PrepXtra Posgame Rewind: Aram, Fred and Steve break down the Week 0 action …

SCRIBBLELIVE: Join Mike the Cousin for tonight’s Bishop Amat-Servite game from Kiefer. Mike will launch at 6:45 p.m. and will have plenty of updates from other area games.


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  • Dre

    Is Servite ranked this year?

  • D-Mo

    No crow tacos in La Puente. Way to go BA!

  • Hilarious

    So for weeks it’s been “Servite will destroy Amat”. Now it’s “is Servite ranked?”” LOL. MaxPreps has Servite #12 in Pac 5 #25 in State.

  • Truth Be Told

    @Aram, @Fred, @Steve,
    I will say it again. St. Paul do not have cohesion among coaches, players, administration, AD, parents, boosters, etc. To win as a D3 school let along a schedule of St. Paul’s caliber, cohesion and constant positive energy is a must. It does not exist at St. Paul. Good luck to Asante big timing LM and dropping them from the schedule next year and picking up Concord De LaSalle. BTW, Scoby did play tonight.

  • Football follower

    Truth be told,

    Your right on about cohesion and coaching staffs.

    Someone tell me why Scoby didn’t play?

    St. Paul coaching will be the downfall and I don’t mean Asante, AMAT probably has the best coaching staff in the valley and they proved it last night.

  • Valley athletics

    @ football follower. Scoby did play , he had 63 yards on 17 carries . La mirada just ran over them for over 300 yds of rushing .la mirada only had 4 pass attempts and completed 3. This is a team that west Covina routed and amat dominated last year . What a difference a year makes . La mirada is a completely different team .

  • La Mirada Guy

    @Valley Athletics
    QB Myers starter was 3 for 4 1 td
    He was knocked out of the game for a while on a vicious hit. QB Dillman also threw, but don’t know his numbers.

  • Valley Athletics

    @la mirada guy. They only posted Myers stat. I kind of thought the number of passes where to low .

  • GP-Crow tacos

    I said, if they won…I would eat Crow.

    BA lancers #1 in the SGV this morning!

    I was there, and got a good look at the lancers. They remember last year, and boy did they play a near perfect game. While we were all talking, Bishop Amat Coaches and players had a quiet confidence. The key to this game was Carillo, and DJ Daniels and #60 the nose guard…the RBs converted some “Down your Throat” yards. That little NG whipped Servite My only concern is “depth”. Servite only had success against the back ups, when they starters were cramping.

    BA had 5 10-15 yrd 80 yard drives…I’m done, picking on BA…They have players, coaching and work ethic. I spent about 1 hr tailgating. I had a good time a keifer… It’s like going to a football Carnival.

    I got a football education last night. No one executes like that around here.

  • Spartan 03

    As you’ve asked Aram:
    Damien/Mater Dei Scrimmage

    Everywhere Damien was said to be strong they looked weak and the one spot they were said to be weak proved to be consistently strong. Was this because of lack of talent? Not at all, Mater Dei came in 2 busses and bother were packed. My guess would be they have an 80 man roster as there JV team was already there. I have seen Damiens skill players and they are very fast and talented. They came across a Mater Dei team that was much bigger, faster, and more athletic. I dont know much about other OC teams, but Mater Dei looks to be a juggernaut.

    Damiens offensive line could not hold a block at all. Mater Deis defensive line was much bigger and faster and kept penetrating through stopping run plays in the backfield and disrupting Gage Pucci.

    Damiens secondary was consistently getting beat over the top for big pass plays by much more explosive receivers.

    Damiens defensive line looked impressive which has two sophomores. They were able to get penetration and disrupt things in the backfield. This seemed to be Damiens strong point.

    I have seen Damiens skill players and I think they are the best in the valley, but Mater Deis skill players were even better. This assessment isnt to say they are going to have a horrible year as they are not going to see this kind of talent until deep in the playoffs. I have seen Damien practice and think they are going to have a great year and be in the fight for the Sierra League title.

    The majority of the scrimmage was scripted. At the very end they played 1 quarter of unscripted live football. It wasnt until the live football with a play clock that the Damien offensive seemed to develop a rhythm. Running a scripted scrimmage is hard to gauge how a team is going to fair in a real game as there is no real play clock with a lot of interruptions and no rhythm can be established.

    Next week Damien will be put to the test as they will be hosting Orange Lutheran. I heard from a Mater Dei parent that they got an assistant coach from Air Force as their new head coach who is now running the triple option offense. So, they are not going to be seeing the power style offense they see against Mater Dei. It will be interesting to see how well Damiens defense can do against this style offense.

    Now to finish with a little talk about Amat. Mater Dei parents were in awe as they were getting updates about the Servite game. Mater Dei fans knew very well who was beating Servite and were questioning if Amat was starting to rebuild their program to the Amat of old.

    PS. Got to meet Lakers Head Coach, Mike Brown, at the JV game as his son plays for Mater Dei. Nice person to help feed money into the athletic program.