Before I get another call, text or tweet: Jordan Thropay is still at Chino Hills and will be on the JV team this season …

Amazing. I start the day not knowing anything about this, but sure enough my phone blows up with tweets, texts and calls about the fact that sophomore quarterback Jordan Thropay is not on the Chino Hills roster (on maxpreps).

Turns out, Thropay has decided he wants to play junior varsity this season and will be the quarterback of the Huskies’ JV team. Thropay’s chances to start for the varsity team (where many people had him pegged) took a hit when Matt Simko transferred in from Colony.

Aram’s take:
I don’t think this is such a bad move since Thropay will grow a lot more as a QB getting tons of reps on the JV team than he would holding a clipboard on varsity.

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    Ouch! What happens next year when you get another stud transfer at QB at CH?

    Remember kids the grass is not always greener on the other side!


  • SGV Football Fan

    Hey Aram,

    Have you heard who will be the starter for Charter Oak? I know there was a QB competition with that Amat transfer.

    As for Thropay, I think that is a wise move for him to play JV and get the experience. I think the kid has talent, and he will get the needed experience on JV. Simko is the real deal, and definately ahead of Thropay right now.

  • There is already a young QB that transferred in with a good amount of experience. He has not hit your radar yet, but will compete for the starting spot next year.

  • New QB Transfer

    There is a Qb transfer from Los Osos…10th grader…looks very good so far. Much better than Thropay…. thropay is happy to play JV.

  • Jump the Fence Anyway

    To answer SGV FOOTBALL – That’s easy. The kid transfers to Ayala or Don Lugo. In fact if they really did get a guy from Los Osos he should do it now and avoid the 30 day suspension next year.

  • Billy Boy

    Too bad Thropay is not at Charter Oak. If he’d transfer today, he’d be the starter!

  • Thropay is no longer a QB

    My son is on the JV Team with Jordan. He is no longer playing Qb. He is playing outside LB. He said Jordan told coach Bub and coach Acosta (JV coach) that he wanted to play defense and not QB. He is looking very good on defense. He’s their best defensive player. Coach Bub told him he’d possible move up to varsity if he plays well @ LB.

  • word is

    Word is they may play the Osos QB both teams.