West Covina 21, Claremont 0 … Bulldogs QB Jon Najera leaves with knee injury … LET US KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WHERE YOU WERE …

West Covina’s 21-0 win over Claremont in a one-half scrimmage on Friday night was marred by a knee injury to quarterback Jon Najera, who was red hot before going down.

West Covina offense:
The Bulldogs pass attack looked very legit. Najera had the short and intermediate stuff working. Not sure this team can throw it deep with any consistency, but hey, that’s nitpicky. The run game was nowhere to be found other than when Antonio “Noodles” Hull took over for Najera and was unstoppable on option keeps. I am very concerned that Noodles isn’t going to get enough touches if he’s not at QB. Whereas last year the Bulldogs had two home-run hitters in Solomon and Frazier and then two more two years ago in Lee and Solomon, this year it looks like Noodles is the only one. Again, this was a scrimmage and I could be being nitpicky. The coaches may have held back and kept it vanilla, but let’s be real clear, West Covina isn’t gonna be as explosive as fans expect if Noodles isn’t touching the ball constantly. The offensive line has very good size, but looked a tad raw.

Claremont offense: Big trouble here. The Wolfpack was simply lifeless the entire night. Assuming we saw the team’s best shot, then the passing game needs A LOT of work. A LOT. RB Cecil Flemming is definitely a player, but he needs the ball quite a bit. I know that Claremont kept things very vanilla because head coach Mike Collins told me before the scrimmage that they would. But I just didn’t like what I saw. Keeping it vanilla is one thing, but not being able to hit wide-open receivers is another. Claremont does look the part at just about every spot outside of QB, where they need lots of work.

West Covina defense:
Several starters in the secondary sat out, including top cover man Muleck Henderson. Even still, the Bulldogs were so fast and quick that they gave Claremont fits. Even West Covina’s second string sent Claremont’s first string backward late in the game. Defensive end Adam Romero was excellent. As was LB Bradley Ojala. I didn’t see Bryson Finley. If he did play, he didn’t make enough of an impact for me to notice. I did see d-end Justin Hornsby, who really looks the part. West Covina’s defense is going to be very special (again).

Claremont defense: Not bad. Not good. Had lots of trouble with speed. And the pass coverage was no bueno. Too big of a cushion for the West Covina receivers. I really have to think Claremont was not showing much because it was a scrimmage. I mean, I really want to believe that. Because if I’m wrong then big trouble lays ahead.

West Covina special teams: Needs work. Bad punt when they did punt. Two muffed punts on return. Can’t do that against Loyola.

Claremont special teams: Decent.

Key injuries:
Jon Najera, West Covina, QB (knee, left game did not return). Addison Whitham, Claremont, RB/LB (knee or leg, left game did not return).

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  • Dogtown

    Dan or anybody!! what time is scrimmage? 6:00 or 7:00

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Word through the grapevine is that Maggiore is going to sit a handful of key players tonight. Sounds like mostly the starting defensive backs will sit and some other players. Still should be a good scrimmage though!


    @ Dogtown…7pm

  • Bulldogs have bite


    I was told kickoff at 7:00PM for Varsity. Freshmen started at 3:15….

  • Colt74

    Covina VS South Hills
    A scrimmage.
    Won’t comment on South Hills. Will let their parents/fans do that.
    Some good..some not so good but OVERALL I think the coaches should be proud of their boys.
    Name to remember : Christian Padilla
    I’m normally a linemen/defensive lineman type of watcher but for some reason I focused on him when the first set had Covina at goal line defense. Was playing corner. Good coverage and sharp reads. Stuck with watching him the whole scrimmage and watched him on offense at WR take a decent pass all the way to the house.
    Note to coach : He’s a keeper.

    Size wise we were smaller up front but did a good job on pass protection and defensive penetration. QB wise..we need to get rid of the ball faster. Too many times we gave the DB’s a chance to read and come up and smother the receivers. But again, it was only a scrimmage and designed to work out the kinks.
    Who won? It’s a scrimmage. Who cares? But lets just say for the sake of argument that I left CDF with a smile on my face.
    Good job Colts!

  • Bulldogs have bite


    I saw you skip out during the scripted part of the scrimmage. You should of stuck around man. Deshon Love got the ground game moving with a couple nice runs, including a 50-60 yard run off the right side. Noodles also hit a beautifully thrown long bomb (40+ yards) to Jesus Wong for a TD. He also threw another beautiful long ball, looked like the same play later on in the scrimmage, but the ball was dropped by the receiver. Aaron Salgado did not play much because he missed practice time wile attending to summer baseball commitments. Finley got in some playing time later on and looked very physical at times, but did not really get a lot of pt to clearly see his effectiveness.

    Also, Josh Best will be out for atleast 4 weeks with a hairline fracture in his left leg. Did it during passing league when somebody rolled up on him. Thanks for comming out to see us.


    WC totally dominated Claremont on both sides of the ball. Najera was flawless until he had to come out, with what seemed to be a knee injury, he was doing short sprints shortly after, looks like he is good to go. Maggiore seems to have a problem that any coach would love to have. Noodles comes in and starts taking Claremont apart where Najera left off. Noodles brings a whole new dimension with his ability to run and throw the ball, He came in and had long runs, and like a 65 yard touchdown, he is a big playmaker, and it shows as soon as he steps on the field. It is going to be interesting to see how Magggiore settles everybody in. There is a lot of depth especially at RB Salgado, Best, Ojala, and then the option with Hull. Maggiore will get this team polished, because that is what he does, and when he does all i can say is good luck.

  • Colt74,

    Fred was tweeting (or should I say tweeted twice) from your scrimmage and was amazed how much trouble Covina was giving South Hills. He said South Hills couldn’t move the ball on Covina. Covina’s quickness was too much. Any of this true?

    Bulldogs Have Bite,

    Yeah, I do not stick around for the scripted part. Waste of time for guys like me, but good for coaches and players.

  • Update

    Actuall score during 1/2 scrimmage was WC 28 Claremont 0. Player who scored TD’s for West Co were:
    Romero – Pass caught from Najera.
    Ojala – Run, inside.
    Franklin- Run, sweep.
    Wong – Pass caught from Hull.

  • Covina- West Covina game should be a good one for a while, the difference is going to be the second units . West Covina has that good problem were the second unit are licking their chops to get in and do some damage.Where Covina has a solid 1st group (not no game changers like vinny but good) most of the starters going both ways so that alone his a difficult task to do when on the other side the can sub in anybody and not lose a beat. As long as Covina plays with balls that’s what Covina fans want to see from their team win or lose , by the way colt 74 Christian has always been a football player it’s just mental with him, offense wise for Covina should controlled by the ground I like what both qb bring I guess I am favoring the running qb (Torres) cause he can run and he is tough playing linebacker too ,cause we all know what a pocket qb that can throw but not run when it’s time to get dirty can do for you when it’s cruch time . Defense looks good they have some kids that get to the ball after mr Thomas ran the 30 I guess it was time to shake it up .good luck colts.. Now westco in normal fashion they will be solid at line not as technique wise but solid best lineman is their center Gomez , Bradley will be one of the best backs in the valley,Salgado too if he gets in shape Jonathan is solid wr ok with franklin and Crosby Making plays . Defense Malik is the best at corner in the valley Hornsby and Ramiro will bring the heat from the outside LB solid so I guess it is up to noodles to be the x factor . With that said I guess I will be at that game, by the way to all the westco fans and Monrovia fans both schools could not beat amat and I am not even a amat fan but a realist good luck too all teams

  • Colt74

    I looked all over for Fred and for the life of me could not find The Tribs mini Pele anywhere. ???? Unless he was up on Kellogg hill with some strong ass binoculars?

    All I can say about South Hills ( and this is MY opinion ) is that they need to be moved back down. They came in fired up and that is a credit to their coaches and the players themselves. I’m not a SH fan but see no reason for them to be Div II. I’m not hating…I think the kids at SH are busting their butts too much when the best prizes on the top shelf are too far out of reach. They need to be put in Div VII.
    Are you listening CIF?

    I’d rather be the king of the midgets than a midget amongst kings…

    SH DID have a couple of kids that should be tested for steroids or at the least prove they were not smuggled in from USC…they were BIG! SH has some good DB’s but on offense could not really get the machine rolling. A few plays WE made them look good..like the pass that was a desperation get rid of the ball type of pass that you just KNEW the second it left the QB’s fingers was not going to end well. It was like it had radar on for a kid in a green and white jersey…
    Or the next play after the TD to Padilla..center hikes the ball 6 feet over QB’s head….sorry but Kobe could not have jumped high enough to grab that one….
    If we do that against WC…ouch.
    Agree with the other posters assessment…..Going both ways WILL take it’s toll on my Colts. We don’t have the numbers of years past.
    One thing I REALLY liked about my colts….when the second and third stringer were in the game the first stringers were yelling out and reminding them of coverage assignments to help them get settled in and settled down. I think that was cool and showed team UNITY.

    I left there pretty pleased and could have only been happier if I would of had 3 babes holding an umbrella over me to shield the sun while they fanned me and fed me ice cold grapes…The visitor side at CDF staring straight into the sun sucks big time…

    One last thing on CDF turf…..brown is the new green……

  • Colt74,

    “Three babes fed me ice cold grapes” Absolutely epic post.

    Yeah your boys’ problem next week is gonna be scoring on WestCo. It’s gonna be everybody’s problem this year. Those guys just motor on defense. The offense may take a little time to get rolling, but it’s gonna be obvious to all that Noodles has to be getting the ball in every way possible in order for WestCo to score quickly.

    Yeah, Fred was there. Not sure how long or in what capacity. You gotta remember that even at his age, Friday nights are a big deal to him. Perhaps it’s a weight thing.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    West Covina vs. Claremont scrimmage highlights


  • That is a great point about covina first team incouraging the second unit that is going to pay off during the season . It builds unity and believe it or not that’s how westco got started when george Johnson was a sophomore and the rest of the super sophs the seniors really imbraced them .i feel your only as good as your underclass so when they became seniors they really embraced this senior group so I think it’s a good cycle from what I heard Covina has a good frosh class so well see . As for south hills they have some kids That are good but they are going through that weird transition year .they where the top dogs on the street but their neighbors are having a good run and getting the kids from other city that’s how high school ball goes they will be back I hope cause they represent the valley and when it comes to playoff football we need all school to hold it down good luck to all teams

  • Dan

    Good annalysis, pretty detailed, almost insider type of knowlege on our players. Don’t agree with your assesment of our line not having solid technique but other than that you seem spot on. As for WC or Monrovia not beating Bishop Amat I would favor Amat too. Their record over the sgv speaks for itself and until someone beats them on the field, opinion’s mean nothing. A lot of local teams will have their shot this year. It’ll be interesting to see how things turn out. I will say that for all we know at this point of the season, WC and Monrovia would have as good a shot as any team in the sgv to upset the Lancers, we’ll know more as the season progresses.

  • lol

    @dan wc is to small to hang with amat bro. qb looks ok but very small i think haynes looks better as far as scrambling ability but west co qb throws better but pretty much are neck and neck. running backs are not last years and you can tell you guys are hurting in that aspect. wr can catch but none with break away speed like andrews. line is very small you guys say amat line is small but they are bigger than both teams here.are far as defense wc looks good but are not on same level as amat and you can clearly see. if they were to play amat 35- wc 14. now ere is GP and monrovia highlights?

  • Sorry,but…

    Not. Even. Close.

    When you look at this clip of a Hacienda League team vs a Sierra league team and compare it to the one of a Mission League Team vs Serra League team ( http://youtu.be/Yu1UHDM8ntg ) there is absolutely no comparison. Harvard-Westlake may even overpower West Covina.

  • Something just wasn’t right with Claremont. Like I said, they got off the bus lifeless. ZERO intensity. Just went thru the motions.

    I’m not sure you can fully judge West Covina with some of its top players sitting out.

    We’re gonna find out just how well West Covina will do against a Serra League team when the Bulldogs take on Loyola in two weeks.

  • When I was talking about westco and Monrovia not having a chance to beat amat I was going by old facts .westco had their shot a couple of yrs with a really good team but was not close on the first game and was fairly close on the second game ,what I am trying to say is that those yrs westco team was better than the two Cif teams they had they would have won it as well but ran in to a strong co team that stop the run and a very soild d-ranch team . With amat they had a strong team as well but the problem with amat is they just don’t have the premier athletes anymore like ralph brown,minor, wyrick,Wagner ,etc etc there are so many but they are still fundamental sound and play hard but just not cutting it no more in PAC 5 example small one but this senior class put a whooping on westco senior class when they were freshmans but only won one league game .I hope amat turns it around cause we need our only PAC 5 team to really represent the valley and when a valley team has a strong couple of yrs play a two yr contract so it could be fun, by the way
    When I said about westco lineman not being technique savvy yet i know they will be cause maggorie is one of the best but they are doing a lot of pass pro out of their far set and near so it will take time to get that down , no disrespect any one

  • one game at a time

    I was there when Amat’s Senior class put a whooping on West Covina during their Frosh year by over 40 points, I believed Amat lost key players due to injuries and attrition during league play beating Alemany, losing a close game to Loyola (Frosh League Champs), Crespi and a blow out loss against Notre Dame.

    No disrespect to WC and wish them well, but I just cannot see WC beating Loyola, it’s just a whole entire different level of play, although I certainly will be cheering for them.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    A lot of our key guys sat out in the scrimmage. We even had some key guys from the line sit out as well. Regardless our O-line is bigger this year than last year’s, and we really do not need a huge line to run a wing-t offense, as a lot of the holes are created by misdirection and angle of attack.

    As far as having no break away speed at WR, I did not see any plays in the scrimmage where a wideout could display speed. Muleck Henderson sat out, and he is track star fast! Sidney Jones sat out, and he’s also another playmaker!

    Hard to compare Amat and WC using the video either. One video is field level filmed in HD, the other is filmed from up top with apparently a potato. I will say that it would not surprise me if Amat could beat us, they take a lot of heat on these blogs for no reason. Great program, great tradition, great fan and alumini support, they have great atheletes, it’s all there every year for them even in down years.

    But I will not buy into the “WC has no chance” attitude some (I said some, not all) Amat bloggers seem to have. A one dimensional attack on offense will not work on our defense. WC has improved in the last few years, so I say there is a chance of an upset over Amat if the two schools played again. We definately would be more competetive than the last time we played them.

  • Dan

    No one here is saying West Covina would beat Amat, I said they would have as good a chance as anybody in the SGV to upset them. My point being I believe WC will be as good as any other team in the SGV with the exception of Amat. We will know soon enough as the season progresses. I was there too when the Amat freshman team rolled WC, that is why I did not buy into the rumors that Amat is on a downslide. As mentioned, they have lost a few good players, and kids change from freshmen year to varsity so no one really knows. West Covina has picked up talent since that year so no one knows much of anything at this point.

  • Dan

    @ Sorry, but

    “Harvard-Westlake may even overpower West Covina.”

    Your theory based on what?

  • Dan

    2009 was not a better team than the West Co cif teams. It was a good team but was injured from first half of week zero game, Due to injury we had 6 or 7 new position players when they played Amat that year. Considering all those injuries, it wasn’t a bad game for WC. The line was green with both first year varsity players and replacement players for the injured, not one of those kids on the line had more than three varsity games under their belt, Rickey Johnson was running with turf toe, and Solomon, Fraizer, Barnett and Meaders were only sophomores.
    By 2010 that patch work line were experienced varsity veterans who turned into one of the best offensive lines in WC history. Solomon, Fraizer, B.J. Lee, Lonzell Barnett, Anthony Molina,[who had 10 picks that year] and George Johnson all came into their own, and Maurice Dupleasis, Jorge Paez, Dorin Turner, and Deon Steps were stopping every run game they faced. For the most part, 2009 was a younger inexperienced version of the 2010 team.

  • D7

    West Covina got taken to the woodshed in week 0 that year…

  • Dan

    “West Covina got taken to the woodshed in week 0 that year… ”

    Maybe… But they got better because of it, they didn’t loose again that year.

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