South Hills OL Riley Deen gets offer from New Mexico State … speaking of which, word is South Hills may have the best O-Line in the area …

First off, I want to thank former South Hills football liaison James Escarcega, aka The Scouting Guru, for sending me this tidbit … accompanied by a shot that said “Aram doesn’t think South Hills plays football anymore.”

Back-to-back 3-7 seasons will do that to a sports writer, James.

Anyway, South Hills lineman Riley Deen has received the first of what he hopes will be many offers from New Mexico St.

Aram’s take: As you could tell by the headline, there are a lot of people really high on South Hills’ o-line this season. Think about it, Deen is a beast. Lake Aiono is, too. Ben Kane is going to be eligible. Pretty interesting! I caught a glimpse of these guys while at a South Hills baseball game, pretty formidable group. Now the question is whether the skill guys are there, but I can tell you Baby Parham is back from La Habra and that should help. Maybe South Hills is a sleeper.

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  • D-Mo

    Aram, isn’t that what we expected last year, too?
    How many offers can he expect from one university, anyway? I think they make only one offer per player. Haha.

  • D-Mo,

    I don’t remember what we heard last year, but two years ago South Hills’ line got lotsa hype and fell apart late in games. This year’s group may be different. They’ve got some serious size.

    Also, the offers sentence I guess can read two ways. What I was saying was many offers from many colleges, this one is from NMSU.

  • HuskieFan

    Congrats on your first offer but don’t take any advice from the guru or you’ll end up jumping from school to school. Make sure your education always comes first and not football.An education will always take you places unlike a football pipe dream?

  • green pastures

    That’s great to hear. They still have to replace Canada and Hart, and find a QB. Their line has always been Great. However, Monrovia would love to get even with the huskies this year. I hope South Hills has a big year after a loss to the Cats!

  • New York

    I thought South Hills had a nice size line last year. I hope they go 13-1 with a loss to Monrovia…seriously, I selfishly always hope that all Monrovia’s opponents have great seasons. If we win, then it looks more impressive.
    With a great offensive line, it should be relatively easy for South Hills to bounce back, as long as the offensive game plan allows the boys to go to work!

  • South Hills’ problem the past two years is that it can’t stop anybody.

    2011: Allowed 36.3 points per game
    2010: 35.6 points per game

    Not gonna happen in the Sierra League or against that nonleague sked.

  • Outta their league

    It isn’t they couldn’t stop ” anybody” – they did sufficiently stop the Mildcats from the West

  • jocko conlan(the last of the left-handed MLB umpires)

    he got an offer? from,basically the worst D1 school in the country and the big belly guy(adam) is writing this up? mark my words NMSU will be 1 AA in a year, possibly D2 before he graduates……put down the supe sized eating utensils and learn the game !

  • duh

    Oh, you mean the Back-to-Back CIF Champs!!!

  • Coach Slayer

    Please clarify what you (Aram) mean by offer. Is the school that offers obligated to the kid in any way? Can a kid accept this offer? And if he does what does that mean?

  • Scoops Jackson, I mean Coach Slayer,

    You’re still here? You sprung little chicken head. If you can’t figure out what an offer is, then you’re dumber than I thought (and I didn’t think that was possible). But still appreciate your business, holmes.

    Jocko Conlan,

    Did your kid get an offer? After all that drama and he got nothing? That’s too bad.

  • Sierra League Fan

    South Hills has had great “size” the last 2 years. The problem is that they are out of shape and have poor technique. In High school, size is not everything. I’d rather have a 6’3″ 240 OT that can move than a 6’7″ 320 kid who has cement feet. Those kinds of kids will “project” better for college scouts once they lose their baby fat and get stronger. However, in High school that size is a hinderance except in rare occasions . Chino Hills does very well in linemen competitions during the summer against schools with great size and smokes them. Why, because they have athletic, quick, strong linemen. Last year we had a couple of big kids Palofox & Enriquez but they were not the norm. CH line usually averages about 6’2″ 240-250 lbs and always has the top line group in the league. I do wish this kid from So. Hills luck. Even if it is NM state, a free education is a free education!

  • Lancelot

    Haven’t they always had Big OL’s? Their problem of late has been that they have nothing else, right?

  • MonroVian

    7 on 7 today at Monrovia…. Monrovia Vs. Azusa 5p.m.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • JMO

    Even your 7 on 7 schedule is weak.

  • sgv scouting

    Aram — I wouldn’t worry about this “Jocko Conlan” nor “Coach Slayer” characters. They wouldn’t know a football player if it stared at them. Next thing they’ll tell you is that Monrovia would rip Crespi….

    Idiots among us!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Don’t be too surprised if you see exactly that thought. Think about it, AMAT beat Crespi , thinking of the blog is Monrovia beats AMAT , hence Monrovia beats Crespi . Man that 7 on 7 with Azusa is really stepping it up .


    ALRIGHT! Good luck today AZUSA AZTECS against Monrovia. AZUSA has a great turn out this year and actually has some good size that Ive noticed. GETEM REAY COACH SCHERF and good luck to you this coming season and Ill be in the stands enjoying watching the AZTECS!


  • haha

    Monrovia will be at Amat in a couple of weeks. Be sure to come out

  • haha

    sgv scouting??? scouting what? Monrovia gets about 3-4 college scouts coming out to practice daily. Maybe it’s you that don’t know what a football player looks like.

  • New York

    Amat73 and Scouting Guru,

    This morning I see that your blogging skills are seriously lacking and I am VERY disappointed.

    Those clowns like Coach Slayer spew the same venum toward Monrovia. I have a hunch they are affiliated with the old Miramonte League. There the guys who have always been in Amat’s shadow. They also have no idea how a talent rich school like Monrovia could build a powerful football program once it had the full support of the city and district and acquired a coach that was groomed by another great coach (and mentored by another great coach) on building a successful program.

    Regarding the jab about Azusa in passing league: You guys REALLY have no clue. Azusa IS a passing league team. That is their offense. You clowns did not give Monrovia any credit for our passing league performance last year against Santa Margarita (rightfully so because their line was not on the field), and now you have the audacity to take a jab at Azusa???? HAHAHA.

  • AMAT 73

    New York ,
    You know how I feel about your program , top notch. Just another comment on blog mentality . If you took offense, none was meant . As far as the Azusa comment , with the talent Monrovia has and how they want be thought of ,I don’t think Azusa comes close to that level, no knock on Azusa (OK Pride ) but they are not near Monrovia’s caliber. As far as passing leagues I am of the school that they are a tool for teams that rely more on the passing game then the run by running routes and getting timing down for QB’s and corp before the season . Some help for DB’s also but defintely not a reflection of what a team can really do on the field of play as you sort of refered to by your no linemen statement concerning SM . I prefer 11 on 11 controlled scrimmage as a better tool to evaluate a teams potential.

  • MonroVian

    Hey JHo-Mo,
    Seriously you can eat and choke on my big fat turd because I don’t give a damn what you think of MonroVia’s passing League schedule A##Hole.

    To Aztec, you should keep using that ” You Don’t Want No Turquoise and Black “! Hshahaha Seriously… Good game yesterday Bud, see you guys next week again.

    And New York, you are the man, don’t ever change my dude, you are the best blogger on here, your comments are always clear and well thought out. Proud to say you are a fellow MonroVia Widcat Comrade.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White ”

  • green pastures aka “el gato monte”

    I got to chance to see the cats in action…They are good, D11 or D1 they have a collection of D1 Athletes, and should at least win CIF again if not a bid to the state bowl.


    AMAT73 no offence taken and even I know AZUSA is no were near the caliber of Monrovia, hell we still cant get over San Dimas! Last year AZUSA had its best chance to win San Dimas but they fumbled at the ten yard line and instead of being up 30, well we ended up at 23, SD ended up with 30, well the rest is in the books. Back in 2006 when AZUSA was under Coach Schuster, I can still remember how dominate Monrovia was in the playoffs and the score ended up 55-8. AZUSA went for two points after they scored there first touchdown at garbage time and they went for two points and scored. All the AZUSA fans went nuts because we scored.HAHAHAH I invited a friend from work who liked watching High School football and was that a mistake.

    AZUSA had the hardest time winning Duarte back in the day also. They had this lineman name Harris, who I believe just got, picked up by the NFL this draft, who just shredded AZUSA. It wasnt until the 2008-2009 season until AZUSA under Coach Scherf whipped on Duarte under Coach Crutchfield. Jaime Canada, Ward ell Crutchfied and their QB Goldberg played that night at Citrus College, Duarte came in at 6:30 pm and the game started at 7:00 and AZUSAS team was on the field practicing, they walked right through them like AZUSA wasnt their, JAIME CANADA, had negative rush yards that night and AZUSA ended up winning 44-6 and at the end of the game DUARTE got on the BUS not saying a word! OOOOOHHH WHAT SWEET MEMORIES, LOL

    Ever since that year AZUSA hasnt lost to Duarte and has been the League champs four years running! Last year they win the passing league tournament and win Monrovia. OKAY I know its passing league, but to AZUSA it meant were making MAJOR IMPROVEMENT, and its a lot better then 55-8! What I cant figure out is here are these two cities that are almost side by side with Duarte in between , but yet Monrovia is such a high caliber program!

    YOU DONT WANT NO BLACK AND TURQUOIS! Okay Morovian , who won the game yesterday?


  • Coach Maker

    The Scouting Guru wouldn’t know what a great O-Line looked like if it was pancaking his flat saggy butt on 50 yard line of Charter Oak’s football field! All this guy knows is how criticize the SGV kids. When was the last time this guy found a baller we didn’t already know about? Exactly!

    Scouting Guru – please go away to the slums of North Hollywood

  • Amat Fan #>1

    Lancelot is 100% correct…!

    He knows exactly what he speaks of cus his Bishop Amat Lancers have had a terriblly small, weak and slow O-Line for the last 17 years! It’s actually a new tradition with Lancers. Take the small guys and make them take the beatings in the trenches while the big pretty boys try to be super stars. Obviously we all know this doesn’t work. But don’t tell that to the blowhards…They know better than everybody else! That’s why they are in the PAC 5…hahahah!

  • Amat Fan #>1

    Lancelot is 100% correct…!

    He knows exactly what he speaks of cus his Bishop Amat Lancers have had a terriblly small, weak and slow O-Line for the last 17 years! It’s actually a new tradition with Lancers. Take the small guys and make them take the beatings in the trenches while the big pretty boys try to be super stars. Obviously we all know this doesn’t work. But don’t tell that to the blowhards…They know better than everybody else! That’s why they are in the PAC 5…hahahah!

  • bigdog

    How tall is Deen and what is his weight? The Real heigth not his recruiting height.

  • sgv scouting

    Coach Maker — When you win a CIF Championship and coach at a Pac-5 school… talk to me. Until then, just be a fan and quit wasting people’s time.

    Jealousy is a terrible thing…

    We’ll put you in the “Idiots Among Us” department too!!!

  • ???

    sgv scouting – you’re a joke

  • HuskieMan

    Deen is 6’5 275.

  • JMO


    So touchy over your weak A$$ passing league schedule, I can’t wait to see your excuses in here when you lose your first weak A$$ preseason game. Division XI WOOOHOOO.

  • Coach Maker

    @ Jaime “scouting guru” aka “I Know Nothing”

    DITTO sweetheart!

    Waterboy at a NoHo 2nd rate PAC 5 school makes you neither a champion or a PAC 5 coach.

    Fetch guru! Fetch!

  • sgv scouting

    Wow, another great comment by the “great” Coach Maker….

    Very original!!! Very original…

    Crespi is such a second rate school that 13 former players are playing D-1 football and five of the current players on the roster have D-1 offers.

    I wonder what’s your definition of a “1st rate” program!

  • Joe Amat

    James – c’mon now – you know…”first rate” programs are those that seek “relief” and get moved down so they can “win” or the programs that win their division after the teams that used to win their division get moved up.

    Makes sense…right?

  • sgv scouting

    Amat73 — You are soooo correct. I put you in the “smart people among us,” department….

  • Dan

    Joe’s comment,
    “or the programs that win their division after the teams that used to win their division get moved up.”

    Joe, not sure if that was a dig towards West Co or not, as I see a few comments like that from you every so often, no problem we’ve got some thick skin but do you really believe Charter Oak being moved up in divisions had any thing to do with West Covina winning their championship in 2010?
    CO was a much improved team in 2011 so you might have an agument for that year, but only an argument, cause I think by the end of the season the Bulldogs were playing lights out ball.

  • Joe Amat


    Not really a shot at any school in particular, but more for those who feel that by virtue of any championship that automatically makes them “first rate” and anyone who doesn’t is not. I’m sure no one in the OC was ignorant enough to have said Servite was not a “first rate” program during their 25 year drought or Edison who hasn’t won a championship game since 1980! Yet that epidemic is rampant in the Fish Bowl.

    Fortunately for the West Covina bloggers they have been able to avoid that plague by their yearly willingness to really step up and play some “first rate programs” during their non-league schedule. This gives them the perspevctive that maybe a Charter Oak or Monrovia have not had so they come on here far less often than those who whistle-in-the-dark by proclaiming their “elite-ness” by virtue of a run in a watered down post-season all SGV tournament.

    Unfortunately we will never know if Charter Oak would have gone back-to-back and suddenly become “first-rate” if teams like Newport Harbor, El Dorado, or Trabuco Hills did not get removed from their championship path. If those Charger teams ran into one of them in the semis and got eliminated – would we be talking about them today in the same manner? And we’ll never know if West Covina would have won two in a row had Charter Oak still been in their way any more than we would know if Monrovia would still be the Billy Cats had they not dropped to D11 and no longer had to get past Torrance, La Salle, or that “2nd rate” Crespi team!

  • FYI

    Just to be accurate, the last championship for Edison was in 1985 ,tied with LB Poly for the Big Five Championship.

  • Joe Amat

    FYI – just to be accurate, I said ” they hadn’t won a championship game since 1980″ which is true…is it not?

  • FYI

    Typical Joe, always manipulating the data in an attempt to deceive the reader.

  • Joe Amat

    FYI – nothing manipulative at all. How can a 100% true statement be “manipulative?. If I said Edison hadn’t won (or shared) a championship for 26 years would that have made the premise any less true?

  • Observantcat

    Let’s see. Joe, maybe Monrovia should have played Garfield and beat them by 40 by halftime or maybe played a washed out Venice team and kept the clock running. All we did was to play and improve all the way to the Finals, isn’t that enough? or do we have to get beat by 40 at the half to say that we were in a game?


    Maybe if you played a Venice or Garfield or even beat SD , SH , your might would not be questioned .


    OBSERVANTCAT, why do you even waste your time hitting the keys and try to make your point accross. You got jokers on here that have nothing better to do and have no idea what they’re talking about!

    Monrovia is a top notch FOOTBALL PROGRAM! San Gabriel Valley knows that and anybody that knows high school football also knows that!

  • Joe Amat

    Well, let’s see O-Cat…since no one beat Garfield by 40 at halftime you must be saying not only are you better than Amat, but also Edison, Dorsey, and Carson too? Garfield was tied at 26 with Dorsey and 10-7 with Carson in the 4th. Venice played a schedule amonrovia wouldnt dam of playing, was 5-0 in league (and you of all people can’t play the “weak league card”), and had more D1 guys at skill positions than Monrovia and you’re always saying that’s what it’s all about.

    I’m not sure about what the “getting beat by 40 at half” was pointed to, but yes, that probably would have been what happened had you played Servite Game 1 (since you like those “first game of the season” excuses anyway) instead of it being 28-14 and driving vs Servite in the 3rd. Even worse would have been the Wildcats vs the state champs. Instead of 24-21 in the 4th quarter you mighta been down 40 early…but at least then you’d really know if you were any good or not onthe field – instead of just talking about it. Now you’re just guessing – and South Hills, Arcadia, and San Dimas don’t think so at all!

  • Observantcat

    AZTEC PRIDE, You’re absolutely right, The worlds best guessing guru’s come out of nowhere to just spill more juice on my keyboard. On another note, I have always believed that Azusa, has been 2-3 Players short of being in the top tier of the San Gabriel Valley. Pound for Pound they have matched up well across the board with some of the top teams in the SGV. I just thought I would take a jab at Joe Amats suggestion that Monrovia fans are in glee of winning a couple of championships in a so=called lower div. When Amount surfaces up to what is expected of them and start bringing home some hardware I will jump up and down for them too, but to try and put others down when you have truly no Idea of what the outcome of a heads up match could of or would have been makes you look desperate for support. Let’s share the wealth, not the hate!

  • AMAT 73

    That last line of your post to Pride kind of makes me wonder about something. Many of your Monrovian buddies are and were doing what you are accusing Joe of doing , putting someone down when you truly have no idea what the outcome of a heads up match would or could be makes you look desperate for support. Think about all the hype of Monrovia beating AMAT in a head to head battle by the Monrovia honks and many others on many of these threads and especially the preseason ranking thread . Seems to me they are just as guilty of what you accuse Joe of don’t you think ????? Or is there a different set of rules when it concerns someone from AMAT , you tell me .

  • Coach Maker

    @ Jaime the “know it all”


    Crespi and Amat have now fallen in the “use-to-be” category. The entire SGV is so over the two of you. New kings in this valley sweetheart. BTW, how many of those D-1 ballers did you recruit (err uncover) over in NoHo? Exactly NONE. Correct? Tell me I’m wrong.

    Just keep the water moist and clean, Waterboy!

    Joe Amat,

    How would you know what a division champion is? You Lancers haven’t won anything that we can remember. The last time Amat won was way back in the 1990s. Am I wrong? That was so long ago that your current squad wasn’t even born yet. I think you are envious of the success of West Covina et al. Don’t bring the same old butter nife to a gun fight. Your hot air is old and stale. Win a division. Any division. Then we’ll let you into the championship conversation.

    The Truth!

  • New York

    Joe Amat,

    Your posts in the PAST were usually well thought out and you had command of the facts, but you continually imply that Monrovia’s recent championships are the result of other teams moving out. That is a suggestion that can be debunked when recognizing that we lost a Finals to San Dimas, a team that is still in the division. See, our losses were not just to teams that moved out. San Dimas beat us 12-7 on a local field. Well, Paso Robles beat us 28-24 5 hours north in 1998. That’s a smaller spread than the San Dimas loss. In fact, the year we lost to SD in the finals we also beat the defending champ, Paraclete, on the road in the quarters. So, I am comfortable saying that Monrovia football has made real progress, not just inflationary.

    Criticism of our schedule is something I recognize as legitimate. I respect that WestCo has put a Pac-5 team on their schedule most of the past several years. I would prefer Monrovia to have a pre-season agenda that includes games against other teams that have beaten Monrovia in past championships: Mira Costa, Paso Robles, Verbum Dei, etc. After settling those games, I would take it a step further and schedule games against teams that eliminated us from playoffs and then moved out of the division. Crespi comes to mind, as do Lompoc, Aliso Niguel and Canyon Country. Maybe that type of scheduling is just wishful thinking on my part. I do enjoy settling grudges in person.

    The Torrance and LaSalle references are a bit odd, irrelevant and really just shows that you are looking for ways to take unbecoming jabs. We beat Torrance pretty badly in the 1998 quarters and LaSalle has seemingly dropped off the face of the planet. They had one good playoff run in 2006 (including a win over Monrovia), but lost in the finals to Verbum Dei.

  • realityczech

    New York – either way you look at it, Joe is right. He said teams that won after teams that used to win moved out and teams who moved down. Wasn’t Monrovia in D10 with Lompoc, Cabrillo, St Joseph, Bishop Diego, Serra, North Torrance, Palos Verdes, etc in addition to the Torrance, Crespi, and La Salle losses JA mentioned? Weren’t they then dropped to D11 with the Valle Vista before they had to get the San Dimas monkey off their back? I think its still a good question if MHS would be winning of they had to face those teams in the playoffs. Funny thing is this started with someone calling put Crespi, who got moved UP after winning Monrovias division while Monrovia got moved down. Pretty much answers that question right there.

  • Not Since 1995

    @realityczech –

    Since “Drive By” Joe Amat won’t respond to Coach Maker, perhaps you’ll have the cojones to answer the question…When did Bishop Amat last win a championship in American high school Football? That’s right…! Way back, back, back, back in the last century – said Chris Berman…!

    Amat football sucks and everyone in So Cal knows it…! It’s a losers football program. Nothing else…!

    Not In 2012 either, Commeeczech!

  • realityczech

    I think it’s Coach Faker that needs to answer Joe. If Crespi is “2nd rate” – what teams are considered first rate that didn’t get moved down so they can win or won their division after the teams that used to win their division get moved up. Or is that what it takes to be “1st rate”? It appears to me that Faker and the non-observant one avoid that question.

    What i’d like to know is how many of these 1st rate programs they speak of have beaten Amat since 1995?

  • Not Since 1995

    @realityczech –

    What the hell are you spewing out of that mush you call a brain…?

    Listen here boy…! Amat is nothing but a 2nd rate football program in the SGV! Never mind So Cal.!

    1995 was so long ago:
    – Your memories of the Lanceritos winning are in black and white
    – Your birth certificate was written in Roman numerals
    – Your momma’s breasts now squirt out powderd milk
    – David and Goliath started to fight at the Amat Tailgate Drunk Fest…
    – “New Kids On The Block” were the Justin Beaber of your time…!

    Nobody remembers Amat as ever winning an American High School Football Championship…! You have to read about it in history books…!

    Amat is now just a losers football program. Nothing else…!

    Not In 2012 either, Commeeczech!

  • footballFan

    Deen is a tall kid but not big. He dominates the offensive side but along with Aiono. Aiono also dominates the defensive side. These kids are special. Aiono just needs to grow an inch more and hell, he’ll have a couple offers I think. Best of luck to the Huskies! Play like y’all did against Monrovia and y’all should be fine. TOGETHER!

  • footballFan

    Aiono got first league in both categories. Does anyone not know that? Kane, Farias, Garcia, and Parham are going to be special. They are going to dominate. Parham is a big WR and gives em size in the skill positions. Kane is also big, Bishop Amat. With Kane and Aiono on the D-line, they should be stout. Deen and Aiono also making the O-line that much better. Their O-line kept McCarthy in check so that’s a good sign. They’ll be fine this year, might even make it to the big one.

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