Tell Mason Bryant about … OHIO …

Monrovia wide receiver/defensive back Mason Bryant received an offer from Ohio on Thursday.

Bryant had 541 yards receiving and six touchdowns last season. On defense, he recorded 48 tackles, intercepted five passes and recovered a fumble. He also handled the Wildcats’ kicking duties.

Bryant also has offers from Army, Harvard and Columbia. Air Force could offer the senior-to-be on Friday.

Aram’s take: Bryant has the grades to go anywhere, so I’m gonna say an offer from Ohio, while nice, ain’t gonna amount to much. But then again, he may want to play for Frank Solich and be part of my bowl pool every year in late December.

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  • M Walk

    Congrats to Mason Bryant on getting the offer from Ohio and the other schools. I know his Dad is happy about that. That school in North Cali (KB knows which one) is still lurking.

    Personally, I think KB can still beat Mason running. Lol

  • Green Pastures AKA lovin it !

    Well Aram crack your knuckles BC you keyboard is going to be busy writing about Monrovia’s D1 Festival. More to come, Oh if you knew what’s in store you would wiggle with excitement. But, that is 1 committed, and 2,3,4 with offers and more to come. A lot of people thought mtown bloggers were blowing hot air regarding D1 talent…well the proof is in the pudding. Congrats to mason. Every offer is a great offer. Keep it up Mase…I would pay a million bucks to see KB face when this thread dropped…go ahead KB you can write on this one….lol hahah .

    A small school doing big things….

  • Home of Scholars and Athletes

    Looks like the coaching staff at MHS is producing quality talent on and off the field. What happen to the bloggers that used to often be very critical of Monrovia for never sending its players off to college. Just took Maddox a little time. Ohio almost beat Ohio St last year, its good MAC football.

    I think Mr Bryant beats Mason but not in a 40 yard dash lol

  • Rory W

    An offer from Ohio University is nothing to turn your nose up at. The Bobcats have had a fine football team and program for many years. This kid could do a lot worse. It not only has a fine football program but is a fine academic institution. As for their game against the Buckeyes last season, everyone knows the Buckeyes were down – it was Ohio’s last chance to ever be that close to Ohio State. The difference between Ohio U and Ohio State is like the difference between USC and Cal St. Fullerton. With Urban Meyer at the helm, look for the Buckeyes to continue to be a national powerhouse. Although they are not eligible for a bowl this coming season, look for them to be a factor for years to come.

  • With all that Div. 1 talent……

    maybe Monrovia will beat lowley South Hills this year and beat some quality teams that are not Div. 11…
    Sounds like many of Monrovia’s kids are getting offers due to academics and athletics. I will give them credit for that. The academic part is far more impressive. Let’s see how they do today vs. Chino Hills. I know Chino Hills will be without some kids. 2 Starting linebackers (@ FB Camps) Starting RB Louie Napoles is @ West Point and 1 starting DB. Jack Austin is also recovering from a shoulder injury. They should still do well.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”


    Monrovia, just likes to compete. We are not interested in Winning passing league events. We normally play a lot of 2nd team players to get them ready for the year. We are breaking in a lot of sophomores DB’s this season. They are very talented, with potential to become D1 prospects. Coach Maddox, Staff along with principle Jackson run a tight ship. Grades or else! Play are or else! Everyone read the Ramirez story. They help change that young mans live The are making great young men 1st,Scholars 2nd, and ballers last. We care about our kids at Mtown. Mentoring doesn’t end after practice, it’s after hours, and on weekends. These are the fruits of everyone’s hard work. Parents like KB are at every event, and not just coaching up his own kid, but everyone’s kid.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Home of Scholars and Athletes, You got jokes huh well it is funny regarding beating Mason.

    My son knows and understands who has the speed in this family. Even @ my weight I could give him a run for his money. Maybe we should do a fundraiser for MHS and have a runoff. I got my money on me.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    I got my money on Mase, KB might pull a hammy or groin…It would be a big scene out there….Water, towels, EMT’s…the only way to make this Fair is to have Father Son Relays

    Team Bryant-Mase and Dad

    Team Frazier-G5 and Dad

    Team Craft-Anthony and Dad

    Team Bueno-Jake and Dad- the bueno’s might win LMAO

  • New York

    It seems as if linemen and “skills” have the opposite transformation post-playing career…lol
    Go HAWGS.

  • New York

    This is very exciting to see another Cat getting offers. However, I hope Mason will fly over Ohio on his way to and from college in the Northeast.

  • Rebecca Fleming

    All I ask is that Mason dress better than his dad … bahahahah …. he be wearing some outfits at the baseball games ….

    Congrats congrats congrats!!! My prayers for Mason is that he goes where he will flourish both athletically and academically …

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Lets see what he is able to do at the Bonita Tourney Today.

  • MonroVian

    Hahahaha they have Jokes KB! MonroVia will be a different Beast today with the addition of Heyworth and Bryant.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “