Rancho Cucamonga wins West Covina line competition …

Top 5

1. Rancho Cucamonga
2. Villa Park
3. Serrano
4. JW North
5. Valencia

… 8. West Covina
9. South Hills
10. Glendora

…14. Rowland
15. Monrovia

Aram’s take: How loaded is Rancho? Unreal!

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  • ????


    I heard that SP got a transfer from Mater Dei.
    OL sr, u know anything about it.

    Why would he transfer too SP?????

  • rhlfan

    monrovia got last??

    pretty sure san marino was there too, and monrovia got last??



    15th?!?! LOL!

    Cue the Kennedy abryant excuses in 3…2…1…

  • New York

    I’ve never been to a line competition, other than game day in the trenches. What kind of drills do they have these boys do without pads on?

  • all the d1s


  • rhlfan

    oh and heard nick gott from san marino power cleaned a 310?! any truth to that aram? cuz if so that’s more then ellis did last year…

  • Yes, its true about Gott. 310. Insane

  • Dan

    Actually Monrovia wasn’t last, there were 25 different schools out at WC today with some schools having more than 1 team, so 32 teams all together.
    Its true about the kid from San Marino.

  • New York

    What drills and competitions comprise the overall competition?

    Rancho’s success doesn’t surprise me at all. They have been ahead of the curve from the very beginning of their program with Coach Fotia. He had them doing plyometrics before anyone else was doing them.

  • Dan

    One other thing that comes to mind on these Baseline teams, last year for the first time that I can recall, the baseline was better overall than the Big 8.

  • Carl

    The Serrano kid set the Power Clean record there with 315 and he’s only a junior.

  • Dan

    New York,
    Before my latest post I responded to yours with a post similar to this, must have hit the wrong button or something:
    The competitions at the WC linemens tournament were:
    -Weightlifting {Bench press most reps of 185 by a team, and most weight lifted by a team on the clean}
    -8 X 100yard relay
    -Obstacle Course
    -Heavy Bag Relay
    -Tire Toss
    -Tire Flip relay
    -Truck Push
    -Sled Drive
    -Shuttle Run
    Over all a pretty busy day for the big guys, agree with you on Rancho Cucamonga, when you combine their line with the skill guys they have they it would not be a big suprise to see them dethroning Upland in the Baseline this year, the Baseline looks to be getting more brutal these last couple of years, a few years back they were the weaker league in the Inland, now they seem to be one of the stronger leagues of the division.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Monrovia has d1 talent, But only one lineman college ready. No excuse, guys our hogs have to work hard, and get stronger. Nevertheless, I am sure Monrovia’s teams would far well against most of these teams. But still, that’s embarrassing

  • Middy

    Only 15 schools went. Hmmmm, to bad the Chino Linemen Comp. is dead. That thing always had 30+. Setlich did a great job, but it died when he left. Would have thought he could have got it going at Ayala.

  • Keep27

    There were 31 teams there not 15.

  • CoachesCorner

    Don’t worry my fellow Cats. They didn’t have a Blocking and Tackling station and the last time I checked that’s all that matters. Give a shout out to all my fellow CATS…..BAY SAY CULAY…..

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Coaches Corner,

    That’s true, however I would like for our guys to Finish at least top 5 in the Strength and agility category. They will have to hit the weights hard over break to get ready for the schedule in front. finishing middle of the pack is not good. Especially if they want to move up divisions. These passing league and lineman competitions are not the end all be all, however they are good markers for how your kids are competing at the moment, and what areas to address before week 0. Not too worried, though. Our line man play hard and work hard, Plus we have Colorado Bound G5 and D1 prospect Brett Walsh, to help set the edge at the tight end spots. I like those matchups vs any defensive ends. However, we still need solid blocking between the tackles. Over all that seem to be middle of the pack performance…which is not good for a 2 time defending champ… We have a great group of hogs…love ’em…Verdict…HOGS Need to work harder!

  • Competition = Talent

    Coaches Corner,
    “They didn’t have a Blocking and Tackling station and the last time I checked that’s all that matters.”

    Yes, but to do those things you need to be strong, quick and agile. Which obviously Monrovia is not. They finished where I thought a D11 team should. You should be lucky that Los Osos and Chino Hills didn’t show up or you would have finished lower.
    In high school, you want your linemen to be big, fast, strong, and agile. A 6’4″ 340lb linemen does you no good if he doesn’t have those traits….. like Monrovia. Give me 6’3″ 240 linemen with those traits and I’ll kick ass on any defense.

  • Plain & Simple

    Monrovia linemen finished where Monrovias entire team would finish if they actually competed with top notch football teams. You can’t use the D11 argument only when it suits you. MHS is a D11 team with a couple of players who look great against D11 opponents, Plain and Simple. Schedule RCHS, UHS, Los Osos, Chino Hills, Charter Oak, Amat, I could go on and on and I wont even start mentioning Corona C, Servite, HB Edison, RSMCHS, etc.

    It is funny how the green and white have not shown up to this thread. Truth hurts!

  • Plain & Simple

    Monrovia linemen finished where Monrovias entire team would finish if they actually competed with top notch football teams. You can’t use the D11 argument only when it suits you. MHS is a D11 team with a couple of players who look great against D11 opponents, Plain and Simple. Schedule RCHS, UHS, Los Osos, Chino Hills, Charter Oak, Amat, I could go on and on and I wont even start mentioning Corona C, Servite, HB Edison, RSMCHS, etc.

    It is funny how the green and white have not shown up to this thread. Truth hurts!

  • Coming from a All CIF Lineman

    Competition = talent
    Maybe you have not been around football too long.

    Competition = talent doesn’t even make sense. It takes no talent to hustle. The fact there were no tackling or blocking drills is very important to the overall evaluation of a line core. If you look at all the major combines, the one on one segments are very important. Tires, sleds, and bags don’t move at all and they don’t hit back. It’s also important to to evaluate how the linemen cores work as a unit. Picking up blitzes, making calls, making in game adjustments etc, are they injury prone. Will the come back to camp in shape etc..Etc…… How do you manage that in a combine. It’s not every teams game plan to over power teams. Every coach requires different technique. Maybe a coach just ask his guys to hold for a second. There are competition/combine guys, and there are gamers. Rancho For example, They can win every lineman challenge, but what good is that going to do come inland playoff time? Why can’t they beat Upland or Vista? It sure isn’t the lack of skill players. Rancho’s line is good. Winning a lineman challenge is a good sign, and great accomplishment. But that is only half of the battle. Just because a team’s line finishes at the bottom doesn’t mean that they are not good and can’t improve. The season is a ways away, and every group that competed, has a chance to get better. That’s the point of these types of events. Some people are just bloggers…they never played, and read far too much into summer events.

  • not so plain, not so simple

    Upland and Rancho Make me puke. Lower level teams are supposed to be calling out upper division schools. They are supposed to be aiming upwards. Why is Rancho, Upland and Los Ojos calling aiming downwards. I never hear them calling out Servite, or Santa Magarita, Or Westlake or Oaks Christian. Why don’t the play Oceanside or any sick norcal teams. They beat Loyola, however loyola is not Pac 5 elite. Call out Vista Murrieta, and win the inland…I guess the Bonita Air Strike and the WestCo lineman challenge are the pinnacle for those schools. Why in the hell would CIF move them up to Pac 5…Then they would losing quarter final games instead of semi finals games. Smaller SGV schools…keep working hard and doing what you are doing. Don’t let the haters get to you… there is always someone bigger and badder. We know for sure the winner of the inland will come from The Corona-Temecula Area as usual. Hey The U, and Rancho Are you going to win the inland this year? That’s what everyone is dying to know…..

  • New York

    Dont try calling out Green & White. We’ve been here the whole time. Football is not a body-building competition nor is it the Worlds Strongest Man competition. Would Nate Newton or Larry Allen win those events that come on ESPN late night? Probably not.

    HOWEVER, as a former Monrovia Hawg I do recognize the need to live in the weight room and compliment that work with agility training. My biggest concern every year is how effective our interior defensive line will be. That was the true difference last year against South Hills, when all they had to do was run inside zone the entire fourth quarter. Frankly, that’s all Paso Robles had to do in 1998. So, the real answer is for the offense to outscore the opposition and keep the upper division offensive lines on the sideline or force the opposition into a passing attack and let our fast backers come off the edge and get the QB. Monrovia’s offense needs to score quickly and early against the bigger teams. There’s no secret as to what it takes for Monrovia to beat upper division teams. Our game-breakers need to be gamebreakers, like in 1998 when Akil Harris got his 80+ yard TD run against Diamond Bar.
    So, Monrovia’s D1 Skill guys need to step up early and often. Our coaches need to bring the killer instinct. Keep the defensive front rested and put them in a position to use their speed rush.

  • True colors

    Rancho and Upland, have Pac 5 skill players with Central Division lineman. No way they win the get past the semi’s in Inland play! See their Skills carry them until the head down the 71 to the 15 south to blowout city. Yeah, they don’t want talk about that. Vista and Cent own that @$$, you will never beat those guys. Sooner or later, when the “Big 8” gets Move to pac 5 the U will get some relief… However, As that Corona – Temecula area grows…those other schools down there may get better, leaving the U and the Ranch SOL. Damn, the U wishes they could win the inland…Not this year either buddy. Don’t even talk about going to the Pac 5… SM and Servite are even better…Honestly, I think Rancho wins that league this year, but then gets relieved from duty in the Semi’s. Great year Boys…you all should put on your spirit packes, Drive down to Vista and hand them the Inland trophy, because you know that’s where it’s going. Matter Of Fact call the AD’s from Corona Cent and Vista, and ask them block out a section of their bleachers and leave about 200 tickets at will call, so your teams can have some where to sit during the Inland finals. Let’s see what the Rancho, The U fans or Aram or Fred have to say about that. Every one knows it’s true. This years team is no where near last years team. You all know that. The U peak with Lawler andp co, and they got blown out in the SEmis….what do you think is going to happen this year? Duh…You will never see Dec 11th in the inland.

  • I would agree with True Colors. Although I do not cover schools like Centennial and Vista Murrieta, I am scared on two levels about them.

    1. Rancho and Upland as good as they are were nowhere near those teams last year.

    2. The SGV teams I’ve seen so far (Chino Hills excluded) are nowhere near Rancho and Upland in terms of ACROSS THE BOARD talent.

    In theory, Amat should be better looks-wise than Upland or Rancho, and they are not. I mention Amat because they are our D-1 team.

  • haha

    Looks like some people can’t get the Green & White off their minds………….haha……….You should worry about your own team.

  • Not So Fast All CIFLineman

    All CIF Linemen,
    I said nothing about “hustle”. Hell a fat kid can “hustle” to the store for a candy bar!.
    The ability to move, have coordination, explosive speed and be strong are very key components to being an excellent linemen. Ever heard of a little thing called the NFL combine? What drills events do they do? The 3 cone drill, bench press, pro agility, vertical & broad jumps, and shuttle. You show me a lineman that is weak in these areas, and I’ll show you one who can’t block or tackle. I played HS, college and 3 years in the NFL. I have also coached at the HS & college ranks for the last 20 years. At every level, coaches stress those traits I mentioned.
    You show me a team whose linemen finish at the bottom of linemen comps, and i’ll show you a team that cannot compete at the highest level in CIF. Rancho has some beasts on the OL & DL, however, they are poorly conditioned and that is why they struggle with the better teams in their division. However, they would HANDS DOWN, beat any team in the SGV…same goes for Upland, Centennial & Vista. Rancho doesn’t play D 4 or lower competition that is why they “struggle”

  • True colors

    SGV schools do have a legit excuse for not being as good as the U or the Ranch. That’s easy, they are half their size. The Cities are half the size Of Rancho or Upland. So Before you come on here, bragging, just stop and think how much guts it takes for a public school Muir, or San Dimas or Charter oak to go up against your school. If you combine the two schools closes to eachother, I am sure they would be as good Upland. Especially the further back you go in time. Even now. It would be totally different.

    Rancho Cucamonga 3200 students
    Upland High 3600 students
    Vista Murrieta 3600 Students
    Corona Cent 2900

    Muir 1300 students + PHS 2213 = Rancho/Upland

    Monrovia 1700 + Duarte 1227 students = Upland/Rancho

    Covina 1600 students + Charter Oak 1995 students Rancho/Upland

    Pac 5 examples
    San Clemente 3000 students
    Tesoro 3000 students

  • Green Jell

    All CIF Lineman, Why did you just play three years in the NFL?

  • Take a look and Concord De La Salle

    Size is over rated. All you looking at size touting 300 pounds this and 6’4″ that, what’s De La Salle’s excuse? You know that pesky little Catholic High School in NorCal that ROUTINELY spanks hell out of the big girls on our alleged best teams. ‘Splain that one Lucy.

  • Not That Good….

    Green Jell,
    I guess I wasn’t good enough to hang. It was fun while it lasted though.

  • Tony Mandarich

    @ Not so fast all cif

    That’s what I’ve been trying to tell everyone.

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