All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 0

1. Monrovia — Most complete team around. Starting 11s are as good as anybody.
2. Bishop Amat — Good defense and run game. Not a bad combo.
3. Charter Oak — Have to trust that Chargers will use defense in proper way.
4. West Covina — Defense takes backseat to no one and offense isn’t one-dimensional.
5. Chino Hills — Overall team speed has me a bit worried, but we’ll see …
6. Damien — Will find out whether the lines are a big concern vs. O-Lu.
7. St. Paul — Like the talent on hand, but worried about cohesion.
8. La Habra — Highlanders still solid, but not sure this team is better than last year.
9. St. Francis — If good skill players are found, Knights may fly up this list.
10. La Mirada — Know Mats have lines, but curious about how much speed there is.
11. La Serna — Lancers will get teste in nonleague. League shouldn’t be a problem.
12. Maranatha — Addition of McClain at TE/DE gives Minutemen a missing piece.
13. Bonita — I go hot and cold on the Bearcats. Right now, I’m hot. In a week?
14. San Dimas — Plug-n-play system means solid results should continue.
15. Ayala — ‘Dogs had better take care of business against Diamond Bar.
16. San Gabriel — With a little time, Mats will be formidable once again.
17. Arcadia — Ground game should thrive no matter who’s carrying the rock.
18. South Hills — Word from Covina scrimmage gives cause for pause.
19. Cantwell — St. Bernard going bye bye flings door wide open for Cards in Del Rey.
20. Diamond Ranch — Can’t believe it’s skill and not size I’m worried about.
21. Claremont — Hoping WestCo scrimmage was an aberration.
22. Arroyo — Knights can ease “No Rivera” fears with win over Los Altos on Friday.
23. Rio Hondo Prep — All of a sudden everyone is a Kare believer.
24. El Monte — Schedule is there to fly up this poll. It’s all on B-Mart.
25. Northview — Playoff spots are up for grabs in Valle Vista. Vikes look ready.

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  • Another preseason poll

    I think you need another poll wednesday…lol

    It’s time for some football!

  • This isn’t a poll. I didn’t ask anybody to vote. This is all me. Enjoy as always …

  • GP-

    Boy Aram this blog is going to get hot when the bloggers get a hold of this one. I am going to have to agree with you. On paper the Cats have to be #1. However, they can fall down the list with sloppy play and losses. Starting #1 is one thing, Staying #1 is another. With Blake Heyworth Settled in a QB at the start of the season, along with Ainsworth starting and Bueno and Jones at RB, Walsh and Frazier at FB and TE, Bryant and Craft at the WRs the cat’s skills have to be among the best collection of skills in the SGV. There are also several promising Soph coming along too, If the line plays well, this offense is going to take off. On Defense, once again it’s the same story. A plethora players. However the D line is unproven, and has to replace McCarthy. I am sure the same arguments, are going to be used, like D11, RHL, ETC… After watching the Bishop Amat Scrimmage, and West Covina Scrimmage, I can say the cats, can play with those teams. I think the Cats will do well vs Ayala, and we will take it from there. Can’t wait to see the Cat’s new uniforms.

    The Monrovia Fighting Wildcats are #1

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Very very interesting all I can say is what brought you back to your original spring ranking M-town # 1.

    Mtown should be very good but im really interested in how Amat fares this season as well as Damien, after seeing both of them I think each is better than advertised. Well bloggers we FINALLY will have something to talk about next Saturday night. Good luck to everyone.

    “Dont Start None wont be None”

  • Don

    Monrovia Talent, coaching, rabid fans, lower division championships. The Charter Oak of this decade.
    Bishop Amat The only team on this list that could run the table on the Valley.
    Charter Oak Really have stepped up to play in D2.
    West Covina A lock in the Hacienda. After that, ?????
    Chino Hills Team speed isn’t as big of a concern as teams like Vista Murrietta and Upland are.
    Damien — Amat lite.
    St. Paul Swordsman fans are rabid, and not known for their patience.
    La Habra — Biggest problem this year is going to be the Sunset League in the playoffs.
    St. Francis OK Aram, use one of your team speed blurbs here.
    La Mirada Speed I great but doesn’t help if you are laying on the ground.
    La Serna Is Frankie Palmer the son of Frank or the son of Steve? Someone help me out here please.
    Maranatha Great school who would get clocked by anyone playing in the Southwest or higher.
    Bonita Always in the mix, but then there’s West Covina, and La Mirada and . . .
    San Dimas Coach Z’s offense needs a big back, better, two, to run.
    Ayala Will surprise some Sierra League foes.
    San Gabriel — With a little time, Mats will be formidable once again.
    Arcadia — Not enough gas to hang in D7 right now, maybe not even to show in the Pacific.
    South Hills These guys really need Judi North back.
    19. Cantwell Lotta respect for the school, but face it, Cantwell is the best team in the worst league in D10.
    Diamond Ranch I guarantee the NO Hacienda Coach will take Roddy and DR for granted.
    Claremont Soft, soft, soft.
    Arroyo — The very best team in the Mission Valley League. Whhhhooooooo.
    Rio Hondo Prep Very nice people at Rio Hondo Prep. They Kare.
    El Monte Well, there are 11 leagues worse than the MVL.
    Northview A .500 season would be a big improvement here.

  • Stop it

    @kennedy Bryant @gp stop it the whole sgv knows Monrovia should be #4 with that bubble yum schedule! It should go like this amat,charter oak Damien, Monrovia then west co and so on and so forth. Monrovia doesn’t deserve to be 1 heck they lost to a 3-7 south hills team last year that Damien spanked

  • reality

    Don –

    “Bishop Amat The only team on this list that could run the table on the Valley”

    That says something about the order of the list.

    “…they Kare” Awesome!

  • What Gives???

    Please elaborate…

    Arroyo #22, Los Altos not ranked (as they shouldn’t be, have nothing)

    You state Arroyo can quell post-Rivera fears with a W on Friday

    Yet, on the Bet it and Sweat it, you have LA as 3pt favorites

    What Gives???

  • LA Fan

    Wheres Los Altos on the list???

  • If anyone wants to argue that an of the top seven should be No. 1, I will certainly listen. This year is such a toss up, especially in the Tribune area. Nobody stands out and everyone has questions. I just don’t have any questions when it comes to Monrovia.

    QB – check
    RB – check
    WRs – check
    OL – check
    kicker – check

    DL – check
    LB – check
    DB – check

    What positions can anyone really sweat with M-Town?

    I get the whole D-11 knock. But I think that’s going bye bye this season. Yeah, they lost to San Dimas and South Hills and Arcadia last year, but was Heyworth entrenched at QB yet? The answer is no. And the same Covina team that whipped San Dimas got whipped by Monrovia when it was clicking on all cylinders.

    I’m really sick of this whole stupid argument about how South Hills, San Dimas and Arcadia beat this team. Are you gonna tell me that M-Town was rolling at that point of the season? Or was M-Town rolling in November and December? Because if ANY of those three teams had played M-Town in Nov. or Dec. that game woulda been over at halftime.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ stop it
    My question wasnt directed at you it was directed @ Aram. Frankly I could careless about this ranking its not where you start its where you finish. So miss me with the bullcrap and where you think Monrovia should be ranked; now scoot along little boy and go play your fiddle flute for someone else. Im here simple wishing all teams the very best this season and rejoicing in the fact that the season is finally upon us. Now take your crayons,your marble set and your pick upsticks and go play with the 1st graders down the block.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Aram
    Thanks for the clarity and the CHECK LIST

  • What Gives,

    The pointspreads are not my prediction. They are also not what I think what the final margin of victory will be. They are merely a number that I think will have 50 percent of people preferring the favorite and the other 50 percent preferring the underdog.

  • just askin’

    Aram – is it possible that M-Town looked like they were rolling in November and December because that is when they were playing those other D11 teams?

  • GP-

    Stop It,

    Monrovia is Ranked Number 1 Bubble gum schedule and all… and there is nothing you can do but Biatch about it. All of the things you bring up have been factored in and Monrovia came out on top of the evaluation. It’s a long season, if the upper division teams take care of business, there is no way Monrovia can finish on top, due to strength of schedule. However, if those teams don’t win games, barely beat common opponents, and lose by 40 points in playoffs then they leave Aram no choice but to crown the cats the overall best. Especially when you factor in several next level guys, you can say the Cats are a top team. Seriously, in week 11 you can line Monrovia up against SM or Upland, they can get beat by 40 pts. Anyone can get beat by 40. Arroyo lost to 37th ranked Hart 42-17. It was a blow out, but hart went on to beat two other teams in their Div 3 league by that much. A D11 team with the player of the year in Rivera was able to mustard up more offense than 6 of Hart’s upper division opponents. This Goes to show you that yes a D11 team can produce the same results upper division schools. I don’t think there is a team in the valley, if they beat Monrovia, would beat them by more then 1 score. It’s that tight in SGV right now. There is not one team who passes the check list with more proven players than Monrovia. BA is breaking in QB, RB, Middle LB. West Co is breaking in new QB, RB’s and a whole line, Charter Oak is breaking in a new QB, lost their best RB. St Paul is breaking in everyone. Chino Hills is breaking in a new QB, and so on. All of the programs are good, Any of them could arguably be the #1 team, Monrovia just has the least amount of question marks right now. Time will tell. If Monrovia’s games against Ayala/South Hills are important, because if they can beat them by as much or more points than any of the sierra league teams, then that will be a great evaluating point. Also If Paramount goes deep in the Southeast, and or beats west co in the playoffs, which is a far reach lol, this season, that would also be a good evaluating point. A win against St Francis would be huge as well. Throw in a win vs Paraclete in the semis and against defending state champ Sierra Canyon(which both are ranked higher than the Majority of SGV teams) for a D11 3 peat would be a solid case for #1. However, it does not matter week 0-1 are starting now. This stuff is for Sh1Tz and gigglez.

  • Angola Prison

    Is Just Askin:
    Really Fred Rebledo

  • Just Askin,

    They beat Covina during that time. Although they’re also D-11, Covina was a very good team that lost to West Covina in OT.


    Jude Oliva has done it with less talent. With the talents San Gabriel have this year, the Matadores will be very scary come playoff time.

  • Real talk

    Will Monrovia ever schedule Bishop Amat, Servite, or anybody in pac-5? I would like to see
    What Aram and GP are talking about. They are the only two
    People I ever hear mention Monrovia. I had never heard of them before.

  • Amat Alum

    Its been nearly 30 years but this maybe the reason Monrovia wont be playing Bishop Amat any time soon.

  • Eric

    SG you know nothing,
    How can you say he has done more with less talent. Just because his players aren’t going D-1 doesn’t mean he doesn’t have talent at SG. If you know anything about SG football, the talent has been there for some time, however, their lack of size and depth always did them in during the Coach Jones era. Since SG’s move to the Mid Valley Division two years ago (Jude’s first year), their lack of size and depth hasn’t been and shouldn’t be an issue except against the likes of a Monrovia.
    Moreover, I’m sure any coach in the Mid Valley would have loved to have the scrubs Jude was working with the last two years; Arthur B., Mark C., Steven P., Andres F., Andy G., Alex V., Joey V., Carlos P., Brian L., Hunter G., Eric A., Joshua B.
    Lets keep it real please. There isn’t a team that makes it to the finals without talent.

  • Real talk

    Ohhh I get it Amat is afraid of Monrovia and not Servite. That’s how amazing that was that you keep that newspaper clip for 30yrs ….do you have the newspaper clip when man landed on the moon too? Lmao I’m out…


    Whatever school you graduated from they didn’t teach you comprehensive skills hence you are now an ILLITERATE and an IDIOT. Read your contradictory quote, “If you know anything about SG football, the talent has been there for some time, however, their lack of size and depth always did them in during the Coach Jones era.” Talent has been there but yet lack of size and depth? That is like saying to someone “you are fat but you look good in skinny jeans.” WTF? Those names you mentioned are all nice players but that’s twelve names spread out over two years. I know you’re an illiterate but let’s see how good you’re with math. On average, how many of those good players were on the team per year? This year, the team have twenty two players that can play at a high level hence my comment, “Jude Oliva has done it with less talent. With the talents San Gabriel have this year, the Matadores will be very scary come playoff time.” When you’re finish with mastering English. Look this up: SG! T SABER!

  • s.g.v legend

    Stop hating on the M-Town, bishop are has beens and everybody knows that each school is ranked in division by how many students are enrolled on that ca mpus. At the Div. 1 level they all line up the same way and those same high-school div.10 school kids start over those highschool div.1 school kids, its all the same

  • colts

    why is covina not up there

  • bigdog

    West Covina should be 11 or 12. Time will tell!!!

  • Uninformed

    Legend in your own mind – Bishop Amat has a little over 1200 students. Monrovia has over 1700. Long Beach Poly, in Division 1, has over 5,000. Enrollment means nothing. The Pac 5 has been determined to be the 5 best leagues over time. That’s why they are D1

  • Bulldoggy


    “West Covina should be 11 or 12. Time will tell!!”

    So, you’re saying the Hacienda league is that weak or you think West Co is overrated? I can tell you that we look more versatile than previous years. I look at the top ten on this list and would not hesitate to say that we would be looking at some good games between us and those other top ten teams. We actually look good throwing the ball. If you think we’re going to have any problem in league, you will be sadly mistaken there too. With the exception of Bonita, who has a lot of question marks this season, I don’t see anyone else ready to challenge.

  • sgv baby

    Bulldoggy SIR,

    Big Dog just trying to get under your skin for the Red Cup and tagging on the walls comment. typical 11550 a b. WesCo is the BIG DOG in the Hacienda and are the favored to win league again and making another run. When was the last time Diamond Ranch beat the BIG DOGS /BULLDOGS or won a CIF football Championship?
    So if WesCo should be 10 or 11 that makes Diamond Ranch of Pomona ranked 26 or 27? lol

  • Just Arams poll

    This is a only a preseason ranking . With monrovias weak schedule they will stay at 1 . West Covina looks very good and Amat does also . Monrovia might have all the the key positions checked according to Aram , but there is also other factors besides players .ciaching staff , preparedness , heart , team unity and experience . Monrovia does not play anyone so we do not know how they would react when they are facing a better team . They could either step up or mentally get beat like Co did against upland . ThAt will never happen because Monrovia keeps it safe in there preseason .

  • Just Arams Poll,

    Actually, just Aram’s rankings. Nobody was polled here. And you’re right, they are just one man’s opinion of the top 25 teams in the area. Doesn’t make them gospel. I can see the argument for six other teams to be No. 1.

    Saying Monrovia doesn’t play anyone is crap. They play AT St. Francis and we’ll find out all we need to know about whether the Wildcats can step up.

  • Just Arams poll

    @aram .ok Monrovia plays one decent team but it’s just one game . St Francis is not a top 25 southern section team .


    Strength of Schedule (Cal Preps)

    1. 44.48 Bishop Amat

    2. 40.10 St.Paul

    3. 33.80 Glendora

    4. 32.40 Chino Hills

    5. 30.92 St. Francis

    6. 30.77 South Hills

    7. 27.27 Charter Oak

    8. 26.60 Damien

    9. 26.11 Ayala

    10. 23.63 Claremont

    11. 17.42 West Covina

    12. 15.18 La Habra

    13. 13.18 La Mirada

    14. 6.94 Monrovia

    League Ratings (Cal Preps)

    Trinity League (PAC-5) 53.56

    Serra League (PAC-5) 48.64

    Baseline League (Inland) 36.11

    Southwestern League (Inland) 35.83

    Sierra League (Inland) 31.38

    Big VII (Inland) 24.21

    Hacienda League (Southeast) 7.20

    Valle Vista League (Mid-Valley) -.42

    Rio Hondo League (Mid-Valley) -2.5

  • Eric

    SG you know nothing,
    *I will admit I have and still do struggle with English/grammar (which is due to a learning disability)but I believe I was clear in stating that SG has had talent but the team’s overall size and depth was an issue prior to being moved into the Mid Valley. Also, by saying my comment was contradictory only exposes your lack of knowledge in high school football. Size in HS football is relative to the division a school is in. In the ’07,’08, ’09 seasons SG had just as good if not better teams but they never had a shot at a playoff run due to the size of the teams in their division. Last season SG didn’t have to play teams like La Habra(’07), La Serna(’08), West Covina(’09)(teams SG lost to in the playoffs), therefore, the handful of talented players they did have were able to carry them to the finals.
    **To address your most absurd comment: If you think Andy G. and Alex V. were just nice players then you shouldn’t be allowed to post anything football related. I guess you think a quarterback that throws for 3,000+ and rushes for 1,000+ is the norm. As for Alex, he was only #8 in the country in receiving yards last season which you would describe as being “nice” and when he played both ways, SG didn’t lose a game until the finals. How about you give the kids some credit instead of diminishing their accomplishments, they were great. Best quarterback-receiver dual in the division.
    ***Again, you must keep in mind which division you play in. This isn’t the Pac-5 we are talking about, the average team in the Mid Valley only has a handful of household names each year if they are lucky.
    ****You must know something even the SG coaches don’t know because to suggest they will be more talented this year is something the coaches wouldn’t even say. They don’t have game changers that will keep them in games against superior opponents. It’s great you believe they have more good players across the board but difference makers are needed because SG’s good won’t be better than the good of the top three in the division.
    *****I also expect SG to make the playoffs and even make it out of the first round but to expect more than that without having a number of things fall their way (ala @Arroyo’11) just isn’t realistic.
    ******Now feel free to critique Professor. FYI, your argument is less credible when you begin with a personal attack instead of just sticking to the facts. Have a great day and god bless.

  • HuskieFan

    I have to agree with Bigdog,I think West Covina has had a couple good years but this seems to be a rebuilding year or two ahead of them. I see West Covina at #9 or #10 not #4.I don’t believe they would take Chino Hills or La Habra even on a good year.

  • Colt74

    “colts said:

    why is covina not up there”

    We are…page 6…..#141…..

  • The truth box

    The truth box said:
    This may be a little off subject but im so tired of reading about how Great Amat was and how Superior they are to the SGV, so here’s some facts and predictions. By the way Aram your list is quite accurate though Ba does deserve either the top spot or next to it until after this year when they take a few L’s to a few SGV schools.

    Truth is Amat look good in their scrimmage, against a mid of the road like team.

    Fact Alemany QB Dunn threw for 4 td’s and completed 11 out of his 12 attempts against a much much stellar competitive team in Thousand Oaks.

    Fact Alemany looks 10 times better than Amat did and i was at both scrimmages.

    Fact Alemany has owned BA since they entered the Serra League two years ago.

    Fact BA does look better than predicted to be.

    Prediction some BA fan will come on here and run down their past in response to this.

    Prediction, Alemany beats BA again this year but by more points than totaled in the last two
    Prediction, Alemany wins league again with BA finishing 3rd behind ND.
    Fact, i am an Alemany fan.

  • just saying’

    13 of the LA Times Top 25 are in the PAC 5? 5 Inland, a few Western. I bet the teams from the Southeastern and Mid-Valley must have just missed.

  • Don

    Dear Mr. truth box,

    Sorry to read about your fatigue caused by reading Bishop Amat related stuff in the San Gabriel Valley football blog. One solution might be to stop reading San Gabriel Valley sports blogs, I betcha that would ease your weariness. Or maybe more fiber in your diet. That’s just a suggestion, you go on and do what you think is best.

    Best of luck with the rest of your life.

    Your Friend,


  • frontline

    @ just saying.

    Could you name the SGV schools on the list or Amat wasn’t mentioned.

  • Panther Puzzle

    Where is DRanch weak in the skill department?

  • Colt74

    If losing to a team by 5 points one year and 8 the next is “owning ” a team..

    Then losing in the playoffs by 12 points total in 2 years would mean getting “owned” by the Trinity league would it not?

    Or Dorsey and North “owning” you guys with their 1 point wins?

    I guess it’s all relative….

    Fact : I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express
    Fact : I like Snow Crab better than Lobster
    Fact : Justin Bieber makes my sphincter pucker
    Truth : Who cares about any of it?
    Prediction : The sun will come out tomorrow. And it will be hot.

  • 24. St. Paul

    Santa Margarita is No. 1 in The Times’ first prep football rankings. The Eagles return eight starters on offense, led by quarterback Johnny Stanton.

    1. Santa Margarita.
    2. Vista Murrieta
    3. Servite
    4. Alemany
    5. Tesoro
    6. Upland
    7. Mission Viejo
    8. Oaks Christian
    9. Corona Centennial
    10. St. Bonaventure
    11. Rancho Cucamonga
    12. Narbonne
    13. Gardena Serra
    14. Mater Dei
    15. St. John Bosco
    16. Crespi
    17. Hart
    18. Long Beach Poly
    19. Lompoc
    20. Edison
    21. Chaminade
    22. Westlake
    23. Redlands East Valley
    24. St. Paul
    25. Thousand Oaks

  • Disappointed Dawg

    South Hills is ranked waaayyy too high!

  • la times

    Times also put out top position players . At running back scoby and blue are listed from the sgv . At linebacker only Frazier is listed from sgv . At receiver Austin and bobo are listed from sgv .at qb no one from valley is listed .

  • Who Do You Play?

    State Rank and Strength of Schedule
    1. Bishop Amat # 3 47.3
    2. St. Paul # 7 43.6
    3. St. Francis # 37 34.1
    4. Chino Hills # 51 32.8
    5. Charte Oak # 87 28.3
    6. Damien #106 27.0
    7. West Covina #206 18.3
    8. La Habra #240 16.5
    9. La Mirada #312 13.4
    10. Monrovia #460 7.3

  • la times,

    The Monrovia(Heyworth),Maranatha(Elffers), and Chino Hills(Simko) QB’s were mentioned on the LA Times Preps website. Only some of the top QB’s were in the paper the rest were on the website. Scoby and Austin were in the paper Bobo was on the website.


    Add being a HYPOCRITE to the list of your problems in addition to being an ILLITERATE and IDIOT. Andy V. and Alex V. were nice and no one can ever take that from them as I too am a big admirer of their talents. However, the Mats will play team ball this year. It is obvious your understanding of sport is limited so I won’t go into the differences between team vs individual. More important is SG football is more relevant than ever before. It is also obvious you’re not in the know when it comes to SGHS football so for me to respond any further to your post will be a waste of my time.

  • La times

    @inland football fan. Your correct . I was on the web page and didn’t notice the second page where more are listed at Qb . That is where hayworth ,simko and telles are mentioned . I did miss cox and maranathas qbs on first page .

  • GP-

    Just sayin,

    What does the The Tribune top 25 have to do with the LA Times? St Paul is top 25 in Sodheimer’s mind and #7 in the SGV in Arams mind. If the Times Did a top 50, then we you might see lower level schools pop in there. I do think that the LA times top 25 ranking should consist of Div 1-4 schools. However, Who’s to say that West Co is not #30 and Monrovia is not #41 in Sodheimers Mind? We just don’t know. But if the rankings were stretched out, who knows what we would see. Besides all rankings are subjective. If they did a coaching poll, you would see different rankings there too. As Long as Lower Div Schools like Monrovia are in the top 5 in thier local paper, its all good. Just being considered among the best in any area is good enough for me. It’s only Week 0 just relax, things will play themselves out. Who’s to say that the LA times Rankings are more accurate than my rankings, or any other person’s opinion? Why Because it’s in the paper and people read? People are going to have a difference of opinion, and I am sure Some people think that the LA times rankings is off. All those teams on that list are capable of beating each other anyway so whatever. I think the SGV top 10 are capable of beating each other.

    Who do you play, who do you beat? and Who’s getting offers?

    The SGV does well against each other, in their own leagues that consist of SGV teams, but against strong competition outside of the SGV, SGV teams have been blown out. No SGV team has Won a CIF title in Major division football since Diamond Bars D2 championship. All the so called powerhouses were completely humiliated in the playoffs and so on. Guess What SGV team plays in the toughest league…it’s Glendora! The Base line is the toughest league. To be honest. Glendora, which came out flat,played Charter Oak which played their 2nd worst game of the year, tougher than Any Sierra league team including Chino hills. A team that barely lost it’s preseason games to Charter Oak 17-6, Monrovia 29-16, West Covina 20-19(Was any south east team this close to Wesco), Colony 24-17, then got pounded by Baseline Giants Upland, and Rancho, which Charter Oak was pounded by in the same Fashion. Hell, Etiwanda lost to Rancho by 3 pts and Upland by 7. So Was Glendora really that Bad? Especially after the beat GO the year before, and Monrovia played Glendora Close as well that year. Why is no one giving them props for who they play? Until some one can explain that..take your maxpreps stats and shove it. I don’t care if Div 11 Monrovia lost to D2 South Hills by 4 pts, with their La Times recognized top QB Blake Heyworth on the Bench. They beat Glendora worse than CO did. You people are so Bias. Maybe if Glendora was in the Sierra, they might finish 2nd and go to playoffs. The way Charter oak Ran through that league, I’m not drinking anyone’s kool aid if Glendora is closer to CO than Damien and chino hills are. I am not asking anyone to drink Mtown’s kool aid Either, I am just saying. No Sierra league team, better yet CO would finish better than 3rd in Baseline, and the rest don’t make the playoffs. What Serra league team would have beat Upland last season? Since The two top serra teams lost to inland schools, one being upland, that handles that as well. The opener CO vs Glendora showed me that on any given night, SGV teams can take each other out or a Giant like CO can barely escape, if a team comes out flat. I think since no Upper Division team in our area has done anything special, Aram shakes things up and places a D11 team #1. Message, the SGV Crown is up for Grabs, and anyone earn it.

    Shot out to all the SGV players recognized by the Times as LA’s Best! Especially the Mtowners.

  • The truth box


    Fact your colts ended last year ranked 231

    Fact West Covina beat you two years in a row.

    Fact West covina lost to Loyola by a very large margin to a team my Alemany Warriors took care of 28-14

    Fact Covina Colts is your team.

    Fact your taking up for a team (BA) that has no respect for D11 the proof is in the post made by BA fans against M-town.

    Fact Alemany would beat Covina by a VERY LARGE MARGIN.

    Fact BA hasnt beat Alemany in two years as to Covina hasnt beaten BA in oh probably 15 years idk maybe more than that.

    Fact your colts isnt even ranked in the SGV top 25 but Rio hondo prep is.

    Fact BA isnt one of the 13 pac5 teams ranked in the LA times top 25 but Alemany is top 5.

    Fact the truth bothered you so much you decided to speak up for a team that not yours.

    Fact Dorsey did beat us and so did JW north two teams Covina would get blown out by.

    Fact over the last two years Alemany has beaten tougher competitors then Covina and BA.

    Fact even Aram knows Covina isnt GOOD but at the least i respect M-town and San gabriel and the rest of D11 beckuz they play football. i dont down talk any division but i will back my team up and not protect or try to take up for another team that has no respect for mine or my division.



  • The truth box


    Fact your colts ended last year ranked 231

    Fact West Covina beat you two years in a row.

    Fact West covina lost to Loyola by a very large margin to a team my Alemany Warriors took care of 28-14

    Fact Covina Colts is your team.

    Fact your taking up for a team (BA) that has no respect for D11 the proof is in the post made by BA fans against M-town.

    Fact Alemany would beat Covina by a VERY LARGE MARGIN.

    Fact BA hasnt beat Alemany in two years as to Covina hasnt beaten BA in oh probably 15 years idk maybe more than that.

    Fact your colts isnt even ranked in the SGV top 25 but Rio hondo prep is.

    Fact BA isnt one of the 13 pac5 teams ranked in the LA times top 25 but Alemany is top 5.

    Fact the truth bothered you so much you decided to speak up for a team that not yours.

    Fact Dorsey did beat us and so did JW north two teams Covina would get blown out by.

    Fact over the last two years Alemany has beaten tougher competitors then Covina and BA.

    Fact even Aram knows Covina isnt GOOD but at the least i respect M-town and San gabriel and the rest of D11 beckuz they play football. i dont down talk any division but i will back my team up and not protect or try to take up for another team that has no respect for mine or my division.


  • Man Up

    You can’t beat up on NOBODY’S and expect anybody to respect that. Man up on your schedule and stop bullying little pathetic programs. If you don’t test yourself with a strong schedule even if you go undefeated you can NEVER be #1.

  • New York

    Will someone please start posting the SOWs…Strength of Wins…Would Monrovia be a more respected team if we finished 11-3 last year with three losses to powerhouses, rather than the three teams we played? If our 11 wins were against the same opponents we beat, but our three losses were to exorbitant superpowers, would we be considered a better team? What would we have proven differently? Would West Covina be less respected if their single loss last year had been to Charter Oak, rather than to Loyola? A lot of you Eastside homers gave Covina tons of credit for beating West Covina two years ago and going to overtime with West Covina last year, but then they roll through to the semis and get smacked by Monrovia, and all of the sudden Covina is not a good team???? Hmmmmmm. Nice to see Monrovia-derangement syndrom is back and well. I assume the Amat bloggers are happy to see you all have found a new target.

    I’m not saying that Monrovia has good SOW, but I’m not sure anyone around the Valley does. Some schools have invited some pretty impressive people over for dinner, only to have their houses cleaned out. Is that noble? Maybe. I’d like to see Monrovia step up the schedule a bit more, but I don’t think we need to play Santa Margarita in order to determine where we are. Frankly, getting blown out by a team doesn’t really do much for your season’s progress. When nothing works for you and everything works against, how do you evaluate? I think Monrovia should schedule Charter Oak, Rancho Cucamonga and St Francis for pre-season games. Maybe alternate St Francis and Bishop Amat every couple years.

  • Bully Ball

    Monrovia kicks the sh.. out of poor little Pasadena-42.3, Temple City-5.5, and La Canada-4.6. Pick on somebody your own size you BIG BULLY!

  • No matter what you think of Monrovia’s schedule, I think we can all agree that we’ll be able to tell a lot about this team by how well it does against Ayala, St. Francis, San Dimas and Paramount. And maybe even Arcadia and South Hills.

    If you’re having doubts beyond that, then let the recruits be your guide. Both LBs are D-1 commits. Two WR/DBs are about to be. The QB and RB should be at some point. Can you say that about your team? The talent is there to tell you this team is very legit. And beyond all that, this is the team with the least amount of questions in the area.

    The other teams, I have questions about. Perhaps after a few weeks of games, those questions will go away.

    Charter Oak — Great D, but I wonder about QB and RB (offense as a whole).

    Amat — Great D and RB, but I wonder about the rest.

    Damien — Good O, but I wonder about D and line play.

    Chino Hills — Good pass game, but I wonder about run game, speed and defense.

    West Covina –Eh, I don’t worry about too much here if Noodles is getting the rock steady and Najera is healthy.

    St. Paul — Cohesion.

    La Habra — Talent level.

    La Mirada — Speed.


  • Strength of Wins

    Monrovia Strength of Wins. The Highest ranked team Monrovia beat last season was 3-7 Glendora.

  • No Questions

    There are no questions about Monrovia because they dont play NOBODY. St. Francis is the toughest game and they are a third/fourth place Mission League team.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    New York:

    The only problem I see that Monrovia has is they’re a D11 school. That seems to be the origin of the disrespect they get. Kinda like Alabama (Monrovia) beating up on North Texas (everyone else in D11).

    Hopefully with an upcoming realignment, Monrovia gets the boot from D11 and travels northward. Once their level of competition rises and they compete that’ll shut down all the hatred.

    I’m certainly not a Monrovia homer, but it’s not their fault they’re in D11. They have athletes, good coaching, etc. I’m looking forward to the day they come on up the stairs. We’re waiting for them.

  • GP-

    Until someone explains, how 3-7 Glendora barely loss to Charter Oak by 11 on the road, but the entire Sierra league was demolished. Then it’s champion was Demolished, by the The Baseline leagues champ by 6 TDs, yes 6 TDs. Don’t tell me about how weak anyone’s league or schedule is if you come out the Sierra. I am waiting for some one to say something about that…But you can’t. Go ahead and say South Hills beat Monrovia… That’s Still D11 vs D2 match up. Are we going to just ignore and discredit differences in division? Here it is. The worst team in the Baseline, is as good as the entire Sierra. It’s also a team Monrovia beat by two scores. Absolutely no one can push any weight around in the SGV when this kind of stuff is going on.


    3-7 Glendora 17-6(and they beat CO the year prior)

    The Rest of the Sierra league.

    South Hills 63-28
    Ayala 63-34
    Claremont 49-12
    Damien 41-28
    Chino Hills 38-7

  • Angola Prison

    Some of you clown need a reminder of the nonsense you write.

  • Joe Amat

    New York,

    To answer your question on SOW I’ll repost something from a while back.

    “First, the SOS question directly attackes the premise of playing in a tougher division and it doesn’t really matter if you play tougher teams and lose – it only matters who who you beat. True, to a point. However if you play more teams that are highly ranked week after week, it increases the odds someone will get the best of you some Friday night. At least much more than if you play a random quality opponent now and then.

    So let’s take a look at regular season 2011 wins. I chose to look at 3 teams. The downtrodden Bishop Amat Lancers, the dominant Charter Oak Chargers, and the State Bowl Bound Monrovia Wildcats. I’ll let you decide if it says anything, means nothing, or falls in the category of “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it”

    Garfield: 18.1, La Mirada: 26.5, Damien: 34.7, Cathedral: 13.4, Venice: 33.0, and Crespi: 40.9
    For a total of 166.6 and an average ranking of 27.77

    Charter Oak: CH: 35.8, Damien: 34.7, Claremont: 22.9, Ayala: 16.5, South Hills : 18.9, Santa Fe: 17.1, Esperanza : 25.6, Roosevelt : 21.0, Glendora: 23.6, For a total of 216.1 and an average of 24.01 for the teams they beat.

    Even by my math, Amat’s “strength of wins”, in what has often been described here as a weak schedule, at 27.77 is higher than Charter Oaks 24.01 in their step up into the “toughest division”(if you believe what you read in this blog) Again – don’t let facts get in the way with want you want to believe.

    Then there is…

    Glendora: 23.6, Paramount :12.9,La Canada :-10.1, Blair: -37.4, San Marino:-6.1, Temple City:-16.8, South Pas:1.6
    For a total of -32.3 an an average of -4.6 for the teams they beat during the regular season. Yes, that’s a MINUS 4.6 or NEGATIVE 4.6 for the teams on their schedule.
    Of course, they did have to get past the juggernaughts in the MidValley division playoffs likePomona: 10.3 Whittier Christian: 10.7 Covina: 23.6 and the powerful San Gabriel Matadores: 14.3. You can do that math for yourself and evaluate accomplishments as you will.”

    If anyone else would like to take a shot at their repective teams – go to town

  • Not Since 1995

    Will Bishop Amat drop out of the Top 10 by next Monday?

    The Amat defense will be exposed for the lack of speed, lack size, lack of strength, and lack of depth. The offense will be exposed for their one dimensional tactic. 8 in the box by a superior Servite defense will shut out the Amat offense. Every team will play Amat the same way…!

    I predict another overwhelming Amat loss to the Servite Black Friars…!

    Final score: Servite 42 – Lanceritos 3

  • Not Justified

    The problem with Monrovia is they are a very good team but Aram didn’t do them any justice by ranking them #1. They don’t deserve a number 1 ranking when their best win was against a 3-7 team and they lost to 18th ranked South Hills. Monrovia should be ranked between 8 and 10.

  • Colt74

    The truth box,

    Fact: Unless you are suiting up every Friday night you are just like the rest of us here and sucking on the hind teat of your team and basking in it’s success. You had nothing to do with it but still take credit? How odd.
    Fact : I’m a BA fan
    Fact : Last time I checked Covina beat WesCo in 2010. Maybe you should hire a fact checker? You asked where you lied.
    Fact : Unless you are holding up the CIF trophy rankings mean dick.
    Fact : Alemany sounds like ” All Your Money “.. Cost of tuition at All Your Money πŸ™ senior ) $10,020. Cost of tuition at Covina ( senior ) $0. And yet BOTH diplomas carry the same weight with the state of California. And at Covina they don’t have forced prayer time praying to some invisible being.
    Fact: If both teams pray to their God before a football game that means they both believe THEIR god has favorites.
    Fact : That sounds pretty damn stupid
    Fact : Bottle of Spring water $3..Bottle of tap water $0. And yet BOTH accomplish the same thing.
    Fact : I can do this all day long
    Fact : Alemany is your team. I’m sorry.


  • GP-

    Hey Joe,

    I know you don’t rep Charter Oak, but you seem to have the rankings down to a Science… Since we are going to use these stats to belittle Monrovia, can you translate this into maxprep calpreps language?


    3-7 Glendora 17-6 close loss

    The Rest of the Sierra league.

    South Hills 63-28 blow out
    Ayala 63-34 blow out
    Claremont 49-12 blow out
    Damien 41-28 strong win
    Chino Hills 38-7 blow out

    Not Justified

    LA times Ranked St Paul # 24, and they barely beat Ayala 30-27 and La Mirada 24-7

    and Didn’t got to playoffs last season. Why?..If that can happen, then Monrovia Being #1 on Arams blog is not crazy. Maybe St Paul should be the area’s #1. See rankings are subjective…

  • The truth box

    Colt 74

    Fact your correct Covina did beat West Covina

    Fact both diplomas does carry the same weight

    Fact all year long you root for Covina but is a now BA fan

    Fact this is becoming a little boring running down facts to you who has no loyalty in his team

    Fact you sound like a person who has no win with this tiny argument so you indicate that im living through my Alma mater when almost everyone on here roots and talk about how successful their team is, but i guess your different (sarcasm)

    Fact im done talking to you.

    Truth box said:

    Fact SOS means nothing if your not winning the games

    Fact Wins is what matters not losing close to teams that are better than you.

    Fact Amat will always have the strongest schedule out of the SGV because of the league they play in.

    Fact Monrovia has a very successful football program that sends kids out to D1, guess colleges doesnt care about them being in D11 so why do you guys knock M-town.

    Fact it doesnt matter what Division you play in if your talented colleges will come and find you the proof is in Monrovia, Muir, WC, CO, and etc..

    Fact the schools i named have one thing in common and thats they are in LOWER DIVISIONS.

    Prediction For some reason i think Amat is going to beat Servite 28-27

  • Thebestestsportsmom

    It would not matter if Monrovia beat God himself no one would ever give us credit. Nothing has ever been given to Monrovia, we always have to fight & this year is no different. We will never get the respect we deserve. We just go on the field and play hard every game. We have an awesome group of young men on our team. Mason, Blake, George (G5), Anthony & Brett are all great leaders on and off the field, isn’t that what is most important?
    I am speaking from a mom’s, parent’s & athlete’s perspective as I am all of these. We have got to start giving these young men from all teams more accolades on being great young men, leaders and scholars.
    I just wanted to break up the testosterone fest for a minute.
    There are a lot of great kids playing and I wish them all a great healthy season. In the end I know that winning is most important to you men.

  • Real Spit

    @themostoutoftouchsportsmomever-You would never play god because god plays in DIVISION I!!!!!!

  • Red Leader

    I find it funny how everyone likes to put Monrovia down. Yes, they play in Div 11 and their SOS is nothing to write home about. You can’t blame the football program for what Division they’re in, that’s CIF’s responsibility. And you have to admit they’ve been gradually toughening up their preseason schedule over the last 3 years. The fact of the matter is, for the last 3 years, Monrovia has been doing what it needs to do to get to the Championship game, which is tough enough in any division. This year, Monrovia has benefited from a couple of transfers INTO the program, as opposed to the last decade when kids when transferring OUT. So till this year, they done it all with homegrown kids. That’s more than most other programs can say. I admit, some Wildcat fans can be too much to handle sometimes(a lot of times) and they tend to get annoying. Even I have to roll my eyes sometimes at the stuff I read or hear at the games. But hey, they’re fans and they believe in our program so they hype it up. In contrast, other bloggers would rather talk smack about Monrovia, instead of hyping up their own team. Go figure.

    My top three in the area would be:
    1. West Covina: They won convincingly at a higher level last year. And with their proven ability to reload, how can you put them anywhere else.

    2. Bishop Amat: It’s not so much the skill level that is intimidating but the sheer depth at every position(except QB). They have the ability to platoon the whole o-line and d-line if they wish to. I believe by the 4th game last year, they had over 80 kids on the varsity roster. That is 10 more kids than what Monrovia had in their Varsity and JV teams combined. And then add the discipline on top of that.

    3. Monrovia: Yes, they have excellent players at every skill position. Every skill position. Which is enough for the RHL. But in my opinion, the o-line is very weak and undisciplined. They have big enough guys on the line, but it is obvious that they need a lot of work on their technique and mindset and they continually need to be reminded to drive their legs and play to the whistle. If they falter any where down the line, it will be because of this.

    People always want to talk about “respect”. Respect is overrated. Why does Monrovia need YOUR respect? You’re just Joe Schmoe from Whereverville. Who cares if you respect us. Your respect doesn’t make us better or worse. People always want to talk about gaining their respect as if they’re somebody important. What happens when we gain your respect? Nothing.

    And please don’t get God involved. He checked out a long time ago.

    And please, this is just my opinion. Anyways, good luck to everyone this season. Go Wildcats.

  • Thebestestsportsmom

    @Real Spit

    I am not out of touch by any means & you should never use God’s name in vain.

    I am sure the only way you feel like a Big Boy is to yell at someones mom, but like I said; let these boys play their game. I think you need to wipe your mouth because you spit when you talk and take a nap. You will probably feel a little better.

    I support a lot of these boys from Bishop, Charter Oaks, Covina, W. Covina, Arcadia, So. Hills, San Dimas, Mater Dei even St. Paul. I have known them since they were 5 yrs. old until now. I am proud of all of them.

    Bottom line is when all is said and done, they leave school & go to college. So which kids get a scholly as long as it is a Div. I or II school it will be paid for. Div. III is not free and who finishes school without getting into trouble because they feel they are above the law or God. Because you are a product of your environment right real spit? Next time try spitting knowledge and not saliva.

    You guys have a great day!!!!

  • GP-

    Real Spit- Well, Monrovia is the closest to GOD around here right now, The Cats are #1 in SGV rankings. They have two players mention among So Cal’s Elite. QB Blake Heyworth, and LB George(G5)Frazier. One on each side of the ball. That is the only SGV team to have that! Both are team captains, excellent leaders on both side of the ball. But then again the LA times and SGV tribune, has no Idea what they are talking about, and bias insecure upper division bloggers know more…NOT!!!

  • Colt74

    The Truth Box,

    FACT: I have always been a Covina and BA fan. If you would have been on these boards for the last 5 years you would have known that.

    Fact : It only took 2 pound test line to set the hook.


    Red Leader,

    EXCELLENT post! I agree 100% with YOUR rankings. Monrovia beat my Colts… they earned my respect. They got our RB..they earned my envy. They have all the other “BIG BOYS” all up in arms because of the talk they are generating..and that has earned my amusement.

  • Joe Amat

    GP – same way you can’t explain this:

    Servite. 49 Bishop Amat 14
    Servite 28 La Habra 16
    La Habra 28 La Mirada 19
    La Mirada 13 Bishop Amat 49

    Just looking at a comparative score is tricky because it is only a final score and doesn’t always indicate how the game really was played from start to finish. Sometimes a close game can turn into a lopsided score late in the game, or vice-versa. I like to look at those halftime and third quarter scores in addition to the final to give some more perspective.

    The MaxPreps/CalPreps SOS algorithm does not only take into consideration who you play and their won/loss record, but also the won/loss record of your opponents opponents. This is why playing someone who is pretty good (like a Garfield) who may have an average record because they themselves played a tough schedule raises SOS.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Im going to be the first to embrace MHS playing in Div 11. I always say be the best you can be because success comes in all shapes and sizes, let the fools of the world try to diminish your success by placing their worthless conditions on your greatness. Continue to be great students, be great young mean be humble and be great at whatever you do even if its in Division 11.
    Honestly do you really think Sugar Ray Leonard cares that he won his Olympic Gold Medal in the Welter Weight Division. Who really cares if some Nobody I mean a real Nobody tries to claim foul against Monrovia greatness. Thats right; we are the 3 straight Division 11 CIF Finalists and the Back2Back Division 11 CIF champion going for number 3.
    We have 5 great student athletes that have Division 1 offers (From HS Div 11 to College Div 1). Just remember this as you walk thru your easy SOS and weak Division 11
    1) Let that jealous envious Fool rant about your weak division because:
    2) That Fool doesnt hand out CIF Champions or College Scholarships.
    3) That Fool is full of jealousy envy
    4) That Fool is the same fool who claims black isnt beautiful
    5) That Fool is the same fool that believes that God isnt good.
    6) That Fool has never had success in life and cries foul against your success because he has never had any.
    So keep writing your foolishness and will enjoy our SGV Tribune All encompassing # 1 ranking in week 0.
    At Monrovia High we are the home of Scholars and Championsyeah little ole Div 11, but the Ivy League, Pac 12, Big 10, WAC, and Mountain West already knows this and they matter and what you say, write or think doesnt amount to a DROP OF SPIT.

    Joe Amat I dont care I OWN AMAT 28-21 you mean nothing to me. If you wanna keep talking about the past.


    Hey little fat boy 1 championship wow shut up

  • GP-

    All of these programs are excellent.

    But keep in mind

    La Mirada is D7

    La Habra is D6

    Servite is D1

    BA is D1

    So you would expect the LH vs LM to be close.

    You would expect the BA vs LM game not be close

    You would expect the Servite vs BA to be close

    But this shows that lower level teams are not miles aways from beating Heavy weights. I really depends on who’s prepared for that game. If some one is flat, they can lose. So SOS is valid in some ways but not all the time. None of the top team in the SGV this season that much better than each other as some would like to believe.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    After sitting down looking at our schedule, last week while I was sipping Mai-Tais on Waikiki, I just don’t see ANY cakewalks on our schedule. There’s no Alta Loma to sharpen out claws on. It’s nice to have one so you can find a rythm at least once during the seaon.

    DB is a huge unknown. Sure they have a young QB, but so did we last year towards the end, and he made 2nd Team All-Sierra league so you never know. They got a real nice transfer recently, that Broadus kid certainly brings quite a few elements of surprise to us. It’s a draw for me. Maybe a slight edge on us because we have Robinson and a more seasoned QB than they do… Ayala by 3.

    Monrovia; Not that every team does not bring their A-game to us every week we play, but they have a chip on their shoulder, and to me, that makes them VERY dangerous. I don’t see us escaping that game with a win. Not with all those D1 scolly guys when we have none(so far). I don’t think they will blow us out, nor do I think we’ll embarass ourselves. I just don’t see coming out of that game with a win. Monrovia by 14.

    Las Vegas… no idea.

    Glendora, been a while since we played each other. Been REAL quiet over there. I don’t like that one bit. ANother draw, Ayala by 3 or less.

    Kaiser, I don’t see us escaping with a win. Kaiser by 7.

    Damien, this could be a barn burner. If we can cut off their headsets like they did to us last year, we may make in interesting but not interesting enough. They get the edge for a more seasoned QB albeit less decorated and a lower rated QB. There’s no substitute for reps. That’s all I can say. Damien by 10.

    Chino Hills, I hate that game because every year it seems like it’s personal. They got their guys jawin’ our guys about who’s taking the helicopter ride this game. I just don’t like it. I want out of whatever league they are in. CH by 21 and a couple of injuries to our players.

    Charter Oak, I see another horse race. They’ll win by 3 or 4TD’s again perhaps we’ll see over 100 total points scored this year. Last year it was 96. You defintitely got the price of admission back in entertainment that game. CO by 24.

    South Hills, we caught a lucky break last year. Hoping to catch another one. Ayala in OT by 1.

    Claremont, they caught a lucky break last year (some dumb@$$ on our sideline… an ex player cost us a 15 yard Unsportsmanlike at the worst possible time) and we didn’t have all players on the field for a PAT. 2 fewer mistakes, we win the game. This year, Ayala by 7.

    Another 4-6 or 5-5 season for my favorite HS team.

    Go Ayala Bulldogs. Please prove me wrong!!!

  • Joe Amat


    I didn’t bring up the past – just answered your boy New York’s inquiry. My dad used to tell me not to ask a question unless you’re ready for the answer. Apparently you got a little butt-hurt out of some not-so-distant past results. Sorry. I can’t change that.

    You can keep hanging on to your distant past and your lone win over the Lancers… and I’ll just savor the memories of my CIF Championship when I look at that memorabilia on a way too dusty shelf in my office. Do you, personally, have one of those? Been there… done that…got the tshirt. Felt good. Sorry you never experienced that one for yourself.

    But you can live vicariously through this team. Good luck with that.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    I live thru no one you like Amat have nothing and mean nothing to me just like the night I made Amat taste defeat. Please answer my question what did you do agaisnt Monrovia

  • Joe Amat


    You never asked that question, but it might just fall into the same category for you that my dad warned me about. Undefeated vs the Mildcats. You may also forget the Lancers are 2-1 all time vs the BillyCats in football.

  • Don

    There are a couple of guys here who insist upon making this all about Monrovia. Here is what I think know about Monrovia (apologies to PK): You guys have a great team, with really good talent and you have some good coaching, this is all good.

    CalPreps show the Cat’s preseason ratings at 81st, behind La Serna and ahead of schools like Newport Harbor and Cajon, also good. Great actually when one considers Monrovia plays in the Rio Hondo which is not so red hot. The RHL is one of the two problems Monrovia has when it comes to the respect some fans want them to command. The Rio Hondo is the fourth best league in the fourth worst division in the section. Not so good.

    The other problem with giving the Cat’s the respect they want is that when they have played up, the results have been less than stellar. Post Garrison, the ’09 Wildcats split with San Dimas, losing the Championship game although I will give them credit for beating very good teams from Whittier Christian and Paraclete. Two years ago, they lost to San Dimas and Glendora though they beat South Hills and Arcadia (as they were highly favored to) and last season, lost to San Dimas, South Hills, and Arcadia, all teams they should have beaten.

    Monrovia has done a great job and should be proud of all they have accomplished, and this may be their best team yet, but it’s too early to crown them the Kings of the SGV. Beat one of the teams on Aram’s list from say, his #2 to his #11 and then we can talk. Go 4-1 this preseason and I’m a believer, start league at 5-0, and maybe you should be considered for a state berth.

  • fb102

    Question for Joe Amat:

    You wrote: ‘I’ll just savor the memories of my CIF Championship when I look at that memorabilia on a way too dusty shelf in my office.’

    Does this mean that you PLAYED football for Amat and were a team member of a championship team? If so, which team?

  • I guess we’re gonna have to break out the old “Would He Start For My Team” game.

    It goes like this …

    George Frazier (going to Colorado), would he start for my team? YES.

    Brett Walsh (going to Northwestern), would he start for my team? YES.

    Mason Bryant (going somewhere), would he start for my team? YES (either on offense, defense or both).

    Anthony Craft (going somewhere), would he start for my team? YES (either on offense, defense or both).

    Blake Heyworth (going somewhere), would he start for my team? If you’re on the eastside of the Valley at CO or Amat or just about anywhere, you’re saying YES.

    Gevontray Ainsworth (going somewhere), would he start for my team? YES (either on offense, defense or both).

    A D-1 COLLEGE FOOTBALL RECRUIT is a D-1 COLLEGE FOOTBALL RECRUIT no matter whether he plays for a PAC-5 school or a D-20 school.

  • New York

    Joe Amat,
    I did not beat around the bush and I clearly stated that arguing for Strength of Wins would not actually help Monrovia. My intention was to deflate some of the egos who simply point to Strength of SCHEDULE as if it has a linear relationship with Strength of TEAM. I also realised, just as I have reguarly pointed out, that Amat is really the only team that owns big wins on an annual basis.

    To EVERYONE including JOE AMAT,

    For some reason you all are discussing last year’s accomplishments and letdowns as if this is a 2011 Final Ranking rather than the 2012 pre-season ranking. This is not the NFL where the Superbowl champ comes back with all the same pieces in place. Teams have gone through graduation, lost or received transfers, etc. Look at St. Paul. Is anyone scoring them based on last season or are they giving them credit for transfers and a new coach?

    My biggest concern is whether or not Red Leader has any credibility with his post regarding our linemen. To be clear, our linemen are always my biggest concern, but that is what I played and what I watch the closest.

  • New York

    To Joe Amat and the rest of the SOS boys,

    If you all insist on discussing last year as if it is predictive of this year, fine. But here is my take on last year. AGAIN, this does not help Monrovia but it should serve to deflate some of those folks who continually grandstand.

    This is pretty much a repost that no one responded to. It has to do with actual accomplishments from last seasons.

    Utilizing Calpreps data to assess last 2011 Amat, Charter Oak, West Covina, St. Paul, St. Francis and Monrovia:
    Amat did not beat any teams rated as highly as Charter Oak or West Covina.
    Charter Oak did not beat any teams rated as highly as BA, WC of St Francis.
    St. Francis did not beat any teams rated as highly as BA, CO or WC.
    West Covina did not beat any team rated as highly as any of these other teams.
    Monrovia did not beat any team rated as highly as any of these other teams.
    St. Paul did not beat any team rated as highly as any of these other teams.

    The on-the-field max score victory creates separation:

    Top: Charter Oak and Amat

    Then St. Francis

    Then West Covina, St. Paul, and Monrovia

    I had to some work myself. I think my take on things gets to the heart of who has proven themselves and to waht extent on the field.

    Adding together the calpreps ratings for each teams victories produces 2011 season totals of:
    Charter Oak: 251.5 with a high opponent victory of 35.8
    St. Francis: 204.6 with a high opponent victory of 33
    West Covina: 199.2 with a high opponent victory of 26.7
    Bishop Amat: 166.5 with a high opponent victory of 40.8
    St. Paul: 99.7 with a high opponent victory of 26.5
    Monrovia: 39.2 with a high opponent victory of 23.6

    Replacing negative victory strengths with scores of a 0 instead. Monrovia is pulled down a ton by the negative rating of several league opponents.
    Charter Oak: 251.5 with a high opponent victory of 35.8
    St. Francis: 204.6 with a high opponent victory of 33
    West Covina: 200.1 with a high opponent victory of 26.7
    Bishop Amat: 166.5 with a high opponent victory of 40.8
    Monrovia: 103.8 with a high opponent victory of 23.6
    St. Paul: 102.3 with a high opponent victory of 26.5

    There is a philosophical question here: How do we evaluate the quality of a season? Is it better to have Charter Oaks 10 victories for 251.5 points or is better to have Bishop Amats six victories for 166.5 points?
    Final Calpreps rating for each team:
    Bishop Amat 43.1
    Charter Oak 48
    West Covina 43.7
    St. Francis 39.1
    St. Paul 32.7
    Monrovia 30.4
    In terms of evaluating what each of these teams demonstrated on the field, I think it is worth noting the actual accomplishments by listing the highest rated opponents that each team actually beat: Bishop Amat 40.8, Charter Oak — 35.8, St Francis 33, West Covina 26.7, St. Paul 23.6, Monrovia 23.6

    What do these numbers actually say?
    Amat did not beat any teams rated as highly as Charter Oak or West Covina.
    Charter Oak did not beat any teams rated as highly as BA, WC of St Francis.
    St. Francis did not beat any teams rated as highly as BA, CO or WC.
    West Covina did not beat any team rated as highly as any of these other teams.
    Monrovia did not beat any team rated as highly as any of these other teams.
    St. Paul did not beat any team rated as highly as any of these other teams.

    The on-the-field max score victory creates separation:

    Top: Charter Oak and Amat

    Then St. Francis

    Then West Covina, St. Paul, and Monrovia

  • Joe Amat


    Great breakdown and much more thorough than mine. The Ivy comin’ out in you. good job.

    You wrote: “Will someone please start posting the SOWs…Strength of Wins”

    So I did. Not really one of the “SOS Guys”, although I do think it is a telling stat if you want to run in certain circles.

    Then you asked: “Would Monrovia be a more respected team if we finished 11-3 last year with three losses to powerhouses, rather than the three teams we played?

    The answer is probably yes.

    “If our 11 wins were against the same opponents we beat, but our three losses were to exorbitant superpowers, would we be considered a better team? What would we have proven differently”

    You wouldn’t have proven anything differently by losing to three powers…however losing to 3 mediocre teams did show Monrovia’s extreme vulnerability. Just as if Amat had dropped a close one to Damien or lost to La Mirada with their five guys and counting D1 offers (sound familiar? “offers” don’t always translate into wins). You gotta take care of business when you’re supposed to if you want to be in the conversation

  • GP-

    ah Rocko, whata ya say…win a couple titles, top a couple of rankin’s, do da college ting. Monrovia ain’t so bad after all. Look Rocko, your in da paper, read it. Right dere in black and white. “Most complete team around. Starting 11’s are as good as anybody.” You read dat? eh hey Rocko…your da best!

    All Encompassing SGV(N) top 25 heading into week 0
    #1. Monrovia

  • New York

    Joe Amat,
    You are exactly right. Last year Monrovia proved vulnerable to lower ranked teams than did the other teams that are regularly part of this conversation. The good news, is that we did not lose to any higher ranked teams either….

    That inconsitency is a point of a weakness on last year’s performance, and it should really be a direct challenge to Coach Maddox and his seniors to figure things out from the start and to stay focused and hungry every day.

    Winning big games is exciting, but doing what it takes to get there can be boring and methodical. Stay focused.

  • AMAT 73

    Don’t think anyone on the blog is questioning whether any of these athletes would start on their team .They would have a great shot at making any team as they are talented. The problem is most of the blog does not see Monrovia as the Trib’s number one team . It is, from reading this blog, the lack of a strong preseason schedule ( although this years is an improvement ) and the fact of Monrovia losing to mid to low ranking teams of the SGV in prerseason and not many step up wins latley that many feel they don’t deserve the ranking . I have stated many times the rankings don’t mean much and are basically one man opinion and that’s fine with me . It makes for good conversation and all but I think your post of those athletes making any number of teams is off point in this debate . No one is questioning the ablilties of these fine young men but I am sure there are a few who would question them beating out some of the established starters on their teams .