Bishop Amat trio of standouts WR/DB Darren Andrews, LB Sal Velasquez and RB Dionza Blue at Trib media day

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  • Just an ordinary football fan

    What’s up with the ear studs? New Catholic School dress code?

  • wow

    These guys are kind of small. How will the lancers fair in the big ol Pac 5. I am sure they are studs, and can play…but in a grinder, I see them getting wore down….Well, no disrespect. I am just saying.

  • Football Fan

    Actually Sal, in the middle, is 6’1″ and weighs 228 Lb., and he is a solid linebacker, tight end, and full back. He has been a starter since his sophomore year. Andrews, on the left, who has verbally committed to Duke by the way, made CIF track finals in the 200, and is a very fast receiver and DB, who also has played varsity since his sophomore year. Blue, on the right, again has played varsity since his sophomore year, and he is a player period. Whether he is running the ball, catching the ball, or intercepting the ball on D, Blue can just play. These boys are solid and will prove it this upcoming season.

  • Reality Today

    To: Just an ordinary football fan,

    Let’s be real, whether you are in public school, private school, or private catholic school, kids will be kids. During school hours they are in their nice uniforms, but come after school, the ear rings, hats, and overall bling come out anywhere. So don’t act like you are shocked. And if you are, wow, what a putz.

  • Jefe


    You’ll find out pretty quick how they’ll measure up considering their week 0 opponent.

  • 6feet Under

    Corrections and Retractions – Sal was measured at 5′ 9 7/8″ and only 209 lbs this summer! When did he gain the 3 inches and 20 lbs?

    These guys are small. No other way to say it. Little D is about 5′ 5″ and 155 in a wet uniform.

    They will get worn out by Serra League time and they have a no win situation with the pre-league schedule (Servite, La Mirada, Chino Hills, Charter Oak, St Paul). What’s worse is that they don’t have any talent on the bench. These guys have to play multiple positions and lots of minutes just to try to keep the losses to a respectable score.

    No 2010 or 2011 Cupcakes on this schedule. Where are the winable games for Amat in 2012?

  • AMAT!!!

    Why is everyone so quick to talk bad about any kid from Amat!? These boys are great athletes who are ready to compete in the level they have been trained to compete in. Don’t hate people!! Every year we start with all the same crap about how Amat sucks and how Amat is small and every year Amat rises to occassional and hold their own against the best. No worries, we got this! šŸ™‚

  • wow

    I don’t see any players over 6ft in this pic. I am not saying they can’t play. I am just saying their not big. Small guys get scholarships too. Just saying They are small. The middle linebacker is about 5’11 1/2-6ft, the other guy is 5’9 and the other guy is 5’7- 5’8. However, why does Sal where 2 knee braces? I am not trying to rag him.

  • 6Footer


    You’re Amat is an occasional team and nobody hear is hating on these kids! The fact is that when you play Garfiled and Cathedral you should win, but don’t I don’t expect too many occasions when Amat will win in 2012. That’s all folks! I said last year and the year before that and I’ll be right again this year.

  • Why Haters Gotta Hate???

    @ 6 feet Under

    It looks like you’ve been talking to zombies again cuz your information on the size of these players is DEAD wrong!

    Sal Valasquez is 6’1″ 205 lbs.

    Darren Andrews is 5’10” 160 lbs.

    Dionza Blue is 5’11” 175 lbs.

    These are last years stats too and like most kids that play football at Amat, they’ve probably gained muscle weight since then.

  • Stop the Ignorance

    to 6 Feet Under:

    I am just amazed when anyone comes on these blogs to speak badly about any of the kids that Aram and Robledo cover. Remember that these are high school kids. These are very talented kids that take pride in representing their schools and the SGV. Stop being so ignorant and learn to appreciate all these kids that sacrafice so much in being stellar athletes and students.

    Remember that envy is one of the 7 deadly sins…..

  • stop talking and go see for yourself

    first i would like to say @wow @ 6feet under and any other amat hater , all you have to do is ask the man himself @aram tolegian how tall these kids are. lol he’s the one who interviewed them and this is his blog. Aram lies for no one!!!! or if you dont trust aram’s word and you just have to hear it from a muti millionaire source then go to espn hs website or nike sparq combine hs site and see thier heights and weights. nike or espn wont lie for anyone, they do your ht without shoes on and weight without shoes on. there you will get the real heights and weights and sparq ratings cause i know for a fact they all competed in the nike spaqr combine this year. and to my knowledge they all did very very well. @aram please help these illeterate people out!!!! thanks. oh yeah Amat will show you guys in less than 60 days why they are best team in sgv and ill be here tickled pink at you haters!!!!

  • Simko and Austin are both in the 6-3/6-4 range. I would say Sal Velasquez was around 6-0/6-1 and the other two 5-10 or11-ish. They’re not small guys. Haha. You guys are so lost sometimes.

    None of you really have any clue how good Blue is. I saw him in scrimmages two years ago as a sophomore and thought for sure he would be Amat’s starter. The guy is smooth in the open field and has size. But Jalen exploded. We’re all gonna see this year that this kid is no joke.

  • Sgv baller

    You can’t tell how big someone is from a video .just by looking at simko and Austin in the video I would of guessed they where around 6 feet. Only Aram saw them up close.

  • wow

    So shoes off these guys measure in at 6’1, 5’11 and 5’10…ok.

  • Tape!

    So Andrews is the same size as Butch Pau from Servite? I just don’t see it. They all look to be within a inch of each other. They are good players. Well BA scrimmages Monrovia and Upland next week. I am sure Amat Fans will stop by. let’s see how big this LB is compared to The LB’s at those programs. Those guys run 6’2-6’3 220-230lbs…However kids can grow a inch overnight, so… Darren Andrews Profile
    Darren Andrews Headlines: Andrews is a Blue Devil La Puente (Calif. ) Bishop Amat WR D
    Brandon Huffman (Scout west coast) confirms. Reply | Quote … 5’10” 160: http:// Listed as …

  • wow Says andrews is 5’10 160, so blue has got to be 5’8 160. Sal looks to be 6ft 200lbs not a inch taller. Nevertheless, they are still good. Just saying,,,

  • 6Footer?

    Aint nobody hating on these or any other kid. I’m just stating the facts! You don’t like facts? That’s your problem Amat Dad (mom, sister, or whatever)! Your team is not good enough to win. That’s all I’m saying. BTW, Aram agrees with me. FYI, Huffman doesn’t measure people. Just prints the info he is given. Same for as is for Rivals. I could tell them I’m 8′ 10″ and 580 lbs and they’ll print it.

  • Valley football

    Quit all the negativity.these players must be good if they have been on varsity since sophomore year.would like to see you get an interview with the cousins kordell and Kenya at diamond bar.would be nice to hear from them about transfer rumors .

  • stop talking and go see for yourself

    @ 6 footer @wow you guys need to quit it ! lmao …..i told you to go to espn or nike sparq combine and you go to scout and rivals. hahaha your really stupid but its my fault for thimking you had far as aram agreeing with you numbskull he gave you there heights arent you reading this blog? oops my bad you read it and forget that quick on what you read seconds before. its called short term memory. lol and thats what you will have once amat beats servite then it will be exscuses again. iall you haters will eat there me and chino hills is not that good i was at passing league and they beat amat on very last play of game without andrews guarding austin .it was a 14 year old kid that was frshman last year guarding him. austin is man child i agree with that but never has one man beat amat . everyone on this blog knows that .amat is a team and no way they let just austin beat them single handedly. same chino hils that barely beat damien on last play of game. lmao man amat beat damien by 3 tds. you guys dont kno football. smh catch game amat vs st paul. amat wins by 7 . @wow and @6 footer dont get back on blogs till you do your homework pals!!!!

  • The Proof Is In The Pudding

    I know y’all like to say grammar and such is not important on these here blogs, but good grief, if “stop talking and go see for yourself” is any testament to what’s being taught and learned over at A(door)Mat, send your kid to one of those other top public schools in the SGV. Kid, do yourself a favor and do YOUR homework.

  • 6feet Under

    @stop talking

    Again not hating on these kids. Now put your bong down kid. You actually believe that Amat is going to beat Servite? LMFAO! 4real? Hahahah you must still be high from last night. You do know that Darren Andrews left CO because he couldn’t get playing time, right? His dad told my dad that story 2 years ago. He was too small and too slow against Gilchrist, Bobo, Washington and others. He would have never played over Herman Akins or the guys back at CO this year. Did you see what Servite did to him, Velasques, and Blue last year? Go see the film. It was ugly. In case you don’t know let me tell you on the real – not like mongsinore talks to you Amat kids – you WILL lose to Servite, Charter Oak, Chino Hills, and to St Paul. And now You Know! Listen homer lancer it’s not hating when the facts are true. LMFAO

  • Claremont jv tourney

    Just went to the Claremont jv tourney.first team that caught my eye was crespi because they where athletic fast and buff looking kids. They ended up getting third. So I guess u can’t tell who is good by looks.santa margarita did not look very athletic but they took first with a win against mater dei who also had size and a good qb that stood about 6′ 2″ . Mater dei was deep at qb and had a couple receivers.only saw amat for 2 series and they scored quick both times. They won first three games and lost to Santa margarita and j serra . Amat took 4 th behind j Serra . Upland took 8th and Valencia was 7 th I think. Charter oak looked very weak. Not much going on there on the jv level which probably means that in 2 yrs they will lack some skill players unless they have some good sophomores on varsity this next season .i saw charter oak beat walnut 14-0. Walnut was second to last and every team scored more than 14 on them.

  • Claremont jv tourney

    Mistake .crespi got 6th place.

  • stop talking and go see for yourself

    @wow @proof in the pudding @6 feet , now look damien beat servite 43 to 6 in passing league game. but i bet that doesnt count cause servite is running team right? but what about amat they are running team too. they have always done horrible in passing league and they still win games year after year. amat coaches dont careabout passing league there out the coaching to get better . they dont have to win passing league games to keep there jobs !!! those coaches coach for free cause they all have something in common they all went to amat !!!!! amat matches up better on paper with servite athlete for athlete per max preps. go check it out!!!!!

  • Social media

    Velasquez is a little above average lineman and the move to LB puts him and Amat at risk of having 2 players out of position. Velasquez at LB and the undersized kid replacing him on the DL.
    Velasquez needs to spend less time tweeting about others teams and players and spend more time learning his new position because from what seem he doesn’t know how to cover at all.

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