Charter Oak beats Claremont to win Claremont Tournament … Amat falters in pool play …

Charter Oak beat Claremont in an all-Sierra League final to win the Claremont Tournament on Saturday afternoon.

The Chargers have lost just one tournament game this summer, against Hart in the Under Armor Tournament.

“Our goal was to get better and compete,” Charter Oak offensive coordinator Dominic Farrar said. “Ultimately, at the end of the day, what we used this opportunity for was competition and evaluation.

“No one remembers what you did in July and ultimately for us it doesn’t matter what we’ve done in July as long as we continue to develop our identity.”

Farrar singled out big performances by receivers Aaren Vaughns, Brice Bobo and Brian McIntyre, and defensive back Donavin Washington. Coaches also praised the linebacker corps.

Quarterbacks Kory Brown and Ross Barrera split time on Saturday and remain locked in a battle that’s still too close to call.

The Chargers beat La Serna to reach the finals. Claremont beat Crescenta Valley.

Bishop Amat, which also participated in the tournament, did not advance out of pool play and was in the consolation bracket.

Aram’s take:
Pretty scary sign for the Chargers to get a tournament championship under their belts. It’s well known how good Charter Oak’s defense is going to be. But if this team has an offense, too, WOW! Good showing from Claremont, too. Don’t forget, the ‘Pack have some solid experience back on offense. About Amat, I know it’s only passing league, but this wasn’t the strongest field from top to bottom and for the Lancers to not advance to the championship bracket is very disappointing.

  • Margarita bill

    In Amats defense they didnt bring their team to this one it was their jv team out there.


  • JMO

    Sorry margi bill,

    It was their starters but who cares, passing league is just that Amat and CO run plays that they will run in games unlike most teams there running little swings and quick outs all day long. CO is more of a passing team while Amat is more ball control, Amat still has some good looking athletes.


    Did you see or hear anything on El Rancho how did they look with there new head coach.

  • It doesn’t matter

    Remember its just passing league.

    Beside that was Amat JV team. The entire tournament was week. Not one good team out there today.

  • JMO


    Your staring QB is starting on your JV squad?

  • SGV_Fan

    haha wow. If Daniels, Velasquez, Blue, and Andrews are on your JV squad then wow. its just passing league. swallow your pride and admit ur Amat team just got beat. it happens but it means nothing? CO looked awesome today. Rolled through everyone and the little heated championship game against claremont was entertaining. cant wait for the season.

  • Margarita bill

    Hey I was just trying to make it a little softer on the amat faithfuls I knew that wasn’t their hv team. It was a joke but amat didn’t look as bad as I thought so I think this season might be an ok one for them after all depending on their upfront game

  • Huskies in the house!

    Can someone please tell me how we did today down in Orange County at the Edison Tourney? This weekend was going to be a turning point for our quarterbacks Goss, Horner, and I forget our sophomore transfer name from Damien. These three QB’s were suppose to compete for the position this afternoon. Can someone please give me a sense of how we did?

    The chippy Chargers won yet another tourney at Claremont today. Too bad you played average to below average teams in Southern California. I’m curious Mr. Tolegian what you post summer rankings are going to be after the summer is said and done. You’re always about hype. Either believing someone else’s hype or hyping someone. Well let me tell you there’s no hype at South Hills because you know where the game is won and lost and these Dawgs in the trenches are going to eat on Friday nights.

    I have my opinion on who should be our starting QB but will wait until we get closer to season to reveal my pick. Tell me how the Huskies did today please someone?

  • JMO


    How many points did we drop on your A$$ last year? just wondering. CO

  • wildozer

    So that was Amat’s jv team? Good excuse. So what was last year’s excuse? I mean – for the season.

  • Can uuuu dig it!!!

    @ Amat 73 Come out and pplaaaayyyyy
    @Joe Amat Come out and Plllaaaaaayyyy.

    I would too be quiet w/ that horrible performance…
    Whats ur excuse now.

  • SGV Fan

    Went down to the Lineman Competition Saturday. Followed Arcadia most of the day. Some good teams out there not the deepest field. Monrovia won it all. They looked fantastic. They brought a couple of those TE/DE’s, wow. Buena Park and Alhambra had some real nice size as well. Heard some real interesting gossip about Covina and #s of players out this year. Wondering if Colt74 could help us out there.

  • Where Are All the QBs?

    I’ve been to a few passing tournaments and I have to say I don’t see any standout QB’s in the SGV. Seems like a real shortage of TOP LEVEL talent.

    I’m sure all the boys are working hard and making progress, but we are missing the Santiago, Jeffries, Ruiz, and Deen type QBs that we have in the recent past.

    C.O. Still in QB battle – 1 taller pocket QB, 1 smaller running type.
    Glendora in QB battle – 2 decent QBs but no star; not great size
    SHills still in QB battle – 2 smaller QBs, just OK
    Monrovia QB has size but not very accurate.
    Damien QB is small but has good arm and accuracy.
    Amat QB is small but athletic. Throws a lot of interceptions.

    Not an indictment of anyone, just an observation.

  • Observantcat

    I will disagree with you on this one. Blake Heyworth is not only accurate, he has the one of the quickest releases of any QB I’ve seen the past few years. Behind a good line he is the kind of QB that will step up under pressure. Just so you dont forget who you are talking about, here are some of his highlights.

  • Aram

    The proven QBs are on the westside of the SGV this year. Heyworth, Lebowitz, Cox, Elffers.

    But the eastside has some nice ones in B-Mart at El Monte, Matty Ice at CH and Pucci at Damien.

    It’s time for the rest to make a name for themselves.

  • Dan

    Interesting point on Amat and CO running plays they will use during the season.
    In the SGV passing tournament, West Co had 7 or 8 TD’s called back throughout the day due to going over the time limit. This was due to them actually running play action and losing some time taking a snap from an actual center and faking a handoff. At first it was a little frustrating as most of these td’s were called back in the playoff matches, 2 or 3 vs Whittier Christian and 3 against Maranatha. Because of this the Maranatha match ended up coming down to the wire. It was also a little frustrating because the ball was released usually right near the time limit, for a while there I was thinking the time keeper had something against West Co till one of our coaches pointed out that we were running playaction. I probably didn’t notice before because I was too focused on the recievers and other skill players going against the defense. The coaches stuck with it because that is what they do during the season. They also have their LB’s show respect for the run by lining them up at real game distances and having them take a forward step before they backpeddal to their zone.
    These extra steps may slow a team down a bit in these passing games, but they should help in the long run to develope the proper habits in real games.

  • CoViNa

    SGV FAN,

    What are the rumors you are hearing about Covina, Maybe I can shed some light on whats going on…

  • Real talk

    Amat this Amat that. Amat is always on everyone’s mind. I thought when you your team sucks no one cares about you. So why does Amat get so much attention? Answer me this ARAM is it just me or is it every year the teams that are Not on Amat schedule are always the teams with the our team could beat Amat, but yet the teams that get on the Lancers schedule get very quiet. I don’t see Ch,Co,on here like they would be if they didn’t have a chance to play Amat this year. On the whole passing league thing I would say when you put pads on its a whole other story. People don’t understand when you play the pac5 teams from what I have seen its the hitting and straight up aggressiveness that the other teams in the Sgv or D11 would just be over whelmed. Amat has played played kill or be killed ball for many years. I not
    Sure If was south hills that quiet on the game against upland but it was upland aggressiveness that over whelmed SH. What I’m getting at it is hard to beat a more aggressive team in pads the in a passing league .

  • First Hand Witness

    Criminal Outreach…

    were you even there? CO has no control over their players? tensions rose when the charter oak linebacker lit up the reciever (clearly with his hands?) and the claremont player came up swinging. whos the one with no control? and it doesnt help that the Claremont coach over reacts about it. clearly it wasnt a tackle, maybe it was rough, but to make a scene like that..there were hits like that the whole tournament. kids get up & get ready for the next play. so as the CO LB sat out for the rest of the defensive series, here comes the Claremont WR targeting a saftey during the play…knocking off the saftey helmet and eventually getting thrown out of the game. nice control of your kids claremont. oh…and the coaches do not encourage dirty excessive play. only physical fearless passing league football…as do all the other great teams. im sure you heard big lou telling people to shut up from the sideline. how could you not? it only took him 1 time for the whole sideline to get quiet.

    nice try guy. stand by the field next time buddy and find out wuts really going on. not in the stands

  • Criminal Outreach

    You can spin it however you would like but thanks for confirming the incident.

    It was an embarrassment for your team.

    Your coaching staff has NO control over this team.

  • Aram

    Criminal Outreach,

    Please make your point (s) without insinuating players from ANY team are criminals.

  • Margarita bill

    Real talk

    Please do Amat a favor and SHUT UP!!!!! are you serious for one Upland isnt in the pac5 so why would you give an example about aggressiveness being played in the pac5 when Upland is in the Inland 2. And one more thing CO and CH fans has been expressing how theyre going to run all over Amat and when other fans express themselves about how they think they would beat Amat is because Amat is like a wounded champ in a mandatory fight or he has to give up his belt, so what is the champ going to do, he either is going to fight or lay down. And you say Amat has been playing kill or be killed football for years well i guess the “kill” part is out because Amat has been getting killed and saying the score doesnt indicate how close the game was early LOL. And again stop down talking the lower levels they play just as aggressive as the pac5. So Mccarthy wasnt aggressive or lets say justin Meaders and etc…. i can go on with aggressive players that would had been just as aggressive in the pac5 as they were in div7 or 11. This is part of the reason why Amat gets attacked alot because its fans like you that comes on here talking out the rear end when they lose at something and then wanna cry foul when other fans speak on it.

    SHUT UP!!!!!!

    Criminal Outreach

    And dude football is a nasty sport dont hate on CO because theyre out there doing their thing your team must of gotten whooped by them or something. In competitive sports thing tend to get heated just like when ND and Oak Christian got into a full team brawl at the under the lights did you see or hear any fans down talking their coaches or players, NO so dont down talk CO for their toughness because im pretty sure after that game they shook hands unlike they did at the under the lights game. Im not saying its ok but a little trash talk here and there is perfectly fine or do you want them to congratulate each other after every play. this is football not ballet class get over it coach Lou knows what he is doing over there if he allows that to happen then maybe its an intimidation tactic i dont know but i do know coach Lou is definitely not allowing constant bad behavior or any bad behavior at all.

  • First Hand Witness

    Criminal Outreach

    was that the only physical passing league game you have ever seen? im sure no one from charter oak was embarrassed for the outcome of the tournament. i know i was proud of how CO came to compete. it showed with the physical nature of the team and was nothing more than that. CO didnt go to hurt anyone but showed up to prove how phisically dominant they are on defense and as you can see…that works. but hey, a victory over claremont in the claremont tournament to claim the championship must be sweet..but i guarantee that Charger team doesnt feel accomplished one bit for a passing league tourney. just hungry for the season. teams are remembered in december. not in july!

  • Criminal Outreach


    Were you there by any chance?

    I don’t care if it is football your still in a public place. And any players who says the things these players were saying with complete disregard to there surroundings is extremely alarming.

    The excuse of the heat of the battle is just nonsense it is over all lack of self control of the players and coaches.

    No excuses for this in any sport.

  • Aram

    I was not there. And that has no relevance as to whether you or anybody are going to insinuate players from ANY team are criminals.

    I’m sure what was being said was no different than what you’d hear on the sidelines during a game, near a dugout in spring or behind a bench during basketball. Maybe the quaintness of passing games make it more audible.

    Doesn’t make anyone criminals, coaches or players. Make your point without inferring as much.

  • Criminal Outreach


    Your defending the wrong point.

    Webster:(of an action or situation) Deplorable and shocking.

    That is what describes what I saw.

    Anyway others saw so no more needs to be said

  • The law

    Criminal outreach

    Just to follow up on one was ejected from charter oak, you were the only team that ha someone who’s got control of who?
    The play is on tape by the way..clear as day 2 punches thrown by your guy..we didnt cry or complain we just decided to rattle off 18 straight points and finish you off

  • Real talk

    @too many margaritas I never said Upland was in the PAC5 I’m saying they play big boy ball compared to SH and it showed. It funny how Aram never comments on my post because I’m not Amat73 mark my words the bigger hits and more aggressive ball playing will go to Amat all day against Co and CH

  • Aram

    Real Talk,

    I’m sorry, but you don’t have the same blog history (at least that I know of) of guys like AMAT73 and Joe Amat. I don’t think anybody’s disputing they’re the two voices of Amat as far as bloggers go. Maybe a couple others.

    But I agree with you, Amat likes to hit and has no problem laying hat. I love nasty teams and know that at the very least I will always get that out of Amat whenever I cover their games.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Aram, you mention Gage Pucci as one of the “nice ones” (regarding East QB’s) but fail to mention 2nd Team All-Sierra League Soph QB @ Ayala?

  • Huskies in the house!

    Well, as much as this pains me I have to defend our East San Gabriel brother Charter Oak because as pathetic as this may sound to my home team honks I went near Charter Oak’s side part of last year’s game versus us (South Hills) and in a heated intense rivalry game I was actually really impressed with how the coaches and players from Charter Oak were behaving overall. I went to see what was the difference between both sidelines and yes, they were animated but so would I if we were beating someone as bad as they were beating us. Never were they poor sportsmen saying or doing anything that would be considered inappropriate. I wish last year we played with the same passion. Problem solved for us by the way this year. I like how we competed this summer when I went and watched games.

    My point is how do you fault or blame a team that emotionally and physically competes like how you wish your team would play. I talked to someone who told me Claremont’s coaches were whining and complaining that Charter Oak’s defense was too physical and tackling. How can you point a finger at a defense for aggressiveness. Weak.

    This blogger is probably one of Claremont’s coaches that was also antagonizing Charter Oak yesterday because the same person said that Claremont coaches were screaming and yelling at Charter Oak’s defense and their own offense which tells me life sucks when you’re getting beat.

    Charter Oak, South Hills will be ready to get in your face this year and with as many of our kids that know each other let’s have some fun and fight a good fight to the finish. Claremont hasn’t and won’t be in any conversation anytime soon. Remember they got relief down into the Sierra league. Sucks for Glendora but I can’t wait to watch our kids get after each other.

    Claremont get over it! Kind of a racial ethnic profiling kind of statement to call Charter Oak by the name Criminal Outreach. Shame on you!

  • No Talent

    I’ve been saying it all off season and it’s now showing on the field.

    The reason Amat looked like a JV team is because that’s the talent level they have. In other words the Lancers have No Talent at all.

    @Real Talk – you better start working on better excuses there big boy. Servite, La Mirada, Chino Hills, and Charter Oak are not going to be intimidated by “aggressive” play. These teams will repeatedly score on your team and laugh in their face as they’re doing it. BTW, we all know that aggressive play doesn’t translate into winning play! I mean you guys haven’t won your division in over 17 years! So how effective can your “aggressive” play be when your team is full of JV level talent?

    Just Sayin’

  • Real talk

    @Aram I in no way compare myself to Amat73 or others on here I was just saying that I do notice you and Amat73 and Joe Amat have some great debates On the Blogs. Thanks for your input. @ no talent who makes makes you the expert in talent? I agree with you that Servite will not be intimated By Amat at all! I feel Servite is by far the more confidant and agressive team in that matchup and we saw what happend in that game. You see a team like long beach poly Servite and last season Santa margarita have that “I don’t care if were down by three touchdowns were still going to win because that’s what we do is win”that attitude is what eather wins them the game or keeps them it. Thats what attitude I see Amat playing with when the play any Sgv team. That to me is where Amat needs against pac5 teams the problem is it comes from winning so I do agree that they need more horses to do that.

  • Green Pastures….

    the season is getting really close… CO and Bishop Fans, all will be decided on the field. There will be nothing left to dispute. In Passing league, the advantage goes to CO. Bobo probably was the best target out there Saturday, and that makes life a little easier for for any QB. The fact that you have to help with safety over the top, opens Things up a little more. I think the during the season, Bishop should have the advantage in the Running game. You can run the ball straight at Charter Oak. You throw some play action in there, you can give the CO Defense trouble. Blue is a more physical than I gave him credit for. However he is not a pounding guy. He is more a shifty kid. If you run side line to side line against CO they will run you down. Does Bishop a change of pace Back? Moore was able to do both last year. If the lancers had that 2nd back, they could change the pace, and possibly get some wildcat action going. The Amat vs CO is going to be a stickler…Right Now I have it even, leaning towards CO winning. However, I like BA’s Tight ends. If Haynes can find them often, without throwing INT’s across the middle, that could bring the secondary up. I want to see the Andrews vs Vaughns When Co is on D, and Andrews vs Bobo when CO is on offense. Just think Bishop Amat’s Defense will keep them in it, but on offense they don’t have enough options. You are looking at a struggling QB with 1 WR Andrews and 1 RB Blue. No matter where you move them, you will be giving up the play somewhat…When they are Decoy’s who is going to step up for BA and play big…we will see.

    Prediction: CO 21 BA 20

  • Does Anyone Have Any juice?

    Does anyone else in the Valley have any JUICE?

    It’s was pretty clear over the weekend that 1 team does.

    Guess who….

    It’s unfortunate that winning football games is more important than kids health, but its obviously not in some programs.

  • SGV Athlete

    On a side note, Arroyo held their annual Lineman Competition this past weekend. 20 teams of 7 linemen from 11 schools participated (Arroyo, Northview, Azusa, Gladstone, Buena Park, Monrovia, Bell Gardens, Montclair, Baldwin Park, Arcadia, & Alhambra). The top three schools were:

    1. Monrovia
    2. Northview
    3. Gladstone

    Great stuff from the big guys!!

  • JMO


    I’m sure your son is very proud of you after you just told the whole valley that his team plays like a a bunch of Nancy boys. Kudos to your head coach for getting into a verbal altercation with Vaughns in the middle of the game, keep it classy in that libby town.

  • Since you asked

    From the responses of JMO and some others it clear the Charter Oak supports on this blog do not understand what high school football is about.
    Based on the tone of your posts here on the blog its no wonder the players act the way they do. It’s clear where they get it from and it’s not the coaches. The parents act over the top hence passing that on to their children. High school sports is about comptetion and spoetsmanship and to think you need to act like thug or your a “Nacy” to compete is why people say what they do about Charter Oak. We’ll I’m sure high school football is the highlight of JMO’s life so have fun.

  • Cancel Passing Leagues!

    I wasn’t at the Claremont tournament this past weekend, so I can give a first hand account of what happened there, but I was at the SH/CO passing a week ago. I will say that I personally saw 3 Huskies receivers tackled to the ground by Charter Oak defenders. Now although I love aggressive football, summer passing league are far too physical. They are now playing games without pads (not even mouth pieces) from April-August. Some teams are wearing these little padded helmets that only increases the problem. If you have ever played football you know that once your head is padded, you feel your body is invincible. These kids should never lead with there head during the Fall and they are now doing it in the summer??? Here is the bottom line, kids are getting hurt! About 4 years ago, the top player from Hart HS was airlifted from the Bonita Tournament with a head injury. Last year, a player was airlifted from the Claremont Tournament with a head injury. (and those are only two incidents that required a HELICOPTER that I saw with my own two eyes. I am sure this is not exclusive to the East SGV) Is it really worth it??? Someone needs to regulate this or cancel summer passing altogether. Every coach that Aram or Fred gets a quote from during the summer always says something along the lines of, “Well we competed well, but it is only passing league”. Even the coaches seem to de-value these games!!!! Then why are we playing them??? Teams should just lift and run like they use to! It is just a matter of time until a kid ends up in a wheel chair from a him he took in July! I wonder if will take that for everyone to realize how big of a problem we have here.

  • JMO


    You were at the CO/SH passing league game really? It must have been a spectacle since CO and SH have not faced each other this year. Try throwing some more sh!t against the wall and see if that sticks you tool. Keep coming CO haters, I’m game.

  • Lol, hey clown that was Amat playing SH last week


    I think Cancel though Amat was CO. I guess that will be made perfectly clear Septenber 14th!

    He does make some good points about summer football. Player safety should always be the priority.

  • Aram

    Great! In addition to having guys here who aren’t sure who they even are (Damien Dad, aka FC, aka Stanford Dad (yeah right) and MS, Pomona, Pomona Dad), we now have guys here who aren’t even sure of what they saw and where they’ve been. Unreal.

  • JMO

    since you asked “which I didn’t” eeerrrrrr criminal,

    Don’t be late taking little johnnie to his clarinet lesson. Football is a contact sport! I was at every game and CO kids were getting shoved to the ground getting up and not crying. It’s kind of hard when you have kids flying around at full speed and not have contact. If you don’t like it get your kid the hell out of it.

  • JMO


    I agree about safety, but in this sport the kids are getting bigger, stronger and faster so there are bound to be injuries. You can’t teach a kid to be tough, CO has many three year starters on D this year and they just happen to be tough hard nose football players, can’t apologize for that.

  • No Talent

    After all that bable, Real Talk agrees with me that Amat has No Talent!

    These games with Chino Hills and Charter Oak will not be competitive. Both CH and CO will blow out the Lancers. Servite will hurt Amat and the Lancers do not have enough on the bench or the JV squad to keep up with these teams.

    Just sayin’

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    LMAO! Aram, that was funny and I totally agree.

    All I want to know is were those donuts from Glendora as good as they looked???

  • Aram

    The Donut Man on Route 66 … not sure of the cross streets, but it’s west of Lone Hill.

    True story: Like five or six years ago, I did a show at the then Adelphia affiliate (right near The Donut Man). And it was winter … and right after I was driving home and I decided to give The Donut Man a try because I had heard all this stuff about fresh fruit donuts. Well, being the fruit novice that I am, I didn’t realize there was gonna be no fresh fruit donuts at that time of year. Nonetheless, like a champion I persevered and ordered up a dozen and crushed about half of them on the way home. Screwy thing is now I weigh probably 80 lbs. more than then, but can’t eat nearly as many donuts in one sitting. You’re welcome for letting me waste that minute of your life.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    haha, I’ll find it!!

    Every time I come in on the main page and see the ones with the strawberry’s, I’m feigning. Whew!

    I’m gonna go! Thank you for the info!!!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    “Screwy thing is now I weigh probably 80 lbs. more than then, but can’t eat nearly as many donuts in one sitting.”


    There is a medical term for that condition. It’s called “no more room”.

    Please try to eat a salad now and then. Signed, a concerned blogger.

  • Margarita bill


    LOL man no lie they should be paying you for advertising i have been looking for that shop since seeing the picture now that i have found the location i will gladly go and purchase a bakers dozen (if they sell the bakers dozen) and if its as good as it looks then i will be taking a trip there very often.

    Signed, a Donut lover but im still in shape LOL….


    All I can do is laugh at the Claremont coaches! No penalties were thrown the whole tournament until we played Claremont and their ref’s.

    I got a chance to catch a little of the El Rancho vs Amat game and I have to give it to El Rancho from what I say they will force in their league and division.

    Its schocking that a team like El Rancho could give Amat a run for their money!

    PS La Serna will be looking for blood in the Southeast, they looked great against our Chargers. So West Covina don’t think your going to steam roll them like last year.


  • Bulldogs have bite


    La Serna is a good team! They just ran into a West Covina team last year that was running on all cylinders during the playoffs. LS is playing an insane non-league schedule this year, if the Lancers do see WC again come CIF playoffs, they will not be shocked or intimidated by an elite program like last year. But WC will be ready also, we expect the target to be on our backs all season.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    SGV I Agree with you…if the program hosting the passing tourney is in your league or division, BE AWARE, They will make bad calls, and won’t be too concerned with your players safety…The SGV shoot was similar. I don’t think the head coaches authorize any type of foul play, but the word does not get down to their lowly assistants.

    Any kid that tackles in a passing league tourney should be ejected for that tourney. If it happens twice, then the whole team should be ejected. I love to see this hits, but not when it could ruin a kids season and/*or career or end life. Even the tackler is at risk

    The only answer is run up the score, if your team is capable, and hit really hard on game night….

  • Lancelot

    The really great thing about all of this prognosticating and fire breathing doom and gloom is…….that none of it means a damn thing. For as small, un-athletic and unskilled as were are “supposed” to be……we still get to play the games to decide the outcomes. Keep working hard Lancers, because hard work, dedication and preparation are what counts. Go AMAT! Go Big Blue!!!!

  • JMO


    I thought you had some pretty impressive looking kids, they certainly pass the look test, just didn’t see them play because we never played them on Saturday.

  • CO Parent

    There is all this hype about the Claremont/Charter Oak game, but the truth is that La Serna gave us a better game than Claremont. Just to start they both went 5 scoreless series, then we scored first. LS didn’t go away, they responded with a score of their own.

    Most of their team is on the smaller size, but their QB showed some poise and didn’t go away. Their defense was tough, their db’s seem to be fast and aggressive, but their aggressiveness did them in (LS’s corner bit on a double pump twice!). I believe we only lead by a touchdown all game, unlike with Claremont 18 unanswered points BAM!.

    SGV FOOTBALL is right about one thing, LS looked good and they will be a contender in their league. Claremont stop crying and go play tennis…

  • Lancelot

    No problem w/your take JMO. Just reading the threads and everybody has Amat in a body bag already. Big MISTAKE when your gonna play the Lancers this year. Anyway,the real fun (pads) is about to start and that’s where the real players seperate from the ones that just look real good. Best of Luck SGV!!!

  • Dan

    SGV FOOTBALL, about your quote:
    “PS La Serna will be looking for blood in the Southeast, they looked great against our Chargers. So West Covina don’t think your going to steam roll them like last year.”
    Point well taken, new season, different players, could mean very different results come this fall. I think a big majority of La Serna’s starters are coming back this coming season and they will also be reinforced by a good junior class of players that went 10 and 0 as the freshmen “A” team. As Bulldogs have bite said, that La Serna team was not as bad as the score in that game indicated, they had a bad night combined with a West Covina team that was at it’s peak and playing almost perfect ball at playoff time. We lost a lot of players to graduation but we still have a lot of talented replacements coming in to fill the voids so I think we will be very good again this year, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  • No Talent

    Lancelot and Real Talk – you must be the same guy. You sure sound like you’re trying to convince yourselves that all will be ok. Well if that’s the case why don’t you tell us where your talent is going to come from. You have a QB that throws more INTs than TDs. You have a small Oline and Dline playing big boys like Servite, St Paul, CH and CO. Your best players play both ways, and you have a weak bench. Can you look at your schedule and honestly tell us that you can win more than 2 games? What am I missing here? Educate me. Please!

  • No talent what!!!!!

    @ no talent .dont even put Co,Ch and st Paul in the sentence as servite . As for now they are till just a tad below amat on there way to catch up to them and maybe surpass them . Until they beat amat then they can be considered there level .

  • HowardfromWestCo

    I got over to the Claremont Tourney for a few games this weekend…wanted to see what all the hype is. As much as I hate to admit it, Charter Oak looked very seasoned. They were the best team at the tourney and deserved to win it all. Not only did they have better athletes/ players, they were better coached. It was obvious. There are about 10 coaches on the CO sidelines and everyone of them are enthusiastic and involved. LaSerna also looked good. They went head-to-head with CO. CO was more aggressive and those receivers run unbelievable routes. They seemed very difficult to cover no matter who throws the ball. As good as they look, not sure that they will fare well in the Inland.

  • Lancelot

    Real talk is his own man….As for me, I believe what I have always believed, the Amat athlete is a tenacious, talented and ultimately well coached and well prepared competitor. Amat has played the “Big” game and the “Big” opponent and all of the aforementioned attributes keep them prepared and competitive in any game situation. Amat plays as a Big Blue Machine. When all parts are performing and doing their parts, it rolls on. When individual breakdowns happen, games get lost. Here’s hoping for no, if not fewer, breakdowns this season. At Bishop Amat….We play with pride for our School, our Fans and All those who have put on a Lancer uniform and played before us! Go Amat! Go Big Blue! Hummmmm Blue! Hummmmm Blue! Hummmmm Blue!

  • No Talent

    Lancelot – Are you serious with that cheer leading mess?

    I give you facts about your teams’ lack of talent and ask you to address my question. And you come back with “go big blue rah rah heaping pile of steaming s**t”? That has got to be so embarrassing to the Amat alumni. What would Eric B. say about it? You think Pat H would approve? I just can’t help but to laugh! Laugh at your blind ignorance, laugh at the lack of reality for the mess your team is in, and laugh because you, the “go big blue team bus,” don’t see it! You really don’t see it, do you?

  • Lancelot

    What a befitting screen name (No Talent), Hey numbnutz….not only do I not care what Eric B or Pat H would think….I really could give a Ratz Azz what you think! Now what do YOU think about that!
    Read all the threads and all the posts…you’re poignant question has been asked and answered a million different ways already.
    Go Amat!
    Go Big Blue!
    Hummmm Blue!
    Hummmmm Blue!

  • No Talent

    Ahhhh…there’s the old Amat Fan Club president we all have come to Hate and Insult!

    The truth hurts it so much that it reverts to the old insults that Amat Fans have become so famous for in the SGV. It can’t come to grips with the truth that the Lancers have No Talent! It can’t see beyond the “Badly Bruised” azz beatings its going to take in 2012 so it must insult! All clear signs of desperation! Drowning on the short side of the pool!

    What do I think Real Talk errr Lancelot? I think that its going to be a hilariously fun season watching you Amat Fans squirm after every loss in 2012!

    Go Amat!!!! Go to the Western Division that is!!!! LOL!!!!

  • Lancelot

    “I really could give a Ratz Azz what you think!” is not an insult? It’s a statement. Again, your shtick is repetative and played out….why don’t we just let them play the games and see how it turns out, huh?

  • D-Mo

    I agree with Lancelot. Let’s play the game. BA may not have it’s best team, but is still a fine football program. They are really going to be tested in this so called down year. Let’s see how they do.
    Funny, I am a CO fan – that’s no secret, but I don’t see much BA hating at CO. All us at the top root for BA all season long. This year, though, I hope CO pays them back for the beating they gave us last time we played. I won’t be betting the farm, but CO should be hitting their stride just in time.

  • AMAT 73

    Basically you really only see the Mtowners on here blabbing because they have no vested interest in it . They aren’t playing AMAT , CO , CH , so they can flap all they want because where it counts on the field , they can’t be found . Haven’t seen much between CO , CH , AMAT , even our old pals the slime and why because we will play each other . Maybe Monrovia schedules one of us next season to really get in the mix but then it would be like when they lost those 3 in a row last season , quiet as a mouse . D-Mo , couldn’t have put it better myself , very good post and spot on . Good Luck this season see you at the game, I’ll be the one with the AMAT sweatshirt on .

  • No Talent


    You have nothing to worry about. Amat will come in limping after the azz whipping that they’ll receive at the hands of Servite, Chino Hills, et al.

    CO will beat Amat very convincingly!

    No Doubt!

  • No talent since 1995

    That’s right you guys…..oh shiat, I mixed my screen names! Amat sux! Bye….

  • No Talent

    Who’s fault is it that Amat’s football program is in shambles?

    Nobody at responsibility take responsibility for this mess!

    What a shame! You use to be great, but not no more.

  • No Talent

    Who’s fault is it that Amat’s football program is in shambles?

    Nobody at Amat wants to take responsibility for this mess!

    What a shame! You were once great, but not no more.

  • Aram


    Most of the hardcore CO faithful actually pull for Amat and don’t despite Amat at all. I was stunned when I found that out last year, and D-Mo was one of the people to tell me as much.

    Of course, they’ll want to beat you guys and vice versa, but there isn’t gonna be much in the trash talking.

  • AMAT 73

    I agree more with you on that . Remember the picture of the truck with CO and AMAT decals on it . I believe it’s something called mutual respect. Hell I was pulling for them against Upland .Of couse there is some banter between us but that’s for shitzs and giggles , no harm meant. I have a couple of good friends who had kids on the CO squad a few years back and I know this to be true also . We even sat on both sides switching at halftime . Had a great time with them . I don’t see much bull slinging either as it will be settled on the field but I will say it will be one hell of a battle that night .

  • Anonymous

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to grasp a lot about this, like you wrote the e book in it or something. I think that you could do with some % to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, that is excellent blog. A great read. I will definitely be back.