East 46, West 34: I feel so unfulfilled …

Photog Keith Birmingham’s AWESOME PHOTO GALLERY from HOF game.

The East’s run game was too much for the West (again) and the series lead grew on Friday night. Although the West’s pass attack made some big plays. And De’Shawn Ramirez was nothing short of electric. Speaking of electric, how about Jimmy Frazier and Desmond Reed’s TD runs. AWESOME.

Anyway, NONE OF THAT is really my main point. If you were in attendance, you saw several skirmishes, personal foul penalties and ejection. Trouble is, the refs decided to go to a running clock with 3:12 left in the game and the East with the ball after the West had cut the lead to 46-34. HORRIBLE DECISION!!!! I understand things were getting dirty and they had probably had enough, but you cannot go to a running clock while the West is hoping to play defense and get the ball back and maybe get closer, then onside kick. Hey, it’s high school football, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT CAN HAPPEN. But instead, with the game still somewhat in doubt, they basically called the game. Why not just call it? Why have a running clock? I’m totally lost. And I feel totally gypped.

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  • SGV = Ghetto Football.

    That is what happens in the SGV. You would not have that kind of crap in the OC, SFV, or IE. A bunch of over hyped players who aren’t going anywhere getting “some” in the last game they will ever suit up for.

  • Aram, I’m a East fan,have ties to the East.Ziola dropped the ball. The East had the ball 1st and 10 w/ 5 min.s left ( up 3 scores ) on about the 25-30 going in. All the coach had to do is run the ball, the game would have pretty much been over. Instead we throw the ball twice. They get a penalty, we get another 1st & 10. So we decide to throw again and get a pick. Anyone whose been around these types of games know that tempers run hot. There is no need to get every kid a big stat. Just end the game when you can.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @ SGV = ,

    You get these extra curricular activities no matter what level or area football is played. Prove to us this stuff does not happen in the OC, SFV, and IE. Because it does happen in those areas too! All of the skirmishes were nothing more than pushing and shoving, nothing seriously out of hand. At the end of the game both teams still lined up and shook each other’s hands like professionals and no further incidents occured. I’ve seen girl’s volleyball get unglier than what happened at the HOF game.

    As for the game itself. It was a very entertaining. Somebody posted in another thread that Virnala was a mediocre QB and did not belong. WOW were they wrong! He was the most composed QB on the field and looked like he more than belonged there! All the skill players for both teams really looked great. The SGV is always loaded with skill on both sides of the 605! Owens, Villalobos, Ramirez and Bias on the West are amazing playmakers! But Frazier, Reed, Barnett Fa’aoloa and Horine for the East let it be known that there is not just size on the side were the sun rises!

    Packed house on both sides. Lot’s of kudos to West Covina High Football Boosters for being very good hosts and sponsoring the event! Football season is just a couple of months away and this game was just the fix I needed to hold me over until August!

    Congratulations to all the young men who finished off a great HS football career! And good luck to all of them in the future no matter what path they take from here!

  • ST G54

    The game was well over even when the West cut the lead to 46-34, so adding a running clock due to the West being upset for not being able to stop the East at all in the 2nd half is acceptable.

  • Your time is running out

    You just don’t get it. What a self absored pitiful individual you are. The kids got a great opportunity to play once more and honor each other. Some ruined that and the refs did the right thing. If this ruined your night Aram….you really need to get a life.



    I didn’t Didn’t like the call of the running clock either ,because the way the game was going the East would have scored another touchdown. The East pretty much shut it down at 3 minutes left, But in all reality the game should have never been that close to begin with. The two miscues by the East D backs that resulted in West touchdowns was a gimme. The East was clearly the better team, it showed on execution and on defense. That said it was a great game to watch. BTW who was that idiot Player on the West side that had a Mexican flag draped over him during player introductions, and how was this allowed, We had our ROTC on the field about to do our National Anthem. I couldn’t believe what i saw.

  • Dan

    I didn’t feel the game was in doubt during the 4th quarter, not even after Ramirez had the kickoff return to make it 46 to 34. The East was still in physical control of the game whenever they had their first unit defense in, and was able to make the stops at key moments. It looked like Ziola was just trying to give different players a chance to shine so he threw the ball in the last few minutes, if it got any closer all he had to do was go back to the run game with Fraizer and Reed and they probably score again or run out the clock.



    Thanks for your coverage on the ALL-STAR game. Is it possible to start a BLOG on where some of these kids will be playing next season. Those who played in the ALL-STAR game or those who didn’t.


  • let em play

    The decision to run the clock was made by the game director not the refs and it was the right choice. When the kids don’t want to play it’s time to end the game. before the brawl, not after

  • Dont forget that talented skill players could not have done what they did without all the hard work done in the trenches. The East side controlled both sides of the Line of Scrimmage. I do not recall a sack recorded by the west, and the only loss came from a bad snap, while the d-line for the east had at least 4 or 5 sacks (many from Michael Panossian (Western Christian). Ryan Wallace (Whittier Christian) was playing out of position at right tackle, he played the last 2 years at center, did a good job and worked well with guard Davis Harrison (Clarmont) and center Alec Zenner (San Dimas) to control the right side. Phillip Romano (covina) played left tackle after Luis Oliva (charter oak) who had practiced with the east decided on Tuesday to play in the Cal/AZ all star game instead. Raymond Amaya (west covina) played left guard to round out the East O-line.

  • Dan

    Bruce Wallace,
    Good call on the guy’s in the trenches you need them to be successful, those boys were opening nice holes once they got the rhythm and when they they didn’t you had Jimmy Fraizer and Desmond Reed making great runs when nothing was there. The Wildcat worked pretty good for both teams, Bolden for the East and Ramirez and qb Guererro for the West had some nice runs for each side out of the wildcat, once again credit the line on those plays as there were great holes created on those plays.