Mater Dei does it again: The Southland is abuzz with talk of ANOTHER huge pick up for the Monarchs …

The Orange County Register is reporting that Mater Dei has landed its THIRD IMPACT TRANSFER of the offseason in former Orange Lutheran tight end Kyle Penniston, a 6-foot-4, 225-pound SOPHOMORE tight end.

(Before any of you say “big whoop, a sophomore with no varsity experience”, just know this, he played for the frosh team last year at O-Lu and already has an offer from Florida State!!!).

Penniston joins former Corona Santiago receiver Nik Little and former Newport Harbor lineman Sam Bush in jumping ship to Mater Dei this offseason.

Aram’s take: Yet more proof of why the SGV(N) cannot get somebody, anybody to bang heads at the absolute highest level. Sorry Amat fans, I’m talking semifinals, finals, bowls and so on. Thus far this offseason I’ve heard of ZERO impact transfers showing up at Amat or Charter Oak or Damien. Chino Hills got Matty Ice, and that’s nice. Monrovia got Gevontray Ainsworth, and that’s also nice. But the biggest name out there, Darick Holmes Jr., formerly of Muir, who EVERYONE and their mother KNEW wasn’t gonna be a Mustang past his frosh year, SOMEHOW ends up at Oaks Christian!!!! Sorry nobody told you, Darick, but Amat has plenty of skill players to replace from last year. Charter Oak lost its leading rusher, and you also may have gotten a look there at QB. And Damien, well, Sparty coulda used you ANYWHERE. I’m sorry nobody told you about all that. But, the problem with the SGV(N) is that anytime a program starts getting big-time transfers, that program gets crucified. Example: St. Paul. Why is Mater Dei getting all these guys? Joe Amat and Fred Robledo would have you believe that Mater Dei is no great shakes. They’ll claim Mater Dei and Amat have had the same recent playoff futility (not true) and that Amat beat Mater Dei last time they met in the postseason. Blah, blah, blah. THEN WHY, IF MATER DEI SUCKS SO BAD, DID THESE THREE PLAYERS END UP THERE? The reason is quite simply because Mater Dei is obviously HUSTLING. Mater Dei isn’t sitting there waiting for some dream freshmen class to show up at the doorstep. It’s smelling blood in the water with top-notch freshmen or sophomores and getting them to come to Mater Dei when they decide to transfer. Mater Dei isn’t gonna sit around and watch Servite and Santa Margarita steal the OC spotlight. Why doesn’t that happen in the SGV(N)? Think about that.

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  • Oster

    The truth is Aram….you have no idea what so ever why those transfers went there. Their facilities alone could land recruits without even saying a word. Get off Amat dude, they don’y have the facilities or the money to attract BIG TIME RECRUITS because they need to build a new place for MAC to sleep, then they have to build a place for the gigantic Amat drama club to practice, then a new band room for our 17 piece marching band, etc, etc….who wants to go there for that? You’re exactly right, the people who go there despite all that are the people that Amat wants. Makes it a little harder to keep up with the jones but we do ok.

  • Oster,

    That’s nice and all, but who is Amat competing with out here that it would need to wow a potential transfer with facilities and so on? And speaking of facilities, have you seen Amat’s new gym, coaches offices and weight rooms? Pretty nice to me.

    The facilities at Amat are just fine for this area. Not like Charter Oak’s or Chino Hills or West Covina’s are better or even on par. Damien’s are comparable. And Amat’s fan base is second to none.

    Mater Dei is competing for players in the OC with Servite and Santa Margarita. Amat is competing out here with, who, West Covina and La Puente and Charter Oak? Not a good excuse. Sorry.

    My new favorite line is “Amat’s not as good anymore because the good players stay at home and go to West Covina or Monrovia.”

    Hilarious and true. So, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


    Way to encourage schools in the area to illegally recruit Aram. If everyone else is doing it then it is okay. Nice example you are setting for all of our young athletes out there. I am glad you are not a coach because our kids would be taking steroids, smoking weed, cheating on tests, because breaking the rules is okay with you as long as everyone else is doing it must be ok as long as you can compete with the best. Horrible….

  • Big Dog

    Mater Dei and St Paul are the High School version of what SC has done for their football program___ we all know what happened!
    Who would want to attend St.Paul!The area is surrounded by factories.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Do Something About it – High School recruiting is what it is. It’s no secret and it hasn’t been. Private schools do it, why? Because strong athletic programs fill the coffers, from donations, ticket sales, etc. Those private school programs understand that. Public school programs, not all, but a lot don’t get it. Why? Because funding is automatic.

    Public schools that give a damn about their athletic programs pursue the best coaches they can find. Yes, pursue. They provide the tools needed to field a competitive team and support the program. Case in point, Corona Centennial, Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, etc. and the one everyone seems to love to hate, Monrovia.

    The difference is winning in a public school system puts butts in seats, but in private schools, those butts bring their checkbook.

    You can take the moral high ground, but we all know, some kid that’s 6’5 and bench presses Chevy 350 engines for a workout; runs like a deer shows up, no coach is going to turn him away. They are going to say anything to get that kid on campus.

    It is what it is. Let’s not kid ourselves that it doesn’t exist.

  • Dog The bounty Hunter

    Aram, Players don’t go to Amat or Damien because there is not reason to. Not one reason related to sports to draw a kid tho either school. You can get what they have in a dozen places for free across the valley.
    Both schools suck for sports most Spartans know that and almost no Lancers do. So we get some entertainment value out of the ignorant Lancer fans who think what once was is still.

  • Sgv baller

    There is not that much talent in sgv besides s couple spread out and mostly at Monrovia .amat did get a transfer from walnut who was a top freshman who would of been on the varsity squad this year.the problem is its from walnut.he still chose amat over any other school .

  • Look out

    Hey all, Even San Dimas, that little school that just wins games will have top facilities in one months time. New field set to go fully operational with a revamped field house (new locker room, wt room, solar power, and coaches offices) at the end of july! Why go to Damien or Bishop to go 6-5????

  • Perro de Lastima

    Big Dog has a point – why go to a school that’s surrounded by factories when you could drive past bodies in the gutter on Sunset while wearing your bullet proof vest in your military-grade Hummer built to withstand AK-47 shellings on your way to Amat?
    Is that your best argument, BIG Dog? Is that true that instead of having earthquake preparedness and fire drills at A Mat, they have “Shots-Fired” drills?
    Damien always has room for good families, bring ’em to the nice side of town.

  • Lancer4life

    @ look out
    First off mentioning Damien with Amat is an insult. Secondly if you want to take your game to the PAC-5 level you go to Amat! You probably would never understand that. If you want to play Baldwin park and Ganesha go to SD folks! Amat is not for everyone! There is a certain something you must have to want to go there, maybe you’ll figure it out or maybe you won’t!

  • Jefe


    No, actually, if you want to play at the real Pac-5 level, you’ll go to a Trinity League school.

  • Amat Fan #1

    Lancer4Life is 100% correct. Amat is not for everyone in the SGV. In fact Amat is not for most of you in the SGV. Do you realize when was the last time we won a football title? Most of us weren’t even born yet! To play for Amat is to accept defeat even before you walk onto the field. To play for Amat is to know that my coach doesn’t care about me after high school. It is to know that we don’t have a chance against the SGV schools and never mind the PAC 5 schools. We have been losing for 17 years and we expect to lose again in 2012!

  • Don


    Do you seriously think that even the most rabid of football daddies would drive Junior 100 miles round trip every day to play football in La Verne or La Puente? It’s one thing to drive a minivan full of kids from Chino Hills to Amat every day but another thing entirely to bring ’em up from the other side of Aliso Creek. (Save your stories about folks from the IE and Ventura County sending their kids to Loyola. Damien is not Loyola.)

    Daddy Penniston does seem to fit the rabid description though. Looks like Kyle has as much video on youtube as Justin Bieber.

  • Amat Grad

    @SGV Baller
    What kid are you speaking about? I’m unaware of any stud transfer the we got in from Walnut. What’s the kids name? What position does he play? Hopefully there are more to follow.

  • Lancelot

    HAAA, HAAA, HAAAAA! SMH, you guys are too much.

  • Dan

    “You can take the moral high ground, but we all know, some kid that’s 6’5 and bench presses Chevy 350 engines for a workout; runs like a deer shows up, no coach is going to turn him away. They are going to say anything to get that kid on campus.”
    Not always true “Not so Fast”, some schools still believe in integrity, the first thing WC does is contact the other schools coach to let him know one of his players is inquiring about WC, they won’t dance around with any eligibility issues a kid may have, I won’t mention names, but after the 2010 season they had to turned away a kid who will be one of the best RB’s in the sgv next season, this year they turned away another kid who is one of the better RB’s in the area, not that they wouldn’t love to have these kids, but it’s not worth risking a teams season just so they can get a top talent on the team.

  • Go Hard Or Go Home!

    Get off the porch and play with Mater Dei and St. Paul in this Arms race for impact football players or just get ran over.

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    That’s WC, but I’d venture to say 90% of the remaining coaches/schools would.

    And as much as I think integrity is important and a commodity, it’s on life support. The fact of the matter, most coaches don’t look it as stealing another player. The view is the complete opposite. If a kid with those numbers showed up looking to move his talents, then there are coaches willing to pull out a chair for him, as opposed to showing him the door. And a private school would no doubt welcome him on campus with no hesitation.

    The pressure is on coaches to win. Right or wrong. Football unlike other high school sports is the money maker and in this day and age, they need the revenue. It’s the high profile sport for the school, the league and the district. Basketball is a distant second.

    Good programs will always attract the best talent. And good programs know when to pull out the chair and close the door versus those that don’t.

    It’s the nature of the game today. No blinders or rose colored glasses about it.

  • Anonymous

    SGV Baller
    Dude you sound so dumb the SGV is full of D1 talent and the signing on the dotted line is proof. And yeah Monrovia has its share of athletes just like CO, WC, Muir, PHS, St. Francis, all had athletes sign to major D1’s but yet you say few and spread-ed abroad but mainly at Monrovia get your facts right the SGV deliver D1 athletes every year oh and All-American game players.


  • Lance R

    I agree there is no recruiting going on like this in the SGV. Amat is our Big Dog D1 school but cannot get kids because Tuition costs in today’s economy. We have mostly middle class housing and money around here. The OC / Mater Dei sits also in the ghetto of Santa Ana but the surrounding OC has money meaning Huntington Beach Newport, Santa Margarita, Brea, Anaheim Hills, where they can jump from their home school and enroll in private, Yes they have the money. Kids from Charter Oak , Covina, Baldwin park, El Monte, Rosemead etc. do not have the $$$ cash like the OC kids to easily jump to a private school. If the tuition was lower or if Amat was public D1 competing school, you could bet a lot of these players would be at Amat and Amat would be the power house team………$$$$ talks……we just do not have it here like the OC neighborhoods.

  • Sgv baller

    @anonymous. Compared to the OC it’s not nearly as much.the majority are in Pasadena Monrovia area.schools near amat where’s not have that much. West Covina and charter oak only put 1 guy to d1 and that was solomon .there was Nelson at Wilson and a couple d ranch guys.@amat I said he was a top walnut freshman who transferred to amat .dont know how good he will be,but he is a good player but not the level of scoby and Holmes .

  • Walnut Baller

    Walnut football and baller just don’t go together!

    But Walnut below average football player from Division IX transferring to a perrenial losing team like Amat is definately a fact!



    The shocking thing is that Amat’s tuition is $6,600 compared to Mater Dei at $12,700. That’s flippin double the amount! You can make the car payment on a $80,000 dollar car with that kind of monthly tuition!!!

    Yes, I know that the median income in the OC compared to LA County is double the amount but in my opinion Mater Dei has the reputation of winning at all levels of sports and will sue CIF at will. How many schools have the lawyers to sue CIF when things don’t go their way?

    I also think that Mater Dei has some creative ways to get their kids financial aid compared to Amat.


    PS all you 8th graders shopping high schools go to Charter Oak. Great academics and after this year we will show you why we are the best football school in the SGV!!!

    Sorry Amat fans I had to throw that one in there.

  • The Truth Today

    The truth today is that SGV kids don’t need to go to Amat to get recruited for college football. In fact one can make the logical argument that several of our SGV kids would not have gotten looked at had they played for Hags and the Lancers. Our top skill guys, specially receivers, would never have developed under that 3 yards and cloud of dust 1980 style offense that Hags’ NFL coaches run over there. Some our best D-Linemen, Linebackers, Long Snappers, and even kickers would never get looked at in the Amat system. Hags just doesn’t care about the individual development.

    The truth is that you’re chances of being recruited and earning a scholly are Far Far Superior at a school like Chino Hills, Charter Oak, or even D-Ranch, than they are at Amat. Aram is right, just do the math Lancers.

  • Median Income

    @SGV Football –

    The 2010 Median Income in Orange County is $74,234.

    The 2010 Median Income in Charter Oak is $64,894, Diamond Bar it’s $84,562 and in San Marino its $117,457. OK, so La Puente’s is only $21,734, but that doesn’t matter because the Amat kids don’t live in La Puente, right?

    What’s your point?

  • Demographics

    Good choice pf cities. The point might be…how many ballers live in Diamond Bar and San Marino

  • Big Dog

    Perro de Lastima, Home Boy, that’s the slang you use, right, or is it Homie or spelled Homey. I never heard this term in high School; not quite sure what to call you!
    No esse, you have the wrong school. The street you meant to say is Whittier Boulevard. All this action is near Garfield or Roooosevelt. I suspect this is where you are from.

    Do most of you really think that facilities will woo someone to a particular school or because of the mascot name?
    You must work in a factory!
    There are many reasons why someone would not want to attend Amat. Unlike you public students, at Amat, you first must pass an exam!If you don’t, you will be asked to go to West Covina or Charter Oak.

  • Big Dog

    Perro de Lastima, Home Boy, that’s the slang you use, right, or is it Homie or spelled Homey. I never heard this term in high School; not quite sure what to call you!
    No esse, you have the wrong school. The street you meant to say is Whittier Boulevard. All this action is near Garfield or Roooosevelt. I suspect this is where you are from.

    Do most of you really think that facilities will woo someone to a particular school or because of the mascot name?
    You must work in a factory!
    There are many reasons why someone would not want to attend Amat. Unlike you public students, at Amat, you first must pass an exam!If you don’t, you will be asked to go to West Covina or Charter Oak.

  • aramisaclown:

    WTF: who in the h3ll is Matty ice?

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    He’s talking about Matt Simko at Chino Hills.

  • aramisaclown

    not so fast: do you mean Matty Ice cream?

  • BAP

    Amat will play with what they have. The student athlete that enrolls at Amat has made a choice to go there for a myriad of reasons, only one of which may be athletics. Sure some go there for the athletics but that focus changes after time and if it does not, you will find that more often than not, that athlete soon washes out of the program and school all together. It happens. Amat is about receiving a good Catholic school education in an environment where ethics, morals, responsibility and personal accountability are stressed as the students mature into adulthood. Some people place a focus on not having to pay for their kids college education and it’s win at all costs, bottom line is get me a scholly so Dad can sport his college gear around town. If that’s your plan great, I hope that works out for you, most times it doesn’t. Parents who send their students to Amat are “usually” looking for just a little more. Don’t get me wrong, who wouldn’t want their kid to be recognized and have their education paid for??? It’s welcomed but not the focus, at least that’s how it seems from my view in the peanut gallery.

  • AMAT 73

    How do you throw in CO when speaking about getting “impact” transfers in on a subject dealing with MD . Seems to me they are in a different grouping simply because of the tution factor , meaning , there is no tuition at CO . We ( people with ties to either school ) know free tuition is not thrown around at either AMAT nor Damien as much as the SGV thinks it is. But why in your opinion is CO suffering on the transfer front . Only last year they were your cream of the crop team in SGV , why the change ? Do you think it has to do with move to D-2 and the perceived notion that they are in over their heads ? Or maybe the fact of go to where championships are in sight, the new battle cry of the SGV ( lower division , easier road ) instead of a school where the road is much tougher to get the championship . No offense to Monrovia nor West Covina but it seems your teams are like the term ” men amoung boys ” when it comes to your divisions as the playoffs showed last season . I bring this up about CO since it is free and they have solid academics (IB , AP ,and Honors programs ) one of the top coaching staffs in the SGV and have sent players on to D-1 schools and others via scholarships . Is it simply no hustle on the part of the staff ????

  • Amat Fan #1


    So basically here to forward we now choose to suck at the sport that made us famous and we choose to lose year after year? Really?


    Because we don’t have the ability to recruit the right kids to make our program a wiining football program? So Aram is correct?
    Because we have terrible facilities and football field?
    Because our over paid and under performing NFL coaching staff can’t deliver the goods?
    Because we have a tuition that than EBT card could pay ($550 a month? It’s possible!)? Am I right La Puente?
    Is it because we’re now great Catholic Academics and don’t have time to practice a silly and meaningless sport like football anymore?


    What’s the excuse for why Bishop Amat going to suck so badly in 2012?

  • Amat 73,

    I bring up CO for a several reasons.

    1. Yes, I think their staff is doing a poor job of “hustling” these days. I think they’ve settled into the “build it and they will come” mentality … kinda like Amat.

    2. Holmes Jr. was a Muir kid. CO has gotten plenty of Pasadena/Muir kids over the years and for them not to get this one is a failure.

    3a. CO knew it was going to have a BIG HOLE at QB after Santiago left. It also knew that it was going to have some excellent skill talent returning (Bobo, Scoby, Vaughns), so getting a new QB to work with all of those guys should have been a priority. To have Baby Thropay at Chino Hills and Matty Ice Simko seeking a transfer, but not even once consider CO, is a failure on CO’s part to go out and lure a QB to come throw to all those skill guys. They sat around hoping a QB would show up and outside of Barrera, it didn’t happen.

    3b. CO has recently been breaking even or losing slightly in terms of transfers the last two years. Kurt Scoby left. Alex Hernandez left the year before. Yes, they got Hauser, and that’s huge, but they lost some impact guys, too.

    I reference CO because I believe to be a private school football program at a public school. It relies on players don’t necessarily live in the district, or did not originally. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But if that’s who/what you are, then you need to be constantly replenishing that stockpile.

  • Swordsmen Alum

    The game has changed and Amat has been left way behind by much better football programs in the SGV. Look at Charter Oak, Chino Hiils and others. They have adapted and continue to get better every year! Thats what we the Swordsmen are doing too! What’s Amat done in the last 15 years? Doormat for the PAC 5?

    Ain’t it funny how BIG CHIHUAHUA tries to act like he doesn’t know where the La Puente cholos come from? Oh, but he sure knows where his daddy use to get his azz kicked! That’s right, East LA in the house biaaaatch! St Paul #1! And sure doesn’t change the fact that St Paul is gonna beat you like my Pops beat your daddy back in 1979 on Whittier Blvd.

    Amat fans remain ignorant because it’s their safety blanket!

    So Say The Swordsmen!

  • Amat Grad

    @ SGV Baller
    I called my boy last night, who’s son plays on the Varsity at Amat, and he said that he is 100% certain that we have not gotten any stud transfer in from Walnut. I don’t exactly know what angle you are working or if you have your schools mixed up, but you might want to recheck your facts on this one.

  • BAP

    @Amat #1 Fan-I recognize your gas BOY! But whatever dude, you’re obviously in this for other reasons….I hope you get right sooner rather than later. I guess while we are sucking we continue to tax the local football program a$$ with all of our suckness. What an a$$ you are. At least wait until you actually DO SOMETHING, like maybe post a “W” before you start doing a victory dance for the valley?

    @Swordsman Alum – That post was too stupid for even a st paul slime to post. A program in decay, who had their a$$ handed to them so badly by Lancers last time they played, it caused the st paul slime to ooze out of their contract for future games? Fast talking coach ASSante and a bunch of players looking to shop their ahhh, talents(?)around don’t make you legit over night. Still gotta play the game.

  • AMAT 73

    Point one . It is built so what changed in one season to stop the flow. They did win league last year so they had the horses so to speak .Could that loss to Upland hurt them more than thought in the transfer department ??? Plus with the talent they have upperclassmen transfers would have a hard time cracking the line up ( and they are transferring to play not sit and watch ) and lowerclassmen transfers are a risk if the size and strength aren’t there at that age ( you know the look test ) and are rolling the dice the kid will develope in his JR year . Seems Big Lou and Hags are from the school of you have to win your position and nothing is a given and maybe that’s what hurts them in the transfer process as most of these parents , I mean kids, are looking for instant gratification and an instant starting position .

    Point two. Many issues as to why he left Muir but maybe the one about the family moving because of the Father’s job is true and OC was in that area, so what were the other choices in that area , St Bonnies over the hill.

    Point three A. CO beat CH last year and took the Sierra so maybe the shorter commute for Simko played a part because the skill guys are pretty equal but maybe CH guarantied him the QB spot and CO wouldn’t ( see point one ) , unless you have more inside info on that . Thropay probably thought the QB spot was his until Simko showed up so let’s see where he winds up because we know why Big Thropay left AMAT , something of the same nature, QB wasn’t a given for him at AMAT. Which by the way he didn’t play at CO either.

    Point three B. Yes Scoby left but there is clearly more to the story and you know it . Can’t see Big Lou just letting a player of his caliber leave and why leave CO for Duarte , no offense to Duarte but really . As it was it started off as a better enviroment for him academically then is was him going to Monrovia and ending up at the slime and you yourself said there was no need to worry as Washington was more than capable of filling his shoes . Hernandez more of move down from CO to Damien to me and I don’t think CO suffered by it but Damien and Hernandez did gain as Hernandez did shine for them .Hauser , good move for him , he had issues at AMAT and left to a top level program that plays in an upper division .

    AMAT Grad,
    Don’t think he said the kid was a stud . He said the kid was a top freshman at Walnut and would have been varsity at Walnut. So seeing as he is a sophomore maybe look on the JV squad for him .

  • Walnut?

    @sgv baller Did walnuts freshman team have any studs? Yhe same freshman team that lost to Diamond Ranch 42-7 and Diamond Bar 52-7? Sounds like they had a lot of talent.

  • AMAT 73

    Forgot to put this in . What’s goiong on out at Diamond Ranch ???? Nothing on them in the least . Usually something in here about Roddy and company , but this year not a peep . Fill us in . It’s like they fell off the face of the SGV.

  • Amat 73,

    We can argue semantics all we want, but it’s really just guessing. The point is that a major talent who everyone knew wouldn’t be at Muir after his frosh season because the vultures would circle and says “hey, you can transfer now and not pay any penalty” left Muir for a non-SGV school. That SHOULD BE unheard of. I don’t know why I have to explain this to you or Joe Amat. Had Amat been in the semis last year, or championship, or won the championship, you’d have 5-10 transfers beating down the door to replace Rio, Jalen and so on. GUARANTEED.

  • Amat Alum

    My bad, I must have read the post incorrectly. That would make more sense that the kid is on the JV team.

  • AMAT 73

    Not an argument on my part just my views and opinions on a few matters . I guess until someone gets the facts on why he left Muir for OC it’s up in the air whether any SGV school had a chance to land him. On the beating down the door , we have our replacment for Jalen in Blue and a couple of others in waiting. We have never been short at the RB position and even you can admit that . Remember the fall out when it was announced JA would forgo his senior season for baseball and academics. Maybe Haynes is a good fit for our style of ball and the kid from the freshman team just might surprise many . The kid is good .I believe even you mentioned him being a stud .Besides what true passer would think to go to AMAT . Yes we did open it up a bit with Rio but when it came down to it we went with the run . One thing about AMAT football is if you stay in the program, win your position , you sure as hell won’t lose it because wonderboy comes in unless he beats you out fair and square . That might add to the fact of not that many transfers in along with the price you have to pay to attend . Either way it was good conversation and thanks for your replies.

  • Amat Fan #1

    Ahhh…looks like BAP got offended by the reality and honesty of my questions!

    Of course you’re going to play with what you have! You don’t have anything else dumb azz!

    BAP this is the boys you’re blogging. This ain’t La Tia Rosa from Culiacan your talking to.

    By the way, you didn’t answer my question, BOY! Are you man enough to respond, Esse?

    Let’s see…

  • Anonymous

    Amat 73

    For one D.Holmes left Muir because his dad lost the OC position and no longer was going to be calling the plays, Yes his job played part in it also but in reality he hasnt worked in Pasadena in years. I have to agree with Aram and the whole vultures and winning thing. Take a look at Alemany which nick name is “Pasadena Alemany” they stay on the hunt in Pasadena and has been winning. I do believe if BA was winning games and sending kids out a lot of Pasadena talent would had went that way also. now Monrovia has a school in their own city to represent so snatching up those M-town kids is hard to do.

    On another note remember these names Ailf Graves and Deshawn holmes both out of Pasadena playing at Alemany.

  • BAP

    @#1 fake amat fan- You’re the same old a$$ wrapped in a new pair of 2012 panties. What an idiot..ha, ha, ha.

  • AMAT 73

    I take it you are a Alemany fan so why the anonymous tag ???? Where did that outstanding QB , can’t remember his name( Vernon , maybe ) but he was a one man wrecking crew, wind up after graduation . Seems he would have been a good fit up at Oregon with his running talent . Also what position do those youngsters play . I’ll be on the watch for them at this years game . And most of that Pasadena talent would wind up at CO in the past . We get one every now and then but nowhere near the amount Alemany gets on a steady basis . But why did Holmes pass up Alemany and go to OC . Maybe the Pasadena pipeline is going dry for Alemany. Strange he would opt for a new PAC-5 entry instead of a proven Serra league champ and PAC-5 contender or is it because you guys are set at the RB position???

  • Dan

    Aram your making me wonder lately, seems like your bent on instigating transfer kaos in the SGV, as if your trying to paint a picture that it’s ok and it’s the norm for coaches to go out and illegaly recruit every talented player they can get their hands on. What gives? Would you really want players transfering all over the SGV? Would you really want coaches calling kids at home to try and lure a player to his team and steal a player from another school? If players stay home you have more schools playing better ball there would be better balance and better local rivalries between schools and more competitive games don’t you think? Over here at WC we’ve lost kids to other schools recruting for years, I kind of like how we’re keeping our kids home now.

  • Anonymous

    AMAT 73
    Vernon “lil skeet” Adams ended up signing with Eastern Washington which is good they did come off a championship season that year i do feel as if he should had went to Oregon also but they had Mariota waiting (IMO). But one of the reasons why he passed on Alemany is because his dad had like a personal inside beef with them because of the way they were leaving the city limited with talent. And yes this move does make him look a bit hypocritical but when your promised one thing and its taken away from you then all bets or deals are off the table.

    Deshawn Holmes is the cousin of Darick holmes and he’s starting WR as a sophmore on Alemany this year and Alif Graves is starting CB and also is the backup QB who is a junior. And yes im a half Alemany fan but mainly a SGV fan and the pipeline is not drying up though i wish it did but on there JV team they have several of athletes from Pasadena on there.

  • Sgv baller

    @walnut and amat grad.learn how to read .i never said he was a stud .i wrote that amat was getting a transfer “but the problem is that it’s from walnut” .the freshman team was horrible at walnut ,but they did have 3 solid players on the whole team. The kid I was talking about was a running back and linebacker and one of those top 3 players. Don’t know if he will even be good enough for amat. Don’t want to mention his name because this blog is full of immature adults who love to put down kids .i see him playing Db at amat varsity but not until his junior or senior small for rb and lb.

  • Dan,


    You think anybody is gonna bring Mater Dei coach Bruce Rollinson up on charges????

    Also, I wouldn’t call it transfer chaos. I would just that say that it would be nice if SGV kids who wanted to transfer actually transferred to SGV schools. And it would be nice if SGV schools did some of what Mater Dei is doing or what St. Paul is doing and go out and get kids. You call it illegal recruiting. I call it “doing what Mater Dei just did”.

    Congrats on West Covina keeping most of its talent home now. That’s great. But you’ve also gotten some transfers — Najera (Los Altos), Hornsby (Rancho Verde), Jones (D-Ranch). Don’t forget to leave that out. And if the 10 best SGV athletes wanna go to WestCo every year, I say more power to them.

  • Dan

    Nagera actually played his freshman year at West Covina. He came back home. Jones has two older brothers who both recently played at West Covina so he kind of belongs here too wouldn’t you think? Hornesby moved a long ways, for non athletic reasons, only problem is his family moved to the wrong district, but he sat out of varsity for a year and paid his dues on the JV team, and made the QB’s pay for it. Your right though, we’re getting a few transfers here and there, anyways the way you’ve been writing, you seem to be getting proactive about encouraging more transfers. I get the feeling you want everybody and their mother to leave home.
    By the way Aram, how d I update my e-mail on the tribune sites?

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I think there’s some confusion over what constitutes recruiting.

    If a kid shows up at a coaches camp and the coach tells him about the program at the coaches school – that’s not recruiting.

    If a kid runs into a coach at the supermarket, park, auto supply store, bicycle shop, Walmart, Costco, etc. and the coach is aware of the kid and his talent – and tells him about the coaches school – that’s not recruiting.

    If a coach says “come check us out” or “you should give us a look” – that’s not recruiting. (close but no cigar)

    Recruiting is when a coach comes to the house, makes an effort to search for specific kid, offer’s to make things happen for a kid if he transfers to the coaches school, tells the parent what he can do for their kid, etc. – that’s recruiting.

    If a coach says “you should come play for me.” (or something of that nature) – that’s recruiting.

    A school that is simply successful (Mater Dei, Servite, Centennial), has good to decent facilities, strong administrative/teacher support and has a history of winning and attracting D1 scouts, is going to be a natural magnet for other kids.

    If you disagree, I’m all ears.
    but please spare me the crap talking)

  • They’re all violations

    @ Not so fast
    Every one of those examples you posted, by CIF Blue Book, are indeed considered CIF recruiting violations. By Blue Book, any time a parent or athlete approaches a coach and asks him about his school and football program, the coache is obligated to tell the parent/athlete that first they must speak to school administration. This is why the Head Coach at both Mater dei and Santa Margarita also carry the title of Special Asst. to the Principle, in order to circumvent the rule.
    FYI – I’m not certain if they striped Harry Welch of this position or not following his problems at the school this past year.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @They’re all violations:

    Interesting, you said, “…any time a parent or athlete approaches a coach and asks him about his school and football program…”

    I hear you but the example I used is the kid is at a camp and the coach is talking about their program, how they do things… that can’t be a recruiting violation. In that case, all coaches who have camps that say the following (or similar), “here at ABC High, we do this drill and that drill and run the Woohoo offense” is guilty of recruiting. That’s if I’m following your explanation to the letter, no?

    I know about the Special Assistant stuff, I’ve seen that before. Harry, as beloved, respected, admired, loathed, despised, hated, he is, is a whole different issue. lol

  • OC football

    This transfer is not going to see much action at tight end this year with Thomas duarte there. He will probably play some defense .duarte is one of the top prospects in the country.

  • My Experience

    Majority not ALL
    Transfers= Never happy

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