It’s obviously time for the “Wild-Cam Formation” … Amat’s Anthony Camargo frosh highlight reel

Aram’s take: This kid is gonna be scary good. Whether that’s at QB or LB, yo no se. But either way, or both, he’s got a very bright future. When I saw Amat earlier summer, Camargo was playing LB and looked a little raw while learning the ropes. But he’s already got a varsity body. My favorite part of the reel is at 0:56 when he puts that kid on an island, then beats him to the corner. Looked like it was against Crespi, but hard to tell.

  • Why Why Why

    Wow, they must be at least 80-100 kids deep on that squad. It never ceases to amaze me why anyone would spend money for their kids to play the sport at this school just to stand on the sidelines and not play a single down all season. How much do you suppose the school takes in just so the kid can practice and not play? You can’t tell me every one of those kids plays every game. To each his own, I guess.

  • Why Why Why

    But the kid does look promising though!

  • Margarita bill

    That kid look pretty good if im the Amat family ill be praying that he stays and or that he gets a line to protect him.

  • Dan

    Nice, reminds me of Chad Jrfferies, only a little thicker. Amat had an army on the sidelines, and that team looks good, future looks bright judging by that video.

  • Why not

    Why not
    Good observation – the team is about 100 deep. So many players that for many years amat has fielded 2 freshman teams. The boys that don’t play on thurs – play in a sat game. This develops talent while allowing a lot of boys the opportunity to experience high school football. Some will keep playing and for some it is one year and out, however they will always carry withthem the joy and lessons learned from playing hs football. My son is on this years freshman team, and I look forward to watching him grow as as young man. What happens between the sidelines is a bonus.

    Comargo is the real deal. He is a winner and a great kid, from a great amat family.
    Watching the video – the receiver #4 looked pretty legit also.

    Go lancers – go boys

  • Real talk

    @Aram I would have liked to see Rio Ruiz in that type of offense. That kid looks to have a great upside WOW thanks Aram for the coverage on this kid.

  • Lupe

    What was the teams record? anyone??

  • Fbfan

    Why why why,
    High school football isn’t about the stars and the guys who get all the pub even though the newspapers would like you to think so. Those guys who don’t get much playing time and learn a high level of commitment for four years ultimately learn valuable lessons throughout their time and end up doing really well in the game of life. Or you could just quit because you don’t like the way things are working out for you. Your choice

  • Observantcat

    There only losses were to Mater Dei 35-7 Damien again 35-7 and to Servite 49-0
    not to shabby.

  • http://O Observantcat

    My badd, they went 5-4 with another loss to Notre Dame 35-14. I hope that me writing this does not in anyway offend any of the Bishop faithful. Just answering Lupe’s question.

  • Tauntaun Sammich

    Interesting that Observantcat chose to give us only their losses when asked for the team record. Classy.

    As for the video, this kid does not look like a Freshman. But then, what 6’2″ 193 lb. freshman does? He has speed too. And who is #4? That one has some nice catches!

  • Aram

    According to an Amat coach I spoke with, Amat beat Damien pretty handily last year at the frosh level. But in the Saturday game for reserves, it was 35-7 for Damien. This is what an Amat coach told me. The regular frosh game vs. Damien was an easy Amat win, according to this coach.

  • green pastures…

    What a Minute… Bishop does have some talent coming up! Is this kid playing JV This year? He looks good enough to be on varsity. Him along with Trey Sidney, should be nice for the next few years. At 6’2 195 he will get some colleges

  • green pastures…

    Wait a Minute… Bishop does have some talent coming up! Is this kid playing JV This year? He looks good enough to be on varsity. Him along with Trey Sidney, should be nice for the next few years. At 6’2 195 he will get some college attention…

  • green pastures…

    Wait a Minute… Bishop does have some talent coming up! Is this kid playing JV This year? He looks good enough to be on varsity. Him along with Trey Sidney, should be nice for the next few years. At 6’2 195 he will get some college attention…

  • The Truth

    @ observantcat

    Aram is actually right. The Damien and Mater Dei games u posted about were Saturday reserve games…u should get facts straight before posting..JMO

  • Observantcat

    Sorry but the you have the Truth Backwards, My buddies son played on last year’s Bishop Amats Freshman squad and he was on the first team so I do believe I know what I am talking about. We had that conversation of Bishop Amat having so many players suite up and play and Damien won against the first team not the second team. And if you dont believe me ask the Freshman coaches. The record for the 1st team freshman squad was 5-4. There shouldn’t be any shame in loosing on the freshman level, you have to start somewhere.

  • Real talk

    Wow….. Amat does have talent imagine that. This kid and number 4 and I’m sure some other kids will be Repersenting Amat pretty nice in the upcoming years. Go Amat!!!

  • Observantcat

    Just to be fair, here is the entire schedule and results from Amats 2011 first team scores. You can also find them in Max Preps under Amat 2011 schedule,

    Date Opponent Result
    4:00 PM
    @ Garfield (Los Angeles, CA)
    Preview GameBox Score
    42 – 0
    10:00 AM
    @ Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA)
    Details: MATER DEI
    Preview GameBox Score
    35 – 7
    10:00 AM
    @ Servite (Anaheim, CA)
    Details: SERVITE
    Preview GameBox Score
    49 – 7
    4:00 PM
    @ La Mirada (La Mirada, CA)
    Details: La Mirada HS
    Preview GameBox Score
    49 – 0
    10:00 AM
    @ Upland (Upland, CA)
    Details: Upland High
    Preview GameBox Score
    21 – 7
    10:00 AM
    Damien (La Verne, CA)
    Details: Bishop Amat High
    Preview GameBox Score
    35 – 7
    1:00 PM
    Cathedral (Los Angeles, CA)
    Preview GameBox Score
    25 – 12
    4:00 PM
    Crespi (Encino, CA) *
    Preview GameBox Score
    22 – 0
    10:00 AM
    Notre Dame (Salinas, CA)
    Details: Bishop Amat High
    Preview GameBox Score
    36 – 14

  • Aram


    I think when you see the 10:00 a.m. start time for those losses, it’s the tipoff that game was play on Saturday morning for the reserves.

  • The Truth


    That’s great research although the games that are played at 10:00 am on Saturdays are reserve games. Idk how Monrovia does it but generally games that are played on Saturday morning are reserve games…not everything found on MaxPreps is 100% accurate..but good research though…just sayin

  • Observantcat

    Whatever the outcome, I will give credit where credit is due. This kid only has an upside. He’s the kind of Athlete that needs to be duplicated so that you guys will have a chance at the level you are playing against. Good luck to this Kid and the Amat future.

  • Amat Alum74

    Amat’s freshman team went 8-2 (3-1 in league) with losses to Servite and Notre Dame. The reserves went 5-4 with losses to Servite (by 1), Alemany, St. John Bosco, and Mater Dei. NEITHER of Amat’s freshaman teams lost to Damien! Just wanted to make that clear!I attended both games because my son was a player on the Thursday team and they would practice before the reserve game and then return before kickoff to support their team and remain until the game is over. #4 WR is Brandon Arconado and this was his first year of football! He was also on Amat’s varsity soccer team. @Aram this is all accurate information!
    Go Amat!

  • AMAT 73

    Just a note . Our 1st team freshman’s schedule resembles the Varsity schedule other than playing on Thrusdays . Due the number of kids that try out for freshman ball a second team is possible . That’s why we played MD on Saturday the week of the Garfield game as they only field one freshman team . Most privates field 2 freshman squads which is why you see Upland the week of La Mirada ,and our team can’t play LM on Thursday the 15th and 2 days later on the 17th play Upland also. I would think due to the size of enrollment in the IE many of them have 2 freshman squads .What’s crazy is that MD has roughly 70 kids per team .

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”


    The Freshman Level is all about learning the game, learning what your program expects from you, and getting the body in shape. If your freshman team can go 1-2 games above .500 that is a successful year. Remember you have a lot of lineman, who were too Big to or never played youth football. This Freshman Offense looks good. Add Sidney to the mix, and they should be able to build on that. However this 30 day transfer rule is going to be a interesting. This Kid may end up being 6’5 230. I’ll keep him on the radar. Is he getting any varsity snaps?

  • gato mato

    Is this kid playing Varsity QB? They should be giving him a look there. The Varsity QB didn’t look good at all in the passing tournament I saw. This kid looks much better. If they put this kid at QB this year, they could have a 3 year starter to build the program around. That would be a good start for rebuilding the program. And believe me, they need rebuilding.

  • The truth box

    Before i state facts about the Amat program i do want to say that this kid looks awesome with great size and a nice arm from what i see. I think he has a chance to have a stellar high school career, but if he was to leave Amat then i think he’ll have a GREAT H.S career.


    Observacat clearly stated that he hoped he didnt offend any Amat faithfuls, but sure enough the ignorance of the Amat faithful comes out. Amat fans so what he showed your loses why attack him over what he posted. Here’s a fact now i dont care if you attack me, Amat Varsity team is going on almost 20 years without a ring, they haven’t won league in the past two years they have one playoff win in the last 5 years, you lost more league games than you won in the last 5 years, all those failed accomplishments equals a losing program.

  • Observantcat

    I agree with you Gato Mato, Nick Bueno came out of know where for Monrovia and put us back on the Map with his endless tenacity for the game. As a sophomore Nick put on a show and his confidence grew and so did his teammates. The QB position is the most vulnerable position on the team, if your QB has determination his team will follow and from what I see on this video I’m quite surprised that he isn’t fighting for that number one spot on the Varsity team. This is the kind of kid that can bring a team back to glory if surrounded by the kind of kids that will copy his enthusiasm to become winners. Keep stacking the pieces and make true believers out of all of us.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Gato Mato,

    That was my thoughts exactly. When you have a kid who A- has the size, B- Has a good arm, C-is mobile and D- the guy in front of him needs to be pushed and E- the kid is the future of this program, you get him some varsity snaps. I would not start him, but if the season starts to head south, there is no reason not to get him some experience. My guess is once this kid is a jr….he should be able to beat out Haynes, during his senior season. Would Haynes transfer…just speculation, but that could happen down the road. their is this kids parents keep him at amat to sit his Jr Season. No Matter what. I’d be trying to keep him and his folks very happy.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    ato Mato,

    That was my thoughts exactly. When you have a kid who A- has the size, B- Has a good arm, C-is mobile and D- the guy in front of him needs to be pushed and E- the kid is the future of this program, you get him some varsity snaps. I would not start him, but if the season starts to head south, there is no reason not to get him some experience. My guess is once this kid is a jr….he should be able to beat out Haynes, during his senior season. Would Haynes transfer…just speculation, but that could happen down the road. There is no way this kids parents keep him at amat to sit his Jr Season. No Matter what. I’d be trying to keep him and his folks very happy.

  • gato mato

    Yeah, the current QB is a good athlete, has a decent arm, and decent speed. He is definitely lacking in size but more importantly he doesn’t seem to be a leader. QB’s need to be the leader of the team and the offense and need to be able to make big plays at critical times. In the tournament I saw, I didn’t see him motivating the team, I didn’t see him running down and high-fiving any receivers after nice catches, I didn’t see him pumping up anyone. That’s one of the intangibles I always look for in a QB….A LEADER.

    This Camargo kid looks like a leader and more importantly someone who gets the job done. This is what any program needs and for sure Amat needs that. Amat does not look good this season and they need to keep good kids like this in the program if they have any hopes for the future.

    The current QB is a great kid I’m sure, but he probably matches up best at corner and is definitely not the future of the program. If anyone at Amat thinks he is they will be 2-8 the next 2 seasons or worse if other kids start to transfer out.

  • AMAT 73

    green cat,
    Yes he has gotten in some snaps at QB and some action at LB . They are trying him out in various positions to find the fit .Not comparing in the least but remember Rio was a WR ,DB before becoming the QB . The kid has a lot of potential and I would say with some seasoning at the QB position he could do the job .

  • Real talk

    Nice block at 8:22 HELLOoo LOL

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Amat 73,

    Amat is need of a qb. When do you think Amat is goingt to upgrade their offense to something More modern. I like their offense now, but it takes beast to run at the Pac5 level. They do have the TE, But a 5’10 QB, no Fullback, and a smaller line, does not fit the personnel they have at Amat right now. I would have love to see more spread, Wildcat, etc… from the lancers. Now if they could get this kid in the pocket, Along with Trey Sidney running hard, a few bigger lineman, and strong TE, they could run the power, play action game. You don’t have to have Stud WR’s with your offense, however #4/wr looks good on this tape. I just think BA should think Future this season. Get this kid locked in. You know he will leave if he doesn’t start @ QB next season.

  • Aram

    I gotta say it. I don’t mean to pressure the kid. But Camargo’s frosh film has to look a lot like what Johnny Stanton’s did. What if he turned out to be that type of player? Oh man.

  • Dan

    Check the dates, the Mater Dei game was 9/3 which was a Saturday the time was 10 in the morning, the next Saturday game would have been on 9/10, then 9/17 and so on. So the Mater Dei and Damien results are freshman reserve games for sure.
    9/1 is on a Thursday and the time is 4pm which would coincide with the freshmen “A” team schedule. Max preps doesn’t differentiate between “A” team and “B” team results so you have to be careful or you’ll get the two teams mixed up.

  • AMAT 73

    green cat,
    Can’t say you will ever see much spread offense but we will see. I like the run game as we do it . You need execution at point of attack as opposed to the big boys just pushing the pack back . Our linemen are decent sized but quick with good footwork and excellent execution with their blocks as a whole . If we can go down field every now and then off play action all the better. The swing passes we were using last year and the year before were doing just that in openning up some lanes for Jalen but Shay going down to injury hurt that aspect of our game last season . When I saw this kid last season as a freshman , I thought he could be a good one . We will see , but for now Koa has the ball and he is capable of running a ball control offense and throw the short to medium lenght pass when needed .

  • Real talk

    @greenie wow you have so much interest in Amat. Lol how is Monrovia looking? I do agree with you and have said many times that I would like this type of O at Amat people say you can’t win a championship with this type of O it looks good but you need to be a strong Running team. I would like to see a hybrid of the two especially to keep the D honest. Amat is run run run and let me guess run.

  • Don’t Fool Yourself

    This kid will be gone from Amat real quick.

    Let’s see.

    I go 8-2 in the Pac-5 as a Freshman QB. Probably better than any other Amat QB in the last 10 years.

    Then my coach tells me to play LB or Receiver???

    I think they had another QB that left to CO this year because they wouldn’t let him compete for the QB spot.

    Look for him at another school soon with the 30 day transfer rule. If his parents can afford Amat, they can afford another private school too.

  • Lighting Rod

    I will make a prediction, Anthony Camargo will attend UCLA and become the school’s second Heisman Trophy winner.

    Sorry public schools,Camargo has no entention in transfering to a public school school, if he does not play QB! He might tell you all, ‘I Don’t need no stinking badges.’

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Amat 73,

    I understand Amat is good with execution at the point of attack. However, so are the other teams on your schedule. I would never say scrap an offense, I should say expand their offensive philosophy. Maybe a little option, and little wildcat with Blue, some reverses, etc…Bishop’s offense, seems like a offense for a team, who can just power teams. I don’t think you have put 8 or 9 in the box to stop BA’s Running game. Maybe Hags should open up his running game with the pass. Like Rich Gannon Did with the raiders. Lots of 4-5 yrd pickups… Spread them out and run. You can not Power Servite. However, their db’s are very average, and you can play some games out there. If you watch La Habra, they had excellent wrs, who did this. But they also had Porter bruising so…

    Real talk.
    I would say the same thing. Bishop Runs way too Much. When you have, Brown, McCutcheon, Sermons, Bienemy or a Moore, you can run 20-30 times, with Blue he would be deadly out the back field with swings, go routes, etc… I see him more a situational guy, who would need a bruiser to compensate for the pounding needed. You don’t want to send you best DB up the middle 15-20 times a game. You need him on D just as much as O.

    As for Monrovia, we need to Polish up some things. The line should be using the last month to condition. Our O should be ready this year…with Heyworth starting all year. We also have a stable of RB lead by Ainsworth, Bueno, and Mystery RB. Our Defense should be stellar this year. We have the best LB core we ever had at Monrovia. Our secondary should be very good. We have some youth in certain spots, but they are all really good, I think future D1 prospects. We will be ready for Ayala.

  • Let’s go

    Amat is looking good for the upcoming years!!!! Let’s go Amat!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    fool yourself,
    The kid needs some seasoning at the position . Give it time and he will be there . We’ve only had 2 , 3 year starters at AMAT at the QB position so it will take time . My bet is if Koa can’t do the job we will see him at the position .You do remember how J Mac got the job don’t you . And the reason the other freshman left , well look at the highlight video , would you stay if you had to beat Carmargo out. Also has he done any good at CO if you happen to know . Not at all knocking him just wondering if the transfer is working out for him . I wish him all the success in the world and hope he found what he was looking for at CO . Maybe Aram has something him .

  • TeachDGame

    Wow, Rio is gone what a month, and now a Bullseye needs to go on someone’s back? …. journalism at it’s finest.

    LOVE this kid and know him VERY Well.

    1) he is a kid who needs time to develop on Fri Night, will be on the field in different spots to develop.
    2) Did someone comment somewhere about where he will be on JV, hahaha, now that’s funny. He is talented enough on Amat’s Varsity to contribute on the Fri Night Squad, end of discussion.
    3) em, lemme see, didn’t Rio play a little DB, WR as a Soph on varsity to get seasoned. Haynes may, or may not be the QB next year, this year and his development will decide. But right now, he is the best choice, very good athlete, we will see how he handles what he needs to.
    4) you have NO CLUE about this kid or family, so damn funny. Mark my words, he will graduate from Bishop Amat in 2015 and go down as one of the best athletes to roam that schools hallways.


    ARAM I am really kinda dissapointed in you putting a bullseye on this kids back right now. He did not come into AMAT with all the self proclaimed fanfare, doesn’t need to be served up to all the Piranhas on this board yet, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Lupe

    To TeachDGame

    NoJuan put a Bullseye on the kids back. If there was any worries on this issue why make a FRESHMAN highlight reel.

  • Aram


    My advice to you is: stay off the blogs.

    You’re obviously not equipped to handle it. Games aren’t won or lost on the blogs. Careers aren’t made or broken on the blogs either.

    Camargo just got himself put on the radar of every fan in the SGV and outlying areas. Not only that, whatever college coaches are reading this blog at present. I would say being showcased here is a major win for any athlete. They need all the exposure they can get (especially at Amat). He’ll have to do the rest.

    But you know what? Screw all that. My job, among other things, is to inform my readers of whatever up-and-comers there are lurking in the area. Not gonna wait for a article to come out first.

    You bring up Rio. Boy, all that hype really did him bad. He’s got more money 18 years old than most of us will ever have in our lives.

  • Real talk

    I agree with Aram 100%. I don’t see any blog killing any REAL baller. As a active player I wouldn’t give 2cents of what anyone said other then my teammates and coaches period. I think you have to Strong minded to be a stud trust me when you are a stud you are yourselfs worst cirtic. I would say to the kid Ball out boy!!!! The rest will take care of itself. I wish this kid the best!!! It is great to hear that a kid is proud to be at Amat. Go Amat !!!!! I’m out….

  • White Fang

    Real Talk, I guess you never saw Daylon Mc Cutcheon play for Amat. He did not have the body of Moore.Somtimes he would rise off the ground very slowly, but kept going. Next play, he would get the ball, and no one could catch him!
    Why all this talk about a small line try telling this to Concord De La Salle. Better yet, ask Servite! Some of Concord’s lines were not that big over the past years, and what have they done, beat everyone!

  • Real talk

    @white fang I did see Daylon mc cutcheon play. Who was his fullback none other than a guy named Kory Minor. Who has our fullback been in the last couple years? I couldn’t tell you if we had a fullback like Kory minor then ok. De la salle is it the biggest team but boy do they have great technique. If we had that technique and don’t forget the teams you mentioned are mentally tuff they buy into what the coach is selling and for good reason.

  • Aram

    I think Amat’s pretty much running the same offense as back then, too.

  • Real talk

    @Aram I think your right. The problem I see with that is its good if your in the lead and running the clock, but what about playing from behind that’s when I would like to see a offence like this. Saying that I think you need a kid like this to run that type of offense. I can only hope to see some different types of plays in the future.

  • Bartender

    I had put this on another thread but it does hold true:
    Amat loses ONE pre-season game this year, Servite. They scrape and claw wins from the others. Ball control offense. That’s the name of the Hagerty era Amat football team. If we control the ball and our defense can make some stops, we don’t give you time to work up the score. If we can’t score and our defense can’t stop anyone, well, it would be a long season for anytime with those problems. All Koa needs to do is move the ball down feild. Chew up the clock and end the possession with points. Defense gets a stop and we do it again. They cannot score if they don’t have the ball.
    In regard to Camargo, he WILL BE a pretty good QB but he MUST get some work in! Hagerty isn’t even giving the kid snaps right now. This kid is big, athletic and and his playing style translates to the defensive side of the ball if you ask me. He will make a great spread type QB. Quick pass or tuck n go!Camargo should be worked more at QB just in case. Amat plays a tough and physical schedule and right now, all the Amat eggs are in the basket marked “Haynes”. It wouldn’t hurt to have a secondary basket to help carry some of those eggs.

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    Your post was interesting. One game??? Hmmm. I pulled Amat’s schedule and posted it here. I’m sure everyone has already seen it, so we’ll run thru it again from a non-vested (or biased) observer.

    Bishop Amat Football Schedule
    Aug. 24 Servite, 7:00 pm
    * Amat’s going to lose this one. The question is how bad. If they can hang with Servite, that’ll speak volumes for the season they’ll can have. Why they’ll lose? Servite is Servite. Amat is not on their level – yet (Sorry Amat folks).

    Aug. 31 at Chino Hills, 7:00 pm
    * Another tough loss. May be close, but CH comes out ahead. Why? New offense, new players, lots of firepower. OLine is usually pretty solid. CH’s defense is questionable, but probably will prevail.

    Sept. 7 at La Mirada, 7:00 pm
    Amat Wins. Why? See offensive philosophy below.

    Sept. 14 at Charter Oak, 7:00 pm
    * Another loss. Why? Charter Oak has athletes and team speed. I haven’t heard a poster yet talk about Amat’s team speed. Just ground and pound. That’s nice, but if you’re behind, ground and pound doesn’t work.

    Sept. 21 St. Paul, 7:00 pm
    Amat wins. Why? See offense philosophy above.

    Sept. 28 Culver City, 7:00 pm
    – Toss up. What Culver City once was, are they anymore? Always athletically explosive, but can they still be?

    Oct. 12 at Alemany, 7:00 pm
    * Amat loss. It’s Alemany! If overall team speed in passing league matters, standby. Alemany’s offensive line is usually pretty good. I expect them to remain so.

    Oct. 19 Crespi, 7:00 pm
    – Toss up, but I lean toward Amat. Why? Because you never know what team is going to show up for Crespi. They blew a lot of quasi substandard teams out last season, but hung against some pretty good ones to. Yes Amat beat them last season, however, is Crespi ready for some payback?

    Oct. 26 at Loyola, LA Valley College, 7:00 pm
    * Amat loss. It’s Loyola. Period.

    Nov. 12 Notre Dame, 7:00 pm
    Amat wins. Why? Because I don’t like anything Notre Dame-ish.

    At best, maybe a 5-5 season, or perhaps 6-4. I don’t see a one loss Amat squad with those opponents.

    But I invite a healthy debate.

  • Correct: Real talk

    If Minor played some offense, it was limited. Very, very, limited. Certainly wouldn’t call him Amat’s “fullback” that season.

  • just focus

    DON’T. FORGET TRUE AMAT FAMILY AND FANS!! Just let the neg people post away! Don’t feed on it! Only time will tell who’s better. Let’s go BLUE! We will never get credit where credit is do. Let’s just focus on our team and get ready for some AMAT FOOTBALL!

  • Bartender

    @fast and furious-I really don’t know what league holds for the Lancers. I really want to see how they come out of the preseason. I really don’t think C.O. is gonna do much on offense and two linebackers and one “VERY SMALL” corner do not a solid secondary make. C.O.’s FS and SS (or just FS?) are not varsity starting returnees right? The houser kid has never even played LB and if he has to cover a back….get the jelly, jam and butter because he is TOAST!
    In terms of CH, they will be a good test but not one that Amat will fail. I am not as sold on the roving QB for hire as much as everyone else but we shall see. Amat’s skill players take this game for the Lancers.
    La Mirada, don’t know a whole lot about them…I think they were young last year or is it that they’re young this year? Either way, Amat comes to play and takes the “W”.
    St Paul-granted the slime will be up because they owe some payback after the way they were bitch slapped around the field the last time they played the Lancers…st. paul slime lids were flying all over the field. Humiliation is a great motivator but sometimes even that isn’t enough, sorry slime…more Amat butt kickin headed your way.
    Culver City-again, don’t know what kind of culver city team will show up but I’ll go with Amats steady success over city league teams thus far.
    Servite-as said before, sometimes the humiliation factor just isn’t enough….HOWEVER, I will be rooting for the Lancers in every way. And a win by the Lancers over a team they shouldn’t beat, weeellll, it wouldn’t be the first time a Lancer team has done it!!!
    It’s gettin close to that time…..time to put away the rubber helmets and flags and get down to Business!!!!
    Good Luck to all! And remember…it’s just an opinion.

  • Joe Amat

    I love this one:

    Oct. 26 at Loyola, LA Valley College, 7:00 pm
    * Amat loss. It’s Loyola. Period.

    Obviously, you don’t know that Amat is 22-10-1 all-time vs the Cubs and even 8-4 during the last dozen years in this really “down” period in Lancer history. LOL!

    By all means, don’t let the facts get in the way with what you feel like you’d like to believe. It’s entirely possible any team in the Serra “could” beat anyone else – but Loyola won’t beat Amat simply because “they are Loyola”. History (recent and otherwise) certainly doesn’t prove that.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Joe Amat

    “Dandy” Don Meredith used to sing this song at the end of every Monday Night Football game. sing along with me, “Turn off the lights, the party’s over… All good things must come to an end….”

    Domination of another team is renewable each year. Amat’s lifetime record may be 22-10-1, over the cubs, but they have a good shot to get you this year. Don’t worry, I’ll be here when the season starts so you can remind me – or me reminding you. Flag that one Joe. 🙂

    BTW, “Just cause” they’re Loyola was a poor reason on my part.


    Good analysis.

    I can’t wait for the season to start.

  • Lupe

    Those Cubs won Titles in 2003 & 05. 2005 sounds a lot better than 1995 for sum reason.

  • 4th and inches

    Stupey Lupe – the question was who would win on the 26th. “Because” was not a good enough reason. No one made any claims about 2005, 2003, or 1995 – although interestingly Amat beat Loyola in 2005 and lost to them in the 03 playoffs 10-9 (after missing a game winning FG in final minutes). Not much of a gap, even then, really

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  • Put down the booze bartender

    So, bartender, I guess Amat is going to beat everyone? Come on man. Amat will not beat CO, CH, LOYOLA and Servite etc…. Put the Kool Aid down and get a grip man

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