Defensive end Alex Hernandez leaves Damien, transfers back to Charter Oak …

Here’s one from the “say what!” file: Defensive end Alex Hernandez, who left Charter Oak after the 2010 season and transferred to Damien has now left Damien and gone back to Charter Oak for his senior season.

Hernandez had 47 tackles and five sacks last season at Damien and enters this season as one of the top defensive linemen in the area.

Aram’s take: So I guess it’s time for me to say again what I said when Hernandez left CO for Damien, but this time in reverse: Big blow for Damien. Can’t afford to lose guys in the trenches if you’re the Spartans. And of course, this is a big coup for Charter Oak, which already had what figures to be the top defense in the area when all hands are on deck, i.e. when Andrew Hauser has his eligibility restored. Combining Hernandez and Hauser is quite scary. Not to mention all the other studs CO has back on defense.

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  • ???

    Hauser hasn’t played Defense in a real VARSITY game..EVER
    right? I hear he looked good at JV level though?

  • I thought about that, too. Always knew him as a o-lineman at Amat, but I’ve got people telling me that he could be one of the best LBs in the area.

  • Football follower

    Houser at LB. I am hearing he is too slow. He is a lineman.

  • Sgv fan

    I hear he’s a stud at linebacker over there so far and is one of the fastest and strongest, the kid has always been athletic and with this last off season I’m sure he got to where he needs, only time will tell , good luck

  • U Sure About That??

    @ Sgv Fan

    You said “…a stud at linebacker over there so far…”

    GET REAL!!! How much of a stud can Hauser be? The kid has been an offensive lineman his whole life and only transferred to CO because Hagerty & company over @ Amat laughed at him when he wanted to try out for LB.

    CO just started their summer program last Monday…just about ANYBODY can be a “stud” in shorts and a t-shirt and running drills around cones. He’s definitely got D1 LB size but as “Football Follower” said, the word is that he’s too slow.

    In Hauser’s defense, I’ve heard he’s participated in alot of LB camps and has done some speed training in the off season…KUDOS TO HIM! But does that make him a “stud linebacker”??

    I wish him luck but how about we wait and see how he performs after the pads come on and he plays in a VARSITY game at LB before we hand him the MVP.

    Anyway…welcome back Alex Hernandez, you’ll do well this year…best of luck to you.

  • CO Alum

    If we’re talking about STUD LBs at Charter Oak we have to be talking about Eric Ortiz (#17) and Jose Bonilla (#34)…both had great years for us last year and Ortiz was an All Sierra League 1st Team selection

    Hey Aram, you should have mentioned the 2 players that I named when u welcomed Alex back…not the Amat transfer (Hauser) who is unproven and in my opinion full of himself.

  • MonroVian

    Hey C.O. Alum and you sure about that,
    The problem with your boy Sgv fag is that he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. He comes on all the blogs spewing his stupidity he calls “knowing football” when he doesn’t know $*&%t. Eric Oriz and Bonilla are the guys for the job! Sgv Fag stay off the blogs because people come here for the truth and football. And you dont know sh*% about football!

    “You Don’t Want No Green And White”

    P.s. C.O. will be very Successfull his season, I think at rhe end of the day Corey Brown gets the nod and the kid develops into a stud right before yoir Cee Ooh eyes just like MonroVias Blake Heyworth did last season for the Cats.



    WOW take it easy pal. We know Sgv fan is either a relative or his parents. By the way I see you know our team pretty well! Hauser will be more effective on the Oline/Dline istead of playing in open space as a linebacker, thats my opinion. What I will say is that CO coaching staff will give him a shot to prove himself in pads to see if he can make the plays at backer.

    I have no doubt Kory will be a star for the next two years. Waited patiently and will get a chance to shine. He is another reason why the youngest Thropay left for greener pastures LOL…

    No with Alex coming back, this defense will be a force to be reckoned with. This is starting to look like the team that had 5 D1 players a couple years ago.


  • MonroVian

    Ok, ok I apologize guys,

    Sgv fan mouthed off in another thread and I decided to lash out on him this a.m. Anyway (Kory) is the guy not to mock the other two qb’s (Sorry don’t know their names)! And yes I am a CeeeOhhh fan and know a little bit about the team. I mean I know talent when I see it and C.O. def has it. I am a MonroVia Honk through and through but I tend to follow different teams from time to time.

    “You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • Stanford Dad

    Sad to hear Damien lost Alex Hernandez, it was always a pleasure to see his Dad and talk football at practice or the games. He’ll be missed for is all out attitude and fun loving manner.

    I was honestly very surprised he didn’t earn All League honors or stuff like that last year and I do hear grumblings that was the reason why he left. If that’s true I thought he’d come back and have a All CIF season to put that slight to rest, he didn’t/

    Here’s the thing with Alex from a football perspective, he a very solid high school football player. He’s undersized for a DE and not athletic enough to be a LB but as a high school player he’s all any one could ask for as a team mate. Alex is the kind of kid who gets 120% out of his body by sheer will and determination and if CO is where he’ll do his damage I say, ‘GOOD FOR HIM” !!!

    The thing about Gano on this one is this, He knows what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. If Alex and his family didn’t understand that then maybe it’s time to reflect on this, Gano and Damien didn’t fight the transfer and that’s a credit to every one concerned and a sign of mutual respect by two old warriors, Gano and Farrar.

    The thing I’ll remember most about Alex is watching him go heads up with Alex Arevalo and watching him get Arevalo to the “next” level, which he could only do when challenged…Hernandez didn’t need that motivation, and that’s a credit to him.

    Best of luck Alex, I only ask for one favor, if I could be so bold. When the CO and Damien game is over please take a picture with “BOTH” coaches. I never thought your picture with the Farrars after last year’s game was anything more than great parenting, others may disagree. You’re a class act kid. Best of luck.

  • Check the rule book

    @ Stanford dad
    With the new transfer rules, there is no such thing as “challenging” a transfer any more. The only exception being if there is a documented fight/argument with an existing coach or coaching staff.

  • Stanford Dad

    @ check the rule book

    All things considered last year’s transfer was more to the point and you are correct about the new changes and their affect on this matter, this year. However, it us a bit unusual for a transfer to happen as this one did, twice, in the same league with schools less than 15 minutes away from each other. Add in the fact that Alex was a big time player for CO before be became a big time player for Damien and in all likelihood will pick up his big time play for CO his senior season, so this is huge.

    Gano and Farrar are two seasoned coaches and are what we used to call in the old days, a Man’s man. No need to cry over spilled milk, move on.

    No need to nitpick. Point taken. Besides…rule books are for sissies. A man is only worth his salt if he can shake hands and come out swinging. Kudos to both coaches who apparently only want what’s best for the kid. How many coaches are like that these days. I know a few who defy logic by walking upright and not getting around by slithering on their bellies.

    There is a commercial about Cal’s infamous “Band” play that beat Stanford as time ran out where John Elway looks into the camera and in total disgust says:

    “Laterals are for cockroaches” ….so is challenging transfers.

    Gano and Farrar will put on a coaching clinic that night and somewhere in the stands, or on the sidelines, Alex’s Dad will learn an important lesson in life….”Never walk away from those who love you” We “ALL” loved Alex….and so did CO I’m sure.

    I never left Damien to go to Loyola because I had problems at Damien, or with their coaches or sloth-like AD, I just did what I always do, “I nutted up”. My son was one of this years’ 7 Valedictorians, spent waaaaaaaaaay too much time on the bench and was left off his Varsity team because of my feud with Dunn. So what? Kid’s going to Stanford on a full ride and I get to watch games on Damien’s sideline with tons of well wishing parents….oh how times have changed.

    Tough times don’t last my friend…tough people do.

    Either way I had my say.

  • I think what Stanford Dad (yeah right), aka FC, aka Damien Dad, should be saying, but can’t because he’s just not that articulate/smart is that both Gano and Farrar have benefited greatly in the past from transfers and therefore you won’t hear either of them griping when they lose a player. It’s kind of an unspoken code.

    But yeah, Stanford Dad (yeah right), on the heels of your idiotic statement about liking the Angels because the owner is Mexican, your giving Gano credit for not challenging this transfer when the transfer rules have changed, is nothing short of your usual brilliance.

  • Mr. Quarterback

    I love how CO has been under the radar about their business. They have a special defense put together. They have a qb, not sure what his name is but he is the taller one. With great wr’s and a very athletic rb in donavin washington.

    @monroVian you are right about ortiz. He is going to be big this year and will be one of the top LBs in the area

  • DHS fan

    To bad Damien lost Hernandez, great kid best of luck to him at CO. On Sat i was watching Damien at the Ayala passing tourny,an my son pointed out a incoming soph for Damien , man child the best way to describe the kid, heard he is great wrestler too.

  • Old Timer

    This is what is wrong with High School Sports these days. When a Kid can transfer from School A to School B and then back to School A cause he wants too.

    I dont care about either program but this is just garbage IMO

  • Question

    I am wondering what the point is of calling someone out when posting an anonymous post, especially if it is not over the top?
    In this case what is the relevance of Stanford dad being FC or any other handle?
    I’m not interested in starting trouble or debating I am genuine in wanting to understand.

  • JMO


    Are you serious? Mommy, little jimmy gave me a bad look at school today can you call his mommy and tell her. BOO freakin HOO little girl.

    Aram, are you heading down to Santa Margarita this coming weekend to see CO compete with the big boys in the under armor 7 on 7 tourney?

  • JMO,

    Love your post! Unfortunately, I will not be at the Under Armor because Saturday is also the SGV Shootout at Arroyo and there I shall be. It’s all local teams and it’s very fun. I will see CO the following week at the Claremont Tournament, though, which Amat is also in this year. Funny how this summer is playing out exactly like last summer.

  • ????

    With the new rules when is Alex eligible?

  • no-step

    Stanford Dad,
    I’ve heard you talk football to other parents. You don’t talk football, you talk politics. You don’t understand the science of the game. You rattle off platitudes, and sound like a Jesse Jackson bumper sticker, complain about former coaches who never played your kid (because he couldn’t play) and spout off as if you’re a know it all.

  • Big Boy’s

    Charter Oak is always going where they don’t belong.

    53-14 vs Upland says CO can’t play with BIG BOYs. This year, All false claims of being a Big Boy are going to be shut down. Stop trying to separate yourselves from lower level SGV teams. CIF should really think about dropping CO into the central. If they don’t someone is going to lose their job Over there. Aram won’t be going down South OC, because he know this already. We all do, after watching Upland treat CO like little girls on national TV…Sad But true. Sorry!

  • Baiting 4 Big Fish

    @Big Boy Amat 73

    A lancer by any other name is still a loser. Stop trying to fan a flame where there’s no fire. Will your Oline be able to stop the CH and CO defense? If they can’t it’s going to be a long long season for Amat.

  • Big Boys…

    are you serious man? no team can pick where they play? so you saying that they dont belong and they should stop trying to be big boys makes no sense? if you get stuck in a league filled with powerhouse inland teams, exceed your expectations during the regular season, and be blownout by a powerhouse team in the semi’s …..thats CO’s fault? get a life.

    and im sure aram had this planned out for a while to go to the sgv shootout. (its his job to cover the sgv?). so i dont blame him for not being able to drive to santa margarita. im sure charter oak will do just fine. if they win the tournament, or get blown out …its just passing league? makes no difference on the season.

    just sit back, relax and watch the season unfold. goodluck sgv.

    ceeeee ohhhhh !!!

  • AMAT 73

    little putz or should I say Quasi,
    Barking up the wrong tree fool. I am not like your putz azz in regards to using a 100 different names to post. If I have something to say you know where it’s coming from, AMAT 73 .That’s why it’s so easy for idiots like you to come at me and others . I have no reason to knock CO nor CH unless one of their honks comes on here with some type of bs and basically the branded bloggers who use the same screen name usually don’t go in for that . Only the jerks such as yourself tend to be of the drive by , pot shot artists, who can’t stand behind what they write. So pick another name and come back with something else now . Anyway it’s Aram who says he doesn’t see an Inland team when CO is on the field . I do not agree with his statement on that subject , they are there and they belong .

  • UR a Loser

    Amat 73

    Really bro…get a life man….ur always on the blog bro…u must have a sad life if this is all u do. Grow the fuk up man.

  • “Down with Dope and up your a**..I mean Hope..up with HOPE!!!” LOL (that’s funny)

    No-step…how funny is that !

    You mean you’ve sat by as I talked football with parents….how gutless is that? LMAO !

    Here I thought you were an anonymous stalker and to find out you’ve been with in ear shot of my voice yet kept silent…WOW….truly gutless.

    Tell me, how does that feel to swallow your own nuts like that and then get the courage to slam me online from the comfort of your home. Tell me true…were you hiding under the blankets when you wrote this?

    Here’s a tip for you the next time you see me, introduce yourself and tell me more. I love hearing a good yarn. I don’t know any thing about football, you are sooooooooo right, lol.

    I don’t know what happened at Damien but the me first types seem to be gone and have been replaced by real men who love their kids and don’t go back door on each other to get ahead.

    I know Gano is slammed sometimes on line but he’s been freakin awesome at Damien and the kids know this year it’s a big game every single week, as it should be. Winning and losing isn’t about the scoreboard it’s about playing as one and leaving it all on the field.

    As far as the platitudes, I figure it this way…it worked with my kids…lol. No kid is beyond being better with encouragement and no parent needs to question his own kid, which I hear alot at practices. My son, who wasn’t good enough to play football, would kick the crap out of state qualifiers before he was forced to retire from wrestling so maybe NOT playing football was a blessing.

    I’m not full of hate or out to prove I know anything about anything but I do know about raising great kids, maybe that’s why former players talk to me and invite me to see them play in college. Maybe you’ve seen/heard this too. I love football but I love watching kids succeed more than you know.

    So I sound like Jesse Jackson huh?…well that’s better than sounding like a coward.

    Your turn. BTW, I prefer to be called by my given name, Dad. How about you? Care to introduce yourself? Thought so…..(tick tock tick tock).

  • “I have a cream…it’s on your face”, lol Yes it’s me, Jesse Stanford Jackson…LMAO !!!

    Here’s something I learned long ago and would like to pass along to know it nothing Dads and bloggers who “think” they know football but couldn’t draw up a week’s worth of film, game plan a JV game or decide who plays where and why, long term…much less handle the scrutiny of high school sports in today’s blog environment…and no POP WARNER DOESN’T COUNT !!!!.

    If you’re in the stands and every day every one has an opinion about the offense, defense and special teams it’s for one of two reasons, they know nothing and are speaking to others who know even less or they are playing parent politics, that go something like the old video game PONG, I slam the coach for my kid’s benefit and you slam the coach for your benefit and at the end of the day you both feel better….LOL. PONG…..PONG…..PONG……PONG……LMAO !!!

    If people really want parent Politics to end here’s how you handle it once and for all….ready???


  • D-Mo

    To Big Boys, yeah CO didn’t bring their best game to that playoff, and paid for it. It was hard to watch. Upland played and coached their best game of the year, I suspect. Vista wasn’t impressed – ha!
    Anyway, the journey begins again before long. Maybe CO will get another shot. No reason to think they won’t be there come playoff time (right Fred, you knucklehead?).
    CO can be a very dangerous team when their defense is clicking. Offense probably won’t score in the 40-50s every game this season, but won’t have to.

  • back to reality

    D-Mo, you bring up an interesting point. What if the bracket had matched up ChOak with Vista Murrietta instead of Upland. OUCH!!!

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  • D-Mo

    Back to reality, I don’t think CO could have beat anyone in DivII with what they brought to the Upland playoff. Flat attitude, sub-par game plan, and no 2nd half adjustments. I really do think the Chargers were capable of much more. I haven’t seen the wheels come off like that since Amat blew them out years ago.
    As for the Vista M program, well that is like combining Chino Hills, CO and South Hills. Scary when you see 25 coaches doing pre-game with 90 players.
    But hey, that’s why we play the game.

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