Upland beats Valencia to win Bonita Air Assault … Ayala wins conso bracket ….

Upland beat Valencia, 44-34, to win the Bonita Air Assault on Saturday. Ayala won the consolation bracket.

The championship semifinals were Upland vs. Hart and Valencia vs. Rancho Cucamonga.

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  • The U

    Curious if any other schools are using Upland’s approach of playing JV and freshman on Friday and then Starters on Saturday ???

  • Schedule

    Anyone have some game times for some of the better match ups

  • MonroVian

    MonroVia is! Good luck Cats.

    “You Don’t Want No Green And White”

  • Football Fan

    The U –

    You better be from the University of Miami, Upland High School is not the U….. it’s good to feel good about your program, but you’re not the good. Freshmen and JV players, PLEASE. Curious if you still remember the ass kicking you got from Vista ?

  • The truth

    @football fan

    Hahaha I couldn’t agree more. Upland high is too coach for their own good

  • diego

    The U is overrated so is Monrovia

  • LJ

    Chris Hawkins and Tahaan Goodman, 2 top 100 dbs from Rancho Cucamonga, won’t be here this weekend, they are in Atlanta.

  • Any Results Yet?

    How about some results from the tourney.

  • The Hills

    chino hills went 5-0. monrovia WHO

  • Airless Assault

    Monrovia is good ? Wow who you watching ? Dropped ball by receivers when the QB was able to throw it to them and not throwing at the ground or behind them.


    Bottom line…. Monrovias got nothing!!
    They were terrible today!

  • 411

    Chino Hills and Monrovia were both very good. What is impressive and I can’t wait to see is Monrovia’s starting QB and starting WR were both up at Stanford and will be home in time for tomorrow.

  • realistic

    Where was the Monrovia QB? Wanted to see how good they are, but found out that they didn’t bring everyone. They are very fast and athletic.

  • haha

    This is PASSING LEAGUE!!!

  • The U

    Football Fan you must be from Vista right (clown) yes that was Jv and Freshman out there today, see who is last one standing tomorrow šŸ™‚ At least have a sack big enough to state who your team is

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Walked around and watched different match ups. Just my humble opinion on what I saw. Get mad if you wanna, but this is it.

    Rancho Cucamonga – team speed exceptional. Even without key players.

    Upland – hard to evaluate a team that sells out on the first day to compete on the second – on purpose. Pathetic to me, but that’s Upland for you. One thing about calling yourselves the “U” like you’re vintage Miami Hurricanes is that they never sold out one game for another. (@ The U)

    Monrovia – very athletic. Missing key kids. Should be different today.

    Chino Hills – keyword, firepower. Lots of weapons for Simko to choose from, and that was without Austin! One kid against Glendora scored twice in less that a minute, completely breaking ankles doing it.

    Glendora – enthusiasm helps. But it’s passing league so don’t don’t sweat it.

    Summit – from the looks of it, they don’t look like they are not going to miss a beat. QB with the floppy hair looks pretty solid.

    Los Osos – the question for them is can they roll over the play in PLs to the regular season and finally stop being bitter because Matt Bechtel left. It’s gotten old LO High.

    Again this is passing league and truly means nothing except bragging rights. When CIF starts passing out trophies then we’ll see. Until then there’s no need to chest thump, jump over K Rails or do your Cam Newton “WHAT?!!” impersonation.

  • It’s Passing League

    It’s passing league so you gotta take it with a grain of salt. To me it’s offseason entertainment for the fans and reps to get timing down for the QB’s and recievers. Oh, the Bonita Tourney is conditioning too. That’s a LOT of game in a short period of time.

  • The Evaluator

    I have to laugh when people just say “it’s only Passing league”.
    Personally I dont give a crap if it’s checkers or Tiddlywinks when you have athletes you bring it whatever it is, period !

  • Evaluator of what?

    Evaluator. That’s why you have no friends. You’re the one that tries to win all the games at the company picnic, aren’t you? You probably still get in line for the piata at your nephew’s birthday party.

    It’s just passing league. It makes a big difference when a receiver goes across the middle knowing for the most part that they’re not going to get cracked. You have DBs doing really well in passing league only to find out that they can’t tackle in the open field. QBs only have to worry about time limit and not about a blitzing LB. So yes, it is JUST passing league.

  • Dan

    Walked around and saw a few games at Bonita yesterday, looks and speed wise Rancho C. and Chino Hills both looked like they are no joke, I also heard that Rancho C. had one of the best looking lines at the WC linemens tournament today. I also heard Upland had a freshman playing QB at Bonita yesterday.

  • The Evaluator

    To: Evaluator of what?

    That’s funny, good one. But for your info I was none of what you mentioned. I can imagine from your comments you were one of those little kids growing up with your thumb in your mouth standing in the corner with your Blanky !

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Final unofficial assessment:

    1. Los Osos – nice, but no cigar. Still have a ways to go as Upland continues their dominance over LO Hi. Funny, if this were college level, not beating your rival in several years would be grounds to fire the coach. He should be grateful for that. LO highs young squad ran up against a more polished squad. Game, set, match Upland.

    2. Upland – no one ever said they don’t have athletes. No matter where they move in from (wink, wink). Romine(sp) continues to show why he should be more sought after, but in the age of 6’4 QBs, his height is pretty much the only hitch in his wagon. That said, that doesn’t excuse the game playing Upland does in tournie’s. Load up and bring it both days, or stay home. Congrats.

    3. Rancho Cucamonga – Great game between them and Chino Hills. Rancho’s athleticism saved the day as Chino Hills gave them a run for their money. Game came down to the last minute as CH just ran out of time. There was a reason RC’s players were jumping up and down afterwards. They knew how close they were to losing.

    4. Chino Hills – Simko is a gamer and his wideouts are every bit the gamer(s) as well. I don’t know who the young kid is from CH that collided with RCs DB, banging heads, (i think thats the Walker kid) but that kid was breaking that DBs ankles repeatedly. Their other WR and Slot guys we’re matching RCs physicality with some great catches. It would be great to see these two line up again come playoffs. Great game.

    5. Monrovia – watched that earlier. Monrovia may be a D11 school or whatever, but they’re gamers. They have athletes and playmakers. Came up short today, giving up some quick TDs to you-know-who, but they proved that they can play with anyone. Passing league or not, it’s time to elevate them from their current D11 status. Keeping them there is like having Alabama play in the WAC.

    Personally, I’ll be glad when the season starts.

  • It’s Passing League

    @ The U, the answer to your question about other teams using “Upland’s approach” is obviously no. Pretty chicken $#!+. Try putting your VARSITY out there for two days straight like the rest of us and win, then you can claim something. Sending your varsity out there only on last day well rested… Real classy. Reeeeeel classy. The U. You wish. Upland is NOTHING like The U.

    For the record, I didn’t have a dog in the fight. I walk the track at Bonita High for exercise.

    @ Not so fast my friend
    I walked the track and around the school often enough this weekend to know that your unofficial list is WAY off. No mention of Valencia? Monrovia @ #5? Are you stoned? Monrovia or Los Osos in the top 10 performances this weekend would be EXTREMELY generous. No mention of JW North? Yeah, they are overrated, but they were certainly better than Monrovia and Los Osos. Take off the blinders and watch the games. It’s good fun though. At least give an honest asessment.

  • All the hatred

    sy Let me start by saying that Upland has only had one day off from football for the last 3 weeks. They didn’t even have father’s day weekend off as they played a tournament AT SDSU Last week. Prior to that they played in the Dana Hills tournament the week before.

    For them not to play their starters on the first day to me was brilliant. It was great to see the kids have an opportunity to play and learn the game of football. I could see how Upland used it as a tool to see how their younger players would handle other Varsity teams. From what I can see it wasn’t a bad thing, but a great experience for other players.

  • oldie4life

    rancho wasn’t even close to losing to chino hills. rancho was up by 2 touchdown when time ran out. you guys are incredible by never keeping it real. you was right about one thing. it was a good game without major stars for both teams. rancho played their second team in every game to the final game. you guys out here crowning team that don’t need to be crowned.

  • It’s Passing League

    @ All the hatred,
    I wonder how many other teams have not had a day off in the last few weeks? Surely Upland can’t be the only one.

  • Evaluator of what?

    Evaluator. Leave my blanky out of this.

    All the hatred. To commemorate Upland not taking father’s day weekend off, I went ahead and ordered you a plaque(it’s going to say hardest working team in the universe) and I’ve been in contact with the city council to schedule a parade. News flash: Every team that was at the SDSU tournament didn’t take the weekend of EITHER! You knucklehead!

  • IN IE

    Just like last year Upland plays in a ton of passing league tournaments, they will be lucky if they get passed Rancho in league and the will get whipped by Vista.

    And all in there arrogant we are better than you way. It’s why they have a bunch of very good D1 talent but just another team.

    Some things will never change or at least until they get moved back to D4 were they could win a championship.

  • New York

    When is the IE gonna produce some DI/Pac5 teams/leagues? What teams are the modern day FoHi or IKE of the 1980s and early 1990s?

    Upland and Rancho surely might need the proverbial “relief” from those teams that should probably be moved up. Rancho and Upland are proven to be too good for the Central Division. Maybe CIF needs to cherry pick the best of the Big 8 and Southwestern, combine those and have an IE league in the Pac5.

  • LET ME PREFACE THIS BY SAYING “IT’S JUST PASSING LEAGUE”: Here’s what worries me (for all you SGV fans), our teams, for the most part, don’t look like the same type of animal as, say, Upland or Rancho. Chino Hills does, but we all know that despite the coverage and whatnot, they don’t do their shopping at Eastland.

    I see this tournament and the WestCo line competition and the way Rancho and Upland just dominate and it reminds me how far the SGV has to come. It’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight. And that’s OK. I love my SGV ball and I know the schools and areas are different, but man!

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @its passing league

    You should still be walking. You’re missing the Dairy Queen flag football passing league games.

    Don’t be a nitwit cause right now you’re looking like one. Did I say that was my top five? Did you see, or did I preface anything with the word “ranking?” uh no. I just gave a list in no particular order. Apply some of the remaining brain cells you have for a minute. If it was a top five or a ranking, why would I start off with Los Osos? Heeellllloooo (knocking on your forehead), anyone home?

    While you “walked the track” I was watching the games that interested me. Is Valencia, Hart in the SGV? Sierra or Baseline leagues? How about Burroughs or Jurupa Hills? Santa Fe? No. Would it have been of MAJOR interest to talk about those schools? Not to me, but feel free to get your Walter Cronkite on and report on what you thought about those schools. Wake me when you’re done Einstein.

    Go breathe fire and burn villages off someone else’s post genius.

  • Huskies in the house!

    What we were saying this weekend was you would have to combine the athletes on say our team and Charter Oak for instance (speaking of which will someone please tell me where Charter Oak was this weekend because weren’t they the defending champions of the tournament?) and both our teams together then could make the game interesting versus Rancho Cucamonga and Upland but probably still wouldn’t beat either of those teams.

    Look at Charter Oak, always competitive with Rancho Cucamonga every year and some classic battles but could never win the war in the trenches. Our team could match any of those Baseline teams in the trenches but didn’t quite have the skilled positions.

    My point is check school enrollments because Chino Hills included none of our SGV teams have the sheer volume of kids to chose from like those other schools. The bottom line is two schools in our area still wouldn’t have the population those schools have as one and the same kind of athlete doesn’t exist in our area as well.

    On a brighter note, please tell me you witnessed the change in South Hills. We may not be at the top of the heap yet but come league time and playoff time we will be competitive and represent our Valley as good as anyone if not better. Personally, I think on a Friday night with our linemen we can play with Chino Hills especially if we get a few more transfers. Aram you’re slow to recognize our sophomore quarterback and where he came from. Dropping the ball buddy!

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    You probably are “older” and I was raised to respect my elders, so I’ll spare using my pitchfork. RC scored their second (and final) TD at around 1:43 seconds. Up until then CH was in the game and had a chance to tie until their receiver and your DB collided when he panicked after trying to grab CH’s receiver. Nice.

    I like RC homers because no matter what the outcome, they try and rewrite history. A win by three was a blowout. A win by a TD was total domination. Lmao.

    Here’s a J Edgar Hoover question for you, I watched that game and it was back n forth for 98% of it. If it wasn’t even close, why all the jumping up and down? I thought so.

    Upland smashed Los Osos and simply walked off the field with a couple of hoots. RC was jumping up and down like the Miami Heat. I know, I know – they’re just (different) kids.

    Oh and RC played their second team all day til the final game – that you lost. Nice try.

    Keep writing that history tho, you’re doing a great job!

  • evaluator is a fraud

    @ evaluator of what.

    Man you’re such an idiot. Please produce to me what other teams in the Bonita tournament were playing football on fathers day? Oh, wait you can’t, becauase none of them were.

    The whole point of that being stated is because people complained about playing Uplands second, third string. Well, then don’t complain about being tired that the teams starters didn’t play Friday. Don’t you think that those kids are tired too and don’t you think its a great tool for younger kids to get some experimence?

    You’re such an idiot, please don’t ever reply to me again unless it makes sense.

  • It’s Passing League

    @ Not so fast my friend,
    In the real world, not the basement you live in, when you put a number in front of something and sequential numbers after you are IMPLYING a ranking unless otherwise specified.

    Ahem… four of the five the teams you mentioned on your list are NOT in the SGV. The SGV pretty much stops at Kellogg Hill McFly. Perhaps a geography lesson along with leaving mom and dad’s basement for more than a few hours may help.

  • Stanford Dad

    Aram which is it? Lately the SGV has had CIF Championship teams going back to back and dominating their respective divisions, CO, WC and now Monrovia with San Dimas winning a title as well and Bonita going to a Final. Is that chopped liver in your eyes or are you just super fascinated with all that IE “muscle”?

    Maybe once you can say something positive about the SGV without comparing it to LB Poly, Upland or Misson Viejo. The SGV is what it is, “friends playing friends and neighbors playing neighbors”, and not much else. Why that’s the case, I don’t know, and I don’t care.

    Just once I’d like to see real analysis about something that reflects some instinct and reflection for you. Instead I read bashing BS, antagonistic rumblings and petty feuding, what gives?

    Lately I’ve noticed Chino Hills is now part of the SGV Tribune’s scope of reality, maybe that bodes well for Upland as well. Maybe not.

    Passing league is just that, no hits, no blitlzing, no linemen, no punting, no field position…just athletes strutting their athleticism and “testies”…and not much else.

    A few years ago a Damien player passed the “eye test” in passing league and at Jason David’s camp but when the pads came on he was a “track guy”. When the Friday Night Lights came on he was a “no show”. Great kids, great body, outstanding athlete, just not a football player. It happens.

    Surprised Damien wasn’t there or I’d have passed on thru. Either way Aram maybe once in a while you could show off your years of experience with something that actually resembles a good day’s work. Geezz you got lazy.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Passing League:

    In the real world? You do realize you’re the only embisile that I have to explain that too don’t you??? Implying? LMAO. That’s on you buddy. There was no implying anything – again, if I was why would no. 1 be Los Osos?? OMG, you are a very funny person!!

    I get it. Your brain is fried from all that walking you did on the track. Got it! Brain function and exercise don’t mix with you. Leave reading comprehension to the adults. Fortunately for you summer school for kindergarten starts on Monday. Please be sure to remind mommy to pack you your lunch and bring you a change of clothes because you’re not potty trained yet. The other kids won’t mind seeing such a big kid like you in class. You can tell them stories and help the teacher out during nap time.

    The fact that I needed to preface and explain that it wasn’t A. a ranking and B. that it wasn’t a top “ten” list shows how clueless you are about football – and especially high school football. I don’t follow it as much as others, but I clearly know more about what’s going on locally than you do.

    I’m going to give you some advice. Let it go. You’re barking at something that doesn’t need it.
    You’re trying to be lingustically confrontational about a post you clearly didn’t understand. Since I already explained it, now you’re butt hurt. It’s ok man. It’s a beautiful day outside. Perfect for you to go for another walk.

  • bulldog fan

    how abaout Ayala at the passing league although just winning the consolation championship against a solid team like J.W. North they looked athletic on the offensive side of the ball, they finished the 2 days with a record of 8 and 3 losing to los osos by two in the last 30 seconds of the game and summit by 6 and lost to valencia by 12, they definitely played with valencia until the final 5 min where valencia pulled away with 2 quick scores, Ayala shows promise this year

  • Jakes BBQ

    Monrovia is in trouble.

    Ayala…South Hills…St Francis…They better get by Arcadia and San Dimas or alotta Friday night crow may be served at Jakes BBQ at Monrovia Street Fair

    15-0?!? LMAO!

  • New York

    Eating Tri-tip at Jake’s Roadhouse will taste that much better beating what look to be formidable opponents. It’s about time Monrovia has a schedule that will keep the players focused every week.

  • Angola Prison

    Its very interesting, some of your observations regarding who was impressive and who wasnt, some of you have the assessment ability of rat caught in a rat trap. There is no way to tell how good someone truly is because so many of the games were blow outs. So depending on when you were watching you may have seen the JV team on n the field. By my observation some of the teams could not been at the VARISTY level even if they were missing 7-14 star players some teams were just FN awful. Yeah the truth hurts; you can prove how good you are in pads if you Im talking about you.
    I only saw a few teams from start to finish and Im feeling in the gaps because I know some teams had key players missing. What I didnt get to watch good teams going against good teams with their best skill players playing against one another. PASSING LEAGUE is for little girls wearing Straw Skirts however having said that I saw some very good athletes competing out there.
    I saw Monrovia vs Upland and that is only game that MHS played that was worth watching. Upland scored 4 TDs MHS scored 2 TDs and had 2 interceptions 24-16. I saw G-5 putting guys on their backs and the Upland folks bitching about it, I saw the Upland coach kick one of his kids out of the game because he wasnt taking it serious enough. I saw Devin Batiste from Upland fold up a receiver like a Big-5 buy 1 get 1 free beach chair. I know Upland will have a good team because they have good coaching and JoJo Mathis (the enforcer) was missing. Devin Batiste is a good corner and he looked the part. Boucher is not bad either, QB was ok but most good QBs look good in passing league.

    Chino Hills should be pretty good, I saw them against Monrovia and both teams looked mediocre at best in their game because both were without key players. And a few of their playmakers were absent.

    Rancho looked good even without Chris Hawkins and Tahaan Goodman. They have players on that team.

    Los Osos has a couple of players (QB and the Bolden Kid)

    Monrovia some playmakers (Frazier Bryant, Craft)

    Hart has a great QB and few players (Darrin Brady, Trenton Irvin)

    Chino Hills has some players. Congrats to Jack Austin in your commitment to Boise St.

    Upland has some players (Devin Batiste, JoJo Mathis even though JoJo was absent)

    I have to quantify what I call a player or playmaker and there is a standard to go with it as well so before you sensitive types start bitching, a player or playmaker has to have been offered by some college in DI DII or DIII before I can consider you. If you dont meet that standard, youll have to go with the Honorable Mention tag for now. But who are they and who do you play for? I dont care about ALL SGV TRIBUNE or Pasadena Star News you gotta be playing on Saturdays to make the list. Yeah I know, I hurt some of you BITCHES feelings huh.

    I dont really care about players making the all cribs and bloods teams either, CUZ youll be seating on the bench down here in Angola Prison filling out your All Star ballot wishing you had listened to your coach. Peace out Bitches

  • Angola Prison

    @ BBQ

    MHS will be Fine

  • haha

    jake’s bbq = another one who can’t stop thinking about Monrovia…………hahaha

  • Evaluator of what?

    All the hatred. Don’t get mad. I didn’t mean for you to get your feelings all butt hurt. A lot of the teams are working just as hard as your school. Shame on your school for keeping those boys away from their dads on father’s day. It comes but once a year man. And seriously, “idiot”? That’s the best you got? The plaque will be delivered in 5-7 business days. I just replied to you.

  • Green Pastures AKA lovin it !

    Passing league, Passing league, Passing league,

    Monrovia lost to upland, and I don’t like it. A few drop passes here, a few blown assignments there, and you lose to a team like upland. The good thing is that our 1’s did well against some of their 1’s. Small schools like Monrovia, are good 1 and sometimes 2 deep. Schools like Rancho, and Upland are good 2 and sometimes 3 and 4 deep. Any time you have to make subs and your team is not deep, especially in passing league, you will give up a score. In passing league, it’s about how you compete! Upland has D1 players as well. The see athletes like or better than Mtowns all day and in practice.There is no shame in that.. Monrovia was not intimidated nor wow, by anything upland had on their side either. If don’t play the champion of the tourney early, maybe we go deeper. We grew from that experience. In order to get to that level, we are going to have to play those kinds of teams in pads, and often. If you get blown out so be it. This years schedule is a baby step in the right direction….You have go from breast milk to baby food, to meat! Mtown needs to conquer this schedule, then go after the Rancho’s and Uplands. If we rip this year, then get Westco, Charter Oak, and maybe a Upland. Nevertheless, one week at a time…it’s all about beating Ayala. That’s all that matters right now.

    Regarding the All Star game. The west did all they could. However, the east always has bigger and better lines and Backers due to the upper division schools represented. Next year the west will have more size up the middle, and far better WR’s.

  • Dan

    Green Pastures,
    I didn’t have a program to see the sizes but the West had a huge D line, most of those kids were at or near 300lbs. I’m pretty sure the East O-line was smaller than the West D-line.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    I have to chuckle at least a little when I see something like “we didn’t have so and so therefore we were not at full strength, that’s why we didn’t win.” Kind of like having an injury to a key player no? We all know too well, the season waits for no one. Run what you brung and hope for the best. That’s all you can do. After all, by most accounts, you’re only 100% the first day with pads usually, it’s all downhill form there.

    I was able to get out there on Saturday to watch Ayala’s games. It was fun. I don’t think much of what goes on in 7 on 7 translates to the season though. Overall, I can’t complain about their performance too much. They got to play to the end. Nothing wrong with that regardless of it being the consolation/looser’s bracket.

  • Death Row Inmate 004273

    Greetings to Angola Prison and the rest of ya’all.

    I see ya’all getting all loud about this passing league stuff. Passing league don’t mean nuthin. Get that helmet on and we’ll meet up on the field, then we can see whose got it and who don’t. Until then, settle down. Ain’t no one won CIF in no passing league.

  • Old School Coach

    All I have to say is remember this is still passing league. With no hitting after the catch, linebacker blitzing, QB running for his life from D linemen it is what it is. An athletic spectacle, the teams with the best athletes do well 95% of the time. Yes some schools did make surprisingly good showings,but lets see where they are come CIF playoffs. It’s good for the kids to get out and compete, but I think alot of people put to much weight into it. I mean really do you think come CIF Championship time people will be talking about how Upland won the Bonita Air Assault or how Ayala won the consulation bracket. No they wont, its all about the league title and then the CIF title.

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