah State, Wyoming, San Diego State,Texas,Utah, Purdue, Ucla and so on. La Mirada currently has 3 kids with major Div1 offers. class of 2013 LB Koa Kaleopaa offers from Cal, Arkansas, Colorado , Arizona, they currently have the #1 TE prospect in the class of 2014 Tyler Luatua with offers from Florida State, Alabama, Miami. Ucla, Cal. Nebraska, Arizona State, Colorado, and a Freshman QB class of 2015 Kevin Dillman who only threw 26 passes all year with offers from Cal, Loisville, Arkansas, Colorado and Ucla.. You guys are clueless if you think Asante has better connections than La Miradas staff.. Connections dont get you scholarships, the La Mirada staff makes tapes for their players and they send film to every school in the country, constantly making phone calls to Div1, 1aa, 2, and div3 schools year round.. Asante Ali is about himself, the La Mirada staff is about getting kids out, 14 in the last 4 yrs to be exact.
    Keith Coty Yale, Justin Torres Colorado, Ralph Gramajo Colorado Stae Pueblo, Bryan Peters Kansas, Isaac Luatua Alabama, Max Gama Washington State, Arryn Bouzos Airforce, EJ Galvez Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo, Bobby Guzman Adams State, Zach Ponce Colorado State Pueblo, Tyler Perez Western New Mexico, Spencer Fox South Dakota, Jesse Gonzalez Western New Mexico, Devon Hall North Dakota.

  • La Mirada Pride

    Kids are lining up to transfer to St Paul? Why not go to La Mirada where you dont have to pay tuition and that staff gets kids out as good as anybody. They , La Mirada have kids at Colorado, Kansas, Washington State, Alabama, Airforce, Yale, Brown, etc. over the years have had kids sign with BYU, Arizona, Fresno State, Utah State, Wyoming, San Diego State,Texas,Utah, Purdue, Ucla and so on. La Mirada currently has 3 kids with major Div1 offers. class of 2013 LB Koa Kaleopaa offers from Cal, Arkansas, Colorado , Arizona, they currently have the #1 TE prospect in the class of 2014 Tyler Luatua with offers from Florida State, Alabama, Miami. Ucla, Cal. Nebraska, Arizona State, Colorado, and a Freshman QB class of 2015 Kevin Dillman who only threw 26 passes all year with offers from Cal, Loisville, Arkansas, Colorado and Ucla.. You guys are clueless if you think Asante has better connections than La Miradas staff.. Connections dont get you scholarships, the La Mirada staff makes tapes for their players and they send film to every school in the country, constantly making phone calls to Div1, 1aa, 2, and div3 schools year round.. Asante Ali is about himself, the La Mirada staff is about getting kids out, 14 in the last 4 yrs to be exact.
    Keith Coty Yale, Justin Torres Colorado, Ralph Gramajo Colorado Stae Pueblo, Bryan Peters Kansas, Isaac Luatua Alabama, Max Gama Washington State, Arryn Bouzos Airforce, EJ Galvez Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo, Bobby Guzman Adams State, Zach Ponce Colorado State Pueblo, Tyler Perez Western New Mexico, Spencer Fox South Dakota, Jesse Gonzalez Western New Mexico, Devon Hall North Dakota.

  • The galloping ghost

    The coaching at La Mirada must be god awful horrible. That much talent and you continue to get your asses kicked in the Southeast? Amat slapped the sh*t out you guys with less then half that kind of (alleged)talent. If I was the head coach at La Mirada I wouldn’t tell anybody we had that many recruits unless we won a title or won at least 10+ games.

  • Suga Bugga

    All Those D1 Players but you still lose to St. Paul who did not make the playoffs, La Habra who had there worst team in the last 5 years and La Serna who had 80 points put on them.

    Moschetti needs to get off that suga bugga!

  • Moschetti

    Moschetti, if your program is so great how come you hired Concussion_Symptom to be your DC. He has never been the DC of a playoff team. Ever…lol

  • concussion_symptoms

    I think it is funny that you idiots think that you know who I am. Don’t be so sensitive St. Paulies, you hired a crook – deal with it. Did you really think that you were going to be able to hire a crook, make uniforms disappear, recruit………….. ATTRACT other school athletes, TRY to “attract” Tahaan Goodman (RCHS) and FAIL, TRY to “attract” Jo Mathis (UHS) and FAIL… and the rest of the SGV was just going to sit back at say nothing?

    You made the bed Paulies, “lie” in it!

  • Cougertown

    If Coach Avina is posting here, welcome aboard to La Mirada. My nephew loves the new defense, and is very excited about the upcoming season. When it comes time to send my son to high school, i want to send him to LM. One more year of Pop Warner and decision time.(only draw back is distance.) Last year’s team was mostly underclassmen and no varsity experience. They did well for a re-building year. Look forward to 2012 season.

    @ Suga Bugga
    What are you smoking???
    La Habra and La Serna combined only had 28? points on La Mirada. La Habra was 28-19 and La Serna game was 31-0 LM. Drop the pipe and get back to the books.

  • insider

    concussion_symptoms how and where do you get all this inside infornation? You must be VERY close to the St. Paul Football program. Did you coach their?

  • conspiracy

    From waht I hear a coach on the old coaching staff at St Pauls stole the old uniforms to send a message to the admin. and then blamed it on Asante. A St Paul employee told me that Asante had just got hired-didn’t have keys and didn’t know where anything was stored anyway. About a month after the old jersey’s were stolen they mysteriously started to reappear on the front porche of all the senior football players homes. Asante better watch his back because a couple of the old coaches are trying to completely undermine his program and get him fired.

  • HR

    If that’s the case(I only know the law not details) its up to parents to press legal charges. And the school can’t comment on a minor.

  • Its Personal

    Judging from the blog smack talk St. Paul @ La Mirada is going to be real personal…I hear concussion symptom, who has made several derogatory remarks about Asante on this blog is going to be the DC for La Mirada…lmbo. What a way to start the season. La Mirada is loaded with D1 talent and St. Paul is loaded with transfers. This is going to be a close game but La Mirada has the home field advantage.

  • Enough Already

    OK….enough already. Not sure what some of your agendas are but none of you not what the hell is really going on.

    Coach Asante does not need any of your help “defending” him or the program. He is perfectly capable of doing that himself.

    None of the old St. Paul coaches are trying to sink the program either. They have all moved on and are concerned about their programs and not St. Paul.

    Concussion-Symptoms is not a St. Paul guy. He may know people affiliated with St. Paul but he has no love for our program and he is not Coach Avina. I don’t know what his real agenda is except he dislikes St. Paul but he is the one misinformed.

    Those close to the program know what really happened to the uniforms. It wasn’t Coach Asante, it wasn’t the equipment manager nor was it the old coaches. So stop trying to stir up sh**.

    As far as college coaches visiting every HS campus….not true…they go where the talent is and St. Paul has talent. I haven’t seen D1 coaches on campus since 2007 and now they are flocking to St. Paul.

    I’ve been around the program a very long time and I have seen coaches come and go so I’ve heard all this talk before.

    Go ahead, continue to hate. At least you are talking about us. Keep taking the Swordsmen lightly. They WILL surprise everyone this year. They will win and they will be in the playoffs.

    And go ahead take your shots at me…bring it on.

  • What’s Up?

    1. If concussion symptom is not Avina then who is he?

    2. If you know who stole the jerseys, let us know. A Thief doesn’t deserve privacy.

    3. If you know Asante didn’t have anything to do with the missing jersey’s why didn’t you defend him before now?

    4. Can St. Pual do better than 3-7 with that hellacious schedule?
    La Mirada, Mater Dei, La Habra, Bishop Amat and Servite. 0-5
    Harvard Westlake, Chaminade, Cathedral, Serra,
    St. Francis 3-2
    3-7 record and still make the playoffs. Last season 7-3 didn’t make the playoffs.

  • This is hilarious….

    All of you trying to figure out who concussion is…not even close to who he is. Keep drinking the kool aid!!! Hilarious.

  • Colors

    “I don’t recruit, I ATTRACT.”

    You don’t know me, fool
    You disown me, cool
    I don’t need your assistance, social persistance
    Any problem I got I just put my fist in
    My life is violent but violent is life
    Peace is a dream, reality is a knife
    My colors, my honour, my colors, my all
    With my colors upon me one soldier stands tall

  • Classic

    Top four All Time Classic Quotes:
    1. “I don’t recruit, I ATTRACT.”
    2. “If you’re not first, you’re last.”
    3. “If you don’t know, you don’t know.”
    4. “It is, what it is.”


  • Classic

    Top four All Time Classic Quotes:

    1. “I don’t recruit, I ATTRACT.”
    2. “If you’re not first, you’re last.”
    3. “If you don’t know, you don’t know.”
    4. “It is, what it is.”


  • Area Fan

    Hey Colors,
    You forgot to add Asante next tweet:

    I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking, King of my jungle, just a gangster stalking.

  • Judgment

    No matter what Asante’s overall record is, he will be judged by two things;

    1. Bishop Amat
    2. Making the playoffs

    We havent beaten the dogs since 98 and the last two losses were ugly.

    We havent been to the playoffs since 2007.

    If Asante can BEAT AMAT and take us to the PLAYOFFS, then he is worth his weight in gold.

  • Slime Away

    And the year they went to the playoffs (and WON a CIF title) they still LOST to the worst team in Amat history!

  • Jefe

    There’s only one thing worse than delusional Amat fan…and that’s delusional St. Paul fan.

    I can’t wait to see you get flattened in non league.

    The blog comments should be very entertaining come Fall.

  • Just askin’?

    Jefe – where does delusioinal Bosco fan fit in that mix?

  • Anonymous

    This is sad how much of you grown racist losers are hating on Asante. Is it because he’s the first black coach at St. Paul, and that he is threatening all of your precious schools with his ATTRACTION? or is it that your all just bitter because he got the job and not your friend or next door neighbor, who was up for the job. Either way the man got the job, the man is ATTRACTING talent unlike Amat and the rest of the private schools around the area. and the best part about all of this is when those players are cleared to play he’s going to be whooping your teams A$$eS up and down the field. And there is nothing wrong with private schools recruiting Mater Dei does it the most and you worthless losers praise them, why i dont know but im hoping its not because of the race but if it is your a pathetic loser and guess what, there is nothing you can do about it. leave coach Asante alone go bother Bruce rollins or gano when gano went to Damien and a few transfer went with him you all jumped on Damiens wagon cheering and pulling for them. why again i dont know maybe we just have racist ignorant dumb people in this world still. Or why not bash coach harrington at alemany i know he’s not in this area but he recruits more than any coach in the valley and pac5. or what about big Lou now we all know those kids from pasadena and duarte/monrovia isnt going there because they grew up watching charger football. All im trying to say is put aside your ignorance for once and give the man his credit, he’s rebuilding the Slime program and ATTRACTING D1 football coaches along with the players. isnt his job to win and get those kids to college? so far he’s doing a great job he’s ATTRACTED A LOT OF ATTENTION TO THAT ONCE KIND OF DEAD PROGRAM. So hey i guess its safe to say he recruited you to with his ATTRACTION to.

  • Roger Clemons

    At anonymous
    So you say that, “there is nothing wrong with private schools recruiting”? Have you ever heard of a thing called the CIF blue book? In the blue book it clearly states that is a violation to “recruit” therefore, anyone who does recruit is considered a CHEATER. Do you think it’s ok to cheat, when 80-90% of all the other schools/coaches out there follow the rules? I’ll bet your one of the losers who think it’s ok for kids to CHEAT their way to scholarships by using steroids. When, in fact, those kids that are using PED’s are nothing more then CHEATERS, just like the dirt bag coaches that turn a blind eye to it.
    Hey St Paul. Joe Paterno just call, he wants he reputation back.

  • Anonymous

    roger clemons
    well in that case in this situation all you saint like adults that kid was recruited or help a school out by suggesting they kid should attend another school is like the pot that called the kettle black. And im going to look this whole thing up in the CIF book about (private schools) recruiting, because if that is a rule i can guarantee you that there is not one private school in california that paid that specific rule any mind. Oh and come on CIF only cracks down on the public schools very rarely they crack down on private schools so miss me with that CIF rule book junk CIF is a joke this whole transferring thing is a joke i feel if a kid wants to go to a school because the athletics are better then he/she should be able to go without consequence those kids and parents only wants better for their child.

  • Anonymous

    and that 80-90% of coaches and schools follow the rules has to be a joke right.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and by the way i dont condone in kids using steroids or kids being held back to have an advantage, to me thats cheating. the whole talk about recruiting kids is a big mess. think about it parents does recruiting for schools without even knowing it some do and some dont. just the simple oh your son should go to this school because of whatever reason is the same as a coach from a school telling a parent they should send their kid to their school for sports. its the same thing maybe some coaches have a little more manipulative ways in getting the kid to their schools, but the parents plays their part to. so dont take it all out on the coach blame the parent also. And the whole im going to hold my son back a grade or two so he can mature more or simply put be better than the other kids in his/her grade is the most cheating tactic there is. But Losers like yourself over looks that because its normal now. WHAT A JOKE.

  • roger clemens

    I find it interesting that you frown upon parent/kids that follow the rules regarding the age restrictions but are “A OK” with coaches that CHEAT and violate the rule book to their own benifit.


    “I don’t recruit, I ATTRACT.” Has ATTRACTED 108 OPINIONS and counting. Asante didn’t recruit you to comment but your mind was ATTRACTED to the statement causing you to comment.

    The same thing is happening with football, he is not contacting these parents they are ATTRACTED to Asante and his program at St. Paul and thus transfering for a better opportunity.

  • Arams Take?

    How can five words attract so much attention? Aram, whats your take?

  • A rose by any name

    I don’t sh*t, I rid my body of stool

  • you lost

    I don’t sh*t, I rid my body of stool. This doesn’t work because you used more than 5 words and you used profanity! Asante wins again!

  • Anonymous

    A rose by any name
    Booooooooooooo try again that was terrible ……#byfartheworstinsultpossible

  • I’m up

    I don’t Fart, I POOT!

  • The Pit

    YO VIP’s
    Lets KICK IT

    Alright STOP, while I do up my laces.
    This kinda thing happens every show, yo
    I gotta learn how to tie a BOW

    Robert Van Winkle
    Nothin ryhmes with Winkle

    I’m White, and im capitalizin, on trend that’s currently risin,
    Mix it with Curly and Larry and Moe,


    Maybe never, I become richer with every endevar.
    Im livin large and my bank is scooped,
    Cause I just listin to real rap and dupe it!!!

    White White Baby
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    I’m a little teapot short and stout

    I told the world I was stabbed in the butt,
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    He’s white white baby
    What is he?… white white baby
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    His thing is white white baby,
    Hes just a white white baby
    Were talking white white baby

    Hey guys!!!!!!!!!

    Yo Im not stupid, I just dupid

    Word to ya mudda.

    can’t wait for week 0

    SP is going to kick azz this yr.

  • Really?

    @the pit-Wow dude, you actually spent the time to do that…..? Only a St Slime guy would expend that much energy to do something stupid!

  • The pit


    Its called copy and paste d#mba%%,

    I only spend energy when Im w/ ur momma…kaboooom biatch.


    the pit,
    Spoken like a true slimesman . Sad part is you had to copy and paste crap like that and think your slick for doing it . Like the man said you do spend energy on stupid things such as that last post.

  • Idiots

    Just kill this post idiots. Most of you guys are acting like little kids. What’s done is done so shut the fck up. Let this play out on the field. Whether it’s right or wrong, it’s done. Drop the b.s. and let it go.

  • Really?

    Ha,HA,HA that’s what you would like us to believe you imbecile, bahahaha…you slime guys are too much. Oh, Oh, wait, I, I….uhhhh, uhhhh, I CUT AND PASTED IT! yeah, that’s it, I cut and pasted it.

    C L A S S I C SLIME!!!!

    And you can shut up too Idiots!

  • not the same thing

    I don’t Fart, I POOT! farting and pooting are the same thing. Recruiting and Attracting are two different things. Recruiting occurs when a coach iniatiates contact with a prospective athlete. Attracting occurs when a parent or players initiates contact with the school or coach.

  • The sward

    The transfers don’t need Asante, Asante needs the transfers. He is a City coach that relies on talent to win. He sucks as a coach and great as a hype man. Just look at the talent he recruits as a measuring stick to his success. Nothing more and nothing less.

  • Great Coach

    A great Head Coach is so much more than x’s and o’s. To be highly successful you got to have the Jimmies and Joe’s. Asante coached his team to back to back City Championship games. This past season he had to beat an undefeated 12-0 San Pedro Team, who beat Carson earlier in the season, to get to the Ship. You don’t beat San Pedro at San Pedro in a simi-final football game if you suck as a coach. But you are absolutely right about him being a Great Hype Man and that’s why the top players want to play for him.

  • They both need each other

    Asante needs the Transfers and the Transfers need Asante!!!

  • Suckie Coach’s

    Coach’s that Suck, never get the top transfers.

  • Slime Away

    Let’s remember who attracted who first – and in what order. It is no secret, and Aram reported it, that Scoby went to Bishop Amat first. He wanted to go there bu they said no. At least partial tuition would be required, grades are a necessity, no special treatment. Take it or leave ot and guess what – Duarte “attracted” Scoby. Public school, academics wouldn’t be a problem – but not great football and the coach stepped in it when he reported that Scoby was ” working out before he was even at the school. Then Monrovia “attracted” Scoby, but that one would really look athletically motivated (this was before the transfer rule was officially changed). It was only them that the Slime oozed its way into the cracks.
    I wouldn’t say Asante “attracted so well if he was really the 4th choice. It was just he was less ethical than the others. Just wait til the former Bishop Amat AD who’s now the Assistant Commissioner and the Bishop Amat graduate who is the other Assistant Commissioner in the CIF office take a look into the rampant undjue influence that, despite the transfer rule changes, still exists in the rulebook.

  • picture worth 1000 words

    Asante “attracting”


    All the facts that you presented about Scoby going to Amat, Duarte and Monrovia proves the point the Scoby was shopping for a school. He was not unduly influenced, he found St. Paul and it was a good fit for his needs.

    The former Bishop Amat AD who’s now the Assistant Commissioner and the Bishop Amat graduate who is the other Assistant Commissioner in the CIF had better not try some Bishop Amat “Dog” business or they will be hit with a lawsuit so quick and so fast.

    In fact they would have to remove themselves from this transfer because of the inherent CONFLICT of interest.

  • CIF Lames

    The CIF already got their asses handed to them by Mater Dei. St. Paul will gladly be their huckleberry if they want to try some funny business. Matinez better crawl back up in his cubicle and STFU.

  • Dirty Slimesmen

    Assistant Commissioner Glenn Martinez, hates the SP Slimesmen with a passion. He will not back down from this fight. He has made it clear that this is “Personal” and he is going after you dirty slimesmen.

  • reprehensible

    A lawsuit filed in 2010 by Mater Dei and the Diocese of Orange against the Southern Section alleging unfair treatment is scheduled to go to trial in November. Marie Ishida, the outgoing CIF executive director, has called the lawsuit “reprehensible.”

    The CIF’s biased and unfair treatment of schools that they don’t like is reprehensible. If Mr. Bishop Amat/Chater Oak Glenn Martinez tries to use his “Dog” Card to attack St. Paul both he and the CIF will be hit with another lawsuit to put in check Glenn Martinez and the CIF’s “reprehensible” behavior.

  • The sward

    Carson? San Pedro? Compared to Amat and Servite…. Lol! I seen those videos of carson hucking the ball up for that ” athlete” to grab. Like I said Asante needs the transfers cuz that ain’t coaching! Anyone from the real angelus league knows about beating up on teams with more talent through discipline and coaching. Sorry but this ain’t Carson… You in the PIT.

  • Slime Away

    reprehensible, lame, conflict – no “conflict” at all. They no longer represent that school. However, there is nothing wrong about keeping a little closer eye on the shenanigans at St Paul. If you are doing nohjing wrong – you have no worries. If you are – they will find it!

  • Compare and contrats

    The other difference between Mater Dei and St Paul is one has deep pockets and the other is in deep $#!+ – literally

  • Undue Influence

    Conflict – it’s not just about who makes the first contact. Just because Scoby was shopping, doesn’t mean he wasn’t shopping for someone who would do something that could be “objectively seen as an inducement, or part of a process of inducing a student, or his or her parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver to enroll in, transfer to, or remain in, a particular school for athletic purposes.”
    And St Paul apparently took the bait

  • Slimes

    Slimie Sward, the Pit aint been sh8t since the 70’s. The last time SP beat MD was in 86 and Servite in 88. Discipline without talent only gets you so far. The Slime haven’t been to the playoffs since 2007. You call that great coaching? lmao


    You obviously don’t know what undue influence is. Scoby contacted St. Paul because his guardian thought he needed a spiritual environment. Furthermore, athletic motivation is not an issue anymore. Once he contacted the school to enquire about enrollment the school could sell them on all the virtues of a St. Paul education.

    You Amat “Dogs” are shaken in your boots. Charter Oaks lost a good one to Duarte not St. Paul. Amat Dog/Charter Oak Assistant Comissioner Glenn Martinez better not even think about getting in the way or he will regret it!

  • Oxymorons

    Slime & Virtue
    St Paul & Education

  • The Sward

    This whole blog is Asante on damage control…. How many fake names does he have? Seriously any Amat dog or Servite freak is happy to have Asante ruin our tradition. The kids know the real deal, their brothers, uncles and Dads gave blood in the pit. Btw thanks for the history lesson but rhe real “coach A” is still one of the winningest coaches around. Asante has a long, long way to go before he is taken seriously around here…..

  • Under the Microscope

    That is funny reading Asante (or one of his coaches) trying to put a CIF Assistant Commissiioner on blast and threaten him (“you’ll regret it”?).
    If I was an Assistant Commissioner I would go about my business as usual – UNLESS a school came out and said something stupid oike that – then that would make me look even closer at them and go at them with both barrells!

  • Another Oxymoron

    Forgot one:
    St Paul & Spiritual Environment

  • The Sward

    Lawyers cost a lot of money…. A lot less than head coaches that “attract” negative attention. I was really interested to see how Asante would coach up the talent at St. Paul and see if he was a real as a D1 coach… That being said I am really disappointed that he is using the private school system to recruit (I mean attract). I will take back the comment that he sucks, but the red flags are there. His career will truly live and die by the sword.

  • Winning Tradition

    The tradition was winning and playing in big games something which St. Paul has done neither in the last 4 years.

  • Sward

    Sward, Asante will NEVER be Coach Ancich, but that’s not why we hired him. We needed DIVERSITY and a complete change of direction. If we wanted more of the same we would have hired Avina or Visko. You have been attacking St. Paul with more venom than the Dogs and the Freaks put together. Why don’t you just chill out and support the team?

  • The Sward

    I agree with diversity and that change is good. You must do so with respect and ethics. If your asking me to chill out and accept illegal recruiting that could ruin the schools reputation and the forfeit the kids year then obviously no. I would rather play less talented young men and keep my integrity.

  • Let it be known

    Sward, why would you even suggest that there has been illegal recruiting if you are so worried about the schools reputation. I have given my blood, sweat and tears as a player, parent and a coach at St. Paul. But since you are trying to say St. Paul is illegally recruiting why dont you just put it all the out there?

    1) Who has St. Paul Illegally recruited?
    2) What evidence do you have to back it up?

    Are you just pointing out the kids that came in since Asante came or all the transfers on campus, because over 50% of the senior players on the team are transfers.

  • integrity???

    Sward…If you have so much integrity why dont you approach Asante with your concerns instead of throwing evryone under the bus on this blog?

  • DaddyBall

    I would rather play less talented young men and keep my integrity.

    Especially, if one of the less talented young men is YOUR SON!

  • BINGO!

    Especially, if one of the less talented young men is YOUR SON!

  • The Sward

    Thrown under the bus???? Sounds like you have ownership issues. Take some responsibility for your actions! 50 percent of the seniors are transfers proves my point!

  • transfers

    50 percent of the seniors are transfers that came in under Ancich. The transfers that came under Asante are sophomores.

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  • GuyWithaTinky

    / \

    If you think Coach Asante is sexy, and you are really on this blog to try and take him on a date, please leave a comment above.

    Aram is more my type anyways…mmm mmm mmmmmmmm!

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  • OldSword

    He is attracting a lot of unhappy people getting crushed by La Mirada….. Good thing he put light weights Servite, Amat and Mater Dei on the schedule for a break.

  • Great Victory!

    Great Victory over La Habra 34-20. It was Youth Night and SP won over alot of the area kids. The tough schedule has a ton of benifits. SP has to prepare for Chaminade and Serra. As long as SP makes the playoffs this will be a very successful season.