Aug. 31

Bishop Amat at Chino Hills
Orange Lutheran at Damien
Loyola at West Covina
Mater Dei at St. Paul

Aram’s take: You’d better get yourself a smart phone and a Twitter account so you can follow along with Mike “The Cousin” Robledo and all the tweets from the various games. Because wherever you are, you may have one eye on the field and one eye on the updates. Wow! We’re going to learn A LOT that night. … also, Michigan vs. Alabama in Arlington, TX. is the next day.

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  • New York

    Does O-Lu have the same head coach as 10 years ago when Los Altos played them?

  • Whittier Area Fan

    OLu has a new coach who came from the college ranks.

  • Anonymous

    BA sorry you lose this one by at least 14
    Olu squeaks by Damien in a close one
    Loyola pounds West CO no solomon and im not convinced that Noodles is ready
    St. Paul beats Mater Dei by a late score

  • Anonymous

    Prediction for the history paper champ
    BA will finish with a total of 3 wins this season.

  • Football follower.

    Obviously anonymous is a slim man, you got a new coach to replace the long and respected Ansich and you recruit a few players and all of a sudden your going to beat Mater Dei. I sure hope he brings in more coaches with him, unlike where he has come from good coaching is what will win games like others not just a few talented players, it’s a team game now.

    Wow, good luck with that.

  • Anonymous

    Football follower.
    you do know he beat Mater Dei twice whenhe was coaching at Carson…..Maybe you should actually follow football instead of just using the screen name.

  • JMO


    Scoby isn’t even eligible, GRADES???????????????

  • keep27

    I think, as strange as it sounds, WC could be better than last year if they stay healthy. They return 7 starters on defense and in reality get better at a couple of those graduated spots. Turner will be difficult to replace. Solomon is hard to replace, but the folks carrying ball are pretty darn good. The qb spot will be an upgrade no matter which player it is. You’re right, Noodles may not be ready, but he will eventually be pretty good. nobody remembers, but Najera actually won the spot before he got hurt in game 1. Up front they replace 4 starters, but they have replaced 4 starters each of the last 3 years.

  • When I saw WestCo at Ranch tourney, they looked smaller than the last two years. Certainly not as much height or size in the skills, but they are VERY QUICK. And they’re all pretty tough kids who like to hit and compete. When the line gets in there along with Hornsby, I’m sure they’ll have size in the right spots. In the Southeast, you don’t need size to win in most years. Who knows what Dominguez has or even La Mirada.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Sidney Jones, Deshon Love and Aaron Franklin are all 6′-6’1″ for the Bulldogs. Jones and Love will be Juniors and last year they were pretty lanky, each weighing about 155 to 165 lbs. Franklin will be a senior and he weighs a more respectable 175 lbs for his 6′ frame! And yes they are all pretty quick! Salgado and Best are both very quick at the RB spot and both are a load to bring down!

    You just can’t replace names like Solomon, Turner or Meaders. But it’s time for some of the next class to make names for themselves!

    Just looking at last year’s roster. Judging by the linemen that should be coming back this year, the offensive line should be on average both taller and heavier than last years line. One thing is for sure, Maggiore don’t coach no wimpy linemen. These young men will be strong and tough!

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Chino Hills wins by 10 pts
    Simko, Austin, vs Dionza blue, Winner Chino Hills. I just can’t think of another offensive weapon in Lancerville, Their d will be solid, but small and on the field too long for all the 3 and outs BA will experience.
    CHHS 20 BA 10

    OLU beats Damien by 14pts
    note- OLU will outclass Damien. They are beatable, but Damien won’t get it done.
    OLU 28 Damien 14

    Loyola Beats West Covina by 21 pts
    note-West Covina is actually a more balanced team than last year, however Loyola will be too much for the young QB. If Noodles win’s that game, get Ready for the college coaches to come calling.
    Loyola 35 West Covina 14

    Mater Dei beats St Francis by 7 pts
    Note- Carson is considered D1. St Paul isn’t.
    Despite Assante getting great transfers, I can’t say his team is going to better than the carson teams he has had in the previous years.
    MD 28 St Paul 21

    Monrovia beats St Francis by 8 pts
    Note- St Francis will not be intimidated by Monrovia’s Circus act. They may even feel they are the better team. However with a young team with no definite stars, I think Monrovia will make a few more plays than ST Francis.

    Monrovia 28 St Francis 20

    Smudge Pot- SD Wins. I just don’t think Bonita will win this year. The teams are pretty even.

  • Anonymous

    green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Note- Carson is considered D1. St Paul isn’t.

    And so is Garfield and Roosevelt. Thats city section Division 1 which in my opinion St Paul being in Division 4 is a much more tougher division then the city section division 1. if i was to equal out the city section division 1 to the other division then their D1 is equal or under St. paul and them in division 4 and the city section division 2 is no where near the inland d2 now the city d2 is like playing in the southeast division 7 so please dont use the fact that Carson is D1 St. paul plays in a way tougher division then Carson.

    Not knocking Carson i know their pretty good but compared to the slime get serious.

  • Jefe

    Amat by 7
    OLU by 21
    Loyola by 17
    Mater Dei by 28

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    City Section D1 may not be as deep as the Pac 5 or Inland, However at the top, they are pretty good. Carson and Narbonne would be tough wins for anyone in the Pac 5. However, Both those teams have been better than St Paul in the last 5 years, especially the last 2. I am not saying that ST paul isn’t good, or can’t be revamped. I am just saying that Assante has his work cut out for him. Could he beat MD yes, will he no. Maybe next year once he really get’s his hands on the program. He was at carson for a while, so the Continuity was great. I think that something takes more than a year to develop. Before we get to winning is all those transfers cleared to play? If the 30 day rule kicks, he may be missing a few guys for preseason, and he won’t win without all his guys.

  • keep27

    WC threw against Dominguez and JW North last week. They were even with North and were far better than Dominguez. Aram, The D Line and the secondary is better than last year. LBs will be tough to replace Turner, but there are a couple of pretty good ones coming back. In truth, Aram, this team is bigger than last year as a group. There are several parts you didnt see there. Plus, the lines will be bigger than last year.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    for the record, Both Carson and Narbonne would have won
    St Pauls Division Last year.

    Narbonne Blew 49 out Culver City 23, The Runner up in St Paul’s Division.

    I think top 4 City Section are equal to mid level Pac 5 play.

  • SGV Oddsmaker

    Amat CHills Even money
    Olu beats Damien by 10
    WC upset over Loyola by 3
    Mater Dei crushes St. Paul 21

  • just askin’

    Greenie-you crack me up. Now the City Section is goor at the top and Carson Is a tough win or better than St Paul – but Garfiled (who was at 10-7 in the 4th quarter vs Carson) is a gimme win for Amat and they get no credit for that? Dorsey was 4th in the City & played REV from Inland to a 1 pt game (they were tied with Garfield in the 4th quarter) and beat Crenshaw, who is always loaded with athletes. Speaking of athletes, Venice sure had sometoo (as evidenced by scholarship skill guys) and lost in a shootout to Carson in the playoffs.
    So is the City good – or not?

  • Dogs look rabid

    KEEPER 27 Gotta agree i feel this team is just as good or even better than last year. Salgado is gonna be a beast this year, saw him during the baseball season, he is all muscle, gonna be hard to stop. There so manny good players on this team, and believe me Magg. will have them ready.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Jefe – you missed the boat if you think Amat will get Chino Hills. Simko has a receiving core that includes Jack Austin, Chazz Eldridge, and the other sophomore that came from Colony. I think his name is Walker (not sure). That tandem, plus the other stud wideouts will be too much for Amat. That’s not bulletin board material, it’s just the facts.

    @SGV Oddsmaker – even money? No, I don’t think so. Green Pastures gave Chino Hills 10 and someone else said 14. Either way I’m looking for Chino Hills to get into their rhythm.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Just Askin

    I said That…the City Section D1 is good and is better than Div 4

    San Pedro

    Are the top teams in City after that it’s not Pac 5 or Inland level.

    I am not sure if you misunderstood me…However, Even though ST paul has transfers, they do not have the local talent pool, and far less athletes that Carson.

  • Jefe

    Not So Fast,

    We’ll see.

  • just askin’

    greenie-so, according to results. garfield went head-to-head with Carson and Dorsey, while Venice beat Crenshaw. Weren’t you and your boys raggin’ on those two Amat wins?

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    To Focus on the Chino hills vs BA match up,

    I Think that Amat losing their best DB, and Blue having to go both ways, is going to put a strain on a already hurting secondary. They are going to have to bracket Austin( Remember Sam Hunt from servite…Austin is better), leaving Chino Hills 2’s and 3’s open. Bishop Amat’s #1’s may be sufficient, but Blue is going to need a breather, and that breather is going to have to come on the offensive side. If he is not in the game on offense, you can almost count on and play the pass. Or Chino can put 8 in the box and make Haynes beat ya. I don’t think Cook, is a big play guy, and I know he is not fast. I just can not see where Bishop is going to get their offense from? I think Simko is good enough to throw for at least 2 tds vs Bishop Amat, and at least 2 more big plays to Austin, which CHHills should be able to punch it in. Bishop’s only chance is to get after simko, and utilize their pac 5 running game to control the ball. They won’t win a shoot out with a D1 QB and WR….Bishop does not have any of those.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    When Carson played Garfield it was league, and when they played Venice it was playoffs… I don’t understand what you trying to Prove.

    All I know is Dorsey beat Alemany at home and They Serra league champs. Like I said D1 City is equal to Pac 5 midlevel. These teams could win the Serra.

    San Pedro
    Crenshaw-may lose a close one.

  • Predictions / Predictions

    Definately some great matchups I agree Aram. With the exception of the Damien game, the other three should be close, with either side having the potential to beat the other team:

    Amat 28 – Chino Hills 24
    Loyola 35 – WC 21
    Mater Dei 38 – St Paul 28
    Olu 34 – Damien 10

  • To El Gato

    It’s funny how you mention a couple players and think you know the Amat team. On defense there are 8 returners that have matured exceptionally over the last year. Blue is not even the top DB. He is very good, but not the #1 DB. No one talks about Gonzalez, because he was out all of last year with a knee injury, but he has been healthy now all of spring practice. Darren Andrews is the fastest, and a returning DB. He just got an offer from Duke. This might not be a college football powerhouse, but it is a top notch academic school that plays D1 football in a tough ACC conference. As for the LB’s the three starters are second to none in the SGV, and in socal period.

    On offense, you mention Blue as the only weapon. How little you actually know my friend. Blue will be a big part of the team overall, but Amat has a much more well rounded team on both sides. Names you do not even know will be making plays on both sides to neutralize teams we will face.

    The season can’t come any sooner….Bring it Baby !!!

  • I don’t think it would be too wise for Chino Hills to come into this game thinking it will simply spray the ball all over the field vs. Amat. The Huskies will need balance to get this win, and that means a running game.

    DJ Daniels and Sal Velasquez are two of the top defensive players in the area and nobody’s mentioned them yet on this thread. I kinda doubt those two will be shocked by any of the talent they see on the Chino Hills sideline. They’ve seen plenty of it already against teams like Servite, Santa Margarita and the Serra League.

    I think Chino Hills rates the edge, but lets not forget the Huskies have a lot to prove after last year. And in order to beat Amat, you’re gonna have to rip their hearts out. And that’s not easy to do.

    Chino Hills having a Week 0 game before Amat is a big edge, but it will also give Amat a chance to go scout.

    This is gonna be a good one.

  • Casual Observer

    Amat has a lot to prove. The coaches/team is burdened w/having to replace a lot of good athletes and Blue looks good on paper but Jalen Moore he is not, not yet anyway. Whether he can claim his spot in the long line of Lancer step up running backs will be on a stage for all to see. Mr. Gonzalez, take it easy, junior will get his chance to prove that he is a legit Lancer player in due time. The kid has not taken snap one so you will have to wait on the accolades. The LB corps are solid players but if memory serves, none are returning starter LB’s, except Daniels???? Corners will need to prove they lay down the HAT because Montes won’t be there to be a run force like last year. I believe the real test of Amat’s resilience will be in their offense. What will the offense do? QB, receiver corps, line, all new for the most part. Gonna really get to see how well this coaching staff can coach them up. I think that only a small local enclave of true Lancer haters, is really hoping that this is the year that the Lancers “get it taken to them”. Most know Amat for what they are and what they bring to SGV as a whole. I doubt the down fall will happen because this is the same BS the Amat Faithful have endured for years, as for me, I’m a fan of SGV Football and I’m wishing the Lancers Best of Luck this coming year!

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    What’s Funny is that All the teams in your league were beat by what The Amat Faithful claim to be “Lower” Division or in D1 city section’s; case..looked down upon. Amat is a great program. I don’t see what’s wrong with people hoping that another SGV covered team beats Amat…We obviously know that Amat can’t win their league nor divisions. So we are haters for hoping Chino hills, ST Paul, or Charter oak win there Step up game? Remember Amat is the Favorite in all the SGV showdowns, even if they don’t have the better team. The pressure will be on Amat. Just because you are not a Amat Fan or critique amat in a negative fashion doesn’t me you are hater. I hope Amat Loses to SGV teams, but wins the Serra and Pac 5….there you happy Blowhards!!!!

  • Amat Fan

    To: El Gato,

    I love it baby. Every year there is a knock on Amat for anything anyone can imagine. We at Amat know that we are in for a tough, rough, pound it out game for game season. But when it comes to Amat, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether we play the teams from the SGV, or the powerhouses like Servite and Santa Margarita, we invite the challenges. We don’t win them all, but we pound it out with anyone. This coming year brings a little bigger challenge, as the SGV teams we will face are all much stronger than in previous years. But isn’t that the beauty of it all????? We are in for a great season, and you can bet the farm on one thing….Amat will come to play, and play to the end.

    Let’s Go Big Blue !!!

  • Valley football

    Amats defense will be solid .the big question is at qb. Blue and daniels where great as freshman at running back.they have the receivers also.on defense amat returns Daniels ,blue, Velasquez , pontikes ,Andrews,and some defensive linemen .its going to be a close game .i am actually picking chino because amats offense starts off slow every year .3rd game is when they start looking better .mater dei is going to beat st Paul by 14.saw materdei beat Santa margarita by 21 points at the Dana hills passing tournament. They have receivers,qb and line .they also have good defense.loyola will beat west Covina buy 14.

  • SGV Football

    I think you make some good points there Valley Football. I see the Amat vs. Chino Hills game as the most intriguing game out of the 4. I think Amat will find a way to squeek by and win by a field goal or less. But if CHHS wins it I don’t see it as an upset, as they are the better team on paper. The other games should be easier wins. Mater Dei will have their way with St Paul, and OLU should easily beat Damien. I think WestCo will play a tough first half, but Loyola should be too strong for the Bulldogs. I love these matches though, and it shows the SGV teams stepping up to play tougher games. Good luck to all the SGV teams that night.

  • Here You Go

    BA 28 CH 24
    OL 42 Damien 7
    Loyola 35 West Co 10
    Mater Dei 48 St. Paul 14

  • SGV Oddsmaker

    @ Not so fast. Green pastures has CHills by 10 HAHA.. The Cat on the hill has not only been talking a lot of manure, i think he been eating it as well.

  • SGV oddsmaker

    @ Not so fast. Green pastures has CHills by 10 HAHA.. The Catnip on the hill has been talking a lot of manure on here, and your buying it? Man i want your business.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @SGV Odds

    That was pretty funny. No, I’m not buying what Green Pastures is selling, but I do agree that the odds are in Chino Hills favor. But I have to preface this from passing league games, which are in actuality meaningless.

    Amat may be missing some key players, I have no clue, I’m not an Amat fan. But I’ve seen enough excuses and this kid that and that kid this posted on here to know when you start making excuses that’s a sign. I know there are a lot of Amat homers that post, so I’ll leave it at that. However, when I did see them in PL play, they didn’t look very good.

    Chino Hills on the other hand look decent. Not great, but certainly better than Amat. Simko, as I’ve said before is the real deal. He has a group of wideouts that are pretty good as well. I’m not advocating CH throw the ball all over the place as Aram indicated I did, that’s a bad strategy to have anyway. They’ll need a good running game to offset the pass and they’ll have that.

    So just going off of PL play and what I’ve seen, yes, the edge goes to CH.

    There is no lineman competition in PL so until then you just have to go off the pass and in that category, CH has the edge.

    I’m open for business. lol.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @SGV Odds

    That was pretty funny. No, I’m not buying what Green Pastures is selling, but I do agree that the odds are in Chino Hills favor. But I have to preface this from passing league games, which are in actuality meaningless.

    Amat may be missing some key players, I have no clue, I’m not an Amat fan. But I’ve seen enough excuses and this kid that and that kid this posted on here to know when you start making excuses that’s a sign. I know there are a lot of Amat homers that post, so I’ll leave it at that. However, when I did see them in PL play, they didn’t look very good.

    Chino Hills on the other hand look decent. Not great, but certainly better than Amat. Simko, as I’ve said before is the real deal. He has a group of wideouts that are pretty good as well. I’m not advocating CH throw the ball all over the place as Aram indicated I did, that’s a bad strategy to have anyway. They’ll need a good running game to offset the pass and they’ll have that.

    So just going off of PL play and what I’ve seen, yes, the edge goes to CH.

    There is no lineman competition in PL so until then you just have to go off the pass and in that category, CH has the edge.

    I’m open for business. lol.

  • SGV Oddsmaker

    No So Fast

    I hear you, And i agree with about Simko and the wideouts. I saw them at the rancho Tournament, i was really impressed. You know even with the struggles Amat has had in the Pack 5 this is a well coached team with a lot of tradition, yeah they have lost a couple of players,but they will still be difficult to beat. Sometimes the rest of us in the SGV want to beat them so bad we lose sight of who we are up against. I am not saying CHills won’t beat Amat, just hard to make that call, tossup.

  • Dan

    Intriguing games for sure next year, not quite buying into the Amat demise perception thats going around here, I think they will still be tough to beat for any local team despite the transfers and loss of key players they have had, With that said, there should be some great games between them and Chino Hills and Charter Oak and St. Paul. I think all three will be close. Not so sure about La Mirada, although some of their fans are pretty excited about their prospects for next year. Oh and just a warning, Amat usually does not look too impresive in passing league, nor on the roster [sizewise] but they usually play impressive in pads whenever I have seen them line up against a local, always tough, talented and physical with a lot of good instinctive football players. If your
    team doesn’t come to play they will be overwelmed before they know what hit them. Question for Amat 73 or Joe Amat, did this group of seniors to be, beat St. Bonnies freshman team when they were freshmen? Seems like I remember them starting off like 6 and 0 and beating St. Bonnies, and then they lost a few games towards the end of the season.
    As for West Covina, I liked what I saw at the passing games last week, scoreless tie with J.W.North, yeah we didn’t score either but North had a couple of stud recievers, one a 5 star going to Ohio St. In their first matchup North had scored 4 touchdowns in their first 4 plays against the team they were up against. WC held them scoreless and had 1 or 2 more interceptions than them. WC also beat Dominquez who had some nice athletes by a score or two. Senior to be qb Nigiera looks good, and is throwing well. There is also sophomore to be, Antonio Hull who has a good deep ball and is a running threat, he could be scary good in the future. It’s only passing league, but with WC being a running team, it’s nice when we look good at the passing games. Our defense overall looks like it could be as good or better than last years, thats if all these kids I’m seen get it done in the classroom. Aram you said we looked small but quick at the Rancho tournament, maybe we were missing some guys cause the secondary I’ve seen at these passing games were pretty much 6′ to 6’1. This Saturday we get see what our line looks like as West Covina will have their linemans tournament, their will be over 30 schools showing up, some of the names I think I heard were Rancho C., Villa Park who won it last year, Valencia from the Foothill league, J.W. North, Diamond Ranch, and South Hills, there were others but they slips my mind at the moment.

  • Dogtown

    What time does competition start? Do you know when the Bulldogs get under way?

  • Dan

    Competition starts at 9:00am, I’m not sure about WC’s start time but I would guess some of their guy’s would start right away at certain events.

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