Monrovia LB Brett Walsh offered by Northwestern …

Monrovia linebacker Brett Walsh has picked up an offer from Northwestern.

Walsh led the Wildcats in tackles last year with 192. He tandems with Colorado-bound teammate George “G5” Frazier to give Monrovia the top linebacker duo in the Valley.

Walsh also has offers from Fresno St. and South Dakota.

Aram’s take: Nice! A brainiac BigTen school coached by Pat Fitzgerald that goes bowling almost every year. I dunno what Walsh is gonna do or what else is gonna roll in, but if it were me, I’d have already said yes.

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  • Greenie Cat in the pastures

    Congrats to Brett Walsh, Job well done! Now sick ’em

    Hey MHS football Lover…

    I hope you pick up this thread.

  • Observantcat

    Maybe this is where this post belongs.. Go Get ’em Brett


    LB Brett Walsh pushing for Pac-12 offers
    July, 10, 2012
    JUL 10
    PM ET
    By Erik McKinney |
    Playing behind mammoth defensive tackle and 2012 UCLA signee Ellis McCarthy can make things easier for linebackers, but Brett Walsh (Monrovia, Calif./Monrovia) might have gone a little overboard during his 2011 high school season. The 6-foot-1, 195-pound linebacker was in on so many stops, he nearly redefined the settings for the term “tackling machine.”

    In 14 games, Walsh was credited with 192 tackles. There were two outings that featured 20 tackles or more and Walsh hit the double-digit mark in 11 games. Additionally, Walsh chipped in with eight sacks, three fumble recoveries and four receptions for 83 yards and a touchdown. It was enough to earn offers from Fresno State, Nevada and UNLV, but Walsh is looking to break into the Pac-12 and is in contact with Arizona and Oregon State.

    Walsh impressed the Oregon State coaches at their Southern California camp late last month, but said it will likely be another few weeks until he hears anything back from the Beavers, who are recruiting Walsh as a middle linebacker.

  • Like I tell any kid who gets a ride from Stanford. GO! Go! GO! a degree from Northwestern or Stanford goes a long, long way. If you’re good enough to play pro ,they’ll find you.

  • Huskies in the house!

    Ok, just came back from watching the future Friday night lights boys and the freshmen tourney at Covina. Let’s just say I thought us Dawgs were at a turning point with our incoming class but not after I watched the rich get richer. Charter Oak literally abused the entire property. I was hoping we could compete with them but damn where did they get so many athletes from? We have some impressive looking 9th graders but Charter Oak’s boys looked like men. Pains me to see Charter Oak’s future celebrating with a trophy already but don’t you worry our boys will be back better than ever because they were already talking about what they have to do to compete with you. Train and recruit for athletes that can beat them. Thanks for the press Aram. You know as well as I do the game is won in the trenches and admit you’re excited about my Huskies. Bring it on!


    There was a froshy passing tourney at Covina? Learn something new every day. So you’re saying CO looked good and South Hills and Covina did not? That place is a factory.

  • MonroVian

    Aram I can confirm this! C.O. frosh team is the real deal lead by QB Kory Brown’s brother (not sure of his name). They have a great group of receivers also.

  • New York

    For Monrovia to beat the upper division teams it will fall onto the shoulders of our QB and receivers, running backs, linebackers and DBs. Dont get me wrong, our lineman need to be properly physically and mentally trained and ready to play with great technique, explosiveness and a nasty attitude. There is no excuse for anything else.
    QB and receivers need to have their timing down, step up and catch balls so our offense stays on the field and not allow our defensive line to get worn down. We will need to outscore those teams that have bigger linemen.
    Defensively, we need to stop them well before they get to the goal-line. There are things we can do to neutralize a much bigger line. Our big linebackers need to generate power (Force equals mass times acceleration) on run blitzes. Our backers and DBs need to deliver big hits and create fumbles. That is how the 1998 team beat Diamond Bar. Darryl Fisher (small but power DB) created a late game fumble that lead to a big field goal. Those bigger offensive lines will undoubtedly open holes. Our backers need to make tackles close to the LOS, or else it will be a long night.
    The key is that if our guys are smaller, then we need to be MUCH quicker and play with great instinct so we can utilize formations such as a flexed nose guard and stunts to create confusion and take advantage of leverage.
    Our big running back Ainsworth needs to punish tacklers and soften them up like the big guns on the beaches of Normandy. Our offensive line and tightend Frazier need to play fierce and stay on blocks long enough and low enough to give our guys a crease.
    If nothing else, read and live Sun Tzus Art of War.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    New York,

    I always talk to you about “timely play” calling. Having right personnel in at the right times, and execute the correct play. Example, It would be like bringing you in to play D-line for one series, or on the goal line. Or making the correct adjustment on the trap. We have been good making adjustments over a period of time during the season going into the playoffs, but we have to make these adjustments against upper division in game, and expose some of their weaknesses.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Monrovia peeps…

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on each game in your schedule:

    @ Ayala


    @ San Dimas

    South Hills

    @ St. Francis

    @ South Pasadena

    La Canada


    San Marino

    Temple City

    @ Alabama

    (lol I’m wondering how many of you paused on that last one)

    Not being familiar with all of those schools, except by name, I’d say you’ve got four good ones, Ayala, South Hills, St. Francis(?) and La Canada. And of course, Alabama. lol

    So I’m thinking 10-0 or 9-1, worst case, 8-2.


  • New York

    Monrovia vs. Bama:
    “Ditka but it’s close.”

  • reality

    Not so fast – calling 7-3 at best. And you better hope Arcadia or San Dimas doesn’t get you too

  • If it was Week 1, I’d take M-Town over Bama. Gotta catch the Tide when they’re still wet behind the ears. That late in the season, they’ll probably be rollin’ (no pun). Bama 7, Monrovia 6.

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations on the offer to this fine young man . Hopefully all pans out for him and he is on his way to much success. Northwestern is a very fine academic institution .

    New York,
    I hope you meant the big guns on our battleships and not the guns on the beaches because those were aimed at us . Good luck this season.

  • New York

    Yes indeed! The big guns from our ships pounding/shelling the beaches.

  • Question

    random question, but when does the preps magazine come out?

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Vs Ayala-This is going to be a tough game. Ayala is upper division. I am sure they will have some size upfront, and a few skill players. QB The beat South hills last year in a close game, and they put up over 40 pts. They are totally capable of defeating Monrovia. I think the game will come down to who get’s the best start, and whomever has the least Amount of Turnovers.
    Prediction: Monrovia 31 Ayala 30

    Vs Arcadia-This has been going back in forth for a few years. This is called the In-and-Out Classic. The team that normally wins, is the senior lead team. This Year Monrovia has More Impact Seniors. Arcadia is also breaking in 2 new QB’s
    Prediction: Monrovia 42 Arcadia 20

    Vs San Dimas- This is our division rivalry. Monrovia under estimated last years game. San Dimas will come to play. We normally struggle with the wing early. However, our offense will be in tune this year. They had a hard time stopping Ainsworth at Covina. Nothing will change. I think Monrovia’s seniors will play big.
    Monrovia 35 Sand Dimas 14

    Vs-South Hills, The Huskie’s are Huskie up front. Their line will give us fits, however no Hart, No Canada, NO QB. Once again, I think our seniors will step up and get it done
    Prediction:Monrovia 31 South Hills 21

    VS-St Francis This is the game of the preseason for us, This team is going to be discipline, tough, and will be a huge challenge for us. It’s going to come down to the line, and playing 4 qtrs of Football. I have confidence we can win this step up game

    Prediction Monrovia 24 St Francis 21….

    Vs league Monrovia 250 pts Rio Hondo 42 pts

    CIF Monrovia wins 3rd title lol…

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    El Gato: What? No Bama prediction? lol.

    Aram gave’em 7-6.
    New York said it would be close.

    Of course this is all in humor. I’m thinking double OT with Bama getting the edge. But Monrovia catch’n Bama early would have a shot. lol

    El Gato, I like your assessment. Fair.

    Personally, if Monrovia runs the table, it’s time to move up and out.

    I heard a rumor that after the 2012 season, there was going to be several conference/league reshufflings. Again, I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s a rumor.

    If they moved Monrovia, which conference/league do think you’d end up in?

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Not so fast,

    My guess would have to be the South East. I think Division 10,9,8, would be Somewhat like the Midvalley. The central would not be too bad, if we were in Don Lugo’s league…plus I think Rancho verde, is going to the inland, so that should open up that division, but then West Co may be headed to that Div. We would not be ready for anything above the Central.

  • New York

    I am happy to see Green Pastures come down to earth with his assessment. I agree with both: his assessment of our preseason as well as his statement that we are not ready for anything above the Central Division.

    Let me explain:

    This pre-season is no joke for us.

    I assume Ayala and South Hills will both be similar to our past two games against Glendora, especially the Ayala game. Let’s not forget that Glendora was at the top of the Sierra League before getting assigned to the Baseline. These teams have physical lines and are accustom to playing upper division football. Whether they win or lose, they are typically in the game and competitive.

    I have a feeling Ayala is gonna smack Monrovia in the mouth from the beginning. Our offense will need to score quickly and our defense needs to hit hard. Our line needs to do everything possible to allow our skill guys and big-skills to be the impact players they can be. That wont happen if our d-line gets pushed into our DBs.

    Arcadia and San Dimas: These are both rivalry games that include emotion and intensity from both sides. SD runs an offense we see once or twice a year, and they are good at it.

    Divisional Realignment: I would like Monrovia to compete against leagues such as: Hacienda, Suburban, Los Padres, an IE league as well as an Orange County League. I suppose a division like that would require some old school travel in the playoffs, but it would be pretty awesome like it was in the 1990s.

  • greenie…

    New York,

    You know me well, I love to play the antagonist on the blog…however, after the thrills of pissing off a few people, I will give a accurate assessment of the Cat’s. My thesis has never changed. Anything can happen in one game. You don’t base a divisional change on a few games. However, you and I both know historically Monrovia has played tough teams in the playoffs. Almost every team Mtown played in the 90’s are now in the western Division, Schools like Paso, Culver City, Mira Costa. They have also had success. All of those leagues went up except for the Rio Hondo, and Montview. So playing good quality opponents is nothing new at Monrovia. However, our overall body of work, has not justified a move into the upper divisions. I do feel in several years, if the program stays intact…We could improve our chances of getting to the level, Charter Oak is now. It just takes time.

    What games will you fly back for this year?

  • Arroyo Lineman Competition

    Arroyo had its annual Lineman Competition today.
    Monrovia High School dominates. Champions.

  • New York

    I forgot to pontificate on the St. Francis game: This is likely the best team on our schedule. St Francis is known for scheduling down in the pre-season and going 5-0. I hope that is not the case this year. They are also known for strong line and QB play. Monrovia wins a close one.

    My honest assessment is that Monrovia has the ability to blowout every team on our schedule, but we also have the possibility of allowing a bigger team to take the air out of the ball, slow the game down, wear us down and have their way with us in the fourth quarter. To achieve the blowouts against these teams, we must be uber-aggressive. Defensively, our DBs must be able to defend the pass in single coverage with no safety help. Our receivers need to block down field, catch passes and break tackles. Dropped balls on offense KILL our chances of beating upper division schools with big offensive lines. We need to force the opposition into passing situations.

  • New York

    I haven’t set my schedule yet, but I would like to be there for:
    * Ayala
    * St. Francis
    * Sierra Canyon
    * State Bowl / Plus-one against West Covina, depending on state bowl politics…

  • New York

    I just looked at Monrovia’s upcoming schedule on Calpreps. Our preseason includes four road games: Ayala, San Dimas, South Hills and St. Francis. This is gonna be a challenge.

    It seems like Maddox was anxious to beef up the scedule and was willing to sacrifice home games to get it, especially the game against St. Francis.

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