UPDATE: Muir’s numbers not as bad as reported …

Got a call from Muir head coach John Hardy, who wanted to set the record straight about a previous report that the Mustangs contested a passing game with only seven players and that roster numbers are dangerously low.

Hardy said the Mustangs have 40 players on the varsity roster and that they have not contested a passing game this season with less than 25.

He also reported that the Mustangs went 6-1 in the L.A. Pierce Tournament and narrowly missed a chance to play Alemany in the finals.

“We’ll be fine, trust me,” Hardy told me.

Aram’s take: Sources be damned.

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  • StangNation01

    told you the Stangs will be okay!!! Shout out to Lil Darick, Denzel (even tho yall gone still want yall to succeed) & the 2012 Muir Football team!!! We to the Ship this year?

    Lamar, Josh, Jasper, Mikey, Marceles, Tone’, Sunshine, etc will hold it down for the Stangs!!!!

  • Aaron

    Basically you need to get down and do some investigating…I’d do it, but I’m not available to do sneaky shit.

  • Good call, Mr. Hardy in letting it be known that the Mustangs are ready. Never had a doubt.

    Fast forward, Mustangs!

    Laurence Todd

  • Aram – don’t take it so bad, your credit is still good. You, “Miggy” and Fred do a great job reporting on sports in the SGV. We all bounce a check every now and then.

    Laurence Todd

  • Not taking it bad at all. Sources are sometimes incorrect. I’m glad things are better than what was originally reported.

  • The U

    Glad to hear, Upland will be waiting for you on Aug 24th.

  • Blah Machine

    Oh so its your sources fault, lol! Your legend grows….as a joke!

  • Mustang Ranch

    Told you we were gonna be ok. Never underestimate us. Look at our last playoff run. Beat Santa Fe 39-7. Shut out Diamond Ranch 48-0. Lost to La Serna, CIF Finalist, 28-3. We’ll be alright. Would’ve been nice to hang on to Darick Holmes though.