Dionza Blue gets busy again as Amat has easy time with Harvard-Westlake …

Bishop Amat running back Dionza Blue followed his big Blue and Gold game performance with another impressive showing on Thursday in a scrimmage against Harvard-Westlake.

Blue scored on about a 45-yard touchdown run on his second carry. His third touch of the game, a screen pass, he took 55 yards to the end zone.

Receiver Darren Andrews scored on a 60-yard touchdown and Anthony Camargo had about an 8-yard touchdown.

Aram’s take: I know, I know, “it was only Harvard-Westlake” … well, Blue is serving notice any way you slice it. From what I understand, Harvard-Westlake did its only damage when Amat’s second and third teams were in.

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  • DB Dad / Amat Friend

    I went with my buddy to watch his son who is a junior at Amat. When I first saw HW, they had about 5 -7 boys who were a good 6’3″ – 6’5″. They looked impressive. Their QB is about 6’4″ and athletic. But once the whistle blew it was all Amat. Amat scored every time they touched the ball, and the defense held HW to a few first downs. Amat showed good speed against the bigger HW line. The DB’s and Linebackers were aggressive and played very well. Overall Amat pretty much controlled the entire game. The problem here is one thing…….HW is not Servite. Good luck next week boys.

  • Real talk

    I have said all along that Amat has a kill mentality on the D side of the ball. I can not see a team running through them. On the O side of the ball is where I feel that Amat needs that one player that brings that swag it takes to play in big games it seems to me Amat gets tight in the big AWAY games. @ DB how was Amat O looking? Was it a lot of running? How did the QB look? I’m out…………

  • AMAT!!!

    Here is a link to highlights posted by “Heres the Video” on fred robledo http://youtu.be/Yu1UHDM8ntg
    notice that in the video servite’s head coach and wife are personally videoing

  • Mega pixiel

    Amat!!! – did you film that game with a hand held tape recorder? That thing is one big mega pixel.

  • GP-

    BA Bloggers, Blue looks good. The Defense looks good. After seeing this are the lancers ready?

  • Spartan 03

    As it should be no surprise to anyone, Bishop Amat looks very physical on both sides of the ball. At the 2.42 mark a Harvard Westlake player gets laid out as the ball carrier cuts back across the field. I don’t know who was carrying the ball but my favorite part of the video was at 3.18 when the RB lowered his shoulders and bulldozed through the defensive back. This isthe type of football that is going to be seen next week against Servite. And on a side note, they seemed more interested in taping the Servite coach than the actual scrimmage. One heck of a drive for that coach.

  • Stop it

    @GP you are a fake hater so stop it. You can’t wait for next week to bash amat but if we win you will make excuse on how servite is not same servite of old . But amat will shock the world next week I bet you guys can’t sleep at night waiting on this game on the 24th but I promise you amat won’t lay down . It’s same place were number one team in state st. Bonnie’s came and amat was underdog and beat them. Kiefer is special place and it’s hard for opponents to win there. Stay tuned

  • Video Analysis

    I wanted less Servite Coach and MORE ASSISTANT!!! Oh, and The Amat football team looked pretty good too.

  • Hoody

    I think the best part of the video is the Servite Coach wearing a black hooded sweatshirt in 100 degree heat so no one would recognize him….and he still got caught.

    Damn, if he would have only known he was busted he could have took off the sweatshirt and been a lot cooler.

    He’s probably kicking himself right about now! LOL

  • GP-

    Stop It,

    If I am a “fake hater”, then I am not a hater at all. How did you draw all of that from a simple question… Is BA ready? The players and coaches decide the outcome of the game. All I can do is read the headlines. They crapped on HW. I know nothing about HW. So I am not discrediting this tape. You are right everyone is anticipating this game. It’s BA Vs Servite, the biggest game in town. If BA wins I will congratulate. You are acting as If I am the only person in SGV who thinks BA is not going to win the game. You might be the only person who thinks BA is going to win the game. Either way, it’s no sweat to me if they win or lose, I just want to see a great formidable performance by the Lancers.

  • Coach Thomas has special relationship with Amat fans. Anyone remember him being escorted out of Kiefer last year while trying to film from the student section? Epic.

    Oh yeah, and also, he reads these blogs, so be sure to say hello.

    Lastly, the Trib line has dropped from Servite -24 to -18. Heavy action on the Lancers.

  • Anonymous

    Dont get carried away over a scrimmage amat does look much better than i thought but lets not forget HW is no CH, CO, Servite, or Slime let alone the rest of the Serra league.

  • Not Since 1995


    On the new point spread being -18…Does that mean that final score will only be:
    SERVITE. 42 – Lanceritos 24…?

    3 and a half TDs for this Amat offense is way too much don’t you think…?

    I’m going to take Servite and the Over…!


    I’m impressed Amat looks good, blocking was good, running game was solid and the defense was on point. I am glad they are in sync because those Friars will be prepared.

    Good luck to them hopefully they pull off that win!


  • AMAT 73

    Really didn’t need this scrimmage to know the Lancers are ready. They have been working hard all summer and it is beginning to pay off .Of course it was just a scrimmage but they looked good and just took it to HW .This is the type of execution you like to see going into the first game of the season . Blue looks to have overcome his heath issues and getting stronger by the day . As I told you Blue will surprise many doubters in the SGV and live up to Aram’s billing. It is his time . Both lines got in some good work and looked sharp . One week and counting to the Servite game . Odds are dropping according to Aram and I for one am looking for LANCERS to get the W in this one . At home , openning game , it will be rockin at Keifer next Friday .

  • D-Mo

    Sharp execution of their plays. I always notice that about BA. They are sharp from pre-game warm up through post game hand shakes. Always impressed.
    Good test coming up. Make the SGV proud!


    We made the drive to support our long time friends who’s son is none other than Koa Haynes, the QB for Amat. Koa has always been a remarkable young man, and he was always the standout athlete amongst the neighborhood kids growing up. Koa looked sharp yesterday, and he will have a special season. We also have ties to Servite and know three boys on the Friars team. Here is a truly honest opinion: Servite is very big, and very athletic. We have been to about 4 of their practices this summer, and they look like a college team. I was impressed in what I saw yesterday with the Lancers, as I did not get to see them but once this summer. I have to say that I believe the size and physicality of Servite will be too much to overcome. I don’t think it will be a blowout, but I feel Servite comes out on top next Friday. Again, this is just an opinion after seeing both teams practice recently. OH, one more thing: For Troy to make the drive all the way to Studio City and tape the scrimmage, Wow, I thought he was more confident in his team, but I guess high school football is really that big of a deal.

  • GP-

    Wassup Amat 73,

    It’s good to hear from you. I think this was a good safe scrimmage for BA. They got what they needed to get out it. Everyone is in a hurry to schedule the top physical teams, but you don’t want to risk exerting your team too Much. Uplands preseason is not as strong as BA. They Possibly could win their preseason if someone was to get injured. Besides Rancho and maybe Los Osos, the Baseline is not very strong. No Disrespect towards Muir Uplands 1st opponent, but they are no Servite. BA can not afford to get anyone hurt. You don’t prove you are ready in scrimmages any way. HW’s 1st string defense is probably a tad bit better than Amat’s 2nd string defense. That’s all you want out of scrimmage. Teams with weak preseasons will schedule anyone good. This was not a indicator on whether BA will be ready. How do you prepare for the teams they play? Practicing hard, and mental focus is the only way. Unless you want to Play Westlake or Vista, or Centennial in a meaningless game, you go with the safer scrimmage. Blue is nice in open space. If he can do this against a better tackling team, then I too may become a believer. If he can do this for 10+games, He will be a 1st team all encompassing Athletically, he better the 90% of the running backs in the valley.

  • AMAT 73

    I find it kind of funny where you point to the Tribs lists of all emcompassing as where we look to all Serra league and all CIF as the lists to make. But I’m sure you would rather see the same for your players ??? .How can you say you don’t prove yourself in scrimmages ? Maybe when it is against your own team such as the Blue / Gold game but against other teams there is plenty to prove. Is it all out Friday night football , no , but still a test to see execution , timing ,schemes , and other aspects . I’m sure if Monrovia scrimmaged a team next week ( do they have a final scrimmage ) and looked terrible or the line play was disorganized and getting pushed around you would have concerns . I’d like to see that 10% you rate higher than Blue , if you care to list them . As always good luck to the Wildcats in their pursuit of greatness and perfection (15-0 I believe is the goal ??? ) this season as it is coming fast upon us .

  • Anonymous

    Again why get worked up over a scrimmage and if you watch the film HELLO its a highlight of plays not the entire game i was there and IMO BA does look good but on the other plays BA was not that impressive but again BA does look good and i hope they take it to the friars who i have not seen but i do know from all the talk that Servite is a much bigger and athletic team which = trouble for the lancers on a few plays HW completely dominated from their size alone but again only on a “few” plays. BA looks good good luck this season i hope you guys the best but keep it real when you examine a film.

  • Not Since 1995

    NoNalgas 73

    How is Vegas this time of the year…? LMFAO

    Isn’t that where you ran off to last year when Servite humiliated and embarrassed your precious lancers…? I hear Whisky Pete’s has an “Escape from Servite for Lancers only” special next weekend…! It includes a room, box of Kleenex, blue solo cup, and your favorite male partner for the whole weekend…!

    Vegas Baby…!

  • Real talk

    I’m wondering if Hags cought word that Servite was there and went vanilla with the play calling, but then again it is Amat we all know what they’re going to do.

  • GP-


    Well , I said all trib. as fas as making ALL CIF, I can’t say that. Etiataki, and Whoplen are the leading frontrunners. However, with 7 days left, all the talking is over and it’s time cash the checks bloggers wrote during the summer. No more framing your team, or explaining, or any of that. W and L’s that’s it.

  • Judge me by my size do you?

    Harvard Westlake’s LINEMEN:

    Thomas Oser, OL, DL….. 6-5, 290

    David Hartmeier OL, DL.. 6-5, 245

    Henry Schlossberg OL, DL 6-4, 265

    Keith Leonard OL, DL…. 6-4, 205

    Cole Lopez OL, DL……. 6-2, 225

    Benjamin Klein OL, DL… 6-1, 225

    Matt Edelstein OL, DL.. 6-0, 210

    Dietrich Tribull OL, DL. 6-0, 200

    Ben Goldstein OL, DL…. 6-0, 205

    Patrick Ryan OL, DL….. 6-0, 200

    DEFINITELY a much larger team than Bishop Amat but it made no difference.

  • Perception vs Reality

    Funny what people perceive is not always the reality. Take a look at Sevites roster and t hey are not nearly as big as HW. Athletic and strong – but it is not their size

  • GoAmat

    Who wears a black hoody in 100 degrees weathers? Oh. “Its the Servite coach!”

  • Stop it

    @GP. I just looked at Monrovia schedule and you gotta be joking rite? On team worth talking about us at Francis . Lmao and they play Harvard Westlake so all that. You talking and hw will go 10-0 with your bubblegum schedule . Blair has 8 kids on they team omg thus schedule is hilarious

  • Margarita bill

    Bottom line is HW is not servite…………friday will be here and there is n way out for the Lancers time to get that A$$ whooped and Blue will be Blue and green the next day LOL sorry little Lancers but you have no chance.

  • Real talk

    @margarita bill stop coming on here faded. Lol….. Amat all day… Put the drink down.. I’m out……

  • GP-

    Stop It

    Monrovia ranked #1…Bubble gum schedule and all. Sorry dude, it’s a green and white world…lol and you hateeeee That.

    No amount of trash talking about Monrovia can save you all from the Friars. Bishop Amat is going to have to start saying hail mary’s from today til kick off just to keep it reasonable.

  • be worried

    GP – what is going to hurt who most – Amat losing to Servite or Monrovia getting beat by Ayala?

    Be very worried

  • GoAmat

    Remember Amat fans don’t pay any attention to the followers on here! Save your energy for our Amat games! Win or loss we will ALWAYS be admired and followed! LET’S GO AMAT LANCERS! Go game againts Westlake!!!

  • stop it

    @GP if we beat servite then what will you say? what will be your retreat then? even if we loose i bet one thing for certain, that the coaching staff at amat aint scared to play some big boys! only semi big boys you play is st francis and amat spanked on them when we played. amat has heart we will line it up with anybody win or loose but i cant say that about monrovia. south pas, san marino , blair, lmao come on bro they have no athletes over there those are academic schools they should be 8 man. monrovia has a buggle yum championship in the last division but im not gonna sit here and bash the boys cause they worked hard for that ship whatever division they are in and at the end of the day its about them trying to get to that next level to try and better there lives. but you on the other hand need to quit it and bow down and kiss the ring of amat like a servant does cause we are the kings of the sgv.

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