Bishop Amat and Charter Oak headline Saturday’s Wolfpack Challenge at Claremont HS …

Wolfpack Challenge at Claremont HS
Saturday, first games at 9 a.m.

Pool A
Claremont, Burroughs, Ontario, El Rancho

Pool B
Summitt, Muir, Crescenta Valley, La Serna

Pool C
Charter Oak, Lawndale, Alhambra, Woodbridge

Pool D
Bishop Amat, Culver City, Northwood, South Torrance

Aram’s take: This is the last biggie (locally) of the summer, so get on out there and see your teams. Charter Oak advanced to the semis last year before falling to Villa Park, which lost to Etiwanda in the title game.

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  • Pack

    I seem to remember this being a 2 day tourney with more than 16 teams.

  • I seem to remember this being a 2 day tourney with more than 16 teams.

  • JMO

    Collins switched to a one day tourney.

  • Anonymous

    yeah i remember this tourney being much bigger. Well just like at the under the lights tourney, A BIG Disappointment
    i hope this one will at least bring some excitement.

  • Weak line up!!

    Besidse Amat and CO, this is a very weak line up. Amat and CO better meet in the finals of this one.

  • Not To Happen

    Actually, based on the pools, the best that could happen is that CO meets Amat in the semis. But I am more interested in seeing Culver City. I was told they were loaded and I know Amat plays them for their 6th game this coming season.

  • CO Dad

    These passing tournaments really are just a good practice to see what the opposing teams have on the skills side. The frustrating part is that the results are deceiving. We have a great defense and are hard hitters. That makes a big difference when the pads come on and those hits change the routes and total atmosphere of a game. I also know that Amat has traditionally been a hard hitting team. This is why these passing tournaments don’t say much as to what the season holds. The weaker teams can have a great passing tournament, but be weak once the pads come on. And the opposite is also true of that. So go to the passing tournament to have a little fun, but the results are useless for the future.

  • Aug 24th start

    I was told that with CIF changing the atart of the season a week earlier moved this tournament into many schools dead period….How else can you explain a tournament that goes from 2-days and 35-40 schools annually to 16 teams? Looking at the field, it may be small, but CO, Amat, Culver City and Summit are quality. Crescenta Valley and Muir could suprise some people….One thing I can say is that this tourney is well run. This has to be at least 15 years it has been running??? Collins does a great job with organization.

  • Dan

    CO Dad,
    Well said couldn’t agree more.

  • Warriors

    I strongly doubt Amat makes it to the semis but it would be fun to see CO demolish them LOL….but i see either CC against CO or surprisingly Muir they threw against CO not to long ago and really was whooping them until late when they mentally screwed themselves but in the end the score was even. Muir might be the sleeper in this one…



    ARAM??? why no article on the AZUSA SHOOTOUT TODAY??? Plenty of schools their today!!! ooooohhhh But we have a ugly little story on AZUSA and gladstone BRAWLING? hahah BRAWLING,LOL…

    AZUSA and gladstone are major rivals and things like that will happen! AZUSA hasn’t lost to the gladiators in FOUR YEARS and Coach Sanchez can’t hold it in any LONGER!

    Okay folks this is a inner city thing…

  • Whittier Area Fan

    How about the TOC at Santa Fe this weekend? Who is in it?

  • Dan

    What time are the passing games at Amat today?

  • CH @ CO Today…….CH @ Tour, of Champions Sat.

    Chino Hills is throwing against CO today @ CO 5pm. Chino Hills is @ the 36 team Tournament of Champions @ Santa fe Sat.

  • JMO

    Look out for Culver city in this tourney.