Offensive tackle Raymond Oseguera leaves Glendora, transfers to Damien …

Raymond Oseguera, a 6-foot-2, 230-pound junior offensive tackle, has left Glendora and transferred to Damien.

Oseguera figures to start at tackle for the Spartans and according to one assistant coach projects as an all-league caliber player.

Aram’s take: Nice pick up for the Spartans in the wake of losing defensive end Alex Hernandez back to Charter Oak. And especially nice considering size does matter in the Sierra League and Inland Division.

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  • Not So Fast My Friend


    This is like Free Agency on the high school level.

  • Dan

    Sad to see Glendora lose players like this, being in the Baseline, they can’t afford to lose anybody, although being in that league it most likely wouldn’t make a difference who stood or left for the Tartans.

  • stealth wonder

    i like it, all this free agency, it’s great!!!. Now high school coaching staffs are going to have, in addition to an offensive coordinator, a recruiting coordinator. I just wonder what the commodity is, grades?

  • Sgv baller

    Didnt Glendora lose a big lineman to crespi 2 years ago that is a senior now?

  • Spartan 03

    In light of the new eligibility rules, does he need a valid change of address to be eligible immediately being that he is transfering to a private school that is only one city over?

  • He moved

    There will be no issue this was a legitimate move.

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    Has Glendora gone thru several different coaches in the past several seasons?? (just asking, curious)

  • Spartan 4 Life

    Rumor is Damien might be get another offensive linemen from San Dimas!

  • haha

    Spartan 4 Life,

    If you get one from San Dimas, he would be filler on your JV team. No San Dimas linemen is going to help Damien.

  • Should Have Asked

    Osegura probably should have talked to Alex Hernandez before he moved.

    Maybe Hernandez left for the ladies or maybe there is some other reason.

    Just saying…

  • Old News

    Old old old old old news! Geeezzz

  • Dan

    @ Not so fast,
    Actually I’m not from Glendora, but Mark Pasquarella coached there from 04 or 05, till 2010. Todd Quinsey coached last season in 2011, and Jerry Lewallen is the new coach for the 2012 season. Can’t remember who coached there before Pasquarella.

  • In the know

    @ Dan

    The GHS Principal Paul Lopez was the Head Coach before Pasky.