All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 1

Yes Darren, you’ve done enough to be No. 1 now.

1. Bishop Amat (1-0) — Got the Valley back some much-needed street cred.
2. Monrovia (0-0) — ‘Cats need wins and style points in the eyes of many.
3. Charter Oak (0-0) — Road trip to begin season vs. Big VIII team.
4. West Covina (1-0) — Defense as advertised in win over Covina.
5. Chino Hills (1-0) — Simko tosses 5 TD passes in Huskies debut.
6. La Mirada (1-0) — St. Paul win was Mats’ best since ’09 CIF title game.
7. Damien (0-0) — We’ll see just how far Sparty has come against O-Lu.
8. La Habra (1-0) — Handled business vs. El Dorado, now must stave off La Mirada.
9. St. Francis (0-0) — Heavy favorites to put Arcadia in a world of hurt on Friday.
10. La Serna (1-0) — Got the expected rout of hapless Rancho Christian team.
11. San Dimas (1-0) — Got lifetime of experience in how to win the close ones vs. Bonita.
12. Ayala (1-0) — Took care of business vs. D-Bar, now big test comes in Monrovia.
13. South Hills (1-0) — Fuzz Era starts with nice road win over Colony.
14. San Gabriel (1-0) — Easy win over hapless Animo team. South Pas will be better test.
15. St. Paul (0-1) — Very concerning start to the Asante Era.
16. Cantwell (0-0) — Heckuva challenge to start on road vs. Whittier Christian.
17. Diamond Ranch (1-0) — Defense was stingy in second half of Chino win.
18. Rio Hondo Prep (1-0) — Arcadia win could be one of best in Drains’s storied career.
19. Bonita (0-1) — Have to bounce back from cruel loss in order to beat South Hills.
20. Los Altos (1-0) — Run game doesn’t appear to have missed a beat despite grad losses.
21. El Monte (1-0) — Lions spared local media a lot of grief … at least for a week.
22. Northview (1-0) — Has to feel good for Vikes to rout somebody.
23. Maranatha (0-1) — Minutemen are on short leash this season.
24. Whittier Christian (1-0) — Back from Mammoth trip with easy win. Here comes Cantwell …
25. San Marino (0-0) — Titans served notice last season and could be surprise team.

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  • Jefe

    Cantwell ranked too high at 16.

  • Disappointed Dawg

    South Hills is ranked waaayyy too high!

  • SGV sports fan

    Disappointed dawg, why do you think South Hills is ranked way to high?
    They were down 21-6 and came back beating a very dangerous Colony team with their athlete #25. Their defense gave up 3 first down all game but special teams needs some work because 14 points came back from that area. The running game came alive second half of the game so they are fine.

  • Ayala Fan

    Ayala vs Monrovia this friday, going to be a big game for the bulldogs, can they stop 2 time defending CIF champions Monrovia, who cares whatever division they are in, a CIF championship is CIF championship especially if its back to bcack something special is going on. I look for it to be a good game, jordan robinson who rushed for over 185 yards last friday against diamond bar and 3 tds will be back on the defensive side of the ball starting at corner and let me tell you..hes on the all area team, but not for offense soo that shows how good robinson is on defense. He will be placed on Monrovia’s Anthony Craft all night im guessing, Ayala’s Defense might be a little shakey but there offense is almost unstoppable, they rushed for over 330 yards last friday night, Ayala on top 35-24 look for it to be close game till the end

  • Real talk

    @Aram the Lancers still have a long season ahead of them. I want them to be number 1 at the end of the season. I hope they are a team that in some way is not happy about the win over Servite anymore. They need to come out for every game the way they did against Servite. Let’s go Amat this year will be a statement year to all those schools and people that must of forgot who we are. And I’ll admit it there is a reason for the of strong judgment on Amat. We will see on this away game the energy they come out with. Time to take all the down talk about us personal . I think you are right Aram in some way about Amat needing to get with the program . enough with the Amat is all class. yes off the field and after the game is great, but come game time let the players HUNT and EAT!!!Time to KICK ASS FLY TO THE BALL AND LEAVE IT ALL ON THE FIELD!!!! Next on the menu C.H…… Like Aram said Amat is straight up a nasty team. Time to lay the WOOD on CH. I’m out……

  • Panther leader

    1 down 13 to go, nuff said.

  • Reason why non Amat people don’t want Amat to win


    There is one main reason why most people (non Amat) could care less if Amat beats an Orange County School!!!

    The more that Amat wins the more that all of the public schools in the valley lose. Hence, If Amat wins and gets tons of press there is a higher chance that parents of great athletes who live in Covina, Duarte, West Covina, Azusa, Glendora, La Puente, Diamond Bar, etc…. will send their kids to Amat and not to the schools they should be going to. If a kid has been at Catholic Schools his or her whole life, then it is a great choice to attend Amat, but if they attend public school their entire life then they should represent their city.

    Non Amat people should not support Amat!!! They should hope that they lose so that athletes will stay where they belong.

  • Valley athletics

    @reason why .kids leave to other schools that are public also . If they They live in an area with a bad program , I don’t blame them.

  • @ Valley Athletics

    Why not be the player, or family who brings the glory back to those schools who desperately need it???

  • Real talk

    @Reason why non Amat people don’t want Amat to win said:
    You have a point, but it is not that easy to just send your kid to Amat especially these days the cost to go to Amat will put a dent in your wallet. Then you have the whole private vs public school atmosphere it’s not for everyone. Ive had said that I think if your a stud you want to play for the school that plays at the highest level ( I’m not knocking other divisions) but it is different when your beating a Servite etc. even if your losing in D1 or to any other powerhouse team you know what you got against the good teams. That goes with any sport you want to compete with the best. Take Scoby if that is his reason for going to the slime hats of to him he could have stayed in a lower div and ran 4000 yrds but he wanted to see how he would do against the best. So public schools would have lost studs no matter what if they believe in there skills. I’m out..

  • You have it backwards

    @Real talk
    Scoby actually moved down in Divisions. CO is D2 and St Paul is D4. You remember D2 don’t you? That’s the same Division that stuck it to all those D1 teams last year.

  • Real talk

    @you have it backwards:
    I must be not clear on my post. I never said the Slime was D1. I am saying he is stepping up from I think it was Duarte he was at before the slime. And Duarte is what div ?. The slime is not div 2 but who do the play this year? Amat, Servite,MD,LM. Who does Duarte play? Or even chater oak beside the mighty Lancers? So I think he is playing a stepping up from both schools…. Schedule wise at lest… No ?

  • Lola Lancer(joe amats longtime gal pal)

    Aram… do you knock your #1 team from their perch without even playing a game? I know you fall in love with the “flag football” non-season(passing leagues) but you show zero integity in your all inclusive poll….go get a dozen peach donuts from the donut man of foothill blvd…leave the trained and skilled analysis to Joe and I…cuz you pretty much stink!

  • Amat 75 lol

    Real talk

    When will you start posting Real talk….You obviously dont know what your talking about Scoby attended CO last year which is in D2 the slime is in D4, they played against a D7 opponent im just confused on how or where did any game this year Scoby played in was a step up.

  • Margarita bill

    Lola Lancer(joe amats longtime gal pal)

    Why so much disrespect toward Aram, not only did he place your precious Lancers number1 but now you have a problem with it!!!!!!I DONT GET IT. And to “Joe Amat” maybe you should learn how to keep your woman in a woman place, If Aram was the type to fire back with disrespect you would get on him as if he was wrong. To make this jibberish short “Lola Lancer” you nor Joe can do Aram job better than he is doing right now, just like im pretty sure he cant do your job better than you are doing right now (if you have a job) Im just saying show the man some respect he’s doing the best he could and to be honest with you i agree with what your saying about the snubbing his first number 1 choice without them even playing a game but Miss you took it a little far with your Donut and analysis comment now i dont know how the man smells but thats his problem but i do think he does a better job then your favorite fred who also does a good job but IMO Aram is a better writer and less bias.

  • Lola Lancer(joe amats longtime gal pal)

    attn margarita bill(that’s a womans drink btw) i couldn’t care less about how the donut guzzling AT compiles his “rankings”…I was just bringing to light his glaring lack of integrity in doing so…how does a team get knocked down without playing a game? How weak is the SGV when a DII team is number 1….and they’ve yet to play their “big” game against Sierra league also ran Ayala, Aram falls in love with the non-football semi-circus called passing league..he anoints teams based on his very limited knowledge and understanding of the game at ANY level…last add Joe and I are old,close friends and Lola Lancer is my non de plume, it’s an inside Amat joke…so don’t get all huffy, drinking your margarita from the can….do you salt it? maybe next time I’ll be Leinenkugels Larry….

  • Nobody sweat Mr. “…”

    he…likes…to…use…”…”…it’s…a…dead…giveaway as to who he is. He uses the “…” and then brings up integrity in every other sentence. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Don’t waste your breath on this goof. His feelings for me just frustrate him. Always have. Wishes he was me…or worse.

    By the way, Mr. “…” using “…” is mostly a female writing style. Getting all their “thoughts” expressed, so please don’t call out the men on this site for things like using margaritas in their names when it’s you who is acting more feminine than anyone.

  • Real talk

    @Amat75 man bro you guys are a little slow on here. Let me put it to you this way the Slime strength of schedule is what this year? Do you even know? What was or is duarte or CO strength of schedule?

  • Real talk

    Strength of Schedule (Cal Preps)
    1. 44.48 Bishop Amat
    2. 40.10 St.Paul
    3. 33.80 Glendora
    4. 32.40 Chino Hills
    5. 30.92 St. Francis
    6. 30.77 South Hills
    7. 27.27 Charter Oak
    8. 26.60 Damien
    9. 26.11 Ayala
    10. 23.63 Claremont
    11. 17.42 West Covina
    12. 15.18 La Habra
    13. 13.18 La Mirada
    14. 6.94 Monrovia
    Is going from number 7. Up to number 2. Not a step up? Amat75 you try hard. Lol

  • Disappointed Dawg

    @SGV sports fan: I was at that game albeit for only the second half. What I saw was a “dangerous” Colony team beat itself with mistakes and poor play selection. SHHS vaunted O-line is big, but the lacks the coordinated footwork to do anything other than basic blocking. I assume the running game that “came alive second half” refers to all the QB keepers they ran? And I know you know that special teams can make or break your season!

  • Margarita bill

    Lola Lancer(joe amats longtime gal pal)

    Margarita is partial for Santa Margarita, not the drink. i know it might be a little weird for an Eagle fan to be on the SGv blogs but like i told everyone thats been on here i also represent the SGV because i went to school in the fishbowl but my nephew and son attend SM. Oh and by the way you being a MALE and calling yourself Joe gal pal is a little disturbing inside joke or not. just Respect Aram for what he does without him and the little guy fred we probably wouldn’t have a blog to argue on or find out news about other teams and players in the area that headlines dont discuss.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I see Chino Hills QB Matt Simko threw five touchdowns in his debut. For those previous posters (haters) and a few of the silent ones, I think there should be no doubt, he’s the real deal.

    To bad Austin was out, but this Friday should be a good game between CH and Bishop Amat just the same. Looking forward to seeing Simko do his D1 level work (I’ll be at this game). Also, I’m looking forward to seeing the RB from Amat (Blue). It should be an exciting game and I’m thinking a high scoring one too.

    I know some people have smashed Servite for being down this year, but Servite is Servite and a win against them is still a big deal. Congrats to Amat. I didn’t have them picked to win, but the kids met the challenge and certainly have Amat’s fan base fired up.

  • It’s just Weak 0 CH Husky Fans

    @ Not so fast,

    Not a hater but Simko throwing 5TD’s in that game is not really much to hoot and holler about. Your JV QB could have done that with relative ease.

    This week you’ll see if he’s the “real deal” or not.

  • AMAT 73

    Margarita Bill,
    Just for the hell of it , which SGV school did you attend . Maybe Damien perhaps as you seem to be sold on a Catholic education .
    You really didn’t think Aram would leave Mtown at number one did you ?????? Kind of a no win situation because if left AMAT at number 2 you would be up his ass on how could he not move AMAT to number 1 . As I have said all along these rankings don’t mean shiat to me , to others they are all that matters ,as I say the only one that matters is CIF at the end of the season .

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @It’s just Weak 0 CH Husky Fans

    Have you seen CH’s JV QB? I have. I don’t think, at this stage, he would have completed 1/16th of those passes. Not slamming the youngster, but he needs work and a big glass of confidence.

    Hoot and holler? Not even. I’ve seen Simko play and reading some of the “take’em to the woodshed” postings, you’d think he was throwing the football with his feet!

    Amat should be tougher, but if he throws for another 5 TDs, then what? Wait until they play next week again? lol.

  • New York

    Monrovia better be ready to strap it on this week against Ayala. That school brought Amat down to earth with a victory back in 1996. I don’t really care what has happened between now and then. I think that victory demonstrates potential.

  • Mid Valley Fan

    Would have been good to note Maranatha played, and hung with, a D3 team…..jus sayin

  • Don

    The rankings are Aram’s, comments are mine:

    Bishop Amat (1-0) #1? Hell yeah. That make me an ass kisser too?
    Monrovia (0-0) Show me the W’s.
    Charter Oak (0-0) — Eleanor will come up short against the Chargers.
    West Covina (1-0) — Gonna be real hard to beat the Cubbies.
    Chino Hills (1-0) Can you say ROBUST pre-season?
    La Mirada (1-0) — Thursday night could get ugly.
    Damien (0-0) Good news, Oh Lu in decline. Bad news, it’s still Oh Lu.
    La Habra (1-0) Real serious in Highlanderville right now.
    St. Francis (0-0) Will these Mission League upgrade plans succeed?
    La Serna (1-0) Shameful opening up against RC. What’s wrong. Webb busy?
    San Dimas (1-0) Nice start; only 1.5 speed bumps between them and a 10-0.
    Ayala (1-0) This may be the most interesting game this week.
    South Hills (1-0) — Look for the flags to fly Friday.
    San Gabriel (1-0) Embarrassing. SG has more custodians than Animo has football players.
    St. Paul (0-1) Did anyone remember to tell Coach Asante how impatient SP fans are?
    Cantwell (0-0) This may be a Northwest playoff prequel.
    Diamond Ranch (1-0) The Ranch at D Ranch. How poetic.
    Rio Hondo Prep (1-0) Could we be seeing the start of a cross town rivalry?
    Bonita (0-1) Nothing easy in the Bearcat’s pre-season.
    Los Altos (1-0) Hacienda’s #4 will see what they have against the other ‘Stangs.

  • 73
    Nice victory the other night.And I know you know it doesnt mean much unless they finish the year out well, but a great start.

  • AMAT 73

    Yes it was a very nice win . As I stated on Fred’s blog this is a new week and it’s all about CH . Got to keep the focus on them and not rest on the Servite victory. Tough opponent but I am sure the LANCERS will be ready .Thanks for the comp and so far it looks as if the Conqs picked up where they left off. Salesian up next and they are tough . Got some ballers on that team so it should be a battle . Good luck this Friday .

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