Has “The Savior” arrived at Amat? Lancers land potential future star in frosh RB Trey Sidney …

Behind the scenes this summer, there has been plenty of speculation as to where Duarte Hawks standout Trey Sidney would be playing his high school ball.

It was confirmed Monday that Sidney will be a Bishop Amat Lancer. Sidney, a running back, is being touted as the most explosive player to come out of the vaunted Hawks program since Kurt Scoby.

Sidney was reportedly between Amat and Monrovia, and some private schools who had less of a chance than the Lancers and Wildcats.

Aram’s take: Huge pick up for Coach Hagerty and the Lancers program. Obviously, good Duarte Hawk form does not translate into good PAC-5 form, so the kid will have to work hard and progress. But from what I’ve heard, he’s an electric player who’s thought to be a can’t-miss prospect. Can’t wait to follow his prep career.

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  • Lancelot

    @Aram-Hopefully the kid is willing to put in the work and buys into the Amat system. Great place for a rising star Tailback to play football. All good things come in time…….And since Amat’s tailback this year is a Senior, that time maybe shorter than expected.

  • Sgv baller

    Amat never has problems at the running back and Db positions . Where they lack is line.saw some pretty good sophomore receivers at the jv Claremont passing tournament .the team that looked more athletic and impressive at the jv level even though they took 6th.it came down to the team with the best qbs in Santa margarita and mater dei .walnut has a freshman that is looking impressive .kid has been strictly baseball before mostly because he was always to big to play as a 7th and 8th grader at walnut programs.he is 6’1″ 215 pounds and is playing running back and linebacker .kid is strong and has good speed.rumor was he wanted to not go to walnut but his family said it would be to hard to drive him to any other schools because there job and he can walk to walnut.i project this kid to grow to about 6’3″ 230 by the time he is a senior.his dad is big .a friendly tip to all schools that want a good future football and baseball prospect.

  • Football Follower

    It is my understanding that AMAT has more then a few gems in this freshman class including a 6’+ receiver and some big boys. This is just what I am hearing from a few insiders.

  • Coach Bear

    I’m glad to hear,that Trey Sidney will become a Lancer.
    The term ‘Savior’ is somewhat confusing! Amat has to be saved from what? I don’t see anything wrong with the program!I have never seen or heard of Trey Sidney!
    I am sure Trey and his parents are greatful of his enrollment. We all must be careful not to presure this fine young man. One person is not the entire team. A running back needs the help of his fellow players. If the frosh team line does not block or open line holes for Sidney and the frosh team has a bad season,Sidney might feel that he let his parents,his team and the school down. Every Heisman Trophy winner, does not become a star in the N.F.L.

  • Amat Lancer

    Actually the Frosh team does look very good this year. There are at least 8-10 boys that look like they could be juniors. I’m sure some of these boys will be filling slots that the current senior class will be vacating after the upcoming season. This years’ team is senior heavy and reloading will need to come quickly for 2013.But I like what I see in this Frosh team so far.

  • Coach Bear,

    Save you from mediocrity in the PAC-5. Or is mediocrity now acceptable at Amat? Didn’t think so. And if you don’t like that, then try saving you from playing in D-4 in a few years.

    Either of those work for you?

  • JV Claremont Tournament

    JV team took 4th. Freshman took 1st. Pretty good for Amat lower Levels. A 6’3″ QB for JV team would complement their receivers.

  • Amat Dad

    Wow Aram, you came out in attack mode there. At Amat Mediocrity is never acceptable. As you know talent travels in waves. And when you play in the big boy division, it can seem like those waves are that much bigger. But I would rather play Pac 5 and fight to make the playoffs each year against the powers in the Serra and the Pac 5, rather than winning on an easier, lower level. In life, things are not easy and facing daunting challenges are a big part of life. I agree that it has been a while since Amat won it all. And maybe we don’t win it all for a little longer, but the challenge each year to play at this level brings a serious preparation to our boys and they prepare for battle all year round. It makes men of these boys that are actually preparing for life. Not everyone gets this, nor do they agree if they do get it, but I love the challenge every year and I love the lessons it provides for the men of Amat.

  • That’s great, and I’m sure Tennessee Volunteers fans have a similar speech. “I’d rather be middle of the road in the SEC, than win that dang WAC like Boise State.”

    But are any of us gonna look at Boise St. and Tennessee and think the Vols have the better program?

    I’m pretty sure the kids at Monrovia and West Covina prefer the life lessons they’re learning while winning championships. But to each their own …

    Hopefully Trey Sidney is a big piece of the puzzle that brings Amat back past the first round (and maybe second round) of the playoffs.

  • Anonymous

    Aram im glad to see you finally found out that you had few testicles down there J/K dont get all defensive. On the other hand IMO i think the BA family is satisfied with being mediocre on a high level. What they get out of it is the fact they can brag about playing up above everyone even though their not actually doing anything up there. I think BA would farewell in the Mission league with St. Francis and them. when and i do mean when C.I.F finally decides to drop BA down a level where they can be considered a strong team im hoping its there. BA would look good and most importantly start attracting talent back to their school and possibly get moved back up and WIN. 1995 and counting is a bad look i mean not even a championship game appearance WOW.

  • Walter Kronkite

    There never seems to be a shortage of “anonymous” people (and some sports writers) worrying about Bishop Amat Football program. Amat makes the playoffs when others do not. Of course Amat Fan wants to go deep in the playoffs and yes, win a Championship BUT….the fact of the matter is, only ONE team wins the Championship at the end of the year. Amat has secured the opportunity to make a run at that Championship year in and year out AND in one of the toughest Leagues/Divisions in football. I don’t recall EVER reading where an Amat Faithful has said that it was Okay to be mediocre? That’s something that comes from outside “The Family”. Anyway, enough Doom and Gloom already Aram….The Trib appears to be selling enough newspapers. Why not try reporting from a neutral position? Just asking?

  • All this not since 1995 got me thinking, that really is along time (17 years). To put that in perspective Wilson has won two CIF championships in football since 1995. Wilson football won CIF championships in 1996 and 1997. Yes I know what the Bishop Amat die harts are going to say, they won it with Bishop Amat transfers.

    Who would have thought …….


  • I am neutral. You want to call the truth “doom and gloom” be my guest.

    But unlike Fred, who goes chirping because of big crowds and September wins, I keep it real. I know what the standards and expectations should be at Amat. And those of you acting like it’s just fine that Amat has made no noise in the playoffs in forever are part of the problem at Amat.

    You guys have won ONE playoff game since 2005!

    Those are the facts. Can’t be more neutral than that.

    And in the meantime, many of you Amat fans have gone poking holes in the success of other local programs. Like anybody in the world believes being mediocre is better than winning CIF titles.

  • Anonymous

    I never agree with Aram but he’s got a very valid point. 1 playoff win in over 5years and no championship in almost 20 years but when lower division teams wins it all the amat family does find some way to take away from those teams big accomplishment which is every team goal no matter what division theyre in. I guess for the sake of arguing because I know the amat faithfuls has their past to help their argument out which is becoming repetitive on the blog. The fact is Amat is in over there heads making playoffs by a coin flip and losing in the first round constantly is satisfying to them reeks of mediocrity.

  • Walter Kronkite

    Again…you miss the point. Amat HAS BEEN IN THE PLAYOFF’S FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS!

  • Coach Slayer

    This blog really sucks.

  • Anonymous

    Again if just making the playoffs with a under . 500 record is ok with u then I believe that’s settling and just happy to be in the highest division knowing 1st round is as far as u go. Now don’t you think the talent around the area notices that amat is not a real contender, and that finishing near the bottom closer to the middle is fine with them.

  • Walter Kronkite

    Again anonymous poster….read the whole post. No one is happy with not winning Championships but I don’t know any school where that’s not true…..Making the Playoffs in one of the Toughest Division in the NATION!!!!! That’s not too shabby. Some schools don’t make it to the playoffs in the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc, etc….Divisions in the nation. Think about it and take your need to tear down anythig Bishop Amat out of the equation. That’s not doing so bad.

  • Anonymous

    Walter Kronkite

    I dont think you understand where im coming from BA only argument is what you just stated and thats making the playoff whether its by coin toss or because your in the smallest league 5 including BA team Serra league. Im just saying talented kids that read these blogs then look at BA as being near by (SGV) wants to move out and go oh lets see ALEMANY who just entered the Serra a few years ago and has made it much further than BA has in over 5-6 maybe 7 years. Kids and parents are attracted to winning not fan base not historical programs its about winning and getting kids out Alemany is getting kids out year after year as well as ND, Loyola and Crespi their kids are signing on national signing day for football scholarships. Now BA has had some great players but when national signing day come i rarely ever see a BA standout sign in recent years. Thats the difference now if BA was to say drop down a division or 2 and be successful then talent would definitely pass up on going to WC CO and or Monrovia to go play with BA then BA would be back and get moved back up and contend. Look i like BA but the fans from there is ridiculous and hasnt faced reality but this year oh they will if they end up losing to both CO and CH then watch how the talent really over look BA then.


    Hey Aram, GO TO THE NEXT PAGE!

  • funny


    u guys suk balls

  • Asstecs sucks

    Hahahaha Asstecs sucks balls If Aram does go to the next page it won’t be about you ball suckers

  • I think BA is going to struggle big time this yr. at the varsity level. We’ll see if this Frosh studs stick around for 4 years. My guess would be NO.


    That’s why I said ARAM ONLY! HAHAHAHA… SUCK B*LL thanks for the laugh and does your mother know your using words like that? hahahah… Seriously that made me laugh!

  • You know what’s epic about this thread? It’s that I guarantee you Joe Amat and AMAT73 are reading every word and resisting the temptation to weigh in.

    “Come on Freddie, post something on your blog so we can chirp.”

    That’s what they’re thinking. Miss you, boys!

    Now if I could only get FC, aka Damien Dad, Stanford Dad to boycott my blog, too.

  • Frank

    Amat is getting a lot of Duarte kids. So what will Monrovia do when more Duarte kids are going to Amat.

  • Observantcat

    Well Frank, Monrovia is keeping a lot of the Monrovia kids and so far so good. Duarte will be competing with Bishop Amat for their players more-so than Monrovia. Monrovia has the Lions share of atheletes from the Hawkes program.

  • Valley football

    @anonymous.actually amat sent more players out last year than alemany .jalen Moore and montes.rio Ruiz could of went anywhere also ,but everyone knew he would be drafted . When this year is over they could possibly have 4 signees .so don’t try to discredit amat . Only Monrovia will have more this year.only hauser has left that was a starter to charter oak . Everyone else who left where 3rd string players . Barrera and sophomore Thompson . Most parents who know see how with a couple more pieces they can be better so they will send there kids there .the problem is they don’t get any proven varsity transfers like mater dei and st. Paul did. They get kids there as freshman.how well the freshman and jv teams do against opponents will also play a part on who will stay and future players. If freshman and jv teams win kids and parents will look at how good they will be when they are varsity players. Damien freshmen class was very good the past year and I expect them to be better next couple years . Chino hills and Co better watch out.CO did not look good at the jv Claremont tournament .

  • Frank

    Observantcat, The Hawks program is a Duarte program. It is well known in Duarte/mtown area that many Monrovia players are from Duarte. Now Amat has alwyas had some duarte players, but now there is a larger # going to Amat then before. The only thing that might help Duarte is the new stadium they are building, but I don’t think it will be enough. See once these 7th 8th graders go to an Amat varsity game they are sold. There is nothing like it in the valley.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Amat or Monrovia, Monrovia or Amat, Amat or Monovia, Monrovia or Amat.

    He may be an Amat Lancer now, but can/will Amat continue to (re)build their program to a point that he’ll stay? Monrovia has a lot of athletes and were looking forward to another one coming to town (not this kid). Don’t think it’s worked out for the one I’m talking about, but we’ll see come August.

    I mention Monrovia because if things start to look a little ugly for ol’ Bishop Amat, don’t be surprised if the green looks that much more greener and the white that much more brighter.

    Good luck Lancers.

  • Anonymous

    Valley football

    how many kids signed on signing day from Amat last year and what colleges was looking at Rio for football? not being sarcastic i really wanna know.

  • Spartan 03

    These next two years are going to be very crucial for Amat and their future success. I don’t know what kind of contracts they signed with Charter Oak and Chino Hills, but they went out on a limb scheduling two local programs. The only reason Damien was always on each other’s schedule was to attract the local talent. In the past couple of years Amat has been seeing that talent go to Charter Oak and is the reason for adding them to their schedule.

    If what is being said is true about Amat’s Frosh and JV programs and there being a lot of talent, they need to win these local games to keep that talent. Amat’s football program has a lot to lose if they aren’t successful in the matchups against local schools. Track record states Amat has never had problems with the local teams, but I think it’s quite risky taking on two top notch programs in the same year. It’s going to pay great divends to which ever schools win, more so to Chino Hills and Charter Oak. If the public schools come out victorious, future parents decisions will be much easier as they don’t have to worry about the barrier of paying for tuition or hoping for financial aid.

    It’s going to be an exciting football season and wish te best for all.

  • Anonymous

    The problem with Amat is in the last 8 years Amat league record is 13 wins 19 loses thats 6 game below average. that is the prime reason why Amat has lost out on the talent, maybe its the coaching or the boring style of play or it could just be those plain uniforms i dont know but what i do know is if Amat dont start making some noise soon they will find themselves in a division playing against La habra for league title and probably losing.

  • Walt Kronk

    Mr Anonymous…YOU really do hope it goes that way don’t you? Otherwise it’s just the same Ol’ status quo and it won’t be until next year when the next round of Amat is in trouble talk starts up along with the Amat didn’t do this or didn’t do that can begin…..Why don’t we just let this one play out like it always has over the years…..and maybe some one in the valley can do what only one has done over a great many years. Hell, even ARAM will bust his own elbow patting himself on the back if that SHOULD happen? I guess we will just have to play the game and see where it all shakes out. I tell ya what, if either of those teams should pull off an UPSET of that magnitude you better park your car in the garage Friday night because the SGV valley folk will be turning over their ford and chevy trucks and making car-b-ques out of their Pinto’s and Datsun B210’s in celebration.

  • Anonymous

    Walt Kronk

    Now thats what i call reaching and complete disrespect to the Valley folks but hey it is what it is, but facts are facts and when Amat goes into those games this year believe me Amat will be the underdog so there wont be any upsets!!!!! the whoopings Amat will receive will be expected no surprise at all.

  • valley football

    @anonymous.montes signed to smu and jalen signed to eastern washington.nobody bothered to recruit Rio because he was going to be a first round pick at the time.If you look at scout.com he was listed as a QB prospect and he could of played DB also.name another valley school who had more than 2 signees.most top schools where equal in signings in the valley.muir probably had the 2 best signees.this year amat has blue and andrews.dj daniels,pontikes and velasquez could get some this season.monrovia will have the most

  • Real talk

    @aram the CIF championships you are talking about the other schools are winning what division are they in? Is it PAC 5? You see I watch the big boys I just have never been interested in the minor league even though I bet there are good games being played there I just like to watch a the top level of any sport. I was like that with Amat baseball until
    I seen them beating div 1 teams . Just my view…… What games did Amat show that they didn’t belong in PAC 5 ?

  • Greenie Cat in the pastures

    Wow, How in the Hell did lil ol Monrovia get into this conversation. When it comes to Duarte hawks players Monrovia will always be a viable option. The hawks program always encourages it’s players to stay local. It’s either a Wildcat or A Falcon. There is no reason to go off to other schools where the promises are empty. Sure, you can go off and play with strangers and for coaches who don’t know you. Or you can go play with your friends, and for coaches who known you since flag. Coaches who probably bought you hot cheetos from the snack bar. In addition to that, you have the chance to win CIF Div 11 championships, and possibly earn a scholarship. It’s Also free! That’s not to say that can’t happen at other schools. It Actually has, it’s happening at West Covina. When kids decide to transfer back home, that is evidence that they made the wrong decision. Whether it be; they were not good enough to play in that program, or they don’t like the public or private school structure. Sometimes, a good coach leaves and players leave because of that. I can understand that. However, I’ve seen the look of players in their upper division letter man jackets, with out a patch on it. Gazing and watching lower Division schools play in title games. With hating people saying “We would blow these guys out”. Once you get to week 14 the energy is so amazing at all 13 CIF southern section title games. Thousands of fans yelling, Music rocking, and people standing outside the gate looking in. Fox sports Camera’s in sight. Reports taking pictures and putting a mic in everyone’s face. Then 5,4,3,2,1. They rush the field, Then they hold up that plaque. They would love to playing in a title game no matter what division it is. I see the look in peoples eyes when they see lower division champions sporting their Rings. No one stops and says hey, What division was that…They just admire the bling. Then you get to Home town player signing a full ride contract. When it’s all said and done, and you are a old man, you can say I have a degree, I won it all, no one can dispute it, no on can take that away from you, and not that many can say that. You and your life time friends and teammates can talk about that forever. Who great is that. If your local school is winning…go there, win , if your good you will get seen. You can earn your full ride. Be proud of your home town. If you are playing crosstown and you are not happy…Click you cleats 3 time and say “there is no place like home”. Then like magic…. 30 days later you will be.

  • Real talk

    I wonder if Amat went after this kid or did he choose Amat? How could that be if Amat is so bad? Maybe this kid has the balls to test his skills on the highest level. You see when you are a big dog you don’t play with the puppies. Not saying there isn’t any other div 1 school he couldn’t have gone to but come on people if you have the skill set to play on the top level why would you mess around with any lower Div? I don’t care what any one says winning a div 2,3,4,6,7,8…..100 is not the same as a div 1 championship and if you say it is your fooling yourself. Now that’s mediocre Aram

  • Observantcat

    Real Talk, The Amat Coaches not only came after Sydney, but after more talented atheletes who would make Amat a more viable team in the Pac5, take off the rose colored glasses and take a look at where the talent pool really is in the SGVN. Sure it would be great to play in the big D1 Championship game and sport your winning jewels but with what is going on right now, that is just a pipe dream for those kids over in La Puente, Ca. Having great players makes for a great team and staying at home where you grew up makes it even better. Imagine if McCarthy took a trip down the 605 and put on Amat Blue and yellow, he would not have faired any better than to just stay at home and play in his own back yard and still have trails of scouts follow him to dinner after his games. McCarthy’s presence alone has given scouts more of a reason to go to the schools that guys like yourself brand mediocre but those who know football think they have discovered gold. Its know wonder several kids in the Monrovia program have something to look up too after high school sports whether it be for athletic purposes or Academic. If Coach Hags could have gotten his hands on the 5-6 players on that Duarte Hawks team he would have been in his glory in the next few years, So reality for some is very unrealistic to others. I’ll stick with the Monrovia Reality! Let’s go for Ring 3
    Ps.. I do still hope that BA gets back on track for the sake of the kids who are buying into their system.

  • Dan

    What time is the three way at Amat today?

  • Frank

    If Mtown didn’t go after Duarte players would they have won two rings or even one? Now just as Mtown has benefited from Duarte talent, why shouldn’t Amat?
    The real problem for Amat is not skilled players, hands down they have the best in the Sgv. What Amat lack is the size on the line when competing with other pac-5 schools. So although it is great this kid is coming to Amat, is not as big a deal as Aram has made it to be. If three 240 lb linemen were coming in that would be a big deal.

  • New York

    I’ve always respected Amat and appreciate their willingness/stubborness to stay in the highest division. I can not relate to attending a private high shcool, though. I am sure it offers a certain experience, perhaps one similar to what college freshman goes through…to an extent. So maybe kids are a bit more prepared socially to hit the ground running in college.

    My experience at Monrovia High School was pretty awesome, and it has become awesome as an alumnus as well. The past two years I have flown home from the east coast to watch my alma mater claim a couple Mid-Valley titles in front of sold-out stadiums. Then, I was one of many people hanging out on Myrtle Avenue in my letterman’s jacket at the victory party afterward. Local sports reporters were at our local pub along with well known coaching staffs from other schools. Monrovia is a pretty special place. So while Amat offers things many do not understand, playing for and then supporting my hometown school is a special experience I would not pass up, no matter what division we play in.

  • Observantcat

    Frank, please spare us on the Duarte conversation. I was born and bred in Morovia and I would be the first to tell you that sure it’s great having some of the kids from Duarte come over to MHS and Vice Verse but it is by far not a Deal Breaker. Name those who took us to the promise land in the past few years and played any significant role in doing so?… and furthermore tell us where they went to Jr. High if that be the case you are looking at 99% of those kids who attended Santa Fe or Clifton middle school. Amat is lacking skill players and Linemen and furthermore Depth. Dont believe me ask the players.

  • CoachesCorner

    3 way begins @ 5:00pm @ Amat

  • just sayin’

    New York – take your title game experience (packed, reporters, post-game) and imagine that every week. Then you’d get it.

  • Observantcat

    It’s been happening every week at MHS. Plus scouts. Imagine that.

  • AMAT 73

    What’s to chime in about . This was known that he was coming to AMAT so maybe you are a little behind the times with your ” savior ” post. Could be a damn fine LANCER if as Lancelot put it , he buys into what Hags and the program sells . Wish him all the luck and hopefully he becomes one in a long line of great tailbacks at AMAT because those are some big shoes to fill . As far as the mediocrity thinking you have of the AMAT Family I for one am not of that group . You must be confused with some of your pals in that nation you always speak of because all of the Family I know , and I know plenty of them , think nothing but a league and CIF title. Now will come the reply posts as to me dreaming or what not but that is my thinking and the thinking of many others. Also going by your thinking and most the SGV , how could he be the “savior” if we lack to O and D lines everyone seems to think on here to make a dent in the PAC-5.I can tell you one thing is we are getting some damn fine players with size and speed and with what our staff has to offer in coaching we will be making some noise this season and seasons to come . What is great is that the SGV is all a buzz because they feel their time has come to knock AMAT off and the games will be played. No matter what is said and written about AMAT ,and how bad we are you know and I know that no team in the SGV can create this kind of excitment in games to be played as you somewhat admitted by having AMAT’s games the #1 and 2 top games on your list and CH only making it because they play AMAT. What happened to CO vs CH , that’s one huge game in my opinion , but I guess not to you because your flavor of the season is Damien as you have the CO vs Damien game slotted in and go so far as to say it will be for the league title . Big slap in the face to CH but then again that’s unbiased reporting on your part , right. .And if we played Damien this season , that game would have been on here as you are trying to sell Damien as the top team in the SGV like I said . What is puzzling and maybe you can answer is why did this young man choose such down and out, not have a chance against the SGV teams, living the past school ???????

  • New York

    Just Sayin,

    I know Amat draws a lot of people to every game. I enjoy the small-town community aspect in Monrovia that goes well beyond Friday night on campus.

    To each his own.

  • AMAT73,

    Is it true five starters from last year’s frosh team have transferred out? I understand one of them is a stud DB and is now at Monrovia and two others are at West Covina. Is that true?

    About my Top 10 Games of the Year in the SGVN — I already answered your question in that thread. The reason I did not put CH-CO on there is simply because of timing. The timing of CO-Damien, being Week 10, is much more dramatic. Not to mention it’s Gano vs. Farrar. Chino Hills and CO open league play against each other. It is no doubt a huge game, but the loser will have plenty of time to recover and possibly salvage a league title.

    The Amat-CH and Amat-CO games are huge because we’re going to finally see two of the top local programs around play Amat and show whether the gap is as vast as Amat fans and Robledo would have us all believe or whether top local teams, no matter what division, can bang with Amat, and possibly even beat them. There is no doubt that Amat has the biggest fan base in the SGV and when things get rolling there they REALLY get rolling. I just want what’s best for Amat. I don’t want to hear Amat fans sell their expectations short. I remember what Amat football used to be and want to see it back to those levels. It would be a blast to cover.

    About Sidney — I’m glad you think this is old news, but last I heard he was deciding between M-Town and Amat. I got it confirmed just yesterday that he will be a Lancer. I kinda have to wait until they’re checked in and I’m unsure what date that actually is at Amat. From what I’ve heard, there was quite a scramble from many schools for this kid’s services and for Amat to get him is a BIG WIN for Coach Hagerty and his staff. I don’t care what the line situation is, these are the type of “pulls” that Amat needs in order to get back on top. But if it’s true some players were lost off last year’s frosh team, then that’s not good. And I know what you’re gonna say …

    “We lose players every year. Kids leave every year. Amat isn’t for everybody. It’s nothing new.”

  • Concorde De La Salle

    For all of you who are making excuses about the size of one’s line, go back and watch the 2010 State Championship game between the small De La Salle line and the behemoths from Servite. Ipso facto, I put a BS on the excuse of size. Technique and mechanics trumps size. DLS had those d-line guys from Servite on roller skates all night – and I absolutely don’t care what the weather and field conditions were like. No excuses.

  • Simplicity

    It’s simple people…

    If you want to compete in California’s most competitive and top ranked division (Pac-5), you go to Bishop Amat…not Monrovia.

    The most difficult games that Monrovia has played within the past 5 years include juggernauts (lol) Arcadia, San Dimas, Duarte, and Rosemead. And that’s about the extent.

    It’s obvious that Sidney’s parents want their kid to compete against competition that is consistently ranked within the top 25 programs in the entire state of California.

    Competition like Mater Dei, Alemany, St. Bonaventure, Servite, and Long Beach Poly is something that the coaching at Monrovia has never seen or can Monrovia’s fans truly understand. Or perhaps Monrovia’s coaches DO UNDERSTAND which is why they have failed to schedule any program tougher than Arcadia. Talk about chicken!!!

    And no…Monrovia fans…playing Crespi is not the same as playing Bonita…it’s not even close although you will argue because of sheer ignorance. But I don’t blame you, I blame your coaches for refusing to schedule anyone of any real value.

    Take a look at last year…Arcadia beat Monrovia 30-22. La Mirada beat Arcadia 31-28. And La Mirada was completely DESTROYED by a 6-4 (made the playoffs via coinflip) Bishop Amat by the score of 49-13.

    So Sidney’s parents want their kid to play the best of the best rather than dodge great football programs!

    They should be commended! Bravo!

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    It’s hard winning a title by yourself. A savior needs 12 disciples. There is not one kid who can change a program. DHawks alumni, want to win. With his buddies over at Monrovia, Winning, earning full rides, Things may look different 2 years from now. Especially, if BA has a tough year, this season and next. However, if it works out for him at BA, that is a good thing. If Winning is the Most important thing to a kid, that should weigh Heavily on where you decide to go. If playing at the highest level, is the most important thing, then go to BA. They offer two different products and brands. Both have worked for some. Right now Monrovia is a hot bed for talent in the SGV. McCarthy, brought the scouts in, The other standouts too advantage, and brought more in as well. Our Underclassmen, are getting a serious look especially if they break into the rotation early. There is nothing like a Freshman looking over and seeing Pac 12, Wac, Mt West, Ivy league and Div 1AA scouts watching the team. That’s great motivation and opportunity to be seen. Hopefully that atmosphere is present at BA and other schools. If not, then it’s too bad. Some are making seem, like Bishop Amat is “better” place to play than Monrovia. The reason being that they play in they play in the Serra, and pac 5. I just don’t know if that is the case. You also have to pay to play. I don’t know about that.

  • Observantcat

    When talking about De La Salle ones got to think that these guys are athletes going into De La Salle and coming out better as Atheletes. There is a huge difference between what the Pac 5 calls skill players and what gifted atheletes you guys seem to denounce because of their division. The San Gabriel Valley has some very gifted athletes but when you compare apples to apples Schools like Monrovia, West Covina, Muir, just has more natural type of athletes that could put a school like Bishop Amat on the the Map. I’m sure their coaches are saying the same thing. If you break down a De La Salle team you will find great skill players where they play best, Naturally built lineman around 6’1-6’2 220-275 lbs and very light on their feet, those are the kind of kids that play for a De La Salle very little body fat unlike these guys you claim to be superior athletes. Take a look at how De La Salle handled Servite and you will see an extreme athletic superiority over Servite. Servite was much too slow, much to confused by the difference in agility levels. So when making comparisons about a simple div. number that usually doesn’t hold water to scouts who are looking for a specific type of athlete. Orange county is known for producing great QB’s and lineman, the City section is known for Backs and receivers and Db’s The San Gabriel Valley has it’s share of all of those by the spread is way too thin and what you are seeing is little to no attention shown to the so called Big Boy Schools because they dont have Big Boys! that meet the needs of Big Colleges. Demographics has a lot to do with that as well. Monrovia, West Covina, Pasadena even Pomona has the demographics to put up some very good athletic squads from time to time but everyone else seems to struggle finding a QB that is over 5’10 or a lineman thats in shape and has the agility to go head to head with someone bigger and faster than himself. That is why a School like Amat used to be so special back in the day. Amat could pride itself on picking and choosing athletes that could compete on all of those levels and have back-ups to spare but because the San Gabriel Valley is not what it used to be they no longer have that luxury. The Inland Empire would be a feeding ground for a team like Amat if they had the recruiting base to bring in some of those athletes. Upland has even stepped up and now has an athletic program that can compete with any school in the Valley and Orange County. All this to say, stop trying to condition your brain to think that a system is better because you are in a higher division, because without the athletes to compete on that level you wont even have to worry about the future

  • Observantcat

    When talking about De La Salle ones got to think that these guys are athletes going into De La Salle and coming out better as Atheletes. There is a huge difference between what the Pac 5 calls skill players and what gifted atheletes you guys seem to denounce because of their division. The San Gabriel Valley has some very gifted athletes but when you compare apples to apples Schools like Monrovia, West Covina, Muir, just has more natural type of athletes that could put a school like Bishop Amat on the the Map. I’m sure their coaches are saying the same thing. If you break down a De La Salle team you will find great skill players where they play best, Naturally built lineman around 6’1-6’2 220-275 lbs and very light on their feet, those are the kind of kids that play for a De La Salle very little body fat unlike these guys you claim to be superior athletes. Take a look at how De La Salle handled Servite and you will see an extreme athletic superiority over Servite. Servite was much too slow, much to confused by the difference in agility levels. So when making comparisons about a simple div. number that usually doesn’t hold water to scouts who are looking for a specific type of athlete. Orange county is known for producing great QB’s and lineman, the City section is known for Backs and receivers and Db’s The San Gabriel Valley has it’s share of all of those by the spread is way too thin and what you are seeing is little to no attention shown to the so called Big Boy Schools because they dont have Big Boys! that meet the needs of Big Colleges. Demographics has a lot to do with that as well. Monrovia, West Covina, Pasadena even Pomona has the demographics to put up some very good athletic squads from time to time but everyone else seems to struggle finding a QB that is over 5’10 or a lineman thats in shape and has the agility to go head to head with someone bigger and faster than himself. That is why a School like Amat used to be so special back in the day. Amat could pride itself on picking and choosing athletes that could compete on all of those levels and have back-ups to spare but because the San Gabriel Valley is not what it used to be they no longer have that luxury. The Inland Empire would be a feeding ground for a team like Amat if they had the recruiting base to bring in some of those athletes. Upland has even stepped up and now has an athletic program that can compete with any school in the Valley and Orange County. All this to say, stop trying to condition your brain to think that a system is better because you are in a higher division, because without the athletes to compete on that level you wont even have to worry about the future

  • AMAT 73

    Aram ,
    We tend not to dwell on who left the school( so yes it’s true ) as that is a personal matter and only wish them well in the future. You know the old saying don’t cry over spilt milk .But it is true we lose students every year as in fact AMAT is not for everyone. Some of them are good athletes as in Hauser and Kane ( seems you all have forgotten about him ) and some are middle of the road and daddy think’s they are not getting a fair shake or they will do better at another school and that’s ok by me .Also it’s a tough road to play any sport and still try to keep up with the academic side of school . Along with the economic situation AMAT loses many and not just athletes but regular students who go there for academic reasons or other things that draw them to AMAT . I think you have been hanging around Fred too long as you tend to believe his thinking is that of the Family. We have never said locals cannot bang with us nor there is this vast gap between us . We only say look at the results of said games no more no less. I truely believe there are very fine programs in the SGV who give us a hell of a battle and if they weren’t all of you wouldn’t be putting such high hopes they beat us this year. If your honest with yourselves , many of you , not all( those who understand what that would mean to rest of the SGV ) including you Aram that is your thinking . On Sidney , you have your sources and I have mine and since yours have been wrong in the past I understand your caution . Now back to my closing question why would he choose down and out AMAT ? Just looking for your thoughts as to why if you care to elaborate .

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”


    Did you see Hag’s face after the Servite last year? I am sure he really wanted all the reporters in his face…lol Last Time I checked Maddox was on the radio not Hags…Either Way, Actually Monrovia’s players have seen more press coverage from Maxpreps, Fox, etc…It just burns you up that You are actually counting on a Monrovia kid to save your program. And what’s really sad, is that although we are going miss having a kid like that, we are not begging, and not going to cry. Because out of all the 4 Super RB’s on that team, Monrovia got 1, West Covina got 2(Which they live in the area) and Bishop got one for now. They all are super good. So, When the smoke settles, we will see where people “Finish”. Besides some of BA’s non Monrovia kids may end up at Monrovia haha. I guess it’s better to lose league and not make playoffs in the pac 5 then to win somewhere else. The reason why BA is not putting 5-6 D1 guys is because they are losing. Coaches like winners, and players who come from winning programs. When they were winning, it was almost a lock that BA would be among the leaders in Offers. BA is going to need about 10 great incoming freshman…which is normally referred to as a class of kids. Not A Savior or anything like that.

  • AMAT73,

    You want to me speculate on why the kid came to Amat?

    I dunno …

    — maybe he’s Catholic?

    — maybe he was sold on what it means to play ball at Amat.

    — Or maybe, he wants to be “The Savior”

    About Amat and the gap between other SGV teams. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t explain away your shortcomings by saying Amat plays at a level nobody else around here could hang at, therefore it’s okay. And you can’t diminish the accomplishments of other teams in the area when they win CIF titles which is exactly what SOME Amat fans have done even in this very thread. You just can’t be saying both those things and then either be competitive with or even lose to a CO or a Chino Hills. It should be a blowout in both games the way some Amat peeps are talking. And it could be, but I don’t really think so.

    And lastly, when have my sources been wrong? Please provide examples.

  • Alemany

    Again amat fans find a way to knock other teams accomplishments. It’s becoming pathetic on the amat family behalf. Simplicity comparisons never work last year division 2 had a winning record against division 1 your PAC 5 “real talk” and believe me if the d2 champ didn’t forfeit games last year there wouldn’t had been a pac5 school in the state championship and IMO d2 is Stronger than the PAC 5. But back to you amat fans your satisfaction with being a mid of the road team in the pac5is why kids don’t want to go there did you see the facts your team is 13 And 19 in Serra league play in the past 8 years that considered losing in my book and let’s not even begin to throw around your playoff wins. My point is it doesn’t matter what level you play on that doesn’t make you Better than everyone else believe me if amat had played Westlake amat would had gotten there asses handed to them but idiotic fans like yourselves says that Westlake championship means nothing comPared to a PAC 5 championship get real westlake would had Ran over amat and the rest of the Serra last year besides my alemany team look stop making an ass of yourselves being in a lower division does not mean they are weaker

  • Not so simple


    “If you want to COMPETE in California’s most competitive and top ranked division (Pac-5), you go to Bishop Amat…not Monrovia”

    Well that’s just it Simplicity, BA might PLAY in a top ranked division, but BA doesn’t COMPETE in a top ranked division. Unless you consider mediocrity as competing? Getting repeatedly knocked out in the first round is NOT competing. Getting into the playoffs via coin toss is NOT competing.

    Oh yeah, and comparing teams based on scores against common secondary opponents in games played in preseason is idiotic.

    “If you want to COMPETE in California’s most competitive and top ranked division (Pac-5)”… Actually I would go to Servite. Knucklehead.

  • Angola Prison

    @Simply Said:
    What in the Sam hell are you talking about. If you want to consistently get your ass thrashed you go to Amat If you want to win you go to MHS. Now let me be clear Amat was once a great high school football program, but lately Amat has been relegated to a beaten down, gang raped Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick Pit Bull. That former top dog has been spade like a want to be best in show THEY SURE as hell arent a top dog anymore and right now Monrovia has better players. You can keep Amat.

  • Lancer Pride


    Bishop Amat is 20-1 vs. Local Schools.

    Enough said….with a record like that it stands to reason that everyone is looking for the eventual demise of the “Big Dog”. Even local reporters with an “unbiased” outlook? You have been trying to drag Amat down for years now. No matter what their record was, no matter if they made the playoffs, no matter if they knocked off a team they should have lost to….you have always been, waiting(?) for the Lancers to fall. Despite all of your predictions and “feelings” that Amat is going down…you can’t argue with the posted record, UNLESS, you really just refuse to see it. I think maybe this “unbiased” opinion of yours against The Bishop Amat Lancers is part of your local persona? Your “shtick”,if you will….either way it does reveal where you stand anyway you look at it. At least you’re not on the fence.

  • AMAT 73

    Again as always thank you for your replies. Yes some of the honks show no or very little respect towards other programs of the SGV but look at what comes at them first . You have posters such as green cat ( what’s funny is it took 2 titles before this tool showed up as much as he does now ) coming on here and writing about AMAT, ” it burns you up that you are actually counting on a Monrovia kid to save your program ” .You coined him the savior not anyone from AMAT .It seems he is in more of a panic mode because one of their locals is going to AMAT .I am sure you read his plea on the reasons to stay at Monrovia . It’s free , they get the scouts , patches on the letterman’s jacket and on and on. And really when have you seen an AMAT honk really rag on a team other than the ” who do you play or who have you beaten ” angle . What you see coming at AMAT is a complete tear down of a school and program and players like no other school in the SGV but that’s ok as we have been hearing that for 50 something years now . But in closing I will refer to your diminishing other schools of their titles and saying they can’t hang . Yes there are a few schools (CO,CH, possibly WC ) who could play in the PAC-5 or bang with the best of them . But it’s true some teams could not hang in the division and even you know or must admit if AMAT,CO,CH, and WC were in the Mid Valley they would be 15-0 every year. No knock on Monrovia and their accomplishments as they are terrific but the reality is they are just not at that level of those listed above and have yet to prove it to me and many others from other schools as has been disscussed on many of your threads. Could you imagine them playing Servite, Upland , Mater Dei or Corona Cent or how about Santa Margarita ????. Also I looked at all the posts on this thread and couldn’t find anyone from AMAT knocking another school other than what I am posting if you consider that a knock on Monrovia but where are those posts you speak of . As far as the sources being wrong I would have to dig in the archives but I believe you got one concerning the Scoby transfer if I am not mistaken but then again I am quite old as it’s been said on these blogs so I would have to check on that one to be sure.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Everyone for a fact knows, who is selling Duarte/Monrovia kids a BA Pipe Dream, and he is not a Monrovian or Duartemen. In the last 5 years, I can’t remember a Duarte, Monrovian or Pasadena player Finish at Bishop Amat. Just saying…We will wait, and my gut feeling is that he comes back if BA can’t produce some wins this year.

  • Anonymous

    Lancer Pride

    Again you Amat fans only have the past to boast about. Everyone has already admitted and respected the fact that Amat use to be a dominate program (your stat is wrong by the way) but yes Amat was Dominate key word “WAS” thats like talking about the times when Blair high school was dominate yeah very old news but do you get my point im basically trying to say is your past and present since 1996 and counting has over shadowed everything, you lose more than you win now, your past dominance is over shadowed by your lack of productiveness since 1995. So by you fans that continue to bring up history when you were GREAT basically have the same pitch as Blair high school to student athletes and thats nothing but HISTORY and history isnt going to get you athletes especially not history as old as yours or Blair’s. Start winning or making a few championship appearances or a few semi’s to say the least and watch how things turn around because from you guys constant 1st round exits or coin toss playoff spots isnt working i know your satisfied about being in the top conference and being a doormat but kids dont like that and thats why your not getting the talent you use to get.

  • Anonymous

    AMAT 73

    Scroll down and read “real talk” and or your a vet at this blogging as well as i am im just in the process of finding a new name only because of how much lil Fredj loves to erase my post but u know like i know amat fans always knock lower division teams and their accomplishments

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    FYi College coaches know that the Majority of kids, can’t and don’t go powerhouse schools. Especially private. They will fly to the middle of nowhere for kid who plays in 8man football, if he has the talent they are looking for. FYI, When your team is getting beat by 40 points, it’s hard to see who’s good and who’s not good, it all looks bad, they probably get up and try to catch the game down the street at the CIF champion D11 Monrovia game vs Covina. We know this, I saw them… Scouts love to wear the school’s logo on dem polo’s…

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Getting excited about seeing a D1 Polo Shirt is kind of like getting excited about passing league, they both fade and don’t mean much.

  • AMAT 73

    Well which anonymous could you be , let me see which of the 9 are you or are you all of them ????? Case in point , how do you know real talk is actually an AMAT honk and not someone who just likes putting gas on a fire.Also did you see where he had the same thoughts on AMAT baseball ( lower division ) until AMAT scheduled upper division teams and started beating them . Now I don’t know about you but to me that does sound like a Steadfast , Loyal . and True AMAT fan , does it to you ? Now of course if that is same real talk, as I am not too familiar with that name as an AMAT poster are you ????? I am speaking of posters such as myself , Lancelot, Joe AMAT , just saying , Lancer Pride, you get the picture .Most of our posts do not bag on others accomplishments and mainly come back when a put down is thrown out there at AMAT or just to put our 2 cents in on a topic . Why does Fred have to erase most if not all of your posts. And that’s a copout as to why you don’t have a screen name , cleaning up your act as that might have something to do with the deletions.

  • Dan

    Coaches Corner,
    Thank You.

  • Lancer Pride

    To Anonymous and all others who talk about Amat and all they have is the “past”….

    20 – 1 vs. locals



    The Valley really has nothing to talk about, unless you want to talk about that one time back in….I thought not, pretty short conversation. Make some “Present” to speak about, post a “W” then we’ll talk about your, Aaaahhh, up and coming programs. Until then…actions speak louder than words boys!

  • Anonymous

    AMAT 73

    when using Lancelot as a person who only responds to trash talk is non-sense and no im not all of the anonymous names. but i am very familiar with “real talk” but in a way he makes everyone against Amat argument when he stated that they played in a lower division and scheduled up to beat upper division teams…..ummmm thats most of the SGV point as to saying ok we get that your in the highest division but that doesnt mean your better than everyone. point taken Amat scheduled up and beat upper level teams, Most of the Amat family continues to brag about the level there on so that makes you better than oh Monrovia who is winning in a lower level which imo is not true i believe a team like Monrovia would had punished amat last year and this year. But again thats my opinion. Amat is a storied program who’s book has been read alot to the sgv and majority if not all of the sgv is tired of the same ole story. Its time for Amat to put up or shut up everyone knows the history now you guys made sure of that.

    And lil fredj is an Amat homer he loves Amat if this was his blog believe me alot of post would had been erased he hates when Amat is shown up

  • Lancer Pride

    @Amat73-I disagree that Morovia defeats Amat last year. Amat vs Monrovia would have been a good game, maybe even an epic 81 type battle but I don’t think Monrovia pulls this one out. Just my opiion….see, there you go anonymous, we don’t always agree.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”


    It’s Exciting, and Motivating, when you know the guy in front of you just got a offer from there, and you are battling that guy every day. When we play you all, your players should feel lucky and appreciative that we are bringing all those scouts with us.

  • Real talk

    @anonymous Let me start off by saying I respect any team and every student athlete that takes the field. I also stated that is was my own opinion on the div championships. As a Amat fan it is nothing new to me to hear all the bashing on Amat, but have always wonder whats the real reason behind people always hating in them. I don’t talk about div until people start in on Amat hasn’t did this or won that and I’m trying to point out that to win in the PAC 5 it’s a whole other thing. Amat lost to Santa margarita last year who won it all not even a Servite that everyone thinks is so awsome could win it does that make them a broken down school. Another year we lost to long Beach poly who won it all that year also. Amat has to go through tuff teams to win it in the PAC 5. As a Amat fan I do notice we need improvement in areas and changes in others and I have faith that we will do that, I still feel that Amat was in almost all the games that people said that Amat was going to get crushed. I asked Aram to show me the games that Amat lost so bad that they didn’t belong in the PAC 5 I’m stilll waiting……

  • Lancer Pride

    Sorry 73, I read it wrong…anonymous, WE don’t agree (I know, I know, surprise, surprise). Monrovia had some very good players last year but just like Amat games of past and even last year’s Santa Margarita game for example, Amat does not lose to Monrovia last year. I’m sorry dude but last years team was pretty dam good when running on all cylinders. They lost to Maragirta but the score was not indicative of the football played on that field for three+ quarters that night.

  • Hype Machine

    It’s an overall body of work. If you take the best teams at Amat in the last 12 years, none of them were even close to getting past the 2nd Round, but schools like Alemany, Tesoro, San Clemente, Huntington Beach, all have Surpassed BA. I think BA being in pac 5 is just a gesture from CIF not to exclude any area of Socal. That’s why the IE teams are making a claim, they need a team in. BA has done nothing in the last 15 years to prove they are improving. I know some will bring up the other schools who have not won either. However they too will be on the chomping block.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    BA is 1-2 vs Monrovia. Can’t Dispute that. Everything is speculation. If Amat fans can revert back to past, to prove how great the lancers are, Why can’t Monrovians revert back to the past, as evidence that Monrovia could be Amat? I mean if Amat Struggle with Garfield, Anything is possible. Don’t say Garfield is better than Monrovia. They are for sure not better than Charter Oak, Chino Hills and West Covina.

  • Fact checker

    Actually, green pastures, Bishop Amat is 2-1 vs Monrovia

  • Lancer Pride

    When was the last time any of those teams you mentioned played Garfield? When did Monrovia last play Garfield?What was the outcome? When you say that They are better than Then, yet They have never played Them…Then how do you know? Comparative scoring? Your gut feeling? At least when you’ve played someone and beat them…consistently, you have at least some grounds for an arguement. If Amat never played St Bonnies but got on the blog and consistently compared themselves to St, Bonnies and talked smack about them and how they would have beat them this year or that year…The Blog Nation would be pounding Amat a new one YET all the representatives(?) from our area schools do this about Amat on a yearly basis DESPITE the fact that we continually beat them on the playing field? I don’t get it?

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    I apologize, you are correct!!! That was a mistake. If Mtown own the series, I would brag about it all day lol.


  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Lancer Pride How about this…Are you saying that Garfield is on the same level as amat? The Score was 14-0, That’s as close as most of your league games? Are you saying that Garfield is better than Monrovia?

    I don’t think so in either case. Preseason game scores are crazy. Teams are still trying to figure things out, move people around, etc… I think If Amat plays Garfield later on They win by more than 14. Saying that, I think if Monrovia played Garfield later in the year, they win by more than 14. That’s just my opinion.

  • Anonymous 1

    Did you really just whine about others on the blog while at the same time stating that you had to have your name changed to “anonymous” because otherwise you would be getting blocked/erased/censored by Fred????What does that say about your content? Maybe you should worry about your own lack of positive contribution to the blogosphere rather than crying like a little girl that, “my posts are getting blocked”. Don’t be such a weasel and you can pretty much say whatever you want on these blogs…You really have to be puttig out some trash to be getting removed. Fred and Aram let bloggers speak their mind and say whatever they want (sometimes even about them) but they just give it right back. If you’re getting censored look within my man.

  • Lancer Pride

    How about this….you answer my question first? Then we’ll get into this and that, otherwise we can go on answering questions with questions all day and night.

  • Should be put out to pasture

    green pastures – have you even seen Garfield? they’ve also played Edison, Orange Lutheran and are gong to play St Bonaventure this year. Would you write ill about those programs for scheduling Garfield? Garfield was down 10-7 in the 4th quarter vs Carson. Is that a “struggle”? Was Monrovia better than Carson? Garfield was tied with Dorsey at 26 before a late scoroe beat them 32-26. Did Dorsey struggle? Was Monrovia better than 11-2 Dorsey? Befpre you answer – Dorsey beat Alemany and lost 14-12 to REV. You keep throwing this Garfield stuff around – but I don’t think you really know anything about them except their name and some previous reputation.

  • Anonymous

    Real talk

    I hear everything your saying and in a way i agree with you but the difference between BA, Servite, LBpoly and Santa Margarita is that those 3 teams won in the 21 century and 2 of those teams did it by crushing Amat with a close one to Poly but 24 points to SM and 35 points to Servite doesnt look good or worth bragging about losing to those teams or losing at all. And again why with the whole “to win in the pac5 is a whole other thing” in every division its difficult to win a championship, but not even making an appearance in over 15 years becomes to question why are you there. Making comments like that is why Amat receive alot of hate. You Amat fans place yourselves on a peddle stool above everyone else even the teams that are actually winning, like Westlake, Serra, and etc… do you really mean to tell me that in those division they are in Amat would win those easy hands down because your team is in a higher division? I think not Amat is on a downward spiral. but i do still root for Amat from time to time but real recognize real and real talk Amat is not pac5 caliber. IMO

    Anonymous 1

    Obviously you have trouble with comprehending i was clearly stating to Amat 73 why im under Anonymous it had nothing to do with crying and i never mentioned Aram i said FREDJ if you cant keep up with talking about sports and their team then go to the nearest restroom put a quarter in the machine that reads tampon on it and purchase a few.

  • just sayin’

    Anonymous – Notre Dame, a non-playoff team from the Serra League/Pac 5 pounded Serra last year. I would suspect the Amat result would be similar?

  • Anonymous

    just sayin’

    if im not mistaking isnt you an Arcadia fan? but anyway comparisons get you nowhere we all know that think St. Paul crushed Garfield Amat barely beat them does that mean St. paul would had beaten Amat NO i think not so keep your comparisons to yourself its a dead end argument

  • just sayin’

    The difference there is Amat won their game vs Garfield, as did St Paul. Both wins. Serra got pummeled by Notre Dame.

  • Real talk

    @anonymous you have me thinking that you didn’t go to the BA vs SM or the BA vs LBP games I don’t expect you to, but in all honesty Amat was in both those game for 3+ qtrs . The SM game i felt their size got to us later in the game and as far as the score I felt we made a couple bad calls in or on 20 25 don’t remember exactly where but we went for it on forth down and didn’t get it and gave them a short field. And in the LBP game we fumbled on our own 15 yrd line late in the game to let them back in the game I was with LBP fans and let me tell you they looked worried. Having said that I’m not making excuses a lost is a lost. You are right I should state it a little different I seen some huge players in PAC 5 SM line was huge Servite had some big boys also and the other teams had athletes what I have seen over the years it is hard to imagine any other Div having that talent, but like I have stated before I don’t watch the other Div. No disrespect to the other divisions and teams I was just a little upset what was said about Amat earlier. And yes Amat or any other team can be beat on any Friday night thats why they play the game. Good luck to all the teams and to the players “Train as if youre the worst, but play as if youre the best.

  • GoAmat

    How about this and how about that? Leave the kids alone! Thank God Rio is not at Amat anymore. Now all you Amat hatters will probably talk crap about another Amat player. CAN’T WAIT FOR FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS AT BISHOP AMAT! Let’s go BLUE

  • Observantcat


    LB Brett Walsh pushing for Pac-12 offers
    July, 10, 2012
    JUL 10
    PM ET
    By Erik McKinney | ESPN.com
    Playing behind mammoth defensive tackle and 2012 UCLA signee Ellis McCarthy can make things easier for linebackers, but Brett Walsh (Monrovia, Calif./Monrovia) might have gone a little overboard during his 2011 high school season. The 6-foot-1, 195-pound linebacker was in on so many stops, he nearly redefined the settings for the term “tackling machine.”

    In 14 games, Walsh was credited with 192 tackles. There were two outings that featured 20 tackles or more and Walsh hit the double-digit mark in 11 games. Additionally, Walsh chipped in with eight sacks, three fumble recoveries and four receptions for 83 yards and a touchdown. It was enough to earn offers from Fresno State, Nevada and UNLV, but Walsh is looking to break into the Pac-12 and is in contact with Arizona and Oregon State.

    Walsh impressed the Oregon State coaches at their Southern California camp late last month, but said it will likely be another few weeks until he hears anything back from the Beavers, who are recruiting Walsh as a middle linebacker.

  • Anonymous 1

    No really dude I got. You are whining. Fred erases you because you’re posts are probably rumors and slams against kids, coaches or others that have no basis in fact. Fred does a great job of keeping the Riff Raff out.
    Weak attempt at wit. Really, go to the bathroom and buy tampons??? Stick to crying about being censored.

  • I don’t like Bishop Amat … I respect them. Gee Aram does this confuse you…it’s me!!!

    “I’m pretty sure the kids at Monrovia and West Covina prefer the life lessons they’re learning while winning championships. But to each their own …”

    This is as simple as it gets Aram. Tennessee will come back and when they do it’ll be in the SEC and not the WAC. Boise State was trying to get “into” the Big Boys division even though they’ve handled their business pretty well against an occasional “big time” match up, so they must be doing that for reasons that escape you.

    In life it does matter who you do it against so most competitive people want to compete against the best. You on the other hand have shown a propensity to take the short cut in life and cut into an open easy slot rather than compete against the best in your profession. Maybe that’s why you’re not Wonder “man” after being a “wonderkid”. In affect you’ve gone no where in life, and it shows.

    Bishop Amat will never be dropped, even an man of limited integrity as yourself would have to admit CIF has a love affair with the “little school from La Puente” the same way NBC has a love affair with a below .500, over the past 15 years, Notre Dame University.

    When Mater Dei, Loyola, St. Francis, St. Bonnie’s , Notre Dame, Crespi, LB Poly and others view Bishop Amat like Cabrillo than you might be on to something.

    Aram it must be something to suspend what little integrity you have to generate “buzz” when every person afflicated with CIF will tell you Bishop Amat ain’t going any where. Geeezzz Aram isn’t CIF populated with individuals with Lancer ties? Not saying they need that but, “come on” !

    When Carson, Chino Hills, Charter Oak, and many many other used Bishop Amat as a litmus test than what are you missing? Servite “needed” to beat the Lancers for old school wounds. Any one who doesn’t know that never played under the lights.

    Let’s put it this way to settle the stupid things people will say, from Not EVER to WC has WOOF…add Solomon, Frazier, Mc Carthy, Santiago, and every other “stud” to BA and the Lancers win a title in the Pac 5 and not against San Gabriel, San Dimas, Bonita or La Serna…which would be sweeter?

    Here’s a bragging point, cuz that’s what I do, when my son was given his scholarship to UCLA he had 48 hours to accept…he turned it down in 48 seconds….”on the spot” with no guarantee Harvard, Princeton or Stanford had offered. When I asked him why he said simply, ‘I’ll be fine”.

    Bishop Amat will be “just fine” and no sloth without as much as a college degree or an AA need to ponder the possibilities.

    Say something stupid about meds or multiple screen names but the truth is everything I write comes true…eventually. BTW…just found out Workman will play Salesian @ SALESIAN…wow…how did that game EVER get signed?????

    Once again…as long as Bishop Amat ain’t going any where.

  • Simplicity

    @Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Actually, dude…the only football program in the SGV that has made the front page of Maxpreps.com has been Bishop Amat. And they’ve done it TWICE. THE FRONT PAGE of a national webpage.

    And I’m a man of honor…I’d rather lose to a NATIONALLY ranked team like Servite that lose to a school like Arcadia, San Dimas, or South Hills.

    When the day comes that Monrovia beats a school like Mater Dei, Crespi, or St. Bonaventure, they will earn my respect.

    But the fact remains that Monrovia has never come close….NOT EVEN CLOSE…to scheduling anyone like this.

    Within the past 5 years, Bishop Amat has beat Alemany, SO Notre Dame, St. Bonaventure, Loyola, Crespi, Mater Dei,Rancho Cucamonga, and only lost to eventual Pac-5 Champ, Long Beach Poly but only FOUR points…

    Please tell the class how the last 5 years of Monrovia Football can even begin to compare….ROTFLMFAO!!!

    Seriously…with boneheads like you comparing Wildcat football to Bishop Amat football, it’s no wonder why Sidney’s parents decided on Bishop Amat! HAHAHAHAA!

  • big wins?

    c’mon Simplicity we beat…uummm…uummm….San Gabriel….and…and…Covina…yeah…Covina…then what about Whittier Christian…we beat them…and they’re a private school which makes them kinda like the Mission League which is kinda like the Serra League so we could neat them too…right?

  • FC, aka Damien Dad, aka Stanford Dad (yeah right),

    Congrats to all Amat fans!!! You’ve now got a schizo, who often calls himself “Damien Dad”, telling you that everything’s gonna be ok.

    Way to go FC, you really soothed the nerves in La Puente.

    As president of my fan club, how can make you a comment like “you’ve gone nowhere in life”???

    You say that, and yet you LIVE on my websites and always have. You spend more time here than even I do. You know my life story and yet you spew such venom. I really need you to arrange a pizza party or wherever you force a social life for yourself and invite Joe Amat and ask him how to stay away from my blog.

    I’m really disappointed in you and your doctors … and the pharmaceutical companies who are supposed to have stuff to treat your condition.

    In the meantime, El Grande Senor Gacho, thank you for the business!!

  • 3 way scrimmage @ Keifer

    Without hating I will give my Honest opinion regarding the scrimmage at BA today. It was very entertaining to watch and then compare what you see vs what is speculated on the blogs. The 3 teams present were Bishop Amat(Pac5), South Hills(Inland) and Monrovia(Mid Valley). When Looking, the first thing you notice is the size of the players. Right off the bat, you will be impressed with the Size, speed and Athleticism of the South Hills Line Core. They are Huge. That is going to be their anchor this season. Bishop’s line is not very big, however they work well together. Monrovia’s line has size but needs to work on continuity. Next you Notice the size Of the Monrovia LB Core, Frazier, Walsh and Ainsworth are a big group. Bishop Amat does not have a group that stands out, only the tight end. Next you notice the speed of the players. Monrovia has speedy group of skill players. They were able to get behind people. They can really stretch a defense. Bishop Also has a deceptive speed. Blue and Andrews are studs. Valasquez Is also a stud on defense. However, beyond those Three, the overall athleticism of the Lancers is not impressive. Blue would be a great WR, but will have limited offers as a RB. Doesn’t have the body for it. South Hills Has one Big wr and a few dangerous skills as well, but they are very small. All of the QB’s struggle today, being that they have not went up against a line. However, Haynes threw 3 ints all in the same series. The south Hills QB threw a few, and Heyworth was all over the place. Out of the Defenses, Bishop Amat’s look Crisp, South Hills got after it, and Monrovia Ran around. It’s really amazing to see a Midvalley school running around and competing with Much larger programs. Remember 10 divisions separate these schools, and Monrovia did not look out of place. They have no business running around or behind Bishop Amat players. They are also 1-1 vs SH. They could win their schedule, but will blow through the Midvalley. South hills still might not be Inland ready. Their Line with Monrovia Skills would make them a Inland team. They just don’t have the horse to do well there. However, they play hard, and could beat some teams, Like Monrovia. Now we come to the big fish…Bishop Amat, Before I am called a hater, really think about it, Amat did not show anything to separate themselves from these two lower division teams. They did not display any size advantage nor speed advantage. Haynes, is not even in the top 5 QB’s I’ve seen personally this summer. I just did not see anything from them that would show signs that they could win the Serra, nor pac5. That’s not to say they can’t beat lower division teams in the SGV, they could and should. However, the pac5 will be too much for the lancers. I hate saying that too. They are good, don’t get me wrong, but no one can make a argument, that BA looks like a Pac5 team. That’s why games like Servite, SM or Alemany Concern me. Those are games where BA is physically outmatch, and facing a inevitable outcome. This season, I can’t say It would be a lock that Bishop could beat, Chino Hills, Charter Oak, West Covina, St Paul, Maybe even Monrovia. Favorites yes, but not a for sure thing. However 3rd place in the Serra would be a accomplishment for this group. They still would be playing SM Again. I think it’s time the Amat Nation really looks in the Mirror. Enough about Monrovia, you don’t even play them. Your team did not dominate them today. Even In Passing league BA should be dominating D11 schools. I don’t know where the arrogance comes from. You should discuss your present team. No ever talks about “this year’s team” at Amat. It’s always about the golden years. I have not heard one Amat fan give a honest evaluation about their line play, QB Play, and or a truthful prospectus for the serra or Pac 5 playoffs.

  • Stanford Dad

    Aram…how funny is that?

    You actually answered…LMAO !

    IS it my job to soothe nerves? I just gave my opinion.

    BTW I’m still FC used to be a Damien Dad and now yes, I’m a Stanford Dad. Come on even you can follow that parental progression right?

    Answer this Aram, because I don’t care to do the research..was Servite in similar circumstances as Bishop Amat is now a few years ago? How’d that work out for them? Wasn’t Servite done a few years ago?

    So Aram which is it…does Bishop Amat have a “savior” or are they D4 bound?

    Man you are stupid.

  • Scrimmage?

    Was there tackling in the scrimmage or was it just passing? I thought upland was going to be there also. I heard no mention about dj Daniels and Demetrius pontikes . They are also very skilled and fast returning starters.who was the tightend from amat ?u think south hills can make the playoffs from what u saw.

  • Stanford Dad (yeah right),

    Well, your opinion sucked as usual. Some stuff about Salesian again. Blah Blah Blah, followed by “Bishop Amat will be just fine”.

    What does that even mean? Fine how? They’ll still be in business in 10 years? Fine as in they’ll make noise in the playoffs? Fine as in they’ll be 5-5? Do you even go to games or practices anymore? Or do you spend all your time trying to get me a Wikipedia page?

    Watch who you call stupid when you’re the one setting the example.

  • GoAmat

    Really? Is it that serious guys. I am just glad that I’m the 100th post. All you Amat haters are always going to be I wish I could of would of sent my kid to Amat!!!!!


  • Stanford Dad

    Hey this is fun…follow the “med man”…so who’s stupid?

    I’m sorry you didn’t know Workman was playing Salesian? Am I any different than any other bloggers who mentions his alma mater, you’re a TC grad I think. If I’m wrong about that I don’t really care.

    As far as Stanford Dad (yeah right) again…stupid is as stupid does. Maybe I’ll wear my Stanford Parent button when I see you at the games this weekend.

    As far as Bishop Amat being fine…this is where it gets sticky. The Lancers universally swear they’ll never go down and universally believe they can compete and the fan base would rather wear Mater Dei T-shirts than ever consider going down. Now D4…really? Who’s stuck on stupid. Given that they’ve beaten most d2 schools already why would they go D4 or is that hyperbole ?

    Have a substantive opinion based on football reality rather than Aramisms…lol

    Dude you’re harmless and every single person on this blog knows you ain’t man enough to go Jim Rome/Jim Everett on me in person…LOL Even you know that !

    My opinion, like Coach Bear, who’s a great guy by the way, is Bishop Amat will self determine success or failure much the way you did when you walked away from the big leagues ala Bishop Montgomery.

    So Aram where is your evidence that the powers that be are giving Bishop Amat a “time table” to deliver. Laughable on it’s face.

    Hey it’s a blog….free right? Or do you actually “own” the blog like Dave Lettermen “owned” his Top Ten???

    Quit why you’re ahead.

  • big bear

    Freshman who left Amat this year, left because they were unwilling to put effort in the class room.

  • Just an Observer

    Just an Observer,
    I take great offense at your implication that the five freshmen left Amat because something is wrong with the program and that these losses will greatly impact the program.
    I know you are speaking in hyperbole to get the blog going but you cant lose your objectivity.
    The starting tailback left because they were four deep at the position and he knew the incoming freshman class was going to be strong, and goes somewhere where he knows he can play. Youre writing about the freshman savior so I think the kid made the right decision to go somewhere he can play, which I believe was Diamond Bar. Once the two other QBs saw how good Camargo was they couldnt get out of there fast enough either.
    One starter went to West Covina, was hurt after the fourth game and didnt play the rest of the year. Good player, sorry to see him go. Probably the only kid to leave because he was disenchanted with the program, but his impact on last years success was minimal.
    The starting linebacker left because the tuition was too much for his family or because he was going to possibly play JV. Sad to see him go also but his talent is replaceable.
    The only loss from a talent standpoint was the starting DB, who was arguably the best athlete and one of the core players on a good freshmen team. (A team, by the way, that shut out your vaunted Damien sophomores.) His grades were bad and the parents werent going to pay for that, hes not going to Monrovia because their program is better. While talent-wise hes the biggest loss from the Amat freshmen team, his replacement is a just-as-talented transfer from Cathedral. Monrovia should be excited to have him.
    A couple other kids who were strong role players also left because of tuition issues but the core of the talent is still there. More talent was lost to the Amat baseball team than to any transfers but the QB, line, receivers, stud DL and MLB and three of the four starting DBs (not to mention a transfer 62 WR from Damien) are all coming back. Lets also not forget that youre writing about the incoming freshman class at Amat so it sounds like the futures bright.
    This year, well well see but for this to be a discussion it takes other programs cresting to all-time highs while Amat is the lowest its going be and then well see if any local teams can beat them Love the blog and all the commentaries. Its a new season and Monrovia and West Co are probably going to get rings again and Amat is going to have to struggle to make the playoffs but divisions and rings dont make teams. Monrovia and West Co could win titles; CO and CH could go further in the playoffs and still not be better than Amat. Just as the opposite is true, being in the Pac 5 does not make Amat better. Looking forward to seeing some things being resolved on the field because if Amat doesnt get beat this year by a local team, its not happening in the foreseeable future. And championships come in cycles, where was Santa Margarita two years ago?

    May all the teams have great seasons and Amat’s cycle is coming up.

  • Just an observer,

    Where did I imply that the frosh players left Amat because something is wrong with the program? Show me. I actually didn’t even imply anything. I simply asked AMAT73 if it was true. So please don’t make unsubstantiated allegations.

    This is what I wrote:

    “Is it true five starters from last year’s frosh team have transferred out? I understand one of them is a stud DB and is now at Monrovia and two others are at West Covina. Is that true?”

  • Wow


    Correct me if i’m wrong, but a freshmen parent told me “The Savior” is a WR and not and RB like you reported. As a matter of fact, he said that he was on the 7 on 7 with the varsity team yesterday and might go to the passing tournament this weekend

  • Well, if that’s where Amat plans to use him, more power to them. Maybe he’s a WR because Dionza Blue is in the backfield.

    Hey Wow, did you know Rio Ruiz was a WR as a sophomore and ended up at QB when others graduated? Go figure!

  • Coach Flowers

    Trey played for the West Covina Bruins for a few years…..One of the best players WE got to coach….He`s a BRUIN not a Hawk……lookin for big things out of this KID….

  • wow


    Yes Aram i know Rio was a WR, i saw him do up Mater Dei all by himself in the last drive of the last playoff victory 4 the lancers.. Aram must you always try 2 sound like a smart @$$ or a know it all???? I’m just saying what I heard, which apparently is more than you know!!!!

  • Savior? Please!

    Savior? He won’t make a dint in the Pac 5. That much I will guarantee. He’s no where near Kurt Scoby, Josh Quijada, and a host of other pop warner players that played before him in recent years. If he is Amat’s Savior, it will be the beginning to the end.

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