• Dog and Pony

    Looks like the kind of talent/stature Amat should have on their Roster. Those are some good size high school kids. Monrovia has a few, Charter oak has a few, Led by Bobo, and West Co doesn’t have any skills that size….I think aram should do this for all the top schools in the valley. Let’s see what the top players look like. Go interview the best Combo of players playa!

  • Looks Like Football Player

    Both Simko and Austin look like football players. I’ve followed the SGV teams pretty well over the last 10 years and CH has always looked good. A few times though they looked great on paper, but didn’t quite deliver. Maybe this is their year, and I love that they will be playing the best of the valley in Amat and CO. I’m not sold on Damien as a power of the SGV yet. Their skill players look talented, but small. And until they beat the CO, CH, and Amats of the SGV, Damien will live in the shadows of these teams. CO is a mystery to me this year. I keep hearing great things about them, but they did lose a lot. I caught a practice and they look ok, but not necessarily dominant. I think they will be good, but I feel CH has the edge. Amat is another mystery. I keep hearing different things, and some call them small and lacking talent, while others say they look good, and are coming together as a solid team. I neither hate nor like Amat, but I appreciate tht they do carry the load in the SGV and that deserves respect. This year will be very telling for the SGV.

  • Don’t forget that Chino Hills also plays West Covina. So really, a tour of the Valley powers between nonleague and league.

    About CO, they could have the scariest front seven in the SGV and the back four aren’t too shabby either.

    About Damien, you’re right, small in several skills spots, but EXTREMELY quick and WR Josh Savage is not small at all.

  • Reading between the lines

    Austin is the real deal solidifying that last year and earning a very nice D1 in Boise State.
    Simko still has much to prove being a platoon QB last year at the lower levels. People forget he was pulled in some very key moments.
    He has excellent arm strength but still clearly has some accuracy problems to fix.
    It was also interesting to hear Simko talk about Bechtel having the offense clicking and to see Austin give the team credit.
    This is going to be a fascinating dynamic to watch this year. If their not careful this unethical move of Simko and Bechtel could cause a team to be divided.

  • i agree

    Free loading: I totally agree he hasn’t proved anything but is living it up with all the hype , just remember he is not a product of chino hills and is only here because this is where he saw the most recruiting going on. Such arrogance is pouring out all over the hills right now from him and his pops.

  • I’m not sure what being pulled at “critical times” your referring? Matt Simko was the Mt. Baldy League Offensive MVP. Harper was a very athletic change of pace QB mostly used in wildcat situations for Colony. He will be playing receiver for Arizona next year. As far as Simko’s accuracy he completed 60% of his passes for the season. And in 3 games in the playoffs he threw for over 750 yards at a 68% completion rate (MAXPREPS). Not sure where you are getting your information.

  • Keep your head in the sand

    TA Bush go ahead and tell yourself that. Colony came up short when they were favored to win the D4 title. And when the going got tuff Becthel ran Harper and the cat. Chino Hills is a team divided and this move is going to back fire. You can talk all the stats you want but until you tell me what percentage of families are completely bitter about the “rescue mission” Becthel/Simko are on your not looking at the right numbers. We were fine without them and would have been bettter off if they never showed up.
    Look at the viedeo again these are two players on diffrent pages. Austin a team player and Simko a QB afraid to win his spot so he has to follow his paid QB coach….Oh I know Simko went first.
    What a joke.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Keep Your Head in the Sand:
    I agree with your observation on how Simko and Austin presented themselves on the video. Austin is a product of Coach Bubbs system where the team is paramount and it is the collective efforts of each team member that leads to success. When Ifo, Nate Harris and Austin Johnson played they went out of their way to deflect personal accolades and applauded their team members. Simko will need to adopt Bubbs team concept and realize that unless he wins the respect of his team members by putting aside personal goals and doing what is in the best interests of the team as a whole he will be in for a long and frustrating season. Right now he is coming across as a hired gun and I do not think that is how he wants to present himself. Austin looked uncomfortable with the answers that Simko gave to Arams questions. Jack is right when he expressed that the most anticipated game is the one the team is preparing to play that week. While the AMAT game is a greatly anticipated game, it is wise to prepare for Arlington first and once that game has been played; then set your sights on playing the team that follows Arlington on the schedule-AMAT.

  • Uh listen, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I think you guys are reading into Matty Ice’s answers way too much. And to make the conclusion that he is either arrogant or out for self is totally ridiculous to me.

    You need to remember that Simko is coming into a situation where he needs to be a team leader, after all he’s the QB of the offense. He needs to portray confidence (or as some of you might call it arrogance).

    So what the kid said Amat was his most-anticipated game of the nonleague. Can you blame him? A PAC-5 team coming to Chino Hills in Week 1. The Huskies beat Amat and they’re on their way to a big season. More than half the team would probably say the same thing.

    Like I said, I really think some of you are just trying to find fault with Simko and you’re nitpicking to do it.

    You can view the Colony departure as a negative, but that’s nearsighted thinking, in my opinion. He only has ONE senior year. His head coach just left right before the season, the program was in scramble mode and he’s supposed to wait around and HOPE administrators make the right move?

    I can tell you this, Simko is the thing that catapulted CH to No. 1 in the area (in my poll). He gives them the chance to be at another level. He’s got a lot of pressure on himself thanks to me and others who are expecting great things of CH now. I would sure hope he didn’t conduct any interviews where sounded unsure of himself.

  • Keep your head in the sand

    OldMan in Chino, Simko is a hired gun who is only concerned about himself. He is at his third high school in 3 years. That is clearly a player who doesn’t understand the concept of team. He is only worried about himself. Also what does it say about our new OC Becthal. Becthal is this kids private coach and mentor who encourages and supports this behavior. The Huskies are a good hard working team and always have been they don’t need this type of ME player mentality.
    There is no justification for either of their behviors. This stinks in so many ways and is back firing as the team is already divided.

  • Keep your head in the sand

    Aram, Be real you reported Becthal to Chino Hills before the Simko move so you know as much as any one this was a well calculated move and to paint this as if this is about Colony being in disaray is just not true. Side note don’t think this is a dead issue with CIF.
    The issue with the interview is not his confidence but his overall lack of team in his thought process. Instead of being thankfull to be a part of one of the areas best teams as he stand next to one of the top recievers in southern california he is more concerned with stroking Becthal.
    This is joke and everyone will see soon enough.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Aram:
    I am more than willing to give Matt a chance to prove himself and I do not want to pre judge his motives for transferring to Chino Hills. Coach Bubb has developed a successful program and Simkos desire to be part of it confirms this. He could have transferred to a number of schools in the Sierra League and he chose Chino Hills. The arrogance needed to be a successful QB is not what I had a problem with, but rather his lack of understanding that it is team first (Jack displayed this) and that while he (Simko) may be the focal point of the offense he will need the support of his team members to be successful. His back-up will be Zack Chadwick who is better suited to play LB as compared to splitting his time between QB and LB which is hard to do. Thropay is one season away from being ready to play Varsity, so Simko came at a good time for Chino Hills football. I will never bad mouth a player, but I was only noting the different ways that Matt and Jack presented themselves on the video.

  • OK, well I hope neither of you ever decide to play poker because of this perceived ability to read people.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    I think you guys (Old Man & Keep your head) are reading way too much into what this kid said in a 2 minute interview. Both these kids look like studs, and I am really looking forward to see West Covina play Chino Hills!

  • I don’t know much

    I don’t know much about simko’s situation, However the Head Coach at Chino Hills took him in. He has the final say. If he did not feel Simko could help him advance his team this year, he would have told him to keep looking. I know Jordan Thropay is there, however a team needs a number 1 and 2, and they should compete. Anytime a kid is the “Guy”, you run the risk of not having a quality back up, and your season goes down the drain. Chino Hills fans should just chill out, see what happens. If this kid, start’s balling, then what? Is everyone going to retract their statements about this player? Transfers always rub people the wrong way. However, blame the head coach, not the kid, parents or QB coach. They were all looking for a opportunity. The best thing Simko should do is make everyone feel like he is coming to join a good team, and not coming to save a bad team. I have heard how bad or overrated this kid is, but I am not hearing how good the other QB’s are Chino Hills? It’s already a given the he must win the job. No one player is bigger than the team, including the kids who are already there. They can’t be mad if a better player comes in and earns their spot. It happens in college. Your spot is up for grabs weekly. So really, is Chino Hills better with or without Simko? Do you start a sophomore with no game experience? Our do you start a Senior who has played. Central division football is not as good now, but it’s still better than JV football period. It seems to me that Simko is drawing a lot of hate on here. You can’t trust Gossip. Bloggers may projecting that he is not working out over there, and that may not be the case. If there are any blow ups come season time, then speak on it.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To I dont know much:

    I do not have an axe to grind as it pertains to Simko. I am more than willing to allow him the chance to prove himself and I truly hope that he is successful this season. I will admit I am wary of a player who has left two programs prior to arriving at Chino Hills, however possibly Chino Hills is the right program for him. I fully intend to be in the stands cheering him on and hopefully he is all they say he is and more. I know that Coach Bubb can now focus on running the defense now that he has an OC to run the offense. Hey in the whole scheme of things; these are teen-age kids who enjoy playing football and the majority of them will not go onto college ball. So I will withhold judgment on the possible ramifications of Simko being QB. I do know that next season the focus will be on Thropay and his ability to be the caliber of QB he is rumored to be.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I have to agree with T A Bush on this.

    @ i agree:

    Free loading? Free loading off what? Hype? Hype isn’t why Claremont still goes postal because he left. Hype doesn’t cause you to be conference QB of the year. Hype doesn’t cause you to split, then “take” the starting QB position from a D1 player playing QB. The more I think about the more insane your post sounds.

    “Not a product of Chino Hills” – what the hell is that supposed to mean? He’s a QB, not a dairy product.

    @ Reading Between the Lines:

    There are no lines to read between. You’re looking for hidden messages and innuendo where none exists. Jimmy Hoffa isn’t dead either brother. He lives in the Bahamas on a secret island, along with Elvis.

    There were no boogeymen is Simko’s statement about Bechtel having the offense clicking. Austin’s statement of the team coming together compliment Simko’s statement. And this “unethical” stuff. Really?

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Keep your head in the sand:

    I find your post to be the most disturbing. The team is divided? I didn’t see a divided team playing in the Bonita Tournament. I saw teammates encouraging and cheering each other on. I saw Simko rooting the defense to stop their opponents so they can get back on the field. Divided, I think not. Then again, this sounds more like someone crying over spoiled milk to you. Divided teams don’t do that.

    One thing about Matt Bechtel. Even in Corona his name is well respected and highly thought of. I know both coaches, Coach Logan (Centennial) and Coach Steinberg (Santiago) that know him and respect him. I can’t say that about several other coaches and most notably some new arrivals that have been slayed on this very blog for a variety of coaching sins.

    Perhaps the problem is a new guy bringing a new attitude and a new way of doing things that some people find upsetting. Hey that’s always the case when a new coach comes in. Feathers and feelings get hurt. It is what it is.

    As for what happened at Colony, you sure you got your facts straight? You sure about that? When the going got tough? Really, you want to stand by that? Among area coaches it’s well known what the problem was and is at Colony and you’re no where close to being even 1/16th accurate.

    Hired gun, better off without “them?” Wow. You talk about Austin and his team lingo, but you quickly refer to those two as “them.” My, my, my. Man, you’re rich. You can ground out a person’s persona is a 1.43 minute video, of which they spoke for about 35 seconds. Dude, you’re good. You must work for the CIA as an psychological analyst.

    Yeah, you might want to keep your moniker, “head in the sand.”

  • pop warner

    Colony league was pop warner: Compared to the sierra league, the inland, and Baseline. My daughter can throw the rock in their division, the sierra, baseline, and inland are legit and fast and he will soon find out.Why do I have a feeling Mr Ice Cream is blogging too?

  • haha

    The Sierra league(minus chino hills) = Mt Baldy league

    Why do sierra league fans turn their noses up.

    No one in Sierra league has burst a grape in the inland division.

  • Claremont was better off WITHOUT him, numbers don’t lie!

    Not so fast my friend,

    You obviously are not associated with Claremont Football or you are clueless to how they run their program because Claremont cheered when this kid left. They are far from going “Postal” when they hear about this kid. It was as shady as possible how he left during the three week dead period prior to the start of the season, but they were just fine without him. They won 6 games last year and that is 3 more than they would have won with Simko. The team over-achieved behind Simko’s “back-up” Schaper. Simko never really fit in at Claremont. The kids could see that he wasnt interested in the TEAM but rather he was out for himself. Sounds like not much has changed! The Wolfpack played for the Schaper kid and won those 6 games playing an unarguably tougher schedule.
    To go even further back in time, Simko grew up and played youth football in Upland. When it became obvious he was not nearly as good as Romine and he would sit behind him for 4 years, he started the revolving door of schools and transferred to Claremont for his freshmen year.. I will say, good move on his part! Although Simko may “look the part”, UPland’s Romine is leaps and bounds ahead of him as a QB.

    If you are more of a stat guy, Maxpreps numbers speak for themselves. Schaper vs Simko 2011 overall stats and stats versus common opponents:


    120-193 – 2243 – 62% – 17 TDs – 6 INTs – QB rating – 119

    vs. South Hills: 13-19 – 397 yards – 4 TDs
    vs. Ayala: 26-33 – 378 yards -3


    111-184 – 1893 – 60% – 11TDs – 3 INTs – QB rating – 108

    vs. South Hills: 1-5 -6 yards – 0 TDs
    vs. Ayala: 0-1 – 0 yards – 0

    …..not bad for a 5’10” 156 lbs “back-up”…….

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ Claremont

    Since I’ve been following this blog, I’ve seen blogger after Claremont blogger rip this kid like a jilted girlfriend with a hairy mole the size of a big toe in the middle of their nose. You’re the first I’ve seen that hasn’t and didn’t care that he left. That’s how it should be.

    As far as the stats, nope I’m not a stat guy, but you’re right, the numbers don’t lie. It looks like Claremont’s QB had a phenomenal season. I will repeat, again, Simko split time with a D1 Player, Brian Harper (Arizona) at QB before assuming the starting role, I believe mid season.
    Which explains his low numbers against South Hills and Ayala (where it looks like the whole team played poorly, or they were evenly matched).

    I’ve seen Romine play and he’s an excellent QB. That said, I wouldn’t have sat behind him either. But I hear you! My issue is guys like head in the sand ripping a kid like he’s an NFL player. These are high school kids. Let them enjoy it while they can.

  • When I go to passing games I’ve had a few people come up to me and say “Who’s that Chino Hills QB?”

    I say “That’s Simko.”

    They say “Oh, that’s him … he’s good.”

    ANY of you would want him at your school. That’s the bottom line.

  • Citrus College 2013

    That is because you HOMER the kid like you either lost a bet to his Dad, Mr. Simko, or his Daddy, Coach Bechtel.

    The kid has a live arm, I’ll give you that, but his feet are SLOW! Compare him to Claremont’s Kessler from a few years back who put up video game stats against the Sierra League and there is NO comparison! And what scholly did Kessler get? None! He walked on at Utah. He is NOT D1 talent!!! If CO’s Santiago ends up at D2 APU then this kid better start applying to Citrus! This kid is not on the level Aram puts him on AND he is a CHEMISTRY KILLER. You will see. I seriously wonder if he will even be at Chino Hills at the start of the season. I bet him and his Daddy are considering joining Asante and Scoby at St. Paul.

  • Here’s an example of me being a “homer” for the kid. Be sure to read the WHOLE THING.

    4. Matt Simko, Chino Hills — The stage is set for Matty Ice to have a memorable senior year. He’s got a D-1 receiver in Jack Austin to work with and the typically sturdy Chino Hills offensive line to protect him. It’s evident already in passing games that Simko sees the field properly and all that’s needed is some fine tuning. The arm is there. The frame is there. Footwork needs to get quicker (Inland Division coaches already telling me that’s the area they’ll attack). This should be one heckuva year for the 6-foot-4 senior.

    I’ve never met his dad, so we haven’t made any bets with each other.

  • aramsaweeny

    Hahahaaha: hey aham who named him matty ice? Why? You know ice does melt when not in the correct environment!

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  • Marcus

    Are you all kidding me! This is high school football, some of you need to get a life. It sounds like people who are jealous and or mad that they never got where they wanted to be when they were in high school. Simko is what football needs. He is a great young man and a very good player. If football players – either (high school, college,& pros),were more like this kid, then sports today would be in a better place. If young men today were more like Simko, then this world would be a better place. We live in a world now were sometimes you have to step on some toes, once in a while. There are alot of positions in this world where weather you earned it or not, that position is just always going to get noticed and draw more attention to and some people just dont like that. Its not about, this person is better then that person or who can throw better. There all good in there own way and as long as they try there best and give it there all, then thats all that matters. By the way, there are plenty of interviews were Simko give respect towards the team and makes it all about the team and not just him. That kid has a machine gun arm and a football heart and I think he has proved himself above and beyond. I wouldnt doubt that Simko goes all the way to pro. Hes got my vote.