Meet D-Ranch behemoth Kammy Delp …

D-Ranch’s William Bryan (left) and Kammy Delp (seated).

As promised, here’s a pic of the biggest dude I’ve seen so far. It’s close with the South Hills boys, but Delp is slightly bigger in my estimation and may add to it. And, HE’S A JUNIOR! And, he also plays basketball. Keep in mind, William Bryan is a nice-sized athlete type, so that should drive home just how big Delp is. (Look at his hands).

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  • duece

    Hey no disrespect Aram but its like your running a check out the boys ad, i know your just showing their size but man the way your writing about them is kind of weird.

    (Look at his hands). LOL

  • Fbfan

    Roddy has been real quiet lately and that’s because he is doing his biggest recruiting ever and that’s pretty bad considering his past. He is getting quite a few somoan players who live nowhere near him because of prime time Polynesian. This is on top of going to all the walnut pop Warner practices. The dude is learning some shame now though because he’s not talking about all the illegal stuff he’s doing anymore

  • Greenie Cat in the pastures

    Paramount Will have the biggest line in the south east this year. Do your research people.

  • Sgv baller

    How big is this kid?he looks like he is about 6′ 5″ at least .whats the story on him .was he on varsity last year.did he grow a lot this year and wasn’t as big before?is he good ?Nice to see players from other schools on the blog.all this Monrovia vs amat debates are getting old .would like to see other potential college prospects that are from other schools besides Monrovia , amat, west Covina , chino hills and CO .

  • Stanford Dad

    If you’ve ever been around DR you know their athletes are challenge every day. Their work ethic is a reflection of their coach who’s tireless and 100% to doing everything he can to get his kids to the next level, whether that’s ULV or UCLA. Seen the kids work out and it’s bare bones weight work.

    Always been a enormous Layton fan for everything he is and for what he’s accomplished in life since his high school days.

    Never understood the haters but my suggestion is just spend some time with the man.

    Hope to see a game from the sidelines this year and watch the team do what they do, play all out.

    Best of luck Roddy !

  • Middy

    Too bad for Ganesha. Delp lives right behind Ganesha high school. Good job Rodey….Too bad coach Rice. Hell, until Ganesha can win a couple game, I’d send my kid somewhere else too. Too bad Delp isn’t starting anywhere yet.

  • AMAT 73

    Damn kid looks big and since he plays basketball should have quick feet. Nice catch on DR’s part. Aram , what position is he penciled in at ??? He must have been on JV’s last season or is he a recent transfer . How did he slip thru the cracks on last seasons reporting .

    green cat ,
    Can’t you ever stick to topic and if you can’t at least throw out a complement to the kid.

  • New York

    The way these kids are dressed reflects well on their program. Nice work DR.

  • update

    Update Aram. West covina has a lineman that is 6.9 and 320 lbs his name is Tabis he is a giant just wanted to let you know since yout talking to lineman. Call the coach he will tell you. This kid looks like a wrestler on WWE smack down.

  • AMAT73,

    He’s mentioned all the way back in last year’s preview issue as a sophomore with “next-level talent”. I should know, I wrote it. He played D-Line. Of course, it doesn’t help that D-Ranch struggled a tad and that Roddy doesn’t post stats or rosters on MaxPreps.

  • Football Fan

    Westco has a 6ft9 Lineman?
    Hard to imagine.

  • update

    Its true this guy is a giant. Dan the man can confirm this also. Dan how big is Tabis i say about 6.9 320 what do you think. Aram you know West Covina they like to stay quiet about whats going on over there. Hahaha.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Amat 73

    Did I say anything negative about this kid? I mentioned Paramount, because they are a new addition to the South east. They have a huge line, and this kid will be potentially competing against that team and the San Gabriel Valley league. That last few threads have been about Big lineman. It’s on topic. I am sorry that every post can’t be all hugs and giggles. Come on your just searching for something to gripe about. Now that I know about this kid, I’ll check him out…then I will have something to say about him in particular. I am sure DRanch will be checking out the new teams added to their division. Especially the one’s who are going to make the playoffs.

  • sgv baby

    WesCo has A GIANT over there. I seen him last season but the kid did’t play much. Coach “M” is a damm good coach and I’m sure the GIANT will be ready. Delp is a good size kid and should be a threat. Not 6’5″ He is 6’1″ 290lbs

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @sgv baby,

    I think the 6’1″ 290 lb player you are refering to was Bryson Finely, he’s a beast! He was a sophomere last year, he saw quite a bit of action early in the season last year. I think he may have been nursing an injury towards the end of last season because he was on the sideline in street clothes during the playoff run.

    I think this 6’9″ 320 lb kid they are talking about is a completely different kid all together. There was a kid on the JV squad last year that fits the description, he was new to organized football. That is usually the case with kids his size because of the weight restrictions in youth/pop warner football leagues. If Maggiore can get him up to speed in the weight room and toughness department, look out!

  • New York

    A kid 6’9 and 320 lbs does not fit the Wing-T system. If he is new to football, I’d recommend playing him at nose guard with a simple assignment to drive the center into the backfield. This will get him introduced to contact in the trenches quickly and familiar with football. They can build from there.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @New York,

    I agree, his size is something you can’t teach! Throw him in at DT and move some people around! But if it’s the kid I think it is, he needs to just play with more of a meanstreak. Gentle giant syndrome, know what I mean? Lots of big kids are raised their whole lives being taught to be careful, don’t hurt your brother or sister because you are so big etc…

    Now they are adjusting to being allowed to use that size and do some damage with it. I also heard from one of the coaches that West Covina will run some spread on offense.

  • AMAT 73

    Thanks Aram , I must have missed that or just didn’t file it in the archives. Do you know if they brought him up to varsity at the end of the season for some seasoning for this year ?

    3 way green cat ,
    That’s exactly my point . You said nothing about the kid which is the topic of the thread , not who has the biggest line in the Southeast . And what’s with the “do your research people” line. Did Aram or anyone else write DR has the biggest line in the Southeast ?? And I can bet when you do come on here to say anything about him it will be how he doesn’t stack up to someone on Monrovia’s squad .

  • Cat Got Your Tongue

    @Amat 73 Wow! You Amat people are so pathetic, All over these blogs you have let the Green Cat of the hill, get under your skins, especially you Amat 73. As soon as he posted the Paramount comment you attacked, can’t you see how obvious you are. The only one smart enough to stay away from this crap is Joe Amat maybe that is why bloggers take his comments, and opinions seriously. The Green Cat Puts up post at all times of the day, and night, he is unemployed with nothing to do, and you get in this back and forth frenzy with him. You guy’s are panicking. The Green Cat will go back in the hills quietly, just leave him alone. The blog needs hits, but not all by you and the Green Cat.

  • AMAT 73

    If our banter bothers you pass it by . Don’t take it all so serious ,because as my buddy Jcaz likes to say it’s all for schitz and giggles in this case. Dog days of summer before the season starts, so enjoy it or pass it by but don’t take it too seriously . No harm meant .

  • New York

    Actually, I think you guys should cut him, knowing that he is not right for the system. Send him to Monrovia so he can follow the progression I mentioned below!

  • sgv baby

    Yo Bulldog

    I was talking about Delp. Good size kid may grow taller and like I said he will be good for DR. Bryson, yes he is also a good size kid that will do well. If! DR players make grades will they have what it takes to get you guys at WesCo this year???

  • Greenie…

    Cat got your tongue…

    you can add your name to the list of cowards…trying to get a two for one deal…your getting fresh with Amat 73, and attacking me from the side. What’s it to you how many times me and Amat 73 go back and forth? I don’t hate him or her. First you act like working a job is the pinnacle of life. Actually the people on top don’t work, they have plenty of time to do whatever they want. You are the one who wants to work til your 80 years old. Second of all I comment at different times because I have stuff to do between those times. You on the other hand, can’t comment at work because you are a entry level employee and still on probation, and you can’t comment a night because you have to go to bed to get up for your lame @$$ Job. I bet you have already had a verbal warning by your supervisor for blogging on the job. Don’t get fired trying to keep up with Greenie Cat. Don’t be jealous because I can blog whenever I want. Are you made because, Aram started a thread with my post instead of yours? I am just having fun. That’s what life and blogging is about. If you are upset about when I blog, and how much I blog, then that’s your jealous problem. If you notice I’m on every thread, that means your reading them, and not commenting, or commenting on every post under a different name. Only a person with a boring, pathetic life, would worry about what someone else is doing, and you are stupid enough to get mad about it. I love high school football, especially SGV football, and i’ll blog on every post. At least I am loyal and committed. I think it’s fun. You and other salty balls people come one her once and month to talk trash, hide behind a million names, and get pissed because your not interesting enough for people to comment on what you write. I feel sorry for you bro… Get off my genitalia..

  • Bulldogs have bite

    sgv baby,

    It’s hard for me to say how good DR will be. They have been very quiet this summer, and this actually makes me kind of nervous. The only thing I have to go on is stuff we already know. Say what you want about Roddy, but he can coach, he knows his x’s and o’s! DR always has a couple stud players in the skills posistions. If they have any type of beef up front they could make a solid run in the Hacienda. West Covina graduated a lot of talent last year, but it seems like there is no shortage of talent waiting to step in. We win our games in the trenches, and for the third straight season we will be replacing 4/5ths of our O-line. But we always turn out one of the most physical and crisp blocking lines in the area regardless of their size and weight. I think DR will be improved this year, but not enough to threaten the Bulldogs. WC may be better than last year’s team this year! The linemen will be taller, stronger and bigger, and our offense may even feature some balance with our new founded passing game starting to click.

  • To SGV Baby

    “If DR makes the grades…” May I remind you that our captains went to Harvard, Columbia, West Point and the Naval Academy. And this is the norm. Our academics are always good and we don’t have issues of players making grades.

  • Cat Got Your Tongue

    @ Greenie Feline Sorry i hurt you feelings, it must have been the job thing. Just trying a point about how foolish look on these blogs. I presume you are a grown man right? Mtown had to good seasons, And you are dancing out of control in your kittie litter. Let me ask you a question do you see WC people come all over these blogs talking about how good they are, pounding their chest out of control. NO! the reason WC knows what it’s going to take to To compete with the Amats, C.O’s year in and year out, you see WC plays this kind of competition every year. No fantasy here kittie. So calm down, have somebody brush some of those old cat hairs off you, you will feel better. BTW If you want i will show you how to make up a killer resume.

  • Cat Got Your Tongue

    @ Greenie Feline Sorry about the type o’s on my last post. I am sure you get my point.

  • KammyDelp


  • New York

    DR seems to have the most impressive college-athlete placement rate in the local area. I really think they need to be: commended, studied, and possibly replicated if the studies show the results are not a fluke.

    My question/challenge: at what point do they win some football titles?

  • Sleepy Green…

    Hey cat tongue guy

    It’s 2am…Tired(yawn)

    I bet you Monrovia(D11) could do this….

    Charter Oak

    Bishop Amat

    Good night…Get off my genitalia

  • New York

    My assessment of that video clip is that Charter Oak did better against Upland than the score suggests. Upland looked like a one-trick pony with their QB throwing dimes to #1. They were able to get their run game going too, but it looks like a lot of their TDs were homerun passes to #1.

    Interestingly, Upland beat Charter Oak in overtime in the first round of the 1995 Division 6 playoffs enroute to Upland’s first CIF title. They then beat Arroyo in the second round, Chino in the third round and Rancho Cucamonga in the finals.

    I last saw Upland live against Los Osos in the 2009 Championship at Citrus. Upland’s players were far more aggressive and physical than Los Osos. They also had the luxury of no lineman playing both ways from what I could tell.

    Anyway, Upland’s talent level seemed similar in 2009 to what it was in 1995. Back then they had a traditional pocket QB who likely got drafted, some absolute stud defensive ends (Orlando Huff and Torrey Caldwell), a couple running backs (Eddie Rycrfot and Andre Bishop), and of course a bunch of 6’5 guys on the offensive line. They are a legite D2 contender, but they face teams out in Riverside that should be in the Pac5, just as the Old CBL was in D1.

  • Cat Got Your Tongue

    I see you are burning the midnight oil again. Love your assessment of how you can lose a game as good as some one else can. Is that your measuring stick on who Monrovia is, or how good they are. Those Two video clips mean absolutely nothing. You tried to make the same point on another thread. What an Idiot!! FYI job fair at Industry Hill this weekend.

  • sgv baby

    DR Fan
    I’m sorry I didn’t mean make the GRADE in the classroom. I was referring making the grade on the field. Since WesCo was CIF Champs and lost many kids. Reading the posts looks like WesCo has kids ready and will replace positions with quality ball players. I Should of used another word. OOOPPPSSS my mistake. Good luck to DR this year. I know Fisher will be attending Harvard one of the schools mentioned. Where will last years QB/Baseball player Ramirez going to school?

  • Wing t San dimas

    I’ll tell you what. Send the 6’9 kid over to San Dimas. We will teach him how to down block and reach. 6’9 just makes the wing t that much better.

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  • kammy’s Uce

    That 6’9 kid sucks! That’s a bball player wth! Kammy would murder him! You parents or whatever you are, are just trying to start hype for your own kid. Kammy started his own but with his motor on the field! Watch his highlights! Lake Aiono also.


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