62 players: New Rosemead head coach Marc Paramo concerned with low player turnout …

New Rosemead head coach Marc Paramo reports that his program has just 62 players across all grade levels out for spring football.

The Panthers had 72 when offseason preparations started, but like all programs that number has dipped.

Prior to starting spring ball in earnest on Monday, Rosemead was working every Wednesday for the past nine weeks, Paramo said. But the early start hasn’t produced a boost in numbers like coaches had hoped.

“I really am concerned,” Paramo said. “I really want the numbers to go up.

“That was one of our biggest goals. It was one of the reasons we started so early, to create some excitement. And it has with those kids are who just dialed in. We really need to tap into more of our Asian population here. We have two very good Asians on our team.

“A lot of times their parents won’t allow them to play.”

Aram’s take: Former coach Matt Koffler expressed concern to me about the program’s declining numbers last season. Considering this is a Rosemead program that has been among the area’s most consistent winners, the drop in player turnout has to be concerning for everyone. Like surrounding areas, Rosemead has experienced a significant demographic change. But it still has the Rosemead Rebels youth football program as a feeder. It will be very telling to see just how many players Rosmead’s frosh team fields in August. This is something to keep an eye on going forward.

The fun has started in The OC: 6-foot-5, 290-pound tackle transfers to Mater Dei from Newport Harbor …

The Daily Pilot reports that 6-foot-5, 290-pound tackle Sam Bush has left Newport Harbor for Mater Dei WITHOUT MOVING and will take the sit out until Oct. 1.

Bush is expected to develop into one of the top lineman recruits on the West Coast over the next two years.

Aram’s take: I think some of you would rather sit around and bitch about a local school getting transfers than actually try to compete with The OC. Anyway, where would you have to move to transfer to Mater Dei? Santa Ana? If you want to see how the transfer game is played, just sit back and watch Orange County this summer. Puts us to shame. Would even make Elijah Asante blush. Yeah, I know, it’s OK for Mater Dei to get rich, but heaven forbid one of our locals does the same … well, that’s just unscrupulous. Happy Monday, all!

Hurricane Kurt? St. Paul running back Kurt Scoby gets offer from Miami (Fla.) …

St. Paul RB Kurt Scoby got his second offer this week, this time from Miami (Fla.), according to new Swordsmen head coach Elijah Asante.

Scoby now has offers from Oregon St. and the ‘Canes and hasn’t even played a down of his junior season yet.

Scoby transferred to St. Paul recently after a briefs stint at Duarte earlier this spring and two full seasons at Charter Oak, where he rushed for 1,572 yards and 21 touchdowns as a sophomore.

Aram’s take: Wow.

This might be old news, but yet another impact transfer St. Paul got recently is Cedric Franklin, who was an all-CIF DB at La Habra in ’11 …

Some of you may already know this, but St. Paul also recently got an impact transfer in Cedric Franklin, a all-CIF defensive back from La Habra.

Franklin will play corner for the Swordsmen.

Aram’s take: I’m told there are other transfers who nobody wants to tell me about quite yet. Fair enough. St. Paul’s schedule is pure hell, but uh, this might be your No. 1 team in the area when the next set of rankings come out after spring/summer passing.

L.A. Times: St. Paul adds another impact transfer …

L.A. Times’ Eric Sondheimer is reporting that St. Paul has picked up another impact transfer in Garfield’s Darrell Cloy, who is a 6-foot-3 sophomore tight end.

The junior-to-be was at Orange Lutheran his freshman season.

Aram’s take: West Covina had better start guarding its Noodles! Nobody is safe! OK, just kidding (not really). This blog has warned you that new Swordsmen coach Elijah Asante isn’t messing around and you’re starting to see it. St. Paul has brought in a pretty nice haul thus far and it may not be over with an entire summer still ahead of us. Don’t anybody get pissed at me for saying this, but I hope Amat and Damien are taking notice. And if you don’t know what that means, then I cannot help you.