Top 10 Games of the Year in the SGV(N) …

It’s hard to Gage just what kind of dramatics CO vs. Damien will produce.

1. Bishop Amat at Charter Oak, Sept. 14 — This one needs no introduction, but nonetheless we’ll try. No comparison between programs has sparked more debate in the Valley over the past few years than this one. These two programs are rivals, although they rarely actually step on the field against each other. Pretty unique. But finally, in what should have been an annual game all along, the two teams will be on the field against each other for the first time since 2004 and the entire Valley will either be there or have one eye on their own game and one eye on this one. Is Charter Oak capable of beating a “Big Boy” opponent? Is Amat still capable of showing another SGV team what “Big Boy” ball is all about. From here, it appears that even though CO is technically a D-2 team and Amat has had precious little playoff success for a while in D-1, most people still view this as David vs. Goliath. And there’s the rub. The stakes are extremely high for both teams. If CO beats Amat, the argument is over. If Amat waxes CO, nobody will ever want to hear the argument ever again. Crowd should be electric, but we must warn you that both teams face difficult challenges before this game, so record-wise, this one may not be so sexy. Early prediction: Charter Oak 16, Amat 14.

2. Bishop Amat at Chino Hills, Aug. 31 — It’s as if Bishop Amat head coach Steve Hagerty said to me “Here Fat Man, you make the schedule.” Ahh, the Lancers ditch their pillaging ways in East L.A. for a lid lifter in the 909. Prayers are answered. Anyway, as of now, Chino Hills is what I consider to be the top-ranked team in all of the SGVN-land. The Huskies have the best QB east of the 605, but west of Vegas (OK, maybe not west of Vegas) in Matty Ice Simko. The Huskies will be playing their SECOND game of the season while Amat will be playing its first. They’re confident out in Huskieville that last season’s solid, but overall disappointing by Chino Hills standards, showing was nothing more than a transition year after losing one of the best senior classes in school history. Amat can ease fears that having to replace its leading passer, rusher and receiver will mean the ongoing in party in La Puente will be broken up by the cops. Early prediction: Chino Hills 27, Amat 20.

3. Orange Lutheran at Damien, Aug. 31 — Something special could happen on this night. It could be the night Damien turns the corner under coach Greg Gano. The last time Gano played O-Lu, he picked up the signature win of his coaching career by beating the Lancers in the 2003 Division 6 title game. Damien is one of the top teams in the area, but will be looking for bigger accolades than that. Although O-Lu isn’t quite up to previous standards, a win for Damien would still be a signature moment and could send Sparty on its way to a monster season. Early prediction: Damien 30, Lutheran 20.

4. Monrovia at St. Francis, Sept. 28 — There seems to be a lot of doubters around the SGV as to whether Monrovia can withstand a hefty quality test. The ‘Cats did themselves no favor by sounding off all last summer, then looking pooping the bed vs. Arcadia and South Hills. A win at St. Francis gives M-Town the chance to really show the Valley that it can handle a rise in class. Not only that, there’s a legit chance that Monrovia could be bowling if everything breaks right this year. Beating St. Francis would be a major resume builder and it would also give the ‘Cats any sort of added confidence they might desire for what may lay ahead in the quasi-beefed up Mid-Valley Division. For St. Francis, the Knights will pick up several new fans if they can shut up Monrovia. And beyond that, if for some reason St. Francis can show it can run around the field with M-Town’s class of athlete, then things may work out just fine in the Mission League. Early prediction: Monrovia 31, St. Francis 17.

5. Loyola at West Covina, Aug. 31 — Gotta give the Bulldogs coaching staff credit, they always take at least one swing at a “Big Boy” every nonleague season. And who knows, maybe one of these years they’ll win one. Last year, West Covina was depleted vs. Loyola after a grueling a game against Covina the week before. Although the Bulldogs are replacing several key cogs, they have plenty of experience back and ample talent waiting in the wings. After winning back-to-back Southeast Division titles, the next thing the Bulldogs need to further stamp themselves as one of SoCal’s elite programs is a win over a “Big Boy”. Interestingly, word was that Loyola was one of the programs that badly wanted the services of new WestCo QB Antonio “Noodles” Hull. Early prediction: Loyola 35, West Covina 20.

6. Mater Dei at St. Paul, Aug. 31
— Just how far have the Swordsmen come in one offseason under new head coach Elijah Asante? We’re gonna find out on this night. Imagine if Asante leads St. Paul to a win over Mater Dei, the fan base would go crazy. St. Paul has bolstered its talent level considerably this offseason via transfers. Then again, so has Mater Dei. If the Swordsmen somehow pull this off, the season will be sent on its merry way. Keep in mind, Asante proved at Carson that beating Mater Dei ain’t no thang. Early prediction: Mater Dei 21, St. Paul 20.

7. Charter Oak at Damien, Nov. 2 — As if “Farrar vs. Gano” needed any help being one of the great coaching rivalries in the Valley, last year’s 41-28 loss in Covina left an especially bitter taste in the mouth of the Spartans. There were rumblings that Charter Oak was intercepting Damien’s play calls. Players were overheard telling coaches “they know what we’re running”. And for some reason that defies understanding, Gano decided to call the game from the press box … at least for the first half … Anyway, the mere timing of this game being Week 10 and the final game of the regular season sets the stage beautifully. Something, perhaps a Sierra League title, figures to be on the line that night. Of course, Chino Hills may have something to say about that. By Week 10, the Damien offense should be humming, but wish them luck anyway against what should be an epic CO defense. Early prediction: Charter Oak 17, Damien 16.

8. Muir vs. PHS, at the Rose Bowl, Nov. 2 — Is this the year? Will PHS finally get over the Muir hump? Well, some of us (right here) thought that the combo of Bulldogs QB Brandon Cox and a Muir program in turmoil would be enough to get PHS a win last year. Didn’t happen. Not even close, in fact. Well, depending on who you listen to, things at Muir still aren’t great. The ‘stangs lost their best offensive player Darick Holmes Jr. to Oaks Christian and best defensive returner in LB Denzel Talifero to Duarte. But, other than Cox, PHS was ripped by graduation. Nonetheless, the Arizona-bound Cox is a special talent and he just might be good enough by himself to end the drought. And if he does, the kid becomes a instant legend in Bulldog Land. Not to mention, the Pacific League looks absolutely wide open this year and there’s no reason to think either Pasadena school doesn’t have as good a shot as anybody, therefore a rivalry game on the final night of the regular season could be a very special setting. Early prediction: Muir 28, PHS 21.

9. La Habra at St. Paul, Sept. 7 — I dunno, I was torn between this and Amat vs. St. Paul on Sept. 21, but ultimately I sided with this game because of its meaning to the Whittier area. St. Paul needs a win in this spot to show who’s boss in the area. La Habra, which lost a nice player to St. Paul via transfer this offseason, needs a win to derail all the Asante momentum. With Servite, Amat and Mater Dei also on the nonleague schedule, this game looks like a must-win simply because at this point St. Paul might be a slight favorite and you can’t say that too often when looking at most of the Swordsmen nonleague schedule. Conversely, after a down season by LH standards last season, the Highlanders could use a win as a major confidence builder. Even without the back story, this should be an excellent game between two quality teams. Early prediction: St. Paul 24, La Habra 14.

10. Arroyo at El Monte, Oct. 5 — When was the last time anybody beside Arroyo or Rosemead won the Mission Valley League? Eh, it was South El Monte in 2007. OK, that wasn’t so dramatic. But so what, it feels like a thousand years ago and you could still win some bar room trivia by asking that question at a watering hole at the end of the Santa Fe Trail … if for some reason you were at a bar at the end of the trail. Point being: to most of us, it feels like Arroyo wins it every year (maybe because they’ve won it three straight). And if for some reason they didn’t, then that was because Rosemead knocked them off. Well, this year the possible upsetter also wears the tag of preseason league favorite and that’s none other than El Monte. Led by QB Brandon “B-Mart” Martinez, the Lions have a veteran team and the league’s top offensive weapon. But what they don’t have is anybody’s confidence that mentally they can clear the hurdle that is Arroyo. This will be the league opener for both teams and you couldn’t ask for a better start. Maybe for one season the strange thought of a new era in MVL football could be upon us. Early prediction: Arroyo 27, El Monte 20.

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  • colts fan

    West covina v covina and covina v san dimas should be good

  • Lancer schedule

    @ Aram .you wrote that amat will be playing there first game against chino hill when they have a game against servite week 0 :

  • You’re absolutely right. It’s fixed.

  • Aaron

    So why isn’t the Smudgepot on this?



    You officially lost 100 comments since you said Amat will be losing two games against the SGVN.

    CO will silence the valley this year. CO still beats Chino Hills pretty easily, Aram’s #1 team. LOL


  • The Truth

    Really Aram? I don’t mind you saying Simko is the best in the SGV but what exactly has he proven for you to imply that he is the best between the 605 and Vegas. I’d say the kid from Upland is ten times better and even the kid from Bonita is better..jmo

  • Did you read the part about “(OK, maybe not west of Vegas)”???

    I was joking about the west of Vegas part, but not east of the 605. He’s the best QB in the east this year. I’m not talking about Upland and places further out. Just the schools in the Tribune coverage zone. Part of that is because he’s a very nice talent and part of that is there’s tons of new QBs in the East.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Aram:

    Matt Simko may be a gifted Quarterback however he has yet to prove himself in a higher level of completion. To date he has only played in the Mt. Baldy League and the Central Division, he is now in the Sierra League and the Inland Division. It might be wise to see how he fares in playing up several divisions and then crown him as the best

  • JMO


    You should do some research on #47 in that picture, 1st team all league and CIF as a sophmore. He will be the sickest nose in the valley for the next two years and under 200lbs.

  • Jefe

    Mater Dei will beat SP by 20+

    OLU will beat Damien by 17+

    I get a kick out of Aram thinking these programs can hang with or beat legit Pac 5 programs.

    Not happening, at least not this season.

  • Spartan 4 Life

    By the time Amat gets to Charter Oak, they could be 1-2 or 0-3 depending on La Mirada. Either way, it’s a tough way to start a season!!!

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ The Truth

    Romine is a very good QB. But he’s not 10 times better than Simko. In fact, and I’m not sure where you’d find the stats, but I’d bet a box of Krispy Creme donuts that their stats are pretty comparable.

    @Old Man Chino

    I’m sure you meant “competition.” That’s the real nugget to evaluate Simko on. He’ll get it this season at Chino Hills. But make no mistake, he’s a lot better than a host of other QBs.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Not So Fast Mt Friend:

    Thank you for catching my typo. I noticed it after I hit submit and could not recall my post. I would agree that Matt Simko is a good QB and that he may have done well in the Mt. Baldy League and the Central Division. Chino Hills has being using the shotgun/option offense since Bubb took over for Roche and from I have heard Matts skills lends itself to him being a QB in a classic 3-step drop back offense. Granted that he may have two good Wide Receivers (Jack Austin and Chaz Eldridge) he will not have any meat with him in the backfield given that his running backs will be scat backs. If Matt wanted to test his skills in a more competitive division, he will defiantly get his wish. Games against AMAT, Tesoro and West Covina will allow him to prepare himself for the rigors of playing in the Sierra League and if Chino Hills makes the play-offs, the speed and size of the Inland Division.

  • Panther Leader

    You missed the most important game of the year in the valley, Dranch v Westco on Sept 21st. This game will be for the Hacienda League Championship and to insure Dranch’s 14-0 season – Dare I say 15-0.

    Fear the Panther

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Old Man in Chino

    I hate when that happens.

    I couldn’t agree with you more. No better way to gauge the skillset than increase the level of competition. The Sierra league should be pretty exciting this year.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    I saw Wesco, so I will talk about Wesco vs Loyola.

    you can’t judge too much off of passing league for them, However with the graduation of Barnett,Frazier and Solomon. Their Studly secondary, is in question. Love has not been their, so having him will help. I do believe their running game is still going to be good because Salgado,Best, Love should be good. However, their occasional passing game did not look very good. They will have to find the right fit at QB. Hull looks like a good athlete, however it looks like his peers have caught up with him. Especially going up against the talented Mtown Sophomores. As much hype as he received, he is very similar to other young 10th Graders. He is a sophomore, but now that he is truly accountable for his performance, he has to work hard to improve on his talents. He Actually looks good a saftey. Their Pass Coverage, needs attention. I Honestly don’t see the Loyola Game being that close. Loyola is just as good up front as wesco, and think their QB, and Skills will be in sync more than wesco’s. Only because it’s going to be so early in the season. I am not sure if west Co will be ready. If they can run the ball with ease and score 40 + a game like last year, then the secondary won’t matter much, but that’s not going to happen against Pac5 Loyola. Nevertheless, this will get them ready for a beefed up Southeast…Ghar, Paramount, and Dominguez, are going to be strong teams come playoff time.

    I’ll take Loyola 42 West Co 7

    Dan If you were out at the Toss, would you like to evaluate the teams present? I want to know your thoughts.

  • The U

    For you QB Gurus, Simko was on the same Upland Pop Warner team as Romine in 8th grade. Make what you like out of the rest….

  • BraveDad

    I agree with Jefe on this. I too find it amusing that the tool gives these “SGV” programs the nod over Pac5 programs. When one looks at recent history, especially Trinity teams, the results have not been good for sgv Tool is fnny. He’s a homer though for sure. Not a very enlightened one but a homer for sure.

  • Brave Dad,

    The only tool here is you. And even that’s a compliment. I picked Loyola over West Covina and Mater Dei over St. Paul. The only PAC-5 teams I picked against were Amat vs. Chino Hills and Charter Oak and O-Lu against Damien. Whoa, those are some really big stretches on my part.

  • Dan

    Green Pastures, 42 to 7 vs Loyola, OUCH!!!
    That is COLD dude!

    WC should be fine this year and if a few key players step up in both the classroom and as leaders on the field we could be very good. There shouldn’t be a drop off in our secondary if we stay healthy as our defensive backfield will be tall [5’11” to 6’1″]fast, and athletic and from what I hear they can bring it with the pads on. We were missing kids these past two weeks in passing league but when they are all here the skill positions actually look pretty good. “D” line should also be a strong point on the defense. Hornsby should step right in at D-end and make it seem like Justim Meaders never left and on the other side is Adam Romero who flew under the radar last season but one source said he had 10 & 1/2 sacks while another scource said he had 12. I saw a lot of his sacks but never bothered counting. Along with those two D-ends We should have some solid “D” tackles in Carcamo, Finely, and Garcia.
    As for linebackers replacing Solomon outside and Turner on the inside will be quite a task, but Salgado and Ojala will be good starting points.
    On offense for the third straight year we will be breaking in a new offensive line as we only retun our center so it will take a few games for these guys to get in sync. The good thing is there is both size and strength with the new kids coming up. As for QB the senior has been throwing well with the short to mid range passes, while the sophomore has a strong arm and brings athleticism to the qb position, I could see him being used for wildcat or option situations, he has some learning to do but I think he will be very good in the next couple of years. Runningback like you said we have big voids to fill with Solomon and Fraizer gone, but Salgado, Best,and Love could all start in a lot of backfields in the sgv. Throw in Sydney Jones at reciever and Arron Franklin at wing or slot and Ojala at TE and that should make us more than just a running threat.

  • New York

    Make it seem like Meaders never left? How about all the intangibles that Justin converted into tangibles, such as his tenacity and intensity? Kinda giving you a hard time, but I expect more!

  • Keep 27

    Hornsby is superior to Meaders in every manner. Period. End of story. The back 4 is bigger and better than last year. Turner was the best player on the defense last year and that is where you will see a dropoff, but Ojala will fill in there quite nicely.

  • BraveDad

    Come on tool, reread my post. The focus of my comment was “Trinity” schools. Yes, I mentioned Pac5, but I wrote, “especially Trinity schools…” I could care less about Loyola. It’s a great school and we have a vendetta to take care of this coming season, but I don’t care about Loyola. You picked Damian over OLu and that’s a joke. Then, you pick Mater Dei over SP by a point – A POINT – really! SP will beat La Habra; one of your other favorites, but Mater Dei will beat SP by at least two TDs, JMO. You are a homer and everyone who reads your comedy knows that you’re a homer. I guess the reason you do not like the label is because good journalist are not supposed to be homers, but you can’t help it because you have very little knowledge about football outside the SGV. Admit it and be done with it – then go eat. (BTW, if you spent more time researching and learning about football programs outside of the SGV instead of critiquing fast food joints, then perhaps your reporting would improve and your opinions more valid – just a thought big boy!) Keep up the great comedic entertainment!

  • Dan

    New York, not a problem, how about this answer…
    Just want to make it clear that my comment is in no way a slight on Meaders period, but more a general consensus over here of how good most think Hornsby will be. No doubt he still has to prove it at the varsity level but before he was delegated by CIF to the jv squad, we got a little taste of him on the varsity level in the Claremont preseason scrimmage last season. He was dominant as he, Meaders and the rest of the D-line reduced the Claremont offense down to nothing. I know that was one night out of a season, but he continued his dominance at the jv level and we also witnessed him practice all year with the first team varsity as the appeal process took the whole season to get an answer from CIF. It was unfortunate for both he and us fans that he was declared ineligible, he and Meaders on the same D-Line would have been quite a spectacle.

  • Just Sayin’

    Just sayin’

    Aram is being delicate with Amat Nation. The fact is that Amat is well over matched and under prepared for the upcoming season. If we really want to be honest let’s just call a spade a spade! Amat does not have the horses to compete against teams like Servite, Charter Oak, Chino Hills, and St Paul. These teams have too much size, speed, depth, and skilled talent for Amat to beat in 2012. I predict that Chino Hills’ offense will overpower the Amat defense. Final score: CHS 35 – 17. Charter Oak’s Defense will overpower Amat and Amat will not score. I predict a Charter Oak victory of 24 – 0. And just for fun, I predict Servite 48 – 3 against Amat.

    Just sayin’

  • Green pastures aka…Greenie Cat

    Dan I like how you are on the up beat regarding your team.
    Wesco’s line is it’s bread and butter.When the big uglys are moving guys around, you can practically plug anyone into the equation and have success. However, Solomon’s don’t come every year. Shut down corners like Barnett don’t come every year. That’s a shut down guy. You all could put him on the other teams #1 and move on, similar to what we do with Craft. You Might have to Bracket #1’s this year. Players Ellis McCarthy does not come every year. So we have to adjust up front, for a player who did so much. It’s going to be a challenge like you have said. I do think Wesco is still the class of the southeast. I think you all will do well, I just don’t see you all smoking the field like last year. Your D ends will be good. Maybe they create pressure to help the DB’s. Noodles is going to be a great Player. He still has some maturing to do. Please don’t underestimate the addition of the SGV league into the South East. There is some talent and Size in that league. They also play a lot of Pac 5 moore league teams in preseason. That’s still Pac5 regardless. As for Mtown, we have to be perfect. This year is going to be the most challenging year with Ayala, St Francis, Sierra Canyon and Paraclete on the plate. Those teams play at a South east level. They could beat us. Well we will see how all the Lower level teams do at the SGV shootout. Mornovia really has to dominate this event. Otherwise, there will have to be some soul searching, if we want to be considered A top team in the SGV. Don’t take that Loyola prediction as a diss. I just think that, you all didn’t have your all time players available last year, and this year you have to break in new QB’s, RB’s and LB’s and DB’s. Preseason is unforgiving when you are playing powerhouse programs. 42-7 Dawg. I know. Grow from it.

    I just want to clear something up too. I have been thinking, and everyone is guilty of saying that this team can’t play on this level etc…Even I have fell into that trap. All of the divisions are unequally stacked. Traditionally, some schools are strong every single year. But we can only evaluate base upon the current season, and how good that team is going to be at that point in time. However, When Comparing levels of competition, you have to take the worst team, in the worst league, and compare it to the best teams in any division, that season. For Example, would Charter Oak beat Marina or LB wilson…yes isn’t that Pac 5 level. Would Monrovia beat Whittier? Isn’t that south east level. Would La Habra Beat South Hills? That’s inland level. I think Damien beat a Pac 5 team last year? They may not win those leagues, but they did play well enough to beat a team on that level. I know one game is less than playing a whole schedule, but some teams lose 4 games in league. Anyone can do that. If you could imagine the D11 or South east Champ, beating the last place team in any division, then that team is playing on that level. So it is what it is. If a team can’t then it is what it is. Not everyone, in Pac 5 can beat certain lower division schools, which means they are not a lock to win that lower division. Not very many lower division schools can beat upper division schools, But it has happened and will happen again. It happens every year to be exact. Since they don’t all play each other, It’s impossible to say, who can play where.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Green Pastures,

    I know Barnett was our stud corner last year, but senior to be Muleck Henderson was quietly shutting down his side of the field last year as well. He and Barnett were so good last season, we did not have to assign Barnett to another team’s top wideout. They just covered whomever lined up on their side of the field. Here is a highlight youtube clip of Muleck from last season.

    As far as replacing guys like Solomon, Fraizer, Meaders and Barnett. Well we’ve been replacing guys like Walter Thurmond III (Seahawks), Albert Cid (UCLA), William Wallace (Oregon), Maurice Dupleasis, Ricky Johnson etc. for years now. With an enrollment of 3,000 students and the recent program success, West Covina has stars waiting in the wings. Maybe Josh Best, Deshon Love, Sydney Jones, Noodles and others are next to just step right in like Solomon, Barnett and Fraizer had in the past? At West Covina we don’t lament the past and ask ourselves “How are we going to replace this guy?” Because in reality, there is no replacement for them. We just simply look to who we have and ask “who’s next?”

  • Western Division?

    Who’s next?

    What if Amat and West Co got moved to the Western Division? Who would compete better in that division? I say West Co becomes a middle of the pack team and Amat moves to the upper tier. The Bulldogs are good in the Southeast but only because CO and SH are not there anymore. CO plays on a much higher level now and would easily beat the Bulldogs every year. Even in 2010.

    Just Sayin’

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Western Division,

    What is this higher level you speak of? CO has been in the Sierra league the last couple of seasons, a league West Covina would be very competetive in. Other than Rancho Cucamonga, who has CO scheduled on this mythical higher level you speak of? That’s right, nobody. West Covina would have beat CO in 2010, CO was struggling and barely beat South Hills 34-31 in the final game of their regular season that year, when WC pummled them 42-27 earlier that same season. Yeah it’s a comparative score, but at least it’s more to go on than your unfounded opinion. I will say maybe 2011 CO would have beaten WC last year, but I emphasise the maybe, but again it’s just my opinion! This higher level stuff cracks me up when you realize all the other Sierra league teams other than CH are more closer to D7 teams than they are to being actual D2 Inland teams. Ask Upland if they agree. It’s funny that some CO fans come on here talking about how they would have dominated the Southeast as if they wish they were still there after getting nowhere in the Inland.

    Not only just sayin’, I brought up actual facts too

  • Western Division?

    Wrong, Bulldog!

    Bulldog you are wrong. Not only would West Co NOT beat CO but West Co would NOT be able to beat Ayala, Claremont, or Chino Hills. You would be a 4th or 5th place team. That is a fact! The problem for the Bulldogs being up at the Seirra League is that evey week you would be playing someone as good as you or better than you. No Div 11 Covina (oh wait…they actually beat you in 2010!), or Division 7 patsies like Rowland, Walnut, Hoover, Pioneer, or Artesia at that level. There are no weeks off in the Inland. That is a fact. The other obvious problem for West Co is that they don’t have a deep bench. That is also a fact! CO, CH and these others are 2 or 3 deep at every position. While its true that CO lost to Upland. You fail to mention that CO finished 6th in a 32 team Inland Division while also beating a Corona Santiago playoff team that beat previous Inland Champion Norco. You think the Bulldogs could have done that? Of course not and you know it. West Co is good where you are but only because your competition sucks. You have a false sense of success dude. You actually think that you could have won the Sierra League Championship in the 2nd year of being in Division 2? Of course not! Beat Corona Santiago in the playoffs? Of course not! Or played with Vista Murrieta in 2010 to a 28 – 7 playoff loss in your 1st year at Division 2? LMFAO dude! If CO and SH were still DOWN there in Division 7 the Bulldogs would not have the rings they have. In fact Bonita still can’t believe they let you guys have that “Hail Mary” 2010 ring. That 2010 CO team would have never allowed you 37 points and you know it. That is a fact! They didn’t allow 37 to any Sierra team that year. They certainly would not have allowed it in the Division 7 Championship game. Or have you forgotten what CO did to your same players in 2009? Wasn’t it a Chargers blow out? Something like 35 – 10? I drove from Pasadena to see that game. Thought you guys had a chance after my Muir boys almost beat them. I was wrong! Muema had like 200 yards and you guys were afraid to tackle him. Powell, Smith, Avila, Golden, Youngblood dominated you guys on defense. Rufus had like 100 yards receiving. Remember that humbling beating you took in ’09? Would have been the same in ’10 and specially in ’11! That is a fact! Now if CIF moves West Co up to the Western Division in 2014 they will have massive problems just making the playoffs. You would not even be able to compete against teams like Arroyo Grande or Chaminade or Culver City or Amat dude. That is also a FACT! Say thank you to CO and SH and hope you don’t get pushed up to the Western along with Amat in 2014! Or say good night, Bulldogs!

  • Bulldogs have bite


    So what is it? Are you crying about not being in the Southeast anymore? Or are you guys legit Inland contenders? When you guys stop crying about how much better you are than us lowly D7 teams, and instead start talking about how much further you guys need to go to be legit D2 contenders, that’s when people will listen and respect you. You come off as someone who just got beaten up, so you start picking on someone you think you can bully.

    Since the last time West Covina and CO have met, a lot has changed. And not just the divisonal realignment. WC just happened to improve as a program every year. Unless you have been around the program, it is probably something you cannot see or refuse to see. WC has taken it’s lumps against teams like Mater Dei, Bishop Amat, Venice and Loyola to make themselves better. Playing these programs is a benefit as it teaches our kids just what level of dedication they need to reach to be better. I believe now that CO has started scheduling teams like Rancho, Amat and CH in league plus playing Upland in the playoffs, it is making them creep up to a new level. But as I see it right now, WC is rising up to be even level with the best of the Sierra League teams.

    I’m not degrading any of CO’s accomplishments, but nobody really knew if they were truly elite or not because they used to never schedule anybody to gauge just exactly how good they really are. Upland stomped you guys just like Loyola stomped us last season. Looks like both programs still have some steps to take to get up to the next level. We can sit here and read the history books, but it really means little for the present as both teams have improved since then.

  • Bulldogs Got No Bite

    Lets be real. Bulldogs would get blazed up and smoked in the Western Division. Not hating but just making an observation – you guys see how their left tackle and left guard were getting beat in Hall of Fame game? And that was against west side schools. Chargers never think of the bulldogs as competition. But imagine them playing against teams in the western division? SLO, St Francis, Culver City, and Chaminade are always really good teams. Bulldogs wouldn’t even make the playoffs. These Bulldogs got no bite.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    You know you are doing good when you get haters! Keep hating, it lets everyone know we are on your mind. You guys have your observations and I have mine. I don’t think I ever said anything about being competetive in the Western Division. It would be a tough Division for both the Baseline and Sierra league teams too if you want to be honest. Although Upland and Rancho would be heavy favorites there.

  • The Eickyee Is Really Stickee

    Is West Co is smoking the really Stickee sh*t thinking that they could compete with Rancho and Upland? Amat? Charter Oak? In the Western Division? LMFAO! That is some good sh*t boy. Hell they needed an answered prayer on that game that Bonita lost in 2010. Southeast is about as good as it gets for you puppies. Notice the thundering silence about the Chargers complete dominance over the dogs? This guy knows the Charcers are a much better team. In his heart he is glad that CO was sent all the way up to Div 2. 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 too! CO chargers are too much for the puppies. You can think otherwise “puppies have a nip/tug”, but you be wrong! But keep smoking that good sh*t! It’s really funny!

  • 75% on the people can’t be Wrong!

    75% of the people voted for Loyola over West Covina?

    Aram’s prediction is 35 – 21 for a Cubs victory?

    What’s this guys from West Covina spouting about? Bulldogs gonna get that azz kicked. End of Story!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Apparently haters are also stupid and lack reading comprehension. So whatever I’m smoking, you haters or just one hater with multiple sign in names, because I’m sure not all haters are this dumb, are probably smoking a double dose!

    I still have not said anything about West Covina being competetive with Rancho or Amat or Upland morons! I said that Charter Oak cannot compete with them, and WC and CO are pretty even competetively.

    And who cares what a poll says about Loyola vs. WC. Still gotta play the game. And win or lose it is still worth noting that WC did not just start putting elite programs on the schedule last year, unlike some other local programs.

    You haters are all the same! And don’t be so quick to try and throw your name up their with Amat, Rancho, and Upland because you’re not there yet. I’m not throwing WC up with them either! You have to beat them first! And if you want to bring up history, WC did beat CO in 04 when they also defeated South Hills for a CIF title! CO and SH may have the edge in total head to head wins vs. WC, but things are rapidly changing in West Covina! Keep hating!

  • Cheech and Chong…

    LMFAO! This toothless puppy is getting funnier and funnier by the post! Keep posting puppy! You are making a real azz out of yourself!

    You beat CO way back in ’04 and that makes you competitive with the Chargers? LMFAO! And I’m the hater???????

    Why don’t you respond to 2009, puppy?

    Why don’t you respond to Bonita’s “hail Mary” loss?

    Those are the FACTS?

    Just sit down, put on your seat belt and enjoy your false sense of success way down in Divison VII. And don’t forget to say thank you to Charter Oak!

    The Grimm Reeper from the Western Division will come calling in 2014

  • Dan

    Western Div.,
    I feel a long post coming up, here goes…
    It’s not 2007 anymore. West Covina is on the rise, CO and WC haven’t played lately so all we can do is look at this from a hypothetical viewpoint, here is mine…
    In 2010 both Bonita and West Covina most likely would have beaten CO easily, I’m thinking by two or more td’s. In 2010 the Sierra league would have been a battle between Chino Hills and the two Hacienda teams if they were all in the same league, and I would not be so sure that Chino Hills would have been the top team, I say toss up between WC and CH with Bonita taking third. Charter Oak would not have made the playoffs in 2010 if Bonita and WC were in their league. A few reasons I say this is because WC’s 2010 senior class had already beaten Charter Oak’s 2010 class when they were freshmen, it wasn’t close, the score was 42 to 21 WC. In addition to that there were the comparative scores. If you look at the Santa Fe game, 17 to 0 for CO vs 47 to 7 for WC, also the South Hills game, 34 to 31 for CO, with West Co it was 42 to 14 at the end of the third qtr, WC pulled starters for the fourth quarter and South Hills was able to score 10 points to make the final score 42 to 27 WC could have put 50 or 60 on the Huskies with the first team. Claremont who beat CO and CH that year was rolled over by the WC 1st unit in the preseason scrimmage, Kessler and crew didn’t score on our first unit. The number 1’s went at it for 2 qtrs and it was 24 to 7 WC, the 7 points for Claremont came from a kickoff return by their best offensive skill player, our kick off coverage was very poor that year. This same kid [Kuramata] broke his arm a couple weeks later so the Sierra league didn’t face this kid. Bonita also rolled Claremont that year 42 to 21. Claremont had Kuramata when they lost to Bonita.
    In 2009 the 35 to 10 score was misleading, it was a closer game, if you were really there you know that.
    Although I think CO would have pulled it out even without the WC fumbles, the score would have been closer. The CO “D” could not stop the WC run game, 300 yards on the ground for WC, unfortunately a missed handoff, a fumbled snap, along with two other fumbles killed what otherwise should have been scoring drives for WC. WC pounded the CO D-line throughout the game but couldn’t hang on to the ball.
    In essence, with exception of 2009, whenever WC had good teams, their games with CO could have gone either way. Any year we have a good team we will be competitive with CO, let alone a championship year.
    You also mention WC couldn’t beat Ayala or Claremont or Chino Hills. WC has beaten Ayala the last 3 out of 4 times they played, the WC number ones handled Claremont’s number ones in the preseason scrimmage for two years straight now. As for Chino Hills we will find out this year where we stand with them.
    Don’t mean to hurt your feelings but West Covina is certainly upper Sierra league caliber, reguarding these last two years, at worst they get second place, at best they get a couple of Sierra league titles, and yes I believe WC would be competitive in the Western division, they would have trouble with Arroyo Grande, Chaminade and Serra but by the end of the season when clicking on all cylinders and at full health they would be competitive with all those teams these past two years with maybe the exception of Serra in 2010, let alone the rest of the division. In the Western I see West Co at best as a semifinal team in 10 and 11, and at worst as a quarterfinal team. Culver City is always a talented offensive team but usually has trouble with upper tier teams in their division, last year they got to the finals but Serra was in a down year, they beat them in a close game and then went on to beat Rigetti and Santa Monica before getting killed by Arroyo Grande, I think physical ball control teams would be too much for their style, in 10 and 11 West Co had the defensive speed to contain that type of offense, along with a physical punishing ball control offense to keep the Culver City offense off the field.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Why don’t you respond to the fact that you’re stupid? A hail mary loss? You probably did not even attend the Bonita game. A team that got three straight possesions on our side of the field and only yielded 9 points? That’s where the game was won or loss. Even in the NFL guys drop gimme interceptions, so winning sometimes takes a little luck. Big deal! False sense of success? So when CO won the same Division it was also false success? WC won the same Division in 04 and beat CO that year also. So basically you are saying that those CIF teams of CO that won back to back titles were also just a lowly D7 team? They played a lowly non-league devoid of any elite programs that’s for sure!

    Both WC and CO would both get beat bad by Upland. Just glad it did not happen on TV, oh wait….. WC would compete just fine in the Sierra league, which probably would be a better league for the Central Division. Relief is on the way in 2014 since you and your Coach always cried about being bumped up to the Inland. Keep crying about how much better you think your Chumpsters are than WC. It’s comical how you feel the need to pound your chest against lowly WC down in D7. Maybe because you cannot actually be on the level you think you are. CO is closer to being the same level as WC than it is to being on par with VM, CC, Rancho C ,REV, Norco, Upland and Chino Hills.

    Keep stomping your hoofs, I love it when you respond and waste time picking on WC when the rest of your Division sees your team and actually hopes to draw you in the playoffs for the easy W. WC is putting it down in the Southeast and would welcome a new challenge and a bump up to another Division. Maggiore would never cry like a jilted lover on video like Old Lou did.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  • Western Division

    Its true that CO lost to Upland. But you forget to mention that you too lost to your neighbors aka Division 11 Covina Colts. You also fail to mention that in losing to Upland, CO in fact finished 6th in a 32 team Inland Division while also beating a Corona Santiago playoff team that beat previous Inland Champion Norco! That’s middle of the pack. Do your math boys!

    You think the Bulldogs could have done that? Of course not and you know it. West Co is good where you are but only because your competition sucks.

    You actually think that you could have won the Sierra League Championship in the 2nd year of being in Division 2? Of course not!

    Beat Corona Santiago in the playoffs? Of course not! Or played with Vista Murrieta in 2010 to a 28 – 7 playoff loss in your 1st year at Division 2? LMFAO dude! VM would have spanked you so bad that you would’ve gone home to Tijuana instead of taking the bus ride back to West Co.

    Look at the facts instead of dicking around with dream games. That 2010 CO team would have never allowed you 37 points and you know it. That is a fact! They didn’t allow 37 to any Sierra team that year. Not Chino Hills, Claremont, or South Hills. They certainly would not have allowed it in the Division 7 Championship game. Or have you forgotten what CO did to your same players in 2009?

    These guys from West Covina sound like they were dropped off at the Female Health Clinic and left there by their boyfriend. LMAFO! Why so insecure about your rings? I already told you I’m a John Muir Alum and supporter. Wasn’t it a Chargers blow out in 2009? It was 35 – 10? I drove from Pasadena to see that 2009 game because I thought you guys had a chance after my Muir boys almost beat the Chargers. Dam was I was wrong! Here in Pasadena a 35 – 10 game is definately a beating!

    I saw what I saw and I know that the 2009 bulldogs got mauled by the Chargers defense. Adam Muema was a man playing with your tiny linebackers and by the second half your middlelinebacker was running away from Muema.

    The fumbles your team had were caused by the Chargers defense. Or did your running backs simply drop the ball 7 times? Explain that one Danny Boy! Western Division is coming and so is the middle of the pack! You guys can’t play with SLO or Arroyo Grande. They will smoke you guys every year in the 1st round.

    These bulldogs are the same as the old Diamond Ranch teams. Thought they belonged until they actually played a team like the Chargers. Not only would the bulldogs NOT beat CO but West Co would NOT be able to beat Ayala, South Hills, Claremont, or Chino Hills. You would be a 5th place team in the Sierra. That is a fact!

    Stop trying to be the Charter Oak Chargers and enjoy the scrap left overs that CO and SH left behind for you to pick up. LMFAO!

  • Grimm Reeper

    Bulldogs, you beat these guys in 2012 and I’ll shut up. Deal????

    08/24 Covina (Covina, CA)

    08/31 Loyola (Los Angeles, CA)

    09/07 South Hills (West Covina, CA)

    09/14 Chino Hills (Chino Hills, CA)

    But you know that you’ll be lucky if your 1 – 3 by the time you get to DBAR.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    To Western and the rest of your alias identities that you form to make it look like other idiots agree with you,

    Just because you place the phrase “that is fact” after your opinions does not make it actual fact! Chino Hills won the Sierra league and made the Inland playoffs right away, CO did not not accomplish anything special. Yay,CO made the playoffs by winning by far the weakest league in your division and beating a third place team that was missing some key players! When was the parade for that victory? I think Chino Hills has made a case that they belong in the Inland, the rest of the Sierra league are all solid schools but are just not Upland, Rancho, VM or CC good!

    The 2010 CO team allowed 3-7 South Hills 31 points lmao! That is fact! WC would have easily scored that many against CO that year. Not insecure about our rings as much as you’re insecure when we point out the reality of CO not ever having any chance at winning the division they are in. And how funny is it that you talk all this smack and you’re a Muir graduate? gtfo, rep your own hood and stop boosting another school because you can’t say anything about yours! lol didn’t those stangs get blanked by La Serna? The same La Serna that West Covina broke the scoreboard over their heads? hahahaha! You’re a jock riding hater! Typical haters latch onto anything so they can hate! Latch onto your school and see how much fuel you have to fire against WC! lmao! Muir….

  • Dan

    your comments :
    – “You also fail to mention that in losing to Upland, CO in fact finished 6th in a 32 team Inland Division while also beating a Corona Santiago playoff team that beat previous Inland Champion Norco! That’s middle of the pack. Do your math boys!”
    “You think the Bulldogs could have done that?”
    Actually yes I do, with the way WC was playing during playoffs why wouldn’t they be considered favorites over Corona Santiago who was having a subpar year?
    With the exception of Centennial, and J.W. North, the rest of the Big eight was in a down year, including Norco.
    – “Or played with Vista Murrieta in 2010 to a 28 – 7 playoff loss in your 1st year at Division 2?
    West Co would have been closer than 28 to 7 against VM in 2010. I could see the Bulldogs coming within a touchdown or 10 points. Cal preps thinks we would have came even closer.
    – “Look at the facts instead of dicking around with dream games.”
    There are no facts about 2010, the two teams didn’t play, there is only opinion, but at least we use the best availiable evidence instead of just an arbitrary opinion like you come on here with. The evidence for 2010 is overwelmingly in WC’s favor. The WC boys beat the CO boys badly when both teams were freshmen, and then you have comparative scores of 2 different games and a scrimmage, Along with Bonita smashing a team that beat CO.
    – “I saw what I saw and I know that the 2009 bulldogs got mauled by the Chargers defense. Adam Muema was a man playing with your tiny linebackers and by the second half your middlelinebacker was running away from Muema.”
    First off what does 2009 have to do with 2010, I acknowlege that Muema was a beast and would have run on any team in the area, he was the difference in that game. CO lost all of those key players, No Muema, No Powell,No Golden,No Smith, No Youngblood, No Allen. They were a different team in 10, and not close to what they were in 08 and 09. West Co on the other hand was much better, WC returned that same offensive line that shredded the CO front seven for 300 yards, along with what could have been the best stable of runningbacks in the area and a third year QB who proved out to be a true leader. On defense they were big and had one of the best defensive front sevens in the area, nobody ran much on them in 2010, but the biggest improvement was the defensive backfield, we finally had good sized, athletic, physical DB’s who could shut down the outside run and cover recievers like a blanket, and when ever WC has had a talented defensive backfield they’ve had very good defensive teams.
    – “The fumbles your team had were caused by the Chargers defense. Or did your running backs simply drop the ball 7 times? Explain that one Danny Boy!
    No they dropped it twice, the first was picked up by Powel and returned for a TD, the other was dropped by the QB on the snap. Bulldogs were driving on all of those drives so lots of senarios are possible if those fumbles don’t happen, but CO did cause two of the 4 fumbles and a pick so credit goes to them, they were the better team in 09, but like I said, what does that have to do with 2010?
    – “These bulldogs are the same as the old Diamond Ranch teams. Thought they belonged until they actually played a team like the Chargers. Not only would the bulldogs NOT beat CO but West Co would NOT be able to beat Ayala, South Hills, Claremont, or Chino Hills. You would be a 5th place team in the Sierra. That is a fact!
    You keep repeating yourself, you got your answer on Ayala,Claremont and Chino Hills in the previous post, go back and read it a little more carefully this time.I can’t do everything for you.
    By the way being a Muir Fan why would you even come on here and tear on West Covina? Is there a little jealousy running thru your veins? Don’t tell me your pissed cause you thought Muir was going to run the table when they changed the divisions, this ain’t 2007 anymore Mr. Western, WC is on the rise and looks to be that way for a while, I here this incoming freshman class we have now is once again loaded with talent.

  • Dan

    Oh, one other thing your wrong on Mr. Western division,
    Your comment of:
    – “These bulldogs are the same as the old Diamond Ranch teams. Thought they belonged until they actually played a team like the Chargers.”
    West Covina has won in 4 of their 5 CIF title games, so there is a bit of a difference between them and the old Diamond Ranch teams.
    Just Sayin’

  • Western Division

    These toothless puppies are getting funnier by the bong hit! Their real heritage is starting to come out now. Ghetto that is!

    “The evidence for 2010 is overwelmingly in WC’s favor.” says Danny Boy! That is so funny! I’m LMFAO!

    So let me get this straight. You got your a#*s handed to you by a Division 11 in the Covina Colts, but you are 100% certain that you could have beaten the Division 2 Chargers? Is that right? LMFAO!

    PUPPY with Dentures you actually think that your 5 footers could have played with these teams in Division 2 last year? Upland, Redlands East Valley, Centennial, Rancho Cucamonga, JW North, Charter Oak, Yucaipa and Vista Murrieta??? And Won? Wow dude your s#*t is really good.

    We the Stangs almost beat the Chargers in ’09 except for a great final play by Smith and Company to stuff our 2 point conversion on the last play of the game. That was a great game. You on the other hand can’t admit that you got your a#*s handed to you and are making up excuses for the way your team lost in ’09. You also conveniently forget that Bonita kicked you a#*s all game long in 2010 and you needed a “hail mary” pulled out of your a#*s for Bonita to lose that game. Listen I sat on your side of the field in 2009. I thought you had a chance in 2009. I was wrong and so are you. Your ghetto a#* fans thought you had a chance in the first half. LMFAO! By the 3rd quarter the score was 28 -10. How is that a close game? The Chargers defense had like 7 sacks and your 5 foot “3rd year QB” was running around like a headless chicken because the plays broke down at the snap of the ball. The CO nose guard kept knocking your 5 foot center into your 5 foot “3rd year QB”! Your tiny linebackers were running away from Muema. They were afraid of him. Allen and Rufus killed your slow and small DBs. The CO defense had like 80 tackles in that game. That 2009 Defense has like 7 guys playing College ball right now! Can you say DOMINATION! By the beginning of the 4th quarter your parole officers must have been calling your ghetto a#* fans to check in before 10 pm cause most of you were out the door like the place was on fire! LMFAO!

    This Dan guy actually says his 3rd year QB “proved out to be a true leader.” Then he destroys him by saying that his “all west covina QB(LOL!)” failed his team and the ball simply “was dropped by the QB on the snap.” Nevermind that the CO NG was in his back pocket before he could hand off the ball to the RB. The RB being the other guy that simply “DROPPED the ball.” LMFAO! Danny Boy then gets even more funnier and says “Bulldogs were driving on all of those drives so lots of senarios are possible if those fumbles don’t happen” (LMFAO!). Yeah and if I picked the correct 7 Lotto numbers instead of 3 or 4 correct numbers I would WIN the Lotto dumb s#*t! You got your a#*s handed to you and you just can’t admit it.

    You think you could have beaten the Chargers team of 2010? Well you’ll have your chance to prove it in 2012. Chino Hills has reloaded. You say “I think Chino Hills has made a case that they belong in the Inland”. Well here’s your chance! Should be an easy victory for West Covina right? Should be a cake walk for the bulldogs. After all Chino Hills is good, “but are just not Upland, Rancho, VM or CC good!”

    South Hills is down and so is Charter Oak right? No Santiago, no Scoby at CO. “The 2010 CO team allowed 3-7 South Hills 31 points.” Right? SH in 2010 was “just a third place team that was missing some key players!” Right? According to you “CO did not not accomplish anything special.” Right? Well here it is ghetto boy. All served up in a silver plater. Just like you say it happend in 2010. You actually think you’re a Sierra League team? LMFAO! Like Grimm Reeper said, you’ll get your chance in 2012 to prove how great the toothless puppies are against
    08/24 Covina (Covina, CA)- Loss in 2010!
    08/31 Loyola (Los Angeles, CA) – Beat Down in 2011!
    09/07 South Hills (West Covina, CA)
    09/14 Chino Hills (Chino Hills, CA)
    I agree with the Reeper. You’ll be lucky if you’re 1 – 3 by the time you get to Diamond Bar.

    You’ll definately not beat SH or CH after getting your collective heads slammed into the ground by a significantly greater team in the Cubs.

    After your done getting your a#*s kicked in by these 4 teams, do like Cheech & Chong told you to do – “Just sit down, put on your seat belt and enjoy your false sense of success way down in Divison VII. And don’t forget to say thank you to Charter Oak!


  • Western Division

    Oh, one other thing your wrong on Danny Boy,
    Your comment of:
    “West Covina has won in 4 of their 5 CIF title games” has nothing to do with your false sense of success.

    Your titles of 2010 and 2011 are actually scraps that Charter Oak left behind for you. Your winning has nothing to do with you being great. It has everything to do with CO and SH being promoted to Division 2! IF CO ever went back to the Southeast, you would quietly move to the back seat or even the trunk of the Southeast bus.

    That is the real comparison between West Covina and the Diamond Ranch teams.

    That is a FACT!

  • Keep 27

    Dan & Bulldogs have bite
    You guys make valid points without trashing people. You are arguing against people who want to drag you down. You’re valiantly trying to win an argument you will never win. LA was winning titles in DIV 7 and then CO was winning in DIV 7. What some people forget is that WC made playoffs 4 years in a row in the vaunted Sierra League prior to coming to the San Antonio League. That league had DB in its heyday, Ayala when it was really good, Damien, Rowland when it was good. They were playing in what was Div II then while CO and LA were in Div 7. Nobody in Bulldog land was complaining when we were playing, Upland, Alta Loma, Dominguez, and Palmdale in the Div II playoffs while they were playing Div 7. Let it go. CO folk are a different breed, always have been.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Western pony boy,

    Chino Hills is closer to being on the same level as Upland, Rancho, CC and VM than CO is. Meaning contender level and not pretender level.

    You keep saying the same ish over and over again, when presented with facts you just blow them over with more nonsense and name calling and then press repeat on the disc player.

    And to top things off. YOU’RE NOT EVEN FROM CHARTER OAK! You’re just jock riding because your team is in shambles! If Muir somehow could of found a way to not choke against La Serna last year, West Covina would have definately hung a hundie on dem!

  • Dan

    Ok Stang,I can see this will go back and forth till there are a hundred post on this thread. Your all over the place, no logic, no reason, no sense, just trash talk and pure mindlessness, you keep mentioning Bong hits like it’s a familiar habit of yours, is it? Lets hope your Stangs and our Bulldogs can meet up this year, should be fun, have a great season.

  • Hmmmm

    I’m reading this attack against West Covina and kept help but to think that its probably from some Amat homer trying take the attention away from the Lancers and trying to start some heat between CO and West Covina. Why would a guy from Pasadena know so much about CO? Hmmmm? It’s not like JCAZ or LanceLot haven’t done it before. Hmmmm

  • Western Division

    West Covina will be 0 – 4 after Chino Hills in 2012!

    Maybe 1 – 3 if Division 11 Covina Colts let the bulldogs win!

  • keep27

    Class act western division. You know what fellas, we should embrace the western division because then if we win that division; we would have realistic shot at state bowl game, just as CO would if they were to win the inland. It would be tough, but not as tough as CO has it.

  • Westside

    Hmmmm – a Pasadena guy probably knows about ChOak because the Chargers get most of their impact players from West of the 605. Thats the only way they can compete

  • Western Division

    Maybe CO gets their players from west of the 605 because they have proven to us that they can get our kids to the next level in College Football. Who doesnt want that? Where do your gang bangers south of the 10 fwy go after they get their GED? And don’t give me Thurmond as your escape route! That was like 6 years ago. Can you give me 15 names in the last 3 years. Can you do it? I can give you 20 CO names in the last 3 years. I’ll let you go 1st.

  • No Way

    There is NO way there have been 20 college guys from Co in 3 years

  • Wasted Division

    Why are the bulldogs waiting their time on this Muir guy? Just go out there and get it done. Best way to shut this guy up is to to 10 – 0 and be #1 in the playoffs. Let’s get it done Bulldogs.

  • Wester Division

    Bulldogs you’re looking really bad if you can’t give me 15 names in 3 years! You are just as good as CO and SH right? You can compete with the lowly Sierra League right? Very well. What are the names? Look I’ll let you off really easy ok? Give me 10 names off of your fantastically dominant 2010 and 2011 Southeast Championship teams. Can you do that? I can name you 15 guys from the CO 2008 and 2009 Southeast winning teams playing College ball right now. I’ll let you start 1st. You better not give me any Jucos. Ok? That would really be embarrassing. Ready? Name and College Ok? Go!

  • Backpeddling

    Western Dude – you went from 20 to 15 in a hurry. I bet therre werent 15 either. Maybe not even double digits. Better not name any JuCo guys

  • Western Division

    Bulldogs is this Backpedding idiot the best you got? Is he fluent in English?

    Listen here boy. Once again in “Ingles” for you foreign jobs south of the border. Here is what I said, “Give me 10 names off of your fantastically dominant 2010 and 2011 Southeast teams. Can you do that?” Because I can name at least “15 guys from the CO 2008 and 2009 Southeast CIF winning teams playing College ball right now.” Do the math foreign job. That would be “dos” years senor.

    Now if you give me 15 Bulldogs in 3 years. I’ll give you 20 Chargers in 3 years also. Now do you Comprendy homes?

    Its easy right? I mean you are just as good as CO and SH right? You can compete with the lowly Sierra League right? Well what are the names there senor? I’ll let you start 1st. Ready? Don’t forget “Name and College” Ok? Go! I’ll respond as soon as I get your 10 names from 2010 and 2011.

  • Slip and Slide


    You seem to be the Bulldogs expert(and I mean in that is good way). How do you think that the West Covina Bulldogs are going to do in the first part of the season? Pretty good schedule against Covina, Loyola, South Hills and Chino Hills. What are our chances? Can we go 4 – 0 against these guys?

  • except…

    …there are NOT 15 players from CO’s championship years playing college football (and remember – no one that started at a JuCo…you didn’t want any WC guys from ’10 & ’11 that are going the JC route).

    So basically you’re saying “tell me something that you can’t tell me first and then I’ll tell you something I can’t tell you either!”

  • Dan

    Slip and slide,
    I think we’ll beat Covina and South Hills, I would favor Loyola and Chino Hills over us but I like our chance for upsets in both those games.

  • Dan

    I’m glad you bring this up… From the 10 and 11 teams I only know of Gibson in 10 and Solomon in 11 that were D1 caliber out of highschool. Walter Thurmond was the only D1 player on the 04 Title team.
    Now isn’t that impressive about Mike Maggiore and the West Covina coaches, and the Bulldog program? In three out of the 4 years where they had just 1 legit d1 player, they get you a CIF title. Can you imagine what they would do if they had 5 D1 players on 1 team? I tell you what, they wouldn’t have lost to Rancho Cucamonga.

  • Western Division

    So that’s why you got your asses kicked by Division 11 Covina Colts in 2010! Division 11? Really? 35 – 10 bitch!

    Got it!

    Wait till SH and CH and Loyola kick your ass in 2012.

  • Dan

    2010 game vs Covina was another turnover game, when you turn the ballover 5 times in a game you get upsets like that. 430 yards offense By WC that night, half that amout by Covina.
    You should understand that real easy as your own Mustangs were lucky enough to benefit off a last minute meltdown by CO after CO was handing them their arses all game.