South Hills OL Riley Deen gets offer from New Mexico State … speaking of which, word is South Hills may have the best O-Line in the area …

First off, I want to thank former South Hills football liaison James Escarcega, aka The Scouting Guru, for sending me this tidbit … accompanied by a shot that said “Aram doesn’t think South Hills plays football anymore.”

Back-to-back 3-7 seasons will do that to a sports writer, James.

Anyway, South Hills lineman Riley Deen has received the first of what he hopes will be many offers from New Mexico St.

Aram’s take: As you could tell by the headline, there are a lot of people really high on South Hills’ o-line this season. Think about it, Deen is a beast. Lake Aiono is, too. Ben Kane is going to be eligible. Pretty interesting! I caught a glimpse of these guys while at a South Hills baseball game, pretty formidable group. Now the question is whether the skill guys are there, but I can tell you Baby Parham is back from La Habra and that should help. Maybe South Hills is a sleeper.