Air Assault at Bonita field announced … MONROVIA vs. CHINO HILLS kicks things off on June 22 …

June 22-23 at Bonita HS

Pool A

Upland, Kaiser, Valencia, Mountain View, Jurupa Hills, Burroughs.

Pool B

Monrovia, Villa Park, Chino Hills, Citrus Valley, Glendora, Walnut.

Pool C

Rancho Cucamonga, Loyola, Crescenta Valley, Duarte, South Hills, Baldwin Park.

Pool D

Hart, JW North, South El Monte, Don Lugo, Burbank, Northview.

Pool E

Summit, Bonita, Arroyo, Los Osos, Santa Fe, Ayala.

Aram’s take: Wowza! What a field. Rancho and Upland have already won tournaments earlier this spring/summer. Chino Hills had a great showing at Rancho. M-Town is the No. 1 team in SGV(N)land. Loyola is Loyola. JW North, I’ve heard things. This is going to be one heckuva show. Gotta love Monrovia and Chino Hills in the first game of the first day in their pool. That would be 3 p.m. on June 22. I suggest those of you who don’t believe me about M-Town get out there and watch that game. Unfortunately, as soon as that bad boy is over, I’m probably out to go cover the Hall of Fame All-Star Game at WestCo. WELCOME TO FOOTBALL SEASON!!!

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  • green pastures aka “el gato monte”

    Mtown is going have to compete against Austin and the Huskies. With Simko throwing the pill it could be interesting. However, Monrovia has more than a 1, 2 punch. It’s more like 1,2,3,4 punch. For all those, who doubt, come on out! You will see what D1 players look like in action.

  • The truth

    As someone who has seen both teams throw the ball this year, Chino Hills will completely dominate this match-up.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Bonita. They know how to do it right year in and year out.

  • green pastures aka “el gato monte”

    The truth, so let me guess, you were at the Monrovia vs Azusa warm up. For your info, Mtown lost 2-3 to Santa Margarita last year, with 2 tds called back… lol…you are just assuming. Lol…let’s see Chino hills has 2 D1 prospect playing, and Monrovia has 5 playing…ummm I don’t see where the domination is going to happen. But I guess.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Aram just an FYI most if not all of m-towns D1 prospects will not be in attendance at the Bonita tourney as most if not all will be camping at various schools across America.
    Bryant will be at Duke Harvard and Stanford, Walsh, Wake Forest, Boston College and Yale, G5 SC , UCLA to mention a few. I also think Heyworth may be absent during pool play. So you may not see MHS at full tilt in pool play

  • Absolute buzzkill, Kennedy.

  • D1 lookout

    Chino hills: From someone watching talent from all local schools monrovia does have the D1 prospects. Right now as it looks CH has 1 legitimate D1 player this year ” Jack Austin” not too impressed with Simko yes the kid has some size and but doesnt move very well, but we shall see.

  • Excuses, Excuses

    Kennedy Bryant,
    Making excuses already? Chino Hills hasn’t even beat you yet! lol. Monrovia could have all the D-1 kids they want. Last year Chino hills had ZERO D-1 kids and they would have mopped the floor with Monrovia. If you don’t think so, better get a reality check. Two words for you, SOUTH HILLS….LOL. This year CH will be much improved from last year. I don’t hear any CH folks making excuses before the tourney. I find it VERY hard to believe that ALL of those kids will be “camping” at the same time. It’s ok, we don’t expect much from a D-11 program! lol . I will tell you one thing, CH will be no Azusa!

  • Remamber that time at band camp?

    Knnedy is the king of excuses. Kids out of town, first game, new quarterback, someones hurt – but if we played them later it would be a diffeerent stroy because WE improved (of course no one ELSE improves too?)

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  • green pastures aka “el gato monte”

    Well when you are prospect and college coaches want to want you at their camp, you go to their camp. However, some people don’t know anything about that. Either way, Mtown has tons of great players. The main key to Mtowns Success, is that everyone gets a chance to play, and get better. Mtown does not like losing period; however you can’t put Bonita Air Assault championship banner in the gym. Mtown will be ready no matter who’s out there.

  • The Key to M-Town’s Success…….

    …. Is playing D-11 competition. Plain and simple, M-town would be a non factor in D-5 or higher. So keep on beating up the little kids and losing to last place Sierra League teams and crowing about how mighty your little program is. What is embarrassing is that you have 5-6 D-1 kids every year and you are still in D-11…..LOL.

  • green pastures aka “el gato monte”

    You are absolutely correct Mtown’s success is winning the Division CIF has placed them in, and sending kids to play on the next level. The program is improving year in and year out. IF that is embarrassing, than other schools in the SGV must be suicidal, bc they are not winning and not sending kids to college. SGV hate is mtown’s fuel. Why is the topic always about mtown winning in the division they are supposed to be in, instead of SGV upper division schools losing in divisions they should not be in? No one ever brings that up while bashing the Wildcats. You are supposed to win in the division your in. Stating that you play in D-1 and that’s why your losing is not a excuse. That also does not mean you will win a lower division either. Any team playing in Week 14 is good team, is playing exceptional ball, and will have good players. Mtown is not your average lower division team. Especially, when this team has 5 D1 A kids. Stop embarrassing yourselves by hating… if you are going to hate, mention your team, and what they are doing, and the kids they are sending out. Plain and simple.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @D1 Lookout

    CH has one D1 player and you’re not impressed with Simko? You must not be a good judge of D1 talent. Certainly not at the QB position. You’re basing your assessment because to you he doesn’t move well? Man you must have a CBS laughtrack running behind you.

    Simko is very capable and must be because a lot of people come on here squealing about him like a love struck teenager or a jilted ex girlfriend. Claremont’s ears are still burning because he left. He threw for about 1900 yards last season, while still splitting time with their other QB (who from my understanding has gone to Arizona) at Colony. You don’t split time with a D1 player if you’re not any good. Duh.

    I suggest you turn off the Madden 2002 version you’re using to help your QB scouting knowledge. It’s not working.

    The only thing you were right about was Austin. And yes, time will tell.

  • Where’s the Beef


    Why don’t we see Gano and company at any of these 7v7 competitions? What is he hiding over there?


    Are you serious, PLEASE NO EXCUSES just didnt want you haters to spend your money thinking you were going to see MHS at its best. Now for any of you that think im making excuses IM NOT. ITS PASSING LEAGUE….. I COULD CARELESS about touch football. MAYBE YOU DO, so win the Bonita Passing BCS Trophy and brag about it all year on the blog. Ill see you in December holding that passing league crown when we are playing for a real title. So keep bragging about your PASSING LEAGUE DOMINANCE. I COULD care less. Ill see you all there on Saturday. BTW ITS SCRUBB TIME

  • Kennedy Bryant

    I dont make excuses.

  • haha

    Back-to-Back CIF Champs!!! Idiots can’t stand it!!! haha

  • Who Won’t Be there?

    Since you seem to know everything about m-town football, can you please give us the travel itinerary of all the M-town stars? How do you know what kids will or will not be there? Sounds like excuses to me unless you can tell us all where these kids will be on the weekend of June 22nd.

    Bck to back CIF champs….kind of reminds me of AYSO soccer where kids can win a “Championship” every weekend somewhere. You will get NO respect on this board until your program steps up and plays REAL competition.

  • Huskies in the house!

    From what I can tell us boys from south always seem to be the trump card when Monrovia tries to make an argument about their CIF campaign. I’m here to tell you firsthand Monrovia was and is not so impressive when you compare a DIVISION ELEVEN team to our DIVISION TWO league schedule and other preseason opponents.

    I only say this because I am sick and tired of the rant Monrovians continue to make about how good they are but Aram said so himself they have nothing on their resume that justifies they can play with us big boys. And before you say South Hills isn’t a big boy we are and will once again shine and prove that on the field this year. Come by and see our trenches!

    My point though is Monrovia is a nice lower level CIF pretender team not ready to contend with real football programs. Case in point I’d say refer to West Covina as well. Where was their head coach and defensive coordinator before Monrovia? Oh, that’s right West Covina and Azusa. What did those two ever do before they went to Monrovia? I actually think Monrovia could even compete at a higher level if they had a higher level coach come through like Bogan for instance. Win a few meaningful games outside your backyard and then pound your chest.

    Passing league? Passing league? Passing league!

    Kennedy Bryant keep coaching up your kids and promoting them on the blog. Eventually you will get your point across buddy!

    Go Dawgs!

  • New York

    Huskise in the House,

    Losing to you guys this year was embarrassing and frustrating. It was part of a span that included a butt-kicking by San Dimas. SD beat Monrovia worse than South Hills did…does that mean SD should be in the Sierra League, or maybe it suggests that Monrovia was just not playing good ball at that time. Monrovia finished the season with a big win over San Dimas’s league champ, Covina. So we made corrections.

    The reason South Hills has been used as the trump card is because South Hills had a terrible year last year in the W-L column. I have been on here and made an argument that you guys were not as bad as your record, given the close losses to some good teams.

    Basically, both South Hills and Monrovia should be in the Southeast Divisions. They have both collected titles whils playing against similar competition (we both even beat San Dimas in the CIF finals). South Hills is not a real D2 football school. They never got past the semis once they were put into the same division as Charter Oak.

    So please stop throwing stones in your 100% glass house. What did Coach Maddox (a South Hills alumnus) do as an assistant coach? Well, his West Covina team beat your South Hills team in the 2004 Finals.

  • New York

    Meant to write that both schools have beaten San Gabriel in the finals.

  • green pastures aka “el gato monte”

    Monrovia is a nice lower level program with the Most early offers in the SGV…Fact

    Monrovia is a nice lower level program which has had over 50 college scouts on campus during spring ball…Fact

    Monrovia is a nice lower level program with the most titles in the last 5 years. Fact!

    Monrovia is a nice lower level program with at least one player playing in the Army all American game in the last ten years…Fact

    Monrovia is a nice lower level program which has had at least one player represented in the SGV all Star football game every year…Fact

    Monrovia is a nice lower level program one of the 13 schools to play in a brodcasted CIF championship game. Fact

    Monrovia is a nice lower level program, which is on the only SGV school in consideration for a state bowl bid…Fact

    Monrovia is a Nice lower level program who had the highest rank player in the SGV last year, and I think Frazier is the 2nd highest ranked player behind PHS QB. Fact!

    Monrovia is the a nice lower level program, with 2 players with heavy interest from IVY league schools…and a Ivy league Alumni Blogger Fact!

    Monrovia is the best lower level program…we know that…. Why aren’t the mighty upper division schools producing like that? No one is saying that you have win it all every year, but what are they doing…let’s see here…put it on the table lol

    Now what about your School?

  • Pasture Pie

    Greenie, What’s your point? We all agree….

    Monrovia is a Nice Little Lower Level School.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    The point is Monrovia is a “Nice lower level program” and our sgv upper Division programs are not good at all. If you have 2700-4000 kids you should be able to compete in your division. That’s not the case in our fishbowl. Matter of fact outside of chino hills, every upper division team in the SGV has been embarrassed in their respective divisions. Bishop Amat, Charter Oak, Damien, South Hills, Glendora, Have had embarrassing appearances in their divisions, and actually it’s become routine. I guess good high school football teams are judged by who they lose to now. I am sure Monrovia could get dropped into the Pac 5 or Inland, lose by 30 -40 + points in early rounds, and send no players to college…then everyone would say ” Monrovia is good” lol.

    So can we agree that SGV Upper division schools are terrible? That’s only fair and truthful

  • haha

    Back-to-Back CIF Champs!!! haha

  • Mike M.

    No respect? Yet you want to keep talking about them. Must be PEN!S ENVY!!!

  • green pastures aka “el gato monte”

    Mike M…dude Penis talk and football don’t go together….we all see where your head is.

  • Yorba Linda Rising


    So Monrovia can compete with D2. You are mistaken. Yorba Linda would beat you. A new decent mid-level. West Covina would have crushed you, a monster mid-level. You are out to lunch

  • Pasture Pie

    Greenie, I don’t think any of the schools you mentioned want to drop down to your Junior All American level of football just to thump their chests on the Blog Board.

    Monrovia is a nice lower level program. Take the compliment and go!!!!

  • WTF

    Looks like people can’t stop thinking about Monrovia.

  • Angola Prison

    My goodness gracious Lord of all please forgive me what Im about to say.
    I was just released from the Solitary confinement aka the HOLE, and it was brought to my attention that you Monrovia hating Bitches need to redress some grievances about the M-town football team. All you bitch hating envious cry babies remind me of the most recent rendition of the vagina monologues. A girl complaining about nothing and a waste of a good mans time and effort to be the best that he can be. Stop it with the Division 1-11, is that the best you can come up with, most of you bitches never played a down of football anywhere and if did play your girlfriend was too embarrassed to wear your jersey on Friday night because you rode the pine, in fact your jersey didnt have #s it had letters PINE where the numbers should be, the name on the back of the jersey read 10 PLAY MUST. All you bitches claiming FOUL need to go some place and die off with that silly puddy youre building you hatred of Monrovia on. Your arguments are as weak as your ability to cover me one on one.
    So go preach to everyone that will hear you about Monrovia being in a week division and we suck ARCE, we dont play anybody, were thugs, our scholar athletes cheated to get into Harvard and Yale, you could beat us with ease.
    WE WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS AND SEND OUR KIDS TO YALE, HARVARD, and BCS Conferences and thats something you cannot say.
    So as the Poetical lyricists E-40 says STOP ACTING LIKE A BITCH, your jealousy and envy is scary and you need to get some professional help to fix it. You HATERS will never give Monrovia credit and thats why we love to prick and tease you.
    If they said that there was a GOLD RUSH in Monrovia you bitches would claim it was fools gold. If they said the $623 Million Dollar Mega Millions Lottery was purchased in Monrovia you bitches would claim the jack pot wasnt big enough. If they said you could live Monrovia in a Mansion on Gold Hill for free instead of paying rent your still pay rent in the projects.
    Well before the warden tacks on another life sentence for calling all of you M-town Haters BITCHES, do all of us the M-towns fans a favor keep the vagina monologues and bitching to yourself nobody cares. We all know Monrovia could when every game this year next year and for the next 20 years you bitches would still be hating on Monrovia.

    1)You all said Monrovia would never win a CIF title: Now you bitch that its in division 11

    2)You all said Monrovia would win another CIF title: Now you complain and bitch that its division 11.

    3)You haters used to bitch about Monrovia never sending any of its star players off to college: Now Monrovia is sending 1 or 2 to Harvard and Yale and a few more to BCS conferences and youre still BITCHING about some of its players not competing in a straw skirts touch football game. Wow you Bitches never stop amazing me. PEACE OUT BITCHES

  • MonroVian

    Angola I Like The Way You Do Businesses! That ish had me laughing more than a little bit… MTown Just keeping it real, and thats the truth with some cheese on it Bi&%hes!!!

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I guess Angola had to issue a verbal chin check. Ouch. Lol

  • gate keeper

    Angola, shut your hole, pick up your soap and get back in your cell sweetheart.

  • No one can debate this Cosmic Truth….

    If you go to any of the SGV Schools which participate in the Inland or Pac 5, you can count on never winning a title. What hurts the most is that there is nothing any of them can do about it. No transfers, nor coaching changes can change any of that. Those teams are clearly over matched at their current level of competition.

    Upland 51 Charter Oak 13 (playoffs on network television…look like they gave up)

    Servite 49 Bishop Amat 13(Servite let off the gas, most shell shocked BA crowd ever)

    Santa Margarita 45 Bishop Amat 21(playoffs same story)

    How in the hell can you argue this ?…How can you be proud of this ? If this was 2011, what is 2012 going to look like?

    There are 3 seasons, weeks 1-5, 5-10, 10-14. The schools that look the best when it matters are…

    Chino Hills- New school, Semifinals in inland and should have beat Rancho

    La Habra- 5 titles, another deep run this year.

    West Covina-Scored 55, 63, and 84 in title game…with extreme ease, 2 titles

    Monrovia–Put up 67, 41, and 51 In playoffs, with extreme ease…2 titles

    If you look at how the top teams lost and how the lower teams won…That is the only conclusion you can come up with. Anyone can lose like the upper division teams did, it really depends on if the opposing coach wants to run it up. It would hard for any of the upper division schools to whip the field any more than WeSco and Monrovia did in their divisions.

    The top 5 teams in the SGV are a lot closer than you think, regardless of division. If you could capture each team playing at their absolute peak, there is not much difference. So rightfully there could be claim that Lower division schools are just as good at this present moment in the SGV. It’s sad but truth.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Huskie you must be a in your 20’s because South Hills football doesnt even come close to what Monrovia football winning traditions and history of greatness are. South Hills is a flash in the pan, we MHS have
    been a in a Championship game in every decade since the 1950’s except one. South Hills cannot say that and a thats a fact.

  • Monrovia fans……

    …. Quick, name the top 10 NAIA football teams in the country! How many times did that conference play on TV?

    My point, Monrovia and Division 11 is like the NAIA of high school football. They win championships by beating other “NAIA” Teams. This is like saying Saint Xavier (Ill.) (the #1 NAIA team) is better than USC because they are national champs! lol….so go on beating your chests like your program really matters….lol. Keep winning your Div. 11 titles. Your state ranking of 159 tells you how much others respect your program as well.

  • sgv observer

    No Debate…I beg to differ, “The top 5 teams in the SGV are a lot closer than you think, regardless of division.” That is the most assinine statement ever. Regardless of Division? If you can’t find the hilarity in that ridiculous statement than I won’t even take the time to explain it to you, because you won’t understand that either. You monrovia guys are too much…Hey, The wildcats are TOPS IN Div-11. In case your wondering, That’s right before Div-12 and right after Div-10. Get in where you fit in FOOLS!!!

    “…regardless of division.” HAAAA,HAAAAA,HAAAAAAA!!!!

    Uuuhhhhh, If you say so……?

  • Kindergarten Cop

    @ K Bryant
    There you go again, embarrassing yourself and you kid once again. You have to be one of the most delusional and ignorant bloggers in the valley. South Hills has a BigFive Championship and mythical State Championship on their resume to go along their 4 or 5 Mid-level Division Championships. They don’t hang Kindergarten Division Championship banners on the gym wall at South Hills, like they do over there at Monrovia.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Kinder COP: Now List that flash in the pan school you played for. South Hills. What history good luck with that.

    1935 — Santa Barbra 14, Monrovia 12, Major Division at the Rose Bowl
    1951 — Pomona 26, Monrovia 13, Major Division at Mt. SAC
    1959 — San Diego 53, Monrovia 0, AAA Division
    1973 — Crescenta Valley 14, Monrovia 7, AAA Division
    1982 — Verbum Dei 7, Monrovia 0, Northwestern Conference at Citrus College
    1997 — Mira Costa 28, Monrovia 14, Division IX at El Camino College
    1998 — Paso Robles 28, Monrovia 24, Division X at War Memorial Stadium
    1999 — Paso Robles 29, Monrovia 10, Division X at Citrus College
    2009 — San Dimas 12, Monrovia 7, Mid-Valley Division at Citrus College
    2010 CIF CHAMPS
    2011 CIF CHAMPS
    2012 ?

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Whats is the SH vs MHS overall record any way…. go look it up just for kicks… Do you guys even play football @ South Hills, I thought you were a baseball schools. I havent heard anything in over 10 years that would even legitimize the SH football program as a power in the SGV, let alone the Covina area so who is dilusional. I understand you guys had a nice run a while back but what is the history of that ALSO RAN PROGRAM.

  • How sad

    Monrovia High School has been around for over 120 years and they only have 2 CIF Championships? and the 2 championships that they do have are just 1 step above flag football, how sad is that? Yep, your right Mrs Bryant, consistently pathetic.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    The Great SH Huskys

    Just tell us what SH did in football those decades…. please let us all know how great that football program is.

    Now compare that to MHS

  • haha

    Can’t get us out of your mind!!! haha

  • Huskies in the house!

    Well, well, well Mr. Kennedy Bryant good morning coach.

    The administration would prefer guys like you don’t mix church and state and stay off the blog.

    Here’s my roll call for the day.

    This is only a list of years we won C.I.F. Championships (more than two) and not a list of consecutive league championships and consecutive games we won in league over a decades worth of time. I’m just not in the mood to type everything right now so let’s just start with these dates.

    C.I.F. Champions 1974, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005

    Now before you give an asterisk next to our titles in the 2000’s I will admit unlike you they did move Charter Oak and Los Altos from our division because they had that ridiculous impossible run that probably will never be duplicated in this day and age again like I don’t know 5 or six straight championship games versus each other but I would still argue that our titles were played and won at a higher level and we still have more than twice as many as you.

    Case in point is if C.I.F. really thought you were worthy of contending with the big boys they would of moved you to a higher division but obviously C.I.F. felt you are exactly right where you belong playing butt ball on the playground (_!_)

    You like that? Part of our generation! Don’t you ever ASSume how old I am Wildcat!


  • Joe Amat

    I know Kennedy doesn’t keep much track of things that go on East of the 605 and decides what he would like to believe on hearsay, rumors, myths, old-wives tales, and urban legends…so here is a bit of background on that school in West Covina that has 5 championships in their less than 40 years of existence (vs 2 out of over 100 yrs)

    South Hills Football
    The Farley Day Years, 1964 1966 record (15-11-1)
    The Jim Jones Years, 1967 1976 record (67-31-4)
    1974 Team was CIF Championship in the*highest*division and #2 in the Nation (which, I guess compares favorably to #1641)
    The Jack Nemzek Years, 1977 1991 record (107-55-4)
    The Steve Bogan Years, 1992 – 2011 record (172-73)
    With 4 CIF Championships

    …since you’re comparing history…Because if we’re talking about comparing the present…all we have is 34-30.

  • Joe Amat

    *less than 50 yrs of existence

  • How sad

    If South Hills had never produced anything beyond that 1974 team, they would still be light years out in front of anything Monrovia could have ever dreamed of accomplishing. However, that’s not the case considering that South Hills has 5 Championships compared to Monrovia’s 2 Flag Football Championships. In fact, South Hills has been to the Championship Game in the past and not won, but South Hills people don’t brag about games that they lost, because only losers brag about losing. Keep flapping your gums Mrs. Bryant because the ignorant statements that fall from your pie-hole are hilarious.

    Fyi, in 1974 there were only 4 divisions in the Southern Section with South Hills division being the highest. With only 4 divisions it would stand to reason that winning a 4A Championship in 1974 was much more impressive then winning a Pac-5 Championship in 2012.

  • Huskies in the house!

    Crickets, Crickets, Crickets..!

    Joe Amat, you my friend are a legend in these parts and your wisdom and insight is always appreciated, respected, and revered.

    How some kitty from monrovia is going to come on here and have the audicity and nerve to compare his program with South Hills let alone God forbid Bishop Amat isn’t ignorance on his part but instead stupidity. Does he not know and is he unaware of his head coach’s background before he was a bulldog puppy and now a wildcat kitty?

    I shouldn’t stoop to his level but I have never been one to tolerate someone like his shenanigans.

    I for one wish you the best of luck Joe Amat and admire the fact that even though everyone else may disagree with me your school is still going about business the right way by doing the right thing. You haven’t yet and I would bet won’t lesson your ethics and morals even though this day and age that is how everyone else is choosing to get ahead. Shame on them. Scary! Beat the swordsmen!

    We probably won’t hear from Kennedy Bryant a.k.a. Forest Gump until after his last bell rings for the day and he’s done coaching his kids.

    Go Huskies, even in our mediocre years right now we still beat the mighty cif champions of Monrovia.

  • haha

    Make sure you come out on Sept. 20, to watch your team lose to a flag football champion.

  • just askin’?

    Hahaha- like last season?

  • HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    “Go Huskies, even in our mediocre years right now we still beat the mighty cif champions of Monrovia.”

    That says it all right right there!!!

  • Amat Cheaters

    You haven’t yet and I would bet won’t lesson your ethics and morals even though this day and age that is how everyone else is choosing to get ahead. Shame on them. Scary! Beat the swordsmen!

    This statement is laughable!!! BA are now and have been the biggest cheaters in the valley. BA continued to recruit Scoby after he turned them down. Sherman and McCutcheon were aggressively meeting with and recruiting Scoby down to the last minute.

    The only difference now than in the past is that if Amat recruited a player they got him. Now other programs have stepped up there game and it aint so easy anymore.

    As far as you flea bitten mutts beating the Swordsmen, It’s like Romney for President: It Aint Gonna Happen!

  • Worst than mediocre

    just askin’?, actually more like two seasons ago when your team went 3-7. To be mediocre you’d have to go 5-5. So for the last two seasons your team have been worse than mediocre.

  • New York

    Are South Hills people still knocking Monrovia’s MidValley championships, knowing that the modern era South Hills championships came in a similar quality CIF Division. Go check Cal Preps and notice who South Hills faced in the playoffs those years.

    I’m sure you are still pounding your chests from the Arroyo and South Elmonte victories in 2005, huh guys? Aram’s journalism and advocacy has led you folks to beleive that you were something more than you were. Frankly, it seems like Aram is pumping up Monrovia right now like he did with South Hills back then. Do you really think you all would have won those four titles if you had been in the same playoff divisions that Monrovia was facing?

    Again, you all are living in a very brittle glass house. You should really stop throwing stones.

    For the record, I think very notable non-fishbowl championship seasons for area teams include: Muir’s titles in the mid-1980s and 1990, 1992 Amat, 1995 Amat, 1995 Covina (beat Mira Costa and Lompoc), 2003 Los Altos. Diamond Bar had some notable championships back in the 1990s as well. There are probably some that I am missing, but I hope you see where I am going. Stop tearing down other teams achievements, unless you are prepared to be called out on your own. I also think that Monrovia came up one game short in 8 prior attempts for a non-fishbowl championship. To the detractors, though, remember that while we were 0(W)-8(L) in those final games we were also 24(W)-8(L) in the playoffs overall during those 8 seasons as well against competitive, non-fishbowl teams from as far away as 5-6 hours north.

  • Reality

    How bad is that to win a “championship” yet lose to a “worse than mediocre” team. Kinda says something aboutthat “championship”.

    And don’t knock Aram’s “advocacy” becuase he’s the biggest Monrovia apologist…errrr…advocate out there!

  • LOck jaw

    @ reality guess you’d have to ask the huskies when we won the first championship and beat them at CDF. So besting south hills is irrelevant . Yes that correct our first championship included beating SH. Guess the huskies forget about that ass thrashing huh

  • New York

    Go get me a cup of coffee.

    Don’t you realize I am a Monrovia homer and I am the one who pointed out that Aram is pumping up Monrovia now the way he did South Hills 6 years ago after winning division titles against similar competition?

    I’ll take an onion bagel with the coffee while you’re at it.

  • haha

    Hey Reality – Nothing to look forward to over there in Apache Land?

  • reality

    Haha New York – Aracadia at least has some bragging rights over teh Mildcats no matter how you want to spinn the story

  • New York

    So were you on here bragging about Arcadia, or once again taking shots at Monrovia?

    I’ve never said Arcadia doesn’t have bragging rights. Once again you are using a strawman. You should be in politics. Arcadia fought hard for four quarters and ultimately their two best play-makers connected for a winning TD. Spin? About what?

    The main thing I have been pointing out is that for years we’ve heard about the superiority of ESGV football, and the sportswriters would point to the CIF titles. And the schools must have read their own press clippings. I am sure Arcadia and Muir would have loved playing in the old Division 7 and 9 as well, racking up playoff wins against the Mission Valley League and the Almont League. Heck, racking up wins against Walnut as well. Furthermore, Arcadia used to thump their chests toward Monrovia when Arcadia was in D-2, then D-3, then D-5, now Southeast/”D7″. But the results speak for themselves. Monrovia is 1-1 against the mighty South Hills and 3-3 with Arcadia, even though we are “D-11”.

    Folks around this fishbowl need to recognize the amount of parity throughout. People can say that South Hills has been down…but the reality is that they moved into a legite league. They did beat Los Osos last year who finished third in the Baseline. 10 years ago South Hills was in the Valle Vista League! The Sierra League is tough. Maybe they should be in the Central Division, rather than the Inland, but they are still tough compared to our more local leagues.

  • reality

    I think the issue was some of the Mildcat Mouthpieces were calling South Hills mediocre because of their recent record compared to Monrovia recent “championships.” Yet head to head shows different. Ironic?

  • Anonymous

    So MHS is 1-1 vs a mediocre South Hills who is now in a “legit league” – yet they are still losing to teams The Mildcats want to be compared to and honks like greenless pastures and notsoobservantcat claim to be better than? SH loses to Charter Oak, Chino Hills and Damien – yet those guys want to be considered better than those teams – and we won’t even talk about Amat spanking Damien to widen that gap even further

  • New York


    Ironic is South Hills fans referring to Monrovia’s CIF titles as “flag football” when in fact our last title came against one of the teams that South Hills also beat in a finals.

    Silly would be Cat bloggers tearing down teams who beat us. It only makes us look like we got beat by a weak team.

    Ridiculous is your use of quotations mark regarding our two championships.

    Anonymous, I’ve never said South Hills is mediocre. They were regularly a championship team when they and West Covina were the only teams in D-7. Then they were a semi-final team once the division was formed with Charter Oak and El Dorado. Now they are overmatched in the Sierra, a league with much bigger enrollments than most schools in the SGV.

    The Sierra League is overmatched in the Inland Division and should probably move to the Central.

    The latest blogging is anticipating the UPCOMING season. Do any of you look forward?

  • haha

    Bragging rights over a flag football team that are 3 and 3 against you guys?

  • reality check

    It must be tough to have your hated neighbor on your mind all the time??? Especially when he’s the talk of the town.

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