If ass kissing were an Olympic sport, we’d have several SGV peeps vying for the gold medal this morning …

This is just awesome. What a day for the Saturday morning quarterbacks …

Kennedy Bryant said:

All the Amat haters show some respect, you gotta give the Lancer faithful their props. That was a very very impressive win over Servite. I dont care if Servite is down this year, it’s Servite. Having said that as I said earlier on the all encompassing top 25 after seeing Amat and Damien they were both better than advertised. To Joe Amat and all the other Lancers enjoy that great win. Good luck in week 2


GP-Crow tacos said:

I said, if they won…I would eat Crow.

BA lancers #1 in the SGV this morning!

I was there, and got a good look at the lancers. They remember last year, and boy did they play a near perfect game. While we were all talking, Bishop Amat Coaches and players had a quiet confidence. The key to this game was Carillo, and DJ Daniels and #60 the nose guard…the RBs converted some “Down your Throat” yards. That little NG whipped Servite My only concern is “depth”. Servite only had success against the back ups, when they starters were cramping.

BA had 5 10-15 yrd 80 yard drives…I’m done, picking on BA…They have players, coaching and work ethic. I spent about 1 hr tailgating. I had a good time a keifer… It’s like going to a football Carnival.

I got a football education last night. No one executes like that around here.


Fred Robledo

No one could have predicted with any certainty what Amat did to Servite last night. Except for some early penalties, it was a complete game in every way imaginable. I said on the two-minute drill if Haynes had the type of game that could give him confidence, it could set him off the rest of the season. He was much more in control and confident than the few games I saw him last year. He has an arm and he’s smart, he made lots of good decisions. I thought Amat mixed up the run and pass much better than last year. Blue is going to be a beast and Darren Andrews is a game-changer. But you have to give it to Amat’s defense. They flew to the ball and and barely gave up anything rushing, except on big runs by Servite’s QB on broken plays.

This is why you go with Amat as No. 1 in the area, they might not always win these type games, but they have a better chance of pulling it out than anyone else, and have proved it over the years and again in 2012.

The area games against Chino Hills, Charter Oak and St. Paul are completely different. This time it’s Amat playing with the bulls-eye, the loose feeling it had in a nothing-to-lose game against Servite should favor CHills, COak and St. Paul.

It will be interesting to see what type of energy Amat brings against the Huskies, Chargers and St. Paul, but I will say this, the team I watched last night felt like a group that loves playing with each other. You don’t always need six, seven, or eight D-1 players to be good, you can be good playing great together. If you don’t believe that, just look at what little old Rio Hondo Prep did to Arcadia last night.

Week 1 is next….C’mon West Covina, it’s your turn to take down Loyola.

Aram’s take: I’m very happy for the true Amat fans, i.e. AMAT73 and Joe Amat, but for the rest of you, please chill on the bandwagon jumping and apologizing. Between Fred’s veiled apologies and attempts to reckon with himself on how he picked against the Lakers Amat, and hardened Amat detractors now praising the Blue and Gold, it’s getting pretty thick. I’ll say the rest of what I want to say on Tuesday’s show. Be ready.

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  • Valley athletics

    I don’t see any ass kissing. I just see a couple bloggers with class .

  • Ohhh, “class”.

    I see.

    Does “class” come and go?

    Because GP and Kennedy Bryant weren’t talking this way a week ago. I don’t know GP, but I know Kennedy and he’s got class REGARDLESS of what he said now or then. I don’t even think “class” is the right word.

    We’re not at cotillion, we’re on a blog. We’ll see if all these Monrovia peeps who are now Amat believers will feel this way next time all the Amat fans raise their noses at Monrovia’s accomplishments.

  • JMO


    CLASSIC! Class must be one of those with his nose at the rim of the hole.

  • Margarita bill

    A yo Aram im with you on this there has been a lot of Ass Kissing going on but you have to throw your name and fred name in it as well especially Fred and the amat faithfuls who went against their own team………SMH what a shame i think the amat fans owe their team an apology for not going with them.


    ARAM, pretty HARDCORE and it made me laugh… Taking JOURNALISM to the next level!!!hahaha

  • Aram’s Fatwagon

    And here I was waiting for your excuses why St. Paul and your Scooby treat got rolled up.

  • Tongue’s wagging

    Who’s ass do I have to kiss to get some activity on the WHITTIER blog? This is opening week, and there has been a total of ONE comment let through by the “approval” guy (presumably Terrazas).

    Can Aram or Fred give a call to this new guy and explain that this is FOOTBALL season, and can he relent on the Soviet-style comment censoring?

  • Colt74

    Sorry Aram..gotta call BS on this one.

    I seem to remember you doing a complete about face and jumping on the Monrovia bandwagon after Monrovia beat Covina last year.

    Or is this article just about OTHER people that jump on bandwagons?

    People change their opinions ( for whatever reasons ) all the time….

    Let it go…your blood pressure will thank you for it….

    I picked Amat to win. Look at my scorecard.


  • Colt 74,

    So sorry, I’m on every SGV team’s bandwagon. EVERY ONE OF THEM. I never get off. But I do keep it real. And I don’t apologize for doing so.

  • AMAT 73

    Usually don’t come on the blog on the weekends but I felt the need to give a big shout out to my pal AZTEC PRIDE. Came home from one of the MANY great nights at Keifer and reviewed the coveritlive or whatever it’s called this season and there was PRIDE loud and clear . Hey PRIDE , did you like that outcome or what . Hopefully one of many to come .
    Aram ,
    Really no need to say we raise our nose at Monrovia’s accomplishments as I feel that is not us . The issue is and to take your term , in their corner of the world they own it and that’s great and I applaud them but outside their world and I have said this many times , in the eyes of the blog and I’m part of the blog, there just isn’t any evidence to lead us to think they are at the top of the SGV ladder plain and simple . This season will shed some light on that as Ayala ( who seemed to have a solid game last night) and St Francis will tell the story . Also if you want to claim to be at or near the top , there are no excuses when you lose be it divisional difference or seeing what pieces fit where and so on .I must say that is one hell of a thread topic line , you had me rolling with that . I don’t see it as ass kissing , more of reality hitting them as hard as The Men in Blue were hitting Servite ALL NIGHT LONG .
    Congratulations to all the teams of the SGV last night win or lose as you gave it your all for the game you love .
    Margarita Bill,
    You can take your bullshiat back to OC because if you would have been at Keifer last night you would know we never doubted our boys . Show me one post from a known branded AMAT honk who said we would lose or didn’t have confidence in our boys to beat Servite the might black friars and their 4 buses who by the way I saw Quasimodo the village idiot licking the condensation off the windows to get a drink of waterrrrrr ( that one’s for you PRIDE ).

  • Colt74

    “I’m on every SGV team’s bandwagon. EVERY ONE OF THEM. I never get off.”

    As well as you SHOULD be as an impartial news reporter.
    That does not mean your personal views can not and have not changed over the coarse of time.
    I never have been or will be a Monrovia fan but have learned to appreciate their accomplishments and talent. I won’t come onto these blogs and blast them if and when they lose. I have learned to respect them.

    My opinions of other area teams have matured over the long run. Maybe others opinions have also.
    So while you may see opinions as now ” Ass kissing ” I just view them as recent eye openings.
    The ONLY poster I would ever question on an about face would be Nonsince 1995’s…..because then I would know that the end of the world was at hand….

  • AMAT!!!!

    Ok… So how do you know it’s a kissing and not pure respect.. Or admitting defeat??? Amat’s earned it!!!

  • Margarita bill

    AMAT 73

    You were one of the very well known Amat fans that not once came on the blog to say that your team was going to win……and you say show you one how about Fred Robledo didnt he pick against Amat isnt he an Amat faithful….Or as a matter of fact show me one post where an Amat fan said they were going to win and please dont go and bring up my post where i said Amat was going to win before the game. And why the anger toward the OC im also a part of the SGV where i attended school at my nephew and youngest son attend SM im a die hard fishbowl fan that also represent the OC well SM. Or how about this ask Fred or Aram to put out every alias that picked Servite over Amat and i can almost guarantee you the percentage of Servite voters would overwhelm you considering the fact that Amat fans is the majority on these blogs.

  • Margarita bill

    Look dude im not here to argue with Amat fans my team is playing tonight and preparing for what should be a good game for the most part. Amat won just like i knew they would congrats. all im saying is dont let the ones who didnt have faith in there team come on the blogs and lie and say they had Amat winning, Just check out the headline of this blog!!!!!!!!and you tell me how many people kissing Amats ass, or coming out saying i had Amat winning but never spoke up on it but very well blogs about other things before the game. Some Amat faithfuls owe their team an apology thats all im saying.

  • Stanford Dad

    Maybe Aram you’re missing the point all together. No one is “kissING a$$” as you say just recognizing a huge accomplishment for what it is, and isn’t.

    All summer long bloggers have said Servite was too big, strong and well coached for Hagerty and Co., and had last year’s beat down as solid evidence that the two schools were miles a part in terms of quality and talent. At the same time true Lancer fans say, “They show up anyway”, and show up they did.

    It’s not going out on a limb to say Servite is an elite “nationally” recognized team and that Bishop Amat has seen better days is it not? What other school locally has that kind of name recognition and coaching “cred” as BA? Monrovia? Chino Hills? Damien? South Hills? Muir? West Covina? Hardly.

    Aram, this is a blog and as such people talk trash and give each other the business, however silly it may seem to you I believe it reflects well on all of us that we all secretly take pride in Bishop Amat’s success and aren’t above acknowledging our silliness.

    Great win by the Lancers and their coaching staff but as always it’s the Lancer players and their faithful fans that really deserve the win.

    If your gold medal comments are a way of generating comments than that’s par for the course but calling out bloggers for walking up and ordering crow tacos voluntarily is why you just don’t get it, but that’s your call.

    BTW, once again someone mentioned the Lancer “small” Lancer NG that caused so much havoc. Seems that’s an old record as every single year some undersized kid, who probably wouldn’t get two looks at any other local Fish Bowl school, shows why Bisho Amat is a remarkable place to play football and why no other school approaches their level of commitment 24/7. LB POLY, NOTRE DAME, LOYOLA, MATER DEI, SANTA MARGARITA, SERVITE, ST. BONAVENTURE, CARSON, ECT. ECT ECT…CASE CLOSED….


    Any one how Damien did against Mater Dei in their scrimmage?

    Any one want to talk about the Bonita/San Dimas rivalry that keeps getting better every single year while we’re bashing on each other?

    And finally is it not the biggest slice of irony that a “former” Salesian coach is going to Damien the same year a “former” Damien coach is going to Salesian?????


  • Valley athletics

    @margarita bill. On the dionza blue Harvard westlake topic you wrote that HW is no servite and prepare for an ass weapon from servite on Friday . Real talk also told you to put down the drink , Amat all day . Real talk another amat faithful . I on the other hand believed amat was going to lose but on a close game .joe amat , amat 73 , real talk where picking amat .

  • Real talk

    For future reference:
    Amat vs CH : Amat CH you better watch what you ask for.
    Amat vs Lm: Amat
    Amat vs Co : Amat CO the same for you as CH you want it you going to GET it.
    Amat vs slime: Amat I can’t wait till Scoby meets Amats defense.
    Amat vs cc : Amat
    Amat vs Alemany: Amat. Another team I can’t wait to see for talking smack. Smash
    Amat vs crespi : Amat
    Amat vs loyola:Amat
    Amat vs ND : Amat
    Like I said Amat ALL DAY!!!!! I have always loved our D now the offence getting that swag lets go #BALL OUT p.s I got to give some love to the kickers!!!! They are awsome. I’m out…,,

  • Real talk

    @valley thaanks bro I couldn’t find it between Freds and Arams blog I forgot where it was. Good Looking out.

  • Margarita bill

    Valley athletics

    If i said that i had to be just starting trouble but when i noticed and my nephew who plays for SM told me Servite isnt what they use to be i changed my tone immediately and not one of those fans said they had Amat i can go and show you to where they all went with Servite crying and complaining that at least BA has guts to schedule such a team like Servite, get serious but before that Blue HW topic i said i wouldnt be surprised if Amat went 7-3 with its only loses to CO, CH, St. Paul. At least you admit you went with Servite unlike the other posers im a SM fan as well as a SGV fan dont confuse me with anyone that uses my screen name or so on you cant find no other post on either thread that had amat winning get serious dude..i would never go for the Friars i hate that school dude

    And tellme does this sound like a confident fan…
    Real talk said:
    @not since….. I don’t see how a win or loss would make a difference on Friday. If Amat loses Friday that is BAD because you want to win EVERY game. I will have a bigger problem with it if Amat comes out and plays scared. If that is the case I would look at the kids not trusting and buying into what Hags is selling. That is no bueno… Lol…. If Amat wins what is it saying? That they are going to win the championship… No I don’t think so. To me the Ch,the slime, CO are bigger games for Amat those will be the tell all games. I think Amat needs to go at least to the second round in the playoffs NO I know Amat better go to the second round of the playoffs. No excuses Amat needs to play much better on away games. Time will tell…. When have you ever heard a Amat fan say I can’t wait till so and so team beats you? Amat has heard it every year. The one thing I think these players from Amat need to learn is that when they wear that A on them they are a target for ALL schools they are hated by ALL schools.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Just the Facts man… Aram you need to re-read the 3rd comment on your all encompassing article….. Im not on Amats Wagon, I still own Amat 28-21. I was just repeating what I had said earlier that after seeing Amat and Damien in person they were both better than advertised. Do I still thinnk M-town can beat Amat heck yes but I do notd wont say more than that because we will never know since they dont play one another. It was a great win for Amat and any football fan wants to see our boys do well especially when they arent playing each other. I love M-town but ill always call it like I see it WIN LOSE or BEATDOWN even it means given Amat its just do.


  • Real talk

    @margrita bill… Now what you got to say? I Straight put you on blast fool!!!! Like my name says this is real not no fake like you. I don’t blame you it must be all that weed you been smoking that the SM coaches where growing in there houses. Where are those coaches now oh I forgot Goooone. You better get there soon before the game you don’t want to miss the smokeout session. I was pointing out why all the if Amat losses on week 0 thing it doesnt even count on the record ya it was a big win, but those fishbowl games are bigger for many reasons. A win in week 0 is not as big as a win in a championship thats what I am saying. Do you get it? or did you already have your drink and your puff puff pass and will forget this? Lol

  • FredJ

    Strange thread. Kennedy and GP made classy posts. It’s what you would expect a good sport or a classy coach to say after a tough loss. What’s wrong with that? How does that translate to kissing anyone’s behind? We need more posters like that. Plus Kennedy is a class guy, and so is New York, I’ve met both of them at Monrovia games. We argue our points, but I have nothing but respect for them. They love their team and they should, same with Observant Cat. I love their passion. Not sure what between Fred’s veiled apologies means either? What the heck is that? I’m not apologizing for not picking Amat, like most people before they played, I didn’t think they could do it and they did. What I’ve written today is giving them credit for being better than some thought, including me. Not sure how that translates to kissing someone’s anything. Don’t get the big fella on this.

  • How dare you Fred !!!!

    Fred your willingness to come on Aram’s blog and blast him is suspect at best. Aram has an opinion and he’s coming out strong this year. He’s taking no names I’ll tell you ! He’s bringing it strong from day one. Your veiled attempts to rally the blog faithful against him are reaching epic proportions and bordering on the psychotic and sad Fred. Maybe you need to get back on your meds and stop the unsuccessful attempts to undermine his position as the greatest sportswriter the Fish Bowl has ever seen. O

    On the other hand Fred this could just be another of Aram’s attempts to find his blog persona. Hasn’t he already been a SGV Fish Bowl cheerleader, an impartial moderator, a Jim Rome wannabe, A tale no prisoners tell it like it is FORCE, a gangsta journalist, a new age trend setting BLOG visionary and now he’s the “Bad Boy” of the Tribune, LMAO !!! WOW !

    Aram way to call out the least confrontational bloggers of them all Fred, New York and Mr. Bryant….you’re “gangsta” alright…Flava Flav got nothing on you !!!

    Take it all in stride Fred..lol GO STANFORD. Gee will he know it’s me, lol.

  • Margarita bill

    Real talk

    When did you put me on blast you needed someone else to dig up some beef i wanted to start on the blogs. Are you serious look little guy like i said in my post i cant nor could anyone else find a post where you said Amat was going to win without the BS you put in what i did find on you get real. And by the way again the Champs are playing tonight tune in Congrats to Amat thats my last time congratulating them on this one victory but to you leave it alone ok you got me good for you is that better maybe a little patronizing will get you to realize that i am a critic sometimes and like to start beef but before the curtain is called i will keep it real and you will see that during the year.

  • SaintsR4real


    What’s the deal, haven’t you figured out that G.P. (Mtown blogger) is aka…Progress…Paul Revere…Damien Dad…FC, from 2011?
    Is it because you just don’t want to deal with this idiot again?
    Whatever the case, I admit you, you take a lot if shizbits from these guys.
    Monrovia Bloggers, your biggest talker is a stalker!!

    If by some chance I’m wrong, I apologize. It’s just that this guy was so full of it last year and has the same writing style.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Whats with recommended POST on Derrick Johnson


  • Kennedy,

    Let’s be clear on this, are you calling me racist?

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Come on man hell no Im not calling you a racist. You know me better than that. Having said you know there is absolutely no reason this link should be there this link doesnt even mention that he was acquited on these charges and was only guilty of a minor possesion charge of marijuana. Again im not calling you a racist. BUT WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU ALL CALL this LINK BECAUSE IT SURE AS HELL ISNT NEWSSSSSS or even a story.

  • I call it something I CAN’T CONTROL. It is a random link like all the other OUTDATED stories the blog tool randomly grabs and puts in the “recommended” box.

  • GP AKA Green Pastures


    You do know GP AkA Green Pastures…I’ll see you around lol.

    Saint’s is back in action. You are correct. That was me, however last year, I used a different name frequently.Green Pastures, Greenie, GP, all the same this year. No matter what you say, or how you feel, my comments are interesting or Aram wouldn’t quote them.

    The Majority of the negative statements on this blog are written from ignorance. Very few people on here know the “ins and outs” of any program they are not affiliated with. We all write from a “outside looking in” perspective. I thought Bishop was finished, I did not think they had a good team this year. They prove me and the whole valley wrong. What am I supposed to do keep writing that they suck, or keep hoping they lose? Everyone was putting the kitten kaboodle on BA losing to Servite badly at home. It didn’t happen. They difference between me and other bloggers, is I will say I’m wrong, give them credit, and move on. After talking trash all summer, I had enough guts to go to the game and see for myself. I came hoping they would lose, by the 3rd quarter, I was transfigured. They played so hard. Any former player has to respect that. I don’t know what they are going to do now, I just have to wait and see. However, Bishop Still has several more preseason games against SGV opponents. I am just going to break the Ice…It does not look they are going to go 0-5 in those games. It looks like they may go 5-0, and crush all the other statements, about BA not being number 1. I don’t dance unless I hear music…They were not supposed to be good on the blog, but BA was good on the field.

    Now it’s time for Monrovia to step on stage and do well. Or else I will get slammed.

    As far as the “Derrick Johnson” Story, Fred address that last season a two minute drill. He said that the tribune couldn’t get that linked removed. I don’t think someone is re-posting that article. It does look bad, but If they can’t remove it.

  • Give me a break

    @K Bryant
    Pulling the race card = The boy that cried wolf

  • Observantcat

    Why cant they remove that link?…. its a simple html link. Ask your Web administrator to just go in an remove it. If he cant do it let some one who knows what they are doing remove it for you. Several of these bloggers are techies and can remove that link in a blink of an eye. Nothing on these blogs are that sophisticated that they cannot be removed. It is an eye sore and a very big misrepresentation of the Monrovia community and it’s players. I see that several other inks are not present on here that were placed around the same time.

  • Joe Amat

    OC & KB,

    I’m not sure you know how the Internets and the World Wide Web really work these days, but it is really the Information Highway – and the information flows BOTH ways. Your computer knows way more about you than you (or I) know about anthing else.

    That computer gets to know you and gives you what it thinks you want. You see, that link doesn’t come up very often on my computer. I get recommendations about Bishop Amat, CIF USC or UCLA. but your computer knows you type the word Monrovia a lot, you search Monrovia a lot, and you read about Monrovia. So it gives you a legitimate article from the archives that it thinks you’ll click on that has the word “Monrovia” in the headline. If you were interested in San Marino, Temple City, or Mike Mooney – a link to that article would probably come up too.

    Kinda like the people that come on here and complain about the ads for Strip Clubs. Guess what sites they’ve been on? Sites that indicate they may be interested in that ad. I see ads for Christ Lutheran School and Tucker Tires all the time.

    Go figure.

  • All of this will be over in a few days anyway when we switch over to WordPress.

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  • Observantcat

    Joe Amat, I probably know about computers as you do Bishop Amat football and I am willing to bet my dollar that this is a quick fix. It’s not rocket science, all someone needs to do is go into the index files of this blog and remove any external links that they choose not to exist. The Los Angeles News paper group would be a start. By the way great start for Amat, Keep up the good work and maybe they can give you a new monologue this season.

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