West Covina, Yes, West Covina! wins SGV Shootout … and what a wild day it was …

Jon Najera was flinging it on Saturday.

Keith Birmingham’s AWESOME PHOTO GALLERY from Saturday’s SGV Shootout.

West Covina, yes, the same West Covina that has historically struggled in passing tournaments, beat Northview to complete a perfect day and win the SGV Shootout at Arroyo High School on Saturday.

The Bulldogs beat highly touted Monrovia in the semifinals and then topped Northview, which was another surprise team on Saturday, in the finals.

West Covina quarterback Jon Najera piloted a Bulldogs offense that hit on both short and long passes. Sophomore QB Antonio “Noodles” Hull also got in the mix, but Najera looked like he’s taking full control of the starting job on Saturday.

On to other things …

Monrovia — If I had to set odds before the tournament, I would have made Monrovia the odds-on favorite. So for the ‘Cats not to win it all, well, that’s a mild disappointment. Of course, it doesn’t really mean much in the overall scheme of things. M-Town’s coaching staff knows what it’s doing and you just can’t question programs like Monrovia when they don’t live up to expectation IN JULY!

Azusa-Gladstone brawl and then get ejected — I did not personally see this, but it wasn’t hard to find those who did because that’s all several people were talking about. “It was nothing but cheap shots,” said one person who witnessed it. “It looked like every punch thrown was a cheap shot.” And when I asked whether this was just one or two players going at it, another witness said “No, this was full blown 20-on-20.”

Mountain View impresses and ticks a lof of people off in the process — Mountain View, which has long been one of the Valley’s struggling programs, showed signs of life on Saturday. The Vikings reached the quarterfinals, which is pretty impressive considering that they’re a Double Wing team. Anyway, in the process of having such a nice showing, several coaches expressed their displeasure with Mountain View’s play calling on offense and its formations. The main thing at issue was that Mountain View lined up with a fullback and once everyone released, they ended up throwing the ball to him. “It was basically like shovel passes to the fullback without actually throwing a shovel pass,” one coach told me. There are certain etiquettes at passing games that you don’t tinker with. Mountain View showed some bad etiquette, according to many. “They were basically throwing the ball where the offensive guard would be in a normal game.”

Northview — I said this after the Bonita Air Assault and I’ll say it again: Northview is one of the most improved teams in the area, if not the most improved. Obviously, after today the word is out. Last summer, I said Northview was in big trouble after seeing them in passing games. I don’t think Vikes head coach Marcel Perez ever forgave me for that because when I came up to him at Bonita and told him how impressed I was with his team’s progress the vibe I got was basically “Thanks, now get the hell outta here.” Fair enough. I’m very impressed with Northview’s strides and they’re catching a wide-open Valle Vista League after San Dimas.

Arroyo coach Jim Singiser and Co. — Another amazing job by Singiser and his crew. The event was run very well, as always, and was a great showcase of mostly SGV talent. Kudos to Singiser and his crew.

Back to West Covina — I cannot say enough how impressed I am with what a sensational program head coach Mike Maggiore has developed. The sleeping giant was awakened and it’s just amazing how the Bulldogs continue to play within themselves with fantastic intensity and smarts. Not to mention, they’re lightning quick. But it goes beyond Maggiore. The Bulldogs fan base and booster club has become top notch. They have a good-sized contingent that sets up shop at passing games and makes sure the players are well cared for. It all goes together — the wins and the support. This is what happens when a program becomes wildly successful.

  • Sgv baller

    Saw the west Covina pony 14 yr old Allstar team play last weekend . There was a pitcher named Alex ace carillo that was about 6’1″ 185 pounds .they said he goes west Covina .they need to see if he can throw a football because his arm is strong.

  • good job

    Great job to the coaches and players.

  • Fbfan

    Monrovia is very very impressive but west Covina without some star players was able to knock them off. Mt. View may have pissed some people off but the mvl is wide open as neither arroyo or sem looked all that great. No one should complain about etiquette because I saw a lot of teams running delay routes and playing linebackers over 10 yards deep. Bonita runs a great tournament but they’re in trouble. Not only do kids not want to play for the new coach but coaches don’t want to coach for him either since I saw Podley and medina both purposely walk away from him after a bad loss. Diamond bar also desperately needs a qb but I’m sure Maine will find a way to get his guys the ball. Wow northview has some playmakers! San dimas and the rest of the vvl should be worried

  • Dan

    West Covina better be careful, other teams may mistake them for a passing team. Who would have thought a Northview vs West Co championship game for the sgv PASSING tournament.
    Great tournament and nice job to the Bulldogs and all the other teams. The Monrovia/West Co semi-final was intense and came down to the wire with West Co winning on a goal line stand as time ran out. The Northview vs West Co Championship game was a good game and was close for most of the game, eventually West Co started to pull away, I think they won by two scores. Northview has some talent over there, if they have a good line this could be the turn around team of 2012, sort of like Los Altos of 2011. Monrovia had plenty of horses and physically looked like they could score all day long, West Co also had horses and played good defense throughout the day. What I enjoyed more than anything was the mental toughness the Bulldogs displayed on several occasions, but particularly towards the end of the Monrovia game when two of their best athletes, Jones and Franklin went out with cramps, they could have just folded and given in, but it was nice to see other kids step in and make plays and then go on to beat a much improved Northview team in the final.
    Other teams that looked good were Maranatha and Whittier Christian, Buena Park, and Crescenta Valley, I’m sure there were others but with 24 teams, I didn’t catch all the games
    With that said, at the end of the day all I got to say is… it’s only passing league fellas.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Great job Bulldogs! It does not surprise me that Jon Najera is playing so well. He was our starter last season before he got concussed in the first game against Covina. When he was ready to play again he was then relegated to back up duty and he did not pout or complain one bit! That’s great character!

    I don’t think starting QB jobs are won or loss in passing league. So I’m still going to say that there may still be a QB battle all summer. The real evalution starts when the pads come on. Who can handle the rush, see over the linemen, escape pressure, throw on the run all come into play.

    If Noodles is not taking snaps from the center as a QB. He will most likely be taking hand offs in the backfield, catching passes or running out of the wildcat formation. He is too much of a playmaker to not be utilized. As Dan put it earlier, it’s just passing league, but at least it’s an improvement over an area we have not previously been successful in. So kudos to the Coaches in getting this team to compete!

  • Kick ASS

    I saw Montclair really get ALL over it vs Arroyo and barley lose to West Co. West Co did loose the killer instinct on Montclair. MHS is for real….

  • http://Earl Earl

    I love how coaches get upset about etiquette at a passing tournament…Last I saw Passing games aren’t that realistic. What about etiquette on the defensive side? When is the last time a LB during a passing game respected the run? It sounds to me like some coaches can’t handle some one who doesn’t always get success, succeed! In stead of complaining about MVHS double wing, why don’t you just stop it? Go Vikes!!


    Where are all the Monrovia fans. LOL


  • Red Leader

    I’m right here SGV FOOL. Monrovia’s not even in your division and you want to talk smack? What do you want to hear? That Monrovia lost to a good West Covina team and had to settle for 3rd place? For the last 3 years Monrovia has never won a passing tournament but has been in the cif championship 3 years in a row. I would say worry about your own house and your own division, specially Damien. And again, it’s passing league. It has minimal correlation to the success of your season. Lame-Ohh.


    Red Leader,

    Wow thats pretty subitaneous of you to get all that from my 6 word post! I didn’t even say anything negative. HAHAHA, awe you got to love the Monrovia fans.


  • football Daddy

    Good football yesterday and congrats to Coach M. from Wesco.
    Can’t wait to see Northview in pads.
    Shame on the Azusa’s fan post. FIght should have never happened.
    Mission Valley will need some work. Arroyo, So. El Monte looked oh not so good. Looks Good for Mt. View playing with swagg and pissing people off hahaha. Good for a team that has won 10 games in the last 20 years.
    La Puente, Diamond Bar, Baldwin Park and Arcadia also will need lots of work. Monrovia will put a hurt on Arcadia this season in order to redeem themselves from last years loss to the Apaches. Good Stuff man thanks for a day away from old lady

  • Anonymous

    Whats up with all this passing league crap it means absolutely nothing but reading the headline made me think WC won an Olympic event the way Aram put so much emphasis on West Covina, Yes, West Covina! But out of respect competition is competition and every winner deserves its glory so congrats WC on your win. By the way the best passing League team in SO-Cal is ALEMANY BABY!!!!!!!BA DONT STAND A CHANCE THATS THE SGV ONLY HOPE LOL you SGV fans should really pull for CH or CO against them because your king of the SGV is the weakest KING on the KINGS level. I really hope you find a new King this year because if you dont and BA beats both of them and not make the playoff only makes the Fish bowl look like a feeders tank for teams that wanna eat. LOL

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    The reason for the West Covina, Yes, West Covina! headline is because of West Covina’s terrible past performances in passing games over the past few years. Therefore, it was a shocker that they won a tournament they went 0-3 in last year.

  • passing league is important. By Green Pastures

    First Off, The SGV shootout was Great. Much Respect to Bulldogs, they clutched up and stuff us on the goal line!!! Great adjustments from the previous meetings last week. Are you watching Mtwon… adjustments, adjustments, adjustments!!! Southeast ain’t easy! Won’t win those step up games with out them. I thought Wesco Secondary lost alot well they gain a lot too(love). They have some big time athletes over there too. What Makes it scary is that Passing league was a weakness of theirs..Not any more. Overall Monrovia got some great experience, and was beat by a team they had success against. Over I am very excited about what we have at Monrovia. I can’t wait to toss against BA and upland. There is no reason, hate on WESCO, that was a huge accomplishment for their program! That was a Wing-t team winning a Passing league tourney. That’s was sick. Can’t hate, just got to eat it, and move on. they deserve their shine on Monday. I will say this though. The Arroyo coaches…know what they attempted to do all day…I am hoping for a 3 place finish in the mvl and a first round matchup with Monrovia. That’s Great Job Bulldogs! Good look in the southeast!

  • Dan

    Green Pastures,
    Thanks for the props on WC, I have to say that the semifinal beween Monrovia and WC was pretty darn intense and could have gone either way, the Wildcats look like an Inland div. team at the skill positions, big and fast, there is speed to burn over at M-Town. When watching the game there was always this feeling that your boys were about to score at any moment. I thought I read that there was a three way toss going on at Amat on Tuesday with M-Town and Upland, Is there?
    If so I will try and stop by.

  • bob bradstreet


  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Thank you Dan for the compliment. Although we do have type of talent. Our Kids nor coaches, are hardly ever in a dog fight when playing against Midvalley Talent. We are always at a disadvantage in step up games, when it comes to this. It’s not secret! Even if we have better players physically, that tough mental edge goes to the team from the upper division. Either way it’s a thorn in our side. I hope the cats come in with a chip on their shoulder against amat and upland in the 3 way tomorrow. As much as I gloat, I still can’t see us being #1 until we show some consistency in that area. Upper Division teams are not going to hand it to you… We are always right in position to take the game, and some one drops a ball, QB makes a bad throw, DB get’s caught Peeking. Either way, like I said, if we did not win this tourney, we know we have some work to do in this dept.

  • http://MSN.com Noodles at QB


    Did you watch what happen to West Covina last year. Najera was projected to be the backup last year, beat out the other kid during passing league, then we all saw what happen when they put the pads on. Najera ended up back on the bench, exactly where he is going to end up this season with Noodles taking over. You can’t teach a kid tuffness.

    Another West Covina CIF title with Noodles at QB.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Noodles is good, but he won’t be starting this year. The other kid was right on.

  • MVL Insider

    I would be shocked if Mt. View wins a game in league. Taking delay of games in a passing league to win isn’t going to help your performance when it comes to the real deal. Pretty pathetic and bush league. Here’s guessing that unlike Wilson, who people respected enough not to run up the score, this head coach is going to endure a lot of double nickles put on his team. But at least he can say “we won some PL games.”

  • http://MSN.com Noodles at QB

    OK, mom what ever you say. West Covina is a running team and will be this season again. Najera can’t take the hit, at least his mommy can’t.

    Najera might start the season off again, after a few good hits he will be on the sideline again.

  • Dan

    Najera went out with a concussion last year, that can happen to anybody in football, just before that he marched the Bulldogs down field and threw a nice td pass for our first score. The kid is certainly mentally tough, he proves it by his leadership on the field and by making plays when he has to.
    Noodles is not only talented but is a hard working kid both on the field and also in the weight room. He is only 14 but has grown significantly from last year in both height and weight. I saw him at free safety this weekend and what I really liked was that as a 14 year old kid he had no problem closing in and knocking down or stripping balls away from older kids. I’m sure he will contribute somewhere this year weather its at wr, rb, db, or qb.

  • mVL

    How did Arroyo look nobody had said a thing about the host of the tournament.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    I don’t care who starts, if Najera is playing well that’s great. Hull can be utilized in all those positions Dan mentioned. Heck let him return kicks and punts too! You can always platoon QB’s also. I said this in a previous post, the QB job is not won or loss in Passing league. Anybody can throw like Tom Brady when there is no defender trying to crush you! We should save this argument for after the helmets and pads get passed out ok fellas?

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”


    Arroyo Look terrible, except for their stud WR and RB. On a side note, I know Arroyo Head coach is a Class act. However, his assistants Made some Midvalley Enemies, with their Bad calls, and personal vendettas. Let’s just say people will be trying run up score, vs the knights. Their won’t be much they can do about either…Better hope the Football gods don’t land the knights in Monrovia in the 1st or 2nd Round. Their is a good chance, that is going to happen too bc el monte is going win the MVL..More than 64pts is going up on that board. I guess now that Rivera is gone, they know they have nothing to look forward to in league or CIF playoffs. I used to pull for Arroyo too. Oh well.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Best game of the tourney in my opinion was MHS vs WCHS.
    Two best teams with the two best coaches and best players/athelets bar far. Its obvious to me why each of these two teams and coaches have mutual respect and adoration. It was passing league but you can see the diffirence in coaching, players and talent. No wonder both have won back2back championships. Good luck to Coach Miggie and his Bulldogs.

    I wish we could play in a real game, that would be an epic battle. Please dont start with that Div 11 non sense.

  • http://msn.com Noodle @ QB

    My comments are based on Najera history. The kid started at West Covina his freshmen year, starting qb and left mid-season to go to Los Altos. Saw the writing on the wall over their and jumped ship back to West Covina. I willn’t go into detail but he left both programs due to situation he put him self in. I wouldn’t want to buld a program around a kid with his history. The qb position is to important for you to roll the dice and hope this kid stays clean.

    Just my opinion.

    Sorry but Dan has no clue the crap this kid has got him self into.

  • keep 27

    Noodle @ QB

    So what you’re saying is people can’t change nor do they deserve additional opportunities. Nice. People are not allowed to mature? Nice. Coaches should judge players by how they do off the field, not by what they do on it? Nice. I will admit that what you are saying has some merit, it cannot be the only reason a kid should get or not get a starting job. You know what, kids do screw up, on and off the field. But that is how they learn to be adults. How they respond to mistakes and adversity is what will mold them into adults.

    On another note, why are you even discussing a kids off the field life? The trouble any kid gets into should not be public domain. That’s why the law protects minors, they don’t have the maturity to be able to always make the right choices. Leave the kids alone and let it play out. By the end of the year when it matters the correct kids will be on the field, as usually happens.

  • Anonymous

    Aram, I am surprised no one posted that West Covina won the frosh passing tourney yesterday at Azusa. I find it hilarious that they have won 2 passing tournies in 3 days. They are somewhat meaningless, but what is in the water lately at WCHS.

  • Dan

    Didn’t know about the Azusa freshman passing tourney,I
    would have liked to have seen it. I Haven’t been out to see the West Covina freshmen, which schools were there?

  • anonymous

    We played south hills elsewhere! arroyo monrovia diamond bar and someone else.,

  • anonymous

    Sorry dan was thinking about something else when I was typing. Delete the elsewhere from that post.

  • Stanford Dad

    It’s hilarious how people “suspend” reality and make game plan decisions for a back to back CIF Championship Head Coach about personnel….only let’s you see how stupid the bloggers really are.

    “Maybe” this and “maybe” that…get a clue guys Coach M has it all fingered out…but thanks for playing along…LOL

    Just once I’d like to read from a blogger who understands football and talks about why a player should play corner rather than safety or Oline rather than D line or why a player is a better slot than Wide out…geeeeezzz guys google this stuff if yu don’t know….LMAO !!!!

    BTW…Dan care to tell us why Solomon what position Solomon is playing in college? Just intersted. Spoke to the kid once and was a 100% fan ever since. Wish him the best. Here’s a question for you and Joe Amat…how clode to the Mater Dei “GOAT” is Solomon and why?…or why not?

    This should be good seeing as I know why the goat did at USC after a Pac 5 career…Solomon is a mystery.

  • Dan

    Thanks, do you know if the WC freshmen are throwing at the Covina tournament? I heard it’s this thursday.

  • Dan

    Solomon is at the University of Nevada, I heard from a good scource that he has a good chance at starting tailback, hope that is true, any Idea how I can get University of Nevada games down here?
    Reguarding comparing him to the Mater Dei Goat, I believe I’ve heard that nickname for Matt Grootegoed in the past am I right? If so I’ve only seen him as a linebacker for USC, never got a chance to see him for Mater Dei.
    But I tell you what, Solomon was a beast at the end of the year, he and Fraizer were knocking off long touchdowns left and right, In the ten years of following WC I had never seen so many homerun td’s during a season.

  • Stanford Dad

    From the running style I saw I am surprised he’s a RB but then again RBs and their running style are as varied as the backs n the NFL, from a bruiser like JErome Bettis to Warrick Dunn to Eric Dickerson to Jone-drew to…well you get the picture.

    Very poliite young man and his work ethic is what got him his due, so he’s an inspiration and role model to others.

    Good luck this year.

  • no-step

    Stanford Dad,
    Okay Frank, since you know football, tell us why the 46 double eagle forced the 2 RB pro formation off the field even though it’s not compressed, and still maintained the “two” structure.

  • Stanford Dad

    No step forward>>>,

    You just don’t get it do you?

    Ever wonder why I get along with the best of people and am hated by the worst among us, including you?

    Joe Amat, Roddy Layton, Dan, Gano, Don, Le Duc, ect ect ect are all friends or people I can talk to without ever worrying about “measuring” with a whistle, a chalk board or a “ruler” yet I am hated by anonymous drive by artist, you included and others who seem to think they know what I’m about ?

    Platitudes aside I welcome your knowledge and contribution for all our benefit. You do “you” and I’ll do “me”…lol

    BTW did I mention my kid’s Stanford full ride scholarship? hate away my friend…it’s painful ain’t it?

  • no-step

    Stanford Dad,
    Quote from FC.

    “Just once I’d like to read from a blogger who understands football and talks about why a player should play corner rather than safety…or why a player is a better slot than wide out…geeeeezzz guys google this stuff if you don’t know.

    You know, Frank, no one hates you. They’re laughing at you. You come in here, call Aram “stupid” insult any coach who never played your kid, any anyone else you can. You’re a name dropper, trying to make people think you’re with the “inner circle”, or you’ll quote a famous coach or two as if it’s all second hand knowledge and only YOU knew it all along because of your vast football knowledge.

    By the way, reference your statement I quoted: Those players are probably in those positions because the defense is playing TCU’s 2 read Blue, solo coverage. The slot and wide out are there because the CB and SS are who they are. Geeeezzz, Frank … google it if you don’t know … LMAO

    Oh yeah, answer the previous post.

  • No Step Forward Fan

    No step forward,

    No seriously, lol…dude I’m in your head so bad it’s laughable….ME ME ME ME ME MEEEEEEEEEE !!! BOO ! Sorry I’m having too much fun.

    Okay here’s a question for you. It’s football related so maybe it won’t stump you.

    When Stanford plays USC and they are in Cover 2 which side of the stadium will I be sitting in and what hat will I be wearing……LOL HA HA HA HA HA….stumped huh????

    Okay here’s an easier one…. promise.

    When USC team is down near the goal line and down by 1 to Stanford, on the road, do you:

    1) kick the extra point and tie the game
    2) go for two and the win
    3) not care because you’re too freaking happy just to be a Stanford AND USC Dad and will walk out a WINNER no matter what happens…LOL
    4) think about No Nuts and what TCU Blue Angle Stop Z Cross Dive Charlie means?

    BTW…need tickets?

  • No Nuts So I’m Not Telling You My Name

    No Stepped On His Nuts

    Google “OWNED”

    Yup that’s you !

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