La Mirada pair gets offers …

La Mirada tight end Tyler Luatua, a junior, has received an offer from Michigan. Matadores offensive lineman Spencer Ueli Fa’atoalia, a senior, was offered by Hawaii on Wednesday.

Aram’s take: La Mirada is starting to look pretty scary in the Southeast.

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  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    West co Holla if you hear me…..La Mirada may be standing in your way come Southeast title time!

  • MonroVian

    This team is indeed Scary! I think you may be looking at the future Champs here. They have it ALL!!!
    Congratulations Fellas.

    “You Don’t Want No Green And White”

  • Gibberish

    Congratulations to these young men, sincerely. But La Mirada was “loaded” with D1 “prospects” last season and it didn’t amount to squat. The games still have to be played, even for Wes Co and Monrovia.

  • bigtimefan

    Great job guys,its going to be a great year…

  • Pasadenian

    Congrats to these two outstanding young men and i hope their future continues to successful.

    But Aram lets not forget La Mirada was loaded with D1 talent a few years ago with Shane Blood and they ended up getting their lunch handed to them served cold by them Mustangs.

  • La Mirada Guy

    La Mirada didn’t have any D1’s last year, not until February. When one of our guys with Sac State, and also had one guy sign with N(or S) Dakota and one with a division 2 school. We only had 3 guys last year who started the season with any varsity experience. We return a lot of players this year. You must be thinking of the 2010 season. Yeah, we had 5 pre-season D1’s and a first round loss to Muir. But i agree with you the games still have to be played. But a big round for Tyler(a junior) and Spencer (a senior). Congrats boys….

  • Teams with multiple D-1 players having a disappointing year are the exception, not the rule.

    I’m sure every coach out there would take their chances with having that many D-1 kids.


    Monrovia is this years 2010 La Mirada team. Loaded with talent but wont know what to do with it against Paraclete and Sierra Canyon.


  • Bulldogs have bite

    Lol at the Monrovia honks predicting the fall of West Covina. They of all people should know that a handful of D1 talent does not always equal victory. South Hills and Glendora and San Dimas were not that impressed either. West Covina won back to back titles with essentialy just one D1 recruit to show for it.

    I would rather have a team full of high quality talent, than a handful of extrodinary talent surrounded by average players. La Mirada had a few D1 linemen last year, I think Fox from their team last season also was commited to Hawaii. I still feel they need more speed in the skill posistions, because we just ran right by them last year like they had cement shoes on! Congratulations to both players none the less!

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  • Kinda funny

    So when your recruiting kids to come to your school you brag about D1 rides.

    When someonesays your good because you have D1 players you say we didn’t have D1 players.

    Which one is it?

  • JohnnyBGood

    Congratulations to all of the kids who are getting rides and offers. It’s a long way ’til many get to college so they must perform in the classroom. How many countless great athletes have not made it because they are not as disciplined in the classroom as they are on the field? On a bright note, saw Charter Oak dominate Oaks Christian and Taft High at Oaks Christian last night. If you thought there was going to be a let-up, think again. These kids operated on all cylinders. The QB’s were quite a surprise. If CO had a Santiago, the sky would be the limit. The defense was also stellar. There is no question that great coaching goes a long way and the schemes Charter Oak presents are quite a marvel to witness at the high school level. If a tested QB still walks in the gates, the Chargers could be awesome.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @ Kinda funny,

    I said we essentialy only had one D1 recruit (Chris Solomon/Nevada). Never said we didn’t have any. WC has sent a handful of kids to the next level and one to the NFL in recent history actually. Some of our recent players are going to play JUCO ball and hope to land a D1 ride like recent Bulldog Alum Albert Cid(Citrus/UCLA) has done. Having one D1 player is actually something to be proud of, having two or three or more is really something.

    But that being said, it does not make your team automatically favorites to win based on those handful or one player. We may have had only one D1 player in our recent back to back title run. But the rest of the roster is also filled with really well coached and conditioned above average atheletes that could also be on the cusp of D1 talent. Guys like Jimmy Frazier, Justin Meaders, Lonzel Barnett and Maurice Dupleasis come to mind.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    SGV Football,

    Monrovia, is going to win the midvalley, It may not be as easy as the years past, but we are going to get it done. As I’ve said, it normally takes Monrovia a few games to figure out what to do with players, which does not help with step up games, which take place in the preseason. Since the Rio Hondo is not very challenging for the Cats, they can experiment for 5 weeks, to have things exactly perfect come playoff time. However, if moved into a tougher division or league, like some the SGV upper division teams, they won’t have that luxury. West Covina is in a similar situation as well. The Hacienda, is no longer a challenge for them. It’s stronger than Rio Hondo but still not a Serra, or Sierra, or Baseline. So they are fined tuned come playoff time. Since the Southeast is still considered mid level div football, they can get away with this. Bishop Amat, CO,South Hills,Damien, and St Francis. Don’t have that luxury. They have play a tough preseason to get ready for league, then they have tough upper div playoff fields to deal with. They rarely have a rest or break period to re-group. Basically they have to have things in order week 0. Otherwise, they could snowball into a horrible season. So SGV you statement is true to a certain extent. But Monrovia knows what to do with players…it’s just there is no since of urgency, when you have 10 games to prepare.

    West Covina @ Monrovia Today @ 5pm

  • MATS

    The La Mirada 2010 team had 3 Ol sign, one with Alabama, one with Kansas and one with Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo.. They lost in the first round to Muir, who had at least 4 kids with Div 1 offers. Like that was some huge upset or something, Muir had kids on that team that went on to UCLA and USC


  • Pasadenian

    Your 1/2 right that year you only had Karl holmes sign to ASU and the Mcfadden kid sign to NAU for track. those other kids like Kevon Seymour and Owens was undergrads so basically the MATS had more D1 commitments then Muir did when Muir punished the Mats that year. So your 1/2 right

  • cought you

    Sounds like jonnyb is trying real hard to get a mother or father to say hey son why dont you transfer to charter oak they have a good football team. Get over it johnnyb charter oak is not going to make it to the 2nd round stop trying to make them sound good silly man…..

  • MonroVian

    MonroVia Vs. West Covina today at MonroVia. I cant wait to see Ol Noodles in action. Two Back to Back Champs go head up!

    “You Don’t Want No Green And White”

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    I don’t know why people get surprised if Muir Beats someone. Even in their down years with 30 kids on the roster, they still have a Decent team at worst, and they always have talent. They are a storied program. Just imagine, if their program had all their kids. They probably win the South East.

    Come on SGV,

  • Pasadenian

    green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”
    Not talking down on Muir its just when they do beat some teams they shouldnt the writers make it seem as if Muir isnt talented, but the writers have reason to. Muir as well as PHS loses players left to right to Alemany and etc….so it would be even to me a surprise when Muir or PHS beats a team of any kind of high caliber talent and coaching.

    The Muir program is plague with terrible coaching and no discipline. the PHS program is plague with coaches that “IMO” have little knowledge of the game but has the paperwork and some local parents hearts, but knows how to in a way install some discipline with the talent they have. The city of Pasadena is destroying itself from the inside out and just as the parents takes some of the blame the schools and staff does to. (but thats another subject)…….But if Pasadena talent stayed in Pasadena and went to either Muir or PHS the city of Pasadena would be side by side with the city of Monrovia celebrating back to back championships there is no doubt in my mind that if Steven Mitchell, Kevon Seymour, Tairen Owens, Vernon Adams, Akeem Gonzalez, Dennis Rufus, Saladin Mcculough, Malcolm Marable, Dai Mcfadden, Cam Washington, Deron Smith, Deitrick Riley, Karl Holmes and etc….. would had been on the same team they would had won the Southeast shoot i might go as far to say that they would had probably won the Pac5 as well (make note majority of those players play at Alemany and would had shared the field together).

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”


    Monrovians are well aware of the talent that lies in Pasadena, and the fact some defect. Even tho I am not old, I know when Muir won their title back in the 80’s they had a stu QB who played baseball instead of going to USC. Since then, Muir has not been able to develop a great QB to distribute the ball to all those talented skills. LaShawn Ward might have been the best since the 80’s up until now. I am not to sure how good washington is, so I could be wrong. But I think Line and QB play have been Muirs woes, even if they lost a lot of players.

  • Pasadenian

    green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”
    Yeah i agree with you on the Line play and QB but thats where the lost has been mainly and noticeable. Vernon Adams was probably the best QB in the Pac5 his years at Alemany, thats one QB Muir lost that would had made a BIG difference, as far as linemen if 6’4 250 oregon state Akeem would had stayed Muir line would had been awesome with him on side of Danny Huerta, Big 6’3 275 pound Cameron palmer and 6’4 290 pound Shawn Wilcox that team would had ran through the Southeast, but again it didnt happen players left and the Muir line play is ok but could be way better and their QB play well Muir had some pretty good Qb’s Josh will be a stellar mid of the road make a play here or there type but this year Muir team will rely solely on running back Andreece Brown and the Mustang defense. But your right on point with what you say about Muir.

    IMO Kelvan Price from the 99-00 Muir team was probably the best all around Qb out of Muir along with Forrest Elders. ill have to say Lashaun Ward was the best athlete out of Muir along with Reuben Thomas aka “bingo”.

    By the way one of my favorite athletes out of the SGV was Darryl Moore out of the green machine.

  • MonroVian

    D- Moore was a Beast but another Darryl (99-00) Darryl Fisher, that boy was fast as hell. And at 5’5″, pound for pound the toughest kid on the field! Reminds me of the kid who just graduated from Corona Centennial, #1 Mike Gordan I think his name is thats joining Mr. Nick Bueno at Cal Lu.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • MonroVian


    I Stand corrected, the young man from Corona Centennial’s name is Romello Goodman not Mike Gordon. Hahaha where the Hell did i get that name from!. lol

    “You Don’t Want No Green And White”

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”


    Yeah, with those players they would have been running the southeast, and they would have probably beat Rancho and BA. Nevertheless, scouts still trust Muir talent. Hopefully Pasadena school district can help provide a atmosphere to keep Muir and PHS players local and at public schools. I have no idea, what agenda they have. It seems that they are not committed to improving Academics or Athletics at Muir. I guess it’s all about free checks! I want to work there

  • Pasadenian

    green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    i dont know their agenda but all i know is the Pasadena talent is leaving watch out for Deshawn Holmes and Alif Graves at Alemany both from Pasadena and already making noise up there. Pasadena cant compete with private school coaches at every Pasadena Ponies game, Pasadena Panthers and the Pasadena Trojans, man Alemany also got the running back from the Trojans thats cold his name is Miles the boy is nice watch out for him to. But im pretty sure its completely over for Muir and PHS the talent just dont wanna stay well most of the talent doesnt due to a promising better education and area i guess.


    I remember lil D. Fish he was awesome to that boy had major heart i remember him from the hawks. Another one of my favorite Monrovia athletes is Mike Ainsworth that dude was cold in baseball and football

  • I need more touches

    What is the excuse for the Pasadena teams not winning in the 90’s & early 2000’s before Alemany was recruiting selected players? You guys name all of these kids and say if they were all on the same team that you would tear up the Southeast but guess what, there is only 1 football on the field at one time and only 1 player can carry the ball at a time. Pasadena teams don’t win because the culture in Pasadena is that they don’t know how or want to play as a team, everyone is more concerned with who’s going to carry the rock and how many touches so and so is going to get.

  • Hey Aram

    Where is the write up on this weekend Ayala passing tournment.

  • Pasadenian

    I need more touches

    In the 90’s Muir was not in the Southeast div7 if they were believe me they would had ran the tables. And in the late 90’s is when Alemany started recruiting Pasadena players. Do you remember Deandre Scott, Deon Scott and Derek Goodman all from Pasadena playing at Alemany, from there on out its been a pipe line straight to Alemany. Now lets talk about when Muir was keeping their talent when they had Saladin Mccullogh, Sultan Mccullogh, Steve Morrison, Lashawn Ward, Deshawn Holmes, and etc now that list can go forever and when they were there they were winning and beating big time teams maybe not championships but you had to bring your complete “A” game to beat them its not like now Muir whereas they cant win league or lose to a much lesser opponent because they had no discipline or just flat out out coached or a roster that only suit up 28-30 players get real know your history if you need a lesson on it ill help you out i can go back to when Sam Brunston and them won it at Muir “CHAMPIONSHIP” when the talent didnt leave when you had to fight for a position every year. Know your facts before you step up and throw out garbage. Deandre Scott, Deon Scott and Derek Goodman started that pipeline in the late 90’s and thats when Muir started to decline and every so often Muir was considered a threat. the 99-2000 Muir team that lost 13-0 or 13-6 one of them to the Hart team that was projected to blow Muir out by at least 40 points and Harrington saying that was the toughest team he played all year, would had ran through the southeast but thats wishful thinking and so on, but since then Muir has been dropping down division like a person drop weight on the biggest loser show. just check out the Muir track program that is completely non-existence now were talking about a track program that A and B team goes to the penn relays and place 1st and 2nd or win over 100 straight dual meets or have the fastest runners, hurdlers and relay teams in the state come on dude that program was once dominant in every sport except baseball and lets not even begin to talk about there Basketball program which died and has somewhat risen again, but dude know your facts coach Bronfield is a legend talking down on his teams is just disrespectful on your end. Hey just ask Robledo about the talent in Pasadena he had a pop warner team that didnt lose a game for i think about 5 straight years. But that irrelevant im just saying dont knock Pasadena at all Alemany wouldnt be who they are right now if not for the Pasadena kids and im an Alemany fan but i love my back yard (city) more. i root for Alemany and the west SGV who’s your team?

    I know im stuck in the past i just miss when my town was a threat to every city and team. I even remember the game when we came out up 21 at the half against LBpoly but then gave it away.

  • Money Talks


    I played for arcadia and played against Muir in the 90’s. They did have the best of the best athletes, more than anytime in SGV history. You had Saladin McCullough, His cousin, Sultan McCullough, Chip Dunn (broke rushing records at portland state – Went to St. Francis but left), J.J Johnson (Another SF kid that went back – went to oregon state), Mike Hughes, Mikey Graham, Anthony Kelly, DeAngelo Steward Holmes, Steve Morse, Kenny (usc) and Shaun Haslip (unlv). List goes on.

    PHS had Chris McAlister (superbowl champ), Lester Towns NFL And Chidi Iwona (superbowl champ) all on the same time.

    I swear I have been around football for 20 years and I have never seen a better time than the 90’s for athletes in pasadena.

  • Upset!

    La Mirada’s problem the last few years has been defense. That’s why they hired Rich Avina from St. Paul. They will be much improve on that side of the ball. I predict La Mirada upsetting St. Paul week zero. No, I am not from La Mirada and don’t know anyone who plays there, just calling it.

  • Sgv baller

    Off the topic.dont know if this is a rumor .my nephew and his friends where telling me that snoop recruited some talent from Texas and other states and should be arriving at diamond bar soon.i heard they got 2 Linebackers and 2 receivers.i heard that snoop wants to build the team up for kordells final years at diamond bar/

  • Pasadenian

    Money Talks

    I completely agree with you those group of guys were amazing at what they did 90’s football was probably the best football in the SGV with players like Blair Lewis (Arcadia) Kenny Pritchard (CV) and so on now its race to a private school which is fine but i miss the home bodies staying and competing making C.I.F move the teams up instead of down.

  • Pasadenian

    Yes i know CV is not SGV i just had to mention one of the best backs ive seen in Kenny Pritchard.

  • New York

    Money Talks,
    We must know each other. I’m sure we do.

  • Dan

    “90’s football was probably the best football in the SGV”

    I don’t agree with that statement but if it was true then I would have to say it was because of the teams in the East SGV because that is where the championships were being won. Teams like Amat[2],Wilson[2], Diamond Bar[2],Covina[1]Bonita[1] and Los Altos[1] were the teams bringing titles to the SGV in the 90’s.
    Maybe the 80’s was the decade where the West SGV was playing their best ball with Muir winning their 2 titles and tying for a third championship in that decade.
    Personally I think the 70’s was the best football for the SGV because you had several of our schools winning titles in the top division, Los Altos had three titles, Amat had 2, South Hills had 1, these were all titles in the top division. You also had Temple City tearing it up in the lower divisions.

  • Pasadenian


    I can agree with you but i was saying like as far as athletes and game play the pacific being in a high division i think it was d3 or higher and then turning it on when it came to track and basketball the WSGV was awesome and fun to watch. Never knocking the ESGV but i just dont really like that part of the SGV style of football great coaching though thats whats really stand out in the ESGV but as far as the athletes i think the WSGV had by far the best around in football basketball and track.

    New york

    I think we know each other to.

  • Dan

    I can buy that, Pasadena has always been one of the best talent hubs in So. Cal., still is.

  • New York

    I kinda wish I knew who some folks are.

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