L.A. Times: Covina-West Covina possibly televised by FSN on Aug. 24 …

It’s looking like Covina at vs. West Covina (at District Field) on Aug. 24 stands a good chance to be televised by FSN, according to a blog post by L.A. Times preps maven Eric Sondheimer.

The Colts and Bulldogs played two thrillers in 2010 and ’11, with each team getting a win. Both teams have some rebuilding to do this season, especially Covina under new coach Joe Brown.

Aram’s take:
The suggestion in Sondheimer’s post was that the Southern Section was urging FSN to be more diversified this season in choosing what games it covers EARLY this season. At least that’s how I interpreted it. Seems like it would be easy for FSN to fall in love with the 10-15 “name teams” in SoCal while putting together its broadcast plans. So it would be good for WestCo and Covina to get some exposure and very exciting for the players involved … if this happens.

  • Bulldogs have bite


    The season opener will be at Covina District Field. If they do decide to televise this game, it will be the second time West Covina has apeared on FSN. The last time was an exciting 35-24 loss to South Hills in 2007. SGV PLayer of the year Dorian Wells of SH and WC sophomore Ricky Johnson both had great games that night. WC must have a friend working at Fox, they even put us on prep zone live last year. Hope they do televise this one, it’s always cool to see the great camera angles and replays.

  • Jefe

    Foolish not to televise Amat-Servite.

    Even though last season’s game was a blowout, you still have a lot of people from the SGV and OC that would watch this.

  • The Legendary Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    A televised game would be great for the SGV. Last years game would have been a FSN Classic. This year, I have not heard anything thing from Colt 74? I guess, last year took a lot of air out him. What if Covina wins this one? Would the Colt nation come storming back? This game will be a classic for different reasons. I think West Co is going to Roll in this one. With 12-18 Starting Seniors gone, Covina is going to finish 3rd in VVL and will travel all the way to Paraclete in the 1st round. San Dimas #1, Northview #2. Covina #3. West Covina has a huge schedule, they need to get out of this one healthy. They also should evaluate the 2nd team, and get every thing polished for their big games. This is the chance to test out new pass plays, and get noodles in there for a few snaps. They don’t want to be in a dog fight, which could shake their mojo before their big games.

    Prediction: West Covina 42 Covina 14

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Bulldogs Have Bite,

    Thanks for the info. I just assumed since last year’s game was at CDF then this year’s would be back at WestCo.


    Remember, the operative word of the Sondheimer post was “early” … so they’re trying to spread the love early because they know they’ll come back to the Servites of the world once league and playoffs start.

  • Bulldogs have bite


    We picked up a home game when we finished a contract with Glendora and replaced them with Chino Hills. Our home and home with Covina was completed and we renewed with the Colts, but with them being the home team first this time around. Our non-league schedule has us playing two games at CDF and two at Thyberg Field! Saving tons of gas money and more money for Manny’s el loco!

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    That should be cool for West Covina and Covina. However, they need to pick a better field. That district field is part rodeo grounds for a parking lot and the bleachers look and shake like they’ve been there since 1924! Nice venue for a football game though (being close to the field). But seriously, that’ll be fun for the kids!

    @ Jefe

    Amat vs. Servite is only important to Amat and Servite peeps. Servite playing Rancho would be more attractive to viewers and advertisers. Why? Because Rancho has been to the playoffs, deep in the playoffs to be exact, for the past several years. Servite? Well, I think you already know.

    Then again, I thought we (Centennial) should have been on tv when we destroyed Mater Dei in 2010, but no such luck.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Aram: How about a preseason top five or ten by position? I think you did the QBs awhile back (but I could be wrong). That would be interesting.

  • just sayin’

    Not So Fast – maybe they didn’t put Centennial/Mater Dei on in 2010 because Mater Dei spanked them in 2009 (same year Bishop Amat beat Mater Dei)

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ Just Say’n:

    Maybe so.

    Maybe the fear of the payback is why they didn’t broadcast that game in 2010 when the “other” Huskies shut Mater Dei down before halftime. It was 37-3 at the half. Then got by MD again 28-20 last season, in what I would call our down year. But you focused on 2009, in 2008 we clipped them again 47-35. We lost to them in 2007. So in a five-year span, it looks like we’ve been doing the spanking and MD grabbing the ice cubes.

  • SGV Football Fan

    I agree that other teams in the SGV need more exposure, and West Covina has earned it with the multiple CIF Championships they have won. But the WC vs. Covina game is not the one they should televise. They should televise the game against Loyola. This game carries more weight for WC, and I believe WC has a very good shot to win this game at home this coming season. The Covina game will be a total boring blowout, as Covina is definately in a rebuilding year.

  • Colt74

    Green El Gato,
    You have not heard a lot from Colt74 this season because we are in rebuilding cycle. Too may unknowns. ( not player wise just in general )
    I also don’t recall any posts from you after your many CIF losses. ??????????

    Does that mean you are only a fair weather fan? Just asking!

    In all honesty I’ll take what we can get this season.
    I’ll support my COLTS at every game. NO MATTER WHAT the outcome.

    IF ( which I highly doubt ) they would televise this game it would only spotlight the serious state of dilapidation that the city of COVINA has let CDF fall into.
    Not a smart move on the city of Covina’s behalf IMHO.

    I hope Monrovia does great this season. I’m a huge Ainsworth fan ( starting with his dad ) and they BOTH deserves whatever they can accomplish.

    But in any case..good luck against Blair…..

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram


    There he is!!! Where you been, man? So what you’re in rebuild mode. You know the deal at Covina … once or twice every decade. Tell us what’s going over there.

    And give us your thoughts on the rest of the Valley. Come on man, don’t disappear.

  • Covina Football

    I’ll tell you reality Aram. Things look really shaky at Covina right now. I don’t blame Colt74 for staying away. I’m not sure what to expect either as I see what we truly have to work with. All I can say is that it looks like it is going to be a long season. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Covina Football

    I’ll tell you reality Aram. Things look really shaky at Covina right now. I don’t blame Colt74 for staying away. I’m not sure what to expect either as I see what we truly have to work with. All I can say is that it looks like it is going to be a long season. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Billy’s Dad


    Dinner before the game on the 24th? Enjoyed the Pizza with you last year.

    I recommend green fields on azusa. Aram, there is a standing invite for you if you choose to grace our table.

    Dont know if the kid will be down from TO or not. I think they will be practicing Friday and Saturday that week.

  • Someone who knows

    Off topic here, but former El Monte High School head football coach, Ev “BJ” Bjornson passed away on Monday. BJ also served as an administrator in the EMUHSD as well. He was 64.


    I have to agree with “covina football”. The word is Brown does not really care about this years varsity team. They havent practiced or met in over a month. In talking to some of the players the vibe is far different from last year. I guess they can see the writing on the wall. And from what I understand, in talking to one of the coaches, the talent is there. Could be a long season in C-TOWN.

  • The Legendary Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Colt 74,

    Wassup Blogging brother…for old times sake.

    The playoffs are coming…the playoffs are coming….Pressure…pressure…pressure!!!!

    They could shock the world with a win against West Covina!

    When San Dimas beat monrovia…I ate CROW..I am still here!

    Glad to hear from you…

  • Living Legend


    I don’t know what players you have been talking to, but C-Town has lost a lot of talent on both sides of the ball from last seasons team. At C-Town you are not going to graduate 20 seniors and bounce back the next season, the make-up of the area just does not allow that anymore.

    Also I love when people come on here and say things such as “they haven’t practiced in a month” did it ever cross your mind that they are on their dead period. With the fluctuating school starting dates in this area now Schools are having to move dead periods up to accommodate CIF.

    Those coaches over there will have this squad ready as far as game plan goes, however when it come down to between the white lines it is more about “Jimy and Joes then it is about X’s and O’s”

  • Colt74

    Ok..here’s my take on what I have seen so far. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    Our QB from Amat : Good Arm. IMHO takes too long to find a target. Young. Accurate when he decides on a target. Our Backup QB from last year can scramble. Little RB’s but feisty.

    Our Line : Avg. size. Young. NOTHING like last years

    Defense : Our father..who art in heaven….

    The vibe is NOTHING like years past. Understandable.

    Our team is SMALL ( with a capitol S ) with a lot of growing pains yet to endure. Have seen some very talented burst from watching but nothing I can relate to recent years past. I was spoiled watching Billy the Kid and Venegas and the Nick Beast and so many others.

    Not the turnout ( numbers I would have liked also ) but life is a cycle. I will lay down my money and cheer for my colts and applaud them all the same. It’s what we OLD Colts do. You put on the pads and you have earned my respect.

    From what I have seen so far. I would be HAPPY with a .500 season. I’ve seen a SD and Northview practice and
    watched from a far a Monrovia walk thru. Sorry guys..but we are not on the same planet as Monrovia this year and 4 blocks over from Northview and SD. I pick ( I HATE saying this against my colts ) SD to win VVL.

    The WesCo game this year will be ugly. Some of their cheerleaders are bigger than most of our guys.

    Billys Dad… sounds good to me! Give Billy and your family my best!

    If you are a Covina parent/alumni don’t flame me..post your observations. I was taught to always tell the truth. No matter how painful.

    And yes..it is our dead time right now.

  • Colt74

    One last thing. I have not witnessed any incident to lead me to believe that Coach Brown does not care about the Varsity players or that there is any discord in the ranks. The Colts are VERY well coached at all levels and all aspects.

    But..if Coach Brown calls the very same play for a third time after having the first 2 stuffed ( last year two games ) I’m going to have an aneurism….



    Colt 74,

    The BA transfer at QB is not even a factor in the real race for QB. They have the backup from last year who will be a junior and a new kid that transferred in from WC I believe who will be a senior. Both of those young men are Athletic. If im correct the junior, “forgive me for not knowing names” started on Defense at LB last year. The transfer also is a big athletic body so I assume will be on the field somewhere as well. The defense “though not huge” but average size is quick and aggressive from what i saw in the summer. The offense looks like it is a new offense this year. IDK maybe catering to what they have. It looks like a primarily run first offense. If this is the case, the Line looks pretty solid, not overpowering like last year, but still solid. And if the kid who played some back-up last year at QB runs the ball like I hear he can, it can be a successful season. I remember watching the Northview game in Junk time, and saw a QB run right thru a Northview defender. If this is the same kid than a running offense might be ok for them.

  • The Legendary Green pastures aka Paka

    No shame in that Colt 74. With Charter Oak down the street, Covina has done quite well. The coaches should really be hanging out around the JAFC Covina Vikings. they need to get all of their best players, and keep them in town. Covina is on a 2 good years 2 bad years cycle. Those seniors they do have should play with fire that they did last year, maybe the younger guys will surprise you. Covina still has a shot to come in 3rd place and make the playoffs. My feeling is they will send you to Wildcat stadium instead of Paraclete. For Old time sake…Ainsworth looks good in the green and white! Kind of like all his uncles who went their.

  • Colt74

    The name we both could not remember is Torres. Was a Soph last year and got some time under center. Yes, he is not afraid to run with the ball and like I said can scramble.


    Colt 74,

    Thanks for that, do u have any insight on the transfer kid from WC? I hear he is a put together pretty nicely.
    Noone really knows to much about him. Any Colt Fans have a name on the kid?

  • Colt74

    When I have watched the colts practice I have only seen 3 guys rotate at QB. Torres, Curry, and this other kinda stocky white kid..but don’t have his name.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com CHS FOOTBALL

    Defiantly a running team, Solid Defense
    Darren Torres looks to the starting QB at Covina.
    Line has decent size
    Don’t forget about the DB #20 David Gonzalez 2011 stats- junior year: 43 tackles (12 vs. Baldwin Park), 1 Int. who was mentioned on MidValley sports.

  • not worth it..

    I would rather see SERVITE put a WHOOPING on bishop amat. NOW that makes for GREAT T.V.

  • C-Town

    Look Out for that O line And D line Covina has, not too small both of their tackles are 6’1 245 at least and the Left one is 260

  • http://msn.com Covina Program is a JOKE

    CHS Football,

    Sometimes I wonder how stupid some of you blogger are. You come on here trying to point out what a stud this kid is and provide stats to prove that he is a dud.

    43 tackles, stats that we know for a fact are padded, since we know your staff pads stats based on Livingstons stats (multi games film don’t lie).

    Then you go on to state he had 12 (over 25%) of them in one game against the weakest team in your league. So that means he had 31 in all the rest of the games. The majority of Covina’s schedule was soft. I believe you team played 13 games, so that means he averaged about 2.3 tackles a game in the other 12 games. Those are real impressive numbers, WOW.

    This West Covina/Covina game is going to be a blow out from start to finish. San Dimas is going to run away with league and Monrovia is going to run away with the division, end of story.

    Covina you are going back into your rebuilding decade, we will start talking about you again around 2022. Even Colt74 knows to keep his mouth shut when it comes to talking about Covina football.

    By the way what happen to all that talent last year, your league MVP, Vinges ended up at some D2 school in the mountains of New Mexico that no one has heard of? Livingston was talking about going to Citrus since no one wanted him. All that talent that Fred and Aram said you had and what did your team end up doing last year, out in the semis. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was the team or your fans the biggest disappointment last season.

  • Colt74

    Oh my, my, my..where to start….

    I love dumb asses that slither into blogs with the sole intent to try and discredit others and then end up showing just how really ignorant they are.
    1. If a DB is making the majority of your teams tackles..you have some serious problems. There are many fine books that you can check out at any library to help you learn about the game. May I suggest Football for Dummies to start with? Or if that is too intense, maybe a nice pop up book?
    2. “This West Covina/Covina game is going to be a blow out from start to finish. San Dimas is going to run away with league and Monrovia is going to run away with the division, end of story”. So you just basically copied what I said. Wow..way to hang it out there Delbert.
    3.”Even Colt74 knows to keep his mouth shut when it comes to talking about Covina football.” Really? You mean like you know to keep your lips firmly planted to my ass?
    4.Vinegas ( that is how you spell his name Dumas ) is at least going on to play in college. And No! Your McDonalds University Fry Cook summer classes does not count as college.
    5.Livingston is at Cal Lutheran.His priority was to find a school for what he wants to major in. I’m sure that when you want to further your education you should have no problem finding one for your career choice. Any college with a pool should help you get your degree in Pool Cleaning.

    So Cornholio..you keep talking out of your ass and I’ll keep coming back to slap you around. Deal?


  • http://Frank Fballfan

    The West Covina -Covina game if played on fsn is great for the valley,I respect both programs and it’s west covina try to show everybody what they are all about .For Covina are they rebuilding or do they have some hidden talent that can shine under the lights , with new head coach and new o.c. . At the same time would like to see amat and see what direction they are headed in. Good luck to all teams in the upcoming season

  • Well Said, Colt74

    Covina Program or Gato Mierdre or whatever his flavor is this week really has no football knowledge other than what he “reads” or hears from his homies. Livingston and Vinegas are last years team. Coach Brown is the man- who after deep reflection decided to be head coach and you dont do that because you dont care.

  • The Legendary Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    I don’t know anything about football? How when I predicted in Week one Monrovia would beat Covina handily. I never commented on Vinny or anyone else. Vinny is in college, and you never ever heard me say that any young man getting a chance to play, is bad thing. Especially when Nick Bueno, is at Cal Lutheran. Vinny is a next level guy, that’s it. I did say that Livingston was not a next level guy and until proven that he is. I am sticking to it. How was I wrong about the 2 year cycle in regards to Covina football? I never said the coach does not care since they were not practicing. I did not write about any of that. I see Covina as the 3rd place team in the VVL. From the info being presented. It looks like San Dimas should win it, North view should take 2nd and Covina should still be good enough to make the playoffs after losing 18 seniors Everything I wrote had something to do with the talent loss, and the talent in Covina going to Charter Oak.

  • Smoked out his Alias!!!!!!

    Wonder how many other alias this character goes by?!?!?!?! Either way, he can stay under his rock with all the other keyboard commandos.

  • Mean Green Pastures….

    Smoked out…I only use one, Aram can verfiy Green Pastures….Covina sucks tho’ everyone knows that.

  • IS THAT A FACT ???????

    green ( 3 way scrimmage @ keifer ) pastures,
    Is that a fact , you only use one screen name ??? Who would of thought , honesty at it’s finest , now explain that one green ( input various names ) pastures, or is it mounted cat. You may not be smoking but you’re sure hitting the catnip .

  • Regional game info

    SGV Football
    The only thing different this year is that there is an additional Regional Playoff Game. Teams will still need to win their CIF Division to be eligible. In the South, CIF Division Reps will still vote on who they believe are the best teams to represent each State Division. Only thing different is that instead of voting for 1 team in each Division they will vote for 2 teams and those 2 teams will play for the right to move onto the State Bowl Game.
    If this had been in place last year, we probably would have seen Westlake vs. Bakersfield for the open Division and SM vs. VM for the D1 Division.

  • The Legendary Green pastures aka Paka

    Is that a Fact, check your facts! because in that post. I clearly said, I wrote that and used that name… prior to anyone asking me if I wrote that… and I did it because I did not want to be bias…So sorry dude, you are trying to tie me into a few comments about Covina that I did not post. Nice try…I love the name Green Pastures…Especially “The Legendary Green Pastures AKA Your Daddy” haha.

  • It’s Official

    It’s official i feel sorry for the little green kitty. When the little kitty is cornered he cries, Ask Aram !!! Ask Aram !!!! Man that really made me laugh. Ha Ha Ha Ha…

  • It’s Official

    Hey Green kitty i guess we know who your daddy is. Ha Ha Ha ha…


    Seems that this cat has instead of the standard nine lives has at least nine screen names . Hard to believe he’s a cat because in most of his posts he’s normally all wet !!!!!!!!!!

  • green pastures…

    It seems like Greenie has a stalker…4 comments in row about one blogger…Let me look out the window. Let me check under my sac to see if there some guy hanging on it.

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