PrepXtra Rewind: Things get heated when Fred and Aram joust about rankings. Plus, Servite’s Troy Thomas and St. Paul’s Elijah Asante and Kurt Scoby join the show …

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  • New York

    Monrovia’s worst loss last year was to San Dimas in the pre-season, but look how Monrovia finished the season vs. how San Dimas finished the season the prior week. I understand why you are hesitant to jump onto the Monrovia train. We need to prove ourselves. My only question, though, is why are you stuck in 2011 with Monrovia?

  • New York

    I really enjoyed what Coach Asante said. Also, was he wearing his plays on his arm? Awesome.

  • FredJ

    I’m stuck in 2011 because nobody has seen them or anyone else play in 2012. Missing McCarthy and Ramirez is not easy to replace. It’s all perspective New York, when Monrovia goes 14-0 I’m all over it, but let’s see them do it before crowning them best in the area. There was a lot of Monrovia hype last year but they were disappointing in the preseason against other area teams who quite frankly weren’t even considered the SGVs best teams.

  • New York

    Then be consistent and simply republish your final 2011 rankings. And/Or, dont ever rank Amat below #1 until an area team beats them. That is not how you published you 2011 final ranking though.

  • FredJ

    New York, I guess I’ll leave you with this…

    CalPreps’ computer rankings are out and they’ve got Charter Oak No. 1 in all encompassing poll of SGVN teams. Calpreps’ SGVN top ten poll looks like this

    1. Charter Oak (36 state)
    2. Bishop Amat (46 state)
    3. La Mirada (60 State)
    4. West Covina (61 state)
    5. Chino Hills (63 state)
    6. St. Francis (92 state)
    7. Damien (110 state)
    8. St. Paul (117 state)
    9. La Habra (130 state)
    10. Rio Hondo Prep (131 state)
    Others: Monrovia (153 state)

    Don’t get mad at me New York, I’m not crazy enough to rank Monrovia that low, but it shows what a computer thinks factoring in schedules, leagues, strength of wins, etc, etc.

  • SaintsR4real

    No one has proven anything this year, but San Dimas is still one up on the Wildcats.
    That Pre-season vs the Saints as well as the other pre-season games we’re the ones that stood out the most for Monrovia.

    No true ratings till another 3 to 4 weeks.

  • timothy leary

    Wow, just saw the show. Give me whatever that guy on the right is taking.

  • Fred Wins!

    Fred is right about Aram. Aram chose Monrovia because Monrovia has the best chance to go undefeated. And schedule is everything. Fred is also right about all of Monrovia’s D-1 players….they had all these players last year and still lost to Arcadia, San Dimas and South Hills. What matters the most is the OTHER players that aren’t exactly D-1. In this category, Bishop Amat’s depth gives it a definite advantage over Monrovia.

  • New York

    Maybe you misunderstood. I am in no way trying to argue for Monrovia to be ranked #1. I regularly express the Amat and Charter Oak are the only teams who are proven on a higher level.

    I am simply trying to understand your methodology and hold you accountable for inconsistency. You open your rankings my explaining that you have Amat #1 because no one locally has beaten them since 2002. Well, why did you end your 2011 rankings with West Covina at #1? Did you think that West Covina would beat Bishop Amat? I am just trying to understand how you rank teams.

  • New York

    Fred Wins,

    1) Is there no difference between juniors and seniors?

    2) Heyworth wasnt the full-time QB until week #5 against Paramount last season. Frazier was distracted from fully dominating on defense by having to try to also run the offense prior to Heyworth taking QB full-time.

    I dont have a problem ranking Amat #1 in this local poll until a local team beats them.

    I agree that it is time to put up or shut up time for Monrovia. I am tired of my Wildcats not dominating like we can.

  • FredJ

    New York, we or I have explained this away a million times. I start the season ranking teams I simply think are the best, especially at the top. But once the season gets going and particularly toward the end of the season, you have to factor in the pound-for-pound argument, otherwise I would always have a 2-8 Amat team ranked ahead of a 10-0 Azusa team. Or a 5-5 Charter Oak team ranked ahead of a 10-0 La Puente team. Part of me wants to leave Amat, Charter Oak and those teams ranked ahead of teams with better records you and I know definitely they can beat, but that’s now how we’ve always done it and it’s the problem with ranking area teams from completely different divisions against each other. It’s not at all like ranking college football, where everyone is in the same division. It’s like ranking UCLA, USC, Azusa Pacific, the University of La Verne and Mt. SAC all in the same category. Using the pound-for-pound argument, I guess Mt. SAC should have been the top team in the area last year, right, because Mt. SAC is better in their corner of the world than UCLA is, for example.

  • Fred’s logic means he thinks No. 10 El Monte would beat unranked Glendora.

    Everybody understand that? Good.

  • Not Since 1995

    The pressure and the bulls eye that Fred J puts on the Amat Lancerritos is enough to make them Fail…!

    Amat will go 3 – 7 in 2012 because the Lanceritos lack size, lack speed, and depth to be able to compete with the elite teams (including Chino Hills and Charter Oak)…!

    But Fred J will continue to make the same mistake every year.

    Fred J votes for Servite to win the game on Friday, but is convinced that Amat is the best…!

    Will Fred J drop the Lanceritos from his Top 10 if the Servite Black Friar beat his Lanceritos by more than 8 points…?

    Not Since 1995 and Not In 2012 Either…

  • Flip flop

    I don’t have a problem with Fred ranking Amat #1, what I have a problem with is his “flip flopping” on his ranking criteria. Fred constantly gives Amat credit for playing in a tough league and therefore a lessor record from Amat trumps a better record from a lower level team (which by the way, I agree with) but he fails to give Glendora the same benefit of the doubt. Glendora, arguably, played in a tougher league then Amat last year and won only 1 league game just like Amat did. Glendora also played CO tougher then anyone in the Sierra, they had Westco on the ropes and lost because of a missed “chip shot” field goal at the end of the game . Glendora also beat Colony who was a simi finalist in the Central, and yet Fred ranks teams like El Monte and San Dimas ahead of Glendora? A legit top 10 poll would recognize “who would beat who” in the SGV, not mix mash of “who would beat who and how well you do in your own world” you lose credibility when you try combine the two criteria. The question of where a team stands in the “in their own world” is answered within the divisional polls, not within the SGV top ten poll.
    FYI – all hell is going to break lose if CH beats Amat, Amat beats CO, and then CO beats CH.

  • Don

    Some production improvement suggestions:

    No more caffeine for Fred.

    Get Stevie a teleprompter.

    You guys forgot to ask Coach Thomas about the Corona talent pool this year.

    NO MORE HITTING THE TABLE! Yeah, thats right, I’m talking to you.

    Speaking of which, it’s not a Set, it’s a table.

    Nice outfit Reg, looked like one of Sarah Palin’s handlers. Freddie, lose that shirt, the collar makes you look like a sailor in the Greek Navy. Aram . . . oh, never mind.

  • GP-

    Aram is right on point. Look at last years week 0 games. As tough as BA, WC, and CO’s schedule is and as good as they are, they have struggled with some mediocre teams early in week 0. If they play Monrovia, in week 0 The way BA played Garfield, CO played Glendora, and WC played Covina, is clear evidence that Monrovia could play with any of these teams and possibly beat these teams. I am not saying that those games best represent the outing for those teams. However, Monrovia is better than Garfield, Glendora, and Covina, and has beat two of those teams convincingly. If BA, WC or CO is playing lights out, no on in the SGV can beat these teams. I would say the same about Monrovia. However, I am not going buy that BS, that BA, WC, and CO can beat Monrovia playing poorly, while Monrovia plays well. Those week 0 games were not flukes, because, CO is 1-1 vs Glendora in the recent series, and West co is 1-1 vs D11 Covina I think what Aram is saying, is that Monrovia does not have to schedule 4 pac 5 games in row to prove they can beat the areas elite. All they have to do is have talent, have good coaching, and want to compete. That’s what it takes to win a high school game. Monrovia has all of that. Monrovia is still not good enough to beat any of the Areas decent upper division teams, if they play bad. But if they play poorly and Monrovia plays well, then why couldn’t they win the game. Is that so impossible? Since its week 0, Aram has every right to rank Monrovia #1. He was totally Honest saying that if those teams won 1-2 of the big games he would have them #1. At the end of the year regardless of who CO and BA played, the lost with scores, that anyone can lose by. 30-40 pt losses. Monrovia would lost to Servite by the same score. Coach Thomas, was being gracious, and probably lying. I was at the BA Servite game, BA could not stop their 3rd string RB in the 3rd quarter. Hey may have had a 100 yards. I like how the guy in middle, did not want to speak about WC recent troubles with lil ol Covina. Because if Aram brought that up, there would be no explanation why Monrovia can score 40 pts on them and West Covina goes to OT or gets beat.

  • O SNAP

    Steves looks like Chet from weird Science after LISA turns him into ????

    Give me the keys Lisa!!!

  • FredJ

    GP, never would I say Monrovia is not CAPABLE of beating West Covina, Charter Oak or Bishop Amat. You’ve heard of On Any Given Friday … Of course they’re capable, my contention is if they played tonight and I had to make a prediction, I’d go with West Co, COak and Amat over Monrovia. I never said Monrovia isn’t in the conversation, what I’ve been writing is if I was doing an all encompassing poll, I’m not ready to crown them No. 1 yet. Heck, Calpreps has them ranked behind Rio Hondo Prep, figure that out.

    Same goes for when Amat plays Charter Oak and Chino Hills. If I had to pick today without having seen anyone play in 2012, I’d pick Amat. But would I be surprised if Charter Oak or Chino Hills beat Amat, hell no.

    Monrovia plays St. Francis this season and Aram said on the show that I said Monrovia has N0 chance against St. Francis, which I’ve NEVER said. What I’ve said is that if I’m picking the game tonight, I’d go with St. Francis.

  • Colt74

    GP said :

    “I like how the guy in middle, did not want to speak about WC recent troubles with lil ol Covina. Because if Aram brought that up, there would be no explanation why Monrovia can score 40 pts on them and West Covina goes to OT or gets beat.”

    Seeing how I go to EVERY Covina game I can speak from what I observed. Covina played like crap against Monrovia. I said it last year and I’ll say it again..Covina always has 1 game where they just can’t get it together and sustain it. Don’t know why..don’t really care..It happens. But by the way..who scored the first TD?
    I know though. Teams always win because of their superiority..never by the other team screwing up. Bottom line..we lost. No ones going to change my mind why and I’m not going to try and change anyone else mind.

    So the Readers Digest condensed version answer to your question is that Covina played to their potential against WesCo and did not against Monrovia.

    Let me repeat in clear terms..I don’t care if you like my answer or agree with it.

  • AMAT 73

    The only problem with what you have posted is Monrovia doesn’t play CO,WC,and AMAT . How can you say Monrovia is better than Garfield if they have never played them . And please don’t come up with comparative scoring , it doesn’t work . What are you going by , the game against AMAT . Remember we did shut them out so the old saying if you can’t score you can’t win applies . How could AMAT have played so badly and still shut them out . Here’s another issue , when have you seen CO or AMAT play a bad game against a local . Maybe the have lost against a better team such as our loss to Servite ( and why is Coach Thomas being gracious or lying because you didn’t like what he said and it doesn’t go with your thinking ???? ) or CO’s lost to Upland but not because they played bad , they just got outclassed on the field .There’s only one way to say Monrovia could beat the elites of the SGV . It must be done on the field and I don’t mean the field of dreams either. Maybe if Monrovia does well against Ayala and St Francis the blogs mentality on Monrovia being number one may change . But the main problem with your theory of Monrovia winning those early games is that Monrovia is a slow starter as has been proven by your early preseason loses to middle of the pack teams . Yes you have come back and beat them later in the season but in the time frame being discussed ,preseason, they have not done to good.

  • Jefe

    If 50% of the show is going to be about Bishop Amat, can we get AMAT 73 to replace Fred, pls?


    All this Monrovia talk has to stop when Ayala beats Monrovia next week. I want to know what Aram does with the rankings once that game is over!

    Ayala returns two good QB’s a good RB plus they will have one game under their belt before they play Monrovia.

    That is critical especially in high school ball.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    I’m not so sure Ayala will beat Monrovia. They got WAY more guys going D1 and D2 than we do…

  • GP-

    Colt 74…Do you think West co played their best games in past two years? They were missing, Soloman last year. Covina beat West Co then lost to Whittier Christian in the 2nd round, Monrovia beat them by 30. Last year, Covina losses by 1 pt to West Co, then gets blown out by Monrovia in the Semis. Why can’t Covina pull play at the same level against Midvalley teams in the playoffs when it matters? Is it coaching, talent, or coming in to semifinal games flat. Covina Scored first because they had the ball first. After that Monrovia ripped of 21 unanswered points. The Case is closed on Covina. For some reason they give Wesco problems. I guess it’s like Boxing it’s about match ups.

    Amat 73,

    Both Glendora and Charter Oak lost to upland by 40 pts. So both teams were outclassed right? So which one is getting outclassed by Upland which is a very good program, or struggling with a Glendora team who lost to a D11 team? Why was no other Sierra team able to do what both baseline teams did and that’s keep CO under 21 points?

    So Basically, are you saying that SGV upper division teams are getting Outclassed in their match ups outside of the SGV? So CO is out classed by Upland and Rancho? BA is outclassed by Servite, SM, and Alemany? When I think of outclassing teams, I think about how Monrovia has outclassed the RHL, and Midvalley by an avg of 30 pt victories in the playoffs. Those kinds of results get teams moved up and others moved down. It also makes me think of how LB poly beats Wilson every year in the Pac 5. Since Div 1 is the highest you can, if BA is being outclassed, year in and year in the first round…How should we view that? Do you really think Garfield is better than Monrovia? They have to play for me to know that. It would be like me saying that Jserra is better than bishop. We all know that’s not true. The same way you look at Monrovia’s early season losses, is the same way I view BA, CO, and WC struggles early with teams they should beat handily, and other teams have. Remember, those struggles BA, CO and WC came against lower division teams, or teams we all know should be no match for those caliber of teams….It’s all subjective. So…



    I love your modesty, dont forget they dropped 3 in a row last year against weak competition early in the season and you know this year Jordan Robinson will be out to prove that Ayala can compete in the sierra.



    Do you really think CIF is going to move Monrovia from the Mid valley? Get real, if you think two CIF championships is all it takes to be moved from a division your sadly mistaken. Schools would need to express their feeling to CIF about them not wanting Monrovia in the division. The problem is that no team in the Mid Valley fears Monrovia plan and simple.

    How do you think La Habra won 4, 5 or 6 CIF championships in a row in the same division? Every year teams are beatable, high school sports are so unpredictable. Even if you win another title this year, CIF will not make changes because they have already made changes to the division.

    Just because you have many D1 or D2 players that doesnt always translate to wins. Just ask La Mirada what happened a few years back with all their stud going D1.

  • AMAT 73

    I think you much rather have Joe AMAT on instead of me . He is the resident expert on all matters dealing with AMAT .

  • Charger Dad

    I think these preseason polls are meaningless and it amazes me how fired up some people get. I don’t mind having CO ranked at #5 because it keeps us under the radar, and allows us to prove that we are better than #5. But in the end there are 4 teams in the SGV that could beat oneanother, and the rest of the teams are totally second tier teams that would have no chance. The 4 teams, in no particular order, are Charter Oak, Amat, Chino Hills, and West Covina. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just blowing steam. That’s it people, if you are not one of these 4 teams, who really cares where you are on the list. Oh, by the way, Damien will get rocked by CO and Chino Hills.

  • Charger Dad,

    Not a good idea to not include Damien in that list. Remember, they lost to Chino Hills on last-second TD pass due to coverage breakdown and they’re much better this year.

  • GP-

    SGV Football,

    Come on dude. No one in the midvalley fears Monrovia? Kind of like no one in the serra league fears bishop, or how the worst team in the Baseline, goes toe to toe with the sierra league champ? Does it matter? In the playoffs they will lose by 3 tds or more. Basically we are the Midvalley’s version of Vista, with the same amount of D1 guys as a inland powerhouse

    Charger Dad.

    Your statement along with all the other statements shows that you all care about this list. Otherwise, just ignore all of the Crazy Monrovia bloggers, ignore Arams top 25 rankings, Ignore Fred forcing Monrovia’s name into Bishop 1# on east side., Ignore Fred’s uncontrollable display of Homerness on his own show. Ignore our 3 peat in our lowly Division 11 vs a state champion, and really ignore Ignore everything on FEB 1st signing day. Ignore everything regarding the green cats. In return we will pay attention to everything that happens to CO. We will play close attention to your 2nd round playoff lose, and we will especially pay attention to the # of Seniors representing CO Feb 1st. Mtown is still going to blog, and say what we say. When you See GP- just skip right over it and read the next post…It’s that simple if you don’t care…but we know you can’t do that!

  • AMAT 73

    Where in the heck did I say that upper division teams of the SGV are getting outclassed by their match ups outside the SGV ????? I stated that in 2 ,two, dos, deux , II , games ,Servite and Upland , AMAT and CO got outclassed or out played or simply got whacked period and I did say they Servite and Upland were the better teams in those games. I did not say anything about Rancho , Alemany ,SM, or any other games or teams . So in essence no I do not think neither CO or AMAT are being outclassed by their match ups outside the SGV and AMAT is certainly not being outclassed by Alemany, we have lost some close games but no way in hell outclassed. Now back to the Garfield topic. You stated first that based on how AMAT played them you feel Monrovia could play and possibly beat them . Now you ask me do I really think Garfield is better Monrovia .Nowhere in my post did I say anything close to that. I asked you how can you say Monrovia is better than Garfield if you never played them . And then you go on to say , they would have to play Monrovia for you to know that Garfield is better . So what is it , you can beat them by the way AMAT played them who Monrovia hasn’t played since Kennedy Bryant’s day but you need Garfield to play Monrovia to see if they are better ????? That’s the main issue with the SGV on Monrovia honks , you can talk about all the games you would win in your mind against teams you will never face and use the comparative angle but in the games you do play against teams outside the RHL or Mid Valley you seem to lose quite a few especially if they are upper division teams . You just can’t take the glory when you beat say a Glendora D-2 team then in the same breath take the loss to SH as , well that are D-2 so they should win . By the way struggling and winning is in no way close to struggling and losing . You get the picture don’t you .

  • realityczech

    GP – would Monrovia have been tied with Dorsey in the 4th quarter? Within 3 to Carson in the 4th quarter? Garfield was. They are much better than you think. If not – why would St Bonaventure, Edison, Venice and Dorsey have them on their schedule this year? because Monrovia wasn’t available? Maddox probably isn’t getting that phone call. The difference is Monrovia might lose to those top teams by 40 – but that might be the spread by halftime. At least Amat was down by only a score in the 2nd half to Servite and within 3 of SM in the 4th quarter. They’d both be playing their freshman vs Monrovia by then

  • Charger Dad


    You are giving those little tykes at Damien too much credit. Chino Hills will easily beat them, as will we. Orange Lutheran will spank them also. And if Gano had the you know what, he would have scheduled Amat, instead of running from them. Damien is a non factor in the Sierra and the Inland. I think Ayala takes third in the Sierra and joins us and CH in the playoffs.

  • Max

    For GP and Nonsense reading pleasure

    (1) 5. Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 58.50
    (2) 21. West Covina (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 43.3 0
    (3) 25 Chino Hills (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 41.9 0
    (4) 30. Bonita (La Verne, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 39.7 0
    (5) 41. Monrovia (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 34.6 0
    (6) 45. Damien (La Verne, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 33.7 0
    (7) 46. St. Francis (La Canada, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 33.6 0
    (8) 70. Claremont (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 28.4 0
    (9) 74. Covina (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 27.1 0
    (10) 78. Charter Oak (Covina, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 26.7 0 (11)
    (11) 90. Glendora (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 24 0
    (12) 91. Muir (Pasadena, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 23.9 0
    (13) 94. San Dimas (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 23.5 0
    (14) 119. South Hills (West Covina, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 20.6 0
    (15) 139. Arcadia (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 17.7 0
    (16) 140. Walnut (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 17.4 0
    (17) 143. Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 17 0
    (18) 153. Diamond Bar (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 14.4 0
    (19) 156. Rio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 13.7 0
    (20). 187. Maranatha (Pasadena, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 8.5 0



    First of all I’m still trying to figure out that nonsense that you posted.

    On Maxpreps just so you guys know, CO is ranked in the following categories:

    Preseason Top 25: 22 (1st in the SGV) No one in the SGV made this poll.

    State Rank: 36 (1st in the SGV) followed by BA at 46

    Southern Section Rank: 24 (1st in the SGV) followed by BA at 31

    Inland Division Rank: 6 (1st in the SGV) Followed by CH at 9

    National Rank: 255 (1st in the SGV) followed by BA at 395


    Now to you! Tell me one team in the Mid Valley that has been vocal about moving Monrovia out of the division, just one???

    Your so confused and lost in the Monrovia trance, all you do is bring up the Glendora game. What about the South Hills game where Monrovia beat them by 4 and West Covina beat them by 2? Using you logic we would annihilate Monrovia and West Covina since we destroyed South Hills by 35 one game after you played them.

    Stop trying to compare teams on different nights, your getting good at that. The sad part is that you will never know how good Monrovia really is because they will not be tested all year.

    Also don’t disrespect Sua Cravens & Vista Murrieta by calling Monrovia the Midvalleys Vista.
    Monrovia doesnt even have a recruit that can be mentioned in the same name as Sua!


  • AyalaBulldogFan

    @ SGV, I just don’t see this group at Monrovia doing that 2 years in a row. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

    Yeah, I would hope that Jordan Robinson would be playing with a chip on his shoulder this year. He’s not seen nearly as much ink as a lot of lesser(in my opinion) players in the area have recieved.

  • GP-


    Oh, we know who Jordan Robinson is. He is a D1 Talent for sure. There will be a game plan for him. Ayala, I am not falling for your humble act. You do think Ayala is going to win. You also think Robinson is going to get off. haha, and you should. We will see. ………………………………………………..

    Monrovia is number whatever in calpreps, maxpreps, and every other blog and in the CIF midvalley rankings, but on this blog, The one you all care about the most, the SGV Trib all encompassing top 25 rankings….

    #1. Monrovia

    How can you dispute that? It’s right there for everyone to read.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    @GP… Since you can read minds, what am I thinking right now? Last time I checked, one player does not make a football team. Even if he did go off, our defense actually has to make a stop every once in a while. I caught a few passing league games and I saw the defense making mistakes that do not equate to wins.

    Think what you want, but last time I checked, Monrovia is a Championship team, Ayala has not won league since Matt Baca was a senior if I recall correctly. As far as I know we’ve never won a CIF Championship. D1, D11… Whatever. All you can do is play the teams on your schedule.


    What a tool . Yes maxpreps,calpreps , CIF rankings don’t mean a thing but the all encompassing is the ranking that carry all the weight and have the true number 1 . You always throw out those rankings of mp,cp to fit your points when you need them . But when they rank your team where it should be they don’t mean a thing ? . Maybe instead of gp change your name to twisted sister and what’s with the comparison to Vista ? By all your posting and leaning on the win over Glendora I guess we can say that has been Monrovia’s big step up win to date .

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