Damien beats Servite, Carlsbad, Cathedral Catholic advances to Under Armor Tournament semis before falling to Serra …

Damien, fresh off its win in the Ayalal Tournament last weekend, had another strong showing on Saturday at the Under Armor Tournament in El Toro.

The Spartans picked up wins over Servite, Carlsbad and Cathedral Catholic and reached the semifinals before falling to Serra.

“We competed,” Spartans coach Greg Gano said. “We’re competing against good people. There were a lot of athletes out there today. We’ve got some kids, they compete.”

Gano praised his defense, especially defensive back Jonathan Lyles. He also pointed out good offensive performances from Andy Sherwood, receiver Josh Savage and QB Gage Pucci.

Aram’s take: This team is getting scarier by the day. The loss of Alex Hernadnez hurts bad, but the gain of Ray Oseguera helps big. As I said in the first all-encompassing Top 25, I have a inkling to make the Spartans the No. 1 team in the area heading into fall.

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  • Sierra league

    Looks like Damien is legit and maybe on there way to the top of the Sierra. I know they have a good sophomore class which will be good in a couple more yrs. I don’t see servite dominating in passing because they are a physical team that runs a lot .alemany beat Santa margarita by 21 points a couple weeks ago and I don’t see them even near as good when the pads come on.



    Relax, Damien beat Servite’s JV team. Charter Oak lost by a touchdown to Hart when it should have been tied since they didn’t count Bobo’s TD.

    I would love you to put Damien at #1 so we can watch them crumble under pressure. They were in the weakest bracket hands down.
    Hart was CO’s only loss of the day.


  • no-step


    I agree with you. I saw them against Bonita, Northview, JW North and at the Ayala tournament. It’s passing league. Damien’s biggest problem will again, be on the sideline wearing headsets.

  • relaxing

    You guys are funny @ c.o. We saw u too buddy! No doubt you are better in pads, but keep hating! Skills wise, Damien is better than you & you know it!

  • I will see CO next weekend at Claremont Tournament. Very much looking forward to it.

  • Hahahaha

    Jv….yea right.
    Cathdral Cathloic, Carlsbad and Servite were all solid teams.

    CO on the other hand showed their cheap shot whinning ways was once again. There were crying about their loss just like when they took their but kicking from Upland.

    From what I saw they need to worry about their own team not anyone else’s

  • JMO


    Why wait for next weekend, Chino Hills at CO on Tuesday>

    Haha, Cathedral has 100 students at their school and that was Servite’s JV team, there was a bigger tourney in the OC that the varsity played in. You left out the mighty lions of El Monte that you had in your pool, ROOOOAAAAARRRRRR you mighty spartans.

  • Keep ur hopes up

    First off Servite was not at the Mission Viejo shoot out. Second Servite brought 60 guys lead by Troy Thomas himself. Third Scout was not interviewing Servite JV. Forth they played their younger kids after Damien beat them so that’s what You CO blow hearts watched after you were eliminated.
    So keep hoping all you want that the Spartans are as good as you saw because you all know that was to much for CO.

  • 4th

    And 4th of cathedral one the state title out of San Diego last year so quit crying and making excuses

  • Spartan Dad

    It doesn’t surprise me to hear CO whiners time after time. I was at the tourney and saw Servite’s Varsity team get legitimately beaten by the Spartans. Yes, I know this is a passing tournament with no pads or real hitting, but the skills players for Damien definately beat the Friars. CO needs to understand that they are not going to run away with the Sierra, and instead of crying like they love to do, they better be ready for a real challenge.

  • JMO

    Keep thumping your chest spartan boys, CO will once again make you a two or third seed next year, beat O LU and make the sierra proud. CO and CH also need to step up this year against pac 5 to show all that we are legit.

  • Anonymous

    CO and CH is the top dawgs of the Sierra League no doubt and a game against M-town would be fun to see but IMO i think CO and CH comes out victorious. And against BA this year both teams will completely dominate Amat the SGV needs a new “king” the non-sense title that these writers gave them. I rather have a team that actually wins then a team thats only about what they did in the past. BA sorry to say but that program down there has run its course step up recruit get some athletes and take over the SGV like you use to.

  • Who…

    Claremont tourney? Who is in that ?

  • Jefe

    Big LOL @ people getting worked up over meaningless PL games.

    Servite would beat Damien by 5 TD’s in a real game.

  • For the record

    Look at Servite’s JV QB’s picture at the UA 7v7. Yea the one committed to BYU…..lol

    For a game that doesn’t matter against a so call JV team it sure is getting a lot of attention.

    Neil Pau’u Servite Varsity QB committed to BYU in action on Saturday at El Toro per Scout.com not the dbags from CO.

  • Spartan 4 Life


    Your probably right, Servite would beat Damien, but not by 5 touchdowns. But I’d still love to see that game! Since we’re pretty much playing the entire Trinity League, why not schedule Servite? Where scrimmaging Mater Dei, Lutheran’s on the schedule, we’ve already played J Serra, all we need is Servite & Santa Margarita. Let’s see if we could make that happen. As for passing league, Damien played some of the best 7 on 7 competition around. Even though we’re missing the big guys up front, playing against secondary’s of that level will only get you ready for Sierra & Inland Division.

  • JMO

    Spartan DOUCHE dad,

    When was the last time your son beat CO……..crickets.

  • Comedy Central

    Damien Daddy’s

    When the real game starts its rush your QB, hit him and youre done. The little side outs won’t work all year long…

    The tone will change come pad time… PAIN!

  • Team Tap Out

    That’s a lot of big talk from a team that got rolled up and quit on National TV.

    For a team with no heart you sure do blog real good.

    BTW was that you kid who tapped out he got steam rolled by the A-Train?

    Now those are some crickets.


  • JMO


    What sucks more is that your team got rolled by the team that got rolled. Sucks for you BIATCH.

  • Team Tap out

    JMO, Youre definitely a CO parent because that makes no sense at all.
    That put you in the same boat as Damien.
    If youre going to blog you need to have higher than a jr high education fool.
    PS-Tell your boy to keep his head up he will get another opportunity if a few guys get hurt.

  • Truth

    Truth is Damien players have worked extremely hard this off season.
    Truth is the Damien coaching staff is working harder than ever before.
    Truth is Damien has showed a lot of improvement with skilled players and competitiveness during 7v7.
    Truth is coaches, players and parents are extremely positive about what is going on with Damien football.
    Truth is Damien still has a lot to prove and they have to continue to work hard while staying focused.
    Truth is the haters will chime in because theyre all afraid of the truth.

  • JMO

    Team tap out eeerrrrrr Damien honk,

    Makes plenty of sense toolboy.

  • no-step

    The truth is that it makes little difference how hard the kids work when they’re being taught an anemic offense with no red zone success and a tactically unsound defense.

  • It’s Passing League

    Getting all worked up over passing league…

  • It’s Passing League

    Getting all worked up over passing league…


    Same old story out of Damien. Every preseason we hear this is the year or we’re loaded this season and ready to take over the league. All leading up to a third place finish in the Sierra and getting whooped by teams in preseason . The only thing good for Damien is they won’t get rolled by Amat this year , instead they will get it from OLU .

  • BraveDad

    @ Spartan 4 Life,

    7 on 7 is CYO flag football. It serves one purpose: to improve timing on both sides of the ball. Once the big boys are added up front, the pads come on, and real football is played all this passing league stuff means nothing; heck, it means nothing now!

    As far as the Trinity League, give it a rest. You mention that youre pretty much playing the entire Trinity League. Lets see youre practicing, i.e., scrimmaging, with Mater Dei, youre not playing Mater Dei. You played JSerra last season and beat them by 2 points. Sorry to tell you but during Trinity League play JSerra gets 40+ laid on them every Friday and they lose those games by 30+ points. They are improving, but dont thump your chest for playing and beating the Trinitys worst team. You go on to mention adding Servite and SM to your schedule; good luck with that because those schools, have bigger fish to fry.

    Finally, I must point out that the Trinity is made up of 6 teams, not 5. Did you omit Bosco because you dont know the Trinity League as well as you think you do? Did you omit us to be insulting? Or is it that you remember the last home and home with us? You know, the 2008 (34 0) and the 2009 (40 7) beat downs. Thats what happens to Damian when they play real football against the Trinity League, JSerra aside. (That said Id love to see Damian and JSerra ASAP because they too would smoke you now as they improve every year.)

  • Good Old Days

    What happen when Damien did compete against St. John Bosco? Those where great games. In 2004 24-10 Bosco (Damien had 2-8 record), in 2005 22-20 Damien, in 2006 31-29 Bosco (great game with the controversial play at the end that led to game winning field goal).I guess Damien used to play real football back then. Now I wonder what they are playing now. LoL
    Its High School Football and anything can happen. Good Job Spartans and keep doing your best. Its a new season and until the shoulder pads come on this is all we have to measure all teams with. What I want to know about is how are linemen competitions going. If a team is doing well in passing and linemen competitions then they are the teams to look out for going into the season.

  • Spartans Fan

    Jserra beat orange lutheran 31-14 last year.. Check ur facts.. And Damien is better then last year.. Most of the team is back and the players that r back r very much improved. Damien has more speed then anyone in the Sierra. Damien was one of the fastest teams at this tournament and has 10x more heart and drive to win then recent teams. This is gano’s first class and this team has a whole different mindset then past teams. Also if u were there Damien’s center was much bigger then any of the other teams centers and made very few mistakes when servite had many fumbles.

  • JMO


    Damien had a bigger center than other teams. Spartan fan, that is the best take ever that I have seen on this blog.

  • Spartans Fan(tasmic)

    Hey spartans Fans – aaaah I would cool off a little on your proclamation of this being Gano’s “first class”.. unless your talking first “recruiting” class which is spot on, most of your key skill players are xfer’s who were recruited in by a “street hitting coach” and some pappa’s workin’ it. but best of luck, they are really great kids wishin the best!

  • BraveDad

    @ Good Old Days,

    Im not sure if youre trying to be funny (the LOL kind of leads one to believe that you are) or if you are really using two other recent games that Damian lost to Bosco to justify success. If its the latter thats funny bordering on hilarious. A loss is a loss. That said, youve underscored my point, i.e., in the last 9 seasons Bosco has beat Damian 4 out of 5 times, the last two being blow outs. Im not big on living in the past, but I felt Spartan Fan needed a little mental adjustment and I had to set the record straight, which is: 1) he left Bosco out when listing the Trinity teams; and 2) Bosco owns Damian.

    @ Spartan Fan,

    First of all I know that JSerra beat Lou last season and if it makes you feel better that a Trinity team lost to JSerra during League play in 2011 then more power to you. I have to reiterate though, PASSING LEAGUE MEANS NOTHHNIG!!! SCRIMMAGES MEAN NOTHING!!! Heart and drive wins games on Friday night so save some of it for Fridays. Its nice to know that Damian is improved because thats good for high school football good luck to Damian. However, I have to say that Damians center being bigger than all the other teams centers means nothing. Are you sure it was even the starting center and not a 2nd string end tossing the ball back to the QB? Most teams dont even take their center to passing league unless theres a lineman comp. Further, the center is often times the shortest lineman of the five (it helps the QBs vision). A big line has a 6, 6-1 center that is as strong as an ox you know like the Bosco center that left Damian and who will more than likely be named Trinity League All League in 2012. Then the line gets bigger as you move out to the tackles. When your tackles are 6-5 275 and 6-4 295 (like Boscos) then we can talk big line. Oh by the way, the 6-5 kid is the #13 ranked OL in the nation by Maxpreps. So you see my friend, anyway you slice it theres no comparison. Hows that for facts?

  • PAST

    @Brave Dad
    I don’t know what the last 9 years has anything to do with this upcoming football season for the spartans….hahah quit living in the past bud….this damien team is so much different then any other damien team you have seen since the 90s but us dhigh fans don’t need to explain anything to you guys because week after week win after win this season you guys will always have some sort of complain or excuse so just quit wasting your guys breathe and just make sure you guys look up the damien scores this coming fall

  • BraveDad

    @ PAST,

    Read the posts Im responding to knucklehead then maybe youll understand. And as far as Damian, I do not look up their scores because they are insignificant to the Trinity League and Pac5. (Ill look at the OLu score though just so I can laugh at you guys.) I posted on this thread in response to the dis by Spartan 4 Life and I think I made my point. Then one of your guys calling himself Good Old Days (if thats not bringing up the past then what is) brought up the past and made a fool of himself. Now I have a third fool in you. What the heck do you mean by: Week after week win after win this season you guys will always have some sort of complain or excuse. What does that even mean? Bottom line, we own Damian and you cant write. Now go watch your big center whos probably not even a center you moron. Big center, give me a break.

  • Haha

    Why are you even on this blog lol…. go do something better or go look at your area blog…no one wants to hear you on here….. sorry man

  • Good Old Days

    @ BraveDad
    My comment was part humor and part reality.You wanted to prove a point that they can’t handle a trinity league team. The last two times when Damien got their ass kick and you state “Thats what happens to Damien when they play real football against the Trinity League” and I thought it would be funny to show that they did compete and were able to beat you guys. Now its 1 win but still a win. Now Damien beats Jserra and you laugh. I know before last season Bosco wasn’t doing well in league. You guys were only able to beat JSerra for 5 years and rest of the trinity league was laughing at you, but you change that by beating OLU and Mater Dei last year. Now by winning you can gain respect and thats what Damien needs to do. It might be this year for Damien if they can beat OLU but only by playing the game will we find out. Lets see what happens and hopefully Bosco can do the same by continuing beating other teams in league not named Jserra.

  • BraveDad

    @ good old days,

    Thanks for clarifying. I love the humor. I have to set the record straight though: Bosco was averaging 2 wins a season in League and just missing the playoffs until last season. And I hardly think anyone was laughing since almost all games were closely contested. I think teams were breathing a sigh of relief and thanking God that our play calling was so stale and obvious. Thats all changed now and we are the most improved program in the Pac5 and we will be a top team in 2012. Good luck to you and Damian

    @ Haha,

    Kiss my azz. Is that all you have? Yeah I’m gonna stay off the blog because you said so – how pathetic. Post something interesting then maybe you’ll have a little cred knucklehead.

  • The Pit

    @BraveDad…still being a bully I see.

    If you call out Bravedad, u guys better back ur shit up.

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